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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  July 12, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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♪ action news delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ another day of digging for clues but still no sign of four
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missing men. police in the f.b.i. will resume tomorrow in their efforts to find what they are looking for, whom they are looking for in solebury township and cosmo dinardo is now a person of interest and oh, yes he has been released on a million dollars bail. it is tuesday night and the big story on action news tonight is attracting enormous attention in the tri state area and across the county authorities in bucks county will not rest until they find the four men action news reporter dan cuellar is live in solebury township and dann we will start with you and huge effort by lawmen and the f.b.i. but so far no pay off. >> reporter: that's right jim and so far cosmo dinardo is the only person of interest identified in the mysterious disappearances and fear he is a flight risk and why authorities sought such a high bail on an unrelated weapons charge but
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tonight he was able to post 10% of one million bail and he is out there somewhere as the search for the missing men goes on. >> it's not just a single property. we have people combing the entire county. >> reporter: bucks county da matt weintraub talking about the four men missing since last week and own a 90 acre form on lower york road owned by the family of cosmo dinardo. >> i can't say the whole property is a crime scene but we have been going through the entire property. >> reporter: sources tell abc news a ping from one of the missing men's cell phones led investigators to the property an army of federal and local law officers have been using everything from major construction equipment to sifting equipment in the search, meanwhile friends of the four missing men kept vigil nearby. >> it's hard, we are all just shooken up by the whole thing. we are all we are scared. >> he was just so close to me. he was one of my best friends and he was such a good person
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and everyone deserved a jimmy in their life and now he is not here. sorry. >> reporter: walter says they were hanging out with jim gardner on the fourth of july the night before he disappeared and went to school together at holy ghost prep and until this happened he never heard the name cosmo dinardo. >> never seen him before or heard the name. >> reporter: never seen them hanging out together. >> no. >> reporter: dean dean never heard of him either but whatever the relationship between dinardo and the four men is something authorities are keeping close to the vest. >> we still have our detectives and investigators working on that. i am not at liberty to disclose that at this point. >> reporter: again tonight calls to the dinardo family and to cosmo's lawyers seeking comment were not returned, we note that dinardo has not been charged in connection with the missing men. we are live here in solebury bucks county i'm dann cuellar channel six action news jim.
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>> dann thank you. let's switch live to action news reporter annie mccormick at peddlers village and we said at the top of the broadcast it's a grim episode but it's attracting enormous amount of attention. >> reporter: jim it is and spanning through several communities within bucks county as you can imagine residents and visitors are all watching closely, praying for a good outcome. >> everyone is very concerned and like worried and all the people are spooked. >> reporter: the search for the four missing men is captivating residents and visitors near the search area from peddlers village to new hope. >> this does not happen in solebury and doesn't happen around here. >> feel very bad about the whole thing. >> feel for the families you know. just heart wrenching i can't believe something like this is happening so close to here. >> reporter: employees of local stores say customers in the community are asking questions. >> a few people have asked if we know anything or heard anything
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and what we feel about it. >> they have come in and asked what is going on around here and you know it's a tight knit community and are not really sure much of anything. >> reporter: the epicenter of the search is in solebury sight of teams of law enforcement is now a constant. >> helicopters, all the time, hepatitis helicopters. and bensalem he is there and more marked units on patrol and officers are saying this to curious neighbors like himself. >> be vigilant and keep your eyes open if you see anything suspicious or suspect or whatever you know with what is going on the news. >> reporter: and investigators still working around the clock welcoming any tips the public may have, the search resumes tomorrow morning and reporting live in peddlers village annie mccormick for action news back to you.
