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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 7, 2017 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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, bosh there you go. >> i'll scale this up and put one in my bedroom. most couples play the mister and mrs. game at the bridal shower. maybe even the joint bachelor/bachelorette parties but this cuple is playing at the wedding reception. >> the too late now time to do it. >> who is likely to get lost? >> they both have her shoe and his shoe. as the moderator asks the questi question. >> who is likely to kill the spieder in the bathtub? >> oh, yes. >> who is the better driver? >> sometimes the truth is a
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little tough to admit. >> who is likely to give the other one food poisoning. >> oh, if the shoe fits, girl, if the shoe fits. >> who is most likely to drop their phone in the toilet? >> they both have done it. >> who spends the most money? >> now the serious questions are coming up, and now they're going off the script. okay, fine. you got me. she's like i second and third and fourth that notion. >> who snores the loudest? >> unanimously, thomas. >> what is the prize? what do they win? >> a happy life. >> or a quick divorce. one of the two. >> who is more likely to end up in jail, hold up, wait for it. >> without hesitation he's like she is. >> for defending the other one's honor? there you go. who has the craziest family?
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>> oh, that's not correct. >> don't do it, drop the shoe, start the party. yes, yo family is crazy! thanks for joining us today. has lots more great content to watch, or catch the next brand new episode of "right this minute." this newly-released dash cam video shows just how debt pratt the situation was in gatlinburg, tennessee last year. a wildfire engulfed the resort, destroying several resort businesses. it caused a billion dollars worth of damage. this video was released after officials decided not to charge two teens with arson.
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overnight, there are 34 active wildfires burning in 11 western states, all in areas where temperatures have soared this week. $00s hundreds of residents of breckenridge, colorado have spending another night out of their homes. it's only 7% contained. doctors are cutting back on opioid prescriptions, but not nearly enough. prescriptions for the powerful drugs dropped nearly 20% from 2010 to 2015. but that's still three times higher than it was in 1999. >> and now in 2017, many of us are protecting our health with the help of technology. >> there are hundreds of apps to help us manage chronic illnesses like multiple sclerosis. >> reporter: like most of us, susie takes her cell phone to the gym. but she's not texting. >> a year ago i had a mild heart attack. i had an angiogram and ang y
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angioplasty done and stints in my heart. >> reporter: she's on the phone taking care of herself. >> something like a pill tracker can be critical for susie. >> reporter: apps on the market are really easy to use. if i put my finger over the camera of my phone and press start, i'll know my heart rate in just seconds. hundreds of apps now available to help people manage chronic illness like heart disease, asthma and many more. >> currently, i'm in remission. >> reporter: rachel whitman is part of a clinical trial, managing her multiple sclerosis through an app. she tracks her vision and other things and shares the information with her doctor. >> it helps me feel that i'm doing as much as i can. >> reporter: important to remember, these do not replace your doctor. but the future is fast
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approaching and believe stome dy they won't just help manage disease but predict. >> wouldn't it be great to get a notification that your child would get sick tomorrow? >> reporter: if there is someone in a rural area who dons haesn'e access to a specialist, would that be helpful? >> exactly. >> reporter: health apps can connect patients to other patient. >> create networks of patients who have these same kinds of chronic diseases. >> you don't feel as alone and you feel a little more encouraged to continue, you know, on the path to good health. >> it can be a really good health, but experts are also warning users not to get a false sense of security. you do still need to go to the doctor, the phone's not going to replace that. >> use this to manage. do you ever try to self-diagnose online? >> you always feel like you're dying. i have a runny nose,is itchy ey,
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i'm on my deathbed. you're putting a lot of sensitive information out there. you want to be careful. that can also make you a little bit vulnerable. all right, still ahead. "watt or not." >> we have a ghost story hitting theaters. insomniac theater is actually next. >> woo-hoo! thanks for loading, sweetie. ...oh, burnt-on gravy? ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. new cascade platinum powers through... even burnt-on gravy. nice. cascade. you don't even want to know protection
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time now for our insome knack theater, previewing two movies opening this weekend. >> yeawe're going to start with "spiderman homecoming." he tries to implement his routine into that of a typical
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teenager, and the vulture emerges as a new villain. >> forget the monster guy. >> i'm sick of being treated like a kid all the time. >> but you are a kid. >> this is my chance to prove myself. >> what is going on with you? >> i'm really sorry. i'm so busy, i'm slammed. >> don't mess with me, because i'll kill you and everybody you love. >> "spiderman homecoming", produced by marvel, a division of our parent company, disney. it's certified fresh on rotten tomatoes. and one writes against considerable odds spiderman homecoming finds its pace and rhythm by the end. and edelstein writes, even those of us who regard the marvel comic -- >> a plague on world cinema. ouch.
