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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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man. this was williams as he arrived at federal court and little did we know he was preparing to plead guilty of a single count of accepting a bribe. the other 28 counts were dismissed be at the same time williams resigned as da. and the judge said he did not trust williams to show up for sentencing and dispatched williams to jail and that is where philadelphia's former district attorney is tonight. sara bloomquist and vernon odom are on the story. vernon is at the federal building where it all came down today. >> reporter: jim, federal prosecutors have long claimed that seth williams was on the take from virtually the very moment he was sworn in as district attorney and tonight he is the federal lockup. you knew this was to be the final day of trial and the amount of evidence was
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insurmountable. and stealing money for his mother's nursing home care and misusing city owned vehicles and using his election money for personal use. the 28 other counts were dismissed but had admit to the whole kit and caboodle line by line. >> what he wanted to do most was get closure for his family and himself and the city. >> it's unfortunate that we have to gather and disruption corruption like this in the city of philadelphia. >> seth williams took a deal prosecutors offered him before the trial opened. if he had been convicted on all the charges he was facing his term could have been 20 years and now it looks like he will get five. judge paul diamond says he could
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not trust williams to stick around and they handcuffed him and ordered him to stay in jail, locked up until the sentencing date. the view from the jury box never having chance to deliver a verdict. >> i think i was more on the guilty side and a lot of the evidence we were presented so far was not so great for mr. williams. >> jim, at the end of the day, seth williams gone $65,000 one-third of of his annual salary at district attorney. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. mayor jim kenney reacted to the plea. >> now it's over we can move on and either have a replacement describe attorney or allow this fine person serving there now to
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finish out the term and have a new da one way or the other in january. >> for more on the story we go to sara bloomquist outside of the district attorney's office outside of the city. what is next there? >> reporter: jim, it's uncertain right now the board of judges will vote on an interim replacement. when that will happen we don't know, typically it's the first assistant she is in charge since seth williams had his law license suspended when the charges were first filed. and meantime former district attorney lynn abraham weighed in on the dawn fall. >> first assistant district attorney kathleen martin commended employees for staying focused during the difficult months. >> i could not be more proud of my hard working colleagues and
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how they condushted themselves in light of the investigation and prosecution of mr. williams. >> martin says she and the staff will remindedcated to their mission. >> philadelphians should know that the district attorney's office continues the pursuit of justice and the hope for a safer city. >> he says that the government likely considered preserving integrity of the da's office when offering a plea. >> you take less than what you want and get it done get him out of office and go on your way. >> it was a lack of discipline and i think he thought the rules did not apply to him. >> former district attorney lynn abrahams says there were problems he was serious about being who he was suppose to be, he was a party guy and ladies man and not serious about taking
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up the mandle of responsibility of being a prosecutor. >> she called this entire episode tawdry and sad at the same time. >> the fact that he went from the chief law enforcement officer of the city to federal prisoner, doesn't get much more stunning than that. >> as you know democrat larry krasner will face off against beth grossman for the job in november. as for that interim position lynn abraham is not seeking it and wouldn't say no if asked and would do it without a salary. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara. and you can find the very latest on the essential williams plea now at 6 abc's news app and read more about the trial and hear reaction from the fbi and other key figures in the case. other news tonight authorities are identifying the young woman killed yesterday on the route
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100 bypass 18-year-old bianca nicole roberson a graduate of westchester high school. and lawmen are theoryizing she was a victim of road rage. jeff is live with more. >> reporter: jim, police are reviewing video from highway cameras and from local business surveillance cameras hoping to catch a clear shot in the other vehicle involved. a red pickup truck and meanwhile bianca's grieving father is pleading with the public's help. >> to me it doesn't seem real. roddy roberson is in shock. his baby bianca stolen from him on the route 100 spur. a beautiful life cut short. >> she is 18 and driving her car and going college. >> the 18-year-old was on her way home from shopping when her
