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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  WPVI  June 27, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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12:30. >> bar owner michael weis is on the stand again today in the corruption trial of d.a. essential williams and a new mother says if not for a free app she would have lost her baby. >> we start with the latest developments on the u.s. warning about syria. the white house says they have potential evidence that the assad regime is planning another chemical attack and the white house warns if it happens there will be retaliation. >> reporter: it was a very stern and public warning from white house press secretary, sean spicer and now the entire international commune is wondering what comes next. a late night warn frgt white house accusing the regime of syrian president of bashar al assad of planning another weapons attack on his own people. >> if there assad conducts another attack using chemical
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weapons he and his military will pay a hefty price. it came from sean spicer, that one on april 4th killed at least 70 people including many children. the white house says that that attack cross aid red line and their response was swift. a u.s. led missile strike within 63 miles per hours. abc military analyst says that this time we could see an even bigger strike. >> he doesn't believe that as add agetting the message it could include military headquarters or assad himself. >> syria denied the new u.s. allegations or that they were responsible for the earlier chemical attack. and their key ally russia, calls the threat from the white house unacceptable. the u.s. defense secretary says that so far they have not shared specific evidence of them planning a temcal attack.
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>> the use of chemical weapons again innocent civilians is abhorrent. >> nikki haley tweeted that any future attack on the people of syria will be blamed not only on assad but anything that supports him like russia. >> thank you. the white house is also putting the spotlight on energy this week. the push started with yesterday's meeting with president trump and india's prime minister. natural gas minister was part of of the discussions. the trump administration says they want dominance of global energy by becoming a major exporter of oil and gas, but could hit wind energy. sky 6 hd looking live, down the ben franklin parkway, this
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noon looking at the flags there blowing in the breeze. meteorologist, david murphy, is outside to tell us what is ahead. >> no signs of precipitation on the terrace, fair weather with cumulous clouds. lets check out stormtracker 6 live double scan scanning the wide region and see if we can pick up anything. the thunderstorms are forming up in the poconos but south of that so far so good. over the next hour and a half we'll be on the lookout for a pop-up shower close toward philadelphia. the wide view shows a decent amount of clear space with fair weather cumulous activity but you don't have to look far to the western and northern pennsylvania to see them well up and they will probably pop through the area this afternoon. otherwise it's clouds and sun and nice. 73 degrees in philadelphia. a little bit warmer up in allentown and 74 in trenton and 77 in will tong and 73 down at the beach in cape may.
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probably adding another 5 degrees to that before we are done. the dew points are on the low side across the region. those numbers in the region indicate low humid air and millville and cape may mid-60s showing up so cooler in the southern portion of south jersey, and nice overall. 76 by 2:00 a high of 79 probably around 3:00 and 4:00. and 77 by 6:00 and in through that period you see the additional clouds the chance of a spotty pop-up shower. just a few of you will see that. when i step inside a gorgeous day tomorrow the heat and humidity building in for the weekend. >> thank you. >> philadelphia police are looking for four burglars caught on camera in the city's logan section. this is video from inside a home of huber street. last wednesday the resident was on the second floor and heard
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people come down the stairs, he noticed that four men broke into his home by removing an air conditioner from his home. yesterday bar owner michael weis detailed what he said were bribes to williams in return for his help with a liquor license. lets go live to vernon odom at the federal courthouse. back on the stand today bar owner michael weis who tells the court he showered seth williams and his family with preairline tickets to san diego and las vegas and florida. in exchange he got
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philadelphia's district attorney to write letters to officials in california to get his license back for a club he owns in california. weis was on prodation for a 2010 conviction for taxi vision and had already regained his license in pennsylvania we are owns the center city bar, woody's and gave essential williams cash when his divorce had him in a bind and giving him $400 to get his dishwasher repaired and described going to the jersey shore shore for the annual beach bash in wildwood traveling with williams and his wife and trying to prove they committed freud by using vehicles used for police operations. >> williams says he is not guilty of any of the 29 counts of corruption and fraud against him. and accepting bribes. live at the federal courthouse in center city, i'm vernon odom,
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channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. well, it's turning out to be difficult. picking a jury in the trial of pharmaceutical businessman martin shkreli. they said they couldn't ignore shkreli reputation for raising the price of a life saving aids drug by 5,000% one called him the face of corporate greed. he is charged with securities fraud unrelated to the price gouging scandal. a woman was hurt in a bad crash on the roosevelt boulevard and her injuries don't seem to be too serious, it happened in the feltonville section at 2:00 a.m. and another vehicle clipped her car sending her vehicle into a telephone pole and the vehicle veered across the highway and smashed out a traffic light.
