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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 14, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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why don't you dry my dishes? oh, he doesn't know any better. you just need to add finish® jet-dry in the rinse aid compartment. it's there for a reason. it dries much better than detergent alone. sorry dishwasher. finish® jet-dry. for drier, shinier dishes. went dead. >> that's impressive. mark and kayla have been together and here they are in tennessee and mark set it up all. he's on one knee and it's perfect. >> oh! >> he literally swept her off her feet. >> that is not the way you want
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that to go when the man you love proposes to you. >> maybe do this on solid ground. >> she is standing there. he drops to one knee, pops the question and she's so taken aback -- >> she probably pulled her groin. i don't care, i'm good, no pain. >> you and that ring, man. give me that ring! >> she might feel it tomorrow but for now he continues his proposal and says yes. this couple is all about spark and fireworks. >> oh. ahh. >> the scene is set and he's down on one knee. then she goes to accept, and kiss him. suddenly sparks start flying. >> oh, man, is that a sign? it's like literally one second into yes, boom! okay! >> it's just a manifestation of the sparks of their love.
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>> did she get the ring? >> they're both good sports about it. and they're still trying to relish the moment. she got the ring. that's our show for now. but don't fret, has more fun contact. check us on the next brand-new episode of rtm. dead" after someone suffered massive injuries in a fall. john bernecker lost his footing and fell 30 feet onto a concrete floor. he is currently on life support at atlanta medical center. >> so sad there. we're going to turn our focus to an abc exclusive with a mother who said that she feared
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for her baby's life as he grew dangerously hot on a delayed united airlines flight while they were stuck on a hot tarmac. >> that mother is speaking out and demanding changes from united in its policies. >> they looked at me and said we can't get you off the plane. that was the worst moment of my life. >> reporter: one mother speaking out on what she says is a travel hazard that could have cost her son his life. she was stuck on a plane last month with her 4 month old son owen, the flight grounded at denver international airport during a heat wave. temperatures inside the cabin rising. >> it was extremely hot and everyone around me was complaining. >> reporter: she says that after a delay, the flight crew allowed her and owen off the plane to cool off. 20 minutes later, she reboarded for takeoff, only to have the flight delayed again. and that's when she says owen's condition started quickly deteriorating.
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>> a mom knows. and he made a cry that i've never heard before. and his coloring, i've never seen that color before. he was screaming and then he gi just stopped, and my son went limp in himy arms. and i said call an ambulance. and get me off the plane. >> reporter: did you fear for his life? yes, i did. i thought i was going to lose my son in my arms. >> reporter: while the flight crew called for help. >> we have an infant with shortness of breath. this is going to be a return to gate. >> reporter: emily says they couldn't figure out how to vac wat her with no stairs and no jet way. >> it was complete chaos. >> reporter: a fellow passenger capturing those panic-filled minutes. what do you see when you look at that picture? >> i see helplessness. >> reporter: after approximately 15 minutes, she was finally able to get off. owen rushed to the emergency
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room. you feel like that plane that day was just as dangerous as a child being left in a hot car? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: united airlines says we profoundly sorry and apologize to our customer and her child for the experience they endured. we are continuing to look into what happened to prevent this from occurring again. the faa telling abc news the agency expects operators to take appropriate action if a cabin temperature condition occurs on the ground that could potentially affect passenger safety. now emily wants change, asking airlines to implement policies about the temperature inside the cabin. do you feel like they were prepared for an emergency like this? >> absolutely not. i want to share it. in hopes that another mom or parent never has to go through this ever again. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo, abc news, denver. and coming up, big brother hits the big time on broadway.
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>> how george orwell's view of a future becomes a broadway show. stains happen...
