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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  July 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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you look at this, your eye is drawn to what's happening across the ohio valley into west virginia. you can see a vicious line of storms, this though is all heading to the south. this is going to miss us. so what i'm tracking is this line of some scattered thunderstorms rolling across central pennsylvania. it's just to the west of harrisburg right now. i think this will actually weaken but some of these likely will survive the trip over the mountains and will bring us some showers and thunderstorms this evening so this is what to expect. between about 6 o'clock and 10 o'clock this evening, a broken line of storms. it means not everyone will get them. those who do though could deally with locally gusty winds heavy downpours and we do have a chance of some isolated severe weather. i don't think we'll see anything all that widespread but now that we've got the sunshine back after that dark and wet morning, it's pretty warm out there. it's pretty humid as well. currently philadelphia 85 degrees. it's 90 in washington, d.c. dewpoints are in the mid 60's so you can feel that many
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moisture in the air but as we head through the weekend, dewpoints will be dropping. i'll have all the details including the shore and the poconos coming up in the full accuweather forecast. sharrie. >> okay, cecily, thank you. we are now following some breaking news from the feltonville section of philadelphia. chopper6 hd giving us a live view of this is what we're being told appears to be a partial collapse of a house. this is the 100 block of east rockland street in feltonville. emergency crews have been called out to this scene to respond to this partial collapse of a home. we also know that medics have also been requested for any possible injuries. again, chopper6 flying live over what is said to be a partial collapse of a house in the 100 block of east rockland street in the feltonville section of philadelphia. as we get more information, as it involves any evacuations or any injuries, we'll update you in this newscast. >> overseas it was another tense day in germany as protesters clashed with police for a second day near the site
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of the g20 summit. german officials say nearly a thousand additional officers were ordered in to help out today. so far, nearly 200 police officers have been injured in the clashes. more than 70 protesters have been detained and dozens more have been taken to the hospital. today german chancellor angela merkel condemned the violence calling it "unacceptable." with the protests raging outside eyes around the world will focus on a much anticipated meeting inside and we'll have much more from germany on today's face to face between president trump and russian president vladimir putin coming up tonight at 5:30. >> new at 5:00 some first responders being hailed as heroes for their quick thinking aboard a septa train. officials say their reaction may have saved someone's life. bob brooks covering the story, he's live in southwest philadelphia with the full details. bob. >> reporter: sharrie, this happened because man jumped
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from a septa train something you should never try to do it happened behind me at the an gore are a train station around 5:00 p.m. this time yesterday. luckily there was trained medical help on board and that likely saved his life. it was 5:00 p.m. yesterday. here at the an gore are a station just off 58th and baltimore avenue. septa officials say a passenger made a near fatal decision jump off a moving train. >> fell backwards struck his head, went to the hospital with some pretty serious injuries. >> reporter: at this point it's unknown exactly why he jumped off but and officials say it was at that moment he put himself in harm's way. >> when you leave something that's moving and get to something that's not moving you're bound to loss your balance and fall down. >> reporter: luckily good samaritans on board sprung into action one of them middletown township assistant fire chief mark kirk gasser. >> that was a gentleman half on the sidewalks half on the tracks unconscious. >> reporter: he says there was no shortage of help on board. >> two nurses a pediatrician.
