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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  July 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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four missing men and text testimony in the deadly penn state hazing case next. action news. delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. >> the fbi digging up a farm in solebury township, bucks county, searching for the bodies of four men. three have been missing since friday, the fourth since last wednesday. meanwhile, a member of the family that owns the farm was
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arrested this afternoon. it is monday night and the big story on action news tonight is the pledge by the bucks county d.a. they will not rest until they get through every inch of this farm property. that will be a lot of digging. action news reporter trish hartman is live in solebury township tonight. dann cuellar is in ben salem where the farm owners have other property. trish, start with you. the search called for the night. what kind of night has this been there? >> reporter: well, like you said, jim, detectives are done for the night. it was a long and tiring day. and they will be back first thing tomorrow. they have been focusing on a property just down the road from here. and it is owned by the denardo family. as chopper 6 flew over one of the search sites, detectiveses could be seen near a barn on a rural property on lower york road. earlier in the day investigators were seen searching through
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rubble. a front end shovels and metal detectors looked for clues. neighbors watched waiting for news. >> it's sad. it's a beautiful little town and you hear this all the time. never thought something like this happen here. >> reporter: the property is owned by sandra denardo according to records and the focus of the exhaustive search. 19-year-old dean of middletown, 19-year-old jimmy patrick of newtown, 22-year-old mark sturgis and 21-year-old tom mio have been missing since last week. the district attorney says he believes foul play is involved. >> i have spoken to all the families of the four young men. they're very prayerful, very anxious. they're fearful, but they maintain some hope. and i think that that is the position that they want to stay in at this point. >> reporter: police also searched a home on waveland circle in ben salem, also owned by the denardo family.
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cosmo was taken into custody and charged with the illegal firearm. he was found with a shotgun and ammunition after being committed to a mental institution. this all started sunday when police spent hours searching a property in an effort to find the missing young men. that property is also owned by sandra denardo. and the district attorney says the next update is planned for 11:00 tomorrow morning. reporting live in solebury township, trish hartman. >> let's switch live to dann cuellar on wayland circle in ben salem. what are you hearing about the family there? >> reporter: what we are learning is that the denardo family is well known around here. antonio is in the construction business and built a number of the houses on the block.
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it was much to the consternation of the neighbors to learn that the 20-year-old son, cosmo dendo was taken into custody on an unrelated weapons charge >> summer surprised. it's unreal. >> reporter: the reaction on the block as a small army of law officers came in and out of the home. the picture he painted of the 20-year-old was one of a super-nice gentleman from a nice family. >> cosmo was always a great kid. helps me out. i'm digging a flag pole a few weeks ago, he runs over, throws the shovel, grabs it off of me. don't do that, i'll do it for you. that's the kind of kid he is. >> reporter: and so he was taken aback when he learned that cosmo, cited in an affidavit of probable cause as a man with history of mental illness, accused of possessing a shotgun back in february. it was dropped and refiled today in the wake of the latest developments.
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taken into custody and held on $1 million bail. >> i don't feel good about it and i hope it work the out and doesn't stick. >> reporter: it's left residents wondering what could have happened. >> it's four young men. what could happen to four individuals at separate times? it's -- nobody has answers. >> reporter: now, tonight, neither denardo's parents or his lawyer returned our phone calls seeking comment about all of this. we're live in ben salem, bucks county, i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 action news. >> thank you. this has been the most viewed story on all day. and you can read our extensive coverage on the 6abc app tonight. we will alert you to additional developments in this case as they come. the action news morning team will have the latest details from bucks county that begins at 4:30 a.m. other news at this hour, a west philadelphia woman in the
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hospital for smoke inhalation following a fire tonight at 7:22 in the apartment in the 4100 block of warren street. fire fighters had had it quickly extinguished, but the victim, believed to be in her 60s, had to be transported to penn presbyterian as a trauma alert. camden county authorities investigating a suspicious death. a man's body discovered in the 6000 block of mansion avenue at 9:20. police will only say this is a case of foul play. the deadly penn state fraternity hazing case returns to the courtroom tomorrow. it is a preliminary hearing after a day of revealing testimony today and text messages among the defendants. prosecutors today presented evidence they believe demonstrates a coverup by the members of the beta theta pi from ternty in the death of piazza.
