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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  July 14, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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most of south jersey right now. winds near 60 miles an hour with these storms. large hail coming out in the size of quarters as well and damaging wind gusts. we go to storm tracker6 live look a little bit closer here and this is just to the east of salem. here is salem in salem county, alloway near commissions pike. 152 lightning strikes so it's a constant roar of thunder and constant flashes of lightning. no tornado warnings right now but just an indication there's a lot of volatile winds in these storms as they continue to push to the east. if we pop out a little bit, there you can see columbia road as well weymouth road eighth street just to the east of buena. this is another storm that is moving towards egg harbor. this one has had a little bit of a hook over the last 15 minutes. no tornado with this either but some damaging winds and very large hail especially over weymouth road right now with nearly 162 lightning strikes.
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flash flood warnings also anywhere from philadelphia right through wilmington and salem. rain rates with these storms nearly 2-inches an hour so some flooded roads in time for the evening rush hour. in addition we have severe thunderstorm watches in effect until 9:00 all areas in yellow basically south of philadelphia so these storms will be ongoing through the evening hours. large hail and powerful winds is the major concern. in fact the highest concern is that very dangerous vivid cloud to ground light thing, those torrential downpours and strong winds and a moderate risk for that large hail and also an isolated tornado could still spin up. we'll have much more in the full accuweather forecast and talk about the weekend as well coming up in just a little bit >> ♪ >> we've brought four young men one step closer to their loved ones and so that they can rest in peace. >> they went from missing to murdered. now the person who confessed to the crime is officially charged with taking their lives. and learn today that cosmo dinardo says he did not do
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this all by himself. he claims he had an accomplice. charges were announced today against dinardo and his cousin sean kratz and we've got live team coverage on the murder investigation. >> "action news" reporter trish hartman starts us off today live in doylestown where the bucks county d.a. released new detailed information in this case about two hours ago. trish. >> reporter: well, sharrie, we now know that the bodies of all four men have been identified and the circumstances under which they were found. the district attorney also said that the agreement made with cosmo dinardo for a confession led investigators to the body of that fourth and final missing person as well as a co-defendant. flanked by fellow investigators district attorney matt weintraub announced the bodies of all four men have been found and identified on the solebury property. >> day after day after day of failure we were successful. >> reporter: here's what dinardo told investigators. on july 5th, cosmo dinardo
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agreed to sell jimmy patrick 4 pounds of marijuana for $8,000 and drove him to his family's farm. when patrick only had $800 dinardo offered to sell him a shotgun instead. dinardo then shot patrick and used the backhoe to bury his body. on july 7th dinardo agreed to sell dean finocchiaro marijuana but first picked up his cousin sean kratz. the two planned to rob finocchiaro. they take him to the solebury township property where dinardo told police kratz shot him in the head. on july 7 dinardo meets up with tom meo and mark sturgis in peddler's village having made a drug deal with meoo they head to the farm where kratz is waiting. dinardo shoots meo in the head and sturgis is shot as he runs away. dinardo then runs sturgis over with a backhoe. all three bodies are placed in a metal tank. the next day dinardo and kratz return to bury the tank using the backhoe. it was here in this common
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grave that the searchers found the three bodies 012 feet underground. >> i am very, very relieved to say that we brought four young men one step closer to their loved ones and so that they can rest in peace. >> reporter: now, the d.a. says jimmy patrick's body was found a quarter to a half mile away from where the other three bodies were found and with outcosmo dinardo's confession they might still be looking. in exchange for that confession dinardo has been spared the death penalty. reporting in doylestown trish hartman channel6 "action news." >> trish thank you. we go to "action news" reporter gray hall live in buckingham township outside the court where dinardo and kratz were arraigned within the last hour, gray. >> reporter: hey, sharrie, we can tell you both of those men appeared before a judge via video conference just about 30 minute or so ago a dinardo was in an orange
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jump suit kratz in a blue jump suit. the proceeding moved really quickly. the judge denied bail for both of those men, neither of them showed emotion or ream morse. as we show you some video we'll describe what happened inside this courtroom today t no cameras were allowed. we learned kratz does not have an attorney. the judge ordered that he get one quickly because of the gravity of this case. we also learned that kratz had been -- he said he had an open case of a misdemeanor and a burglary in philadelphia that happened he says last year. he also told the judge that he was worried about medical attention because he claimed that he was shot last year. she told him take that up with the jail and that he would get the attention that he needed. both men were only in front of this judge via video conference within a matter of minutes and again, ultimately she denied bail for both of these men because she said the gravity and the nature of this crime. after this, arraignment the d.a.'s office gave a brief comment. >> both defendants were held without bail obviously, you know, the allegations consist of both mr. dinardo and
