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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  June 30, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning it is 6:00 a.m., friday, june 30th. we're following developing news. authorities say a teenager was shot and killed for trying to merge into a lane in a suburban roadway. the hunt is on for the killer wanted in three states. >> a woman is recovering after a gunshot to the face. >> we say goodbye to june today hello to july and greetings to more heat and humidity. let's get you to all of it, david murphy has accuweather and karen rogers has traffic timing it out when to head to the shore. >> reporter: we have sun and clouds, it's going to be warm. there you see satellite showing you the lack of significant
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cloud cover across the region right now. there's thunderstorm an shower activity on the other side of pittsburgh that could be an issue later this afternoon and evening in the berks county, poconos and lehigh valley. 73 in philadelphia. 71 in allentown and trenton and wilmington. 68 in cape may. 69 at the airport in atlantic city. dewpoints are real high in millville and dover that's where once the sun gets on your shoulder you'll feel oppressive humidity. the 66-degree reading are significant at the airport in atlantic city and cape may. not as bad in philadelphia and wilmington. as the day goes on we'll see the humidity creep up a bit. noon 86. 3:00 p.m., the high is 92. we'll be holding 90 by 5:00 p.m. again, a late day and evening thunderstorm mainly up in the far northern suburbs. karen when i step inside, the complete weekend call for the shore and the peculiars, and philadelphia -- poconos and
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philadelphia. looks like it will be on the humid side. >> reporter: tacony-palmyra is going up, traffic is stopped, the bridge is up, if you're heading out head to the betsy ross bridge instead of the tacony-palmyra. we're getting details about the accident in abington involving a car that slammed into a tree. we're learning it took down a pole and wires. this could be out there a little while they have had to shut down meeting house road. it's blocked between susquehanna road and huntington pike. stick to mill lane. a big accident in abington. a disabled vehicle at red tail lane in lower providence township. as well. outside live checking the blue route, here's a look at route 30, southbound traffic heading toward i-95. moving nicely. roads are clear and dry, light volume and no accidents on the majors at this point, matt. >> thank you karen. developing news here, law enforcers say an 18-year-old girl was shot and killed during an active road rage in the
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suburbs. district attorney tom hogan nouned -- announced last night that bianca roberson was shot in the head an crashed her car. katherine scott is live with the new developments. >> reporter: matt, whether it was driver who was there at the time, or somebody who might know who the man is, police want to hear your tips and so does this young lady's family who is grieving this loss. let's go to video and picture. this is a picture of bianca roberson, the high school graduate was supposed to be heading to jacksonville university in florida for a couple of weeks for orientation, instead her family is trying to come to terms with her death. on wednesday she was at the mall with her mother and grandmother shopping for clothes for college. she was driving home going south on route 100 when the district attorney's office said bianca roberson and a man driving a
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faded red pickup truck were trying to merge in the same lane. a man pulled out a gun and shot the 18-year-old in the head in an apparent road rage. the car veered off the road and crashed. they were justling for position or whatever -- jostling for position or whatever. >> a man pulled out a gun and shot her in the head killing her. >> if you know anything call the police and tell them. don't hold back, that's my daughter she was 18. >> highway cameras show an altercation between bianca roberson and the man in the red pickup before the crash. moments later the red pick flees the scene getting on paoli pike. if you have any information call police. live in west chester, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you caths thrin. --
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katherine. developing this morning, a woman is recovering from a gunshot to the face. she was grazed by a bullet around 2:00 a.m. on yold -- old york road in the logan section of philadelphia. no further details has been put out on who shot her or why. in the space of a day, seth williams has gone from the district to a jailed inmate. the dizzying fall began yesterday after williams shocked the courtroom with an out of the blue guilty plea to one of the corruption charges against him. he resign from office. the surprise move came two weeks into his federal trial. he failed 29 counts of illegally accepting gifts from two businessmen in change for i will will i will -- i illegal favors. he was sent to jail where he will stay until he is sentenced in october.