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>> we will keep you alert to any new developments on the missing man's story through the 6abc app it's a free download for your phone or tablet. donald trump junior finds himself at the center of his own e-mail fire storm tonight amid the clear signs yet that members of the trump campaign were willing to accept help from the russians. the circumstances have been exposed for a couple of days. a meeting between donald trump junior and a russian attorney by the name of natalia at trump tower on june nine and it was attended by curb ner and campaign chairman manafort but not until today that trump junior released a series of e-mails that explain the reason for the meeting the e-mails are between trump junior and rob gold stone a publicist for a russian pop star who set up the meeting. and described as a government attorney supposedly had dirt on hillary clinton high level and
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sensitive information that quote is part of russia and its government support for mr. trump. trump junior responds if it's what you say i love it. this seems to indicate that donald trump's son knew that russia was trying to help the candidate win and may have taken part, the leading democrat on the house intelligence committee is adam shift. >> it's the first time publically you see potential evidence that inner circle of the trump family of the trump campaign having direct contacts with the russians. >> reporter: republican senator lindsey graham acknowledged this could be a problem. >> you are offered assistance from a foreign government in your campaign the only answer is no so i'm not going to condemn the guy on the e-mail but this is something that is the most problematic thing i have seen thus far. >> reporter: tonight speaking to shawn hannity trump junior said in retrospect he would have done things differently and many
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democrats are calling in the first smoking gun in the trump russia probe. on healthcare mitch mcconnell will unveil a revised version of his healthcare bill on thursday and apparently retain the obama taxes on wealthy americans on investment income and payroll and some of the revenue would be sent to the states to contain premiums and deductibles. 45 billion dollars over 10 years would go toward combatting the opioid crisis. investigation launched in an arrest yesterday by philadelphia police at issue did officers use excessive force, action news reporter christie ileto was live at police headquarters tonight. >> reporter: witnesses have identified that suspect as kevin rivera and police could not release too much information because this is under investigation but did say they are aware of that now viral video that shows what residents are calling a case of police
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brutality. video showed police trying to handcuff a man witnesses have identified as kevin rivera or manura as he is known to his friends. and the cell phone on elkhart on ellis streets showed this seconds later. an officer appeared to slam the suspect in the pavement as others tried to keep a growing crowd at bay. how would you describe what you saw? these witnesses chose not to show their faces. >> crazy. that is the only thing crazy. >> reporter: the clip shows the handcuffed suspect collapsing to the ground with officers putting him in a squad car and police say they are aware of the video and launched an internal probe and share that officers were initially in that area for a narcotics investigation. >> those guys out there have a split-second decision to make and how they make it they are second guessed, triple guessed
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quadruple guessed days after the fact. >> reporter: the three-minute clip doesn't paint a full picture. >> clearly resisting in the middle of the street before they got handcuffs on him. >> screaming help and trying to get away. >> reporter: police have not said it will be the focal point of their narcotics investigation or if he had drugs but witnesses say he was homeless and kept to himself and considered this a case of alleged brutality. what was the point of the police abusing him? what do they have against him? >> reporter: now it's not clear what touched off the arrest or what happened in the moments that were not recorded but know he is listed in good condition at temple university hospital live at police headquarters christie ileto channel six action news jim. >> thank you. and a third day of testimony in the deadly penn state hazing case was still not enough to
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decide whether 16 fraternity members should stand trial so the judge ordered two additional hearings next month one by one lawyers for the 16 accused cross-examined state college police detective dave trying to establish their clients were not involved in his death and all of the actions are being unfairly lumped together. it is a case of murder on the streets of atlantic city tonight an unidentified man was shot several times just after 9:00 at indiana and lincoln avenues. he died a short time later at atlantic care regional medical center no motives or suspects. the murder rate in philadelphia is sharply up this year even though crime over all is actually down. the latest statistics from the police department show murders are up by 22% with 163 so far this year compared to 134 at this time last year. however it is not because more people are being shot, shootings
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are only up 1%. about the same number of people were shot this year to date as they were last year to date but more people that were shot unfortunately died as compared to last year. >> reporter: officials say the homicides are concentrated in the 24th and 25th police districts which is an swath of neighbors port richmond kensing ton and jun, ta and hunting park and north philadelphia be prepared for picket lines at philadelphia international airport if you have a flight hundreds of contracted workers tonight announce their intentions to strike. they include wheelchair attendants baggage handers sky caps cabin cleaners others employed by american airlines contractors, prime flight and prospect you may remember they staged protests ahead of a dnc last summer and workers voted to organize in a union and join the
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service employees international union but claim the contractors refused to negotiate a contract and it's expected to begin at 11:30 at the bnc departure terminals and still to come on action news a report of the safety of pregnancy over the past decade plus witnesses report hearing a series of explosions before that plane fell out of the sky. we have the latest on the deadliest marine corps crash in years. and the biggest airbag recall in american history expands to millions more vehicles that had up until now been thought to be safe. cecily. >> it was a hot and very humid day today our high 91 and 4 degrees above normal and the next few days the temperatures will continue to climb and i'm tracking a stormy end to the heat wave and i will ex plan in the seven-day forecast. the set of the fargo not the movie or tv show but quality time with eagles quarterback carson wentz we will explain
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when action news continues.
