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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  July 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is where president trump and other world leaders begin their meetings tomorrow. police used water cannons and pepper spray to beat back the crowds. earlier in warsaw poland trump called on russia to decease the destabilizing activities. but stopped short of accusing russia of meddling in the u.s. election. and trump will meet with vladimir putin tomorrow. and blasted the u.s. media for treating him unfairly and criticized the u.s. military. it's not the custom to denigrate the u.s. institutions while on foreign soil. david muir will have more on the world news tonight. >> expecting heavy rain and we have got it. sky 6 hd is aimed at philadelphia and you can hardly see it. we have a flash flood watch in
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philadelphia and the surrounding area, lets get the latest from cecily tynan. >> reporter: the morning showers evolved in a steadier rain this afternoon and double scan live radar showing pickets of heavy rain west of philadelphia. it's going to be a while before we can completely dry out the atmosphere. and we are seeing the potential for a lot of rain in a short period of time. the national weather service posted an insurance watch for philadelphia and all the counties surrounding i-95 until 6:00 tomorrow morning. that means the potential for localized flooding we have been seeing flash flooding this is where the warning continues for the next hour and a half in southern newcastle county, middletown townsend, delaware, these areas are seeing a tremendous amount of rain. this shows the radar estimates, how much rain middletown 3.5 and
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middletown, delaware closing in on the a half foot of rain. between route 1 and 301. this flips over with the current radar pockets of heavy rain generally south of philadelphia and you see how it's pivoting to the northwest crossing 301 and we also have pockets of heavy rain rolling across the shore heading towards millville. as far as philadelphia light rain now but we have more overnight. we'll have details when we finally clear out. philadelphia police found a 9-month-old baby last night with a hypodermic needle stuck in its leg. the baby had to be urgently treated for a drug overdose. live now is john rawlins with this story. >> reporter: hi jim, behind me is the house where the incident occurred. some elements have not been
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explained throughing the mechanics of how the child was stuck by that needle. early indications last night the 9-month-old was in bed with the child's father at the time of the incident. >> that is awful. i am shocked. >> a neighbor reacting to the news that a 9-month-old in this house was found unresponsive last night. a syringe needle stuck in the infants leg. police say that narcan was used to revive her and transported to the hospital. 35-year-old steve welsh said to be the child's father is now facing endangerment charges he was arrest the last year for dui and possession of drug paraphernalia. generations of his family lived in this home for decaded. cathy walked past the house from time to time. >> usually out on the porch. >> friendly? >> yes they are nice. they say hello. >> this afternoon there was no response from anyone inside of the home. >> we love you.
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we hope the baby is okay. >> the passenger in this passing car declined to give her name but is surprised about the allegations. >> he is a great father and great guy, i know his sister, and dad and mom and we all grew up together. >> well, welsh is charged with aggravated assault and endatherring the welfare of a child. they are all felonies and he was arraigned earlier today and has not posted the $1,000 he needs to make bail. live in manayunk, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." thank you john, we have learned tonight that bill cosby will go back on trial this fall the montgomery county district attorneys office set november 6th as the date for the start of his retrial. last month the jury deadlocked on all counts of aggravate the indecent assault resulting in a mistrial. >> a fire at a townhouse in bear, delaware caused a half million in damage, this was the scene as firefighters knocked
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down the flames on paisley street and investigators said a fire was an accident caused by discarded smoking materials on a deck. and one firefighter was taken to the hospital to be treated for burns. >> tonight an update for the discovery of a tiny casket in north philadelphia containing what appeared to be human organs but no skeletal remains. needless to say the situation prompted a lot of questions and tonight there are some answers and wendy saltzman has the latest. >> we don't know if someone is alive in there? chris james was on the scene when this child size casket was found across the street from this cemetery. police made that gruesome discovery and uncovered an infant's organs but no body. >> you beg the question where is