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i got out as well. we attempted to make sure he was first alive. he was reacting as somebody would with -- typically with a brain injury. he was combative. >> reporter: from what he was able to gather at the scene he thinks the man was headed to the airport he likely jumped off because he was on the wrong train. >> his boarding pass was there for a flight to chicago at 8 o'clock. >> reporter: now septa officials say this likely could have been avoided had this man not tried terror jump off a moving train. the message is simple don't ever try to get on or off a moving train. after the victim was stabilized by the volunteers at the scene hawpe he was rushed to pence presbyterian hospital. he's hurt bad but kirk gasser said it could have ended up worse and wants to thank everyone for what they did. >> i wish them a lot of luck and i thank them for the great work that they did. >> reporter: again the message don't ever get on or off a moving train. no word yet on the victim's condition. for now reporting live in southwest philadelphia, bob brooks channel6 "action news." rick. >> all right, bob, thank you. philadelphia police are now investigating a noose found hanging on a tree in
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center city. the discovery made this morning near the corner of 18th and lombard. police say it's unclear what the motivation behind the act is but they're taking it very seriously. just last week an employee at the philadelphia branch of u.s. mint was accused of turning a rope into a noose and leaving it on an african-american employee's chair. the treasury says that employee has been placed on administrative leave. >> a double shooting in norristown montgomery county is now a murder investigation. police say the shooting around 6:30 last night on the 500 block of chain street killed 16-year-old jordan scott. a 17-year-old was also shot and is being treated at the hospital. investigators are urging anyone with information about this crime to give them a call. the parking lot of a west philadelphia salvation army became a crime scene overnight t a man was shot and killed just outside the building on the 5500 block of arch street. police say the 39-year-old was
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shot once in the back of the head around 2:00 a.m. medics pronounced him dead there at the scene. so far investigators have not made any arrests and are still searching for a possible motive. >> a group of protesters want documents in mumia abu jamal's case released. >> free mumia abu jamal. >> a crowd chanted outside of the district attorney's office in center city. abu jamaal serving life in prison for the murder of police officer daniel faulkner. last month a judge ordered prosecutors to release former district attorney ron castile's files on the case. today is the deadline. however, the prosecutor's office has asked for an extra week. the crowd not only wants the documents released but also calling for abu jamaal to be released as well. >> they gathered in philadelphia at city hall today in protest of the proposed republican senate healthcare bill. mayor jim kenney senator bob casey and others spoke about what the bill would do to
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americans. senator casey said it will give money to the rich and strip medicaid coverage from 15 million people who really need it. >> while selling out the middle class and while hurting seniors and kids and people with and disabilities, and you know what, we will not stop fighting until we stop this bill. >> mayor kenney said today the republicans' bill will have a devastating effect on the people of philadelphia. a vote on the bill was delayed last week ooh when there were not enough votes to pass it. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf is speaking out against president trump's election integrity commission. the governor already denied the commission's request for specific voter data citing state law that limited voter information available is online for a fee. today wolf expressed concern about the use of that data calling the the intentions of president trump's panel "questionable at best." in a statement, the governor said in part, "i have no
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confidence in this commission's administration standards of security or privacy or that it's true intentions are to bolster the right to vote." delaware and new jersey have also rejected the commission's request. >> all right, time now for the "action news" traffic report. >> friday night matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with the slowdown on the slowdown. especially route one, hm, matt. >> you got that right but it's 7/7/17 rick and sharrie. i thought with all those lucky seven's we might have a decent afternoon. i was wrong. we have a bunch of accidents like on route one in bucks county northbound side by oxford valley road. they're just in the process of getting it pushed off to the right shoulder but at this point you can see they do still have that left lane blocked for the moment so it's jammed solid as you come northbound passing oxford valley road some single digit speeds. so normally i'd say stay over on 95 and i think i am going say that. there's some construction northbound around 332 newtown but speeds there look a whole lot better than they do on route one northbound. elsewhere on 95 there's some
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issues. northbound side have a crash to watch out for past cottman avenue. it's taking out one lane so speeds are dropping there. and on the southbound side in delco there's a crash near 320 taking out a lane so it's extra jammed coming down from the airport with delays spilling back onto the blue route southbound. plenty of people also heading down the shore so the walt whitman bridge has single digit speeds. if you're headed to the king of prussia mall on this friday night crash on 202 northbound approaching the schuylkill, just 3 miles per hour there. we'll check it again rick coming up in the next half hour. >> all right matt see you then. thank you. the investigation continues tonight into a recent series of attacks in southwest philadelphia. police believe the suspects are targeting a house where transgender people live. officials just updated the media in the last 30 minutes about the case and "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at southwest detectives with more. chad. >> reporter: well, rick, they say these attacks are random at this point, we'll get to that in a moment but police are looking for a group
