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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  June 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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on the run at this hour. it's wednesday afternoon and i'm brian taff. >> the big story on "action news" is the search for the suspect and maintenance man that helped the victim escaped. john rawlins live at the scene on the 800 block of eric street with the full story this afternoon. >> reporter: hi guys, we should point out this is still very early on in the investigation. the maintenance man's role was unwitting. and he was enough of a distraction of the man inside that the woman as able to retrieve her cell phone and contacted her sister in turn contacted police. >> she stated she was at this apartment and being held against her will. police district 15 officer as rived at the scene and went to the door and she came to the door and said i'm the one, and pulled her out and shut the
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door. and declared it a barricade situation. >> it was surrounded by philadelphia s.w.a.t. team officers, during the strandoff there was only one conversation with the suspect that had a gun. >> i had a short conversation with my phone and he hung up. >> they used forced entry and it was empty and no suspect. and then found a trapdoor or panel that led outside. >> he may have gotten out that way or out a window before we could contain him. >> the police have a street name for the suspect but have not formerly named him. and are interviewing the woman that triggered the 911 call and the man the legal resident of the suspect and he was staying at his unit. >> well, as we say this is very early in the investigation. police are still interviewing the woman at the center of all
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of this, trying to put the name to the man responsibility for all of this, and he is still out there and at large. live in frankford. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> okay john thank you. the person that shot a 16-year-old philadelphia girl is still at large. the teen was shot multiple times while she was sitting outside of a south philadelphia home at 12:30 a.m. investigators found the number of shell casings scattered around the 5900 block of shell field avenue. >> vandals hit a south philadelphia neighborhood and now police are looking for the culprits. city crews were on the 2100 block of south veer street this morning removing vulgar an offensive graffiti. at least five properties were spray painted with offensive images including a soviet hammer and sickle.
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walter perez will have more coming up. just in this afternoon a half hour ago we got new details about security measures for international flights heading to the u.s. here is how it works, instead of increasing the laptop ban, the department of homeland security is issuing a new set of security directives. airlines around the world are required to implement the measures including enhanced screening of passengers and their lock twinnics and areas around the aircrafts if the airlines and aircrafts don't comply, their passengers may be barred from carrying laptops and other electronics in the cabins. the laptop ban is in place in ten airports in the middle east and africa. and this could lead to the bans being lifted. this affects 280 international airports in 105 different countries and 180 different
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airlines, all of this is an attempt to increase safety in the u.s. from threats being posed by laptops and other electronic devices arriving from overseas. the temperature is not a whole lot different than yesterday but feels cooler out there. as we get a first check of the accuweather forecast. >> adam joseph is outside getting a real feel of the day. >> this is spectacular weather for the end of the june. it started monday when we dropped the humidity and the temperatures went back below normal. 82 on monday, 80 degrees yesterday and today so far we have not gotten out of the upper 70s in philadelphia. well below that normal of 86 but extremely pleasant to be outdoors and do the yard work as well. current numbers, 76 in new york city and 70s for syracuse and west virginia.
