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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  July 5, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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here are the stories we are following at 12:30, she made it out alive but a bensalem woman's decision to back in her home cost her her life. and a fireworks show went terribly wrong at action park. and coffee could be the thing you need to kick start your diet. and the story out of bucks county where a woman was killed in a house fire. she initially escape the the flames but went back in to save her dog. the call went out at 6:30 on june avenue, there were heavy flames and the victim is 39 years old. tabatha wattecy. fire crews tried to rescue the girl and were unable to. two other occupants were outside
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when we arrived and transported to the locational hospital. >> a firefighter suffered minor injuries and taken to the hospital. a shooting in delaware county ended with one dead and two others in the hospital. a violent crash that happened as a result of the gun fire was caught on camera. katherine scott has this story from chester. >> what started as a shooting in chester ended with a crash in eddie stone. this shows the headlights and the collision debris flies into the air at 11:30 last night. >> it looked leak armageddon. it shows the cars smashing into open either and spoke in the air. and one car was on the sidewalks five vehicles including the driver's was damaged. >> i heard boom boom boom and i said no, no, and ran outside and it was both my cars and my neighbor's car and another car
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down at the red light. >> i opened the door and the cars were every which way and smoke all over the place. i was too shaken to call 911. >> it happened at sec on brown street in chester. two people were shot and joseph latorrea was pronounced dead at the scene. he drove more than a half mile to 9th and eddiestone before crashing. >> he was not speaking and there were eight bullet holes in the side of the van. >> the passenger the guy across the street and passed out in the street. and the police officers and emergency medical services transported to victims. >> they cleaned up the debris and road is open and remains under investigation, in eddiestone, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> a 23-year-old man is shot in the east mt. airy section of
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philadelphia this afternoon. called to walnut lane after 1:00 a.m. the victim was taken into surgery in critical condition and went into surgery. they do not have a trips of the gunman. turning to the accuweather forecast we are warm and comfortable today and dry after the pop-up storms moved through last night. looking at sky 6 hd clouds over the stadium in chester and accuweather says we have rain coming tomorrow and maybe a break today and david murphy is outside with the latest. >> reporter: a couple of sprinkles and showers this afternoon but not a lot. a lot of cloud cover though and satellite shows that to you, it's welling up during the morning hours and breaks here or there. especially in the northern suburbs and most of us are dealing with clouds and sunshine and stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you the showers, crossing wilmington into the lower delaware river into salem
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county and another one in southern chester county and it doesn't look like much and additional stuff in lancaster county that doesn't make it into our area before it falls apart. 80 in philadelphia and 82 in allentown and 80 in millville and 78 in cape may. your dew points are okay across most of the region. low to mid-60s that is not too humid as you get down south in places like cape may and dover dew points in the 70s indicate much more humid air and head for the cool drink stands if you head outside for a walk on the boards. this model has 85 by 4:00 and that is about right and 79 by 8:00 and dipping down to the low 70s by midnight and holding close to that in the overnight hours, tomorrow is not quite as warm and a bigger chance of of not only cloud cover but thunderstorms holding the temperatures down. when i step inside in a little
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bit we'll look again at future tracker 6 and plot the storms as they roll through in the afternoon. >> thank you. remember you can get the latest forecast including detailed updates and stormtracker 6 live double scan radar any time on your phone or tablet. it's a free download. north korean leader, kim jong un, vows he will never put his weapons programs up for negotiation days after it successfully tested the first successful intercontinental ballistic missiles keeping them from having them is a key u.s. red line. president trump expressed frustration with china for the trade with that country and expressed optimism after the first meeting that the two would work together to curb the nuclear pursuits. president trump is going overseas for the secretary foreign trip as president first
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poland and then germany and the first face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin. >> reporter: president trump appears hopeful that the overseas trip that promises to challenge his skills on an international stage. he has the first face-to-face with president, vladimir putin. >> i would love to get along with russia, you have a lot of presidents that have taken that tact but the possible i will not get along with putin. >> i met him once. >> i have no relationship with putin, i don't think i ever met him. >> putin sent me a president. >> i have nothing to do with putin. >> anticipation for the high powered meeting is amplified. with growing tensions between
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the two super powers. the ongoing multiple investigations with the meddling with the presidential election. and something that president trump has consistently cast doubt on. >> the idea that donald trump will show up in a meeting with putin and not say something about the election would be astounding. >> and they are on opposing sides with the syrian civil war. assad is accused of using chemical weapons against his own people. the white house insists they will not go easy on putin and downplayed the meeting as a bilateralcal discussion. >> they don't know what their president will do. >> it appears unlikely that president trump will confront putin about election meddling, calling it it could be a waste of time and even a loser of a
