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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 2, 2017 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, doubling down. donald trump defending his social media habit as modern day presidential. and overnight taking aim at a favorite target. >> the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house. but i'm president, and they're not. >> plus, how he's lashing out at states refusing to comply with his voter fraud panel. severe holiday weekend weather. tornado warnings, roads washed out. flash floods submerging cars. high winds flipping planes. are your barbecue plans cooked? road rage killing, a major break in the case this morning. police confiscating this red truck in pennsylvania. does it belong to the suspect who shot and killed a recent high school graduate?
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♪ this is and, yes, that is a runaway elephant, all 8,400 pounds of her on the loose in a wisconsin neighborhood. >> we might be the only state in the nation that we've been joking has a dumbo alert. >> how she managed to pull off this great escape. more on the dumbo alert coming up, but i do want to say good morning to everybody and good morning to cecilia vega. >> hey, guys. >> our senior white house correspondent in for paula this morning. >> happy holiday weekend. >> great having you here. >> thank you. >> the president is making news this morning. >> is that unusual? >> no. >> overnight at an event honoring veterans president trump returning to what seems to be one of his very favorite pastimes attacking the, quote, fake media. >> he's also been hitting twitter pretty hard this weekend in part to defend his use of twitter. some say it's not presidential but trump says it is modern day presidential.
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>> and apparently this modern day presidency includes another round of attacks on msnbc anchors, president trump calling host mika brzezinski dumb as a rock and joe scarborough crazy joe. >> all this as we head into a week when the president will meet with the russian president vladimir putin, an event that is sure to get a lot of attention coming as it does in the middle of several investigations into russian meddling in the presidential election. >> our martha raddatz is standing by with all the analysis this morning but let's kick things off with abc's gloria riviera who is in bedminster, new jersey, where the trump family is spending holiday weekend. gloria, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia, good morning, dan. that's right. the president taking a break here in new jersey but taking no time off from twitter. he went back to washington last night, that quick trip, by the way, costing taxpayers $180,000 an hour. but the president believing it was worth it to be with veterans and also taking the opportunity to continue that derogatory diatribe against the press.
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this morning president trump is back at his new jersey golf club after making a two-hour trip back to washington the night before to honor veterans ahead of independence day. [ chanting "usa, usa" ] >> reporter: but at that event the president switching gears. >> the fake media is trying to silence us. but we will not let them because the people know the truth. >> reporter: publicly lashing out at the media amid backlash to his attacks on msnbc co-hosts mika brzezinski and joe scarborough. in a recent tweet the president calling them crazy joe and dumb as a rock mika. >> the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house, but i'm president, and they're not. >> reporter: his latest act as president defining his own social media habit tweeting it's not presidential, it's modern day presidential. also on the president's radar
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voter fraud. his push for states to turn over data including voters' social security numbers and party affiliation met with resistance. with at least 13 states flat out rejecting the request and more than two dozen refusing to fully comply. the president taking to twitter yet again saying numerous states are refusing to give information to the very distinguished voter fraud panel. what are they trying to hide? spend their recess struggling to find common ground. >> i'm sitting there with a rubik's cube trying to figure out how to twist the dials to get to 50 to replace this with something better. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell there. now, he says he hopes that republicans can still repeal and replace obamacare simultaneously and he said he hopes he can maybe even get a democrat or two on board. now, there is work to be done
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and there are two calls that have been added to the president's schedule today. those are calls with the leaders of japan and china. those come in advance of that meeting this week between president trump and vladimir putin. that as the fbi investigation into russia goes on. dan, cecilia. >> so much going on, gloria, thank you. >> it's going to be a big week. >> let's bring in abc news chief global affairs correspondent, horr martha raddatz, who is in in washington where she's going to be hosting "this week" later this morning. martha, good morning to you. >> good morning to you both. >> so let's start with the news overnight, the president taking more shots at the media. in your view is there a smart strategy here in that it fires up his base? >> well, i think he's certainly trying to appeal to his base. we talked to a lot of ohio voters this week, and i have to say not a single one said, yay, let's keep doing those tweets. some people weren't really paying attention. others were saying, look, it's really juvenile, and these were part of donald trump's base, most of the people i talked to were trump voters, and they really didn't like this sort of level of tweeting.