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mr. kratz committing multiple murders over a week long period. bail was appropriately set at zero. >> reporter: back out live we can also tell that you a preliminary hearing for both of these men now scheduled for july 31st, 1:30 here at district court in bucks county. we can also tell you in an interesting note the judge ordered that both of these men at the request of the d.a.'s office be separated which means they will not be housed in the same prison the judge saying this is going to happen for the safety of these two men also so they won't be able to communicate with themselves or with anyone else that that possibly could be involved in this case. that's the latest from here in buckingham township, gray hall channel6 "action news." brian. >> all right, gray, thank you. "action news" reporter vernon odom also live there in buckingham township today with more on the news that broke overnight about the arrest of that second suspect. vernon, what have you learned about this? >> reporter: brian, all
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along police and investigators suspected that there was a suspected accomplice for mr. dinardo and this morning that came out to be true apparently but that person of interest did not surface until this morning when he was already in custody. at daylight there was no answer at the door in the 800 block of mcgee in the city's lawndale section where sean kratz was arrested with jot incident. he occasionally stayed there with his mother according to sources. the main source of evidence in ambler montgomery county along susquehanna road. detectives could be seen gathering evidence. the father's neighbors said they've known sean kratz aged 20 to be a good kid. >> nice kid to talk to. >> reporter: nice kid to talk to. >> yeah, sure. >> reporter: anything unusual about him that you ever noticed. >> no, not that i noticed. >> reporter: police could be seen searching were i was metal detector.
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the bucks county d.a. says they've uncovered both murder weapons used in this mass murder. kratz has a long arrest sheet but only one conviction, that for retail theft. but, brian, sean kratz is now a first degree murder suspect in at least three cases here being held without basement live in buckingham township, bucks county, i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news." >> we've got the full and chilling details on this story right now on the 6abc app. you can also see video of today's news conference along with more video from the action cam at chopper6. we have posted court documents also that were released today in this case. >> ♪ >> now to an exclusive story out of grays ferry philadelphia police and federal officials have been on the scene all day where they say they busted a heroin operation. "action news" reporter bob brooks has details from the scene along the 2700 block of tasker avenue. >> reporter: right in the grays ferry neighborhood on
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28th street where many families make their home and kids play openly in the street a full functioning heroin lab has been uncovered. >> 6 o'clock in the morning i was awoken by constant bagging. >> reporter: investigators removed bag after bag. we spoke with a neighbor like dawn. like so many we spoke to she's sick at the fact that somebody has brought this into her block. >> it's pathetic. >> reporter: show helps this can give others the confidence to report suspicious behavior to police. >> this shouldn't be allowed. say no to drugs and make sure it stay out of your community. >> reporter: we watched as teams had to be covered head to toe in hazmat suits. investigators say most heroin now is laced with fentanyl. if it even makes contact with their skin, they could overdose. no word from police on lives here though neighbors say children were inside when the
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raid went down. >> yes, children lived in there. two kids over at chop. >> reporter: we are told by investigators it was just a precaution to take those children to chop. for now reporting in grays ferry bob brooks channel6 "action news". >> ahead on this friday one mom is now hosting what she calls cpr parties all to get parents excited about learning the life saving technique. >> and you could own a piece of the moon if you've got the cash. see the high price this bag of lunar dust was collected by neil armstrong himself could go for at auction. those stories and much more coming up next at 4:00 today. >> ♪ ♪ this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish
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grown and swallowed up that home. this is in land oh lakes florida. the home next door was also severely damaged. the call top officials went out around 7:30 this morning when someone noticed a depression had formed under a boat parked outside that house. within minutes the hole opened up, 10 houses in that neighborhood have now been deemed unsafe. >> there has been another development in the donald trump jr. shifting story about a meeting now at the center of so much scrutiny. a russian american lobbyist with ties to russian intelligence now says he, too, attended that meeting last summer in trump tower. that's a fact that trump jr. and jared kushner have failed to disclose. trump jr. says he and top campaign staff were hoping to get negative information about hillary clinton but claimed they got nothing. despite believing this information was coming from the russian government he says the metering was not inappropriate. >> honda has recalled more than 1 million accords for a battery sensor that can short
4:15 pm
out possibly causing a fire. the mid-size cars are model years 2013 to 2016. the automaker says it has four reports of engine compartment fires caused by this issue. but no reports of any injuries. a terminal on the battery is not sealed properly from moisture and road salt from the winter months. it can get in and cause corrosion. time now for the "action news" traffic report this friday. >> friday. we made it to the week. matt pelman standing by in the "action news" traffic and traffc center to let us know i was going say how quickly we could get home. >> stay home wait a little bit. things do not good on most of our major highways brian and sharrie especially this 142 in south jersey northbound by college drive. it's a very serious accident taking out all but the one left lane. we're hearing a pedestrian was struck in this accident so a lot of emergency crews are on the scene. 42 northbound jamming coming off the a.c. expressway.