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a subway train derailed in harlem yesterday. frightening passengers and causing a power outage. it derailed at the 2500 station and the fire department says that a handful of people were treated for minor injuries, there was smoke but no fire. a delaware girl that fell from a new york amusement park ride is out of the hospital. the 14-year-old was injured when she fell into the arms of bystanders falling from the sky ride. they said the girl's actions caused her to slip under the restraining bar. the ride remains closed during the investigation. this is the view from a bus during a harrowing accident last month. the bus driver is swerving to avoid a speeding suv and setting off a chain reaction crash and
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ended with the bus careening through the brick call. five people were hurt including the bus driver. a mom is crediting a free app with saving her new baby's life. it simply tracks the kicks the fetus makes in the womb. >> reporter: for emily and jeremy and 2-year-old liam. life with their baby ruby is extra precious. >> we have a healthy baby girl and could have had a burial. >> ruby is lucky to be alive and her mom says that is largely thanks to an app called count the kicks, monitoring the baby's movement. >> every time you feel a movement, a kick roll or jab. the app tracks how long it takes
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to track the kicks. it's just one of a growing number of apps helping parents through pregnancy and labor. for them everything was going smoothly until one day last month. >> the kicks were not happening as frequently as they did. and when she did move it was soft and subtle and not like hard kicks. >> emily knew her daughter kicked ten times in 10 minutes. and when when she did she was rushed to the hospital. the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby three times and doctors delivered ruby in the nick of time. >> not only is ruby saved but potential generations are saved. >> she sleeps about 23 hours a day. >> four weeks later ruby is home and healthy and sleeping like a baby.
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>> and that was abc. there is much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. a community rallies in support of a restaurant owner attacked in the video seen around the world and a big step in british history. the first woman to lead the guard protectin life.
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intelligent technology can help protect it. the all-new audi q5 is here. 75 apartment towers across the uk have now failed fire safety tests much the inspections followed the deadly inferno at is the greenville tower. the company has now stopped selling the product. and residents of several housing projects have sent a letter to prime minister theresa may. the blaze started in a refrigerator and killed at least 79 people. in japan the u.s. held a memorial service for the seven sailors lost on the uss
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fitzgerald. japanese civilians joined military personnel and formed an honor line as they took shipmates to an is of. when a philippine cargo ship ran into the fets gerald in early morning darkness and an investigation into the accident continues. new orleans police have arrested one of the suspects in the brutal beating of two tourists during a robbery are and they have released this video of an attack in the french quarter, the two boston area victims were walking back to the hotel when they were attacked. four men walked up behind them and robbed them and one victim is in critical condition and the other suspects are still at large. the search continues for two people caught on video attacking a georgia restaurant owner and the community is showing its support. the cars were lined up at it's quick chick restaurant here. and some were regulars and others were passers by and saw
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this surveillance video. a dissatisfied customer swings at owner jeanette norris and a second person decked her daughter. she is heartened by the outpouring. >> there are good ones out there. making up for the bad ones. we appreciate everyone that has come by. >> police have asked for the public's help in finding the suspects. they have put up a $2,000 reward. sky 6 hd showing you the pretty beach in cape may. meteorologist, david murphy, with the update from eligible for medicare?
