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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  June 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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"action news's" sara bloomquist is live now at bensalem police you have the disturbing details today. >> reporter: that is right, 47-year-old shannon westmoreland-was picked up by police at the weston mall where we are told he has a job. he is held at the bensalem police department and at any moment we expect he will be walked across this parking lot where he will be arraigned. that should happen any second now and authorities allege he sexually assaulted three juveniles between the 4 and 18 years old between 2005 and 2011. >> 47-year-old shannon west moreland who also goes by sean, is charged by rape and rape of a child and other crimes. >> we charged him with sexually assaulting three juveniles, one occurred in 2005 when sean was a football coach at bensalem
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ramblers football here. >> the victim was 15 at the time of the assault. he was a coach from 1999 to 2005 according to law enforcement. and westmoreland was charged with sexually assaulting a juvenile at the age of 4 until she was 9 or 10 years old and another victim. >> charged with sexually assaulting a juvenile at 6 years ole and that began in 1999 and again in 2011 when that juvenile became 18. >> police say that the investigation has gone on for more than 6 months and will not detail how the abuse came to light now eight years later. they are concerned that there are more victims. >> it's my fervent prayer and hope there are more victims, it's my fear there may so be.
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>> police say that westmoreland lived here in bensalem for a time and was homeless for a while and staying in westchester and staying in a homeless shelter there. and they are not aware of another potion or job where he may have come into contact with young people. they want to hear from anyone who may be a possible victim. including the cheerleading squad. live in bensalem, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." in south jersey a police officer is under official review for an arrest he made last night. part of the incident was caught on camera but officials say it does not tell the whole story. vernon odom is live outside of millville police with the story. >> reporter: good evening monica, the violent arrest last night of a jay walking suspect is sparking considerable
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controversy. the incident under scrutiny occurred at 7:30 in what police call a high crime section of millville. they confronted a man jay walking and refused to cooperate with the demands to show i.d. and a struggle ensued and the man is wrestled to the sidewalk and the officer seen on cell phone video repeatedly striking barry cotman in the head as they try to handcuff him. they say stop resisting, stop resisting with the use of force the officers have to use force as much as necessary to affect the arrest. our officers are trained here to never use force as routine. >> he was arrested before and never resisted millville police. he was walking up the street that is it. just walking. >> i didn't see it.
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i didn't witness it, what was told to me and what was in the video. >> barry cotman was locked up and charged with aggravated assault on a police officer and related charges including jay walking and he say millville read and in the cape may county jail because of an outstanding child support warrant there. and they are examining the handle of this case to see if it's consistent with the department rules. >> the officer did use force to affect this arrest and obviously it will be looked at and a professional standards unit and see if the use of force was justified in this case. >> brian, barry cotman age 34 according to his relatives is now in the south jersey hospital being treated for injuries he received in the confrontation with police last night. live in millville, new jersey, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you.