4:16 pm
delays spill back onto the acx itself. this is a problem for you headed southbound which so many do on a friday afternoon toward the shore point. you're in jammed solid traffic starting in pennsylvania on 95 and the schuylkill, all the way across the walt whitman bridge onto 42 southbound and you see how slowly we're moving here by creek road down to college drive. gaper delay and regular friday afternoon traffic on southbound 42. here's the schuylkill expressway westbound a parking lot past passyunk on out to 30th street. that's where there's a bus accident taking out one the lanes. blue route southbound has speeds in the teens for miles. 95 northbound by academy there's an accident taking out the right lane so jammed solid here as well coming north of the betsy ross bridge. 38 minutes ideally, should be 14. crash on the turnpike eastbound in chester county. still slowing as you head towards valley forge. let's do the commuter report on this finally friday afternoon. crash on lincoln drive. they're everywhere this afternoon. this one is by wayne avenue and up saul street.
4:17 pm
especially slow in the northbound direction. we'll check it again brian and sharrie plenty to check alicia in the next half hour. >> matt thank you. you know it's a basic skill that can save a life when every second counts. still not everyone knows cpr and one mom is trying to change that way fun new trend. >> 18, 19, 20, 21. >> every single move that you make is critical. >> they're called cpr parties. here parents learn to perform if the life saving technique in a fun way that's also of course informative. the concept started with laura metro a mom on a mission. there's conversation finger foods and dummies to learn on. metro's motivation stems from a near-death experience with her son, clay. six years ago, he was three years old and he omits drowned but he was saved by a family friend who only vaguely new cpr from whatted seen on television. metro had an ah-ha moment. >> don't want to think about
4:18 pm
being in these situations, they don't want to think about their loved ones dying so it helps to kind of couch it a little bit. >> six years since that near tragedy she's hosted 150 cpr parties reaching more than a thousand people. according to the cd c3 children die every day as a result of drowning but the american heart association says you can double or triple their chance of survival by performing cpr right away and metro says if you can couple the lesson with a party, win-win. sharrie. >> you can save a a life it's all worth it. all right alicia. moon dust collected by neil armstrong during the first lunar landing is being sold at auction and it's estimated to be worth between two and $4 million. the dust and some tiny rocks are zipped up in a small bag. this is just one of 180 lots linked to space travel that sotheby's is auctioning off to mark the 48th anniversary of the first landing on the moon. it was july 20th 1969.
4:19 pm
also being sold is a documented flight plan astronauts used to return to earth. the auction is next thursday in new york. >> we have been keeping a very close eye on the radar this afternoon as lots of red as you can see it off behind adam popping up everywhere today. >> yeah, we got severe storms passing through all areas south of philadelphia especially south jersey and parts of delaware. go to the weather center take a look at all of the warnings that have popped up. what you're seeing is where you see all the red that is flash flood warnings. where we're seeing water inundating roadways during the evening rush hour, where you're seeing the orange, that is severe thunderstorm warnings that are in effect until 5:15. that's basically for all of -- most of cumberland county, southern salem county, gloucester county, atlantic county as you head especially from the atlantic city expressway near hammonton all the way to atlantic city itself also including ocean city. as we look at storm tracker6 live double scan here you can see these nasty storms with very vivid continuous cloud to
4:20 pm
ground lightning. there's that storm near elmer and year seeing a cylinder pop you wrote at any timing near bridgeton. that doesn't mean it's a tornado, it's just an indication in the upper part of the atmosphere where it's yellow showing some signs of spinning nature to this storm in the upper levels of the atmosphere, not the lower levels but the biggest concern here is hail near malaga elmer and almost 172 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes, very dangerous lightning with this storm heading towards 55 and an even more potent storm mays landing to egg harbor along the atlantic city expressway. this storm has produced golf sized hail as it's heading towards pomona and the airport and eventually absecon brigantine be on guard with this storm with over a hundred lightning strikes with that as well and the storm continues to sync to the south and east at about 25 to 30 miles an hour. so, we are tracking these storms that continue to pop up. we've got that severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 9 o'clock tonight and with those high dewpoints out there it is supplying that