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♪ ♪ 1984 >> we jamming out to david bowie. >> for a second. then we started telling you about the new broadway show. that year, when you hear it, though, 1984, it holds a certain meaning thanks to this novel. >> in george orwell, news speak and the thought of police became tools of oppression and now they're the stuff of broadway musicals, at least one. here's david wright. >> i have to do something, whatever the consequences. i have to do something. >> reporter: 1984, a cold war
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classic everybody read in high school, now taking broadway by storm. >> down with big brother! down with big brother! >> reporter: not exactly light fare for date night. >> this show tells you a big place of anxiety. >> yes, anxiety. >> reporter: model and actress, olivia wilde is one of the as far as. this is your broadway debut? >> this is, yes. >> reporter: what an intense debut. >> it is an intense debut, but i wouldn't want it any other way. >> sunday afternoon. >> reporter: her character, julia, is the ambiguous love interest, who's either betraying the regime or betraying her lover, we're never quite sure which. the production comes at a moment when new york theater is a political hotbed. >> vice president elect pence -- >> reporter: last year, the vice president got an earful during the curtain call at "hamilton." ?
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>> we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. >> reporter: earlier in the summer, shakespeare in the park staged julius caesar with suits and red ties. eager to make a scene. >> nazi! >> reporter: and now this. >> yeah. >> reporter: how does this fit in to that conversation about politics and art? >> it's interesting, because this is the least literal of all of those, in terms of reflecting the current politics. there's into one dressed up as trump in our show, we're not diverting from the text to draw parallels to today's world. when the audience hears "the truth matters", "words matter", that's something they recognize from their hoown lives. >> sean spicer our press secretary gave alternative facts. >> when kellyanne conway said
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i'll turn to facts, that 1984 shot to the top of the best seller list again. >> reporter: if there was ever news speak. >> and the entire trump administration. i think people are sort of aware of, but they kind of would rather not believe that it was that dangerous. >> reporter: you were born in 1984. >> i was born in 1984. >> reporter: i remember 1984. and i remember raiding theadingk and thinking, george orwell got it wrong. >> it was sci-fi. now it's current events. >> reporter: an old drama with new relevance in the era of alternative facts. i'm david wright for nightline in new york. >> i was going to say was not your feel-good musical until the end. >> yeah. >> it's -- >> an accurate description. >> it's an interesting, it's a heavy, heavy one. >> heavy one, yeah. coming up, a chilling tale
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♪ welcome back. >> time now for our "insomniac theater," previewing two movies opening this weekend. >> we're going to start with the third chapter of the current planet of the apes franchise. war for the planet of the apes stars andy circus. the movie pits apes and hugs in the ultimate battle for control of the earth. >> my god. look at your eyes. almost human. how did you know i was here? >> i was told you were coming. that more soldiers from the north would be joining you here. >> joining me? >> to finish us off.
2:56 am
for good. >> the critics are mostly loving war for the planet of the apes, giving it a 94% certified fresh rating on rotten tomatoes. a.l. scott calls it a superb an example rare in this era of sloppily constructed commercially -- and it's call add polished diamond in the middle of disposable garbage. it's less praise about that but more about man, there is a lot of crap. >> next to one critic calling it a haunting feminine rebellion. it's in rural england in 1865. kathryn, stifled by her loveless
2:57 am
marriage begins an affair with a worker on her husband's estate, but herunleashes a psychopathic urge to kill to get what she wants. >> through hell and high water, i will follow you. to the cross, to the prison, to the grave, to the sky. i'd rather stop you breathing. >> there's no doubt how the critics feel. they're giving lady macbeth a solid 89% on rotten tomatoes. peter bradshaw calls it a brilliantly chilling subversion of a classic. >> we were trying to throwback to our lady macbeth days. all the quotes i (soft music)
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this morning on "world news now," president trump in paris for the french national holiday event. but he couldn't get away from the controversy involving his son. >> what he said in his defense, and the comment he made to the first lady of france that's getting some attention. and new this morning, reports of a second arrest in connection with the murders of four young men near philadelphia. this, as the prime suspect confesses and speaks to cameras as he's led away. then to unprecedented flooding in parts of the midwest. in wisconsin, the governor declaring a state of emergency, with streets submerged in water, bridges and roadways closed and thousands left without power. and get ready to get your feet wet. because that's about all you're getting wet on this ride. it's a stand-up water slide with the break neck speed of a airn
3:01 am
airport moving sidewalk. they're thrilling europeans, and one american town may be the first in the nation to have its very own, so shall we suit up? on this friday, july 14th. >> maybe that's for people who are afraid of water slides. >> we should say welcome to linda lopez, who is from gma after hours. >> thank you so much. i got the slow clap. >> the official slow clap. >> what does that mean? >> that means we like you. >> thank you so much. >> if you're doing gma after hours, is this considered gma pre-hours? >> before hours. >> before hours. >> we'll come up with a name. >> which hour do you think is naughtier? >> after hours is always naughtier. >> just wait. but thank you soap f much for b
3:02 am
here with us, especially on this bastille day. >> that's right. >> the president is in paris. he's getting a front-row seat to all the celebrations while he continues to bond with the preference president. >> president trump and president emmanuel macron played down their differences in climate change and trade saying it wouldn't stop them from working together on syria and combating terrorism. they dined with their wives in the eiffel tower. it followed a busy day where the president couldn't shake the controversy sunshine urrounding. cecelia vega is there. >> reporter: a ceremonial welcome in paris. but the president's bastille day get away overshadowed by questions about why his eldest son met with a woman whom he was told was a russian government lawyer. at that press conference, we asked. mr. president, your fbi nominee said if someone in a campaign got an e-mail about russia like the one that your son don jr.
