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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 30, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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county and there is a desperate search for the suspect. >> fidget spinners are all the rain but one mom has a warning after her son's caught on fire while charging. and the summer arrived and it's a hot and humid one and we may see pop-up showers. but first we follow the deadly road rage case in chester county. this afternoon the manhunt is on for the man that shot bianca roberson in the head while they tried to merge in the same lane. and john rawlins is live now with more information. the details so gruesome john. >> reporter: hello, finding a particular red pickup truck is not an easy task. they talked to witnesses during the 5:30 rush hour period along route 100 and searching the the area for additional video to improve the odds of finding the
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right red pickup truck in the meantime at the victim's high school grief counselors were present and a few classmates did stop by this morning. >> student who's went to school with bianca roberson trying to make sense of the senseless crime. >> one thing to be from road rage, but reports of her being shot hit home for me it made it like 10 times worse. >> what person is like okay, i'll just shoot this person and it's fine i'll drive away. >> roberson was pronounced dead when her car went off the road and struck a tree just before the merge with 202 and west goshen and reports of road rage and a red pickup truck left the scene. and an autopsy found nothing accidental about the death she
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was shot in the head while driving. >> the man in the red pickup truck pulled out a gun and shot her in the head. >> she was going to college to study criminal justice and work for the fbi. her family searching for the red pickup truck a man, blond and medium build, 30 to 40. >> turn yourself in making it worse for yourself and worse for this young lady's family. >> they are pulling out all stops to find the truck a gmc or chevy product. that is the believe at this point in time. and there is a 5,000 there's crime stoppers reward associated with this crime. live in west goshen, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> hoping it can get them some information thank you. a woman is recovering this
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afternoon from a gunshot wound to the face, grazed by a bullet at 2:00 this morning on the 5900 block of old york road in philadelphia. the woman was taken to the hospital in stable condition and no further details on who shot her or why. a kent county delaware is behind bars accused of sexually assaulting a minor. he was arrested yesterday morning. police found him in a vehicle with his alleged victim. an investigation revealed that the two were at the days inn on north dupont highway and charged with two counts of rape. a driver was injured if the fiery crash overnight and the driver smashed into the back of a trash truck and his car burst into flames. this is the scene on north delaware avenue on north marlboro street in the fishtown section. and the driver was trapped before fire crews could pull him out. he was taken to the hospital
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with multiple injuries. one person was injured when a house collapsed on the 400 block of queen village overnight. you see the damage to the home and a neighboring home was evacuated address a precaution, lni is called to the scene. we are in for a hot season humid holiday weekend and even a chance we could see pop-up thunderstorms tomorrow. here is a live look outside for you. taking a look at folks finding their spots on the beach there. great idea. the sun is shining and the water sure looks good. here is melissa magee with the forecast. >> i am right behind you, because at the beach is where you find some relief from the heat and humidity. we'll show you the numbers now at the coast down in cape may. 74 degrees. and beach haven 72 and inland it is heating up 85 in philadelphia and down in dover 87 and 88 for allentown and reading and lancaster. dew point numbers are making a
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difference today. it's really stuffy outside. dew point range from 65 to 70 degrees, so we have got the humidity overhead and sicking and as we press into the rest of our holiday weekend. here is satellite 6 along with action radar it's partly sunny and dry right now but off to the north and west there are showers moving across north central portions of pennsylvania state and some clips our northwest suburbs tonight and early this evening. but for the 4th of july holiday weekend we have you covered for what to expect. temperatures nearing 90 degrees and moderately humid and we are tracking for the most part a partly sunny skies and spotty showers and storms are likely as we head into the holiday weekend and the frontal boundary moves in tomorrow and that will fire off some activity as we get into tomorrow and into our northwest suburbs. we'll take a closer look at that if you are sat the city, shore or poconos. we have you covered. details with the exclusive
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accuweather seven-day forecast. >> take us with you for real time traffic fuse and radar and more on your phone or tablet any time. the 6 abc app is a free download for mobile devices. ocean city police are looking for teens that broke into an amusement park and caused damage. these are surveillance images from the play land amusement park and you can clearly see their faces and one teen is carrying a fire extinguisher and police say they trespassed on monday and wednesday. they are asking if anyone who recognizes them to give them a call. philadelphia police need your help to find this man. he stole a woman's pocketbook and the 66-year-old got into an accident on belmont avenue. while the victim was sorting out the details, this man pushed her to the ground and took off on his bike. who to come on "action news" at 12:30, tennis super star, venus williams is being sued after a
