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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 28, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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it's not easy to one up ed sheeran. his song "shape of you" is still number four on the charts. it is without a doubt the second best version of that song here. because you're about to hear the best. ♪ to sum up how electrons come and go ♪ ♪ matter fields and equations pose ♪ ♪ part of the equation will just lead when it expands ♪ ♪ add it in with the proton and watch them start to dance ♪ >> science can be fun! ♪ orbits all take the shape they do to the quantum rules ♪
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♪ be combined in the bonding ♪ low high low high low high >> then we get into the quantum rules and i'm just, like, done. >> take me back to high school. my head hurts. ♪ figure of a molecule when they take the shape they do ♪ >> i'm like crushing real hard right now. ♪ the second shell can be filled up with base ♪ ♪ go atoms i feel your tug >> this is at the top of neil degrasse tyson's play list. >> he probably wrote it. ♪ say oh carbon here's our touch ♪ >> how does anyone write that? >> i don't know. i'm just dancing. >> you're just dancing and i'm crushing. ♪ molecules take the shape of you ♪
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well, that brings us to the end of the episode. if you want more head to
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with camping season now under way, there are new warnings after a series of baea attacks. >> reporter: 33-year-old james frederick is recovering in the hospital after a close and lightning-fast encounter mother grizzly bear. >> we never saw her before she attacked. the first time i saw her was when she was attacking james. >> reporter: over the weekend, he and his friend alex were riding bikes outside anchorage alaska when suddenly the bear attacked, knocking him off his bike. >> the brown bear, the grizzly crashed out of the bushes, charged james who was behind my a few yards, and pulled him down off the bike. >> reporter: luckily, alex
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carries bear spray. >> i was able to spray her with the bear spray, and as soon as she tasted that, she ran back into the woods. >> reporter: james is the fifth bear attack victim in alaska in just over a week. but he was lucky. two others were killed, including a 16 year old runner who got separated from his group, a large black bear attacking and killing him. >> he was able to establish cell phone contact with one of his brothers. he said there's a bear, and from the sounds on the phone, it appeared that an attack was taking place right then. >> reporter: large black bears can weigh up to 6 lu00 pounds, rare brown grizzlies up to 700 pounds. experts say you want to take pry cautions ms may cautions. maybe if you have food with you, triple package it. and have that bear spray with you just in case.
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this is what helped save that man's life in alaska. gio benitez, new jersey. >> you don't want to smell like food, huh? >> no, you need to triple bag this. great. now there's going to be, now there's going to be a bear attacking me. >> you want some? >> again. coming up, our financ expert standing by with other tips you need to know this summer to help you save money. and the big surprise for a former homeless teen who rose to the top of her class and a disco queen who paid her a very special tribute. ♪ i got all my life to live
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♪ all right, so admittedly, we can all use some extra money on summer vacation, and here with some tips to come up with over $500 in just over four weeks. >> yeah. >> is our finance expert, vera givens. just that quick. i am an all ears. you say change your withholding. >> average tax rate is $3,000. if you change your withholdings, you get it so it comes out just even, that's putting $250 back in your pocket every month. >> but don't do it for the rest of the year. >> that's your tip, not mine. >> when you say stop sitting in
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traffic -- >> there is a survey or study that came out that said wasted time in traffic and fuel is costing $1200 a year. so my suggestion here is that motorists just find another mode of transportation, maybe carpool, take a bike, public transportation may be the way to go. it's just going to put money pack in yo back in your pocket if you take easy steps. >> and it's a quicker way to go. in many of our big cities. overdraft fees are averaging $25 to $35 a hit, even if you just overdraft for a penny. >> i know. it's crazy. there was recent data that came out that college students in particular, $750 million in overdraft fees is what they're paying a year. so, that's not good. so the average or the median overdraft fee is $35. if you stop doing this, if you have two overdrafts a month, don't do it, that's $70 back in