4:21 pm
very heavy rainfall, that tropical nature you feel to the air when you step out. satellite and radar, where you see blue on the radar that is the hail with these storms passing south of the city. there's nothing to the north and west right now but doesn't mean more will fire up so this evening strong to severe storms. the heaviest philadelphia, points to the south with very dangerous vivid lightning, powerful wind gusts and there still could be the chance of an isolated tornado mapping with any of these storms. future tracker6 clock you can still see some around the region here, even near lancaster wilmington dover. by 10 o'clock we'll start to quiet things down as testifying slides off the coast -- everything slides off the coast. tomorrow the sunshine returns and it will be a pretty nice start and really nice weekend from start to finish. your four day at 4:00 forecast 87 tomorrow turning sunny and lower humidity. big difference in the atmosphere tomorrow. 90 very warm a little uptick in the humidity on sunday a dry day and then monday, tuesday turning more humid, hot at 90 degrees and by tuesday afternoon there could
4:22 pm
be a few thunderstorms in spots. guys, we'll continue to watch that radar and have the very latest in the next half hour. >> oh, adam, thank you. "action news" at 4:00 continues next with a look at the new "star wars" land coming to both disney world and disneyland. >> alicia. >> a popular bridal shop closes with no notice to brides. we're there as they come scrambling looking for their merchandise and we'll tell you how "action news" helped some brides get those gowns back. >> ♪ (male announcer) are you ready to take the scenic route?
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and if you have any medical conditions. so now that you know all that, what do you think? that it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. >> ♪ >> we are just days away now from o.j. simpson's parole hearing. tonight on 20/20abc news will examine the armed robbery of memorabilia dealers that that landed that once bright star in jail. simpson has been in prison for almost nine years now serving his nine to 33 year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping. now in tonight's special deborah roberts talks with some of the simpson's closest friends as well as one of his accomplices in that crime. >> i said yes, he leaned in a
4:26 pm
little closer and he said, by the way, can you get some heat? >> meaning a gun. >> meaning a gun. and when he said that, i hesitated after he did that i looked at oj and i said so aj, what if they call the police. >> well, if the seven-year-old simpson is granted parole he'll be released in october and be sure to watch the one hour 20/20 special tonight at 10 o'clock only here on 6abc. >> a traveling vietnam memorial is now open to the public in bucks county. it's a slightly smaller replica of the wall in washington, d.c. and it's on display at pendel's memorial ball field. crews brought the wall here in pieces from florida earlier this week. volunteers finished putting it back together yesterday and it was open for visitors this morning. 136 bucks county residents are memorialized on that wall. well, we are getting our first look at the two "star
4:27 pm
wars" themed lands coming to walt disney world and disneyland. a large scale model was revealed in anaheim showing what will be the main parts of the 14-acre "star wars" area. it will be the largest single themed land expansion for both parks. in orlando the park will be at hollywood studios. the attractions will include two rides. the first will give visitors a chance to pilot the millennium falcon on a secret mission. the other ride will put people in the middle of a fight between the first order and the resistance. disney is the parent company of 6abc. >> i always wanted to fly the millennium falcon. >> here comes your chance. >> bucket list check that off. "action news" at 4:00 continues right after this. >> ♪
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...with pantene 3 minute miracle daily conditioner. a super concentrated pro-v formula makes hair stronger*... just 3 minutes. so it's smoother every day. because strong is beautiful. >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with several alerts from accuweather. a live look at this moment in a dark and stormy skies over the ben franklin bridge as a powerful system moves across the delaware valley. and here is what that same system looks like right now on storm tracker6 hd. a burst colors indicating heavy rain lightning and gusty winds across the region. >> in addition to that we could even see an isolated tornado. >> meteorologist adam joseph has been busy in the "action news" weather center. let's get over to him with the latest. >> most of these storms in south jersey parts of delaware away from philadelphia at this moment. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live, you can see the