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next, casey affleck is starring in a ghost story, of the recently deceased white-sheeted ghost. he may find that being on the or side disconnects him from everyone and everything he knew and loved. >> a song writer writes a song. we do what we can to endure. >> we build our legacy piece by piece. and maybe the whole world will remember you or maybe just a couple of people, but you do what you can to make sure you're still around after you're gone. >> so that looks like a similar scene from spiderman, just a little bit of different outfit going on. for the most part, critics are suspending their comments enough to give it 86% on rotten tomatoes. it practically glows with mystery and possibility. a gross story may haunt you even if you think the ghost looks
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siel. a silly. >> the ghost does look silly, though. >> maybe that's the point. >> yeah. >> no? >> one other plug. the big sick, my favorite movie of the summer. going on wider release this weekend. they started in new york and l.a., then the star, love him. you know about this film, right? >> i do, we actually talked about it in "insomniac theater" in the past. >> and ray romano is in it. i was not a "everyone loves raymond" fan. my heart sanction whk when i he was in it. >> how can you not love "everyone loves raymond." >> it's a staircase show. there's a staircase in the background. trust me on the big sick, trust
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me, trust me. coming up, "watt or not." ♪when you've got...♪
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breathe hay,e. ♪ so all week we have been so happy to have nick watt with us. and now that you're leaving. >> mm-hm. >> we thought it would be a good time to try to get to know you better. so far we know a few weird things, we know you have a fear of cows. you're obsessed with pirates. you drive a pickup truck. >> yeah. one of the curses of having a name like mine, you get subjected to things like this, watt's up? watt's happening? >> at least we didn't go with watt or snot. >> this is watt or not. the deal is i tell you something about myself and you have to guess if it's true, if it's watts or not. >> i'm ready. >> first up, i have two middle
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names. >> that's it? true. >> no, false. i have three. >> man. >> scottish people are obsessed with middle names. >> you have multiple middle names. >> david aird kelso. >> nick david aird kelso. >> nicolas, actually. >> rolls right off. >> next, by aged 8 i owned both a car and a gun. >> did you hire that guy to do your roof, too? >>'s my buddy. >> false. >> true. >> why? >> my parents had a place in sco scotland, there was literally nothing else to do, three tv channels, and my parents were very negligent. they let us do what we wanted. >> drive and shoot guns. >> pmy grandmother came to visi.
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she was like oh, carol -- that's hi my mom -- the car's running away. she couldn't see me. >> i was nearly killed by a bathroom attendant. >> yes? >> i can't go through all the details, but all that was going through my wiped wmind was i'm o get killed by a bathroom attendant. and the only thing that would be known about me was i was the one killed by the bathroom attendant. i didn't have any change, so i a tip. this was in iraq, and he chased me. i once held my breath for two and a half minutes. >> yes. >> wrong, 3:14. >> these are trick questions. >> yeah. >> i also know you got bitten by a monkey once. >> true. > this morning on "worl
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now." president trump and putin meet face-to-face. >> the leaders scheduled to have a chat later this morning, and let's face it, there's plenty to discuss. but will trump avoid that one topic that's dominated the headlines here at home? there's new video showing the moments a nypd officer was ambushed. the suspect runs right up to the van, fires and runs away. and we've seen good samaritans jump into action, but not the case here, an officer reportedly asks for help in pulling the victim of a car crash from the fiery wreckage, but the neighbors choose to sit this one out. and you can chew it. you can dip it. now you can snort it, too. chocolate. hear how the latest trend in
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consuming it includes treating the chocolate like a drug. is it safe? and is it good? we'll look into that on this friday, july 7th. from abc news, this is "world news now." we begin this morning with that meeting captivating the world. president trump and russian president vladimir putin coming face-to-face at the g-20 summit in germany today. >> white house officials say the two leaders will be joined this morning only by rex tillerson, his russian counterpart and their translators, around the meeting is expected to last about 30 minutes. >> they are expected to address the situations in syria and ukraine, but the president refuses to say if russia's meddling in the election is in play. >> i think it could have been russia, could have been a lot of people interfered. i think a lot of people interfere. i think it's been happening for
3:02 am
a long time. >> the meeting takes place while thousands of protesters descend on the city of hamburg where things turned violent yesterday as they faced off with the police. >> demonstrators hurled bottles and bricks at police who fired back with tear gas and water cannons. more than 75 officers were injure injured. >> reporter: police and protesters taking over the streets of hamburg. a sea of marchers pushing up against police lines. the face-off leading to violent clashes as world leaders arrived in town. and this is what president trump will see when he arrives in hamburg. police in the is streets, here in armored cars, protesters all over. officers trying to disburse the crowds, tackling people to the ground, kicking others. finally turning water cannons on them. the streets covered in a cloud of tear gas. the marchers protesting globalization and capitalism.