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he could face up to five years in prison. new this morning a jury found a berks county pediatrician not guilty of assaulting a patient's mother. the doctor was on trial for indecent assault for second degree misdemeanor. the doctor was accused of a indiana decent act in front of the woman's child last year. the jury cleared him of the charges. governor chris christie said the government will shut down if the legislature fails to enact a new budget. a lot depends on the assembly speaker who is holding up the chamber's vote because he opposes legislation to overhaul horizon blue cross blue shield. late last night christy directed state agencies to get ready for
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a shut down. progress is being made on pennsylvania's budget lawmakers worked into the night in harrisburg trying to iron out the details ahead of the vote. however they don't know how they will pay for the $32 billion spending plan that includes $870 million more than last year's budget. governor tom wolf said it will invest in schools and create jobs and fight the opioid epidemic. a merger between two mega drug companies is a drug deal gone bad. we have our mark watch property. >> reporter: good morning, matt and tam, walgreens has abandoned its deal to merge with rite aid. it will buy half of the rite aid stores for $5 billion. it was dropped over antitrust concerns. consumer advocates said it would give walgreens far too much pricing power.
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futures point to a higher open and reports on personal income and consumer spending are due out today. back to you. >> all right, time to take a look at accuweather, a little sticky, but still we'll enjoy the holiday. >> reporter: it will be humid on saturday, sunday afternoon we may feel the humidity levels ease back a little bit. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we're dry to start out. as we look outside, we're looking at sky6 live hd, the commodore barry bridge a few clouds around, but plenty of sunshine getting ready to build in, too. not that the sun is going to be our friend today, if if you don't like hot and humid weather it will be sticky later on. 71 in wilmington. 71 in allentown. 71 in trenton. a lot of 71s, a popular number this morning. same thing in millville. cape may, 68 degrees. dewpoints in the 60s in most neighborhoods. as you look at satellite you have cloud cover out there. but there's sunshine building
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in. we're keeping our eye on this line of showers and thunderstorms on the other side of pittsburgh may pop into the lehigh valley berks county and poconos. we'll have a chance of late-day thunderstorm high of 91 a bit humid. down the shore, 81. in the water, 62 degrees, we have a moderate chance of rip currents today. swim near the lifeguards and follow their instructions today and through the weekend, too, actually partly sunny hot and humid in philadelphia. 92 is the high. humidity leaves not oppressive, but noticeable. overnight tonight, warm and muggy, 74 under partly cloudy skies. as we head into tonight and tomorrow, we do have that chance of some shower activity, perhaps some storms. let's go ahead and start later today and tonight.
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4:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. there's a chance of thunderstorm activity into allentown and reading. it probably holds in this part of the region and dries out overnight. saturday morning, a cold front gets closer, we've got another chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. the months wants it between 10 and 11:00. i can't voucher for the time and placement, but it's unstable. the big ticket issue is later in the day. this is the 5:00 p.m. view on the model. a much better chance of a line of showers and thunderstorms broken but strong. if you hear a rumble of thunder at any time on saturday, but especially late in the afternoon take cover. up in the poconos for the next three days, 79 degrees on saturday, good chance of storms there. sunday, 80. 78 monday, less of a chance of storms on those two days. same story at the shore, saturday nighttime thunderstorm possible, sunday and monday better beach days and slight chance of a pop-up storm both of
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those days. in philadelphia, 92 hot and humid, most of the storms north. hot and humid on saturday, good chance of a storm at times rolling through most places. sunday still hot, maybe a storm in a couple of spots, 91. monday, 90, hot a spotty thunderstorm there, as well. tuesday, 4th of july we'll ease the number down to 88. warm, partly sunny skies and stray thunderstorm does not look like a washout for the 4th. >> generally summery. tam agrees. >> 6:11 a.m. a fault and then some for venus williams accused of causing a crash that claimed a life. >> jay-z drops a new album overnight you might want to freshen up on beyounce's lemonade so you can get everything he is saying in the lyrics. >> reporter: we've got an accident on 422 westbound at saint gabe's curve penndot on the scene as well as the tanker off to the side at this point.
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>> welcome back taking a live look there, the sunrise is fully up there over the ben franklin bridge, lovely start to your weekend here, 6:14 a.m., 73 degrees. >> very nice sunrise coming at us this morning, karen. >> reporter: you know what that means, you'll have displayer out out -- sun glare out there.
