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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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victims. sara bloomquist is live in bensalem at police headquarters. you have the details. >> reporter: jim, 47-year-old shannon westmoreland was picked up by police at the mall apparently he was working there and he is at the police station talking to detectives allegedly sexual assaulting girls from 2005 to 2011. 47-year-old shannon westmoreland also going by sean is charge the with rape of a minor and rape and sexual assault. >> one occurs in 2005 when sean was a football coach at bensalem ramblers. >> she says he raped her in a funeral home when she was 15 and
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westmoreland was a coach of the bensalem ramblers from 1999 to 2005. and charged with sexually assaulting another juvenile when she was 4 until she was 9 years old. >> and westmoreland is charged with sexually assaulting a juvenile when she was 6 years old beginning in 1999 and 2011 when that child became 18. this shows him in years past. 1996 and 2001 and 2006. court paperers show the investigation started year ago and law enforcement has not details why charges are just being filed now and they are concerned there may be more victims. >> if you know of a young person that had an association with the ramblers or the cheerleading squad for the ramblers they may have been potentially targeted.
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>> reporter: westmoreland lives here in bensalem for a while and then homeless and then westchester where he spend time in a homeless shelter as well. they know of no other positions he may have had that put him in contact with young people. live in bensalem township. i'm sara bloomquist channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara. a millville police officer is under review for an arrest made last night. cell phone video shows the officer repeatedly striking carrie cotman in the head as officers tried to handcuff cotman but police say the video does not tell the whole story and he stopped him for j walking and he refuses to show his i.d. and a struggle ensued and a struggle ensued. >> a drive senior in custody
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tonight after crashing a u-haul truck into a brewery in the northern liberty section of philadelphia. the accident happened happen before 1:00 along north 2nd street and video shows the 41-year-old man driving the wrong way. he then swerved into the urban village brewing company. witnesses tried to help the man out of the truck and took off running. the driver is now in police custody. suspected of dui. and lni inspected the building and found no structural damage and the restaurant is open for business tonight. if you see news happening join the action and share the video on social media using hasht #6abcaction or the 1300 block was the scene of a standoff between police and an armed man inside of an
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apartment. a woman told police she was held captive there for a week. john rawlins live at the scene tonight. john what is the status? >> reporter: well, detectives are still trying to sort out what happened. but he had got away and police want to find him and talk to him and find out exactly who he is. she has been talking to detectives all afternoon and evening. as they try to figure out what happened here and what triggered the 911 call and the massive police response. >> police say that a chain of events today allowed a woman to escape from an apartment inside of this building but her alleged captor slipped away. >> she came here willingly but was held here with a gun. >> a maintenance guy game in the
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key guy and distracted him and she was able to get her phone and able to send a message to her sister. >> that sister called 911 and police arrived at the apartment and they were able to get the victim out and the armed man stayed and s.w.a.t. was called. after more than an hour s.w.a.t. gained eptry and a small trapdoor a possible means of escape was discovered. >> there was a plumbing access we didn't know about. the male may have gotten out that way or a window before we were able to contain him. >> as of late today detectives were interviewing the woman that triggered the 911 call. they have a street name for the suspect but have not formerly named him. again, last we heard the detectives were talking to the woman, and sort out how she met the woman and the relationship she may have had with him if any. he is not the tenent of the
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apartment of of the apartment house they are talking with the actual tenent. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. legislation that would allow school employees to have guns on school grounds has moved forward in pennsylvania. state senators approved the bill 28-22 this afternoon. employees would be required to have a secure carry license and pass a psychological evaluation and needs approval in the house and governor tom wolf says he opposes it and philadelphia police are trying to track down the vandal or vandals that sprayed graffiti for a message of violence especially against police. live on the south 100 block is "action news" reporter walter perez. what is the situation there? >> reporter: well, visually the situation has approved with the removal of the graffiti but
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neighbors and police are eager to find out who did this. >> adults or kids or cadrales? what is the story. >> charlie is one of at least five properties targeted by vandal, they were found up and down the 2100 block of south revere street. but he feels empathy for the people responsible. >> believe if one thing treat people the way you want to be treated. and somebody say something to you bless him and pray for him and that is all. that is what we believe. >> the images include the old soviet hammer and sickle and kill a cop save a life. rhetoric like that must be taken seriously that is where this case is picked up by the department of of homeland security. we want to make sure there is no real threat associated with the
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vandalism. we look at those trademarks against known groups that do things like that. the vandals used this stencil repeatedly to paint the message it's right to rebel along with a molotov cocktail. charlie says he is eagle toward find out who is responsible. >> there are seven houses on the block and a quiet street and the neighborhood is great. no problems here. for this to happen, it doesn't make sense. >> now, at least one nearby business may have captured the vandals in action on surveillance video and authorities are looking through the video as we speak. anyone with information about this case is asked to call police. reporting live from south philadelphia. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. seven couples from lakewood, ocean countycks new jersey are under arrest accused of defrauding government programs.