4:30 pm
concentration of those bright colors is in south jersey near millville elmer as well as hammonton and also a nasty storm heading towards absecon as well as atlantic city: it should be there around 4:52 in atlantic city as well as brigantine. we can flip the radar and also show you here how much rain has fallen. we've had tremendous amounts of moisture in the atmosphere and we've had anywhere between one and 2-inches of rain. that has fallen and there you can see that box popping up of yellow between wilmington and philadelphia. that is a severe thunderstorm watch. that remains in effect throughout the evening hours. in fact, until 9 p.m. for exton, lancaster, philadelphia, all points down to the south, 70 miles an hour winds could come out of any one of these storms that develops and we've seen hail as big as golf ball size especially in atlantic county with that storm. in addition, flash flood watches in effect until midnight across much of this area, two to 4 inches of rain is possible. we've seen that happen already and most of chester county, new castle county and all of
4:31 pm
south jersey with these storms. also lightning, we've had nearly 500 or so lightning strikes with these storms in 15 minutes as they pass through. when you hear thunder roars you go indoors, definitely not safe to be outside or near your windows a reminder once the storm passes lightning can still strike up to 10 miles away from the storm. we'll talk more about the warnings and we'll also talk about the better part of the forecast, this weekend. lower humidity, sunshine, a good combination. we'll have the details in the seven day. >> adam thank you. you can always get the latest forecasts including detailed updates and storm tracker6 live radar any time on your phone or tablet. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. now to the very latest on the breaking news we have been following here very closely for nearly a week now. >> today we learned that not one but two people were allegedly responsible for the disappearance and murder of four men in bucks county. 20-year-old cosmo dinardo
4:32 pm
has been charged with all four homicides and his cousin, 20-year-old sean kratz has been charged in three of the cases. dinardo apparently admitted he crushed one of the victims with a backhoe on his family's solebury farm after shooting him in the back. he also confessed to setting three of the bodies on fire while they were in a metal bin. the murders were allegedly committed after the men were lured to this farm with the promise of a marijuana deal. the victims are 19-year-old dean finocchiaro, 22-year-old mark sturgis, 21-year-old tom meo and 19-year-old jimmy patrick. finocchiaro sturgis and meo were found in one grave. patrick was that found buried in a hill after dinardo led authorities to that specific grave. now, in exchange he will be spared the death penalty. dinardo and kratz were arraigned late this afternoon. both men have been denied bail. well, the slogan is your dream, your dress.
4:33 pm
but for thousands of engaged women alfred angelo has become their nightmare. this after the popular bridal boutique closed up shop without any warning leaving desperate brides high and dry during the height of wedding season o let's go over to "action news" of course alicia vitarelli who is at the big board with more on this prenuptial panic. >> alfred angelo has bridal shops nationwide including whitehall pennsylvania and cherry hill new jersey. so when the shop suddenly went dark late last night you can bet it caused quite the panic for brides to be this morning who feared they would never wear the dream dress they paid for. >> i noticed a post that alfred angelo was closing and you hear these stories and the i'm like, no, it can't be true. >> reporter: oh, but it was. frantic brides like rachel and dozens of bridesmaids showed up at the cherry hill shop looking for answers. at first seemingly getting non. >> we just got a call on wednesday saying that a lot of girls dresses were in and we
4:34 pm
had 14 days to pick them up. >> reporter: when samantha stapleton saw the twitter frenzy with the #alfred angelo she rushed from williamstown new jersey worried that her nuptials were ruined i worried. >> reporter: inside our cameras caught employees boxing up dresses and the other items. >> so i don't see any reason why they can't just give us our dresses that we've already paid for. >> reporter: outside the frantic brides and their wedding parties tried to get their attention even calling the police. they then took to holding up notes with their names pleading for their merchandise in hopes the woman inside would sneak their paid for gowns out the door. >> i don't even know what i'm going to do. i'm probably going to have to get a dress off the racks. >> reporter: when an employee did come to the door. >> i'm not allowed. >> reporter: some hoped for those waiting in the rain dresses that were in stock were handed out by the two good hearted employees inside.
