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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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disturbing discovery leaves police looking for clues. and ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ >> >> at 3:44 this afternoon, this was a construction site. at 3:45, it became a crime scene. that's when members of the
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construction crew discovered human bones. this is the area of 17th and west atlantic in the tioga nicetown area and it finds itself in a police investigation. it's tuesday night and the big story is the discovery of a human skeleton which raises a lot of questions. christie ileto is seeking answers. what do you have? >> jim, we learned that the body was initially buried six feet underground. based on teeth and clothes left on the corpse, preliminary reports show this is likely an adult woman. carefully technicians remained a cavity of human remains behind the evidence marker. >> there's a skull, a lot of teeth, a lower job, ribs, a
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spine. >> police say most of the body parts are intact and the corpse appeared to be wearing a pink jacket. >> the clothing appeared to be that a female would wear. >> once the sight of a laundromat is now a work site. a set of bones was dug up june 19th. thinking they were animal remains, they never contacted police until now, when a skull and teeth were discovered. a lapse of aig days. the discovery has residents unnerved. >> it makes me leary like who's doing this? it's so close to home. maybe it will happen again. >> residents say the laundromat was torn down a year ago and based on the deposition, the body was here that long.
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many are in disbelief. >> it's sad. it's a body we didn't know was here. that's real sad. >> police are looking at the remains for a possible cause of death along with dental records and dna to hopefully identify this person. christie ileto channel6 "action news." jim? >> thank you, christie. a delaware county teenager is in hospital after being pulled from a swimming pool this afternoon in ridley township. rescue crews prepare to transport the victim from the 600 block of agnes avenue. they say he was breathing but unconscious. no word on how long the victim was in the water. >> federal drug agents were on the job in salem county putting a dent in the opioid crisis and trying to protect themselves from the dangers of handling
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fentanyl. annie mccormick was in the neighborhood. what's the story? >> jim, you are about to see photos captured by a viewer showing expwreem cautio extremea agents were taking because of the drug. >> dea agents filled the area midday serving a warrant on this house on the 200 block of broadway. inside, agents recovered an undetermined amount of fentanyl and pill presses. the presses used to press powder into tablets. neighbors watched from their front porches. >> they had uniforms that said dea and they went in and grabbed bags out. i don't know what happened. >> it's scary. >> residents took photos of the agents in hazmat suits.
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fentanyl is so potent law enforcement across the country are taking extra safety measures in cases where the drug is present. district attorney tom hogan gave this description of the drug after a special investigation operation wildfire netted 46 arrests. >> this is salt. if i dumped this much it would be enough to kill you if it was fentanyl. >> having it on my hand is going to make me sick and might kill mick. if i blow it into the air, anybody around me is going to get sick and killed. >> jim as to the carney point
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nnnew jersey case, we blurred te faces. two people are arrested and they are telling us it's an ongoing investigation haven't said yet if it's part of a bigger operation. jim, back to you. >> annie, thank you. >> a thief in buck's county wanted just one thing when he broke into a store monday morning. this is puss and boots takeout in towns fallship. the man breaks the bottom of the door and crawls through, going for the cigarettes. 335 seconds later, runs out, jumps into a waiting suv, possibly a lexus. >> it isn't his first rodeo. he knew how to break the bottom and make it a hinge. between the cigarettes and door,
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the thief did $1,800. >> it may be too far to say the republican healthcare bell is on life care, but it's probably in healthcare. the bill just doesn't have the votes. all 52 republican senators boarded busses for the white house and a pep talk from president trump. >> we are going to talk and see what we can do. we are getting close, but for the country, we have to have healthcare. it can't be obama care which is melting down. trump was between susan collins and lisa mccasky of alaska. two republicans balking at the bill which surveys will say will
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cost 20,000,000 people healthcare by 2026. >> pennsylvania senator pat tomby who supports the bill said it's impossible to predict what will happen. there are a lot of moving pieces and i won't speculate what the final product will look like, he said. >> the white house sent a warning to baa shad. the white house and pentagon say they are detecting preparations for an attack like the one in april that killed 86 people. officials admit the message was not only for asaad but russia and iran as well. >> late tonight the philadelphia