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but he clearly thinks it works and as he said he's president. i'm not, you guys aren't. >> martha, he's been tweeting a lot about health care, the president's promise to repeal and replace obamacare has stalled. the opposition over this plan right now not just in congress. you spoke with one republican governor who has some pretty big concerns. >> john kasich, absolutely. he is very concerned about this. he talks a lot about, you know, is this a negotiating strategy? what are they trying to do on the hill? but he is very, very concerned. he is especially concerned. you know, he certainly thinks obamacare has some problems, but that they have to work it out. he said, you just can't get rid of this because you can't leave people without what they need, and believe me, a lot of people in ohio, they've got that terrible, terrible opioid addiction problem, need that help. >> many states are dealing with that opioid adiction epidemic. martha, let me ask you about the meeting this week, president trump is set to meet with the russian president vladimir putin.
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what are the stakes here given all these ongoing investigations into alleged russian meddling in the campaign and also the fact that a lot of people are asking questions about why president trump who has had tough things to say about many of our allies has never really said many tough things at all about putin? >> exactly the point, dan. and i think that's what everybody will be watching. what does donald trump say to in a way please his domestic audience, those of us who have been really watching and wondering why he doesn't have harsher words about vladimir putin and whether or not he will bring up that election hacking, of course, very important for what happened in the past and even more important for what russia might do in the future. >> we will all be watching. okay, martha, thanks. a reminder that martha has a big show coming up this morning. she's got that exclusive interview with ohio governor john kasich responding to president trump's tweets and of course that battle over health care reform. that is all coming up in not too long right here on abc on
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"this week." >> we'll be watching. but we want to move on to a major break in the apparent road rage killing of this teenage girl. >> police confiscating this red truck in their search for the gunman who killed a recent high school grad in pennsylvania and ron is here with this breaking story. hey, ron. >> hey there, cecilia. well, police say they've been flooded with more than a thousand tips, and now this morning, that new development in the case, the vehicle that police believe the gunman was driving when he allegedly shot bianca roberson found, which could mean authorities are a step closer to the suspect himself. overnight police locating and towing away the truck they say belongs to this man suspected of killing a teenage girl in an act of road rage. >> turn yourself in now. every second you are out there you are only making this worse for yourself. >> reporter: this new development just hours after police released this video of the vehicle. their search now intensifying for the suspect they say fatally shot 18-year-old bianca roberson days before her college orientation. >> we all were proud of her
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because we knew she would be something and do something with her life. >> reporter: this picture shows roberson's car and the suspect's red pickup jockeying for position as they merged in traffic. tensions escalating. the man in the truck shooting roberson, her car crashing. the red pickup speeding away. >> he made choices at each step of that process and each step of the process he made the wrong choice. >> reporter: roberson's father rodney holding on to the memory of his daughter, wearing her necklace. >> i'm never going to take it off. it's my daughter. >> reporter: as friends and family paid their respects at a vigil for roberson, police say they are optimistic they will find the man who killed her. and no word yet on whether that suspect has been found or even identified. investigators scheduled a news conference for later this morning where they're expected to reveal new details about that case and the hunt for the alleged killer. cecilia and dan. >> now that they have the vehicle, it can't be long before they catch him. >> you would hope so, yeah. >> ron, thank you.