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of individuals firing paintballs on people. it happened yesterday afternoon between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. this is the vehicle police are looking for, it's a dark gray infiniti a newer model with tinted windows. the occupants fired on several people with a paint gun at 42nd and baltimore. a short time later they made their way down the road and they fired on a group of people on a front porch of a rehab facility at 50th and woodland. those people had to scatter for cover. that vehicle then allegedly made a u-turn down the road came back and fired on several more people walking down the road. fortunately, none of the half dozen people hit with paintballs was seriously injured. >> one of our victims from 42nd street clearly said to us that he heard the people laughing in the car as they were firing the gun so while they think it's funny it's really not funny what they're doing and we know there's people out there. it's a nice car. clearly we believe it's an infiniti which is an expensive car. call 911 or call our tip line
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and report who these individuals are. >> reporter: and rick, yesterday evening police were connecting this top several other attacks that rehab facility where those paintballs were find on at 15th and woodland that's a rehab facility for transgender people. there have been several other incidents with regards to that fireworks there as well so police were taking all precautions and treating those as though they may be connected. today police are saying the paintball attack appears to be random because of the other attacks. i'm live in west philadelphia, chad pradelli channel6 "action news." >> all right, chad, thank you. and there's much more still ahead on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. a raging fire and a rude awakening in northern california. the construction site that turned into an inferno putting nearby neighbors in harm's way. >> and in health check, it is fitness friday. how the playground can serve double duty for parents looking to fit in a workout while spending time with their kids. details on that when "action news" comes right back.
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♪ if you want a taste of freedom, keep going. we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal. we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at
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time but it was surrounded by houses with people who were still asleep. neighbors credit police for waking them up and likely saving lives because no one was injured. >> ♪ >> all right turning to health check tonight. the fda approved a new drug for sickle cell disease. >> it's the first treatment approved for the disorder in almost 20's years. health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman at the big board with the details. >> sickle cell is an inherited blood disorder. instead of the read cells looking whole like this normal one they start to become abnormal and have this kind of crescent shape. it can restrict blood flow and limits the amount of oxygen in the body. that can lead to severe pain and organ damage. the new drug is called andari. in clinical trials it helped cut the number of painful episodes reduced hospitalizations and reduced the need for transfusions. now, the drug will be for patients ages five and older. also today, it is fitness friday. for parents who feel short on
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time, moving your gym to the jungle gym can help you squeeze in a workout and spend time with your kids. >> one. >> one. >> good. >> two. >> there you. >> oh two. >> danielle and her daughter six-year-old mary ella are getting their exercise. this is one of mary ella's favorite programs. >> i like there's the perfect amount of things for little kids and big kids. >> and robert catalino says playgrounds don't have to be just for kids. he's the manager of the health and fitness center for holy redeemer hospital. >> rather than just have your children out here playing you can kind of play yourself and at the same time you're getting a workout. >> he says box jump with your kids are good for cardio and he showed me and danielle some strength moves. >> come down toward your chest and then back out. >> you can do modified push-ups on a bench, dips to work your triceps and squats to hit your lower body. then head over to the monkey
5:17 pm
bars for a plank pull-up. >> the wrong way to do it would be to go the other way danielle. yup, that would be the wrong way. the right way have yourself plank out. >> cycle through each move for two to three cycles and add in extras if your kids will join you. for danielle it's a great way to fitly in fitness. >> if it's a nice enough day to come out with your family you may as well take advantage of it for yourself and get moving. >> you can get a good workout in in just 15 to 20 minutes. we'll post that circuit on check and "action news" will be right back. >> ♪ ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪
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♪ right now, get $1 any size soft drink. only at mcdonald's. ♪ >> ♪ >> the labor department says 222,000 jobs were added nationwide last month. that's more jobs added to the u.s. economy in one month since the winter. the unemployment rate ticked up slightly to 4.4 percent. back in may the rate dropped to 4.3 percent its lowest point in 16 years. analysts say today's job report shows companies in the u.s. still have room to hire at a healthy pace. parking officials in camden are removing outdated and broken parking meters and replacing them with new high tech ones. take a look.
