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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 5, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, president trump is heading off to europe where he'll meet with america's allies and have a high stakes face-to-face meeting with russia's vladimir putin. we have a preview live from washington. new this morning, more missiles flying from the korean peninsula. these were part of the u.s. and south korean response to north korea's firing of an icbm. it's being addressed today at the u.n. a bizarre attack caught on camera. a driver plowed his car into an apartment building. a man is pulled to safety by colleagues as floodwaters rage around him. his rescue in the nick of time.
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good wednesday morning to you all, i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm nick watt in for kendis gibson. we begin with president trump just hours away from embarking on his second foreign trip and the biggest diplomatic test of his presidency. >> the president is stopping in poland before he'll head to germany for the g20 summit and a sit-down with russian president vladimir putin. abc's emily rau has a preview from washington. emily, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, diane and nick. for months speculation has grown about president trump's relationship with vladimir putin and when the two world leaders sit down together expected on friday, they will address some of the most pressing global issues of our time. after a fourth of july celebration at the white house. >> our country is doing really, really well. >> reporter: president trump now heads to poland on the way to germany for the g20 summit and all eyes are on the friday sit-down with russian president vladimir putin. >> i think donald trump is in sort of a precarious position because one of the only friends
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he has is vladimir putin in the international community when he meets over in europe. >> reporter: but after praising putin in the past -- >> i think putin has been a strong leader for russia. if putin likes donald trump i consider that an as sed not a liability. >> reporter: will the president press him on russia's hacking of the u.s. election. >> you would think he would have no choice but all the reporting and things we've heard he is not going to bring it up. >> reporter: the white house won't say either way. last week downplaying the meeting altogether calling it a normal bilateral discussion. russia, not so much. instead billing it as a full-fledged seated meeting releases an agenda ranging from the war on terror to sanctions imposed by obama for medding in the election. the russian hacking is definitely the elephant in the room. another big item how to deal with north korea. nick and diane. >> a lot of topics to deal with.
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emily, thanks. the united nations will take up the issue of north korea's latest missile launch in an emergency meeting this afternoon. and this new video just in shows that launch, the north's first of an intercontinental ballistic missile. the missile blasted 1700 miles into the sky before landing in the sea of japan. but analysts say if it had been fired on a straighter trajectory it could have easily reached alaska or even farther east. secretary of state rex tillerson is calling it a new escalation of the threat to the united state states. a response was firing missiles in south korean waters in a defiant show of force and solidarity. meantime, north korean leader kim jong-un appeared to be delighted with the international uproar calling it a gift to america on its independence day. kim proposed today that he will keep sending washington more gift packages of missiles and
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atomic tests and he is vowing to never abandon nuclear weapons. a bipartisan delegation of senators visiting u.s. troops in afghanistan is calling on president trump to come up with a coherent strategy to combat the taliban. the group led by john mccain addressed the country's growing military and political problems as america's longest war drags on now in its 16th year. lindsey graham stressed the need for more troops. >> i think more american forces with nato forces with more aggressive rules of engagement, the utilization of american air power will turn a stalemate into success. >> the senators are urging the president to fill vacant state department positions including naming a permanent ambassador to afghanistan. meanwhile, iraq's prime minister is crediting both government forces and brave civilians for what he's calling the big victory over isis in mosul. with the u.s. backed iraqi forces on the edge of finally
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retaking the city from isis, militants are still mounting a fierce fight in mosul's old city neighborhood. just days ago iraqi forces achieved a major symbolic win by reclaiming mosul's landmark al nuri mosque in that and chents quarter. and isis militants are putting up a fierce fight in neighboring syria one day after u.s.-backed syrian opposition forces breached the 1300-year-old city wall in raqqah. isis forces have been digging in even booby trapping portions of the old wall to hang on to their de facto capital. an extreme heat wave and 30 large wildfires burning there in 14 states. nearly a quarter of a million acres consumed overnight. a brush fire is threatening homes in the section of los angeles. one of several fires burning in california. two of the biggest fires in the west are in northern nevada, one of those doubled in size just
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yesterday afternoon. now for a look at your weather. good morning, fire hazards in the west still a big priority and kern. silver dollar fire, brian head, schaefer fire and truckee fire. afternoon and evening breezes combined with near record heat from wednesday going into saturday, the fire threat rises and abnormally hot conditions in idaho. 100-degree temperatures there and one teens in the southwest. i'm paul williams with your accuweather forecast. and the fireworks show at hershey park ended early last night. >> that's because there was a brush fire in a nearby field once the local airport. that fire was quickly brought under control and there were no injuries. luckily no mishaps at the
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biggest fireworks show in the country here in new york city. an average of 2400 shells a minute were launched from barges in the east river. >> washington's show on flat mall was presented against the inspiring backdrop of national monuments. there was also a live concert before the fireworks. >> there were two professional fireworks shows in los angeles and many amateur ones. the pros were at work also in disneyland. coming up a congressman's controversial trip to a former nazi death camp. also the fiery scene at a florida apartment building. what police are saying about the driver's motive. new attempts to silence infamous pharmaceutical executive martin shkreli during his ongoing fraud trial. attorneys are squaring off over his recent comments. ok, let's try this.