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and no extreme humidity even in roanoke and richmond. lots of sunshine and a few puffy cumulous clouds developing with high pressure in control. you see high cloud cover in pittsburgh that starts to spill in during the day tomorrow as we increase the heat and humidity as well. it is clear and comfortable. and 76 degrees at 7:00 dropping to the low 70s by 9:00 and touching 70 exactly here at 11:00 tonight. with that low temperature dropping to 65 by the time we wake up tomorrow morning. we'll chat about more typical type of summer heat and humidity and the chance of storms as we head into the upcoming holiday weekend. we'll have the details coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. a would be robber put up quite the fight to steal a purse from a 30-year-old woman in center city. police released surveillance video of the suspect they are looking for and walked up behind the victim sunday june 18th as she walked along south 16th
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street. he tried to grab her purse she revisited and started to kick and drag her. it was 10:00 at night and four good samaritans came to her rescue and chased the man off empty handed. call police if you have any information about the crime or the man. and two workers with struck overnight by an amtrak train, they walked on a neighboring track to look at the problem with their train. the crash crippled the morning commute up and down the east coast. katherine scott was at 30th street station. >> passengers boarded a washington, d.c. train this morning as travel in and out of d.c. began to resume. service between philadelphia and d.c. was temporarily suspended after the morning rush after a natal accident in d.c. last night. >> i found out when i got to the train station that my train was cancelled. >> they are having trouble with
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cancellations and a girl behind me back in the line there, her 7:15 train was canceled. >> amtrak and csx and other investigators were on the scene. train 175 traveling from boston to new york was approaching washington's union station at 11:18 last night when two people on the tracks were struck and killed. they were employees for freight airline csx. 121 crew and passengers on the train were not injured. it was closed for the investigation. >> we came in from new jersey and they told us it stopped in philadelphia because no service to washington, d.c. so told us to disembarb. >> as the morning wore on service resumed with delays. and operated on restricted speeds, passengers were moving again but expected crowds. >> the train is completely oversold. people are standing in the vestibules just trying to get to
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washington. >> the investigation continues with multiple agencies including the ntsb. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> a tractor trailer driver is in the hospital with injuries from a crash on i-95 in newcastle, delaware. chopper 6 hd was overhead when they were cleaning unthe truck that spilled just before the i-95 interchange. causing big backups during the morning commute and the 31-year-old driver has multiple injuries but is in stable condition. >> time for the traffic report. lets go give to gina gannon. >> reporter: that is right. we start off with an accident out there on the roadways, a live look at the roosevelt boulevard northbound approaching broad street this area backs up so much it's our first delay out there. to have an accident here is creating a bit of a problem. but off to the shoulder.
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we just have big delays, 11 minutes from the schuylkill to broad street. again roosevelt boulevard at broad street you'll see the fender bender blocking the shoulder. if you are traveling upp over the twin bricks, the accident is up ahead at broad street and the northbound side is slow from 76 through to broad. lets look at the big picture and show you what is happening. unfortunately the majors are slow at this hour. i thought for a wednesday we could make it through and not right now. on the schuylkill expressway eastbound and westbound we have delaysle miles per hour on the schuylkill past east avenue around montgomery drive and the vine street expressway is jammed and we have the accident on the roosevelt boulevard watch yourself there. on the schuylkill expressway we have an earlier accident cleared that was on the shoulder. here is your live look past 202 on the schuylkill. this is your eastbound delay and traffic now from the turnpike to the blue route 9 minutes. you are good to go if you are traveling westbound.
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>> thank you. there is more ahead on "action news" at 4:00. almost a year at the explosion in central park there is a renewed push to find the suspect. and they can help solve the crime that injure aid teenager. we'll explain what they are looking for. >> the chance for small business dreams to come through. "action news" is there as local
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president trump said today that health care is moving along well and vowed what he called a great great surprise. the president made the comment while hosting the chicago cubs in recognition of the world series win. they come one day after the gop in the senate pulled their bill because it didn't have the votes
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to pass and more republicans announced their opposition to the bill. and there was little evidence today that a new agreement would be reached soon. >> meanwhile this is the scene outside of pat toomey's washington office. police dragged away and arrested several protesters gathered there to voice their opposition to the plan. senator toomey helped to author the bill. he said it's not perfect but a positive step. >> a wild fire burning through a dense forest in arizona is growing forcing them from their homes. the flames burned more than 20,000 acres, notes say they can't get a grasp on the damage because it's simply too dangerous, the trees are thick and dry and burning in pros prescott and north of phoenix.