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the pentagon has yet to say what caused a marine kc-130 to fall out of the plane and crash in mississippi yesterday killing all 16 service members on board 7 of them were elite special forces troops heading across the country for training this is the deadliest air disaster for the marine corps including combat since 2005, witnesses say they heard a series of explosions while the plane was airborne. the f.b.i. is now involved but military officials say no foul play is suspected. a wildfire burning near oralville in northern california destr destroyed homes and thousands
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have been forced to evacuate and 1700 firefighters are on the scene and have the fire 45% contained. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. millions more airbags being added to the already massive takata recall tonight and this time it involves a different kind of inflater that was previously thought to be safe. takata is recalling airbags in 2.7 million additional ford nissan mazda vehicles from model years 2005-2012. according to u.s. government regulators tests done by takata found inflaters with a different chemical mixture can still explode with too much force during a crash and there are no reports they have blown up or caused any injuries, takata filed for bankruptcy last month but promises to keep making replacement parts. more than 20,000 people gathered in new york to remember a police officer who was ambushed in the
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bronx. and he was sitting in a mobile command unit last week when she was shot. she was a 12 year veteran of the force and she leaves behind a 20-year-old daughter and 12-year-old twins. dozens of strangers formed a human chain in florida to save ten swimmers. those swimmers were swept away by a rip current saturday in panama city beach it was so strong others got stranded trying to help. dozens of beach goers linked arms and pulled everybody to safety one woman suffered a heart attack and she is still in the hospital, everybody else is okay. health check at 11:00 tonight pregnancy is not getting safer for american mothers. the american college of obstetrics and gynecologists found death rates have not improved in the past decade and they are essentially unchanged. the doctors group says while fewer women are dying in child birth from blood loss anesthesia complications or high blood pressure it's off set by higher
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rates of cardiovascular disease and obesity and other illnesses that women have before getting pregnant which increase their risk. a four-year-old boy battling brain cancer fulfilled his wish tonight, chase bailer got to ride on a motorcycle. the owner of family and company jewelers heard about chase's wish and invited him to go for a spin. his two older brothers were also invited. chase had so much fun that riding on one bike it wasn't enough and he insisted on trying out all three and that is exactly what he did. >> he looks pretty cool on his bike accuweather forecast for the next seven days but it's the next two days that are really going to be uncomfortable. >> that is when the heat and humidity continues to climb and sky six taking a look at center city skyline and you can really see the humidity literally you can see the haze in the air dew points in the low 70s so that indicates a tropical air mass
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and that will be with us for the next two days but storm tracker six live showing at 6:00 and showing you a complex of storms over pittsburgh as expected they just pretty much e evaporated and storms across south jersey and the heat and humidity with a high of 91 degrees today we started what likely is heat wave number four and three day heat wave and peaking on thursday with excessive heat posted climbing above 100 degrees and then the potential for a strong storm as the cold front brings an end to the heat wave but tonight you step outside it's still warm out there philadelphia 82 degrees, allentown a muggy 77 cape may cooler 73 and trenton 80 degrees and wilmington currently 81 so satellite and radar showing that although we don't have storms here there is a good amount of cloud cover and you can see it's all associated with a front that is still up to the north that
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cold front so tomorrow morning i don't think we will see a lot of bright sunshine lots of clouds for the morning commute and it will be muggy and warm already at 6:00, 77 degrees by 8:00 and climbing up to 80 degrees it will feel more like about 85 degrees by 8:00 with the heat index and temperatures continue to climb. 92 degrees the high tomorrow the heat index climbing in the upper 90s with this cold front up to the north could get a few spotty thunderstorms late in the day, the best chance will be areas to the north the poconos the lehigh valley on thursday this front sags a little bit further to the south and low pressure develops along it and a better chance of widespread evening thunderstorm the high 95 on thursday you combine that with dew points in the 70s and that's when the heat index will be climbing above 100 so because of that national weather service has issued excessive heat watch thursday into thursday evening for the