5:21 pm
roughly 100 new devices have been installed along parts of cooper broadway and north third streets. the meters will still take coins but you can pay with a credit or debit card. there's an app option. the meters also run on solar batteries to save energy. if the 90 day test program is successful more meters will be installed. >> new jersey governor chris christie is getting another chance to hit the radio air waves. wfan radio in new york says christie will fill in for the dean of sports talk radio mike francesca monday and tuesday. christie is already a frequent fill in for the co-host on that show boomer heon. >> the adventure aquarium celebrating a very big birthday. jenny the hippo is turning 17. she's finally old enough to get behind the wheel in new jersey. debar toll low's bakery in collingswood made her this fun
5:22 pm
cake way driver's license on it. guests enjoyed the sweet treats while jenny and her friend button chowed down on fruits and vegetables. >> i liked the driver's license. still to come a check of the weekend forecast for you. >> and we'll take a live look outside, sky6 hd giving us the view of center city, the skyline. meteorologist cecily tynan coming up with that exclusive accuweather five day forecast when we come back.
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>> time for the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist cecily tynan in the weather center with a check of the weekend and a winner of a weekend hm. >> the weekend is looking really nice. we have to get through the chance of a few scattered thunderstorms this evening but the place to be down the shore. let's head live on sky6. can't be on the beach, at least we can look at people on the beach enjoying the sunshine. surf's up. it's definitely on the windy side. plenty of sunshine and this is a great place to be when it's humid out. and it definitely is on the humid side. if you look at dewpoints right now, 65 degrees the dewpoint in philadelphia. so that's definitely muggy and we do have dewpoints in the 70's a little bit closer to the shore. that dewpoint of 80 in dover, i think that's overdone. dewpoints really in the 70's there. and if you look at the dewpoint trend three of the next four days will have dewpoints in the 60's.
5:26 pm
tomorrow 65 degrees the dewpoint in the morning and the dewpoints will be dropping but sunday is the day. get outside on sunday with dewpoints in the 50's it will be very comfortable and the dewpoints will be rising as we head through the beginning of next week and actually temperatures are really going to be heating up as well. right now the heat index the way it feels, 87 degrees in philadelphia, so it's pretty steamy after we had that rain in the morning. feels like 90 in reading, feels like 93 dover and even along the beaches, heat index in the mid 80's. so, definitely a warm day. getting that land breeze, not a sea breeze along the beaches. so, satellite and radar showing we had that heavy rain this morning did bring some flooding across the lehigh valley. now we have a break in the action, a good amount of sunshine. if you look across central pennsylvania you can see that cluster of storms that will be moving through this evening and that could bring us some gusty winds and some brief heavy downpours. future tracker timing it out. around 7 o'clock we'll likely see some of those storms moving across the western suburbs, really the main threat would be the fact that
5:27 pm
with the high dewpoints we could have some heavy downpours in a shortered pooh of period of time. 9:30 moving towards the close. then they move out quickly. if you're heading to the phillies game there's a chance of scattered activity. otherwise partly cloudy, the temperature definitely warm. at first pitch 85 degrees by the ninth inning 77 degrees and there will be fireworks after the game looking pretty good for that. tomorrow down the shore a land breeze again. it will be windy, the high 87 degrees so somewhat steamy. philadelphia 89 degrees, could have an isolated thundershower. i think a better chance of some thunderstorms will be across the poconos midday, 77 degrees with a frontal boundary that will be sweeping through and behind that, we've got the really comfortable air on sunday. so, the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow it will be breezy and warm. again, a slight chance of a thundershower, best chance north and west. 89 degrees the high. sunday the pick of the weekend. sunny comfortable 84. we bump it up to 88 degrees on monday. humidity levels still in check but it's hot and humid on
5:28 pm
tuesday, 92, perhaps a pop-up thunderstorm oppressive humidity on wednesday, 89 with some storms. i'll let you know if that humidity lasts later in the week coming up in the seven-day forecast. back to you guys. >> going to feel like summer this weekend. >> yes, very appropriate. >> thanks, cecily. quick break, more news right after this.