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area. flames are reaching 100 feet high. someone used a torch tool to burn weeds, they know who the culprit is but are not releasing his name. a brush fire burning in florida forces police to shut down the interstate. swam many land near west cocoa went up in flames and firefighters could do little more than watch it burn and try to keep flames from reaching popular areas. meteorologist, david murphy, is back with another check of the accuweather forecast. >> okay 5 to 10 minutes ago we talk about keeping our eyes to the skies and showers are popping, stormtracker 6 live double scan right now, we are zoomed in close to philadelphia and you can see in the last 15 minutes, we have started to see showers begin to develop. these are in southern montgomery county north of norristown and another guy out by malvern and another one out in lebanon
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pennsylvania. i'll go in tighter these won't last long but with the yellow and red and orange on radar, if you happen to drive or be driving up and down the northeast extension of the turnpike or over toward horsham or norristown and you get under one of these it will give you a quick hit of rain and rather heavy in spots. there is the second guy by harrisburg and lebanon, pennsylvania. the big action is in the poconos, a cluster of thunderstorms producing a lot of lightning. sky 6 hd gorgeous over the ben franklin bridge and philadelphia. the showers are developing north of the city and we may see some of that activity later in the afternoon. for now a good looking day and feeling good too. your forecast highlights today a spotty shower or thundershower and you are seeing that on stormtracker 6 live double scan right now, tomorrow we clear that out and it's absolutely gorgeous like monday. low humidity and highs around 80
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and thursday it starts to get warmer and that gets us into the weekend where it's very hot and humid. 73 degrees is your current temperature dew points down below 60 and stickier south in cape may county, and in philadelphia the 58 degree dew point is indicating not all that humid air. winds from the south at 7 miles per hour and ocean is 63 and the spin on the rain this afternoon there is not a lot but around now until 2:00 we are looking for some pop-ups, a lot of this is shower activity. but we can't rule out thundershowers and that cell by norristown heading towards horsham is one of those that may have lightning. can have tonight there is a little bit of this left over and later in the evening if t goes by the way side. 79 degrees currently your high in philadelphia. 79 in wilmington and 76 in
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allentown and 77 in reading. a shower or thunderstorm cannot be ruled out but the majority will not see it. down at the shore upper 70s this afternoon. here is the rest of the way. 2:00, 76. and 6:00, 77 and 8:00 and beyond we start to clear out and the threat of a shower diminishes. 10:00, 73 degrees and we drop to the low to upper 50s in the region. dew points are low but high in spots but tomorrow afternoon we start to see 40s back on the map and that means low humidity air. and tomorrow afternoon looks great with a high of 81 degrees and lots of sun. the seven day, 79 and not as warm as yesterday and a few degrees cooler and mainly dry and tomorrow beautiful and comfortable and 81 and thursday 88 degrees and breezy and warmer and more humid. friday, saturday and sunday. the heat and humidity is
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building back in and stray thunderstorms are possible friday and saturday and a cold front triggering a line of storms on sunday. >> the 4th of july before we know it. >> topping the people scene, a new book says princess diana made threatening calls to camilla parker bowles with diana saying she sensomeone to kill camilla and allegedly threatened others including her personal secretary accusing them of disloyalty. the girl scouts are adding a 21st century skill. cyber security. the younger scouts includes data privacy be cyber bully and protecting themselves online. older girl scouts will learn how
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to code and be an ethical hacker. and to narrow the gap in t
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we are featuring a new series for our hidden philadelphia. underneath the philadelphia zoo, an old manor house called the solitude house. the story is less than two minutes long and check out the rest of our hidden philadelphia videos, go to philadelphia. >> i love that series. my wife's degree is in american history and we go to museums all the time and you dig dig dig and there is always interesting stories to tell. cool for that series.
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stormtracker 6 live double scan is showing us a couple of little showers around and clouds and sun and with a spotty shower in the northern and western suburbs, look out for that. good day to have that accuweather app on your smart phone. and the central portion of the region upper 70s and mainly dry and a spotty showers and down the shore upper 70s and mainly dry and spotty shower who thundershowers can't be ruled out. >> a canadian soldier made history by being the first woman to lead the changing of the gourd at buckingham palace. the unit was invited to the palace for the 150th anniversary of canada's federation. and no woman has led because it was reserved for combat units. and coming up on "action news" a mass ircyber attack detected
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abroad is having a global impact. homeland security is monitoring the situation here and long overdue recognition, a local vet gets the medals he earned seven decades ago. his story of service today at 4:00. don't forget to join us later today for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for the entire "action news" team i'm sara bloomquist, have a wonderful afternoon. (man vo) dad forgot how to brush his teeth.
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