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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  July 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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i'm walter perez. beaches and parks remained close in new jersey, governor christie uses a state chopper to ferry
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back and forth to the shore. president trump's tweet some say encourages violence against reporters. the big story on "action news" developing news a man accused of killing a teenager during a fit of road rage has been arrested. 28-year-old david desper from trainer, delaware county. he sure reshedded early this morning -- surrendered early this morning and he is behind bars. >> reporter: he is 28-year-old david desper of trainer. detectives say he is the man who shot and killed bianca roberson last wednesday night. it was road rage. >> as bianca roberson was merging down from two lanes to one, there was a man florida red pickup truck merging down. they jockeyed for possession, he wasn't happy -- position, he wasn't happen so so he pulled out a gun and shot bianca
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roberson in the head. >> reporter: district attorney made the announcement at the west goshen pd. we know after bianca roberson was shot her car drifted off the road. hogan said desper was tracked down through great police work. >> they went out and found witnesses they told him red pickup truck, a white man, a sound like a gunshot. police pulled up video from route 100 and 202. this morning he turned himself in with his attorney. "action news" was the only station there as his red pickup truck was brought in. the expert said the bullet matched with bianca roberson's. it was a 40 caliber smith and we wesson semi automatic handgun was located in the defendant's
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bedroom. >> this is a story of a savage and senseless murder. bianca roberson 18 years old gunned down because somebody didn't want to give way. somebody didn't want her to merge into a lane of traffic. >> reporter: i have the police report in my hand, desper faces first degree murder. he has no bail. bob brooks channel 6 "action news." >> meanwhile, we're learning about david desper and getting reaction to his arrest from the victim's family. annie mccormick is live at the suspect's home in trainer with that portion of the story. >> reporter: walter after desper turned himself into his attorney's office in media, the investigators descend on two locations including his home here in delaware county. news of david desper's arrest ripple through the delaware county neighborhood. >> it's surprising things like this happen. >> reporter: early this morning,
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police searched his trainer home in the 1200 block of anderson avenue recovering a 40 caliber smith and wesson semi automatic handgun and ammunition, the same that killed bee bow. early this -- bianca roberson. early this morning, the police recovered his red silverado pickup. during the press conference, the family in attendance reacted to the news of desper's capture. bianca roberson's brother said it's a mixed feeling know that his baby sister's killer was caught. >> i was excited and happy and feeling down that's the truck that was alongside my sister, the last moments of her life. >> of course, desper remains in
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custody, now his preliminary hearing is set for july 13. reporting live in trainer, abbey anne channel 6 "action news." walter, back to you. >> thank you, annie. for more about the crime that received national attention head to or download the 6abc app for the latest on the arrest and how the young victim's family is remembering her life. moving on to the accuweather forecast, today was nothing short of picture perfect a day complete with blue skies and low humidity. sky6 live hd over cape may as we wrap up a phenomenal beach day. it's time to look forward to the week ahead including the 4th of july. melissa magee is here with the check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: hi, walter, we had a nice recovery today after the showers and thunderstorms we were tracking yesterday across the delaware and lehigh valleys. it was hot today in philadelphia, 91 degrees, 89 in the city. 86 in allentown. 75 in the poconos.
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at the coast in cape may, 77. beach haven 78. upper 80s in dover. here's the difference today dewpoint numbers, the level of moisture in the atmosphere they are on the high side, but not oppressive. yesterday we had the dewpoints in the lower 70s. not today. we have dewpoint in upper 60s in philadelphia and reading, nothing like yesterday across the region. satellite and radar showing we are dry and quiet we have a couple of spotty showers earlier today they are starting to pull off to the north and east, we are dry for the rest of the night. in fact if you're stepping out on the town, mostly clear, 86 degrees at 7:00 p.m. 84 at 8:00 p.m. mostly clear skies at 9:00 p.m. temperature 82, the lower 80s at 10:00 p.m. warm evening tonight at 11:00 p.m., 79. the holiday weekend continues for some on monday, at the shore the city or the poconos at the
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coast tomorrow, 84, mostly sunny, 92 hot in the city. up in the poconos a pleasant day high temperature 75. we'll take a close look at the forecast and the 4th of july call with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. walter. >> thank you melissa. today was a day of protest against and support of president trump it comes as the president posted a bizarre new tweet which appears to advocate violence against a media outlet. it shows the president punching and attacking a man whose head was replaced with the cnn logo. christie ileto is live with the details about the details and the video. >> reporter: it has several people divided with the protests across the city of philadelphia for and against president trump president trump showing how polarized people really are.