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your pocket, and you've got to opt out. it's not a good -- >> should the bank stop you from being able to swipe -- >> you have to opt out now and they will prevent you. >> you can opt out now. >> yes, and you should. >> i didn't know you can do that. brown bag your lunch? >> yes. we're spending way too much eating lunch out, twice a week at $11 a shot. th that's $88 a month. make were yo make your lunch at home. if you want to go out every now and then, cut it down to once a week for a savings of $44 a month. it's expensive to eat out. >> and you say drive around endlessly in order to find cheap gas? >> no, that's not what i'm saying. you're crazey. summer gas prices are the lowest
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since 2005. it could be 20 cents a gallon, 30 cents a gallon. so my point here is to do your research, do your homework. don't stop doing it just because gas prices are low, shop around, and you're looking at saving $325 a year or $27 a month. >> and when you say price matching. >> oh, a lot of people forego this. the price matching that many stores offer by foregoing it. you're leaving $15 a month on the table. take advantage of the price matching. $15 back in your mopocket and you're ready to go on summer vacation with just under $500 in four weeks. go in with a receipt, i bought this, and you have it on your phone, they're happy to do that. >> stay with us, you're watching "world news now." ♪
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♪ turn it up ♪ ♪ it's your favorite song ♪ dance, dance, dance ♪ turn it up ♪ ♪ we're all chained to the rhythm, to the rhythm, to the rhythm ♪ >> i wanted to let you finish. >> dance by myself. a former homeless teen who just graduated at the top of her class has captured a lot of attention. >> including the attention of
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the disco queen, gloria gaynor. she used the song to keep her motivated. here's tom yanez. >> reporter: for graduates, the evidence was right there in front of them. anything is possible. >> it was difficult. when i was starting to apply to college, i didn't have an address to apply to. >> reporter: that's because she along with her mother and sister lived in this beat-up chevy cavalier. imagine seeing life through that back broken window. >> i was trying to pin down my homework with my books and it started raining on my homework, and i was like, this can be the end or the beginning of me fighting on. >> reporter: and fight, she did. >> the first semester, i was taking four ap classes, and the second semester, try ap class, and during the time i was also vice president of student council and the president of the
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literature club. >> reporter: when times were really tough, disco. >> i took like song lyrics, like "i will survive" by gloria gaynor. i listened to that song when we had internet access, keeping myself going, like i will survive this. >> reporter: megan not only survived but went to the top of the class. >> i got a letter from stanford that they were interested in me. >> reporter: next fall she heads to stanford to study education and teach the lesson she lived. >> you can push the limits and yourself, because you can do things even if you doesn't think you can. >> she was so obsessed with that song and gloria gaynor, that gloria gaynor serenaded her at the airport. >> do the moves. ♪ you're not welcome anymore
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this morning on "world news now," president trump trying to close the deal. >> but the republican health care bill gets put on the back burner. the fast track to a vote this week falls through even after the president made a direct pitch to senators. so can he turn the tide of republicans gros republicans opposing the bill? and panic under ground. smoke filling tunnels and subway stations, passengers evacuated through the dark haze. highlighting the need for improved transportation infrastructure across the country. and later, the contestant on "the bachelor in paradise" is speaking out, telling his side of the story. while he describes the night in question as the wildest of his life, the producers say his co-star was too drunk to done
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sent. and if you can't judge a book by its cover, how about a magazine? the trump organization hung framed "time" magazines with trump on the cover. only problem, trump wasn't on the cover that week. this is "world news now." >> it's easy. you ask the graphics department. i'm sure they can pop it up there. how would you like to be kate winslet, yes, i've made it to the cover of "time" magazine, and you go to a trump club and -- we'll start this half hour with gop leadership trying to keep their health care bill afloat after a stunning revolt. >> it is now delayed until after the fourth of july recess. opposition is growing with nine republican senators now opposing
3:02 am
