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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 30, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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new viral videos on an all new show "right this minute." a burglar relaxes in a family's hot tub after breaking in. >> he read one too many goldilocks books. >> instead of air bnb it's air bne. it's an adventure that's going to -- >> blow your mind. >> a look at what lurks beneath greenland. this made me cry. there's so much love here. >> a man who cared for his wife hears messages of support. >> you can see tim and me are barely holding it together. >> the story of how a husband's love touched the internet's
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heart. >> he's my hero now. thank you for sharing. and a quinceanera that takes the cake. >> for being the most magic kal. >> the hogwarts party that had fans living it up. >> and i'm mad i wasn't invited. this burglar got a little distracted, if you will. when you break into a home that's in a ritzy neighborhood, you go in and grab all the goods. well, when he saw the life of luxury in front of him, he had to partake in it. >> so getting in that hot water is going to get him in some hot water. >> yeah. because folks called the police. when they arrived, he tried to pretend he was the homeowner. after some questioning, they realized that he wasn't. >> a hot tub bandit or something. >> pretty much. read one too many goldilocks books. >> did he really? >> one of the officers joked that if they hadn't arrived, they said he would have taken a
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nap. >> you know why? it's hard work breaking into somebody's house. you're breaking a sweat and nervous. then it's stressful so the bath calms you down. >> instead of air bnb, it's air bne. >> this one was just killing the speed. >> i'm going to jail. what's with these people? >> the police officers have this music bumping in their car. instead of him being like oh, snap. he's like, let's go. >> he can't change his predicament. his attitude is the only thing he has control over. so party along. >> give him credit for seeing the positives in every situation. >> what was he arrested for? >> apparently he stole a car, rammed it after a chase. they believe he may be under the influence of drugs. >> just what i thought. >> once he got to the police station, the handcuffs are off, he's drinking his water and still dancing. and this time there's no music.
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>> it's in his soul. >> they said he danced for about two hours. >> the rhythm is going to get you arrested, apparently. what lurks beneath the icecaps of greenland is going to blow your mind. when we go into the water, it gets even more spectacular. not only do you get to seize though crevasses under there thanks to the work of this photographer, but watch what he is able to capture. they found some soft bodies mollusks. also found skeleton shrimp. they got more than they ever expected. they got some arctic jellyfish. >> wow. look at that. that fish is kind of plain. >> move along. move along. come on. >> it's so calm and quaint and
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the things they get to see that they didn't expect, by the way. this is a surprise even to them. they had no idea what they were going to find once they got down there. >> well, it's not that far down. they at least have some color. because the lower you go, they all become translucent and everything. >> and it was worth it because they had to endure negative 2 degrees to do this. >> so you're saying it was cold. >> it was chilly. slightly chilly. you're going to need this. tim here, he's one heck of a guy. the video opens with a question from his son jake. >> you can tell me what happened yes. jack passed away yesterday. >> jack is his wife jackie who just passed. >> and how long was she sick?
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>> 2005. >> so she got sick in 2005 and tim here was her personal carer for about ten years. because in her late 40s she was diagnosed with dementia. and jake has been watching it all kind of go along. you kind of feel like you know where this video is going. then jake says this. >> it's not just family and friends who know about the sacrifice made for her. open that link i just sent you on facebook. i wanted to tell you some of the things that complete strangers have said. >> jake has actually been telling the story of his parents on reddit. people were just so moved and so as he's opening it up, this is what tim's seeing. >> this made me cry. there's so much love here. i remember your post from a few years ago. she must have been a wonderful woman. your dad is a saint. he's my hero now. thank you for sharing. >> and it's message after beautiful message being read out by his son. you can see tim and me are
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barely holding it together. >> unconditional love. the beautiful somewhat rare thing. i wish your dad and mum peace through all this. >> but this last one is going to kill you. >> jackie would have been so proud of you if only she knew how much you sacrificed to look after her. you've done so well. your job is over. your life is yours again. i'm so proud of you and i love you. the last one was me. >> and i became a gigantic mess. >> love is sacrifice. that's what he done for his wife and family. >> it's so beautiful. >> pain is the thing we pay for love. >> tim is a hero. what did you tell me about your little dog? >> he's not a fan of pictures. >> walt ser the same way, but girl have i got the gift for you. i give you the flexy paw.
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>> now every dog on the planet will sit still for the treat. >> yeah. because this is a simple atta attachment for your phone. fits most smartphones and tablets. >> draws attention to your camera but brings out their happiest and most playful side. >> brilliant. >> most dogs like our dog, they turn their head, they walk away. they won't sit still and pose for you. but with the flexy paw, you put in a treat up to half an inch thick, and watch. >> the only downside is every shot of your animal is going to be drooling. >> you saw with the cats. that's her with butter cup. >> does this mean that dogs and cats now are going to start making duck face too? >> they have a $39,000 goal on kickstarter. they were already sold online on another website.
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they sold out because you know how we dog and cat owners are. we love to take pictures of our babies. but with this campaign, if you contribute $16, you get one. here's what's cool. a percentage of the pledges they get in this kickstarter campaign will go to a rescue that helps find permanent homes for dogs and cats. he's feeling adventurous. >> he goes online and orders hich himself a pair of shoes. >> find out what he's about to do. >> what could possibly go wrong? >> everything. and -- >> do you remember your first time? >> doing what? >> having oatmeal, silly. >> see how this cutie feels about it. >> no. not quite. no.