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young allegedly wrote to the pledge master, quote, make sure the pledges clean the basement and get rid of the evidence of alcohol. casies reportedly texted his girlfriend, quote, it's over. i don't want to go to jail for this. in another text, defendant gary debillio texted a fellow fraternity member. it's not the fact that he drank, he drank because we hazed him to. main word being "hazed." whenever the preliminary hearing wraps up, the judge will decide which of the 16 defendants will be held for trial on what charges. on the accuweather front, heat, humidity, all building to a crescendo later this week. that will make it feel hotter than 100 degrees. cecily tynan takes a first look right now. this means more than just higher temperatures. it also brings the risk of storms. >> that is right. heat wave number four. today, warm and muggy, 89
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degrees our high. but look out to the west. high temperatures in the triple digits in some areas, and that is the air mass that's moving our way. so tomorrow, this is the heat index. this is the way it will feel. the combination of the temperature and the humidity levels. the dew point's close to 70. most in the red range. that's 95 to 100. south of wilmington, parts of south jersey, around 100. there will be a little bit of relief right along the coast and across the poconos where the heat index, 90-95 degreeses. and yes, a threat of storms. double scan live showing one batch of showers trying to push in. that'll really evaporate. but out to the west, there's more activity. and these storms will become more numerous as we head over the next three days. this is what to expect, next three days. oppressive humidity. you will feel the moisture in the air storms they can bring a lot of downpours in a short period of time. so torrential rain. where you get the storms, the storms will be spotty. but also the potential for
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damaging wind gusts. most active on thursday, ahead of a cold front with relief for the weekend. i'll talk about that in the serve day forecast. >> thank you. federal authorities investigating a deadly industrial accident at the port of philadelphia. a worker waspping container tod. the accident happened at the packer marine terminal at 12:30g machinery accidently knocked over a stack of the cargo containers. one fell on to a white pickup truck, killing a 52-year-old man inside. pier where the accident happened was closed to business for the day. it is expected to reopen for operations at 7a.m. >> we are getting our first look inside the animal shelter that was severely damaged in a firey car crash over the weekend. the brandy wine spca in new castle, delaware, says it needs donations to cover the repairs. police say 36-year-old la toya
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cooper lost control of her car and crashed through the building. the impact started a fire. she lost her life along with three cats. 98 other animals were rescued, and today more than half were adopted. and this evening cooper's family and dozens of others returned to the scene. they paid their respects to the mother of five by placing flowers at the crash site. cooper's mother was emotional as she spoke to the crowd. she is now planning to raise five grandchildren. the deadline for pennsylvania's budgets is midnight tonight. but with less than an hour left, there is no plan to pay for it. so governor tom wolf plans to let it become law without his approval and signature. it is the second year in a row the governor has reruse u fused to sign off on an unbalanced budgets. the legislate needs to fill a projected $2 million hole in the plan. not only leading to problems
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paying for government services, but standard and poor's rating agency warned the state of an impending credit down crowd. a new poll finds that new jersey governor chris christie's approval is 15%. oil% of new jersey residents disapprove of the job christie is doing. 5% still haven't made up their minds. as for the now infamous photo of christie at the beach during the state shut down, two-thirds of the public expressed negative feedback with the most common reactions being disgusted, anger and disbelief. in washington, senators are back after their july 4th recess, and majority leader mitch mcconnell has a tough task trying to cobble together support for his health care bill. mcconnell is studying possible changes in the bill. rolling back some medicaid cuts, adding more money to fight opioid abuse and beefing up health care subsidies.
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president trump tweeted this. i cannot imagine congress would not leave washington without a beautiful new health care bill approved and ready to go. human rights. that is why we fight, fight, fight. >> the returning lawmakers were met by more than a dozen demonstrations outside senators and respectives offices. at least 80 protestors arrested today. some dragged away by police as they chanted not to take away their health care coverage. there is new information tonight about the meeting between donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer in june of 2016. the new york times is reporting tonight that trump jr. was told that not only would he learn about damaging information about hillary clinton, we knew about that last night, but he was told that information was coming from the russian government as part of an effort to epicandidate trump win.