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the joint state federal raids were carried out late last night and monday morning. they are accused of obtaining welfare benefits totalling $2 million including medicaid, hud and social security. two couples face federal charges and investigators say that despite incomes $2 million annually they defrauded the government of $300,000 in benefits. coming up investigators are hard at work making sure you have a fair chance of scoring prices on the boardwalk at the jersey shore this summer. >> and the temple university football team takes to the art museum steps for a quintessential philadelphia
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workout. and we have a chance of storms going into the weekend we'll have details in the seven day. that and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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we have breaking news now from lumberton township in burlington county. there has been a farm rg accident and word is that a child has been injured by a farm tractor. this happened on the unit block of ed browns meadow. we understand that a medical helicopter is headed to the scene. all we can tell you is at this point is that a child has been injured in an accident involving
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a farm tractor in lumberton township. state inspectors have begun inspecting arcades at the shore. they want a safe and honest summer. >> if you ever played a game of chance you may have had this feeling. >> they are fixed and you continue playing and playing and that is how they get your money. >> they are kicking off the state safe initiative. to assure they are on the up and up. >> you are suppose have a chance to win that is the law and making sure that consumers have a chance to win. >> over a $40 billion industry in terms of all of that goes on at the jersey shore and we want to make people feel like they can trust the folks that they are playing games with here. >> we look to see that all the prizes are labeled. inspectors know what to look
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for, are the nets on the basketball toss level and are the hoops big enough and is the ball properly inflated. >> we have had some county fairs in the 20s. so they are bouncing to the moon and back. >> and the claws, does anyone really get the prize. >> my son and i spent $50 trying to get one of the stuffed animals. >> we are testing to make sure the voltage strength of the crane itself can pick up the capsule that has the prize in it. >> state expect -- inspectors are checking out the ride s. >> they are making surprise visits upp down the boardwalk throughout the summer making sure when you put your money down you really do have a chance
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to win. in point pleasant beach, nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> a kindergarten teacher is named the teacher of the year. ryan burger from or land received nearly half of the votes online. you think that was organized. mr. burger was a popular candidate in part because of his use of technology in the classroom. the school he works at was presented with a
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early evening baseball phillies in seattle. >> trying to win their first road serieses in guess how long? >> all year. >> how about two months. >> since april. center-fielder, herrera is back in the lineup in seattle after admitting he has to be smarter with his play and decisions on the field. phillies trying to make a smart decision here whether or not to eat grasshoppers, they sell
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toasted grass hoppers at the concession stand in seattle. four straight hits in the third and the two-run shot off felix hernandez and mark lighter jr. give its right back and allowing two homers in the fourng and then in the fifth. robinson cano another home run. so long sixers trade sean long to houston for a third round pick and rockets are busy today and land nine time all start chris paul from the clippers. >> and he gets ready for play in utah next week. fultz believes he will help turn the sixers team around and they had major ups and down in
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college losing their final 13 games and finishing 9-22. >> i am a guy to lead by example and when we started losing i had to speak up on the court. becoming a great leader as a point guard and bringing the character traits to the nba. >> can't wait to see him play. >> the philosophy for temple football if you want to by be a champion you have to train like one. like rocky balboa, they got a true rocky workout. >> come on! >> hey hey -- >> philadelphia historic city and rocky balboa did the same thing. it's cool.