3:03 am
received, that they should alert the fbi rather than accept that meeting. is he wrong? also, were you misled by juyour team in not knowing about this meeting? >> my son is a wonderful young man. he took a meeting with a russian lawyer, not a government lawyer, but a russian lawyer. it was a short meeting. i think from a practical standpoint, most people would have taken that meeting. it's called opposition research or even research into your opponent. >> reporter: but in those e-mails, it was crystal clear. don jr. agreed to meet with a quote, russian government attorney, whom he was told had incriminating information on hillary clinton, information described to don jr. as part of russia and its government support for mr. trump. >> nothing came of the meeting. and i think it's a meeting that most people in politics probably would have taken. >> reporter: in pairs, trump's new-found friendship with the french president on display, but it wasn't always that way.
3:04 am
>> congratulations, great job. >> reporter: starting with that handshake tug-of-war during their first meeting, not to mention the president's repeated paris bashing. >> i have a friend who used to like france. paris, the city of light, paris, paris. and i said jim, let me ask you a question, how's paris doing? paris? i don't go there anymore, paris is no longer paris. >> reporter: the french press pounced. >> you mentioned a friend, jim, who told you that paris is no longer paris. you were implying at the time that paris was not safe anymore. those are very strong words. would you repeat them today? >> you better let me answer that one first. that's a beauty. it's going to be just fine, because you have a great president. you have somebody that's going to run this country right. and i'm coming back. you better to a good job, please. otherwise you're going to make me look very bad. >> reporter: in fact, the president dished out the
3:05 am
compliments during a tour of the site of napoleon's tomb, president trump remarking on the french first lady's figure. >> beautiful. >> reporter: and back at lohomea top republican on the senate judiciary committee says he wants don jr. to testify. a top democrat saying they want to interview don jr., don jr. said he would be willing to testify if asked. now we know his father feels the same way, saying if don jr. wants to testify, he should. cecelia vegas, paris. >> the city of lights. let's go back to that moment. let's picture it once again. napoleon's body is nearby. and the president, with this comment to the french first lady. you're in such good shape. >> which i believe he repeated
3:06 am
to president macron as well, she's in such good shape, paraphrasing. >> some people thought it was an awkward moment. >> getting a lot of attention. >> it is getting a lot of attention. just imagine melania's impression at that point. around house speaker paul ryan is upgrading the dress c e code. >> so current rules dating back decades do not allow women to go sleeveless, and men are required to wear jackets and ties. ryan's announcement came after a republican congresswoman slammed the dress code while wearing a sleeveless dress. >> as sergeant of arms was simply enforcing the same interpretation of the rules as under my predecessors. this is nothing new and certainly nothing that i devised. that doesn't mean that enforcement couldn't stand to be a bit modernized. >> we have no such dress codes.
3:07 am
you can come here sleeveless. i can come in shorts. in the meantime, goldman sachs is doing the same. they are relaxing the dress code and hoping to attract top-notch tech talent by creating a more casual casual environment. a new gop health care plan is facing an uncertain future. only one more no vote will derail the bill. it could appeal to conservatives with cheaper, skimpier plans that don't cover essential benefits. for moderates there's more to combat opioid abuse, but deep cuts will stay in place. the congressional budget office will release the impact of the bill on monday. reports indicate a second person has been arrested in connection with the murders of four young men near philadelphia. no word on that person's connection to the case, but the man whose attorney says he confessed to the murder says he's sorry. >> anything to say?