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topic. >> another 4th of july in philadelphia is in the books and the massive effort to clean up the ben franklin parkway took all night and into the morning. as soon as the massive clouds cleared out crews moved in to take down the stage and clear fencing and take out the trash. mary j. blige was the headline singer on eakins oval and followed by grand fireworks displays over the museum of art. >> and fireworks at hershey park were cut short because crews set the launch field on fire. the hershey fire department says they placed the fire under control in 12 minutes, no injuries were reported. a claymont delaware family is asking you to help find their beloved pet tortoise that escaped a week ago, her name is sheldon and the family has had
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her for the past 25 years, the family says that sheldon has a special diet and does not know how to fend for herself. about the size of a large dinner plate and very friendly and sheldon was spotted in the claymont area and has little notches on the top of herschel and the family is offering a reward for her return. more on "action news" at 12:30, one doctor says that coffee doesn't just taste and smell good, it's good for you too. here from his new book how it gives you a jump start to weight loss. that story and more when "action news" comes right back.
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hacking paralyzed the companies and government agencies around the world but with all the technology around the world today your own home is vulnerable to hackers. >> reporter: it's the hot home
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trend of the year making your house smart. >> turn on the light in the living room. >> smart door bells, smart thermostats and a hair brush all connected to the internet ready for your commands. 21 billion devices like these expected by 2020. but can hackers out smart your smart devices, gma wants to see how vulnerable your smart home could be to hackers and we brought in the security firm. >> they are circling and time to prepare. >> we brought him to the candle home they have four smart devices and they are adding more. >> i get alerted when my garage door opens. >> can someone get into our computer or bank accounts. >> james set up the house with a wifi network and devices any family might have.
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a dvr and one of those smart coffee pots. >> sort of a back door right into your virtual information. >> into your home and your wireless network -- >> with james nearby our hackers lair in the backyard it's time to hack within one minute he is on to the network. >> we are into the dvr it was that easy. >> just like the hacker that brought down netflix. >> but that is not what he is after. >> we can use this to attack other things, devices like the dvr are a secret gold mine because they have limited security features and have personal data like your banking information. and the coffee maker from his computer he makes it work without a password. >> lets make some coffee. >> making two cups of coffee
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using grinds. >> i'm going to replace the software on this coffee machine with an evil version of the brewing software. >> and sends me inside to use the computer on the network. >> he is typing in my password. through that coffee maker he has access to my screen. >> i can see him shopping online unsuspecting and see effect you need to make a purchase online as a cyber criminal. lets see if we can activate his webcam there we go. >> i had no idea he could see me. >> prove a point here. >> that worked. >> i think i just killed his computer. >> what should you do? >> know that many devices could be vulnerable. treat it like a computer. keep it updates and secure.
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>> wow. that story was unbelievable. to other news, people have offered an outpouring of support for a puppy found abandoned in an airport bathroom in alas vegas. the former owner left a note how the owner and animal were vick tiles of domestic abuse. the dog named chewy is in rescue in las vegas, they are working hard and pretty close to finding chewy a new home. >> love is in the air if philadelphia thanks to a push to make a social impact. mayor kenney was at city hall to kick off 11 days of love stories, a work shop of events with the hopes of finding help with love and self care and the arts. sponsored by love now media. it runs through july 15th. still ahead on "action news" at noon another check of the forecast stepping live outside sky 6 hd showing you cape may
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how does this sound? coffee diet. americans are a little obsesses drinking on average more than three cups a day turns out it could help you lose weight. here is more on a doctor's new coffee diet book. >> reporter: for coffee connoisseurs, a couple of joe is no joke. a matter of fine taste. you say the coffee is the new red wine. because there are more taste elements in coffee than red wine. just a tremendous number of aro aromas. but according to dr. bob arnot who sells it on his website it's good for you too. a study between drinking coffee
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and lower mortality rates with some diseases they have not proven it's cautioning the health perks but they say it can jump weight loss and adding cups of coffee to the ambulanced diet. >> first of all it will increase the metabolism. it takes the fat out during exercise and improves the intensity you can exercise at. and some take their coffee with a grain of salt. if it makes you stressed anxious or sends your heart racing scale back or switch to decaf. >> be aware of your caffeine levels, and what you can tolerate. >> if you can tolerate it your biggest boost will be to your mood. >> you will feel great losing weight as opposed to awful. >> here's to coffee. >> cheers.