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also attending, jared kushner and campaign manager paul manafort. said one democratic senator tonight, based on his own admissions, meaning trump jr., this is an attempt at collusion. still to come tonight, an army soldier arrested for ties to i.s.i.s. plus developing details of a deadly plane crash with marines. and the best tippers in the country. the most generous americans and how many people stiff the wait staff. heat and humidity building, how hot it will feel and the chance of storms in the accuweather seven day forecast. ducis rodgers with bombs away. the home run derby. here comes the judge. give it away? >> a little bit. >> i'm sorry. when action news continues tonight.
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it's going to be warm in the morning. thunderstorms possible. a complete weather update, breaking news. wake up to everything going on tomorrow morning on action news.
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we have a developing story from mississippi tonight where a military transport plane has crashed. there are at least five confirmed casualties. four others were on board. supposed to be on board. their condition is unknown.
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a search is under way for those victims in the county about 85 miles north of jackson. however the debris field is roughly five miles across. the marine corp. did not say what caused the c-130 to crash. the iraqi city of mosul took just days to fall to i.s.i.s. in 2014. it took nine months of pitched battle for iraq to get it back. but that happened today with iraqi prime minister proclaiming total victory over the islamic state. this bringing an end to the islamic state's claim of a caliphate. and they celebrated in the streets tonight, did iraqis. said president trump, the victory in mosul signals that i.s.i.s.' days in syria and iraq are numbered. federal authorities are accusing an active duty american soldier tonight of having connections with i.s.i.s. the fbi says s.w.a.t. team agents arrested the 34-year-old
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over the weekend in hawaii. he has been identified as itikakang at the 25th infantry at a bar racks in honolulu. he enlisted shortly after the september 11th attacks and deployed to both iraq and afghanistan and was most recently an air traffic controller. 14 large wildfires roaring in california forcing nearly 8,000 evacuations. the alamo fire is the largest and burning an area about two-thirds the size of washington, d.c. in santa barbara county, the fire is shutting down both sides of a major highway and trapped dozens of children and camp counselors who waited two hours for help to arrive. they are safe tonight. republicans, northeasterners, baby boomers and men are the best tippers in the country. that according to a survey by credit they all left a 20% gratuity on
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average at restaurants. democrats, women and southerners tipped around 15 or 16%, the survey found. the survey says. but women were more likely than men to tip hotel housekeepers, coffee shop baristas and hairstylists. they also found one in five americans never tip at all. health check at 11:00 tonight. research at the university of pennsylvania is casting doubt on the supposed benefits of something called brain training. websites like lumosity offer games that some believe can improve mental function or ward off dementia. 128 young people were recruited by the researchers to brain train for ten weeks or play regular video games of their choice. at the end both groups had had nearly identical improvements in various cognitive tests. however, it should be pointed out that the young healthy volunteers aren't the target audience for brain training and
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results may differ for older demographics. the police department with four new members. all graduates from the municipal police academy were sworn in. and among them, michael hanley. it's a family affair. he has two uncles on the force and his dad is a corporal with the ridley park police department. a lot of proud folks tonight. the first k-9 in chesterfield, burlington county, has a new tool to keep her south. local girl scout troop 70550 got her a vest. they raised money and worked with nonprofit capital k-9 association. but we do know that xena is now outfitted for a very dangerous job. >> good job to the girls. >> absolutely. what about this accuweather forecast. >> it's going to be intense. next three days. the heat and humidity building. so a good place to be.