3:08 am
>> i'm sorry. >> why did you do it? >> cosmo dinardo made the comments as police led him away. reports say the men were killed separately, allegedly after purchasing marijuana from the suspect. each was shot and his body burned before it was buried on the farm owned by dinardo's parents in bucks county, pennsylvania. >> mr. dinardo confessed to the district attorney. he confessed to his participation or commission in the murders of four young men. >> dinardo has agreed to plead guilty to four first degree murder charges in return for his cooperation, prosecutors will not seek the death penalty. and a new development on president trump's travel ban. >> a federal judge in hawaii has expanded the list of close family relationships required for exemptions, the judge ruling that grandparents, grandchildren, uncles, aunts
3:09 am
should be part of the exemption. he let the ban go forward which only allowed parents children and spouses be exempt. and in wisconsin, a curfew is in effect. the fox river crested three feet above its previous record. the governor has declared a state of emergency in three county. there's also flooding in illinois, north of chicago. and hot and dry weather are fueling wildfires in santa c clarita. it's burned up to 15 to 20 acres and is moving fast. it was set off by a smoke bomb. and that person has been arrested. there are currently about four dozen large, active fires burning in the west in 13 states. several members of congress want the attorney general to launch a criminal probe on
3:10 am the controversial website hired a company to target advertisers and customers seeking sex. some lawmakers say back page knowingly earned money from sex trafficking. back page has repeatedly denied control over sex-related ads. and the two top daily sports companies have ditched plans for a merger. the ceos say they're moving forward in the best interest of customers, employees and investors. of course that decision comes one month after federal regulators sued to block it. both companies have faced regulatory challenges in several states. well, a st. louis suburb has turned down the chance to lead the nation in recreational innovation? >> yeah. they were going to be trail blazers, sunset hills, missouri has rejected the notion to have the country's first stand-up water slide. you're looking at video of one in austria. they're apparently very popular in europe and the middle east.
3:11 am
>> but sunset hills officials determined it would cost too much. the open-flume slide, as it's called would run at least $700,000. >> huh. instead, they were just encouraging people to get on a moving sidewalk and spray them with a hose. >> just hose them down as they go by. same effect. >> same effect. all right, coming up. a family full of girls is about to add one more. >> we'll check out a dad's hilarious reaction after finding out he's having a girl for the fifth time. but first, a popular tourist spot, to feel the awesome force of a jet engine raising questions about safety after one woman died while on vacation there. remember, you can find us on facebook at and twitter abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." during your period?
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wow. you can understand the thrill behind it, and of' probably seen this video, the popular spot for tourists in the caribbean to watch jets land and take off right above their heads. >> but that thrilling excitement has now taken a deadly turn after a 57-year-old woman on vacation could not hold on. here's kayna wit worth. >> reporter: a thrill-seeking tourist attraction turning deadly. a 57 year old woman losing her grip on this famous fence close to the end of a runway in st. martin. the new zealand tourists was there to feel the jet blast that could reach 100 miles per hour. >> she tripped, fell, and as a result of the impact she, she was wounded fatally. >> reporter: a witness recording the desperate attempts to revive her. the island beckons tourists with the surf and sand, so close to the speed of the airport.
3:16 am
several people have been hurt over the years, including this similar incident in 2012, when a tourist was thrown into the same retaining wall. >> i think sometimes it is a situation where some people might not be aware of the power that the engines might have. >> reporter: it's not illegal, but numerous warning signs are posted along this road. authorities say the woman that was killed was there with her husband, and it wasn't their first time on the island. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> it's a terrifying situation there for them. >> a tragic way to end a vacation. and coming up in the next half hour. americans are dominating at wimbledon. venus williams is going for her sixth singles title where a california boy, sanl querrey knocks off the defending champ. and some are changed out of their underwear. but first we go behind the
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k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together. ♪ good god, y'all ♪ what it is you're good for ♪ absolutely nothing ♪ war >> welcome back, everyone. war for planet of the apes hits theaters this weekend.