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detectives are asking for help solving the crime in central park. they gathered to urge tourists and visitors to check their pictures for any clues, a 19-year-old from virginia was injured in the blast on july third. connor goldman had to have his foot amputated and they are increasing the reward for information. less than 24 hours after a monument was built in arkansas someone struck is it sending it crashing down. little rock police say that a vandal used a car to destroy the statue of the ten commandments, they agreed to install the monument using private donations but the decision to put it on state grounds fueled controversy and the suspect is arrested and charged. a property long considered an eye sore in camden county is finally being developed on haddonfield road was home to the
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market that closed 14 years ago and since then they tried to get projects started there and delco development broke ground on a ruxry apartment building for attracting young professionals. and the closing numbers on wall street. the dow soaring 144 points and nasdaq closing up 21.31 points on the day. and this was the line outside of the exfinity live in philadelphia this morning. a line representing hopes, dreams and maybe the next big thing. wer there as entrepreneurs brought their products and pitches to audition for a chance to get a coveted spot on season nine of abc's hit show, shark tank. >> more than 300 local hopefuls turned out for a shot to sell their dreams, certain they could swim with the sharks. like the barney family from new
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town square and their abdominator. >> it allows you to engage more with your core and totally portable. this isn't kim trial's first try producing brew skits. >> this time we are going to make it it's a beer grain dog bone. >> some lines up early as 7:00 last night for a shot with the sharks. >> you get about a minute that is what they have on the show. the judges panel today someone that know a thing or two about how the show could spark your success. alex krauss the invendor of scrub daddy. >> proper planning prevents poor performance. practice your pitch over and over again. know the sharks and know your audience. >> if you are not excited who will be? >> this family is pitching their
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product. a makeover for garbage cans. >> and light it up up. >> the energy and passion and knowing your numbers goes a long way today. >> and if they like. what they heard today they get a call or email within the next two weeks. just so you know 40,000 people apply for the show each season and if at first you don't succeed just keep on trying. garbage pants, i am dieing to know if it made it through. >> the best you can. >> not going to snow good it may as well look good. >> maybe they will use your line. i want royalties. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist, adam joseph joining us. >> we are delivering up a nice forecast now. the week has been perfect so far no humidity and sunshine and comfortable temperatures but that is changing. as we speak as we get towards
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the end of the week. sky 6 hd right now over at the weather center, you can see puffy cumulous clouds above temple university lots of sunshine through the day today and again low humidity and high pressure in control, and we have the void of any big clouds towering up and that is because here is an explaining for you. when high pressure is overhead that creates sinking air. that sinking air pushes down towards us on the ground. happy means high pressure and you don't get that vigorous updraft and the circulations going to bubble up clouds and it's really beautiful today compliments of the high pressure in control and you see here comfortable temperatures near 80 degrees here as with we go through the 7:00 hour and this is my zone that i like. you get towards here because the temperatures slide from 70 back into the 60s 1:00, 2:00 in the morning and in fact dropping to the 50s in the suburbs, by the time we wake up tomorrow
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morning. right now pleasant out there. 78 in trenton, 78 philadelphia and millville to atlantic city 80 or so degrees and you see to the west equally as nice. upper 70s and 69 in the poconos. we should be sitting at 86 for philadelphia. satellite and radar. there are the changes to the west. the red box popping up in eastern iowa and on the brink of chicago that say tornado watch and this is a warm front with the high clouds coming in and that pushes the high pressure away as we get into thursday and friday or at least off the coast. tonight lots of stars and it stays comfy, upper 50s for reading and allentown, millville 59 and cape may 64. as we look at the day planner here as we go into your thursday. we start in the 60s and you can see it quickly warms into the mid to upper 80s as we get into the afternoon you'll notice the high cloud cover around and again decent amount of sunshine as well.