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fraternal order of police threw their support behind a republican running for district attorney. the board of fop lodge 5 unanimously chose to endorse beth grossman. she served two decades as assistant district attorney while the democratic nominee is a well known civil right's attorney defending activists arrested by police. they made piece after krasner supporters chanted anti-cop messages during the primary victory party last month. >> a man took a plea deal today admitting to murder on the streets last year. samuel james acknowledged firing shots into a group of people on the 100 block of east federal street. one bullet struck 24-year-old byron turner in the head. james said it was intended for
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someone else. under the terms of the plea, he must serve 30 years in prison without the possibility of patrol. a 90-year-old philadelphia man has been charged with trying to rip off the government. he's been collecting $450,000 in sociaassociate security benefite was not entitled to. he escaped from prison in 1970 and applied for social security using an alias and collected benefits under his real name and fake name. >> a mentally challenged man attacked by a group of teenager received a special visit today. the motorcycle group road into town to see mark smith. they want him to know he's loved and they have his back. video of him being punched went
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viral last month. since then there has been an out pouring for smith. he showed off the shirt they gave him. >> the construction boom slowed to a crawl today as crane and elevator operators went on strike. the work stoppage will continue until its terms are met. they offered the union an one year deal with pay raises but no agreement. the supreme court will decide whether new jersey can legalize sports betting. the justices ruled on a battle that recently ruled against new jersey. they sued in 2012 after new jersey passed a law to allow gambling on games.
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chris christie has been a proponent of the plan to boost the casino and horse racing industries. it even won the backing of new jersey voters referendum 2011. >> it's a very good sign for sports betting having a future in new jersey. i'm encouraged by it. we are not declaring victory, but we are in the game. that's where we want to be. >> the supreme court will hear the case this fall. it could reach beyond the state's borders as arizona, mississippi and wisconsin have all join new jersey's efforts. still to come, pope francis named a new bishop of allentown. and a pair of female bandits on the loose in delaware county. man's best friend may inherit one of man's best traitfriends. >> 80 yesterday, 82 today.
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we do it again tomorrow, then temperatures are on the rise. i'm tracking the next heatwave as well as storms in the seven-day forecast. >> ducis rogers with the phillies taking on the marlins and buzz about the sixers ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> two female bandits are on the loose in upper darby. they robbed two cab drivers and days later a woman and her daughter. they never expected to be robbed at gunpoint in the united states. they were visiting from ecuador. they were outside a relatives home in upper darby. two women pulled up in this car, believed to be a possibly a hyundai robbing maria and marta at gunpoint. >> maria doesn't want to give
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her the bag so she took out a gun and punched her. >> the suspects got away with 700 from maria's purse and $200 and a phone from marta. >> shell oil tells "action news" it will help pay repair costs for customers whose cars were tainted by fuel in levitz town. the diesel mixed with gasoline in the tank at the shell station on new hart boulevard. it has been replaced with regular. several companies in new jersey and pennsylvania are affected by a worldwide cyberattack.
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surgeries were rescheduled because of the attack. it's ransom ware causing the problems. >> you can't read e-mails or files. your computer becomes a brick. >> according to the message that appears on the computer screen, the only way to fix the problem is $300 worth of bit coin. without a doubt, more u.s. companies will be affected perhaps even home computers. >> google is facing a $2.7 billion fine in europe for abusing its position as the dominant name in search. a seven year agreement accusing google of highlighting its own recommendations over rivals. the u.s. came to an opposite conclusion finding no wrong doing in a similar allegation in 2013. >> the roman catholic diocese
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has a new appointed bishop. the pope didn't look far. he is a native son, born in easton and ordained in allentown in 1987. he says he will focus on bringing young people to the church. >> this generation which seems to be more alienated than others. there is always a generation to address that has its own unique way of thinking and the way we need to approach them. >> father says he will try to help those hurt by abusive priests. he will be installed he cathedral of allentown august 31st. the obesity epidemic is not only affecting adults and children, it's also affecting our pets.