3:19 am
we are getting a look at the movie magic that brings those apes to life. >> we may have evolved from apes, but as ginger zee finds out. it's hard playing them at ape camp. >> i did not start this war, but i will finish it. >> reporter: war for the planet of the apes, the third in the series is by far their most spectacular. >> a piece of furan y, and you some snow on it. you have to understand how the snow accumulates across the hair. and how it falls off. >> reporter: on this new zealand sound stage, wearing motion-captured suits, they're basically velcro pajamas. capture the actors' movements, with l.e.d. lights. >> there's a process. they see those dots. they're able to figure out in 3d space those dots are.
3:20 am
in a way you strip it back to minimalist theater. there's no costume. you're the character and you're playing within the character. and we add the details later. >> reporter: got the suit on. got to debt get my dots. on the suit there are exactly 53 sensors from head to toe. i plan on doing some twerking, make sure the booty dots look good. they an allow the camera to cap toward every single movement or in my case a couple dance moves. and here's really cool part. a technician scans your body and creates a 3d image and digitally transforms your human form into any kind of primate. you're going to teach me all things ape. >> yes. >> reporter: alan henry has spent years studying the ways they behave and move. >> there's a natural swing in their arms. slide your hands.
3:21 am
your weight is distributed evenly in all four corners. >> yeah. >> reporter: woo! apes are strong. with a little help from alan's son gus, we were ready for our closeup. let's see how we measure up to the real deal? hmm, i'm no caesar, but not too bad for a first timer. it wasn't all monkey business, though. i had a little fun shaking it off. ♪ shake it off >> reporter: ginger zee, abc news. >> when was the last time you saw a primate do a little taylor swift "shake it off." a little creepy. ginger zee flew. >> to new zealand and was basically only there long enough to do that piece. she flew down and came right back. she was in the air as much as she was down there doing her assignment. she's my hero, i think. >> good thing new zealand is like a two-hour flight.
3:22 am
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f it is your friday mix. we have a lot to get to. >> i love this story about a dad who finds out he's having another girl. >> that should seem like a good idea. >> the batson family decided to do a gender reveal with cupcakes. the mom fills cupcakes with pink frosting. they opened them and found out they were having girl number five. talk to dad there. >> number five. and he's walking away with happiness, i guess. he looks happy. >> this was his real reaction. why, god, why? right into the pool. [ laughter ] >> the dog probably followed him. >> thanks, dad. >> i want to show you an
3:26 am
interesting video, also. this art gallery in los angeles. this woman trips, loses her balance there. and there's a domino effect. and that cost $200,000 worth of permanent damage. but now we polka. ♪ ♪ ♪
3:27 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's world news polka
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this friday morning on "world news now," severe weather causing havoc in the midwest with roads under water in several states. wisconsin's governor calling a state of emergency. we're tracking where these storms are heading right now. president trump in paris for a second day, he's answering questions about his son's controversial meeting with a russian lawyer. how he's defending don jr. and new this half hour, the new republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare on life support. >> reaction pouring in already. but do republicans have the votes they need. and i can barely contain myself. huge breaking news, beyonce's babies, america's babies are real. we have our first look at the twins. beyonce just posting the first image of them with name confirmation. "the skinny" is jam-packed on this friday, july 14th.