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we're learning a lot more about the doctor who went on a shooting spree inside a hospital here in new york city. >> we're also learning about the fellow doctor he killed who wasn't even supposed to be working the shift that day. abc's stephanie ramos joins us from bronx-lebanon hospital with more. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: cecilia and dan, good morning. some terrifying moments for staff, patients and visitors during that deadly shooting here. those survivors this morning still shaken. in the aftermath of that deadly bronx hospital shooting we're learning more about the woman who lost her life. >> i have multiple people shot at this location. perp is armed with a rifle. multiple victims shot. >> reporter: police say 32-year-old dr. tracy tam shot and killed on the 17th floor by gunman henry bello wasn't even supposed to be there. she was covering another shift. >> she was very sweet and for this tragedy to happen to her was very sad. >> 16th floor they have people running. advising six or seven shots fired. >> reporter: according to police, bello was searching for a specific staffer after
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being told the doctor wasn't there he opened fire. that intended target now speaking out. 48-year-old dr. cameron ahmed telling "the new york daily news" he had idea why the shooter wanted him dead. i'm shocked. he had a problem with almost everybody. this amid new details from inside those terrifying moments. >> we ran up to 17 and we too actually pulled patients out, literally over dead bodies and blood and gore all over. >> reporter: one survivor coming face-to-face with the shooter, sending this text to her daughter, in case i don't make it out, i love you. >> i heard the pop. ran back into my friend's room. we all took cover. >> reporter: hospital officials helping patients and their families hide from bello's rampage. >> and those nurses took whoever they could and they put them in bathrooms with them. they huddled together and
8:12 am
they held. they barricaded the door. >> reporter: like new father eric fisher surviving the ordeal huddling in this bathroom with his wife, mother-in-law and newborn baby boy. >> i felt to myself what is going on today that, you know, you're in a hospital. this should be a safe place. >> reporter: so glad that family is okay. you know, this is one of the biggest hospitals here in new york, and they took a chance on bello who went to medical school in the caribbean but the hospital says worked here under a limited state issued permit. and we now know bello wanted professional success but was marked by several arrests, sexual allegations and financial troubles. dan, cecilia. >> a lot of questions about the vetting process this morning. thank you very much. a lot of other news this morning, and let's get it back over to ron for that. good morning again. >> hey, good morning to you, dan. cecilia, great to have you here. i guess you don't have enough to do covering the white house. right? >> i miss you guys. it's a holiday weekend. >> moonlighting job for her.
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anyway, good morning, everyone. we're going to begin with breaking news overnight from syria where a series of explosions have rocked the capital city of damascus. at least eight people have been killed and a dozen more reported injured from car bombs. one of the atackers blowing himself up after being surrounded by police. syrian government tv reporting that the attackers planned to bomb a crowded area on the first workday following the holy month of ramadan. and we have breaking news from here in the u.s. police in birmingham, alabama, arresting two people in connection with that nightclub shooting in little rock, arkansas, that wounded 28 people on saturday. the suspect's 25-year-old rapper ricky hampton known as finesse two times and another man taken into custody and held without bail. investigators saying that the shooting may have been gang related and little rock officials have shut down that nightclub. a vigil held for the victims, all of them are expected to survive. in california, the body of a 5-year-old boy missing since april has been found near a lake in santa barbara, county. the boy's father aramazd
8:14 am
andressian sr. was arrested in las vegas last week suspected in the child's murder. he has since been extradited to los angeles. and in oklahoma city the search is on for a couple accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry in what's being called a bait and switch. surveillance cameras catching them during one of the alleged heists. you can see the woman there trying on a ring then her partner goes to leave. she runs after him. that's when police say she switches the ring with a fake one which she gives back. in australia a stunning upset. 11 time world champion boxer manny pacquiao defeated by a former schoolteacher, jeff horn, who won a unanimous decision over pacquiao to capture the welterweight title. the fight had been billed as the battle of brisbane because it was in brisbane. 51,000 people turning out. pacquiao had previously won his last 17 consecutive professional fights. and finally just in time for
8:15 am
the fourth of july, some rescuers in the nation's capital saving an american symbol. teens from the humane's rescue alliance swooping in to help this bald eagle who was injured. they say he couldn't fly and was having trouble breathing. this morning the bald eagle is recovering at a veterinary hospital, and we hear the prognosis is good. maybe his hair will grow back too. >> back to that pacquiao fight, lot of people believe that manny was robbed because jeff horn who is considered an underdog was head butting him and they were thinking this was not a clean fight. so it's very, very controversy, this decision. >> maybe he thought it was an mma fight. >> a lot of people talking about this fight. >> do you think there will be a rematch? >> pacquiao has talked about having a rematch. but horn has challenged floyd mayweather already. >> look at you with the boxing knowledge. >> wow. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. how do you know all this? >> exactly. >> i'm just -- pacquiao is a very, very popular boxer. he has a lot of fans so this is big stuff. >> the astros beat the yankees last night. >> well, that's good. >> that's not good. that's not good. >> i guess for somebody who is not a yankees fan.