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the report found one in three cats and dogs treated at centers across the country were overweight or obese. minnesota was the worst with more than 40% on the heavy side. carrying that extra weight can lead to similar problems like diabetes and arthritis. >> i am assuming that your virtual dog is in good shape. >> and tomorrow is a good day for walking the dog. tonight, an enjoyable night, the action cam by the academy of music on this clear and cool night coming off of the latest sunset of the summer. jenny sent me this photo from north cape may new jersey. great shot. you can see enough cloud cover to reflect the wavelength colors of the sunset. the sun setting 8:34 tonight and
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tomorrow night. that's the latest of the year. thursday, the sun starts setting earlier. right now, philadelphia, 71 after a high of 80, six degrees below normal. allentown, 64. cape may, 66. dover, 70-degrees. back by popular demand, jim has been talking about this all night, walking the dog forecast in the morning, you may want a sweatshirt with temperatures in the 6 0s. as we head toward lunchtime, you like that? temperatures rising up to the mid 70s. go ahead and take your dog out for a walk and enjoy the weather, kind of a cute dog. keep bringing it back. satellite and radar showing we had a few scattered downpours earlier today. a bit of a dip in the atmosphere, known as a trough lifting north. we have clearing skies behind it. that leads the way to beautiful
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weather tomorrow. high pressure moving in, sunny and pleasant, allentown, 80. reading 81. pottstown and downing town, 80-degrees. you like today, you will like tomorrow. tomorrow better since we won't get pop up down our pours in the afternoon. philadelphia, 81. glass borrow, 81. if you are down the shore tomorrow, beautiful day to be on the beach. keep reapplying sunscreen. burn index high. dover, 80-degrees. thursday, the high pressure to the south tomorrow, sneaks off coast. what this does brings us a return flow out of the south. that pulls up humidity and temperatures, 88-degrees. we heat things up on friday. that's when we get the classic bermuda high situation, 4:30, heat index in the mid 90s.
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the exclusive accuweather forecast, tomorrow the pick of the week, low humidity, sunshine, 31. thursday, 88. the heat is on friday, pop up thunderstorms possible, 92. i think we have a better chance of thunderstorms saturday, 92 sunday. hot and muggy, 90. this is officially the third heatwave of the year. monday, less humid, 88. fourth of july, the heat is back with a high of 90. tomorrow, walk the dogs. by the weekend, they need air conditioning and water. >> we need a name? >> i want to work with shelters. maybe we can highlight homeless dogs that need forever homes. >> that's a serious message and one appreciated, but we need a name for your virtual dog. of call him jimmy. jim bow. >> no shirtual hydrants.
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>> a big night for leap charter in camden. they packed the pavilion with their proud families. 100% of the class is graduating and all 118 students have been accepted into college. more impressive, they have been given $3 million in scholarships and we congratulate everyone. what a night. students are calling the shots at a drexel university coffee shop. it opened today as the third in the nation to be run completely by students. the second on drexel's campus. it's part of the coffee chain experimental and experiencal learning program. ♪ ♪
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so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement. >> you said the phillies are playing the mariners. >> hopefully, they can get things going, jim. they have to turn it around at some point, why not now? losing 16 of the last 19, they are in seattle.
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now it's 2-2 game tie in the top of the fifth. scott had a nice day yesterday. 2 for 5. two hits, home runs. 18 homers and 69 games at reading before being called up. tonight a loss to pawtucket. >> to basketball, not just the fans excited about the sixers, sixers themselves are pumped as well. drafting of markel fultz. dario and joel embiid excellent rooky seasons, hopefully progress year two. >> you can't help but get
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excited. you trade for the number one pick, you can't complain. markel fultz is highly touted. he's young. i look at it like we have so much room to grow. guys like joel embiid, ben, markel, they are in their 20s. that's the exciting part for us. >> sixers are one of 17 interested in being free agents. sixers are looking for veteran
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finally, triple plays are rare. they are rarer in t-ball. alabama shortstop jacob shady doubles up one runner fires a strike to first for the third out. alabama how many miles away? not even close. "jimmy kimmel live" live next. "action news" continues tomorrow morning. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight.
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i'm steve preston, the big cheese at big fun in beautiful cleveland, ohio. tonight jimmy welcomes mandy moore, jerrod carmichael, musical guest bebe rexha featuring lil wayne. and now, enjoy the show! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, mandy moore, comedian jerrod carmichael, the national spelling bee champ, and music from bebe rexha featuring lil wayne. and now, if there are no objections, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome, welcome. thank you. hi there, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming.


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