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the action cam showing you splash park -- dill worth splash park. the fountains are not running, and they will be. find water over the next three days. try to stay cool. storm tracker 6 live double scan. there is water in the form of showers, pushing near harrisburg. it's a short wave. falling apart. but more showers and thunderstorms out to the west and they will be moving in really each afternoon over the next three days most active day will be thursday. but tonight, big story, just how warm it feels. right now the heat index, the way it feels, philadelphia, 81 degrees at 11:00. it's a warm, sticky night. cape may, 72 degrees. but i can't stress enough, if you want to get outside, do some run, exercise, you need to go early. this is a heat index for form. and we're in the upper 80s by 10:00. and once we're at 1:00 through
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5:00, the heat index in the mid to upper 90s. so to use a cliche, it's not the heat, it's the humidity. it's both over the next three days. 68 degrees in philadelphia. millvale, 73. go up to the poconos to have dew points below 60. that shows a lot of moisture in the air and the dew point will hover around 70 degrees right into friday. so what this means is that tropical kind of air mass where there's plenty of moisture molecules, any storm can pull down heavy downpour in a short period of time. and then, of course, you add the temperatures. tomorrow's high, 93 degrees. wednesday, 92. thursday, 95. but you factor in the humidity. it will feel like 98 degrees tomorrow. the same on wednesday, and on thursday, this will be the peak of it, it will feel like 104 degrees. that is in the dangerous zone. seek out air-conditioning and try to stay cool. future tracker tomorrow morning, lots of sunshine. a few fair weather clouds as we
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head into the afternoon. any time after 2:00, 3:00, scattered storms bubbling up. not everyone will get them. but those who do, gusty winds. and thursday, more active ahead of the cold front. down the shore, you're lucky. what a week to be there. temperatures in the low 80s. ocean temperature, pretty warm. and the delaware beach and 90 degrees. muggy, but get in the water and cool off. the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast. 92 tomorrow, 93 on wednesday. that's the heat wave, heat index above 100 on thursday. each afternoon, thunderstorms. best chance, thursday night into friday. that's when a powerful cold front moves through. friday, very unsettled with downpours. 81 degrees. the good thing is, we clear everything out right in time for the weekend. lower humidity on saturday. 86 degrees. the same on sunday and monday. 87 with a chance of a thunderstorm. take it easy the next three
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days. it's going to be tough, especially thursday. >> all right, thank you. coming up on action news, back, back, back. ducis rodgers with the home run derby in miami when we continue. for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication...
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is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice.
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yankees slugger aaron judge wins easily. a few home runs at over 500 feet. one is measured at 513 feet. judge is your home run derby champion. for the fourth straight year, the phillies have just one respective in the all star game. and will make his appear. >> i think i'm the second oldest guy. it's anlook back, almost made in 2007. now it's 2017. pretty neat, especially being a non-closer. >> the phillies welcome this break. the team has the worst record in baseball. don't play again until friday. time to clear the minds. >> i know i'm going to definitely take, you know, at least 48 hours to myself to kind of, you know, recharge and refocustry to do here in the sed half. : the sixers summer league team have the night offer. meanwhile, markell fultz
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reiterates he will be okay. he sprained his ankle. the number one pick admits he was initially scared. >> i hit the ground, and my ankle was hurting and i was thinking it can't be over this quick. just started. i knew once i looked down, i knew i rolled my ankle and i was going to be fine. like i said, we have a great training staff here. and the way i take care of my body, i knew i was going to be all right. >> still ahead, hear why blunt is loving the eagle's crowded back field. plus rafael nadal gets knocked out. ♪ pro-tip. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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for those of you who can't wait for football to return, guess what, eagles training camp begins two weeks from today. lagarrett bunt from new england joins others in a sunday -- suddenly crowded back field. >> it's a versatile back field. you know, you get a little bit of everything from the speed to the power and the collusiveness to, you know, catching and running. we all bring something different to the team. >> camp carson. wide receiver alshon jefferys shared this video on his social media account. carson wentz invited many of this field position players to his hometown of fargo, north dakota for workouts and team bonding. among the winners, federer and williams on to the quarter finals. rafael nadal is a little bit too hyped up for the match today. goes five sets.
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four hours and 47 minutes. mueller on his fifth match point finally wins the match. that's a look at sports. >> all right, thank you, ducis. two feisty senior citizens have crossed off jumping out of a plane from their bucket list. 84-year-old betty came up with the idea. 85-year-old franny said, okay, i'll join you. the idea soon made its way to the well wishes program which helps seniors fulfill their dreams. so heed the women suited up and boarded a plane. both of them made the leap from high above with their family and friends watching. the family and friends were on the ground. watching. you understood that. >> i got it. >> needless to say. jimmy kimmel live next followed by nightline. for the entire action news team, i'm jim gardner. good night.
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mango, put it in reverse. oh, lord jesus. oh, lord. geez. what you doing? >> announcer: tonight's jimmy kimmel live is brought to you by fireworks and terry. back up terry. >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kit harington, from "girls trip", regina hall, and music from trey songz. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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