the legislation designed to repeal and replace obamacare. >> it comes after president trump invited all 52 republican senators to the white house to discuss the bill. mary bruce has more. >> reporter: senate republicans headed to the white house, leaving behind any hope of passing hey, th passing health care this week. >> clearly, there's a little more negotiation to do in getting to 50. >> reporter: heads hung low in the room with the president. >> this will be great if we get it done. and if we don't get it done, it's just going to be something that we're not going to like, and that's okay, and i understand that very well. >> reporter: a disappointing end to a day that began with optimism from republican leaders. >> i expect to have the support to get it done, and yes, we will vote this week. >> reporter: but it became increasingly clear the votes weren't there. is there anything he can say to change your mind? >> good morning. >> reporter: i take that as a no comment? >> i don't have any comment. >> reporter: not heching republican leaders, the grim
3:03 am
outlook from the congressional budget office. 15 million more uninsured next we're alone. >> we refuse to be honest, and i would say courageous enough to point out that all these things that sound nice have very serious unintended consequences. >> reporter: republicans could afford to lose just two votes, but there are now nine gop senators who say they cannot support this bill. moderates, because it cuts too deep. conservatives because it doesn't cut enough. >> this is not just abstract numbers. these are real people. >> reporter: outside the capitol, democrats tried to put a face to the bill, holding pictures of americans they say will suffer. while inside, the vice president arrives to rally republican support. the president's chief of staff and press secretary are spotted
3:04 am
too. but their all-out push fails to do the trick. >> we will not be on the bill this week. but we're still working toward getting at least 50 people in a comfortable place. >> reporter: the republican leader is optimistic that they can still get this done, but opponents of the bill want fundamental changes, not just tweaks. they will now use the fourth of july recess to work on a new version of the bill but could face harsh push back from constituents back home, something they were hoping to avoid. mary brur mary bruce, capitol hill. an attorney for roger stone says that stone has been malined and looks forward to setting the record straight. he appeared to predict john podesta would be targeted weeks before wick pkileaks posted his hacked e-mails, but he denies
3:05 am
any collusion with russia. sean spicer says if mr. assad conduct the another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price. nikki haley says that was meant for a wider audience. >> the goal at this point is not just to send assad a message but to send russia and iran a message, that if this happens again, we are p on notice. >> a new video shows basheer al-assad climbing into a cockpit of a plane. a russian official calls the white house's statement a provocation. dozens are recovering from injuries after a subway train went offer the tracks toward the end of the morning rush hour in upper manhattan. passengers evacuated the train in the dark tunnels with smoke
3:06 am
from a fire that was ignited by sparks from the derailment. the transit authority says the cause appears to be an extra piece of rail on the tracks. >> the train bucked forward, bucked backward, and in the process of doing that, two of the cars derailed. they scraped the side of the wall. >> the derailment not only damaged the cars but the track, the tunnel walls and signals. that said, the transit system hopes to restore normal service this morning. we're learning new details about a malicious seekcyber att. ukraine and russia appear hardest hit, but it spread quickly, to hospitals in pennsylvania, merck pharmaceutical and nabisco. cyber security experts believe they may have found a kill switch for the swoft weaoftware they're still trying to activate it. google has its own trouble.
3:07 am
it has been hit with a fine of $2.7 billion. the eu says it favors its own shopping. the european action is unlikely to affect how google operates in the u.s. there's a controversial new monument on the grounds of the arkansas state capital building. inscribed are the ten commandments. the aclu and others say think will sue. they say it is an unconstitutional endorsement of religion. supporters say it honors the role that the commandments have held in u.s. law. an agency in charge of u.s. border security says between four and app eigeight companies get contracts for prototypes for the wall. and a move is under way to
3:08 am
have pictures removed. >> this is hanging in at least five trump clubs, a "time" cover. that's not what ran on that date. >> so you see the fake has a photo of the future president and celebrates the success of the president. but the real cover has kate winslet on the kover. >> that's fake news. >> some are pointing out that the border is too thin. the bar code came from another photo shopped version of "time" magazine. >> ooh! >> talk about fake news. >> i forgot to tell you about when we posed for this. "time" just called one day, we want to grace you with an award,
3:09 am
but first, will you pose for this cover? >> the sad thing is i kind of agree. that is the greatest. gosh, he's so dashing and handsome. >> he could make it on the cover of other magazines, i'm sure. coming up, a principle bets every kid in her school $100. >> but first, the star of abc's "bachelor in paradise", fighting accusations of misconduct, describing the encounter with his co-star as a hot and heavy hookup. we have orange fingers, because cheetos has a contest and we're in. and no fake "time" magazine covers, just the real stuff. ♪ there's nothing more important than your health. so if you're on medicare or will be soon, you may want more than parts a and b