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5:30 pm
>> "action news" continues with meteorologist. >> hello again. monica is off. sharrie williams joins us. trump and putin face to face. perhaps the most anticipated meeting in germany aside from the g20 summit. what the two world leaders discussed today, hundreds of people pack a west chester church to remember the life of an 18-year-old girl whose life was tragically cut short because of a road rage incident. also, big changes for drivers who use route 206 near princeton. you'll have to figure out a new way to go for the next few months. >> now the details. president trump and russian president vladimir putin set down for a face-to-face meeting today during the g20 summit. the first piece of business on president trump's agenda russia's involvement in our elections.
5:31 pm
abcs are karen travers has more from hamburg germany. >> reporter: they spoke for so long today that aides kept checking in, even the first lady tried to get them to end their conversation but at that point they still went on for another hour. at the top of president trump's agenda, russia's election interference. president trump and russian president putin sitting side by side. >> we look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for russia, for the united states its an honor to be with you. >> reporter: a flurry of questions from reporters about russia's election meddling. neither leader answering. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: and then a lengthy intense conversation two hours 15 minutes more than four times as long as scheduled. secretary of state rex tillerson telling reporters neither president wanted to stop. >> the two leaders i would say connected very quickly. there was a very clear positive chemistry between the two. >> reporter: right out of
5:32 pm
the gate president trump repeatedly pressing putin on the issue of russia's election interference despite much speculation he would avoid the topic. putin denied involvement and asked for proof. president trump dropping the issue saying he wanted to move forward. >> there was not a lot of relit gating of the past. >> reporter: but a different take away from the russian foreign minister who was also in the room. sergei lavrov accepted putin statement. president putin and president trump did not schedule a follow-up meeting and tonight the white house is trying to send a very strong signal that if it wants to improve the u.s.-russia relationship it must move on from the issue of election interference. reporting from hamburg germany and traveling with the president karen travers channel6 "action news." >> more than 120 countries have approved the first ever treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons in the united nations vote. however nine nations including the united states who are
5:33 pm
pleased to possess nuclear weapons are not supporting the treaty. the legally binding treaty is the first multilateral nuclear disarmament treaty in 20 years attorney general jeff sessions deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and director of national intelligence ben coates have visiting guantanamo bay. the terror threat to the u.s. is still a major concern as evidenced by recent attacks in europe and elsewhere. they highlighted the importance of utilizing every legal tool available to prevent as many attacks as possible. worldworld news tonight with david muir will have much more on the top stories including president trump's meeting with putin. watch it all tonight at 6:30 following "action news" at 6:00. >> it was an emotional day in west chester as hundreds of family, friends, classmates
5:34 pm
even strangers said goodbye to 18-year-old bianca roberson. the soon to be college student was shot and killed during a road rage incident last week. "action news" reporter john rawlins has more on this final farewell. >> reporter: an estimated 800 mourners packed saint paul's baptist church in west chester, many trying to understand the evil that would lead someone to fatally shoot an 18-year-old in an apparent road rage attack. >> i'm sick. i'm mad. i'm just like why? like it just doesn't make any sense at all. everybody wants to shoot everybody. for what? why? >> our hearts really cry for them, for their family they was looking so forward to her going to college and now they're doing a funeral. >> reporter: bianca roberson was that remembered as ambitious outgoing and focused. she had won a four year scholarship to jacksonville university to study criminal justice her goal, the fbi. >> yes. to prevent some of this kind of thing from happening.