8:16 am
>> that's the extent of my knowledge. >> rob is going to save us in a much sunnier scene in central park than it was yesterday. it took me hours to get here because of this rain, rob. >> loosen your tie, bro. >> sorry about that. rookie move, vega. rookie move. take the train. i'm a little weary. i stayed up late to watch the end of that yankee game. bankert, come on. i love your boxing knowledge. of course, you know that the only heavyweight champion that went undefeated, rocky marciano, that's right. >> his grandfather. all right guys it's a beautiful day in the park, finally drier air moving in, this timeful year everything moves slower including the weather systems. for the second consecutive day yesterday, severe storms slammed parts of the east. damaging storms pummeling the northeast this holiday weekend. watch as this rare water spout spins across a lake in maine.
8:17 am
across new england seven tornado warnings. storms taking down trees and knocking over telephone poles. dark clouds unleashing in new york city with sudden showers. in upstate new york, flash flooding striking highways and submerging cars, this woman's yard completely under water. in pennsylvania, thunderstorms with strong winds over 60 miles per hour causing this plearch to flip over -- plane to flip over. firefighters douse it for safety. summer hail storm bury nora muchanic in -- new mexico in a river of ice and water. water spout in maine averages one july tornado per career. per year, they got it yesterday. most damaging winds reports from the northeast through the south. today we have a slight chance of
8:18 am
severe thunderstorms across the midwest, but generally speaking the northeast we're drying out, not much cooler, but the front is past the area it will drift across around washington, d.c., so parts from washington, d.c. south will see unsettled weather through the holiday week, the rest of it at least. freedom township, pennsylvania, 82 degrees, liberty, michigan near 90. independence, minnesota, missouri and other places, too, 81 degrees chance for thunderstorms there. american manor arkansas, 94. eagle points oregon, 96 degrees. here's the local forecast. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. we're dry here, let's get you outside, beautiful shot, sun glistening down, humidity levels are high, is of now they are dropping during the course of
8:19 am
the day. 90 degrees feeling better later on. monday, sunny, hot, less humid, 92. tuesday on the 4th looking for sunshine, maybe a spotty thunderstorm, otherwise less humid, 89 degrees. on this holiday weekend but the park is jamming. folks enjoying this nice weather. but i am coming back inside. we'll do a little bit more boxing history the next half hour. >> don't come in with that aggressive attitude, okay. >> calm down, rob. >> thank you, robert. ron says loosen your tie before you get back in here. we'll see you in a moment. >> we do turn now though from this is a horrible pun but from pacquiao to pachyderm. >> yay. >> when you live in the midwest far from the savannah, you don't expect to see an elephant in your backyard. >> and that's exactly what happened in wisconsin where one elephant got loose and started roaming the neighborhood. adrienne is here to explain to
8:20 am
us exactly how an 8,400-pound elephant manages to escape? >> with premeditation. >> yes, she knew exactly what she was doing. neighbors in baraboo, wisconsin, who were up early witnessed an elephant just casually walking down their street around 5:00 a.m. local police putting out an apb on the four-ton runaway. >> here come the elephants. >> reporter: that's miss kelly, the elephant. >> the world's only flying elephant. >> reporter: and while she may not have the ears to take to the skies -- >> look, hot diggity. he's flying. >> reporter: -- the 8400-pound pachyderm is showing the residents of this wisconsin neighborhood she has a trick or two up her trunk. >> did you guys believe me that there was an elephant in the front yard or did you think i was kidding? >> kidding. >> kidding. >> reporter: on friday miss kelly pulling a showstopping act of her own. >> all units responding should do so without lights or sirens as it may spook the animal. >> we might be the only state in the nation that we've been joking has a dumbo alert. >> reporter: according to circus
8:21 am