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tand, our adulte children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide. utah officials say the
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nation's largest wildfire has scorched 78 square miles. one lawmaker says that lawsuits from environmentalists have kept dead trees from being removed. an independent review found that the protocol to report abuse were confusing and the culture emphasized performance. usa gymnastic coaches and a doctor allegedly sexually abused underage girls. and bill cosby says he is not going to hold a sexual assault tour. he had been planning to hold a
3:14 am
series of town hall meetings, and now it appears that the forums are on hold as cosby and his legal team focus on his sexual assault retrial. the man at the heart of the controversy surrounding "bachelor in paradise", demario jackson, is breaking his silence on what he says really happened during filming. >> he is addressing allegation of sexual misconduct. >> every man's biggest fear. no man wants to be attached to that. that ruins you for life. >> reporter: it's the ongoing saga for demario jackson, speaking out about the scandal on "bachelor in paradise as." this upcoming season was going to feature a fan favorite, corinne, and demario jackson. it was during a taping for bachelor in paradise that
3:15 am
jackson and yolympios hit troubled waters. an investigation was prompted into sexual misconduct after a producer filed a complaint against the show. jackson explains what happened that night. >> the first conversation was at the bar, we started having a little bit more fun, had a few drinks. things got wild, because it was more of like, her being like the aggressor. which was like sexy. that night was probably the wildest night of my entire life. i mean, we went for it. >> reporter: tonight jackson going further about how he said race helped to fuel the controversy. >> the minute release this black man's face and this white girl's face. before either of us commented on it i was already a rapist and excuse my french, [ bleep ], a monkey, and she's a whore and an slut. for me, it was again, back to the human race, like we failed.
3:16 am
>> reporter: allegations by the show producer that 24 reyear ol olympios was too drunk to concept at the time. -- consent at the time. we suspended filming so the al facials cou algation could be investigated. just because did happened on a reality show doesn't change any of the rules that apply. either there was wrongdoing or there wasn't wrongdoing. the only difference here is you may have all of it on tape. >> reporter: but last week, warner bros. said they would resume production on "bachelor in paradise", saying our internal investigation conducted with the assistance of an outside law firm has been completed. the tape does not support any charge of misconduct by a cast member, nor does it show that the safety of any cast member
3:17 am
wasna jeopardy. >> it's critical to remember that it was a producer on the show who alleged wrongdoing. the real question for me is there something eyewitnesses can testify to that is not on that tape. >> reporter: jackson says he's not mad at olympios and is unsure who to blame. >> i would like to ask her, what really happened? there's so many different angles. >> reporter: byron pitts. first a principle is putting her money where her mouth is, challenges her students to step away from their phones. you're watching "world news now." because your carpet never stops working there's resolve carpet care. with five times more benefits than vacuuming alone... it lifts more dirt, pet hair and removes odours.
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while softening every fibre because your carpet never stops working, resolve carpet care with five times benefits
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♪ ♪ i can make you put your phone down ♪ >> oh, i see. >> a little erica badu for us? >> does she sing about anything other than making us put our phone down? >> very soothing. what may not be so soothing for some students is figuring out whether to take on this new challenge. a school principal is giving her students a new summer assignment. put your devices down for one
3:20 am
day every week. >> it could cost her big bucks, but she says it's worth every cent. here's jessie palmer. >> reporter: diana smith knows that devices and social media can wreak havoc on teens. >> i really want the kids not mindlessly grabbing for the phone but thinking about whether or not the phone is going to be their source of entertainment. >> reporter: so she decided to find a way to motivate her students to disconnect from screens and kent with liconnect with a challenge. >> they go without any device, without any screens for the 11 tuesdays of the summer. if they do that, i will give them $100. >> reporter: yep, you heard that right. she promised cold, hard cash out of her own pocket to each eighth and ninth grader who can go 11 tuesdays without a phone, tablet or computer. that could be a $16,000 payout.