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the department of homeland security issued directives for international flights bound for the united states. including enhanced screenings of passengers including larger personal electronic devices like laptops if airports do not comply passengers may be banned from taking laptops and oath electronic items on board. we'll have more and what it means around the world coming up at 5:0030 tonight. philadelphia lease are looking for a suspect that allegedly held a woman against her will in an apartment for a week. and the woman was able to call tore help while the suspect was distracted leading to a large police response and officials got the woman out and during the ensuing standoff. there was only one short conversation with authorities. >> i had one 10 second conversation on my phone and he hung up. >> when police broke into the apartment they found it empty and inside they found a small
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trapdoor leading to a utility access area they believe was used by the suspect to get away. we have new information about the train tragedy causing trouble for a lot of commuters today. amtrak service was temporarily suspended from philadelphia to washington, d.c. after two csx workers were killed near union station in the nation's capital. they were investigating a maintenance problem and were hit by a passenger train. it caused delays and cancellations at 20th street station and all resumed by midmorning. police officers hope that dental records help them identify bones found at a construction site. the concerns was buried underground at the location the form ser site a laundry mat torn down a year ago. and police arrest aid 23-year-old man after they found hundreds of bags of heroin in
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his apartment. yesterday morning police showed up no donald naves newcastle apartment with a search warrant, and after a search they found 872 bags of heroin, valued at roughly $7200. and he is now held on $363,000 bail. and it's a beautiful day in the delaware valley but the skies could be unsettled over the weekend with the threat of of thunderstorms in the forecast. adam joseph is here now with the forecast. >> not a washout at all. we have two days and a lot to enjoy this week and beautiful right now. we started on monday with the temperature of 82 degrees and 80 yesterday and so far today 79 degrees with mostly sunny skies and low humidity. and as you look now it's comfortable no matter where you are. 70s in many cities to the north
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and west. and to the southwest and even richmond right now 79 degrees. satellite and radar though there is a warm front in the great lakes and the leading edge to the hotter more humid air and high clouds and you'll notice the increase in temperature as well address the humidity and then that floods in the heat and humidity especially for the upcoming weekend. here is your weekend preview here. on saturday, hot and humid with a possible scattered storm very late in the day. and going into saturday night and then sunday the heat wave is possible at 90 degrees with a scattered thunderstorm still around so keep the outdoor plans because most of the weekend will be on the dry side with isolated scattered storms. a typical weekend for the 4th of july this time of year. >> sounds good thank you. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report midweek. >> gina gannon in for matt
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pellman. >> reporter: we are starting off with delays out there. typical wednesday trying to get through the weekend but doing it slowly especially on 95, on the vine, on 76, your majors definitely crowd this afternoon. here is a look at 95, 18 miles per hour southbound pretty much cotman to allegheny and the vine street expressway jams and the schuylkill expressway. here is a live look at outside at gladwyne your westbound traffic heading out to the western suburbs, the westbound side 35 minutes between the vine and blue route. and 32 on the eastbound side. lets take you to pottstown an accident on 422, this son the westbound ramp to northbound 100 and a bit of an exit approaching the black horse pike. >> thank you. there is more ahead on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. new concerns of a wild fire in
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arizona, the problems that firefighters are battling across the western united states as three dozen wild fires continue to rage tonight. new numbers from the cdc show us children that should be keeping up on their shots. cecily tynan live at the philadelphia zoo tonight. >> with camilla hi. >> you know what this is. this is camilla, a three banded armadillo, it looks like i'm holding a coconut but these guys are from brazil and they can kushl up in a tight ball. they do this to sleep and do this when they feel threatened and when they are camera shy as well. and when they are born they are actually soft and blind and can roll curl up into a ball within hours and within three to four weeks their shell forms and this is formed from kerr continue the same thing that forms our nails and hair. tune in to my facebook page for
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we are trying to fight this it's getting out of control.
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>> it's big like 50 feet by 50 feet. it's big we need help. >> for the first time we hear the frantic 911 calls from the land owner where a massive fire began in southern utah and more than a week later the fire burned more than 50 thoughts acres and that is one of dozens scorching grass lands and forests in the western united states. there is great concern ore a wild fire in arizona that firefighters are struggling to contain. >> reporter: a raging wild fire burning in northern arizona. >> asking you guys to leave -- >> forcing evacuations of the entire town of mayor. >> get out there is a fire. >> children holding on to toys and packing into trucks to escape flames jumping highways and racing toward them. >> i have a guest staying there and i live there and a cat there and i'm concerned about their safety. >> the wild fire is growing to 32 square miles and the flames so intense a group of