3:03 am
many of them in black masks, but also in that crowd, images of america's leader. that g-20 summit under way just about two miles from the clashes, president trump meeting with germany's angela merkel. the two leaders chatting and shaking hands. a warmer encounter than their first awkward meeting in the oval office a few months ago. earlier in the day in poland, a very different scene. take a look at these streets here in downtown warsaw, packed with people waiting to see president trump. president trump supporters showing up in droves. in the heart of warsaw, at the sight of poland's uprising against the nazis, the president delivering an ominous warning,
3:04 am
presenting a clash of civilizations between the west and what he called radical islamic terrorism. >> the fundamental question of our time is whether the west has the will to survive. do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders. do we have the desire and courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it. >> reporter: but in hamburg, protesters delivering a message of their own to the leaders of the world's most powerful countries. you are not welcome here. cecelia vega, abc news, hamburg, germany. president trump also addressed the crisis in north korea, pledging to confront the threat quote very strong lichl the north koreans celebrated their first successful launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile with a massive fireworks display.
3:05 am
but president trump made clear north kae will face consequences, warning the punishment could be severe. >> i don't like to talk about what i have planned. but i have some pretty severe things that we're thinking about. that doesn't mean we're going to do them. i don't draw red lines. >> one of the most serious options is a preemptive military strike. more than two dozen inmates at a mexican prison are dead after a riot. police rushed to the scene in acapulco. it was a fight between rival gangs. some victims were stabbed and beaten to death. bodies were found throughout the prison. in june a report said many of mexico's prisons are unsafe, overcrowded and understaffed. it is now one of mexico's most violent areas and a big center for drug production. ochbls the political violence
3:06 am
continues in venezuela. anti-government protesters faced off against national guards men in caracas, a day after protesters stormed parliament and injured five opposition lawmakers. more than 100 soldiers have been arrested. they have been charged with treason. he has repeatedly warned against coup attempts on the government. there's new video of a deadly ambush attack on a new york city police officer. these are the first aimages. it shows the suspect, firing a fatal shot through the window. you can see bonds running from the scene. he recented police. >> officer familia is dead for one reason and one reason only.
3:07 am
that's alexander bonds and his hatred of the police. >> hundreds of nypd recruits were sworn in. this is officers and firefighters saluted while the ambulance carrying familia's body passed by. a memorial has also been set up outside the precinct where she worked. four young children and their father have been stabbed to death and the mother is charged with their murders. the 33-year-old woman is the one who called 911. a 9-year-old girl survived and is in serious condition. the family had just moved into the area a few months ago. neighbors are shocked. >> she seemed so good and happy, and she love her kids. i don't really know what happen. >> reporter: did he seem like a good mother? >> yeah, she was a good mother. definitely, she was a good mother. >> police say the woman is the primary suspect, and they are not looking for anyone else. some reports say she may have been suffering from depression. neighbors say her father had
3:08 am
recently died. and bill cosby's retrial on sexual assault charges is set for november 6, after more than 52 hours of deliberation, jurors were unable to reach a verdict in the first trial. the same judge is presiding over the second trial, and it will take place in the same courthouse outside of philadelphia. democratic attorneys general from 18 states are suing education secretary bettsy devo. the rules finalized by the obama administration were set to take effect july 1st. but devoss announced a delay saying they would be rewritten because they were flawed and unfair to students in school. the lawsuits accuse her of giving a pass to predatory schools. and jerry brown plans to host what he calls the global climate action center in san francisco. he made the announcement in an online message saying the aim is to uphold the goals of the paris climate agreement.