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>> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> a florida man is dead after police say he rammed his propane tank filled car into his ex-girlfriend's apartment building. the impact set off an explosion. 18 people were inside the ft. pierce building at the time including five children. they were a little shaken but all made it out safely. >> we heard like a boom. we thought it was the trash because it's trash day and all of a sudden we heard another boom. so i looked out the window and saw the car and it was on fire. >> the impact so so hard it shook my television while i was watching it. my tv shook, my couch shook. >> police say the driver rammed the building on purpose. they say he had a history of domestic violence issues with his ex his. the jury in the philando castile is receiving support
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after jeronimo yanez was acquitted last month in castile's killing. the aftermath of the shooting was streamed live and the verdict was widely criticized. but the judge says in the letter the verdict was supported by a fair interpretation of the law and the evidence. and prosecutors are looking to silence martin shkreli as he continues to engage the media and the general public. >> shkreli gained notoriety by hiking the price of a life-saving drug 5,000% but he's now on trial for defrauding investors in his hedge fund and lawyers on both sides want him to stop talking. abc's linsey davis has more. >> reporter: one day after prosecutors asked for a gag order infamously outspoken martin shkreli appeared on his youtube live stream. late month prosecutors filed a motion to silence him saying he embarked on a campaign of disruption by surprising reporters in an overflow room in court during his trial for charges on securities fraud
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calling the prosecution junior varsity saying his attorney brought down the house against them. the prosecution is also asking the court to ban shkreli from social media. his attorney objected to that order but outside court friday told cnbc shkreli should stick to his right to remain silent. >> i would appreciate it if he did not talk to the press. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. dozens of people have been killed by the devastating flooding in southern china. >> but co-workers saved a man trapped in a garage as it filled with water. they tried to use a fire hose as a rope but it was too short. finally one of the rescuers went out on the ledge to lengthen the hose and the man was saved. >> incredible video. when we come back a wild scene on a highway in pennsylvania and things didn't go too well for this truck. and the fate of a four-legged forager caught on camera inside this home. enamel is the white,
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new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently. take a look at some incredible video from outside philadelphia. an 18-wheeler flipping on its side after swerving on the highway. good samaritans driving behind the rig got out of their cars to help the truck's driver. he survived. investigators think fatigue may have played a part. and drivers this morning will need to stay alert for the flooding in the ohio valley and some of the east. roads may be wet along the east coast, around the great lakes and in the rockies. and if you're flying airpora u.s. congressman's inappropriate video. louisiana republican clay higgins narrated the clip inside a gas chamber at what was once poland's auschwitz birkenau
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death camps. a response read, everyone as a right to personal reflections however inside a former gas chamber there should be mournful silence. it's not a stage. higgins has not publicly commented on the criticism to the video. and the police officer who nearly died during the alleged terror attack at the airport in flint, michigan, is praising those who helped him. >> lieutenant jeff neville is still recovering after being stabbed in the necklace month. he says thanks to people who were there, he had the chance to survive. >> don't forget the maintenance worker that was with me, richard crewel, because that guy is a hero. i wear a uniform and vest and gun. he doesn't wear that stuff and he still pulled that guy off me so i could turn around and do my little part. >> despite being stabbed he fought the suspect until more help arrived. that suspect is due back in court today. investigators say he shouted an
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arabic phrase before the attack. a michigan homeowner's pest control efforts worked a little too well. he set off a smoke bomb in his detached garage to get rid of a wasp's nest but ignited fireworks that were stored in that garage and the structure caught fire. the wasps are now gone but so is the garage. >> small problem. and a frightening scene captured on camera. a 375-pound bear rummaging through a home in colorado springs. the bear broke in through a first floor window and roamed the house for five hours. even opening the refrigerator. wildfire officials believe it's the same bear that was spotted in a garage last week. the bear eventually left. but wildfire officers had to euthanize him because he posed a threat to the community. all right, time for sports now. >> there are plenty of fourth of july baseball highlights now from espn. >> john buccigross, lisa kerney. you were probably in bed last night when clayton kershaw was