world, miss kelly with the help of her sister spent the night loosening some of the nuts and bolts to her enclosure before heading out on an early morning stroll. tired of working for peanuts perhaps, miss kelly took a few bites out of a neighbor's garden. >> it was going to bloom pretty soon just like this other one is and it took it all off. >> reporter: but when it came time to come here, the not so little lady was all ears. >> it's another day here in baraboo. >> well, staff at circus world are saying these animals have about 40,000 muscles in their trunk which explains how the enclosure was opened. they're very smart, curious animals and say they will make sure more protocols are in place now that they know how mischievous miss kelly can be. that's not our only elephant story. we have elephants on parade today. check this out in china. little yang niu enjoying a slide down a muddy hill decided to go head first down the hill. very sweet. loves to play soccer and slip and slide. >> we really should just play that over and over and
8:22 am
not show any other stories for the rest of the show. >> well done. thank you. appreciate it. coming up on "gma," a police chief injured in a fireworks show speaking out for the first time. his warning to stay safe as we get ready to celebrate the fourth. cash in on the holiday sales. the patriotic deals you won't want to miss all coming up on "gma." >> and more elephants. >> yes. >> lots. >> more food. >> repeatedly. "good morning america" is brought to you by pronamel toothpaste. protect your enamel against the effects of everyday acids. effects of everyday acids. ds and what they can do to your teeth. thinning of the teeth and leading to being extremely yellow would probably gross me out! my dentist recommended pronamel. it can help protect enamel from acid erosion. my mouth feels really fresh and clean and i stuck with it. i really like it. it gives me a lot of confidence. pronamel is all about your enamel. helping to protect your enamel.
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>> we have breaking news of the road rage murder of a teenager in west goshen township chester county. only "action news" was there when police towed the red pickup truck the suspect was driving when he gunned down bianca roberson. police have a 10:00 a.m. news
8:28 am
conference today, "action news" will be there taking the live here and let's go over to chris sowers for the latest from accuweather for the 4th of july weekend. >> reporter: looking good, but it's still a little humid, and increase in sunshine. humidity levels drop off later on. 90 degrees today. tomorrow, less humid, 92 maybe a thunderstorm. i'm nydia han stay tuned for more "good morning america." . because i am cured with harvoni. . harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks.
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and welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. happening right now, modern day presidential. that is how president trump is now describing his twitter habit and as part of that, he is not letting up on his attacks on the, quote, fake media. he is also back to bashing msnbc's mika brzezinski calling her dumb as a rock and co-host joe scarborough crazy joe. all this as we head into the week when the president has his first face-to-face meeting since taking office with vladimir putin. >> a lot of people are going to be watching that one. also happening right now, massive cleanup. crews working to contain some 40,000 gallons of crude oil that spilled after a freight train derailment outside of chicago. 20 of a total of 115 cars affected by the derailment. nobody got hurt, we're happy to say. and the state shutdown
8:31 am
just in time for the fourth of july. beaches in new jersey are closed, the result of a standoff between the governor and legislators leading to a failure to pass a budget. i'm sure a lot of beachgoers in new jersey deeply annoyed by this. >> i'm sure. definitely. but as we head into this holiday we want to turn now to an important warns about the dangers of fireworks. >> it many coulds from an unlikely victim, a police chief. abc's erielle reshef is on the set with the story. erielle, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia and dan. fourth of july weekend means food, fanfare and, of course, the fireworks, but this beloved american tradition can turn dangerous as it did for a police chief in pennsylvania. a frightening encounter with fireworks. now a warning on this holiday weekend. police chief michael diebold, an experienced fireworks company owner, recently losing a part of his arm in a mortar mishap. >> i just remember an unexpected explosion. and the next thing, i was on the ground. from there it was just trauma