3:21 am
nicolas who spends four to six hours a day online says he's thinking stra thinking strategies on how to stay off. >> giving my phone to my parents. >> reporter: and what he'll do with that tech-free time. >> go running, ride my bike or exercise. >> reporter: his mom is thrilled about the challenge and is planning to go tech-free on tuesdays herself. >> i think it's awesome that he will be able to look up and see what's going on around him, be present in the moment. >> reporter: the principal is hoping a new habit once a week will lead to something more. >> i'm hoping it will be disrupting enough to get them to think about, gee, maybe i like who i was on tuesday and i want to be like that on wednesday and thursday too. >> reporter: jesse palmer. >> that's the worst idea ever. >> it doesn't seem that hard. >> you're awful. >> i think, i think i'd easily
3:22 am
be able to do that. texting my mom right now to see if she'll write me a note.
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♪ we're back with the "mix", on this wednesday, and facebook has hit a milestone. can you believe it? some 2 billion users. >> dun, dun, dun, dun! >> the first time ever for facebook hitting that marker or any website for that matter. >> who has the most out of those 2 billion users? who has the most followers? >> i'm sure they're 90-year-olds. >> who has the most followers? >> i'm glad you mentioned it. some woman named christine ronaldo. >> candace? >> she's pretty. i like the highlights. she has the most likes. i don't think, i think it's pronounced neymar.
3:26 am
>> cristiano ronaldo has the most likes on facebook, out of 2 million users, number one, kind of like his ranking in soccer. >> french soccer player? >> number one. moving on, shall we? >> yeah, we should probably. >> cheetos is giving everyone an opportunity to win some money. all you have to do is find some funky-looking cheetos. so it's the strangest cheat owe shape contest. go through your cheetos and find some that look like funny shapes, and cheetos has an entire museum dedicated to all this. so we thought we would play along. >> they all look alike. >> that looks like a squirrel is what chi kno what cheetos is saying. >> i see that. >> this one looks like a
3:27 am
wishbone or a cactus. >> this looks like the one we showed on television. >> it's a squirrel. >> shall we wishbone it? >> eat that! >> it only works if we both pull on the same one. oh, i won, i got the stem. i got distracted. >> that's the worst game ever. >> i don't think we're going to win this contest. >> a tribute to the best dog out there, jake, the dog, the diamond dog claims to be the best damn dog in professional baseball. >> jake is claiming this? >> he's for the ft. wayne, indiana minor league team, he gives them water. cute little retriever, even picks up bats. >> sticking with the cuteness, onto a little boy who decided he was a little hot, thought it would be fun to play with all fun and games until.
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this morning on "world news now," the global ransom ware attack. crippling businesses around the world. workers told they couldn't log on. what security experts are saying about the source. plus new developments in the death of a teenager, why police officers have now been indicted. we'll have the latest. and new this hour, the airline flight delayed by a coin toss. >> a woman explains why she threw a bunch of coins into the engine just as she was boarding. and it was an action packed "bachelorette", as they left lee in norway and headed to denmark. it proves that love is a battlefield, with a battle for rachel's heart. our chief analyst is back. to break it down for us in "the
3:31 am
skinny". >> you have to say bachelorette. >> bachelorette. >> it's wednesday, june 28th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it was such an action-packed "bachelorette", that we needed two nights to stretch it out. but i also notice one thing, the producers are really creative with their teasing. >> yes! i'm a little upset. they showed kenny's bloody eye right after he and lee went outside. you thought they were about to get into a fight, and it turns out, the bloody eye comes in two episodes later. >> and when he was crying, it was tears of joy. we'll get into it. >> we're jumping the gun here. but we're very excited. but we're also talking about something a lot of people have been following over the last 24