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the internet. you have to take it with a grain of salt. you can't just think you can do everything you see. >> but if you do, we'd like to see the video. >> and we will. this guy in brazil i'm sure has seen a ton of b.a.s.e. jumping videos and thought i'm going to get one of those parachutes from the interwebs. so he orders himself a parachute. >> was this his first time? >> yeah. on the balcony watching this go down is his woman and child. they're freaking out. he's already on the other side of the rail. he's got buddies there that are like, you're going to do great. go for it. you can hear the child crying in the background freaking out that my dad's about to do something really scary. he's going to do this. he read the introductiostructio? what could go wrong? >> everything. >> let's see how it goes down. because he's committed to live his dream.
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the countdown. he jumps. the parachute deploys. and believe it or not, the dude lands. >> that's called gravity. it's how he lands. >> he lands safely. there are no reports of any injuries. and also thankoodness for the person that patched the parachute. had that not been packed proper will i, this could have gone a completely different way. nerves ran high. you can hear her sigh of relief at the very end. >> because it worked. now he thinks he can execute all of his little ideas. >> do not do this at home. do not do this without professional guidance first if you really want to do this. do you remember your first time? >> doing what? >> having oatmeal, silly. >> the first time going for solids, huh? >> oh, yeah. >> oatmeal.
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going to try? >> i don't like mommy's cooking. >> she's like, what is this? the consistency is interesting. you guys didn't do any airplane action i've been hearing about. >> this takes me back to trying to get my son to eat. it was like no, not quite, no. >> every time she kicks it back out. >> this isn't like the big round thing i hold my hands on. >> yeah. the whole oatmeal thing, it's not working for her. >> bacon. that'll work. >> you're right. it always does. >> she's taking off her bib. >> well, how about sweet potatoes? >> that'll work. >> how about some sweet potatoes? try some sweet potato. >> he's like, oh, no. >> do you hate it? ic. oh, we're gagging, huh? >> he's like, this is the worst
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thing you've given me in my life. >> yeah, we hate sweet potatoes. yuck. are you standing on an air vent. >> this last cutie-pie goes by the name of brodie. he's 2 and he's channelling his inner fabio. >> yeah. he's pulling a j. lo. get the air in front of the hair. >> yeah. i'm fabio. you know when you're feeling luc lucky, you feel you want to buy a lottery ticket. it's your day. well, that's exactly what's going on in this video right here. >> oh! oh, my gosh! i would have never guessed that was going to happen. >> but he should definitely go buy a lottery ticket. because just watch. not only how quickly without warning but how close it is when
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that enormous bucket just completely disconnects and misses him by millimeters. the hard hat would have done nothing. >> oh, my god! >> i found that to convert a four by four to a five by five takes literally one second. >> okay. >> yeah, buddy. no wife, no kids. what's a man to do? >> he's in his house by himself. he could do anything he wants. >> see how his alone time pans out.
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behind this boat. does a little wake surfing. >> well done, you. >> not just any cherry. a maraschino cherry. >> justin king is winning at summer already. so are these people in this jet boat in san diego. my beautiful hometown. but this is a high speedboat. these things do tricks and turns. that's why everybody is wearing a cape. you can see everybody's having a good time. you know what's funny though? this is in san diego. i had no idea. if i did, that would have saved me a lot of money when i tried it when i was in australia last year. there you see the sydney opera house. and you see me. the only one in the front right behind the camera. >> you ain't got no hood for
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your head now. >> dude. >> what you don't see is that halfway into the tour, the boat broke. so we had to slowly get back to shore. so basically this half hour ride turned into about an hour. the how-to dad is back teaching us how to deal with a situation that is even more rare than halley's comet. >> my wife and kid has gone away for, like, three days. >> yeah. miracle of miracles. the wife and kids are gone. he could do anything he wants. >> wind surfing. might do a bungee jump this weekend. >> it's a lot to do. it's a lot to think about. to be honest, if you're going to
2:35 am
do it, just have a lie down, to be honest. [ snoring ] >> three days later -- >> oh, no! no! >> we're home! >> damn it! i mean, yea. >> that's time well spent. >> i missed you. >> but what about the plan? the thing is, it's somewhat reminiscent of another video i saw recently. ♪ one is the loneliest number . >> i too was very alone over the weekend. >> did you also sleep for three days? >> no, i did stupid videos like this. >> save this man from himself. >> no. i'm onto you guys. he's posting this on social so
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his wife thinks that he's so sad and so lonely. but in reality as soon as this video's over, you know he started a party. >> oh, yeah. he was out beering and top golfing. >> there was also a lot of playstation. hey, we love our families. we just like sleep too. >> damn it. no, no, i mean yea. when it comes to quinceanera -- >> this one, this one takes the cake for being the most magical. >> the spectacular party that will have all the harry potter fans green
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>> i may try this with lots of precaution. when it comes to quinceanera, this one takes the cake for being the most magical. >> oh no. >> oh, yeah. harry potter geeks geek out now. >> we are. >> i'm mad i wasn't invited. >> we arrive at hogwarts or this location in california. posters of harry potter everywhere, of course, with tonya meza, the quinceanera as hermione. >> wow. that is quite the dress. >> and quite the party. the decorations. now, this is from back in december of 2016. trending because we are celebrating harry potter's 20th annivers


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