3:09 am
he said president trump's withdrawal of that deal doesn't mean he speaks for the rest of america. and as part of its efforts to fight climate change, the french government has laid out an ambitious goal, to stop the sale of all gas cars by 2040. summer is two weeks old and rising temperatures mean more time on the beach. >> this one's for you, nick. we have a cowan and a calf hangg out at the beach. getting shade under the parasol. >> they moved in after the people who put it there went in. they're waiting to kill again, obviously. that's what cows do. >> ferocious cows. >> that's what cow does, people. >> what would you do if you came back from a lovely swim in the ocean to find a cow hanging out in your -- >> scream like a 6-year-old girl and run back into the ocean. >> oh, yeah? >> that's what i would do.
3:10 am
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got a vehicle in the woods, we don't know if it's occupied or anything, but they're saying there are flames coming from underneath the hood. >> we often bring you stories of good samaritans stepping in to help. this is decidedly not that. a sheriff's deputy in gainesville, georgia rescued a man from a burning jeep. the deputy asked bystanders to help him. and all you see on the dash cam is neighbors standing by.
3:14 am
luckily, the officer did get the driver out of the car, the driver is recovering at the hospital. and new jersey transit officials warned this would be a summer of hell for travel to new york, and a derailment hours ago at penn station in new york is proof. it stopped trains in and out of manhattan overnight. many of the problems are due to overdue maintenance. and in milwaukee, power was knocked out for several hours last night. more than a dozen coal cars derailed. and we now know the cause of sunday's derailment south of seattle. the amtrak train was going too fast. the engineer's been suspended. and turning now to the summertime danger involving hot cars. we've reported many times before on the dangers of children and pets left inside cars during those hot summer months. >> but a new warning is showing us how hot cars can actually get and how quickly they can affect even healthy adults like abc's
3:15 am
gio benitez. >> reporter: you're looking at officers in georgia working to free a dog stuck in a hot car. outside, it's 89 degrees. but inside the car? >> 167 on the front seat, buddy. >> reporter: a scorching 167 degrees. >> there's another one. >> reporter: they open the car and realize, there are two dogs. the owner charged with animal cruelty. these officers warning about the dangers of hot cars. this year alone, 18 children have died from heat in a hot car. we saw first hand how quickly a hot car can affect an adult body. in 30 minutes i went from 98.3 degrees to 105. >> 105. >> reporter: in a child, that can happen in less than ten minutes. but technology could save lives. from some newer cars to child car seats outfitted with sensors. and there's now legislative push in congress to get that kind of technology in all new cars to
3:16 am
prevent a deadly mistake. j gio benitez, abc news, new york. coming up, the push to silence soccer moms and dads in one state. they're told no cheering, not any jeering allowed on the sidelines. but first, a growing number of young people are snorting chocolate, raising a new alarm among parents and health experts. that's next. 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x.
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it says you apply the blue one ok, letto me. this. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together.