8:32 am
and yelling for help. >> reporter: the 39-year-old officer still recovering at university of pittsburgh medical center. >> that's a thing that can happen to anybody no matter how safe or careful you are. it is something dangerous. >> reporter: last year another cautionary tale. retired marine patrick fleenor suffering vision loss after a faulty fuse launched shrapnel into his eye. >> four years of shooting machine guns and being in harm's way and never even came close to an injury like that. >> reporter: and new york giants defensive end jason pierre paul losing several fingers two years ago while attempting to set off a firework. >> in a split second it blew off my whole hand. >> reporter: now working to spread safety awareness. fireworks contributing to 11,000 injuries treated in emergency rooms in 2016. laws for operating them varying from state to state and by type. this video showing the hazards. so before the fireworks fun this
8:33 am
fourth, remember, never relight a dud. always have a water source nearby. and make sure used fireworks are completely extinguished. more than 30% of the fireworks-related injuries last year were in children younger than 15 years old, so officials say never let kids handle fireworks and, of course, leave the professional fireworks to the professionals. enjoy those pretty displays sitting on a nice blanket on the grass. >> watching that video makes me think just leave it all to the professionals. >> i think so but i love the fireworks, i do have to say. >> a good timely reminder for all of us. >> thank you, erielle, appreciate it. let's get the weather speaking of fireworks. we want to hear the fireworks forecast with robert who we've allowed back in the studio beefly. he is on probation. what's going on. >> what else is new, right? you'll see pop-up thunderstorms, most of the northeast will be dry.
8:34 am
if you're going to the beach today, temperatures in the waters, 67. more humidity across the southeast. cooler water temperatures out west, the beaches are spectacular, hunting ton beach 70 degrees. hot across the desert southwest, showers across texas and drier air getting into the great lakes and the northeast before the humidity returns. severe weather in the middle of the country, mostly hail and wind. there's a check nationally here's the local forecast. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. some of the dry air rob is talking about slides in here this afternoon. the humidity levels drop off. mostly sunny less humid hot.
8:35 am
my live shot, a guy on a bicycle drove by and said, hey, marciano, i love you guys on the weekends. >> ah, that's cool. >> i said, why aren't you home watching? that's how nice it is outside right now. >> what was his answer? >> that was the logical follow-up. >> thank you, robert. appreciate it. soupy southeast. i like the alliteration there. coming up on "gma," where to score fourth of july deals. i'm going to learn how to speak as the show progresses. our becky worley has done the legwork to save you some time some money. >> we'll be watching that. and what's the fourth without a hotdog. some over-the-top creations coming up in "pop news." ew. re part of what makes you, you. let's dance grandma! and you're not going to let anything keep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with nutritious calories 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals. that was the best one ever! giving you the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. and finish! from the number one doctor recommended brand...
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the fourth of july weekend is in full swing, and retailers are not only celebrating, but they're apparently discounting as well. >> this is a story i could get behind. becky worley joins us now. becky, you say the holidays are now for sales. >> that's right, cecilia. almost every holiday is now a sale holiday. if you have big purchases to make in the near future, this is good for your strategy. plan on july 4th. labor day for discounts. so this weekend and all next week really, first look for big. labor day for discounts. so this weekend and all next week really, first look for b labor day for discounts.