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20 seconds in low resurrection resurrection -- low resolution president trump pummeled this man yesterday. it's the latest in a twitter tirade against the media and his critics. last week the press team said this about his passionate post. >> the president has no promoted or encouraged violence, quite the contrary. >> reporter: this is a man who at all times of the night tweets ridiculous messages. >> reporter: for some this went too far. anti-trump marchers parked market street against the president. >> when he threatens healthcare what do we do? >> reporter: their rally cry covered issues including healthcare, travel bans and his tweets. >> we need to speaking out and making noise. >> why do you disagree with
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him? >> i can't take any more. arnlg. >> reporter: a smaller group held a counter protest in old city. >> we're not a hateful group that people make us out to be. >> i think the power of talking and freedom of expression is the most important thing we have. >> reporter: it is that unorthodox way that has trump supporters and critics punting. in philadelphia there was one citation and three arrests and one was a an assault on protesters, one was an attack an officer. christie ileto channel 6 "action news." >> meanwhile, governor chris christie is putting responsibility on the saint government shut down on the shoulders of assembly speaker,
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vincent creato. christy said he is ready to sign the budget now. >> you can't be sitting in the assembly with 27 votes up on the board in an assembly that you control i don't know what the speaker has to say about that. it is his house. >> with that said the speaker said there's not enough support for the sticking points in the budgets which is a measure to take surplus funds from horizon blue cross blue shield to pay for drug treatment programs. meanwhile, the governor is calling for a joint session tomorrow. he is using a state helicopter to fly for a beach house and otherwise closed state parks during the shutdown. utility worker loses his life checking out a gas leak in lancaster county. the home explodes. an amazing video captured by a drone above a beach in
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florida as a fisherman reels in a hammer head shark. phillies put one in the win column. ducis rogers has sports.
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a utility work was killed when the home exploded in lancaster county. just afternoon a neighbor walking by the home in manner township smelled gas and called the local utility company. crews showed up to investigate and that's when it blew up. one person was killed and three others injured. you can see the area where the home used to come. no word on what ignited the explosion. heavy rains put a huge damper on 4th of july festivities in new hampshire. severe flooding washed out areas forcing campers to seek higher
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ground. many left behind their gear and vehicles to get to safety. so what is the best way to celebrate our country's 241st birthday? the best way is to begin with a birthday cake. the visitors at the museum of the american resolution, in addition to the cake and cupcakes, visitors relived american history by signing a giant copy of the declaration of independence before touring the rest of the museum. a litter of ten week old puppies arrived to find loving homes in the delaware valley organized by pilots and paws. the puppy's mom gave birth in the shelter in south carolina. while some are fostered
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>> time for a check of sports ducis rogers in for jeff, the phillies won. i repeat, the phillies won. >> reporter: it is a rare occasion the phils put up a 4 spot in the 7 inning. mikhail franco opens up with a 2-run double. andrew knapp is aggressive on the base, he is going home. he is safe. 4-0 phillies that's hustle right there. lavetta gets help from the defense. he bubbles it, but he makes the grab. he doubles of a first base,
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sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. phillies bang out a dozen hits in the afternoon, they avoid the sweep they win 7-1. the dead of summer and we're talking basketball. that's a good thing these days, the circumstances are deerg up -- sixers are gearing up for summer league play in utah. they had a last workout before hopping on the plain. they have a simple goal for the next few weeks. >> for the team it's compete. let's go out and represent the brands and the logo and the city of philadelphia. understand what philly basketball is, what we're trying to do build a brand of exciting basketball build and compete. if we get that, they will enjoy through two or three week experience. >> reporter: tomorrow will mark the first time we see markell fultz in action.