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♪ ♪ chocolate pie so apparently a growing
3:19 am
number people are going on a chocolate high, but it has nothing to do with eating chocolate. >> they're not mixing the powder into a smoothie. this stuff, they're snorting it. here's t.j. holmes. >> reporter: a new way to get a buzz from something that's inexpensive, widely available. perfectly legal and teens already love it. chocolate. a new chocolate-based product. coco loco is a powder that users can snort. >> it's basically crazy chocolate, because it's chocolate mixed with other things that creates a crazy effect. >> reporter: the product is actually actually a blend. it can lead to a feeling like ecstasy and give you motivation that's great for party-goers to dance the night away without a crash. >> anybody who just wants to party, dance and have a little
3:20 am
extra energy, that's mostly our market. >> reporter: the chocolate-snorting craze first showed up in european nightclubs last year, but nick anderson, founder of legal lean is hoping to bring it to the u.s. party scene. >> i didn't consult with any medical professionals. i basically saw what was going on with europe. there was no health issues. it's been out two, three years, everybody seems fine. it's very popular. there's really no negative publicity, so i felt, we're good to go. >> reporter: but now many are wondering if it's safe. the fda isn't sure if it falls under its jurisdiction yet, telling abc news, the fda will need to evaluate the product labeling, marketing information and or any other information pertaining to the product's intended use. >> my favorite sound bite, i did not consult with any medical professionals, but it seems fine. >> since you're so cool with it, you want to --
3:21 am
>> you know, snorting? >> no. >> that's got marshmallows in it. one of those got stuck in my nostril. that wouldn't be cool. >> this is hot chocolate, not coco loco. >> you don't want marshmallows stuck in your nostrils. nobody's finding that cool. >> maybe you'll start a new trend. marshmallows are delicious. >> you know, apparently, more than one club in europe, it's become so popular they've stopped serving booze. people are doing this. >> oh, so if i, what if i serve it to you like this. now do you want it? >> i mean, no. that didn't help. >> keep that around for kendis. >> i don't really understand this. i mean, can chocolate be bad for you? you're ingesting it straight into, presumably you could overdose on it, i mean, you can overdose on an energy drink, right? or energy drinks, multiple. >> i mean, who knows. it's out there. it's legal, right, but our medical contributor did say when
3:22 am
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♪ all right, so we're going to start with a dutch reality tv show called "four hands on a belly." it's about people giving birth. >> oh. okay. >> all right? >> got it. >> you all right now? >> i thought it was a different kind of show. >> four hands on the belly. and it's not like business at birth, and to use an expression that millennials have given us that i hate, the father's reaction is everything. so let's watch. look at this guy. look at hell. he's not like oh, my god, this is the greatest moment of his life. but he's got it right. he knows he's not going to sleep for two years. he knows his life is no longer his own. >> he looks terrified.
3:26 am
>> he and his girlfriend are going to argue in the middle of the night. >> he's moving further and further away, drifting into the corner. >> onto another family. you know this it's a boy, it's a girl sign? a family went all out with a billboard instead, first baby girl born to the family in 137 years. polka time! >> from rock wood music hall, phoebe hunt and the gathers. ♪ politics and foreign wars ♪ all the weather and the scores ♪ ♪ that's world news polka ♪ if you're an intomorrsomniac good night's sleep you lack ♪ ♪ do the world news polka. ♪ ♪ you're wake and not wearing pants ♪ ♪ grab a mug and do the dance ♪ have some fun every guy and gal, do the world news polka ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ well, if you're up this late, you must be headed for the john ♪ ♪ but hold it one more minute while we get your polka on ♪ ♪ neighbors yell, it's half past 3:00 ♪ ♪ tell them, hey, that's news to me ♪ ♪ do the world news polka ♪ that's the world news polka ♪
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this morning on "world news now," president trump on the world stage, set to face vladimir putin. there's a big focus on their body language after some other handshakes are already making headlines. and even though u.s. senators are on recess, they're working back home and being confronted by angry constituents. some holding sit-ins at their offices. it's the latest backlash over the republican plan to repeal obamacare. soccer moms and dads silenced. >> cheering and jeering from the sidelines has been banned from one youth league, but are the supposed benefits to the players and coaches fair for the parents? m. andno a real life super hero.
3:31 am
coming up in the skin eon thny july7th. from abc news, this is "world news now." all right, very important question, nick, where do you weigh in on the big news debate, ryan reynolds or ryan gosling? >> i'm all goosey for the gosling. i like them both. >> i like your first answer better. >> okay. we'll have more on the other ryan coming up in a little bit. but we begin this half hour with president trump and vladimir putin hours away from their face-to-face meeting. >> it is set to take place on the sidelines of the g-20 summit in hamburg, germany where 100,000 protesters are expected. they had violent clashes with police. >> reporter: thousands of protesters at the g-20 estimate summit in hamburg, germany
3:32 am
thursday, clashing with police who are battling back with water cannons and pepper spray. police expect upwards of 100,000 to flood the streets as world leaders arrive for this year's summit. president trump and vladimir putin have finally landed and are ready to sit down face-to-face on friday. >> my guess is president putin will walk in that door with a very specific agenda in mind and president trump needs to be prepared to handle that. >> reporter: with tensions between two of the world's biggest super powers rising, president trump is expected to push putin on russia's involvement in ukraine and syria. but one topic likely off the table, russia's meddling in last year's u.s. election. >> i could it very well have been russia but i think could well have been other countries. >> reporter: with trump skirting around the issue the day before the big meeting. >> so do we see a president trump who wants to be loved or to be seen as a tough negotiator. >> reporter: president putin is known to meticulously prepare for these types of meetings.