4:35 pm
>> thankful that they did the right thing. >> reporter: now, for the wedding parties who still -- they're still looking for their merchandise, they paid for it at alfred angelo one note on the door explains to customers that if the dress is there in the store, it might be shipped to you. another note also directs customers to contact the company's attorney. we will walk you through all of this right now on and coming up tonight on "action news" at 6:00 i'll tell you how "action news" helped one very desperate bride get her gown for her big day. our producers really hard at work on this brian and sharrie. >> the stressful ordeal for those brides to be. alicia, thank you. philadelphia police are investigating an unusual incident in the city's mount airy section. investigators say a man threw a firecracker at a building along the 7100 block of germantown avenue. that happened just before 1 o'clock today. police are still trying to figure out why the man threw that explosive. nobody was hurt. it's not clear what charges, if any, he might face. investigators are trying
4:36 pm
to figure out why state police car collided with a garbage truck killing pennsylvania state trooper michael stewart. the 26-year-old crashed when his cruiser crashed about 50 miles outside of pittsburgh. a second trooper stewart's partner survived but suffered a concussion. the truck driver was not hurt. >> tredyffrin township police rewarded more than six dozen -- rewarded more than six dozen children for completing the department's summer camp. the officers threw the kids a party in wayne. the bash included a visit from two of philadelphia's favorite mascots the phanatic and swoops. the campers got a try to sink a police officer into a dunk tank during today's celebration at wilson farm park and looks like they pulled that off. well, many of us have heard about the health benefits of garlic. some say it can ward off a cold. others say it can lessen your risk of getting cancer but now we are getting a clearer picture of how helpful garlic
4:37 pm
real is to our bodies. "action news" anchor monica malpass live in the news room with more on this today. >> hi, sharrie. garlic may add a kick to your favorite dish and it's tasty no doubt but how much does it really do to help you health wise? consumer reports puts garlic to the test to my separate fact from fiction. ali gorman with the results of that report on health check. those stories and much more brian coming your way in a little bit. >> monica see you shortly. thank you. all eyes were to the skies in delaware today for a very cool scene. the action cam was at lum's pond state park near bear for the 26th annual war birds over delaware air show. the event brings together some 200 radio control pilots from all over the country check that out. each of them shows off giant scale flying models of military aircraft from all periods of military aviation history. that's just so cool to watch. the convenient -- event is free and runs through tomorrow. >> big fun day for those big kids. >> no question about that. still ahead here today what's better than ice cream?
4:38 pm
free ice cream. we'll tell you how to score a scoop that's 100 percent off in freebie friday. >> and a lesson in empathy. we'll share the reason one mom will not allow her 10-year-old son to accept an ward for perfect attendance from school. >> plus, angelina jolie or bradley cooper? you probably can't but you can date their double, at least that's what a new app is promising. how their look alike function works. >> and are you hoping for a better weekend? meteorologist adam joseph sounds like he can give us that. he's got the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues next. >> or at least someone that looks like adam. [laughter]
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
>> okay wait no more. beyoncé has finally released the first picture of her twins a month after they were born. you waited long enough. the singer and her husband jay-z welcomed sir carter and rumi in june. beyoncé posted this picture of herself holding the babies on her instagram page.
4:41 pm
sir carter and rumi join their five-year-old sister blue ivy. beyoncé mom confirmed by social media that the twins are a boy and a girl. >> well, a would be thief failed so miserably that officials in washington state are calling him the worst burglar that they've ever seen. police officers in tacoma washington are trying to identify this guy who attempted to burglarize a bar and grille numerous times. he tried to smash the window by throwing a rock but failed. he then began kicking the window and failed. he punched and body slammed but guess what? it failed. he eventually though kicked his way in. once in, he tried to pry open the cash register. not once but twice and failed. not once but twice. he eventually took off empty handed. >> rough day. >> yeah, rough day. [laughter] >> the art of taking a selfie took down some actual art in los angeles. surveillance video shows a woman at the top of your screen here on the right crouching down to pose in front of a pillar that was holding a sculpture.
4:42 pm
well, she lost her balance and you might guess what happened? there you go. domino effect. knocking over an entire row of art. the artist says the woman destroyed $200,000 worth of pieces. >> she's never invited back. >> uh-uh. >> no. >> on health check today at 4:00 first born children have one more thing to hold over their younger siblings' heads. a new study claims that second born kids are more likely to misbehave and get in serious trouble at school or with the law. according to the report from joseph doyle an mit economist, the findings apply to boys in particular. i thought there was a catch here. 'cause i'm second born and come on. i'm pretty good. one possible explanation parenting styles can change as a family grows. a first child gets undivided attention while younger siblings have to compete and share. >> and i'm the firstborn so it just makes so much sense to me >> [laughter] big talkers now and
4:43 pm
perfect attendance it's an award many students strife for and parents boast about but there's one mom blogger whose latest post is going viral as she explains why her son won't be accepting his 100 percent attendance award. the london mom says his reward comes with a fun night planned by the school but she's not allowing him to attend and here's why. she says in her family, they don't reward luck nor do they shame for illness or sickness. she says he has no control over his attendance. she's the one who brings him to school and finally, he won't be in the classroom the final week of the school year because they're taking a family trip so she says "the messages we're sending to our kids when we reward attendance is wrong for so many reasons. do you agree. interesting conversation on my facebook page. finally do you have a type someone you would like to date simply based on their looks someone like brad pitt origin any of lopez maybe, george clooney or perhaps his wife
4:44 pm
amal? well, there's an app called badu. i don't know, you say it. calls itself a social discovery network and uses and facial recognition software to locate lookalikes like say ed sheeran or jake gyllenhaal or kyleigh jenner. the doppelganger you're in search of doesn't have to be a celebrity. it can be anyone your coworker, the one who got awake the stranger on the train. all you have to do is upload a picture and boom, find the look alike. in case you're curious top searches include kim kardashian emma stone beyoncé and president donald trump. so there you go badoo. there's one person you really like the way they look, you can find their look alike. >> there you go. >> all in our fingertips now apparently. >> that's right. >> order up a date. [laughter] >> all right. alicia, thank you. let's get another check on the roads right now. >> all right. matt pelman here now with the upday.