3:31 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." the news just broke moments ago, and i'm barely able to contain ourself, but we want to welcome linda lopez to the set. >> i get the slow clap. one more time. >> we should just get, can we just address the big elephant that's in the room and your connection to a major celebrity with twins. you have met beyonce before. >> yes, i have. that's pre-twins, of course. always very lovely, open, nice. >> i'm glad we addressed that. shall we go on with the news? so severe weather is expected for millions of people today in the northeast. >> the same storms have already brought heavy rain and flooding to the upper midwest. central ohio was one of the hard-hit areas with flood warns extended to this morning. >> some residents east of columbus had to be evacuated. and the pickering palooza was
3:32 am
canceled due to high water. >> alex perez has details. >> reporter: drivers caught in flash floods from ohio to new york. in buffalo, firefighters pushing this car to dry land. >> we're coming upon them and pushing them out, but we're trying to cut off everything right now. >> reporter: the midwest reeling, north of chicago. floodwaters busting through a basement window, racing into this wisconsin home. the governor declaring a state of emergency. >> it's remarkable that not only is there not a fatality but that there hasn't been serious injury. >> reporter: across the border in gurnee, illinois, fish swimming in the streets. residents racing to fill sandbags to protect their town from what could be record flooding. more than a hundred homes and businesses already damaged. and here in burlington,
3:33 am
wisconsin, residents are desperate for the water to recede. take a look from above. with help from our drone, you can see in some areas the river and streets have become one, and the river here is expected to be at major flood stage through saturday. burlington, wisconsin. >> quite a scene in the heartland. and that region is going to see more severe storms today. but there's some relief for the northeast. >> accuweather's justin povick is here with the details. good morn, justin. >> thanks and good morning to you. more downpours for today, along with that, all out ahead of a front that will turn the northeast less humid as we venture into saturday. but steamy again out ahead of the front. greatest threat for severe weather in the red. that's from philadelphia to allentown and reading. down toward d.c. damaging winds the primary
3:34 am
threat. can't rule out an isolated tornado. kendis? linda? >> quite a busy day on the weather front. we're going to turn our attention overseas to bastille day. the president is celebrating with his new bff, the president of france. >> they agreed to work together on issues like syria despite their differences.president als son, don jr. over that controversial preelection meeting with a lawyer described as a russian government attorney. >> and nothing came of the meeting. and i think it's a meeting that most people in politics probably would have taken. >> well, not everybody sees it that way. the republican chair of the senate judiciary committee now says he wants donald trump jr. to come to capitol hill to testify as soon as next week. >> senate republicans are trying to make good on seven years of promises, releasing their latest plan to repeal and replace obamacare. this time they're offering cheaper plans with fewer benefits but keeping some taxes on wealthy americans.
3:35 am
there's little room for opposition, but the retooled bill is getting immediate push back. abc's mary bruce has the details. >> your job is on the line! >> reporter: at home. >> don't get sick! please die quick! >> reporter: and on capitol hill. senate republicans have been getting an earful for weeks. and a new health care bill. but the same old problem. can it get the votes to pass? to appease conservatives, the new version could allow insurers to offer cheaper, bare bones plans. it could bring down costs for some and at least enough to move one no vote to a yes. if this is the bill, are you on board? >> yes. >> reporter: but critics worry the americans who need the most care like preexisting conditions could pay lot more. in this case, so could seniors. it also leaves in place, those
3:36 am
deep cuts to medicate, initially projected to be nearly $800 billion. >> we're talking about the health infrastructure in rural america, and some of our most vulnerable citizens. >> reporter: to try and sway other moderates, the new version keeps two obamacare taxes on the wealthy, includes $70 billion to help with premiums and $45 billion to fight the opioid epidemic. but right now two republicans say they're voting no. just one more no vote would sink the bill. and president trump is warning that can't happen. >> i would be very angry about it. and a lot of people would be very upset, but i'm sitting, waiting for that bill to come to my desk. >> reporter: republican leaders want to move to a vote next week, but it is still unclear if they will have the votes to even have that vote. just one more no and republican's signature promise to repeal and replace obamacare will once again be out of reach. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. >> critical days ahead on capitol hill. and the u.s. is cracking
3:37 am
down on health care fraud. more than 400 people, including dozens of doctors are accused of defrauding the government of $1.3 billion. about one third of those charged are accused of opioid-related crimes. pros skurts say they billed medicare and medicaid for drugs that were never purchased and collected money for false treatments and tests. some of the prescribed drugs were sold illegally on the streets. the u.s. spends more on health care but has the worst system in comparison with other high-income countries. that's according to a new study. some of the problems include affordability, a large number of uninsured patients and limited primary care. britain's health care system was tops, followed by australia and the netherlands. and today at wimbledon, we're going to see something that we haven't seen in eight years. >> that's right. when sam querrey steps onto center court, he'll be the first american man to play in a wimbledon semi-final since 2009.