8:40 am
so this weekend and all next week really, first look for big storewide blanket discounts, one example calvin klein has an extra 50% off sitewide and store wide. another big one, ralph lauren, big sale, and an extra 30% off your purchase. everybody loves those blanket discounts at the end of the purchase. >> what about items you usually tell us to avoid buying in season? >> you know, that's usually good advice, but, you know, you kind of don't get the summer items on sale in the summer when you need them the most but sometimes like july 4th is an opportunity where some might crop up. kmart has 40% off of swimwear, 50% off of patio furniture. lowe's has barbecue stuff on sale and think about outdoor items. i'm looking forward, i'm planning a fish trip with my kids. dick's sporting goods has a few entry-level fishing poles, basically half off, 30 bucks for two and they have another deal, this one is critical, life vests, buy one, get one free. that purchase doesn't just save money. >> i wouldn't have pegged becky as a fisherwoman. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, i would have. so you're telling me the barbecue i bought last
8:41 am
weekend i should have waited to buy till this weekend. >> buyer's remorse. >> you're also calling out a couple pretty cool deal force vets and benefit veterans. >> i love both of these. macy's has teamed up with veterans organization called got your six like got your back that helps vets find jobs. so if you donate just 3 bucks in store or online, macy's will give you a 25% off coupon. that deal is active now. walgreens has a different tact. all veterans and active military and their families get 20% off most inventory. this is in store only. but a great opportunity at a drugstore to save on the basics. >> that is really cool. great idea. thanks, becky. have a great holiday. >> yeah. >> happy fourth. >> catch a lot of fish. >> woo! >> still surprised. anyway, coming up on "gma," getting personal. our exclusive sit-down with mary j. blige. the superstar revealing how she's using music to heal herself from a painful divorce. at we're not so different.
8:42 am
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8:45 am
♪ the way i walk the way i talk my swagga ♪ swagger there. mary j. blige one of the headliners at the essence festival called party with a purpose. an important part of the culture in beautiful new orleans. >> she is so amazing. four days of music empowerment and community right there in the big easy. and abc's mara schiavocampo was there for it all and you got an exclusive backstage time with the superstar. hey, mara. >> reporter: hey, guys. good morning. we absolutely did. you know, this is definitely a party with a purpose, like you said. the event now in its 23rd year drawing 500,000 people here to new orleans and this year a lot of them were here to see the one and only mary j.
8:46 am
blige, who after selling almost 50 million albums in her career is still connecting with fans just by keeping it real and leaving it all on the stage. ♪ at essence festival's first ever ladies night, she's the queen. mary j. blige headlining the night's all female lineup. but this night mary's draw isn't only her music, but her message. ♪ you got to love yourself >> reporter: how are you doing right now? >> i'm good. i don't like all of this that's going on. >> reporter: by all of this she means a bitter split from her husband of 13 years and former manager kendu isaacs amid reports of infidelity. isaacs allegedly seeking almost $130,000 a month in spousal support. in an exclusive backstage interview with abc news, blige sharing that her music is her therapy. >> i don't think i was given this career, this job or whatever it is that god has
8:47 am
blessed me with just to go through all these trials and suffer in them by myself. and i just think that this gift was given to let somebody out there know you're not alone. i'm suffering too. i'm going through it too. i have problems too. i'm not trying to be perfect. i'm just living my life. >> reporter: these days that means a new devotion to wellness, a clean diet, no gluten, no dairy, low sugar and training up to five times a week. and performing around the country marking 25 years since her debut with her 13th album. the title of your new album is "strength of a woman." where are you drawing your strength from right now? >> god, prayer. i know for a fact that god is not going to let me go because i've been through hell in the last ten years. only you and god know what's really going on with you and that's real. and it's an alone place but it's not a lonely place. >> reporter: not a lonely place,
8:48 am
indeed. now, i asked blige what she's working on now. as for what's next she said she's working on a movie also being shot here in new orleans. she would like to do a lot more acting and one of the other things i asked her is what she would tell her younger self after everything she's been schoof through. she says she wouldn't tell her younger self anything because at the time she was too stubborn to listen and she's done a lot of maturing. >> shows some real self-knowledge she understands she was stubborn in her youth. she is an incredible talent. mara, thank you very much. >> reporter: thanks so much, guys. leaves it all on the stage. >> sure does. coming up on "gma," we got a lot more to get to, why you might want to keep your vacation photos to yourself. ahead on "pop news." >> i disagree on that. >> me too. >> just want to say that early. want to say that early. whoooo.