3:32 am
hours. russian and american cyber security experts are looking for a kill switch after a cyber attack. >> it freezes victims' computers and hackers demand a ransom to unlock them. it apparently originated in the ukraine. >> and it comes as answer learns, federal authorities are investigating the breach of systems of at least one american nuclear power plant. which may or may not be related to this cyber attack. abc's brian ross on the case. >> reporter: the fast-moving seeker attack continues after freezing computers at hospitals in pennsylvania where surgeries had to be canceled. >> she called me and said surgery's canceled because the computers wereow in new jersey. even the company that makes oreo cookies, as well as this law firm that warned a people as they entered the lobby. >> you can't read any e-mails, you can't read any files. basically, your computer becomes a brick. >> reporter: the attack first
3:33 am
surfaced in ukraine. shutting down everything from grocery stores to power companies, airports and banks.n shipping company, the thousands of targets all received this ominous message in english on their screens. your files are no longer accessible. nobody can recover your files without our decryption service. send $300 worth of bitcoin. >> they may not give you your data back but hit you again and say >> reporter: it's similar to a scheme last month. it hit british hospitals particul north korea was stopped when cyber security experts discovered a kind of kill switch. u.s. and russian cyber security experts say they m discovered a kill switch and are trying to activate it now. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> a race against time there. republican senate leaders are working to salvage their health care bill after a wall of resistance of members from their
3:34 am
own party. it forced them to put it all on hold. mitch mcconnell postponed a vote until congress returns from the july 4th recess. there are nine republican holdouts, refusing to vote for the bill in its current form. and president trump is taking a more direct role in getting the bill passed. he invited all the republican senators to the white house for a meeting but didn't sound entirely optimistic. >> this will be great if we get it done, and if we don't get it done, it's going to be something we don't like, and i understand that very well. >> garner more posupport is an uphl battle. concessions that please conservatives opposed to the bill often alienate moderates and vice versa. but first we're going to turn to a story in south america. a police helicopter has fired on venezuela's supreme court building. the president there calls this a terrorist attack. but the alleged pilot issued a
3:35 am
statement denouncing what he calls the criminal government. social media shows a helicopter towing an antigovernment banner that you see there. there have been months of mass protests in venezuela as well as an economic and political crisis. prosecutors in chicago have charged three officers with allegedly covering up facts about the shooting of a black teenager, this is the footage. of 17-year-old la kwan mcdonald being shot by officer van dyke nearly three years ago. now former officers walsh, gaffney and march are being charged with official misconduct. >> these involve what occurred in a police-involved shooting in an effort to prevent criminal investigators from learning the truth, while they are sworn to
3:36 am
defend and protect and uphold the law, they are not above the law. >> and they're expected to show up for a court date on july 10. officer jason van dyke who shot mcdonald is charged with it first degree murder and has pleaded not guilty. and police in sacramento rushed to a transit station after a sheriff's deputy was shot in the face. the officer and suspect got into some sort of altercation and the officer was shot. the suspect took off and was arrested at a nearby hotel. the officer is in stable condition. the fbi confirms a fugitive arrested in nebraska last week is the man they've nicknamed the ak-47 bandit. robert gathercole is accused of a string of armed bank robberies, including one in california which a police officer was shot and wounded more than five years ago. authorities in california want to bring him back there to face an attempted murder charge. and a freak accident is blamed for poisoning children with chlorine gas during swimming lessons.