4:45 pm
hey, matt. is it really matt. >> it is unfortunately. giving you bad news once again. the afternoon commute looks like a really rotten one. i wish it was more attractive brian and sharrie but we still have this awful accident on the northbound side of the 42 freeway here in gloucester township camden county. a pedestrian was reportedly struck in this accident. so, a lot of emergency crews are still on the scene. you still have traffic only getting by in the left lane coming north of the atlantic city expressway. it's a mess. southbound you also have a pretty big gaper delay with the emergency crews off to the side. in fact the jam starts back in pennsylvania on all approaches to the walt whitman bridge. traffic is crawling across the bridge onto 42 southbound. so, 42 not the way to go. you want to stick with 55 maybe, a lot of people are using the black horse pike so that's kind of crowded. if you use the white horse pike route 30 that, too, could be a better bet. let's cross the river over to the great northeast, this is 95 northbound side still extra tied up coming north of the betsy ross bridge through this
4:46 pm
point up to academy. but luckily the crash there is now on the shoulder and our bus accident on the schuylkill westbound under 30th street station has cleared. however, still jammed there as well with speeds like 11 miles per hour. let's check our 14 miles per hour over on the blue route 476 just a typical summertime friday afternoon here in the southbound lanes. 41 minute drive. that's double what it ideally should be. and up in the lehigh valley we had a couple earlier accidents that are now cleared but you're still seeing some really heavy traffic on the eastbound side of 78 and the westbound side as you join in with 22. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the 5 o'clock hourly. >> very good matt. thank you. of course the weather today not just impacting the roads but also the skies. a live look over philadelphia international airport where there are rain clouds. if you're expecting a flight to either land or take off today, may want to check into that before heading to the airport. >> meteorologist adam joseph coming up with that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast next. >> ♪
4:47 pm
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>> we have a young man with us in studio named ryan wants to be a meteorologist when he grows up getting a really good lesson today. >> sitting in my seat before we went on commercial break. he looks much better. >> he's got his resume. >> he's got a pretty nice resume. we go right to storm tracker6 live double scan and you can see it mainly through south jersey right now. also parts of delaware. a lot of it sinking south of philadelphia. doesn't mean philadelphia's in the clear just yet or even the western suburbs more definitely cool fire up but we're dealing with severe thunderstorm warnings in effect until 5:45. now for basically all of cumberland county, central southern atlantic county and all the way down to cape may county two things going on here. we've got a lot of folks vacationing at the shore right now and you got a lot of campgrounds in interior southern new jersey. these storms moving over very populated areas this time of
4:50 pm
year so here is your heads up at the shore. get indoors now because the severe storm is moving in from bridgeton, for the excuse moorestown buena. we close in a little bit closer and you can see just in this vantage point the amount of lightning that is being discharged from the storm and it's because of that intense heat and humidity over 200 lightning strikes just in this area in the last 15 minutes. very dangerous storms. strong winds. millville already seeing a wind gust 58 miles an hour with the storm as it is passing through. we pop out not only are we dealing with the lightning, the wind, hail, we're also dealing with flooded roadways in south jersey and delaware. you can see some of these areas between wilmington salem woodstown anywhere between one and 2-inches of rain has fallen. we've gotten reports in cumberland county some roadways have been shut down because they are jammed with water. so if you encounter flooded roadways there's flood warnings in this entire area, turn around and find an alternate route. buena vista 1 inch hail in
4:51 pm
diameter that has passed through with this storm. west chester in chester county damage to car windows there. in phoenixville wires down. mannington township in salem county 55 miles an hour wind gusts and millville airport in the last 15 minutes winds gusting to 60 miles an hour. it feels like nearly 90 trees cape may and dover but mostly sunny the numbers are starting to bounce back up near lancaster which could fuel more storms this evening. so, severe thunderstorm watch in effect philadelphia all points to the south until 9 o'clock tonight. we'll watch more storms that could erupt. in fact future tracker showing they're still existing along the shore to northern delaware and again you can see a couple around lancaster at 9:30 tonight maybe a couple trying to pop in the lehigh valley. the atmosphere is very unstable and we have to wait until at least 9:00 to midnight to kind of get this boundary to sync to the south and to bring in this for tomorrow. sunshine, lower humidity,