5:35 pm
>> she never got a chance. it was taken away from her. that's not fair. that's not fair. get to know me before you decide you don't like me. >> reporter: last week someone driving a red pickup truck and who apparently did not know roberson fired the fatal shot as the young girl was driving. after an intense search authorities arrested david desper of treanor delaware county and charged him with murder. following today's funeral bianca roberson was laid to rest in a cemetery in nearby frazier. the man charged with her death has a court appearance scheduled for next thursday. in west chester, john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> authorities in camden county have just released new surveillance video of a person who may have information about a deadly shooting in camden this morning. officers want to talk to the man in this video they say he may know what happened along the 2500 block of south eighth street in camden just after midnight. that's where authorities found
5:36 pm
22-year-old ahmed murray sitting in a car with several gunshot wounds. murray was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. not clear why he was targeted. a serious crash in wilmington sent three people to the hospital with injuries. investigators say a tractor-trailer rear end a car causing a chain reaction collision in the westbound lanes of i-295. in the end there were four cars an second tractor-trailer involved. one of the vehicles flipped over and caught fire. it all happened just before 9 o'clock this morning near the 495 split. the driver that caused the crash was cited for following too closely. >> astra zeneca sold its u.s. headquarters in wilmington to a local real estate development firm in a deal reportedly valued at $50 million. the company signed a long-term agreement with delle donne and associates to lease two buildings on the 80-acre campus. a spokeswoman says selling the property and leasing back a smaller footprint will allow the company to use office space more efficiently and
5:37 pm
reduce operational costs. astra seneca announced in december that it was eliminating about 700 jobs in the u.s. in its commercial business including about 120 in wilmington leaving it with about 1500 employees in delaware. drivers who use route 206 are being reminded to find other ways to get to their destination. tonight route 206 will close at midnight and remain that way until the fall for construction. crews will be rehabilitating the stone arch bridge and the flood channel bridge as welly. >> all right. and with that let's get an update on the traffic report tonight. >> okay, let's go live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center for the update today. hey, matt. >> almost time for the weekend. first a couple of couple things to talk about. first on that 206 closure. a couple options for alternates. mercer road would be one or stay over on route one. this afternoon both of those look fine but it's not looking fine in montgomery county. 309 northbound side we had a work truck here that was on
5:38 pm
fire. you can see fire crews remain on the scene. and this is headed toward paper mill road, toward the pennsylvania turnpike. you can see the fire crews still out here blocking both of the lanes so traffic's jammed solid coming out of cheltenham through this point in springfield township as you head up toward the pennsylvania turnpike. one thing about using bethlehem pike instead or stay over on 611 as an alternate. headed to king of prussia our crash cleared right by the mall headed towards the schuylkill expressway. still a little lingering slowing but we're getting better in that neck of the woods. on the big picture we lost our crash along 95 southbound in delco just south of the blue route. still plenty of traffic head across the walt whitman bridge trying get down the shore of course for this weekend. we have a new closure that took effect earlier today in west philadelphia, chester and woodland avenues blocked for the next 10 days for trolley work. stay up on baltimore avenue instead and speaking of those rallies -- trolleys, changes
5:39 pm
on mass transit for the next week. rick and sharrie enjoy your weekend. >> you do the same. >> still to come on "action news" a race against time in one historic city after a collapse traps dozens of people in their beds. >> also much anticipated debut of a little elephant whose family history and her own story is pretty special. and meteorologist melissa magee is in for adam tonight. she's tracking the latest in the "action news" traffic center. melissa. >> rick and sharrie we're tracking a little bit of activity. in fact we'll show you storm track sticks life double scan radar 3-d. you can see we're tracking showers off to the west. some of these will head our way later tonight but improvement over the weekend. details coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> all right melissa. jeff skversky is here with sports including flyers camp, sixers news, phillies and the wimbledon when "action news" at 5:00 comes right back.
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>> crews are digging by hand through a collapsed apartment building in naples, italy. they're looking for several people who are missing. they've identified two bodies found in the rubble. the building crumbled early this morning while many people were sleeping. authorities are looking into whether this tragedy was related to renovation work in the building. >> a delta flight to china had to turn back to seattle after eyewitnesses say a passenger
5:43 pm