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future tracker 6 as we get into friday towards the end of the week. we spike the heat and humidity and the heat indexes going back into the low 90s along the i-95 corridor and boston hitting the 90 degree mark. the four day at 4:00 forecast the changes are coming. but it's not going to be oppressive towards the weekend. thursday warmer and a touch more humid 89 degrees. and 92 the air temperature on friday hot and muggy and a few pop-ups in the afternoon and evening but they are not going to be widespread and still hot and humid with a better chance of late afternoon and evening thunderstorms but most of saturday is dry. and that front comes through saturday night and could rock us as times by the storms and hopefully timing wise it will be out here by first thing on sunday morning. but it's still hot but less humid at 90 degrees. we'll have the seven-day forecast to show you as we go into the 4th of july next week in the next half hour. >> sounds good thank you. youngsters down at the shore
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jumped at the opportunities to play with their food. this summer ocean city was celebrating wacky wednesday with weekly contest. participants created the music pier to make salt water taff yirk they twisted and stretched piles of candy laid out across the tables. looks like fun. they made it a good day. >> fun even for adults. up next delaware county police put a new crime fighting tool into residents hands. >> plus, the honor of a lifetime. the action cam is there as a local teacher received an award for his work in the classroom. >> coming up in big talkers, they call it tinder for moms. straight up not date date but play date.
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authorities want all delaware county reads to download a new mobile app. they unveiled the free app in
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media alerting users to any changes in the county's most wanted list with photos of the dangerous fugitives and a link to search for megans law offenders. and search for it in the iphone or google play stores. and students have a unique chance to go to college for a few days, they are going to classes at westchester university since monday and living in the the dormed and eating in the dining hall. they stopped by the robotics class today. teams of grandchildren and their grandparents built small robots and raced them across the room. they raced them from grandparents university this afternoon. >> i would go back to college for a few days. a montgomery county teacher is being recognized as the best teacher of the year. ryan burger got his award he is an elementary teacher and
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nominated for going above and beyond his job description by introducing new technology to his students. burger got a $5,000 gift for his school and a book donation courtesy of subaru america. "action news" continues next with a new law that aims to crack down on those that abuse animals. it was quite a scene in northern libertied today when a u-haul lost control and wound up goes through a
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello again 4:30 and "action news" continues with a new details about a supreme court decision earlier this week a look ahead as parts of president trump's controversial travel ban is set to take effect in the matter of hours. and a new instagram craze called wearable watermelon. >> but first police are trying to find a vandal that sprayed offensive graffiti on walls of houses in philadelphia. residents woke to the mess and spent the morning trying to clean it all up. walter perez is live at the scene with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: hey guys, you can see here the city wasted no time removing the graffiti with power
4:30 pm
washers earlier this morning. while the images are gone but the investigation is underway including the department of homeland security. >> that upset me. because what are they doing how safe am i and what the reason for this. >> that is charlie's reaction to this after his home was targeted spray painting vandal. he was one of five targets along the 2100 block of south street in philadelphia. and she says this should serve as a wake-up call for the community. >> time to act like more responsible and have more responsibility for the community the whole community. not just the house or property or things like that. >> it includes the old soviet hammer and sickle and images showing violence against police officers. the police captain says
4:31 pm
regardless of who is responsible, authorities have no choice but to take that kind of rhetoric seriously. the vandals are not bad enough we look at the trademarks and those types of insignias of known groups that do something like that. >> they used this stencil up and down the block saying it's right to rebel alongside an image after a molotov cocktail. they quickly cleaned up the offensive markings, but charlie admits he feels fearful. >> it's a quiet street only five houses on the block. no problems here for this to happen it doesn't make any sense. >> at least one local business may have captured the vandals of surveillance video and police officials are retrieving the video as we speak. meantime anyone with information is asked to call police. reporting live from south philadelphia. walter pers, channel 6 "action
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news." >> all right thank you. chopper 6 hd was over the scene in northern liberties a u-haul truck inside of a building at the urban village brewery company at north second street. the driver was going the wrong way on second street when he served into the entrance of the building and an "action news" viewer captured the driver jumping out of the vehicle and he was capture aid short time later and taken to hahnemann hospital for a leg injury and arrested for suspicion of dui. the trump administration could begin enforcing parts of their controversial travel ban and questions remain how it might be done. on monday the supreme court allowed the administration to implement certain elements of the ban on travel from six predominantly muslim countries and they will hear full arguments in october and until then the ban could be enforced if the visitors don't have a
4:33 pm
relationship with a person or entity in the united states. meanwhile, companies ash the world are are recovering from yesterday's massive cyber attack. hackers targeted businesses, hospitalses and banks and government agencies. targets in the united states includes merck pharmaceuticals based in new jersey, and the hackers demanded money to release crucial data, it affected the airport and grid and atms and they got the same ominous message on the screens, it's critical that businesses share information about what is happening. >> one of the key things of addressing a ransom ware attack like these is make sure we are sharing trade information with our partners oversees. >> a researchers in boston claims he figured out to stop the attack by simply changing the name of the virus. >> an example of how dangerous the drug fentanyl has become.