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firefighters had to pull back. >> we are not going to put firefighters in danger. >> planes and helicopters dropping retardant and the forest service welcoming in a management team to help battle the flames and another wild fire forced evacuations north of las vegas. >> it was pretty scary. >> the fire came close to her backyard but air attack dropping retardant kept it from advancing. >> god bess them all. >> but johnny gal ecy was not so lucky, he lost his home. >> and the largest fire in the west in utah is only 10% contained. over 1 thoughts firefighters are battling that fire that burned 78 square mile soz far. alex stone, abc news los angeles. >> health check kids are not the only ones that need to keep up
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with their shots. the cdc says too many adults are not up with their vaccinations. and two thirds have not been vaccinated again shingles, both of those could cause serious side effects, the cdc survey shows that two-thirds go the threw shots and at least one dose of pneumonia vaccine. one school is getting a mommy themed make overand it all began with this picture. this is what the nursing room looks like in newark. a cramped technology closic. it won a contest for a $10,000 nursing room makeover, it was revealed today for new moms that work at that school. pretty sharp. >> much better, still to come on "action news" at 5:00. how philadelphia city officials welcomed friends from overseas
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schnitzel and sauerkraut. it's our sister city and delegates were here from the northeast employers for up. city employers hope to learn more from them about the german system of job training. one pennsylvania lottery ticket holder is the state's newest millionaire. it sold on del mar drive and is worth $1 million. 7, 17, 26, 28 and 29. good luck. del croft beverages won a $5,000 prize for selling the ticket. they hope to make money a different way bringing their product to south philadelphia in the hopes of becoming the next big thing. today was audition day for the
5:21 pm
hit show shark tank, looking for people to pitch their dream for the ninth season. people were confident they could stand out in the crowd. the woman behind brewskits. >> this time we are making it a beer grain dog bone and told locally in philadelphia an cross the country right now. >> the best of the best will get a call or email in the next two weeks about 40,000 apply to be on the show each season. i do love that show. >> does it make your dog tipsy? might not be a bad thing. just kidding. a check of the forecast. >> a live look outside sky 6 hd giving you the view of the beauti
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time now for the accuweather forecast. cecily tynan live at the philadelphia zoo. with fun adventures. hey cecily. >> hey brian and monica, i have pongo known as a bearded dragon? >> you can see why, they can puff out that skin below their chin. it almost looks like a beard when they feel threatened. they are common in the pet trade and you can find them in the
5:25 pm
wild in australia. we are doing a lot of warm weather animals. what is interesting about these guys, you think about what they eat they are opportunistic meaning they eat anything they can get in their mouths. >> a way to communicate if they wave. with their hand, it means they are being submissive. okay you the dominant lizard. but if they bob their head they are dominant. he is just looking at me. let talk about temperatures danny. i tend to talk with my hands, right now it's comfortable out there. a great day to head to the philadelphia zoo. philadelphia 79 degrees the same in wilmington, trenton and reading and atlantic city airport 78 and allentown 78 and
5:26 pm
the poconos 69 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that there is low pressure across the northern great lakes and that is tossing a few clouds our way however the precipitation with this will stay to the north of us. that means we have another beautiful night on the way. lots of stars and we have several of these. the sun is setting at 8:30 for the latest in the year for that to happen and you have plenty of time to enjoy it. overnight low 65 allentown to 58 degrees, millville 59 not as cool as last night. tomorrow you can see we start in the 60s in the morning and then by 11:00 we are already at 80 degrees and mid to late afternoon. temperatures will climb into the upper 80s so you'll feel the difference in the air mass tomorrow. and future tracker 6 showing friday is when the heat really building and the heat index low to mid-80s the place to be on friday is down the shore. look at that wildwood, 75
5:27 pm
degrees, the five-day at 5:00. thursday it's warm and more humid and temperatures in the upper 80s and friday it's hot and muggy and 92 degrees, there could be an isolate the thunderstorm and activity stays to the north and west and 92 with scattered thunderstorms as a weak boundary pulls through and not much colder on sunday and isolate the thunderstorm possible and monpartly sunny with a high of 89 degrees, not only a bearded dragon if you look behind me here we have a flamingo. it's photo bombing. it's like national geographic here photo bombing all night long it won't hurt you and i'll be with the penguins. dude come on. i'll feed the penguins later on. he is either smiling or feeling upset right now. >> what do flamingos eat? >> bearded dragons. >> just fi
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"action news" continues with adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass.