assaulted a flight attendant. according to passengers about 45 minutes into the flight, one of the 207 people on board began walking back and forth to the bathroom in first class and then towards the exit door. when the flight attendant tried to stop the 23-year-old man, they say he punched her. several passengers helped restrain the attacker reportedly breaking two bottles of wine on top of his head to subdue him. the fbi says the incident does not appear to be terror related. well, two people are injured in south carolina when a small plane crashed into a wooded area. it happened near the runway of the greenwood county airport this morning. the twin engine cessna sky master was preparing to land. both people on board were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the faa is investigating the crash. >> all right. time for sports. jeff is here. talk a little hockey tonight. haven't talked about hockey for awhile. >> little july hockey. of course the flyers in camp for their prospects, their
5:44 pm
biggest guy nolan patrick not ready to take the ice just yet but just in about a week he will be on the ice. flyers camp opens today without one of their biggest names on the ice nolan patrick sitting out of this weekend's development camp recovering from sports hernia surgery. flyers coach dave hakstol he's keeping a close eye on his future players today in voorhees, new jersey. patrick is forced to watch, too. the 18-year-old says this will not hurt his chances of making the flyers in the fall but the center admits he'll have to work a lot harder than everyone else. >> reporter: how frustrating is that for you? i'm sure you want to get better obviously and you don't want to push it but to not be out there with your new teammates. >> yeah, obviously, you know, you never want to be watching and i think i've missed enough hockey this year but at the end of the day i'm happy to be here and excited to be part of this organization. right now i'm just doing my rehab every day trying to get back into shape and where i need to be so i'm excited to get back next week. >> reporter: can you
5:45 pm
envision -- jumping ahead of ourselves envision what it would like to suit up opening night for the philadelphia flyers when the season rolls around as you'll be a 19-year-old kid at that point. >> obviously that would be a huge honor. that's my goal for myself. i don't want to get too far ahead of myself. i still got camp to go through. my main focus is getting healthy. >> reporter: shayne gostisbehere may have graduated from this camp but ghost is out here on his own today, the defenseman is trying to elevate his game after signing a six year extension last month. markelle fultz and sixers headed to vegas to continue summer league ball tomorrow. the number one pick hopes to continue to build upon what he learned out in utah. >> it was great. i had fun out there. i learned a lot. what i need to work on and what i'm good at and i just had fun playing with this team getting our chemistry together. >> this is not so good. lavar ball takes another shot
5:46 pm
at joel embiid saying he's not intelligent. we'll hear from him at 6:00. ball and the sixers center have been talking trash for weeks. >> the all-star break can't get here soon enough. but a reason to be optimistic this weekend the phillies are facing the padres and they have a better winning percentage against them than any other team in baseball over the last 13 years. not much is gone smoothly for the phillies including this last night. oops. fireworks going off in the middle of the game. false alarm. button must have been slippery. andres blanco loses control of his bat. everyone watching the bat except for the pirates catcher. goes down to first base. no one is paying attention. the ball goes into right field. the first baseman wasn't paying attention. andrew knapp runs the bases. that's how fast rick williams is in real life. the phillies run out of luck. they're trying to avoid losing four in a row tonight. no surprise here but andy murray is moving on to the 11th straight year.
5:47 pm
the center of attention at wimbledon center court today and andy murray taking down fabio. murray wins the final five games and finishes with this ace. unreal. murray advances to his 11th straight round of 16. what reaction right there at wimbledon. you are as fast as andrew knapp. >> i could run that fast. >> look at my face. [laughter] >> we didn't speed that up at all. >> i did run that fast. on fridays. thank you, jeff. well, this has been a big day for malala yousafzai. the 19-year-old graduated from high school and joined twitter. she's only had the account for a few hours. already she's got close to 230,000 followers. malala tweeted next week she'll be back on her girl power trip. she'll meet with girls in the middle east africa and latin america. she made headlines when she was shot in the head in the taliban at the age of 15. since then she's become an
5:48 pm
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5:51 pm
you're a cat lover. the first ever kitty adelphia. a celebration of all things feline. check out the works of various could the loving artists. there will be real life tabbies on hand to adopt. all the money raised will benefit paws a no kill animal shelter in philadelphia. that's a good cause. >> yeah, great news. melissa here with another look at the forecast. downpours this morning now very humid outside. >> yeah, it's been really humid. a lot of low level moisture. the humidity will be dropping as we get into the weekend. >> good. >> for rick's hair. >> thanks . >> [laughter] >> the action cam was outside earlier this afternoon. we were down the shore and we certainly had a gray start to our day and a lot of rain but all of that moisture for now is starting to push off the coast. at the center weather center