4:34 pm
this was the scene in an atlanta suburb after an officer spill aid small amount outside of a police station. crews donned hazmat suits to safely clean it all out. and the drug slid out of packaging and two officers were immediately disinfected at the scene and all employees inside of the building were evacuated. fentanyl is responsible for numerous overdose desk and it's so toxic officers carry new yorkan if they or their drug sniffing dogs ingest it. governor tom wolf signed a law strengthening penalties for those that abuse animals. it changes how a dog can be tethered and increasing protection for horses. advocates are applauding the economics saying they are a historic step to protecting animals from abuse and neglect. time for a check of the
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accuweather forecast on a comfortable wednesday afternoon. yet another day of nice weather outside. meteorologist, adam joseph here now to talk about what is coming. >> it is so. if you enjoyed the comfortable temperatures and low humidity it's about to leave us as we take a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan there is nothing going on. the numbers should sit at 86 in philadelphia and we flip the number adding a degree or so. same thing for willing and atlantic city one of the warmer spots now at 80 degrees, and if you are at the shore you are the lucky one sky 6 hd in cape may a beautiful shot at the shore brilliant sunshine and a very light breeze and low risk for those rip currents here for today but that also will change tomorrow and that water temperature is still a tad bit chilly at 64 degrees from sufb
4:36 pm
city to cape may. and lewes delaware 62 and in the bay 78 in bowers beach and fortescue. we'll try to warm up the waters and talk about the increase in heat and humidity and the chance for storms into the holiday weekend. with the seven-day forecast coming up in just a bit. >> thank you. it may be summer vacation but that doesn't mean most students will stop learning. the philadelphia school district is making sure that teachers are getting ready for next year. the district is holding a week long literacy workshop where they better support youngsters as they learn to read. 50 schools took part and tips for carving out blocks of time and emphasized how to help young students that struggled with the basic skills. the goal is to have as many students learning in general education. and different ways that would be successful for all kids and
4:37 pm
definitely designed to help support our struggling learners. teachers were also talking about ideas how to help parents encourage their children to cultivate a love of reading. mayor jim kenney is there to hand out diplomas at citizens bank park and these men and women are graduates. the e 3 miles per hour program designed to give ged students the tools they need to complete in the global economy. >> when you think of vaccinations you think of kids health but kids are not the only ones that need to keep up with their shots. melissa magee is liv newsroom with more. >> adults get in line too because we have new numbers out from the cdc and this is proof that adults need to get their vaccinations updated quickly. we'll break down the statistics in health check. >> how one delaware school
4:38 pm
caught the i'll of a baby product manufacturing and the project that will make life easier for these teachers that are also new moms. those stories coming your way on "action news" at 5:00. >> thank you. today military veterans were given a sneak peek at atlantic county's new veterans museum and check out the display cases before the building opening to the public in the historic daniel estelle house featuring artifacts and donations from every war beginning with the revolutionary war and modern times. the museum opens tomorrow. >> the hallways of a local hospital are a bit brighter, saint christophers dedicated a new mural. with real life patients on a hot air balloon venture. the painting is called soar to high heights. this is the work of an artist of
4:39 pm
the mural program. some patients and staff also volunteered. how cool is that, a reality of those kids. and now up in the hospital. >> a beautiful painting. a new name for the newest resident of the philadelphia zoo. what this little guy's mom decided to call him. and a company is designing a unique new toy aimed at transgender children and the hope it to held everyone their hopes and
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the human papilloma virus is the number one cancer in women but also responsible for cancer in men. and it's available for boys and
4:42 pm
girls for years one of avenue 10 boys are vaccinated and by adulthood one of every two men are affected. experts encourage all parents to get their sons vaccinated and works best if to be before the age of 14. big talkers now we start with the kick starter campaign to create the first toy especially designed for transgender kids. it's the work of a canadian company called sam. a series of stacking dolls like russian nesting dolls. each layer represents what sams goes through when he questions his identity. born as a girl and transitioning to a boy. and this helps them talk to their children and students. sam's story is going viral on facebook with more than a million views and organizers raise the 12 of the $135,000 they need to take sam into production.