3:33 am
as for president trump, he's ready, but he's not overpreparing. he does his best when he goes in and is himself. relations between president trump and angela merkel are often strained. >> and when she visited in march, they didn't shake hands. so everyone was watching this time around. >> they did shake hands but only briefly, in a still photo of the moment, some people are saying it looks tense. >> a little bit. there was another awkward moment with the president of poland and his wife. poland's first lady held out her hand and then, here we go. but then she moves on to melania. then she comes back and she does circle back. so it's all good. >> she came back. it's fine. >> it's totally fine. it's totally fine. >> maybe next time go for the pound. that makes it less confusing. >> they probably won't. >> now you know why i'm not in
3:34 am
politics. >> i empathize with the president in this case. i find handshakes, hugs, greetings, it's a minefield. >> you never know if people are going to go in for the handshake and the kiss or just going to do the hand shake? some people go in for the full hug. >> yeah. >> i do all three, just confuse everybody. >> i generally like to keep it, yeah. >> you just do that? >> yeah. >> that's not awkward at all. >> i'm not an awkward person at all. >> all right. moving on to a major warning this morning from the intelligence community about a hack into the nation's power systems. >> homeland security and the fbi say hackers have targeted nuclear and other facilities since may. the trump administration tells abc news the breach has affected corporate computers. operators at the facilities were not compromised. operations were not compromised. some suspect the hack had
3:35 am
origins in russia. but they are still trying to determine the motive and the source. james mattis says a preemptive military strike against north korea is one option. but he points out that could lead out to an all-out war with what he calls catastrophic results. he says this week's missile launch doesn't change the trump administration's determination to pursue a diplomatic solution. >> i do not believe this capability in itself brings us closer to war, because the president's been very clear and the secretary of state's been very clear that we are leading with diplomatic and economic efforts. in poland yesterday, president trump used stronger language about north korea saying the consequences to be quote, pretty severe. we are seeing more evidence of backlash against the republican health care bill, protesters shouting "where's jeff flake?"
3:36 am
held a sit-in at the republican's phoenix office. five were arrested for trespassing, two others are charged with making threats. and a group called the arkansas resistance project filled senator cotton's office in little rock. some took cotton to task for the projected cuts to the veteran's administration. they pointed out the senator himself served in iraq and afghanistan. now to an unexpected resignation. the director of the office of government ethics is stepping down. repeatedly challenged the trump administration over possible conflicts of interest, raising concerns about the president's business ties. he said the current situation has made it clear that the ethics program needs to be stronger. the white house said a successor will be named soon. tennis star venus williams will be on the tennis court while her lawyers are in a different court. williams has a third round match at wimbledon. her lawyers will be arguing in a legal battle over the fatal car crash williams was involved in last week. the victim's family wants to download data from her vehicle
3:37 am
right away. williams' side wants one of her people present. the family is suing williams for wrongful death. meanwhile, bethany mattek is out. after severely injuring her knee during a singles match. she fell to the grass as she moved to the net. she cried out, clutching her knee, her opponent was actually the first one there, climbing over the net. the extent of the injury isn't known yet. but she is the top-ranked women's player. the largest youth soccer league in south carolina is making a bold move, banning all cheering and jeering at soccer games. the new rule comes as a result of too many incidents of parents going overboard in support or in defense of their children. the league says the parents' bad behavior has caused some referees to hang up their whistles for good. now saying enough is enough. reaction from the parents is mixed. >> i think it's a great idea. i think it's going to benefit the children as well as the
3:38 am
referees. >> i'm a little surprised. i'm one of those that enjoys at times coaching from the sidelines and alsoen couraging from the sidelines. >> so they will be silent from the sidelines. adding, just enjoy your player and the game they love. >> how can you enjoy the game without cheering. i get the no jeering part. no cheering? >> we have one game where we are not allowed to say anything, and i always break the rules. i always get carried away. i'm not a jeerer, i'm more of a cheerer. my kid's not that great at soccer, so when he actually kicks it, i can't help myself. >> when he gets anywhere near the ball. you get excited. >> that's not true, jack. you know that's not true. cricket players are often well behaved, pretty even-tempered. but now a brit is making some buzz for his excitement. >> number 26, he's the bowler, he comes in, okay.