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hello again, rick is off tonight and brian taff joins us and here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. important information for all air travelers, new rules announced by the department of homeland security will influence what you can carry on board. and protesters swarmed several lawmakers offices including senator toomey in washington today. as president trump predicts a big surprise with the health cache legislation. and a big step to protect animal from abuse in pennsylvania. and this story impacting all travelers flying into the united states from overseas. new rules are going into effect and airports and airlines around the world are required to implement these new measures, maggie ruly has the details from new york. >> reporter: the department of homeland security says keep carrying your laptop on flights
5:31 pm
in the u.s. as long as your airline plays by the new stringent guidelines. >> we can't play into each new threat but to put new measures into place to keep people safe. >> enhanced screening for passengers and large personal devices and areas around the aircraft. >> we send a message that inaction is not an option. our enemies are adaptive and we have to be adaptive as well. the new security measures aff t affect,000 flight a day at 280 airports at 105 countries and banning laptops in certain countries came in response to intelligence gathered by the homeland security. linking isis to terror attacks on u.s. bound flights with laptops and the uk started a similar ban. >> the u.s. government is
5:32 pm
focused on deterring and disrupting these threats but if airlines to do the comply the ban will go back into effect and warn that some airlines could see their flights into the u.s. suspended. president trump says lawmakers are making progress with the health care package and could be a big surprise coming. after meeting several members of the chicago cubs today and the white house did not ellaborate on what the president meant by that. mitch mcconnell tabled the vote until after the 4th of july recess because the republicans did not have enough support to move the legislation forward. >> health care is working along well, we could have a big surprise with a great health care package. now they are happy. >> great great surprise. >> thank you very much. >> the senate republican leader there says he is hoping to send
5:33 pm
lawmakers home with a new draft of the plan by friday. >> this is the scene outside of pat toomey's office. police drag add way protesters that voiced their opposition to the health care plan. toomey helped to author the bill saying it's not perfect but it's a step in the right direct. 40 people were arrested . a cyber security expert may have discovered a way to stop the ransom ware affecting computers. describing what he thought was a temporary immunization to knock late the computers from the virus that freezes their files followed by a demand to pay a ransom to unlock them. >> sometimes if you pay your get your data back and sometimes they take your money and move
5:34 pm
on. >> the virus believed to have originated in the ukraine. after another cyber attack in june microsoft offered a security patch but companies and individuals neglected to install it. meantime, president trump and first lady melania will visit paris on bastille day coming up on july 14th, the president accepted the intration from the president to attend the vestists, to mark 100 years since the u.s. entered world war i. and jury selections in the trial of a former ceo charged with securities fraud. but thought to be more difficult than first thought. the court is having a hard time finding impartial jurors. more than 200 have been dismissed. martin shkreli caused up roar when he hiked the cost of a life
5:35 pm
saving drug 5,000% and refused to apologize. david muir will have more on health care and the security on airlines changes. in lehigh valley county the pediatrician accused of assaulting one of his patients underway. 43-year-old dr. gerald paton is in contact with a 32-year-old mother during her exam last february. he claimed it was unintentional due to the large frame and the small exam room they were in. paton is charged in this one case. >> the search continues at this hour for a gunman that shot a 16-year-old girl this morning. the teen was shot multiple times in southwest philadelphia at 12:30, investigators found a number of shell casings scattered in the 5900 block of
5:36 pm
avenue. police have not released her condition. police have released video in the hopes of finding a violent attacker that tried to steal a woman's purse. as he tried to grab her purse she resisted and he started to kick and drag her. and four good samaritans came to the rescue and chased the man off before he could steal anything. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf sign aid law strengthening penalties for those that abuse animals. a convicted abuser forfeit his or her animal to a shelter and more laws for horses. and they say it's a good step forward. and a tractor trailer driver is in the hospital after crashing his rig on i-95 in new casting, delaware. chopper 6 hd was overhead as
5:37 pm
they finished cleaning up the load that spilled today. cleaning up the lanes before the 495 interchange and caused huge backups and the 41-year-old driver has several injuries but is in stable condition. >> time for a check of the "action news" travel report. sending it to gina gannon. >> reporter: we start with an issue on the schuylkill expressway we are not surprised by this. here is a live look at city avenue. a disalled vehicle further ahead around belmont. it's blocking one lane but with the trees we can't get the good vantage point. so definitely here at city avenue things are cooling off but further up ahead at belmont we see the issue. when we have issues on the schuylkill it affects us on the roosevelt boulevard. up and over the twin brings you
5:38 pm
are jammed 76th through to broad street and you are tapping the brakes. because of the westbound schuylkill delay on the westbound side of the boulevard. and another delay on the blew route around route 30 a significant southbound delay and delayed from 76 to broomall upper darby but the northbound side is running along smoothly and into pottstown we have a slight closure on the 422 westbound ramp to northbound route 100 and give yourself more time there. back to you. >> thank you. still to come on "action news" incredible video from the uk a man is completely caught off guard after being hit by a bus on the sidewalk and managed to escape unscathed. we'll explain. but the philadelphia's zoo's arguably the cutest baby the new name picked out by mama and cecily tynan is live at the zoo tonight with another adventure.