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>> consider this, tinder for moms, a new app helping mothers connect with each other. a little high tech way to get mommy support. and this is not for dates, play dates actually. this is called the peanut app where mommed find like minded mommy buddies many swipe left if have you have no interest and right if you can chance. moms were strang strangers until they met on the app. now, to the latest instagram fashion fad. fresh and juicy and fun for the summertime. selfieing. hashtag water melon dress has people everywhere pretty much carving dresses out of water melon slices. this is a real thing and all the
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news you can use. you cut the real fruit and rind just so and get it to fit. and get creative. the gown strap less and place the shape in front of you for a fun and fruity instagram post and not just for aums but four-legged friends, lug here a nice rind shaping for the tail. and people are getting creative and the pug, showing off how you can achieve the sweetheart design there. and of course, here at 6 abc we could not be left out of the latest sensation we gave it a go with our awesome intern mateo for carving out a slice of their day to make it look cool. look at nydia there. hey monica. i think we have your water melon dress unless someone ate it. >> i'll be ready for my water
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melon snap after the show. >> there is gina. with where is yours alicia? >> there it is. >> there was a lot of takes. several takes. but -- it was fun. thank you alicia. you look great. >> lets get a check of the roads now. gina is here with the update. it took me a while to take that shot too. if you are traveling out on 95 we see the typical slow-downs out there. northbound at girard avenue, back to the vine street expressway out to allegheny, although i like that northbound now in the green. 19 minutes and southbound you hit the brakes from cotman to the bridge and woodhaven to the vine. and a disalled truck on upper more land at by berry road. this truck is stuck under the bridge and allow time. and heading into new hope an
4:46 pm
accident at 202 southbound. a slow down there as well as the vine street expressway. we have a slow down in or out of center city. this is eastbound and westbound. and pretty much the length eastbound and westbound slightly tapping the brake as approaching 76 and then heading to new jersey, an accident at burlington columbus road. something to keep in mind. >> all right gina thank you. still ahead on "action news" if you get ready to travel for the 4th of july we'll check out the best way to save money in the what's the deal. >> and outside is the place to be. we look at sky 6 hd giving us the view of penn's landing this afternoon. meteorologist, adam joseph, is back with the exclusive
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meteorologist, adam joseph here now as we inch closer to the 4th of july the weather looks great and may be some interruptions here and there and the heat and humidity comes back or head to the shore or someone with a pool the perfect place to be this weekend. as we look at the weather center and sky 6 hd over philadelphia international airport this is the flavor of the day, great visibility and blue sky and low humidity and we are dealing with puffy cumulous clouds that popped from time to time. they don't hold most irony more because of high pressure that is in control and temperatures have been extremely cool. 78 degrees in allentown right now and same for trenton. take a look at beach haven, of the with the sea breeze wrapping in millville and dover at 79 degrees, as we take a look at the evening planner here we stay in the 7in the 70s between 7:000 and once the sunsets we lose the cumulous clouds and starts to
4:50 pm
turn clear between 9:00 and 11:00. and temperatures dropping to near 70 degrees by the 11:00 hour. again, can't talk about how great of a day this has been. satellite and radar showing clouds from the north and west and little to no moisture in the cloud cover and thickens up to the great lakes. and that is a warm front that pushes through tomorrow. and that brings through the heat and humidity just a bit. but tomorrow is still pretty nice as well. lots of stars and staying comfortable, these nights have been one of those nights you want to keep the windows open if you can. and even if you don't that air conditioning is not cranking up at night. 58 in the suburbs and 65 in center city. and that returns the flow from the south south west so the warm front drifts through dry with
4:51 pm