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since the commercial break we're watching emergency workers coming to the scene. we have police and ambulance coming here. 422 westbound at saint gabe's curve. it looks like it's off to the side, be careful as you round the curve in case they have to block a lane dealing with the accident. you have emergency crews on the scene with the new accident on 422 westbound at the saint gabe's curve. looking at the tacony-palmyra bridge this bridge opening took a little while. it started a minute or two before 6:00 a.m. just in the process of coming down. the trouble is they had two shims they had to go through. watch for this, stick to the ben franklin betsy ross bridge. it's in the process of coming down. if you didn't catch my warning about it, you're stuck there. this accident involving a vehicle that crashed into a tree meeting house road took down a
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pole and wires. stick to mill lane to get around that. shadow walker 91 a member of the 6abc teem reporting an object on 295 northbound in mount laurel. temperatures in the upper 60s in pottstown and quakertown, 71 in warminster. 73 in the city. and in media. in the suburbs of new jersey, low 70s, browns mills, vineland, all seven 1. 72 in dover, delaware. but we're heating things up today. 92 for the hot and humid high. >> heat causing problems out west where the wildfire season has begun. firefighters are battling 19 separate wildfires that burned ten thousand acres. this fire destroyed 760 acres. firefighters say hot and dry weather out there is making matters worse. firefighters are getting control of a massive wildfire in arizona
6:17 am
that's been burning for nearly a week. that ignited on saturday and spread to roughly 21,000 acres nearly two thousand people north of phoenix are not allowed to return to their homes. a deadly crash involving dennis star venus williams is being investigated? florida. it does appear she was at fault. witnesses said williams ran a red light on june 9 and that led to a collision, 78-year-old man died two weeks later from injuries sustained in the crash. the tennis star has not been ticketed or charged as of yet. >> fido and figaro, a stray dog steals the show during a simple symphony overseas. >> reporter: we're off to are a warm start, dewpoints in the 60s making it feel humid farther south you go through the region. we'll have the 1 hour forecast and let you know where the
6:18 am
numbers are going next. >> reporter: in tech bytes, facebook giant drone makes a successful flight. the aircraft is massive with the same wingspan as a 737. it crashed while landing during it's first flight a year ago. they hope to bring internet service to remote areas of the world. dust off your turntables. sonny will make vinyl records. there's record cutting equipment and audio engineers. jay-z has released his album 444 there's a song already buzzing. it's a 4 minute 44 second long apology expressing regret for cheating nat relationship. apology expressing regret for cheating nat relationship. >> reporter: those are tech
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>> reporter: look at these chargers driving me crazy. consumer reports have tips to take charge of your chargers. do not buy a cheap one, they tend to be unreliable and could harm your device. number two, when you take charmers on the go don't wrap the cords the same way every time. consumer reports says the best thing to do is ball up your cord randomly and put it in your bag. my photographer disagrees. >> if you were with a watching that facebook live you saw that we have tobs of chargers -- tons of chargers on our new set.
6:22 am
>> they thought of everything. there's a wet bar. >> reporter: we're breaking it in. let's look outside, 422 westbound i've got more details on the accident we have more emergency workers coming to the scene. what you can't see from the shot there's an overturned vehicle off into the woods right now. so an overturned vehicle ran into the woods flipped over unclear if that tanker truck stopped to help or he was involved there's police and ambulances and penndot, 422 westbound at saint gabe's curve a serious accident blocking the shoulder. >> reporter: no weather related reasons for this stuff, karen, we have sun glare. we have clouds over the region and there's thunderstorm activity in ohio. there could be an issue in the northern and western suburbs later today and tonight. 73 in philadelphia. 71 in allentown. trenton, millville.