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>> number one! >> next two ready! >> go lets go! >> a couple of words to describe the workout? >> fun and energetic. an exciting workout. >> quick quick quick! >> a tough city and this workout replicates what a tough movie character, it was a movie, but rocky is timeless and everyone wants to get out of their chair and box. you come to the steps and work really hard. awesome to come out here with the team and do something different like this. >> when they have a chip on their shoulder and a huge challenge they want to do it and if it ain't hard enough they want to keep going. >> yo adrian! >> temple owls look ready to go,
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beautiful day accuweather forecast. >> three beautiful days in a row. a chance of storms at the end of the week. as we look at the action cam along kelly drive a beautiful day and a breeze out there. enough to get a nice run in or a walk. and notice above the deep blue crystal clear sky with the few puffy cumulous clouds. as we go to the weather center we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan there is a pretty nasty storm that is now working its way across the great lakes with severe weather omaha toward chicago and this comes through tomorrow and most of the action stays to the north and for us you see the weather video with the deep blue sky and compliments of high pressure, it means it is happy outside. we have the sinking air and high pressure pushes the air down to the ground and with that sirnging air you can't get the towering cumulous clouds to develop and fair weather cumulous clouds and you don't
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get much moisture in them. 78 degrees at 7:00 and as we get there. we go later into the night midnight temperatures in the upper 60s. another very nice evening on tap. as we take a look across the rest of the region here satellite and radar temperatures show 79 degrees right now in philadelphia. 78 in allentown, trenton 78 degrees the numbers are running well below average and if you are in the sun it feels warm and comfortable at the atlantic city airport. that is the vigorous system sparking tornado watches and warnings across the great lakes and the arc of clouds here high cloud cover in response tore the warm fronts. pushing through with the high clouds and energy stays to the north and we are not looking at storms here and stars and a very comfortable night.
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58 in allentown and 58 in reading and 62 in wilmington and 50s in the enter south new jersey. the deep blue skies and clouds are pushing to the east and that returns the flow from the south, we warm it to 89 degrees and breezy tomorrow also and 10 to 0 miles per hour. much warmer and a tad more humid and then the southerly wind cranks up on friday adding more humidity to the atmosphere and hotter temperatures at 92 with a scattered afternoon pop-up thunderstorm. it's breezy at the shore tomorrow. partly sunny and you get a good wind off the water, low risk rip currents in the morning and moderate in the afternoon with temperatures in the 70s and a bit warmer delaware beaches with the ocean of 70 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast here we start to heat things up 89 degrees. warmer and a tad more humid and muggy with an isolated pop-up on
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friday. most areas stay dry and of the weekend hot and humid and a typical 4th of july type of forecast, low rex tillerson widespread storms and most of the day is dry and a scattered storm on sunday and looking good monday 89 and tuesday be wednesday into the holiday pop-up isolated storms. >> we are all cynical people and nothing impresses us but that pretty cool. >> abc news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams and ducis rogers. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking news. the tornado threat under way in the heartland. cameras capturing multiple twisters. the devastating images coming in right now. also breaking tonight, president trump's new health care promise. >> we're going to have a big surprise. >> the president claiming there is still life in the republican health care bill. the push to unveil a revised version before the holliday break. the big changes for travelers. enhanced checks of travelers for all airlines flying into the u.s. wildfire outbreak. 12 fires across 11 states. an entire town evacuated. the deadly shootout on camera. a gun in each hand, firing on a bus of scared


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