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urban areas surrounding i-95 corridor and talking about dangerous heat and humidity you definitely do want to take it easy and find some air conditioning and keep cool and good option down the shore and ocean city 87 and bethenny beach 90 and muggy but not as hot as inland 92 and a few stray thunderstorms late in the day and near more thunderstorms on thursday 95 the heat index above 100 on friday it's still really humid we will see some thunderstorms, some heavy downpours but the heat wave will be over with a high of 81 degrees and the weekend is looking really nice mixture of clouds and sun on saturday great weather for the union game 84 degrees and lower in humidity and it will be seasonably warm on sunday with a high of 87. monday some thunderstorms pop up 87 on tuesday and heating back up to 89 degrees so excessive heat and humidity especially thursday it's gone by friday. >> thank you cecily a group of students was recognized tonight for lots of hard work.
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a ceremony held in center city philadelphia for the graduates of the professional training core program, philadelphia mayor jim kenney there to show his support he is right there in the front row. the students come from low income backgrounds they spent the last year receiving mentoring and hands on skill development. students also completed six month internships at 15 local companies. it is sparked the wave week at villanova and dozens of teens are learning about leadership, tonight they picked through thousands of donated clothing items they made sure to sort and fold and pack it all up, the bags of donations will be sent to local organizations so they can distribute them to people in need. ♪
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so who would think there is a lonely football field in fargo north dakota where the phillies,
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the eagles future might be formed even as we speak. >> they are building right now bonding a bunch of millionaires out there in fargo north dakota and napa before the real thing and 13 days away from training camp and this week carson wentz has been holding a camp in fargo north dakota his hometown and he is for the skilled position players and jeffrey and auglar are there about football and bounding but for some players it was like being in a remake of the movie city slickers. >> they all flew in what is this place what is going on but love it. we had fun and got a lot of good work insofar and means a lot we got this many guys to come out and you know i think it was a big part of building this chemistry and we got a number of new faces and younger guys and veterans and younger guys and this is chemistry and the off season is a huge part of it. >> adage in baseball pitching always beats good hitting and seeing that firsthand in the
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major league baseball all-star game and in the tenth game and al leads at the top and yad had a homer to give the al the one run advantage and pat neshek got in there in the second inning and pitched a scoreless inning and this is since 2008 the sixers and celtics meet in summer league play and leads both teams of scoring and scored 16 points and had three triples and the sixers lose 88-83 no need to be ashamed it's make believe basketball. still ahead dave hextall explains what it's all about and let the trash
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to the flyers scott laughton will be sticking around for a while for a two year contract extension and hextall is looking at prospects at the developmental camp and the coach says this camp was about teaching. >> it's absolutely all about getting better all about development. there is you know there is no real situations when you look through you know the week of development camp that you know you look at and can you know legitimately try to evaluate a player's ability to compete in the real training camp which is coming up, this fall. >> reporter: the three ring
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circus will last six weeks and it started today. floyd mayweather junior and mcgreger began a promotional tour and 20,000 fans watched this in los angeles and 49-0 boxer against the mma fighter the trash talking has begun. >> the beat down. >> nose to nose. >> yeah. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line, jimmy's guest tonight are peyton manning, nikili and music from curfew genius. action news continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards matt o'donnell and karen rogers and david murder si and cecily tynan and ducis rodgers the entire action news team i'm jim gardner good night.
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