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the rest of this baby where is the body, just organs. no skeletal remains. >> they are releasing details, the casket was apparently driven to clear field by a seasonal funeral home and still piecing together unanswered questions. >> who put it in the car? and what was the reason for driving to philadelphia and it being dumped exactly where that was dumped. >> malaki jones says the 3 to 4-month-old infant was buried in new jersey last week but the casket broke before the funeral and the child was to be moved into another coffin, it's normal to perform autopsies on babies and remove organs. they don't believe it was suspicious and the family is understandably upset. >> i would imagine the body will
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be reunited with the organs and the body exhumed and the organs placed with the child if the district attorney's office is talking about charges for the employee or funeral home for abuse of corpse. both are cooperating with police. i'm wendy saltzman "action news." authorities have charged 12 more people as part of a massive fraud crack down in lakewood ocean county. 6 couples are charged with theft for receiving welfare benefits they were not eligible to get and they received summons today and have until tuesday to turn themselves in. 26 lakewood residents are charged since june 26th as part this have joint federal and state and county investigation in all those arrested received more than 2 million there's in medicaid, food, heating and other benefits. >> residents of a center city apartment building returned home
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after a tire forced them out last night. investigators believe that the blaze started in a second floor air conditioning unit at 13 and and walnut at 7:00 last night. the official cause remains under investigation and two apartments may have been destroyed. firefighters had to break some windows to knock down the flames. the contents of the former trump taj mahal casino in atlantic city are now up for sale. hundreds of bargain hunters turned out today hoping to score a deal at the liquidation sale. hot sellers included tvs and furniture and all contents of the 1200 guest rooms and suites and the casino floor had you go. it continues for the next two months. the city of philadelphia celebrates kevin hart day. the funny man himself is here to join in on the fun. as the sixers prepare to close
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out summer league play if utah, rookie markelle fultz shares what he learned so far. >> it was a rainy and cool day and the high in philadelphia today a measly 75 degrees 12 degrees below average and i'm tracking it's return of warm sunshine i'll let you know when in the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: hey cecily it's about the barbecue check out the ribs on the grill. but matt says i have to work for it. so we have to get the grill cleaned and have more ribs from the barbecue blues festival in wildwood when "action news" comes right back. >> boy does that look good. those stories season more when "action news" continues tonight.
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is he one is of philadelphia's favorite sons and today the city celebrated his work and tee devotion to the city. >> reporter: undeterred by the rain philadelphians showed up and showed out for what turns out to be a birthday block party for one of hollywoods biggest stars and one of phillies own. >> this is the biggest honor i have gotten if my career to date. >> actor and comedian kevin hart visited his home town and tioga neighborhood for a dedication of a mural at german town and eerie avenues. >> they did a good job on it. an idea that was first tosses around by councilman david oh. i suggested a mural and he love
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the idea. humphrey was tapped for the project. >> blown away and nervous but it was a challenge. >> kevin hart's older brother, rob hart pleaded with the crowd to not add anything to the mural. >> do not write on my brother's mural for at least a month. >> no one was more impressed and humbled than kevin hart himself. admitted growing up he could not auto afford a cheesesteak at max's and is fow the highest paid comedian in the world. >> he was presented with the city's bell and own phillies jersey and his success is due to his competic genius today it was also his love and charity works for his home town that earned him this recognition. >> he has given $400,000 to the schools and a top notch entertainer.
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>> he will continue to represent his home town as well as all of philadelphia in his work. and in addition to giving back he hopes that his success will inspire owners in his home town. channel 6 "action news." a bald eagle is doing better thanks to the expertise of his care givers. he is retab hating at the tray state bird rescue in newark. he was found in washington, d.c. hurt and struggling to breathe. the rescue's executive director says he is flying a bit but not yet ready to be released. he says that as the bald eagle population grows so do the numbers in need of care. >> we don't know the cause of injuries sometimes they are hit by cars. large birds like that need time to take off so if you slow down a bit you may save a life. >> smith says there was a time they only saw a few bald eagles
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every year, last year they treated 61 of them and that number may go higher this year. >> this is for pennsylvania drivers it may be in your best interest to drive like police are watching because they likely are. state and local police along with penndot has organized a statewide crack down on aggressive driving. for the next seven weeks they target red light violators and speeders and tailgaters and anyone displaying signs of road rage.