4:52 pm
temperatures back to near normal in the 80's across the area. in fact if you're at the shore, today not the best of days but tomorrow less humid, sunny, really nice, 86 degrees. sunday sun and clouds 84 and that ocean temperature dipping down a bit from last weekend sitting at 65 degrees. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 87 turning sunny tomorrow, really nice day. and then on sunday very warm a little more humid 90 degrees. and take a look at this. another heat wave on the way. we're at 90 monday, tuesday, wednesday and once you get to tuesday, wednesday and beyond it turns humid on down right oppressive around the area again with those pop-up thunderstorms entering the forecast once again and even on friday with a lot of clouds, a thunderstorm system likely with temperatures remaining in the 90's. so, these storms rocking through south jersey right now heading to the shore communities. we'll continue to watch that and watch how that could pop up into eastern pennsylvania in the next half hour. >> adam thank you. >> freebie friday coming up next.
4:53 pm
>> ♪
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4:55 pm
>> it's friday. we made it and it's freebie friday and in honor of national ice cream day, which is this sunday, you're welcome, mcdonald's is giving everyone a free vanilla soft serve cone. this is through their app so make sure you download it. also on sunday, dipping dots is giving out free cups during its three hour window. check with your local store and call them before you head out. not to be left out, the furry friends can grab some ice cream too. pet smart giving away free doggie ice cream sundays on sunday. national ice cream day. now this is pretty fun. tomorrow it's the annual bastille day festival outside eastern state penitentiary.
4:56 pm
along with free entertainment and contests as soon as marie antoinette gives the cue let them eat tastykakes of course. more than 2,000 but scotch krimpets will drop from the sky somehow. that party starts at 2 o'clock. it's a lot of fun and this is cool, too. at 2 o'clock -- annual clark park music and arts festival in west philly. that's from 11:00 a.m. to midnight tomorrow. free music from local artists, tons of fun on tap and some great bands to be seen there and every thursday it's screenings under the star on the delaware river waterfront. next thursday july 21st it is "rogue one: a star wars story." at 8:30 at great plaza at penn's landing. actually it's july 20th next thursday. every thursday free movies there and this is going to be a popular one. check it out. >> yes it will be popular. >> have gun weekend guys. >> you too leach shah. -- alicia. i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers
4:57 pm
tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> "action news" continues next at 5:00 with more on the breaking news out of bucks county. in the last three hours officials said they have found and identified all four men who disappeared last week. we have team coverage on the investigation, the legal fallout and how the community is reacting tonight. >> that and a check of the active accuweather forecast coming up next at 5:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> looking live at double scan radar right now. the big story on "action news" tonight is the thunderstorm activity moving through our area. right now we are keeping a very close eye on storm tracker6 as storms continue to hover over south jersey. >> let's head right over to meteorologist cecily tynan at the big board with the very latest tonight. cecily. >> hi, rick and monica. remember this time yesterday we were getting the tornado warnings in berks county. all the focus then was north and west but the boundary i've been tracking as expected has shifted to the south and this has moved the risk of severe weather across south jersey. watching this really vicious line that many continues to push to the southeast at about
5:00 pm
25 miles per hour. this view alone we've had more than 500 lightning strikes in the past five minutes. also the potential for damaging winds up to 60 miles an hour and we have had some reports of hail. so the national weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning. it's actually just updated. this is until 5:15 tonight for much of cumberland county all of cape may county and some of atlantic county for the potential for damaging winds and hail with this storm. so, zooming in on the storm, millville has reported a wind gust at the airport 58 miles per hour. and as we zoom in you can see some very heavy rain just in the east, route 55 right now it's moving over dorothy, moving towards mays landing. a lot of people are driving to the shore tonight so i do want to stress be careful. some roads could be flooded. i want to show you another cell that currently is right over brigantine so hopefully everyone's off the beaches right now. so very heavy rain moving there. that also continues to push to the


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