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tv   Nightline  ABC  June 30, 2017 12:37am-1:07am EDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, pregnant and shunned. punished for getting pregnant. >> this has been a breach of a standard of abstinence. >> and banned from walking in her graduation ceremony, filging back against what she call a public shaming. >> i need your love and support more than your judgment. >> the anti-abortion advocates now coming to her defense. >> all of us are in -- we're all sinners. >> brave wilderness. >> let's see what we can find. >> he may have millions of fans on youtube. >> i'm about to enter the sting zone. one, two, three. >> but his job bites. showcasing the cute and cuddly and the downright ugly. >> one of the ugliest creatures you've ever seen in your life. >> also tonight --
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♪ letter to my dad >> jay-z dropping his new album, why some fans are calling it an answer to beyonce's "lemonade." first, here are the "nightline" five. number one in 60 seconds
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good evening.
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tonight, the controversial case of a high school senior at a christian school. when matty got pregnant, she decided to keep the child, but when she came clean to school officials, she says she was publicly shamed and banned from her graduation. now she says the way she was treated may only drive other girls to seek out the thing her school is against, abortion. here's abc's david wright. >> i want to thank every single person here. >> reporter: graduation day in boonsborough, maryland, and maddie rungele l maddie runkles is in a class by herself. star of the varsity soccer team, that's not why she's here today. >> as you know, there was a little bit of a controversy surrounding today's graduation for maddie. >> she's here, graduating all by herself because her school, heritage academy, would not let her walk with her classmates.
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so her parents and her pastor arranged this private ceremony instead. >> this has been quite a journey for us. >> she explains she wasn't feeling quite herself. >> i thought i had the flu. but i was, like, you know, i had it for a month, the flu is not going away. something is up. i thought i would get a test to be sure and i found out i was pregnant that way. i wanted to have an abortion. i was scared what the people would think of me and i thought my reputation would be ruined and i didn't want to be that girl. >> she chose keeping her baby, knowing full well-being a single teenage mother would not go down well at her school. >> even though we love maddi, even though we forgive her, there is still accountability. >> the school treated her pregnancy as a violation of its strict moral code. the baby's father is not a student at heritage, already in college. so the school punished maddi
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alo alone. >> this has been a breach of a standard of abstinence. >> she was suspended for two days while the school board weighed her punishment. he then decided to inform the school in what some say was a public shaming. >> there was a school assembly called by the principal, mr. hobbs, he didn't want her there. she said i'm going to be there. >> maddi asked the principal if she could personally address the school and ask for forgiveness. here she is, rereading from the letter she wrote to her classmates. >> i apologize to all of you for any disappointment i may have caused. but right now i need your love and support more than your judgment. >> despite the plea, the school handed down a severe punishment. >> not allowed back on campus at all. >> we had a sign ave a son, she allowed to attend any of his sporting events. >> while he says he agreed maddi deserved some punishment, he
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appealed to the school to allow her back. she agreed on a couple of conditions. >> all of the privileges except she cannot walk in graduation, and she is to be removed from leadership positions. >> maddi returned to school after a couple of days, but things had changed. >> some of the teachers stopped talking to her, didn't acknowledge her, the principal told some teachers to sit her in the back of the classroom. >> principal hobbs saw it differently. >> discipline is not the absence of love. discipline is the application of love. >> i absolutely do think they were shaming maddi. >> kristen hawkins runs students for life, an anti-abortion group that does outreach on campuses nationwide. >> why would you call an all school assembly, and say you're going to announce to the entire school the sins of one student. >> she says she understands that the school needed to punish
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maddi, but says the school failed to acknowledge the courage of her choice, to keep the child. >> the principal even said in his first tv interview what would it look like having a seven month pregnant student walking across the stage? that would give mixed signals. >> she were embarrass shed would be showing? >> that's right. this is about the issue of what does it look like for our school. this is a question a lot of christian schools have to grapple with, holding our students to high standards, expecting them to live a life of chasity before marriage, but then also how do we love those who become pregnant? >> principal hobbs issued a statement defending the school's position, saying the board has listened to three appeals from the family, and compromised all three times. >> if i were another girl watching someone like me go through this, i think i would just run away and hide and cover up what i did and choose an abortion. >> the fact is, teen pregnancy, birth and abortion rates in the u.s. are now at historic lows,
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thanks in large part to increased creincrease ed contraceptive use. the vast majority of christian schools show compassion. >> you only like purple. >> today, 21 years old and the mother of an adorable toddler, 17 when she found out she was pregnant, a senior at a catholic high school in bowlsburg, pennsylvania. >> i told my friend that day and asked her if she could go to walmart with me and bought a pregnancy test. i think i stayed in the bathroom for a solid two hours. and i cried a lot. cursed a lot. i didn't know what kind of support i was going to get. i didn't know how people would receive it. >> her fears were quickly put to rest after confiding in her high school councilor. >> she came in and said, i'm pregnant. and she was sobbing and sobbing. i took a breath and looked at her and said, congratulations,