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all eyes on the new at some point guard, is that added pressure, but of course he said that will not bother him. >> i feel like i'm having fun, i'm just learning, i don't feel any pressure right now, like i said i set my own goals, i don't worry about what other people have for me. me and my team goals. >> we'll discuss the sixers tonight on sports sunday at 11:45 p.m. is. power lori is staying put, it's a three year reported with $100 million. he is coming off a career best 22.2 points per game scoring average. flyers used free agency to score goalies. mason had a habit of calling out his teammates. >> in the end, i think the
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change is the number one reason and i think it will probably be good for me, and you know for us, i think brian being available certainly played into it. else a good team guy, there's a lot of things when you look at goalies you look for and brian checked a lot of boxes off. >> let's take it union and revolution in chester approaching the 4th minute no score. that's a bullet. the 9th goal of season. that's the match's only score, union up 1-nill we're entering second half play. that's it in sports. >> up in "action news" a fisherman in florida reels in a big one a drone was overhead as he brings in a hammer head shark. i no longer live with
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check this out, drone video captures the moments a fisherman at the beach in panama city, florida reeled in a hammerhead shark. the shark was coming close to swimmers. the fisherman was not just a bye standards taking matters into his own hands. he is part of the oceanic administration to catch and tag sharks. time for the forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. it was perfect today.
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>> reporter: we had the heat, minus the humidity. >> my hair thank you. >> reporter: let's show you the picture outside, the action cam was outside earlier today looking at penns landing. we have the ferris wheel, a lot of people out and joining their holiday -- and enjoying their holiday weekend. sky6 live hd looking at the ben franklin bridge. we have puffy cumulus clouds overhead. it is dry and comfortable. the heat is sticking around. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar showing it's dry right now, we're not tracking any severe showers and storms like yesterday across the region. we'll go in tighter so you can look at what's going on. you can see a spotty shower south and west of baltimore. it's all about the numbers today. right now in philadelphia we're coming in at 89 after a high today in the city of 91. 91 there in atlantic city at the airport, but as you get closer to the coast in beach haven,
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78 degrees. cape may, 76. north and west, 86 and 88 degrees in reading. the dewpoint that's the big story today that's the difference yesterday we had dewpoint numbers in the 70s, it was oppressive across the region. right now we have a dewpoint temperature of 64 in the city. a touch on the humid side, but nothing unbearable like yesterday across the region. satellite and radar showing we've got a partly sunny sky. it is dry and quiet no issues with any precipitation we're tracking for the rest of the night. for the next 12 hours it's mostly clear, not as sticky and humid always last night. we'll drop down to 65 in the suburbs and 72 for the overnight low for the west/northwesterly wind. fast forward to monday, perhaps you're enjoying the long holiday weekend. an afternoon thunderstorm tomorrow. 80s at the coast.
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board boardwalk, 82. 92 inland in philadelphia, 92 in dover and reading. future tracker 6, 8:00 a.m., clear and dry and sunny. no issues with precipitation. a touch in the way of humidity tomorrow that could ignite a shower or thunderstorm. for the majority of the day we're going to stay dry maybe something popping up later tomorrow evening. all in all a good looking day, albeit on the hot side partly sunny monday, at the shore, 84. tuesday, sunny and nice, high temperature, 78 degrees. up north if your destination takes you to the poconos, 79 monday and 75 degrees on tuesday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast showing it's hot with plenty of sun tomorrow. 92 for the high, warm an tuesday, for the 4th of july maybe a stray shower or thunderstorm. most spots stay dry, once we get into tuesday night high of 89. wednesday warm, less humid, 88. cloudy and unsettled on
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thursday, showers and thunderstorms, high temperature, 88. upper 80s enfriday, upper 80s on saturday, high temperature, on sunday, 84 degrees. >> this reminder you can take us with you this holiday weekend. get real time traffic views and storm tracker 6 live radar anytime on your phone and tablet. we'll be right back. abc's "world news" sunday is next on channel 6. don't miss "action news" at 10:00 p.m. on phl, and we're back here at 11:00 p.m. now for melissa magee, jeff skeverski, sarah bloomquist and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we'll see you back here at 11:00 p.m.
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tonight, the outlandish video sent out by the president, showing him knocking down and punching a man who's a stand-in for cnn. is it comedy or a threat to the media? and is settling scores taking over president trump's agenda? breaking news. engine on fire. the frightening scene on the runway. passengers rushed off the plane. flames shooting from the engine. trapped. the deadly home explosion and the scene of destruction. the blast happening as workers were trying to repair a gas leak. breaking news in that road rage killing. a suspect turns himself in. police say they found the weapon he used to shoot that 18-year-old girl. assault on isis. our team on the front line in the battle for mosul. iraqi and u.s. forces about to finish the job, as families are caught in the crossfire.


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