5:52 pm
on storm tracker radar we're tracking a little bit of activity to the west in harrisburg and central pennsylvania. we'll have to track this and see how it activates as it moves down to the south and east as we go throughout the rest of the early evening hours. but the temperatures for the most part in the 70's and 80's. in philadelphia 85 degrees, beach haven 77, over into trenton 83 degrees. up in the lehigh valley and allentown coming in at 84 and down in dover in at 84 degrees. as you go throughout the rest of our friday evening, we've got you covered with your day planner. 7 o'clock tonight it's partly sunny, it is dry, 85 but as we track those showers, 8, 9 o'clock tonight some activity will be scattered about the region. temperatures for the most part tonight will be in the upper 70's and lower 80's. as we look at satellite6 along with action radar you can see that we are tracking that moisture off to the west. we'll show it to you as we go in a little tighter. you can see that cluster right now moving across central pennsylvania. this will have work its way to the east as we go throughout tonight but all of that
5:53 pm
moisture with the severe thunderstorm watch stays to the south and west and away from our region for the rest of today. future tracker6 showing you 9 o'clock tonight we're tracking a little bit of moisture so the showers will be brief but where they do set up they can be heavy, especially along that i-95 corridor, also into south jersey and into delaware. fast forward into our weekend, nice improvement on the way. that front doesn't completely clear until we get into saturday afternoon, saturday evening. so, it's going to be a humid start to the day. we'll max out at 89 in philadelphia. we've got a westerly wind that will help to scour out the cloud cover, a spotty thundershower is likely. then on sunday, high pressure takes over, wall to wall sunshine on the way. high temperature in at 84. plenty of sun and lower humidity. down the shore, as we head into the weekend, on saturday we're dealing with a bit of a land breeze so a warm westerly wind moves on in. it's going to be a warmer day at the coast, a high of 87. otherwise it's partly sunny looking to be dry. on sunday sunny and pleasant high temperature in at 83 and up in the poconos, tomorrow
5:54 pm
temperatures will be in the upper 70's. it's gorgeous by sunday and a high in at 75 underneath a mostly sunny sky. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast showing it's warm tomorrow. it's breezy. thundershower likely by the afternoon. otherwise a high of 89. on sunday, it's sunny, it's comfortable, it's a good looking day, a high in at 84. on monday, sun and a few clouds and at 88 for the high. tuesday it's hot and humid with a pop-up shower or thunderstorm and at 92 oppressive with thunderstorms on wednesday, high in at 89 and 92 on thursday, clouds and sun. next friday, guys, in at 88 so we're looking good as we get into the weekend. sunday really nice. >> yeah. >> looks good. >> all right, melissa thanks. actor jeremy renner says he fractured both of his arms while doing a stunt in the filming of avengers infiniti war. the fractures impacted his right elbow and left wrist. the oscar nominateed actor is taking the injury in stride.
5:55 pm
he says it won't affect his performance and that injuries are "part of the job." (screaming) when you see an intruder, you act fast. boo. so do we. uh, why aren't you running away?
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>> she doesn't have a name yet but visitors to the pittsburgh zoo and the ppg aquarium can get a look at a female elephant calf born a month prematurely. its mother is one of three elephants the zoo rescued from botswana in 2011. zoo officials will wait to see how the calf adjusts and is accepted by the rest of the herd. >> jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories and more at 6:00 new information after a noose was discovered in center city philadelphia. >> proposed change to the rules governing the governor's beach house. the new legislation inspired by governor christie's infamous day on a closed beach. >> and a local man goes on a
5:58 pm
destructive driving rampage in his pickup truck. the damage to dozens of vehicles including 100,000-dollar maserati also damaged in all that of. >> that and much more coming up next at 6:00 for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams. have a nice weekend. good night. >> ♪
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night, bystanders help to save an injured septa passenger and philadelphia
6:00 pm
police are searching for the person who left a noose in center city. but the big story on "action news" tonight, the long awaited meeting between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. they must have had a lot to talk about because while it was scheduled for 35 minutes, they went on for two hours 16 minutes. this was their firsthand shake when they met for the first time earlier in the day at the g20 summit but all eyes were on the pair when they sat down for their face-to-face meeting. according to secretary of state rex tillerson, trump began by pressing putin on the alleged russian interference in the presidential election. putin denied involvement and asked for proof. trump dropped the issue and moved on to other things. but according to russian foreign minister sergei lavrov who was with tillerson in the room, trump accepted putin's denial that he heard and accepted put


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