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you'll be a wonderful mom. >> this woman, who i had a lot of respect for who was one of the most faithful people i knew, trusted me. and believed in me. and didn't judge me. there was no shaming. >> her school celebrated her for keeping her baby. >> i saw no whispers, no chuckles in the hallway. i had a teacher come up to me with tears in her eyes saying thank you for keeping your baby. >> at 5 months pregnant, she not only marched at her graduation, she was elected to be commencement speaker and honored with an award for her faith. stark contrast to maddi's high school graduation experience. >> told by pro-life people i still can't do it and i made a mistake. >> she has become a cause celeb in the anti-abortion community, which has been sharply critical of heritage academy's response to her situation. after the controversy made headlines, she got a call from bob jones university, a college known for being culturally conservative, saying maddi and her baby were welcome at their
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campus and offering a full scholarship. >> this one is my favorite so far. it is his going home outfit. >> she's received an entire room full of baby presents from total strangers who support her decision. >> i know what i did was not what i was supposed to do to get into the situation, but keeping the baby is definitely not a mistake. it was the right thing. >> at the commencement, she wasn't allowed to attend, her friends were thinking of her, especially her best friend, hannah barnes. >> she is very strong and very brave. i don't know if i would be able to do it if i was in her situation, speak out and stuff. >> hannah stood in for maddi, reading out the bible verse she would have read had she been there. >> what was hers. >> the lord will fight for you, you need only to be still. >> strong verse. i think it applies to her. >> we saw maddi meeting a good christian young man, getting married and having grandkids later. >> despite a change in plans,
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her patierents are proud. >> i can't wait to see this little boy, to be able to hold him. >> you know what you're going to name him? >> grayson. i've been given this baby, i need to accept the fact that i have and i do. i'm going to be okay. i'm excited. i'm going to be a mom. >> sooner than you expected. >> way sooner than i expected. >> her graduation party also a baby shower. and maddi is okay with that. i'm david wright for "nightline" in boons borough, maryland. next, here is an unconventional way to get kids interested in nature. the viral star who lets animals bite and sting him on camera. and later, he's got 99 problems, but being prolific ain't one. the brand-new jay-z album released tonight. ghter is... ...studying to be a dentist and she gave me advice. she said dadgo pro with crest pro-health.
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tonight, we're revisiting a story that speaks to the lengths to which some people are willing to go for viral fame. nick watts spent time with a guy named coyote peterson who allows himself to be bitten and stung by all sorts of animals on camera. it is part of our series "social stars." >> this is the most nervous i've ever been to take a stinger bite from anything. >> real life, as one of the millions of kids who watch this dude might say. >> i'm coyote peterson. and i'm about to enter the sting zone. i can't move my arm. >> this is his job, full time.
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>> some will think it is crazy. >> fairly lucrative job, naturalist, wildlife show host, and connoisseur of venom and bites. >> geez, yeah. >> peterson has his own youtube channel brave wilderness with nearly 7 million subscribers. he posts a new video twice a week, every single week of the year. >> that feels like big needles going into my forearm. >> don't try this at home. he researches and there are medics on hand. >> the pain kept lasting and would come in waves, like this rushing heat going through your arm. >> coyote does not exact revenge. you're not killing anything. >> absolutely not. never any animal ever injured on any shoot that we have done. >> ew. >> and these are kids on facebook. >> that must be painful. >> reacting to coyote's antics.
12:55 am
>> why is he doing this? >> viewers are apparently also hearing a message. >> you'll take away a more understanding perspective of this overly vilified arachnid. >> the goal from everything we're doing is to introduce the younger generation to animals. there are a lot of kids that don't have the opportunity to go out into some of the environments we explore in. >> he's trying to get kids interested in nature, but first he lures them in with a little click bait. >> the term click bait makes it sound like you're going to click on something and not see what it is that is being promised. we give you a thumb nail. we're saying stung by a bullet ant, you better believe coyote is going to be stung by a bullet ant. >> he's a naturalist driven by enthusiasm and curiosity. >> for me it started when i was 4 years old and i loved animals ever since then. a lot of times my friends would be out, you know, going to parties, playing sports, i was in the woods behind my house catching snapping turtles and
12:56 am
snakes. >> not exactly where you would expect america's steve irwin to hail from. is the hat necessary? >> yeah, absolutely. it defines what we do. you remember the hat. >> he's not really named coyote. >> my nickname coyote, my real name is nathaniel. >> today, he's taking me tide pooling in san pedro, california. >> real gentle. right in the middle. >> i just put my finger inside a sea aamenone because he told me to. >> you flinched. >> i do flinch. >> you're still alive. you're still alive. >> it is a wild animal putting its -- >> it is. >> it thinks you're something to -- >> what is wrong with you? >> nothing wrong with me at all. it is actually not something we ever intended to do to get me bitten and stung by things. we were in arizona and i got stung by harvester ants. >> that was one on my neck.