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car left the road and hit a tree. >> why is a question that they can't answer. >> we are asking the public to provide us with any information. to us it could be critical. >> and grief counselors were on hand at her alma matter. she was planning to attend jacksonville university received an award for her strong character and her future looked bright. >> entering into college and taking the next step in her life. someone saw the red pickup truck at the scene at a high rate of speed. penndot cameras caught a shot of the truck in the left corner a case of road rage a possible and roberson's family is asking the public for help. >> anything you saw make the call that is my daughter. >> let us know not knowing is
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devastating on top of losing bianca. >> right now police cannot offer a make, model or year for the red pickup truck and they don't know if the two cars collided and if that red pickup has damage on it. as for grief counselors they will be on hand tomorrow morning from 9:00 until 11:00. reporting live jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. chris bloomfield pleaded guilty today in connection with a street racing crash that killed three people in the somer ton section of philadelphia. bloomfield was sentenced to 3 to 7 years for homicide and aggravate the assault while under the influence. that he was racing ryan farrell when he crashed. his passengers were killed. a water main break created a geyser in king of prussia this
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morning. chopper 6 hd was over head when water shot into the air of eighth avenue and moore road. this happened at 8:15 and lasted almost an hour. aqua water says that a rotted section of an old water line broke when a construction crew was digging in the area. >> the two inch line was not in use. >> and two universities with a long history in our area have become one. thomas jefferson university and philadelphia university formalized their new relationship. the combined jefferson university offers higher education not just medicine and science but in architecture and design and business and engineering. recent years jefferson has been on a merger spree acquiring abington and area health. the sixers number one pick markelle fultz gets to work at practice and yes it is practice and he is eager to learn from
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the coach and team. >> volunteers from lowes transform the backyard a nonprofit for people with disabilities a look at the facelift coming up next. >> after three days of temperatures in the low 80s, the high shot up to 88 degrees two degrees above normal and hotter and more humid over the weekend we'll have details and track the storms in the accuweather forecast. adam -- >> cecily i almost missed this hit because i was getting pizza for the crew. there is a whole pizza in here. we'll talk about the risk forever rip currents in the holiday weekend. and we found a lot of people enjoying a start to the weekend. the accuweather forecast is coming up in just a little bit. wow. >> i assume he is planning to bring that back/those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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in mount holly tonight things are looking better at a center that serves children and adults that need a helping hand. the all because of the generosity and goodwill of neighbors. nora muchanic has the story. >> the corporate slogan for lowes home improvement store is never stop improving, they are working on a brand new backyard in mount holly a nonprofit that provides services to children and adults with disabilities. >> making a huge commitment to doing this and we love giving
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back and it's part of what we are and loving the community. >> the backyard includes paining and adding new picnic tables and putting in a wheelchair rampps. >> something where they don't feel they have to worry about getting somewhere or finding shade or just moving around and being around areas that they are comfortable with. >> the facelift means a big uplift and it's a great space and will be put to use immediately. >> this is wonderful we couldn't have afforded this not in our budget and we are delighted they chose us to spend their time money and effort. >> the materials add up to $3,000 all donated by lowes. >> it's wonderful to see what a few hours of your time and elbow
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grease can do. and knowing that the griffins clients can spend time outdoors is a great motivator. >> just to see the smile on their face make its all worth it. just to be able to do something good for them. it's really good. >> just giving back. well worth it. >> in mount holly, i'm nor
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markelle fultz practicing with the 76ers. >> he was happy and says it could be better going forward. there is so much interest even his teammate ben simmons wants to hear what the first pick has to say and hovered over the interview hanging on every word. simmons and coach brett brown watching fultz in the sixers mini camp today and simmons and
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fultz will be the first back to back number one picks to play together as rookies and fultz was asking a lot of questions at practice. what did the 18-year-old kid want to know? >> everything they had different plays and the way they play defense and i want to be the best player i can be and very to learn the plays to the best of my ability. if i don't knowing in i do not hesitate to ask a question. >> fultz was low key showing up his stuff and having fun back at home in the gym. earlier this week by leaping over another human. >> that is what i do in my off time in the gym. in there dunking and standing on the rim the first time. he didn't know i was coming and i jumped over him. i decided to record it and put it on the internet. >> just having fun. >> yes, you have a chance to be in the gym, you love it and you have fun with it. >> one guy that knows how to have a good time is joel embiid.