5:39 pm
hi cecily. >> reporter: i'm really enjoy this guy here. danny is holding mattu a blue and gold macaw they are found in brazil and popular in the pet trade and trainable and mimic a lot of sounds and could be really loud and can do a lot of stuff but will not do it live on tv. i'm not even going to try. and they can live as old as 50 years, think about that before you get one as a pet. >> i'm with a bird a flightless bird and the wings resolved and they can swim. and we are feeding them live from the philadelphia zoo. and we'll talk about a potential heat wave. >> what do you want to say? back to you? >> thank you cecily. back to you? >> thank you cecily. jeff skversky has phillies and
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5:43 pm
his mother kira got to choose a name for her son and they figured out a clever way to do it. the zoo reached out to the zoo sanctuary in congo and they had a conversation club to talk about how to name the baby and came up with three final choices, about how miraculous this little baby gorilla's birth was. she walked out and picked from one of three boxes with possible names. the winner is ajabu. means miracle. >> very sweet. speaking of miracles, guess what? the phillies won last fight. >> and they could win again today and do something they have not done since the end of the april. a miracle is right. this season is heading down a bad road but the phillies could put a stop to it today. a win over the seattle mariners and the phillies will clink
5:44 pm
their first road victory in three months. herrera has to be smarter and phils with four straight hits in the third and tye kelly the shot off felix hernandez and they take a 3-1 lead and mark lighter makes his second start and this one to danny valencia. and robinson cano oh, no. the phillies are down 4-3 in the sixth. sixers mini camp opened in camden and the number one pick markelle fultz starts work out with the summer league next week. and fultz is back in the gym at home in maryland. and how about this move leaps over another human being and the guard has major ups and excited to be a sixer. among the reasons it's up the road from his family. >> it's pretty cool really to
5:45 pm
know i am real close to home and always able to come back home and be close to my roots. i have been to philly many times, my friends can just drive up. and come see me play and chill with me. it's cool that i'm close to home. union taking a break from major league soccer play against the new york red bulls they have won 11 of their 14 games under jim curtin. >> all of these open cup games have wild finishes and we are part of some especially in their building and go in there and put in a good team performance similar to how we performed in d.c. it's unique in how we played them in a week and a half. and quick turn around and no secrets when we get together with them. >> rocky balboa trained by running up the iconic art steps
5:46 pm
and the temple football team taking a page out of the famous movie script. bright and early temple hits the steps and going up the steps on their hands as they begin training. temple opens the season in september against notre dame. >> definitely keep us on our toes it's good for me and good to get out of the weight room and get with the community and break a sweat it's a good experience. >> more with the temple owls coming up at 6:00 wait until you hear how the trainer motivates the guys as they go up and down the steps it makes you want to run the art museum steps today and run up there and make a pose like rocky. makes you want to do it. i would be out of breath. >> me too. well, the video you are about to see is disturbing but we want you to know that the man
5:47 pm
in it is okay. more than that the most determined guy on the planet. a surveillance camera is recording as this out of control bus hits the man as he was walking towards a pub in northern england you see the force it took off part of the building, the guy watch here, he gets up and dusts himself off building, the guy watch here, he gets up and dusts himself off and casually walks into the pub fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play with hbo included for 2 years. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind. so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv,
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hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement.