6:23 am
down the shore, upper 60s as we roll through the afternoon it will be hot and humid. 86 degrees by noon. 92 is the high at 3:00 p.m. by 5:00 p.m. holding on to 90. a word to the wise if you're out at the pool today or the next several days you hear thunder take cover indoors on the lower floors, today will be in the best chance in allentown and berk county. >> several venomous snakes and baby alligator are on the loose near san antonio texas. truck carrying the reptiles blew a tire and rolled over. some are unaccounted
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stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at >> and just a reminder to stay safe this weekend especially if you plan on lighting up fireworks to celebrate the 4th of july. the consumer products safety commission held a demonstration early this week to show the dangers. they say 11,000 people ended up in the e-r last year because of fireworks injuries, most burned their hands and fingers when they handled bottle rockets and things you thinks safe like sparklers. the one way to stay safe watch fireworks displays. you can watch them tonight at penns landing. there are free concerts, the
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firing are expected to start at 9:30. we have a full list at across the area. they don't knew dogs could have an appreciation for the finer things like classical music. this lab wandered on stage during this performance during a concert in turk. the musicians served as a collective dog whisperer causing the pet to prop down next to the concert master. the audience applauded as soon as the dog appeared. one musician called it the cutist moment in classical music. >> 6:27. up next, david murphy has the holiday weekend forecast. a family shares the warning about the close call of a fancy type of fi
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>> now on "action news," a recent high school graduate is killed in a case of road rain. the driver who pulled the trigger is still out there. >> developing overnight, part of a house crumbles to the ground one person is injured and neighbors are forced to leave their homes. war of words, president trump is feeling the heat from all sides over a twitter tirade the couple at the center of it all, postponed their vacation to address his comments on their show. 6:30, june 30th. it's going to get hot around here. here's david murphy and karen rogers. >> reporter: it's startth to feel warm -- starting to feel warm on the terrace and you're feeling the humidity. there's cloud cover mixing with the sun. out by pittsburgh you see the shower or thunderstorm starting to develop that will scoot across the state and later this afternoon and evening we could be in for that up in the lehigh
6:31 am
valley berks county and the poconos. 73ny is the. 71 in allentown -- in the city. 71 in allentown, millville and cape may. dewpoints oppressive in millville and dover. in the i-95 low 60s. that's just a little bit humid. later in the day, 75 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 86 by noon. 92 is the high at 3:00 p.m. the humidity will be -- will not be at oppressive levels, but cool drinks if you're out there working or playing. 90 at 5:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m., 87 degrees. karen, when i come in we'll talk about the week call and saturday looks bumpy with thunderstorms. >> reporter: we have an accident one vehicle ran off the roadway and flipped into the woods. last time i showed you the shot we had ambulances and so many
6:32 am
crews on the scene. some have left. but we have police and penndot off to the side dealing with an accident involving a vehicle drove off the roadway and flipped over happening on 422 westbound at the saint gabe's curve. watch for this, it's off to the side. they have set up the cones if they need to pull out a vehicle they may have to block a lane on 422. let's take a look at this new problem just came in another accident involving an overturned vehicle on i-95 northbound the off-ramp to 420 partially blocked, a second accident involving a vehicle flipping over on a dry and clear roads. another accident a vehicle drove into a tree. what is going on this morning. there's no reason for vehicles to be sliding off the roadway and flipping over, but meeting house road between susquehanna road and hunting pike, not only did the vehicle slam into the tree it took down pole and wires.
6:33 am
the crews are out there. stick to mill lane. be careful out there. >> will do. now to developing news out of chester county there's a desperate search to find a danger who is considered armed and dangerous. he wanted for shooting and killing a teenager during a road rage dispute. katherine scott is outside west goshen police with the details on this very sad story. good morning, tam, that's right, the search is on for the driver of the faded red pickup truck who place say shot and killed a teenager in a case of apparent road rage. west goshen township police and the chester county district attorney office continue to investigate. let's go to the picture of bianca roberson who would be heading to jacksonville, florida for two weeks of orientation. family members said she had just left the mall wednesday afternoon after shopping for college cloths with her mother and grandmother. she was traveling southbound on
6:34 am
route 100 when the district attorney's office said bianca roberson and a man driving a faded pickup truck were trying to merge into the same lane where the highway goes two to one. a man pulled out the gun and shot the 18-year-old in the head. he fled and the car veered off the road and crashed around 5:30 p.m. family members are devastated and hope other drivers come forward with the tips. >> they was a good girl honor roll student looking forward to go to college. >> so young to go through something like that by herself. she had to be scared. >> turn yourself in now, every second you're out there, you're only making this worse for yourself and worse for this young lady's family. >> highway camera shows an altercation between bianca roberson and the man in the red pickup. the red pickup ask seen fleeing
6:35 am