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flighting with a no-no. >> the dodgers have 22 no-noes in franchise history. working on another tuesday. two outs, kershaw facing paul goldschmidt. >> got him swinging. >> marte, no-hitter through five, now six, kershaw strikes out fuentes, then chris owings, infield, kershaw, can't cover first in time. he's like, dude, what are you doing, breaks up the no-no there. owings with the hit and kershaw finishes with 11 ks and dodgers get the win. andrew benintendi. nike napoli to left. look at andrew benintendi sail through the air. the youngster just 22 years old, what a catch. grew up in southwest ohio. cincinnati area. went to arkansas to play his college baseball and after the great web gem there's a home
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run. and then top of eighth another home run. 5 for 5, two homers, six rbis and a web gem. first place red sox win 11-4. >> you know who else is smiling from a wonderful tuesday? gordon hayward. finally picked the celtics four years, $128 million. have a wonderful wednesday, everybody. >> one more sports item for you. a serious controversy at the tour de france. >> all because of this incident near the end of yesterday's stage rider peter sagan seems to elbow another sprinter mark cavendish to crash. he suffered a broken shoulder out of the shoulder. the other rider was disqualified by race organizer who said he endangered his legs. the ejection was appealed. >> tough video to watch. up next in "the pulse," a world famous product is turning 80 years old today. we hope you're hungry. speaking of hungry as we
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and even moisturizes for sofia vergara hair ♪ time for "the pulse" starting with the super bowl of competitive eating. >> joey "jaws" chestnut who trains for the nathan's hot dog eating contest like he's a marathon runner lived up to his billing as the event's favorite. he ate 72 dogs plus buns in 10 minutes beating his own world record. >> yeah, joey. this was his tenth title, by the way, among the women miki sudo won for the fourth straight year
4:23 am
and ate 41 hot dogs and buns. next up, spam, the world's favorite canned meet product was introduced 80 years ago today. >> since then spam's distribution has grown to 44 country, more than 8 billion cans have been sold. the maker of spam hormel foods says nearly 13 cans of spam products are eaten every second and not just by joey chestnut. >> no, my personal favorite way of cooking, sliced, deep fried battered. >> that's a thing. >> yeah, it is for me. >> all right. also massively popular in hawaii where hormel says 7 million cans are eaten every year. happy birthday, spam. pork in the can with an apparent indefinite shelf life. the taste apparently is affected by age but it's still safe. >> all right. and we all know the classic rock band queen and their most recognizable anthem, "bohemian rhapsody"
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♪ scaramouche >> they rocked out to it. >> last weekend a slighter bigger crowd did the same in london. watch and listen. ♪ mama, just killed a man put a gun against his head ♪ >> those are tens of thousands of fans singing along in london's hyde park before green day hit the stage. what does it say when your concert is highlighted by a b d bands thband that's not even there. >> just listen. lilly.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. hope you had a great fourth. it is now wednesday, july 5th. we have several breaking news stories to share with you this morning. gunfire in delaware county injures three people including a driver who smashed into other cars. we have exclusive surveillance video and a live report. more violence in philadelphia. police find a shooting victim lying between two parked cars on the street. a brush fire breaks out at hershey park forcing crews to cut short the fireworks show. we have the latest from the accuweather traffic and much more, it's all coming up next on "action news." >> ♪ mid-atlantic regions. and independence day was very special for a louisiana man who fought in world war ii. >> leon menville jr. or bubby as
4:28 am
his friends call him turned 100 yesterday. he served in a tank battalion that helped general patton move through europe. he received the bronze star and a purple heart. he said he never thought he'd live to be 50 yet alone double that age. happy birthday. independence is three types the fun for an indiana family. they celebrated three birthdays separated by more than 70 years. >> here's reporter melissa madejo. >> got to keep the grill moving. >> reporter: barbecue, baseball and fireworks. >> here you go. >> reporter: it's the fourth of july. but for this indy family it's more than america's birthday. >> july 4th, 1999. >> july 4th, 1956. >> july 4th, 1923. long ago. >> reporter: three generations celebrating their day. it started with their
4:29 am
grandfather, 93-year-old herman, then his daughter julie. >> he was actually past his due date. i remember thinking on july 3rd, oh, no, i hope he's not born today because tomorrow would be really cool. >> reporter: indeed, it was. but now her son jake has a lot to live up to. >> if my son can just manage to have a child on the fourth of july, then we might tie it. >> we'll see what happens. ♪ happy birthday dear herman -- ♪ happy birthday to you >> so many smiling faces. i still enjoy it. >> good genes in that family. >> that guy is 93? >> he's got less wrinkles than me. >> maybe he moisturizes. >> that's what's making news this morning. >> we hope everybody had a fourth of july and we hope you have a great wednesday, as well.
4:30 am
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 4:30 a.m. on this wednesday july 5th. tam is awesome jeanette reyes joins us. >> we're following breaking news for you this morning. someone shoots three people including a driver in delaware county leading to a nasty crash. >> two gunmen ambush a philadelphia man as he was waiting to head to a fireworks show. >> and crews clean up after philadelphia's independence day celebration. >> karen is off. meteorologist, david murphy is here along with matt pelman and let's. and let's get back to work people. >> i assume you enjoyed your hot d


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