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sixers summer league play is almost half over time to look at first impressions. >> first impressions very good in terms of markelle fultz an exciting basketball player, they wrap up their play tonight against the spurs, two games 0-2 but top pick markelle fultz has looked good. >> we can fight back from everything we got hard on this
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team and play together and play for each other and never give up and second thing is chemistry is just there. we have high expectations for the coming days. >> sixers play in the summer league saturday against golden state and fultz will not play against the spurs, he did not look better, and also accurate from three point land going 4 of 8 with the moneyball. to baseball the game was slated to start at 6:05, and delayed now for rain and starting now at 6:50, he is winless in his last five starts with a 7.5 era over that spanx the phillies are looking for a split and there are five more games before the all-star game and the skipper doesn't want the players in vacation mode. >> it's hard to stay focus
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because you are days away from the all-star break especially under our circumstances we are looking forward to it. we need to stay focused and grind it out. >> we have never lost focus and keep going, our win loss record and one run ball games is not where we want to be. we have positive we know we are in so many of the games we lost and we have the opportunity to flip the record around. >> the flyers will open their developmental camp in voorhees. what they hope the players will get out of of the five-day camp. >> the players talk about learning, a couple of them are 17 years old and 18, 19 and years old. they need to learn about their bodies and life and improve
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their puck skills and straining and improve their strength. we have a lot of education coming at them this week. >> camp and school all rolled into one. to soccer the union has a tough task they visit sporting kc tied for the best record in the western conference, the union though have been see sent as of late. they won six of their last nine, the last two. tonight's game is on the road and kc is unbeaten in nine home games. >> they lead the league in goals and big test and tough place to go on the road great stadium and great atmosphere and we put in a good amount of work to be up for the challenge. >> sixers tonight and hopefully the phillies game will play as well. >> cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast.
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serious dow npou rs through the tri-state area. >> delaware getting hit the hardest. i want to show you viewer video. melanie posted this on my facebook page. this is main street near wood street in newark, delaware respect you see how main street completely flooded and we are looking at more flooding across parts of delaware rg we do have that flood warning posted for southern newcastle county delaware and flood watches posted for most of the delaware valley kind of the heart of the delaware valley includeling wilmington and philadelphia and potential for more heavy downpours as we head through the overnight hours. stormtracker 6 live double scan we show that you right now the
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steadiest heaviest rain is south of philadelphia. philadelphia we get a break in the action with a few scattered showers and we are looking at heavy downpours right on the board of atlantic and cape may county, moving into cumberland county right over route 49 and you see how this is pivoting up to the north and west and delaware also still getting pockets of heavy rain and not as intense as about two hours ago when we had a very intense cell sitting over townsend, delaware, they got six inches of rain and steady rain is there. and pushing up to the north and west. low pressure now is still across the ohio valley. that will be pivoting through and bring us the end of the rain tomorrow and then temperatures back up to where they should be to data was cool. 74 degrees in philadelphia and our high is 75, 12 degrees below normal. the easterly wind off the ocean really bringing in cool air and trenton 73 and cape may 74 and reading 76 satellite and radar
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showing a conveyer belt of moisture, a stationary front over us and low pressure over ohio as this moves away from us tomorrow we'll see the return of sunshine and we'll have to get through tonight. future tracker 6 showing at 8:30 tonight heavy rain and generally south of philadelphia, as we head into 11:00 on the air in philadelphia and parts of south jersey, and tomorrow morning not as widespread and showers across the lehigh valley and by lunch time showers moving off the coast and look at what happens by afternoon. we get the return of sunshine and temperatures back into the 80s. melissa magee is in north wildwood listening to music and eating and doing grilling. barbecuing melissa. >> reporter: that is right cecily there is a lot going on and a lot taking place as we head into the weekend. we want to get you that forecast
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on friday rain for a majority of the day if you are down at the shore otherwise late day sun high temperature coming in at 83 and saturday a big land breeze moving inds sustained at 15 to 20 miles per hour. ocean temperature in the lower 60s it's some kind of wonderful here in north wildwood. john ellison himself take it away ♪ yeah, i don't need a whole lot of wonderful ♪ >> that is nice he sounds good. we are looking at rain in the poconos tomorrow morning and then sunshine 79 degrees and saturday scattered showers and thunderstorms 76 and sunday beautiful 75. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast lingering showers in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon, 87 degrees and saturday breezy and warm 89 and could get an isolate
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the thundershower as the front moves through fast noon. and not widespread and the pick of the weekend low humidity and sunshine and 85 degrees, monday bumping it up to 88 and hot and humid with thunderstorms and temperatures drop into the upper 80s on wednesday. so more rain overnight, sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. >> thank you. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams and adam joseph and ducis rogers. please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking developments. protests and chaos at the g20 as president trump arrives. thousands descend on the summit. many fighting the global economy. police and protesters clashing in the streets. water cannons, tear gas and now mounting injuries. hour team in the middle of to it. also tonight, the meeting with vladimir putin is now coming with president trump offering his toughest words yet aimed at russia. but when asked who meddled in our election, how the president responds on the world stage. the new findings tonight inside the airport disaster in chicago. the catastrophic failure. panic on bofrd. we have surveillance video tonight. the veteran new york city police officer ambushed while sitting in a police vehicle.


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