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>> that makes me so happy i love my coffee. >> hardly drink the stuff but to each his own. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us most of us are dry as we take a look at the northern and western suburbs you can see a pop-up shower and one of those drifting from areas south of wilmington across the river into salem county and one falling apart in lancaster county. and areas north of honey brook, a light shower. as we like outside. mainly cloudy skies over a spring mountain and one of those offseason viewser the ski resort. looks like they could use a grass cutting there on the hill beyond and a pretty picture it will be a while before you see snow up there again. dew point at 60 and not too humid in the region but at the shore and the delaware bay it is more humid. winds northeast at 9 ocean
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temperature 64 degrees, satellite shows you cloud cover popping up. breaks here and there. but at times socked in additional showers to the west and a little action this afternoon and most of you staying dry, 86 is the high in philadelphia and 87 in allentown and upper 80s in lancaster and wilmington as well and most shore communities holding in the upper 70s mainly try. for the phillies and pirates a few clouds around and 83 for the first pitch and 73 in the ninth inning and probably dry and check out the radar on "action news" though tonight at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 before you head to the ballpark but it looks like anything we see is few and far between. 86 by 4:00 and 84 by 6:00 and that 86 is your high today. pretty cloudy out there right now and the chance of a few breaks of sunshine into the afternoon and evening and 73 by 10:00 and clouds mixing with
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sun. high pressure forms a ring are of high pressure trapping all the hot air in the western half of the country, but when with you get a ridge like that in the west it mes a trough in the east than could make things unstable and we get low pressure systems forming that is happening on the model thursday into friday and in the morning cloudy tomorrow and then as we get into lunch time showers are possible and even more showers and perhaps a thunderstorm popping into 4:00 in the afternoon, does it stop there, not a chance it looks like spotty shower and thunderstorm activity up to 11:00 and friday morning a little bit left over as we go on the air on "action news" in the morning and of course cecily and adam at night. a slight chance of an isolated strong storm that could produce damaging winds in cape may county and southern delaware.
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86 is today's high and clouds mixing with sun away from the bay and shore and not as warm tomorrow and late afternoon shower and thunderstorm activity and 78 is the high and some could spill into saturday morning and we dry out but humid on friday with a high of 87. getting into the weekend things get better and the humidity drops behind the departing system and stay in the 80s saturday, sunday monday and tuesday. all days look low on the humidity side and no rain lots of good stuff coming our way. >> thank you. >> topping the people scene this afternoon. despite ed sheeran's widespread popularity for his music the british musician is not feeling the love on his twitter account. he quit the site saying the abuse from online trolls is too much. and lady gaga posted a picture
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saying ed deserves all the love and respect like all humans do.
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the public schools in trenton looks like it underwent a major renovation and improvements were made at other pools and trenton mayor eric jackson visited with the cio campers at cooper pool and perfect time to be open. >> no kidding today is not too bad and philadelphia looking good. lots of clouds around and sunny breaks as we go through the day. 88 in readling and a lot of upper 80s in the northern and western suburbs and a sflifrt 86 is the high in philadelphia and down the shore upper 70s and
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mostly cloudy and warm and a hopefully a shower misses you they look spotty. a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00, anger in margate as crews begin a major dredging project that will leave popular beaches shut down for weeks this summer. we are live with reaction. and speaking of the beach a sand sculpture got attention in seaside heights, the elaborate design poking fun at chris christie. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for the entire "action news" team i'm alicia vitarelli have a great day. for mom" per roll
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