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how about salt water taffy and the young artists got creative in ocean city using a sticky tasty dessert as their medium. all part of the weird week contest that is now being held on wednesdays throughout the summer. guess what is next? french fry sculpting that is if they can get through with their art without eating it. >> that is a challenge no doubt. >> lets head back to cecily tynan live at the philadelphia zoo tonight. hi cecily. >> reporter: hi guys it's feeding time it's bird valley at the penguin exhibit. kristin walter is here with me we have upable pen wick -- ping
5:51 pm
-- >> he is enjoying life and eating fish. >> you look at this guy he looks ragged because they are molting just like your dog or cat may shed at home on a regular basis, this happens once a year in the mid of summer it takes a week and a half to two weeks. >> people really think of cold weather when they think of pi penguins. >> the humble penguins live in a warm environment in peru and this represents the rocky coast they are living in. >> it's really nice. very soft sand. these guys are especially adapted for swimming. and swimming fast right? >> yes, they have their flippers that allow them to swim quickly up to 20 miles per hour under
5:52 pm
water and their body is like a torpedo shape and they have built-in wet suits. all penguins have an oil they produce naturally and there is a gland at the base of their tail and when they groom themselves it cover a waxy coating and a wet suit to keep them dry. >> if you want to get the arctic exhibit you can get that? >> some are found in the antarctic area. and they are built specifically for living in cold weather habitats and they the ability to survive the cold winter. >> and you can experience that. >> you learn about it and experience it yourself. you play in the snow like the penguins play in the snow in the antarctic. >> lets me talk about the weather before i run out of
5:53 pm
time. i like feeding you guys with you we have to talk about weather. 82 degrees and 80 yesterday and 81 today 5 degrees below normal. right now comfortable. philadelphia 79 and wilmington and trenton the same and allentown 78 and the poconos dropping down to 69 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have a good amount of sunshine today and low pressure over the northern great lakes and tossing clouds our way precipitation stays to the northwest. high pressure is building in tonight another beautiful night and lots of stars and comfortable humidity levels and overnight low 58 degrees and 65 for center city. and tomorrow much warmer and a touch humid. the dew point 60 degrees, we have dew points in the 40s so you'll feel the moisture in the air. allentown 88 and wilmington the same. 70s though along the coast. and friday this is when the heat is on. the beginning of what could be the third heat wave of the year, high pressure comes to the east and low pressure to the
5:54 pm
northwest and the strong flow to the south and a few isolated pop-up storms late in the day. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow is a warm day and a touch more humid and not oppressive. 89 for the high. and friday we bump it up to 93 degrees and afternoon thunderstorms also and 92 and sunday the temperature drops a tad but still humid and hot 90 with thunderstorms and monday partly sunny and 89 and the 4th of july appropriately enough it's hot. 90 degree and could get an isolate the thunderstorm late in the day and doesn't look to be widespread and clouds and sun on wednesday and a high of 88 degrees. they will like my forecast and trying to get a fish to all of them it's not easy to do. back to you guys. >> you do a fine job. thank you. >> this reminder get the latest forecast and storm tracker live
5:55 pm
radar on
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"action news" is next at 6:00. a football coach is under arrest in bensalem charged with rape and other crimes against children. the state of new jersey is putti putting inspectors up and down the boardwalk to make sure it doesn't happen. i'm nora muchanic, we'll h
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-- according to police shannon sean of westchester first rape aid girl in 1999 and raped her again in 2017. and she is one of three alleged
6:00 pm
victims. sara bloomquist is live in bensalem at police headquarters. you have the details. >> reporter: jim, 47-year-old shannon westmoreland was picked up by police at the mall apparently he was working there and he is at the police station talking to detectives allegedly sexual assaulting girls from 2005 to 2011. 47-year-old shannon westmoreland also going by sean is charge the with rape of a minor and rape and sexual assault. >> one occurs in 2005 when sean was a football coach at bensalem ramblers. >> she says he raped her in a funeral home


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