12:57 am
we thought it would be interesting to show people what the reaction is to my human body to certain stings and our audience kept asking for, why don't you try this, try that, we're like i don't know if that's a good idea. but then when they really felt like this is good for us, this is educational -- he definitely bit me. >> back to the tad pools. >> the closest thing we could find today was a octopus or brown sea hare. >> within minutes, we're pulling alien life forms out of the brine. brittle stars. >> it is like a sea star, but with more ambidexterity. >> it won't bite you. >> something gross? >> yeah. >> yucky. >> like a massive fat slug. >> like a big booger. isn't that crazy how its body goes like that?
12:58 am
and they do ink. it is like this joker from batman purple ink. >> beautiful color. my word. look at that. >> there is two more right here. >> one of the ugliest creatures you've ever seen in your life? sorry, mate. you are a bit ugly. ugly, but not scary like say the tarantula bug that he encouraged to bite him. do you have any haters? >> there say fair share of people saying this isn't the right way to be presenting animals and people will always have an opinion. but our positive rating on youtube is somewhere around 98%. >> back in the tide pools, start roolin in rolling, he has an octopus around his arm. >> that's the biggest octopus i never caught. >> wow. that's a really big two spot octop octopus. >> don't bite me. don't bite me. don't bite me. don't bite me. that's a monster octopus right
12:59 am
here. let's have you hold it. >> no, no, no. you said it has a beak. >> you can see he's not beaking me at all. >> that's the secret to coyote's success, his enthusiasm is totally infectious. >> that's one of the weirdest feelings i have never -- and not unpleasant. >> next up, coyote is off to hawaii, where he hopes to be bitten by a whole new bunch of insects. >> one, two -- >> good luck? >> three. >> i'm nick watts for "nightline" in san pedro, california. >> next, we have breaking jay-z news. tonight, he just released his 14th record. what we know and how can i get a copy?
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jay-z has been a busy guy of late. he and his wife just had twins and tonight he released a new
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record. here is candace gibson. >> the wait is finally over. tonight, jay-z releasing his first studio album in four years. titled "444," he's been releasing trailers for the project. featuring the likes of danny glover and lupita nyong'o. some consider this a response to his wife's album "lemonade." ♪ better call becky with the good hair ♪ >> the heavily anticipated release comes at the tail end of a busy month for the carter family, beyonce giving birth to a set of twins less than two weeks ago and president obama inducting jay-z to the songwriters hall of fame days before. >> i'm proud to help present this award to a true american
1:06 am
original. the first hip-hop artist to be inducted into the songwriters hall of fame, mr. shawn carter. >> as for the title track, a 4:44 apology to queen b herself. for "nightline," candace gibson, abc news, new york. thanks to candace gibson. thank you for watching "nightline." we're online 24/7 and on our facebook page. thanks for watching and good night. >> hey, everybody, welcome to the show. now, i'm not gonna try to tell you that what you're going to see in the next 30 minutes is going to change your life, but it just might change the life of one of our contestants. so don't move--it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire"? [cheers and applause] all right, our returning
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contestant is so good at trivia, his friends have nicknamed him "drewgle," a combination of his name, drew, and google. so from milford, connecticut, please welcome back drew bayers. what's up, buddy? ♪ drewgle. >> drewgle. >> they--they--they'll just call you for any just crazy trivia question? >> everybody's got that one friend that if you don't have your smartphone on you or you've got no service, who would know this absolutely useless fact, so-- >> drewgle knows. >> exactly. >> you're playing a great game, by the way. >> thank you. >> you're up to $20,000. [cheers and applause] you're only two steps away from that next threshold, which is $50,000--six questions away from the big prize, that million dollars looming large above. you have used two of your lifelines. you still have your mom with you, your "plus one." [scattered applause] mom's always behind you if you need. you ready to get back into it? >> i'm ready.


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