high clouds tomorrow and breezy 10 to 20 miles per hour and temperatures 88 degrees and atad more humid. and then friday 92 degrees and hotter and feeling more muggy as well. and there is no boundary around to spark a lot of storms, so they are spotty as pop-ups especially north and west of philadelphia on friday. but most stay dry. down the shore tomorrow windy at the shore. speeds 10 to 20 miles per hour. and wind increasing and temperatures in the 70s. late in the day. watch for the rip current risk going from low to moderate and warmer at the delaware beaches 84 degrees or so and sea isle city 77. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 84 tomorrow on the brink of 90 and a touch more humid and friday 90 with pop-ups and a better chance for scattered storms coming in saturday afternoon and most of the day is dry and hot and humid and 92 and sunday is hot ain stray storm is possible and 90
4:52 pm
degrees and partly sunny and we cool it down a tad and 4th of july and isolated storm, most of the day is dry and the same on wednesday 80 degrees, we start to get back into the pattern where temperatures are above average and humid and just get where temperatures are above average and humid and just get the typical pop-u you can now reserve a car online where temperatures are above and carmax will hold it for you thup to seven days, for free. you come in when it's convenient i know this because i'm from seven days in the future. now don't be frightened, seven days in the future is a glorious place. after all you had two good hair days in a row... perfect. right out of bed. and this car you reserved on is still being held for you, for free. pretty sweet. or as we like to say from seven days in the future... ah...we still say pretty sweet. it's basically the same.
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various flights are around $200. if you want to fly by the seat of your pants, and you didn't make a plan. if you decide to drive gas prices are on the low side and the national average is 4 cents less than last year and if you rent a car you'll love this, there say website auto slash that will rebook your reservation over and over until you get the best price. it does the price hunting monitoring for new discounts and better deals and secures you the lowest fare probable for your car rental. if you stay in a hotel here is a tip from the pros. never accept the first offer scan the web for deals and codes and offer, call and get the actual person on the line. not the 800 number but the front desk, it never hurts to try. >> give me your best deal, i
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like it. >> it was a big day at the philadelphia zoo today the newest and possibly cutest new resident has a name. it was chosen by mom herself. akyra the 17-year-old western low land gorilla held her baby boy as she picked from one of three boxes labeled with possible names and the winner is ajobu. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for sharrie williams and adam joseph i'm brian taff. join us tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> next at 5:00 a look at accuweather from the zoo. meteorologist, cecily tynan live at the philadelphia zoo with more. >> reporter: hi guys, i'll tell you what it's a perfect day to be at the zoo. i'm here with mel, a blue tongued skink and actually fall ago sleep. they are native of australia and
4:57 pm
i had the pencil tail skink a few weeks ago this one as a short tail and they spend owl of their time on the forest floor of australia. what is interesting about them 50% of of them lay eggs and 50% give birth to live young, actually make eggs and hold them internally and then break and have the babies. it's 50/50. when they feel threatened or frisky they show the blue tongue so mel is neither. i'm be hanging out with the penguins, talking about the heat on the way. >> see you shortly cecily. thank you.
4:58 pm
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5:00 pm
"action news's" sara bloomquist is live now at bensalem police you have the disturbing details today. >> reporter: that is right, 47-year-old shannon westmoreland-was picked up by police at the weston mall where we are told he has a job. he is held at the bensalem police department and at any moment we expect he will be walked across this parking lot where he will be arraigned. that should happen any second now and authorities allege he sexually assaulted three juveniles between the 4 and 18 years old between 2005 and 2011. >> 47-year-old shannon west moreland who also goes by sean, is charged by rape and rape of a child and other crimes. >> we charged him with sexually assaulting three juveniles, one occurred in 2005 when sean was a


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