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man died when their cars collided. and there really are good people in the world, the dress
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within the las t hour president trump will start to reduce the deficit by renegotiating a trade deal with south korea. following his meeting at the white house with the south korean president. before their talks moon laid a wreath at the korean war memorial monument near the washington mall and was accompanied by vice president, mike pence who served in the army during the korean war the second ocean during moon's visit that he paid visit to american veterans of that conflict. iraqi military officials say they are closing in on the largest city still occupied by isis. they have advanced into the
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heart of mosul for a historic mosque dating back to the 12th century and the u.n. warns thousands of women and children are trapped in the pocket of isis control. >> there are many families hundreds still there -- >> isis still controls roughly one square mile of that city. same-sex marriage is legal in germany. the prime minister voted against it but allowed the passage by allowing them to vote according to their conscious. they were allowed civil unions but not all rights. tennis star venus williams is blamed for a car crash that led to the death of a 78-year-old man and we learned that the victim's family file
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aid lawsuit. >> reporter: the police do not believe that williams acted recklessly but someone died as a result of the accident and they must now thoroughly investigate what happened. police in palm beach gardens stress it was an accident but still fault venus williams who killed the man and injured his wife linda. >> she is devastated be this is the man she loved and was married for 35 years, the family file aid lawsuit. the accident happened on june 9 and just days after the seven time grand slam champion was eliminated from the french open. according to the police report williams had a green light when traffic forced her to stop in the middle of an intersection, williams light turned red with her suv still in the middle of that intersection and when she
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was able to drive forward she stepped in the way of an on coming car. linda barson the driver of that car said the light was green and williams says she never saw the other car coming. williams was going 5 miles per hour and is at fault for violating the right of way even though as of this morning she is not ticketed or charged. >> unlikely she would be determined criminally responsible for the death of the man. >> williams tells abc news and says she had a green light and calls it an unfortunate accident and extends her condolesances to the family that lost a loved one. fidget spinners are everywhere but are they a fire hazard. a family says their fidget spinner burst into flames after being put on the charger. she heard her son screaming he just plugged into the fidget
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spinner, you can listen to music. and it was only charging for 45 minutes when it caught fire. >> we were 5 to 10 minutes from leaving the house for the day. before this happened. so it was nothing but god that held us back i was actually running late that morning. >> consumer product safety commission is looking into the family's claims. a run away wedding dress is found all thanks to the power of social media, jennifer and her fiance steve had the big day all set. jennifer was driving to her home in new york for the ceremony carrying her custom-made hand painted wedding dress in her mini cooper and flew out of the car without the bribe noticing and quickly posting and even strangers got to work. >> one of her friends was driving to work and seeing a
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wedding dress hanging at the end of a driveway on a fence. and said oh my gosh i just saw it on facebook. >> somebody lost a wedding dress. someone did find her dress and they overnighted to the bride just in time for the wedding day this is when we really love facebook. still ahead a check of the accuweather forecast for the holiday weekend. stepping live outside sky 6 hd showing you a look at the sprinkler in full effect in dillworth park. those people have the right idea cooling it off
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the holiday weekend is finally here ain word number of people are expected to hit the highways and aaa predicts 44 million people will travel. >> millions of americans are hitting the highways for the
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holiday weekend. >> but before you can reach the beach have you to face a whole lot of traffic. >> it is kind of a nightmare to get out of the city. >> prepare yourself. >> what can you do to avoid the jams. >> leave early in the morning. >> waze gives predictions for the weekend. according to their analysis of last year's data. between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on friday is the worst time to leave. the best day is monday good we see that traffic that day decreases by over 90% and if you can get on the road that day it will be a lot easier. >> waze telling us the cities with the highest expected traffic surges including saginaw, michigan and salisbury, maryland and gulfport, mississippi among others respect we see bad predictions for all over the country in key metros
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like boston, chicago and l.a. >> and what about the fireworks they could lead to more road congestion. last year three times the traffic following 4th of july fire works. >> good news for those of you driving, prices at the pump are dropping, philadelphia we pay $2.46 and south jersey 2.17 and delaware 2 .15. the lowest prices have been for the 4th of july in 12 years. you don't have to wait until july 4th to see fireworks there are several planned for this weekend watch the fireworks tonight and tomorrow at the great plaza in penn's landing. free concerts starting at 8:00. the fireworks are expected to start at 9:30. a full list of independence day fireworks shows in our area at >> hopefully the weather holds up and the humidity is creeping up too.