8:49 am
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getting sharp here. >> i just called dibs. >> cecilia is like calling dibs on the ice cream. specifically which one. >> no one touches that. >> okay. >> you want the one with the speculoos. >> let's see how it goes. it's all you. >> yes. we'll get to the ice cream in a second but it's fourth of july so we're celebrating getting this party started early. america sure knows how to party. take a look at july 4th by the numbers. wallethub saying as cecilia dips into the ice cream, 65% of us will be attending a picnic and ice cream will hopefully be there spending $7 billion on food eating 150 million hot dogs over 27.5% of american also buy patriotic merchandise. also the number one beer drinking holiday estimated spending on beer topping $1 billion. >> i'm sure rob and ron approve of that. >> all taste testing now. let's just talk about it, right? looking up your hot dog game we have inspiration for you and have hot dogs for the crew here. take a look at dogs across the country, at pnc park, there is
8:54 am
the cracker jack mac dog with jalapenos balancing out the sweet caramel corn. specialty at dat dog in new orleans is the crawfish -- >> dat dog. >> i love it. >> there is a peanut butter, jelly and bacon dog with caramelized on yons on it. >> hard pass on that. >> we don't hear what you're talking about. >> they're on a sugar high. >> i forgive you for not wearing -- i thought we all were supposed to wear our red, white and blue suits again this year. >> you wear it well. >> i think you look the best in it. >> honestly you know you're patriotic when this is the best fitting suit in your closet. polyester and off the rack. >> you look amazing. i have my flag, so -- flag fan. if you're heading on vacation this week, be sure to take plenty of photos. here's a tip, don't be in a huge rush to share those. a new study by the travel insurer aviva found 73% of those asked feel it's obnoxious when people inundate their social media with photos. >> what's the point then? >> i think it's about bragging. >> people feel like you're bragging. >> an awkward selfie.
8:55 am
>> leave #blessed out of it and just show me what your kids -- >> not everybody is as zen of you. i get very jealous. i see these pictures and they infuriate me. that beech looks beautiful. >> 20% admit they do it to show off. 10% are trying to make others jealous. 25% post within an hour of arriving at their destination. the number one shot they share, the view from the balcony which i think is nice. i'm not trying to show off. i'm just telling you, hey, what's up? life is good. >> sharing the view. >> sharing the view. besides it being a holiday weekend -- >> delete rob from your followers. block him. >> i know. >> he's got great stories. >> he's going to be hating on you. >> well, while you guys are enjoying all the ice cream, we want to remind people it's national ice cream month so brought in a sweet treat called baby's ice cream in new york which everybody clearly is enjoying. they make their creations from scratch. we've got new summer flavors, key lime pie and also thai ice cream, macha green tea,
8:56 am
speculoos with a yummy chocolate cookie swirl. of course, we all love ice cream. 87% of us have some ice cream in the freezer right now. >> thanks, adrienne. have a great day, everybody. see you tomorrow morning. >> oh. >> i'm in in an along with alicia vitarelli. coming up next on "action news" sunday morning. we're following breaking news for you, the truck believed to be involved in a deadly hit-and-run in west goshen township happened recovered. we'll continue to follow the developing story throughout the morning. >> we're expecting a news conference at 10:00 a.m., we're following the government shut down in new jersey. chris sowers will have the
8:57 am
latest in accuweather for the 4th of july forecast, right, chris? >> reporter: that's right, nydia, get out and make your plans, the nicest day of the weekend is today. we have thunderstorm chance coming up, one of them on the 4th. [ indistinct chatter ]
8:58 am
[ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. but i know it won't be easy. how will i keep up with everyday expenses: rent, food, bus tickets? >> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at
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>> emily: start saving to live independently today.
9:00 am
9:00 a.m., sunday, july 2. we're following breaking news out of chester county. police believe they have the pickup truck used in the road rage incident that killed an 18-year-old girl. the president doubling down on his war with the media as he defends his use of social media. >> the 4th of july festivities continue this weekend, a look at how people are celebrating, plus the fun ways you can participate. first let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers for the latest in weather. the best of the weekend is today. >> reporter: especially tomorrow, once the humidity leaves drop off, lots of sunshine. 80 degrees. 77 in allentown. dover, 81. millville, atlantic city you're the warm spots both locations, 72. beach haven, 78. you can see the


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