3:39 am
he caught. so you can get out in cricket. now what is that? the slug? the slug? >> oh, yeah. i don't think i've seen that move before, but yes, is it the inchworm perhaps? >> i've played a lot of cricket, and i've never seen that. >> we're sure he's doing that on purpose? >> what you mean you think he's doing that on purpose? you think that's a mistake? >> it's an odd celebratory or dance move. is this something normal? for your people? >> no. normally when you take a wicket as it's called, you appeal to the umpire guy, and you just say "how's that" and if you're out, he puts the finger up like that, and if not, he looks at you like that and shakes his head like you're a moron. >> your kids should turn around during the soccer game and say how's that? >> i just yell it from the sidelines. >> you could do the inchworm. >> i bet it was a bet. somebody said if you do the
3:40 am
slug, i'll give you five quid. >> would you do that for five quid? >> i'd do anything for five quid. >> isn't that five bucks basically? >> a little bit more. terrifying video of a jet fire in chicago. what investigators are learning from these scenes. and later, this is the kind of birthday surprise you get when you turn 100 and your grandson happens to be mclemore. we have the video coming up in "the skinny." first, here's a look at today's forecast. ♪ i made it through the darkest part of the night ♪ ♪ and now i'll see the sun rise ♪ "world news now" weather, brought to you by vista print. ♪ i feel glorious you by vista print. ♪ i feel gorgeous ♪harry's meeting clients...
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3:44 am
control. the only explanation on chinese social media is that the pedi cab must be possessed. the white car's owner wants some compensation, who writes this stuff? >> i'm going to guess lloyd on that one. instead of possession, maybe there was something in the back of the cab that was a little too heavy. weighed down -- >> that's a good explanation, you should work for the ntsb. >> but i guess it could be possessed. >> it could. we're not ruling that out. this one captured the moment a plane burst into flames on a runway in chicago. >> investigators have released a new report about that catastrophic engine failure. and here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: sending shrapnel flying from a 767. and inside, chaos. passengers told to stay seated start rushing forward, climbing over middle seats. information just released by the ntsb show the pilots following procedures struggle to activate fire extinguishers.
3:45 am
so when flight attendants start evacuating on their own, watch these new pictures as some of the first passengers down the slide are blown around by the engine's thrust. one thrown to the ground of the o'hare runway, then as the rear slide is deployed, it's blown about by the engine's exhaust. it was more than a minute and a half about that second engine was shut down. 20 were hurt, but everyone survived the terrifying evacuation which may prompt changes. >> we'll learn something about how to evacuate planes better, we'll learn about emergency procedures on airplanes, there's always good lessons to be learned. >> reporter: american is cooperating with the investigation. and hints recommendations to be coming, saying, any changes ordered will make aviation safer. david kerley, reagan international airport. thanks, david, and when we come back, what ryan reynolds did for a fan to help her get back at her ex-boyfriend. and justin trudeau may be getting competition for the
3:46 am
limelight from inside his own family. "the skinny's" next. limelight from inside his own family. "the skinny's" next. diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
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3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny time now for "the skinny," starting with ryan reynolds as relationship guru. >> the dead pool star proved that you don't need to wear a cape to be a hero. just a twitter account and a sense of humor. >> gabby dunn, a teenaged fan from canada was still upset about being dumped by her boyfriend right after prom. so she tweeted a photo of reynolds super imposed over her ex-boyfriend in her prom photos. reynolds was so amused he retweeted the image saying we should photo shop me over his yearbook picture, #don't mess with gabby. >> he's just getting mean. now ryan's just getting mean.