the -- is seen fleeing the scene on to paoli pike. if you have any idea who the driver may be, authorities want to hear from you. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> part of a house came crashing down in queen village sect overnight. the damage is contained to the first floor and front door area. >> sounded like wind coming down the street real hard. next thing i know, they were new yorking on the door to tell us to get out of there. >> one person is checked out, injuries, neighboring home are being evacuate as a precaution. 6:35 a.m., for former distt attorney seth williams will be wake unking -- waking up in prison. he pleaded to a single count of
6:36 am
a bribe. williams was on trial for illegally accepting gifts in exchange for illegal favorites. >> what the district attorney wants to do most he wanted closure for his family and himself and the city. it's unfortunate that period on thetically we have to -- that periodically we have to gather and address corruption in the state of pennsylvania and the city. >> first assistant kathleen martin will serve out of the rest of williams' term that ends in january. president trump's travel ban is in partial effect. the new rules bar people from syria, sudan, yemen somali and libya can only come if they have a bona fide relationship with a close relative, school or
6:37 am
business here. there's a court filing in hawaii challenging how the administration is defining these relationships. in fact the list is changing the white house moving fiances from not being allowed to being allowed. president trump's twitter feed overshadowed policy debates in washington, d.c. and beyond. he issued a series of explosive tweets attacking the most of morning joe program including comments about looks and intelligence. it came after they made fun of trump for posting fake time magazine covers of himself in his golf resorts. the couple wrote an opinion piece in the washington post saying trump is not well even the republicans call the rant damaging to their agenda. >> what we're trying to do is improve the tone and civility of
6:38 am
the debate. >> the white house said the president has been subjected to outrageous personal attacks on morning joe. the tv hosts were supposed to be on vacation, but appearing on their broadcast right now to further respond to the president. >> when i stepped outside, david there was a nice breeze, but you say you won't be feeling that later. >> reporter: the heat will rise, it will feel humid especially down south. the more oppressive humidity is tomorrow along with an increased chance of thunderstorms. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we're dry to start out on friday morning. as we look outside, we have sky6 live hd lovely picture of the benjamin franklin parkway a little bit of a breeze that tam talked about is evidenced by some of the flags on the parkway. 70 degrees, the dewpoint is over the 60-degree flesh hold threshhold for what we consider humid air. the winds 12 miles per hour.
6:39 am
as we look at satellite, most of the cloud cover supplanted to the north. there's a line of showers and thunderstorms on the other side of pittsburgh that will have a tendency to fall a part as they head toward philadelphia itself. the northern suburbs could pick up a shower or thunderstorm later today and this evening. 77 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 81 by 10:00 a.m. 86 by noon. we'll spend several hours in the low 90s. at 3:00 p.m. we'll expect the high to ring in at 92. a little bit on the humid side. high temperatures in the low 90s from allentown to the i-95 corridor and down the shore looks like low 80s. a nice beach day overall, accept we have a rip current risk along the jersey shore. it's a good idea to swim near the the lifeguard, but especially today with the rip currents risk. later this afternoon, 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., we're on the look out of a shower or thunderstorm
6:40 am
along the lehigh valley/reading corridor into lancaster, as well. that's the best chance of a thunderstorm today and then you see it's gone later tonight. we wind up on saturday morning with the potential of other showers, maybe a thunderstorm. the big line looks to be in the afternoon between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. as it comes down between the northern suburbs into philadelphia. some of these storms could be strong and gusty, they are gone by saturday evening. in the poconos, 79 with thunderstorms likely. 80 on sunday, 78 on monday, less action. down the shore we're going for a chance of thunderstorms on saturday, 79 during the day, nice beach days sunday and monday. slight chance of a thunderstorm. philadelphia, today's high, 92. hot animal humid on saturday -- and hot andy humid on saturday. sunday, 90 degrees on monday. monday, 90 degrees the high, a
6:41 am
thunderstorm possible. 4th of july 88. slight chance of a stray thunderstorm. not a large chance looks like a lot of our fireworks are okay. you want to keep your eyes on the forecast on tuesday. >> thank you, david. 6:41 a.m., new safety fears about fancy fidget spinners. now the popular toy has been found to camp fires. hoop dreams this man is dreaming to join a pro basketball team enthough he is 61 careers old. >> reporter: look at the traffic, it happened at the blue route southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. the problem we had debris, they clear out the debris, delays remain. we're jammed from the turnpike to the past♪
6:42 am
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>> 6:44 a.m., everyone, friday morning, live on sky6 live hd, you see june struggling in its last throes as july struggles on to the calendar. >> i didn't realize june and july had it out for each other. >> reporter: apparently they do. i like them both. you may not like the traffic we have nasty accidents out there. it's odd, because the road conditions are clear and dry. the accident involving a vehicle driving into the woods and flipped over. a vehicle ran off the road and flipped over on 422 westbound at
6:45 am
saint gabe's curve watch for this in audubon, montgomery county. oaks other -- or royersford you're dealing with the accident. it tricky coming around the curve, as they pull the vehicle out of the woods they may have to block a lane 422 westbound watch for that heading toward king of prussia you're dealing with one of the accidents involving an overturned vehicle. another one 0 on i-95 southbound the ramp to 4 20e knob partially blocked an accident -- northbound, partially bloblgd -- blocked with an accident flipped over. best of your knowledge ton bristol bridge a open scheduled there. an object on the road 55 northbound in deptford toward 42 that's an area that gets congested anyway. dealing with that this morning.