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trying to build on his promising rookie season embiid and fultz together on the floor. >> the phillies don't have a bona fide all start but they have -- they will represent the phillies in the all-star futures game in miami. the phillies finally caught a break in seattle for the first time in a while they are coming off a win on the road. everyone says that freddy galvez lit a fire under the phils. >> and flyers and steve mason have already officially cut ties his agent tells 6 abc, he will be a free agent saturday and getting another goalie is high priority. the fan that threw a can at an
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orioles player is not welcome at any stadium for a year and sentenced to 100 hours of commune service, he is a passionate fan aware of the disgrace and embarrassment he has caused. finally are you so upset with a professional athlete you want to vent to his face. jimmy butler says if you have a problem call me. >> anyone is entitled to their opinion, my phone is in my back pocket. if anyone has anything to say feel free. so if you want an interview there you have it. please do. >> i assume you call that number. >> i did call that number after getting traded from chicago to minneso minnesota, butler says call with your complaints and first out
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going message. if you have a beef it's busy. can't get through. cecily tynan
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more sunshine tomorrow and it's hot and huld tomorrow. i am tracking the threat of some storms over the weekend and the potential for heat wave number three, but we are not looking at a good chance of stormy weather over the weekend. tomorrow minimal chance and the best chance is saturday 70% chance late in the day and you can see the temperatures and the chance of storms down to 20%, don't think it will be a stormy weekend it's not going to be the time to watch is late saturday and saturday night. 86 in philadelphia down from the high of 88 and allentown 86 and wilmington 85 and the atlantic city airport 78. and lots of sunshine today and high pressure is pushing off the eastern seaboard and you can see how all of the activity with showers and thunderstorms forced up to the north and that is where it should stay tomorrow. future tracker 6 showing temperatures in the low 90s lots of sunshine and the best chance
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of a storm would be north of our region, could have a storm sneaking into the poconos and mainly dry and saturday the frontal boundary moves in and by the evening keep your eye to the sky and your 6 abc app with the potential for storms at 6:00. and i-95 corridor and areas to the west moving toward the shore later on in the night. the great place to be this weekend. adam joseph going ocean city and you have the job today. great day for it. >> it's beautiful because we have the sunshine and cool breeze off the ocean and food as well. heading down for the upcoming weekend on saturday, temperatures 79 degrees and most of the storms on storm tracker hold off until late in the day and moderate risk of rip currents coming in off the water and creating wave action, sunday and monday, 84 sunday and 83 on monday and less human and no chance for storms and good beach
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days. look at the crowd we go. you guys excited for the 4th of july. >> yes! >> we have mint rolls and salt water taffy to finish off the day. we had the pizza and fudge -- cecily i'll bring you some back. >> happy fourth. >> we'll see you down the shore. >> jim wants to know what happened to the pizza? he wants the pizza? >> i'll bring the pizza back okay. >> we didn't forget about the pizza thank you adam. if you head to the poconos a threat of a thunderstorm 79 degrees and saturday hotter with a high of 80 and monday 78. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast it's going be a hot holiday weekend and 92 degrees tomorrow and 90 on saturday with afternoon and
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evening thunderstorms. sunday hotter 91 and due points are down, and monthe heat sticks around with the high of 90 and the 4th of july and it's warm and can't rulous of the chance of a thunderstorm. and temperatures trend down on wednesday 86 degrees and thursday 85. so a hot holiday weekend and a chance of storms but mainly just on saturday. >> thank you cecily. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on p h l 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams and adam joseph and ducis rogers and join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, and ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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leeroy yarbrou tonight, breaking developments as we come on the air. president trump's vicious twitter fire storm. the personal attack against a female tv host. the harsh backlash against the president, even from republican senators. all in the middle of trying to strike a deal on health care. and the big meeting just announced. president trump and vladimir putin face to face. this as abc news first reported one of the president's closest aides now facing questions in the russian investigation. also tonight, deadly collision. tennis star vee nis williams blamed for the crash killing a 78-year-old man. why police say she was at fault. what williams just said. tornado outbreak. more than two dozen twisters reported across four states. homes ripped


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