3:38 am
that's because he beat top seed andy murray in five sets. querrey takes him on. who's bested him in their last four meetings. >> he has a tough battle ahead. >> tough battle ahead. and venus williams won her first singles wimbledon title 17 years ago. she goes for her sixth when she takes on a 23-year-old spaniard tomorrow. this is the first time she has been at the all-england club without her sister since 2006. serena is in the final trimester of her first pregnancy. venus says her little sis is on her mind. >> i try to take the same course she would do. and i try to do the same things she would do. i don't know that i play exactly the same way she does, but i try to be inspired by her. >> she is trying to be the oldest woman to win a grand slam. she's already the oldest to win a final since 1994.
3:39 am
>> and of course the trophy there at wimbledon is named after hea after her. it would be appropriate if she wins, good luck. all of the remaining players will no doubt do their best to follow wimbledon's underwear standards. a men's doubles team had to change into all white before the match. they are very serious about their dress code for players and you must be entirely in white. that included undergarments. apparently he was in a shade of blue. yeah, you can see the dark blue nike stripes. neek nike was in white. >> they're more hard core there than they are in congress in the hallways. >> it's a little bit much, it seems. >> you should say to wherever, my eyes are up here. where are you looking? >> just as a blanket statement for everybody. my eyes are up here. all right, coming up, the battle in court that could result in a landmark decision on animal rights.
3:40 am
it has to do with this monkey and a series of selfies that he took himself that have now gone viral. the question, can an animal own a copyright? >> 2017 america. >> and later, the emmy nomination, including resurgence. we're going to tell you who made the cut, but first, there's a look at the forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by fisher investments. during your period?
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♪...bounce, to dry. ♪he would be a less wrinkly, winning guy.♪ and we're back now with a battle in court. at issue are selfie photos taken by a monkey. >> they're actually snapped by the monkey, using a nature photographer's camera. brian ross decided to pass on doing this investigative story, so i did. >> reporter: who really owns these world-famous selfies, snapped by an indonesian monkey? monkey see, monkey stew will not do in federal court. the wildlife photographer whose camera captured this toothy grin is fighting a lawsuit by animal
3:44 am
rights group, peta, on behalf of naroodle who picked up the camera and snapped the selfies. >> the definition of authorship turns on he who originates. it doesn't look at the he, she, who or what. >> reporter: it was later sold by slater and used as the cover for his book about wildlife personalities. peta says any proceeds from the book or sales of the image should be turned over to benefit the monkey. according to slater's lawyers, that's, well, bananas. >> it makes no sense to allow a monkey to enforce a copyright suit, but if you're going to do that, you would have to provide the monkey written notice. >> he wouldn't need notice, perhaps the other monkeys would? >> that's exactly right. >> reporter: the ninth circuit court considering the case. which was dismissed by a lower
3:45 am
court, saying, since he's not a human, he's out of luck. >> by the way, can we say, good selfies that that monkey took. how about the money knew to hold it up. >> he's like, this makes me look skinnier, and the lighting was perfect. the monkey has a place in this world. >> something to discuss is all we're saying. >> i would go with the monkey in this lawsuit, although our legal analyst, sunny hostin says the monkey doesn't stand a shot. >> she called it monkey business. >> it is b-a-n-a-n-a-s. >> all right. we know kendis is excited about this one. our first look at beyonce and jay z's twins, the names. >> the names are official and they're cute. plus, could the networks be making a come back at the emmies? "the skinny" is next. ck at the emmies? "the skinny" is next. lilly.
3:46 am
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny all right. >> this is huge. do we have the breaking news banner? i should mention, kenneth molten, our correspondent says you'll never to anything as important to introduce the world to rumi and sir. >> he said you'll never do anything more important than report this story. after much, much anticipation, beyonce has shared her very first baby picture of the newborn twins. >> america's twins. queen bey shared this snap overnight with the caption, sir carter and rumi one week today. the family portrait portrays the same baroque theme. full head of hair on these babies. >> right. whole lot of flowers in there,
3:49 am
too. >> yes, yes. and just like the maternity photo. no sign of her husband and father jay z. >> but you mentioned that she said the baby's name is sir carter and she just says rumi. is that his whole name? sir carter? should we say rumi carter? it's very confusing, beyonce. >> maybe rumi will go by just like beyonce does, just rumi. >> we may have to do an entertainment news investigation. >> this brian ross would get behind. and since we're talking about celebs, we kind of alluded to it a little earlier on. let's do address the elephant in the room. you happen to have a sister who -- >> i have two sisters. >> you have two sisters of your own. you're the she is. she has an awesome song out right now if you are interested. >> the video is awesome. >> and the video's beautiful. and i hate when they show that picture. notice how she looks stunning and i look like i'm ready to go to bed. >> you posted it on your ig.