6:46 am
69 degrees in quakertown and pottstown. 71 in center city. glassboro, 72. dover, delaware, we've been heating things up. monday, tuesday, wednesday we were in the low 80s. today high hot and humid 92. >> new video on "action news," a deer took up residence in the college dorm. the deer smashed into the window in wisconsin. the deer jumped on the couch and roamed around a bit and ran off. this was the second deer to take a crash course at concordia recently. fancy spinning toys are becoming choking hazard. a family in alabama said their fidget spinner burst into flames after being putting on the charger. the boy threw it in the sink. this had a bluetooth speaker in
6:47 am
it so you can play music. it had been charging for less than 45 minutes when it caught fire. with the nba summer league around the corner, a las vegas man is training to find a spot with the team, though calvin roberts is a grandfather. he was drafted in the 4th round of the nba draft. he played ball in europe, but failed to make a regular season roster. living in vague he claimed he has found fount of youth. he is weight training and sent letters to the nba team and ready to face the best and youngest talent out there.
6:48 am
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6:50 am
>> time to see what's coming up on "g.m.a." >> robin roberts joins us, so much going on in washington, we like to talk about the issues, but it's extremely difficult when you see a tweet like we saw yesterday morning. >> reporter: that's well put, matt, everybody wants to stay on message, but it's difficult when things like this happen. president trump drawing outrage when tweeting about the hosts of morning joe.
6:51 am
he attempts to keep his plans for healthcare on track. george will sit down with kellyanne conway live this morning and well have the latest from washington. venus williams being blamed for a car accident that led to the death of a 78-year-old man. we have an exclusive interview with the victim's family attorney as the investigation gets underway. 4th of july weekend kicking off a record number of people expected to travel of we have a record number of people in the studio out in time square joining us, we have everything you need to know before hitting the road and sky this holiday weekend. matt an tam have a glorious safe holiday weekend. >> robin you look like a vision in that yellow getting everybody's weekend to have a sunny start. >> girl you wait until you see my skirt.
6:52 am
>> [laughter] we'll see you in a minute, robin. >> reporter: that made my day. let's look outside and take a look at the blue route. this is jammed past mid county. the problem is we have debris on the roadway. it was backing everybody up, they cleared it. we're still jammed approaching the turnpike to past the schuylkill expressway that's what it looks like this morning on the blue route. patco running on a holiday schedule and a couple of issues here, regional rail delays on chestnut hill west line because of manpower issues. >> reporter: the main clouds north and west. we're keeping our eyes on a line of showers coming toward allentown and the poconos and berks county. 71 in wilmington. everybody in the low 70s outside of the shore where you're in the upper 60s. we'll be in the mid 80s by
6:53 am
noon, 92 is the high at 3:00 p.m., still 90 at 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. tam. >> thank you, david. septa is reminds ridesser a fair in-- riders a fare increase goes in effect tomorrow. cash fares increase from 2.25 to 2.50 and weekly trans pass fares $24 to 25.50. it will fund everyday
6:54 am
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6:56 am
>> top story on "action news," authorities say an 18-year-old girl was shot and killed during an act of road rage in chester county. the altercation happened along route 100 in west goshen wednesday evening. the hunt is on fore the driver of the red pickup truck. the kind of accidents we have today you would think we had icy roads. they are flipping over, 422 a car flipped over and jammed there. a car drove into a tree here, dave. >> reporter: there was no ice out there, of course. 92 degrees today hot and humid, cool drinks all around partliy
6:57 am
skies. in terms of chance of a rain, saturday is the big ticket day or thunderstorms straight through the 4th of july, spotty stuff. >> we heavy you have a great weekend and start to the 4th. for karen, matt, david, i'm tam. have a good one.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. firing back, brand-new response from the cable tv host targeting president trump's vicious twitter attack as republicans blast the president's tweets. >> obviously i don't see that as an appropriate comment. >> the white house not backing down as the gop's push to repeal and replace obamacare stalls. now the president's counselor kellyanne conway here live. holiday travel alert. a record number of americans hitting the roads and sky for the fourth of july. the best time to drive and how to beat those airport lines of what could be the busiest flight day of the year. as severe storms move east and those wildfires spark a state of emergency out west. abc news exclusive. venus williams now blamed in a car crash that led to a death. what she's saying about the accident.


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