3:49 am
>> there we go. >> we have inspired. >> what if we super imposed him over my co-anchor. >> much better, much better. ryan reynolds. get out of it. next. to another hunk-a-hunk of burning love. tearing up the stage at the g-20 summit. >> who? ryan gosling? >> no, justin trudeau. >> he got a rock star welcome as he and his wife sophie introduced coldplay. to open the global citizen concert in hamburg. >> more than 12,000 activists greeted trudeau with cheers as he touted the feminist international policy which he says puts women and girls at the heart of his country's aid efforts. >> but someone else seems to be stealing his thunder, his own 3-year-old son. hadrian is making a splash for his red carpet entrance with mom and dad after touching down in germany. >> his name's hadrian?
3:50 am
>> yeah, he even hammed it up for the camera. check him out with his little bouquet of flowers. >> one delighted fan tweeted, the kid is a canada treasure. he is. >> smiling, ready to go. oh, look at that! what a cutie. >> he is. mind you, any son of justin is going to be god-like also. all right, from young adorableness to senior adorableness. next up, the amazing mashup of mclemore. his grandmother, a stripper. and a gold eldorado convertible. >> in his new video for "glorious", the 34 year old rapper celebrated his grandmother's 100th birthday by taking her out and granting her
3:51 am
every one of her wishes before bringing her home to the real surprise. ♪ glorious ♪ glorious ♪ got a chance to start again ♪ i was born for this, born for this ♪ >> apparently, he asks grandma helen what she wants to do for her birthday, and she says i want to do it all. >> is this for real? >> look at grandma blowing out her 100 candles on her birthday. happy birthday, grandma helen. big news for angela lansbury. >> she's going to make a comeback starring in a new program. >> doo, doo, doo, doo. >> not that one, she's in the cast of "little women." that's happening on pbs. >> so instead of solving murders from her typewriter, she will play the girls' wealthy relative, the cantankerous aunt
3:52 am
march, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ aunts march, too, t do, do, do,o lilly.
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why are you deleting ...and fortify weak spots. use together for two times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. ♪ now, this was a short week for many, but it was not short on headlines, including a major missile launch and a governor burned at the beach. >> and one little girl we won't forget. here now our friday weekly rewind. >> reporter: president trump doubles down on his attack on the media, tweeting this wwe clip. outrage from members of his own party, saying he's demeaning the office of the presidency. >> the president of the united states is inciting violence against a free press. >> the white house homeland security adviser wat wrestling video on abc's this week came to the president's defense. >> i think no one would perceive that as a threat. i hope they don't. >> the u.s. and south korea fire back overnight after north korea's missile test.
3:56 am
now testing missiles of our own, as kim jong un taunts america, calling that launch a package of gifts on independence day. north korea is more powerful and more sophisticated than anything they have tested before. >> chaos in the streets. protesters in hamburg clashing with police in riot gear as the g-20 summit begins. >> protesting capitalism, as world leaders arrived in town. >> and this is what president trump will see when he arrives here on the streets of hamburg. police in the streets here in armored cars, protesters all over. >> a champion lost for words, overcome with emotion. venus williams asked about the june car crash that left a 78 year old man dead. >> there really are no words to describe how devastating and, yeah.
3:57 am
i, am completely speechless. >> new jersey governor chris christie is taking some serious heat tonight for going to the beach during his state's budget meltdown. >> i didn't, claude, but go ahead. >> when confronted, the governor's spokesman insisted governor christie did not get any sun because he had a baseball cap on. >> this little girl's name is evie, and this hey be her first sugar high. [ laughter ] >> she throws her head all the way back. and when she finally straightens up, she goes back for more! >> i love that. next week, o.j. turns 70. harrison ford 75. national beans and franks day. >> there you have it. don't miss our updates on facebook. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, happening now, violent protests breaking out at the high-stakes international summit in germany. president trump and russia's vladimir putin now just hours from a face-to-face meeting. we're live in hamburg, germany, with the latest. new protests taking place at senate offices from coast to coast. demonstrators being arrested while making their case for keeping obamacare. details live from washington. breaking overnight a sfrietenning flight with hundreds on board forced down when a passenger allegedly attacks the flight attendants. that man, now under arrest. and look out, dangerous distraction blowing onto the road at the tour de france.


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