3:37 am
all four were rushed to the hospital with nausea and vomiting. a tripped circuit breaker caused a buildup in the pipes that was released in a cloud over the pool. all of the children are expected to be okay. a spirit airlines flight landed with one more passenger. >> a woman went into labor, and the flight was then diverted to new orleans. >> straight out of the womb. a similar story happened a few weeks ago with an asian airline offering the baby free air nafa for life. so the pressure was on for this baby. and spirit airline delivered. that's the good news! >> spirit airlines! >> but it is spirit airlines. that airline gets the lowest marks from fliers consistently
3:38 am
for extra fees,ma>> i guess thet for every little thing. but surprising in this case, they provided all this extra service, no charge. you know how much it costs to deliver a baby? >> oh, my god, you're right. >> way to go, spirit, way to get out there. we've got spirit, yes, we do. >> got to wonder if the kid's name is now going to be spirit. his birth certificate will say "other" for the location where he was born. hess moth his mother says that will probably cause him problems in the future. >> his siblings were also on tha new reason to love ryan reynolds. >> you realize you just said that? >> i know. >> does it hurt you inside? >> i still love ryan gosling. >> plus sarah palin taking on the "new york times." and we have footage of a
3:39 am
balloon coming in for a landing not quite where it was supposed to. first, here's a look at today's forecast. there's a new essence
3:40 am
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3:42 am
residents of this central florida neighborhood say they love to watch the hot air balloons fly overhead. >> it's peaceful and tranquil. >> they're not so thrilled when one of them lands on a house. that part's not good. the torch went out and the pilot couldn't restart it. luckily, no one was hurt, but the homeowner is taking hot air ballooning off his bucket list. no need. i'm good. former vice presidential candidate, sarah palin has filed a defamation lawsuit against the "new york times." she is accusing the times of falsely linking her political action ads to the shooting of then congresswoman gabby giffords. it came out the day steve scalise was shot, and the paper issued a correction the day
3:43 am
later. her lawyer says they violated their own policies and the law. and jury into a third day in martin shkreli's fraud trial. >> he raised the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000%. many be fair. >> reporter: the so-called bad boy of pharmaceuticals, martin shkreli is getting ready for trial. one potential juror called him a snake. another saying he's then americ. nearly 200 jurors dismissed. some for those strong opinions. >> they have to find people who can be fair. necessarily mean they have to know nothing about the case, but they certainly can't think that he's a snake. >> reporter: u.s. prosecutors accuse shkreli of a ponzi-type scheme. we interviewed him back in 2015.
3:44 am
>> not a greedy person. >> reporter: shkreli has continued to cultivate his bad-boy image, smirking in front of congress and banned from twitter for trollg journalists. that jury is still not seated. if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. linsey davis, abc news, new york. thanks to linsy there. and when we come back, we break down the latest explosive episode of "the bachelorette." >> and some guy named ryan, he did something. >> he's just a great guy. >> that's coming up in the skinny. >> oscar nominee.
3:45 am
3:46 am
♪ skinny, so skinny we were looking forward to "the skinny." last time we checked, there were plenty of guys who were still
3:47 am
hoping to win rachel's heart on "the bachelorette." >> and that is not the case anymore.e tell us how that field was cut in half last night, let's go to senior global chiefalyst, jack. >> nailed it. >> all of those. we were here 24 hours ago, there were 12 dudes still involved in this whole thing. everybody was over in norway. >> uh-huh. >> so let's roll that beautiful bachelorette footage. let's get this lee and kenny thing over with. this two-on-one date with rachel. lee and kenny, they still don't like each other. after all this time. >> no. >> yeah. so basically, rachel tells lee, she doesn't trust him. so they're outta there. kenny and rachel get off to the helicopter. kenny's got to go back and give lee one more round of business,
3:48 am
if you know what i'm sayin'. >> stupid. >> rachel didn't particularly care for that. nonetheless, one of the most important shots of the show was when we see off, and there is lee, left behind in the norwegian wilderness, some will hope that he's back for the men-tell-all. if he's missing, i don't think anybody's going to miss him. >> does he have to find his way out of the wilderness on his own? >> who knows, at least he wasn't left on a deserted island as we've seen in the past. next, off to denmark, you've heard of the olympic games, the pan-am games, these were the viking games. it was a group date, believe it or not. yesterday we promised blood, and there was some blood in the final round of the viking games here between adam and kenny. who knows his way around the squared circle. he is a professional wrestler. there was blood, take our word
3:49 am
for it. >> [ bleep ]. >> there will be blood. >> next, the big headline of this show was a long parade of thankfully, i will say, heading to the exits. >> thanks for drawing blood on each other, buh-bye. >> anthony, he is out of there. kenny, the wrestler, he has taken his eyebrow wound back to vegas, good-bye. >> what? after all that? him. that's alex. we said good bye to will, who i thought actually had a chance down the stretch. >> mm-hm. >> much as we did yesterday, let's end on a good note. >> yes, please. >> kiss count. >> kiss count. >> kiss count. roll it. the kiss count stops this morning at five! >> she's trimmin' it down, too. >> half as many as yesterday
3:50 am
morning. a serious slowdown by bachelorette rachel. >> so your final two. do you have a final two? >> i have a final one. >> you have a final one. >> right. for those still counting, eric, peter, matt, dean, adam and the analyst pick, brian, are still alive in this whole thing, we'll be back next week, analyst out. >> thank you, analyst. >> and he's out just like that. >> feel very good about this i think brian is a very strong choice. >> i'm going eric and dean. >> i think dean is a very dark horse there. >> i don't know about that analyst pick. >> no? she likes brian. she likes brian. >> she likes a whole lot of them. now to hot mama to be, serena williams. so you might remember, she had a little beef with john mcenroe over the last few days. she shut that down in a tweet saying, trying to have a baby, good day, sir.