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>> you can feel it outside. >> the hair gave me the memo. it's a humid weekend here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar you see it's dry and no issues with precipitation right now, but as we get into the afternoon and early evening hours there could be spotty activity north and wet of the i-95 corridor. we'll show you the picture outside sky 6 hd a beautiful shot of the center city skyline a partly sunny skies and looks are deceiving those and it is warm and it is very humid. at this hour. right now in philadelphia we are coming in at 85 degrees and dew point numbers in the upper 60s right now in the city. any time numbers are above 60 degrees you feel and notice the difference in the air mass today. a south-southwestly wind at 10 miles per hour. that pressure is 30.02, holding steady and ocean temperature at 62. if you are at the coast today a moderate risk for rip currents, numbers north and west of town
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are in the 80s. holding at 80 in slatington and new holland 88 degrees and 95 in coatesville and malvern 85 degrees and warminster in the middle 80s. down in new jersey 85 in glassboro and cinnaminson. but cooler at the coast margate 73 and cape may 74 degrees and dover in the upper 80s. here is satellite 6 along with action radar partly sunny and dry and showers and storms out to the south and west and those stay away. and what we are tracking later on today is activity moving across upstate new york and portions in the new york and pennsylvania border and some works its way eastward tonight and clips the suburbs. today partly sunny and hot and humid as well. high in philadelphia maxing out at 92 degrees with the southwest lindh wind at 12 to 25 miles per hour. overnight cloudy and humid and dropping down to 74 with the southwesterly wind and the likelihood of stray and spotty
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showers and storms north and west of philadelphia. but the chance of thunderstorms over the holiday weekend, just a small chance today north and west but peaks on saturday a 70% chance of finding unsettled weather across the region. sunday mostly dry and for the actual told holiday we are looking to be dry as well. the storm prediction center put us in a marginal risk of severe weather, to the north and west. that is likely for a good portion of our viewing area and the biggest concern is damaging winds and brief and heavy downpours come tomorrow evening. here is future tracker 65:00 today showers and storms mainly confined to our northwest suburbs to the poconos and allentown and reading, as we get into tomorrow morning a mostly cloudy start and showers to the northern and west as the frontal boundaries continue to lift northward and that front swi sws
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through saturday night into sunday. and the biggest concern is brief and heavy downpours as the frontal boundary moves on threw. it won't wipe away the heat. the accuweather forecast showing you it's hot and sticky and high of 92 and 90 for a high on sunday and mostly dry in at 91 as we get into monday hot with a shower or storm and high temperature of 90 degrees and for tuesday the actual holiday, 4th of july we are mostly dry and a high temperature of 88 degrees and 88 on wednesday and next thursday, high temperature of 85 degrees, above average this weekend. >> thank you. jay-z's long awaited album dropd this morning and everyone is talking about itment it's called, 444 a confessional and he appears admit he cheated on his wife beyonce and apologizes. this is his first album since
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2013 and available exclusively through the streaming title. she hinted on her lemonade album last year that jz was ununfaithful. kylie and kendall are apologizing for marketing vintage t-shirts that feature their images over famous musicians. including tupac and notorious big. and sales are halted and sharon osborn says the girls should stick with what they know
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with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett. one final check of the accuweather forecast this holiday weekend coming up with
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meteorologist, melissa magee. >> it's hot and humid outside now. partly sunny and hot and sticky and high temperature in philadelphia 92 and 91 in allentown. we'll stay in the lower 90s north and west at the coast in cape may. that is where you find relief at the boardwalk and a slight chance of finding a shower or thunderstorm later this afternoon we'll increase the chance later in the evening with showers and storms, all in all hot and sticky relief ais the the coast today. a minnesota musician minimally completed his dream tree house. two stories as big as a standard two car garage, he needed inspiration for the tree house in his backyard provides a place to really branch out. >> this is fun where i come out to get ideas be work on new tricks and watch scary movies, it has the magic club feel i
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loved as a kid. >> he took the man cave to a whole new level. he says he is pretty much an adult child but his tree house is pretty amazing. >> coming up at 4:00, a load the 4th of july freebie friday with cool treats. we have it all. and preparing for the worst case scenario. one local university is teaching them skills to save their lives in an emergency. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy, melissa magee, sara bloomquist and the entire "action news" team i'm alicia vitarelli have a great holiday weekend.
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