3:50 am
>> after she did. i had no choice at that point. >> it is beautiful. and your older sister, she has two kids. >> she has two kids. jen everybody has two kids. >> get crackin'. >> you sound like my mom. thanks for that. >> that's awesome. so let's talk about the best of television. besides us, of course. >> of course. the prime time emmy nominations are out, and we have to give congrats to an abc favorite "modern family." this sitcom is earning its eighth nomination. >> wow, some -- >> they get a slow clap. >> some of them groaning about how the emmies just can't quit the show, complaining about all the other great series that are deserving of the nod. >> but the series keeps strong. even as streaming services are surging. "this is us", yay, earned their first nomination for the network in six years. >> and speaking of the network.
3:51 am
"saturday night live" tied for the lead with 22 nominations. they had a great season, though. experiencing a resurgence with its lampooning of the trump administration. >> and alec baldwin and melissa mccarthy for trump and sean spicer. honestly, melissa mccarthy had to get nominated for that role. >> and win. next to hollywood dating gossip. is it just a conspiracy in. >> year' talking about the stars of the spiderman movie. the two started dating while filming "spiderman homecoming." the source saying they're trying to keep it private. >> well, last night, the two refuted the report, zendaya tweeting that she hasn't taken a vacation in years but if they were dating, it would be a little surprise. >> we've seen it with emma stone, andrew garfield and the last spiderman movies. >> and kirsten dunst.
3:52 am
neither relationship lasted. so maybe the third time is the charm. kiersten duncest. mom gets breakfast in bed...
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♪ i love the music. >> she hasn't danced this much sitting down in a while. welcome to the overnight. >> welcome back. wildfires, russia again and a high-profile celebrity fight. >> a busy week, of course, but luckily it wasn't all doom and gloom, and here is our weekly friday rewind. >> those wildfires roaring across california, forcing about 8,000 evacuations. >> this was a charred, twisted piece of metal. that was a bunk bed. >> a stunning admission ending a week-long mystery in bucks county, pennsylvania. >> he confessed to his commission and participation of the murders of four young men. >> there's a crash.
3:56 am
>> there's a loud boom and it shook my house. >> 15 marines and one navy corpsman were killed. this is difficult work for investigators. >> they are trying to figure out what brought this plane spiraling out of control. >> russian bombshell. the new report about the president's son, donald trump jr. and that meeting with a russian lawyer during the campaign. told in an e-mail it was part of a russian government effort to beat hillary clinton. >> in retrospect i would have done things a little differently. >> the president dished out the compliments, the side of napoleon's tomb, remarking on the french first lady's figure. after being the target of her ex's vicious online attack last week. >> i would like to first and foremost thank the judge for granting me this restraining order. >> blac chyna vindicated in court today. >> what was your reaction when
3:57 am
you first saw rob's posts about you? >> i was devastated, and i'm looking at this, and i'm like, how could somebody do this to me? >> harrowing story of survival. the toon teen camp counselor who said he woke up to the sound of crunching, a bear attacking his head. >> i could hear the bear, i could smell him. i could feel him. >> how lucky do you feel? >> very, very lucky. >> home run hero. aaron judge winning the home run derby against the sport's biggest stars. >> dun, dun, dun, dun, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo. >> see, that's what you're supposed to be doing in the commercial breaks, really bad song. >> you guys know the words to every song, i've noticed. >> we pretend to at this hour. it's the middle of the night. what else do you have to do? >> got to keep it lively. >> exactly. don't miss our updates on facebook on >> and more news coming up here
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, happening right now, president trump in paris making connections with the french as they mark their national holiday. the president papering over d comments. second arrest in connection with the deaths of four young men near philadelphia. the main suspects making a confession and saying he's sorry. caught on camera, kind of looks like a scene from a sequel of "baywatch," doesn't it? high-speed chase on the beach. man behind the wheel taking extreme steps to avoid get ago rested. tim tebow time once again, some late inning baseball heroics getting him a gatorade shower.


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