3:51 am
well, apparently, she's not too busy to pose for vanity fair. check out this stunning cover taken by the photographer. >> and in the article that goes along with it, she talked about when she found out she was pregnant. she didn't believe the first test, so she took six of them. look at that photo. that is stunning. >> like when you found out you got this job, right? but the question is how did she tell her fiance. while she handed him a paper bag with all six pregnancy tests in them, i guess he believed it then. >> i guess so. >> okay, fine, you got me. >> she's not the only tennis star you'll see, carolyn wozniacki. on the cover of espn's body issue. she is among the 23 athletes baring it all this summer. >> easy to see why they wanted to put her on it.
3:52 am
coming up, it's a super-hero themed bonus skinny. >> because ryan reynolds. >> the other ryan. how your clothes smell can say at lot about you. that's why new downy protect and refresh conditions fibers to lock out odors. so clothing odors don't do the talking for you. lock out odors with new downy protect and refresh. if parts a and bcare and want more coverage. guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medicare doesn't cover everything. and like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these help cover some of what medicare
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3:55 am
♪ skinny, so skinny >> bonus skinny! and we are back with chicago bulls star dwyane wade and wife gabriele union. they have been killing it at fashion week. the normally fashion-forward couple wpts nerd chic in this ensemble. but check out his accessory, that's a $26,000 dog-shaped man purse, designed by tom brown. >> ooh, look at that. >> that's a lot of adjectives. >> there it is. that man purse kind of works. >> it's patriotic. >> gabriele's purse runs about $4500. >> funny that her purse is so much smaller than his. >> it is. what do you think of his look?
3:56 am
>> i like it. she's freeing the knee. >> thank you, gabriele, for joining the movement, and for dwyane wade doing an homage to erkle. >> and the x men are apparently recruiting new members. they've been hitting up canada, to film the next movie. they were all out to dinner in montreal. >> and guess who they met? the prime minister. justin trudeau. they were all just hanging out, eating some oysters as you do. >> what's up, justin? >> maybe having some poutine, and justin was just kind of hanging out there in a tee shirt. the look on the trudeaus' faces, priceless. >> he looks pretty excited to be there. the picture was posted to twitter saying, "just met the dude ". thank you for a progressive and
3:57 am
somewhat suggestive super hero. ryan reynolds is "people" magazine's sexiest man alive, sexiest dad alive. ryan goss leng claimed the same thing. that's a real thing. >> is it? >> 2016. but he plays a super hero in the movies, but he's also a super hero in real life. he took a break from filming dead pool two. to promote a worthy cause. >> he and his wife posted pictures to their instagram accounts promoting child cpr classes, and ryan says after taking a cpr class, he was able do save his nephew's life. >> that guy's not his nephew, by the way, but he took a cpr class. that's the kind of guy that ryan reynolds is, unlike the other -- >> are you going to take a cpr class now because ryan told
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, president trump huddles at the white house with republicans as the party delays a vote for obamacare replacement. what the president said at that meeting and what happens next with the july 4th recess quickly approaching. breaking overnight, politicaln venezuela turned violent. a helicopter launching an attack on the supreme court building. new details about who was in that helicopter. kids poisoned in a freak accident at a swimming pool. the chemical used in that water that sent them to the hospital. forget about rough weather. how loose change is being blamed for delaying a flight. a good wednesday morning. we begin with


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