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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 20, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." we're not saying it's not dangerous -- >> but come on! it's so cool. >> see the b.a.s.e. jump to end all b.a.s.e. jumps. >> i'm speechless. >> they didn't land yet. my name is michaela. >> a woman reveals an odd situation. >> foreign accent syndrome. >> what she thinks caused the curious medical condition. >> gosh, that's what's up with you, dude. usually when somebody's on a
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late night food raid, the refrigerator -- >> is your own. >> the creepy footage that has you asked -- >> who is that? and a hot hollywood dance studio. >> very professional amazing dancers coming from there. >> but see how one talented duo managed to upstage everybody. >> oh! >> the next choreography should be this. tim here and maria, they're in france where they're going to pull off a stunt which to me was made famous by my hero, bond, james bond. that's right. they're going to pull off their best impression of the opening scene of "the spy who loved me." >> but james, i need you. >> so does england. >> they get the camera set up and they're planning where they're going to go. because while there is a bit of mountain in front of them, there is after that a whole heap of nothing. which means you get to do this.
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oh, oh, oh. >> yes! >> it worked. i'm speechless. >> hold on. they didn't land yet. >> they jumped off. >> well, the parachute went up. that's half the battle. >> didn't even notice the camera mounted on the front. you see maria in the background. but come on! it's so cool! >> it is pretty cool. did they land? >> they did. they did land. you can see as they just cruise down this incredible valley. beautiful views before a very nice calm and gentle touchdown. honestly, if it's good enough for james bond, it's good enough for me. my name is michaela.
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i was diagnosed with a condition in 2015. >> the condition she's talking about is foreign accent syndrome. michaela is from england. this condition she has, she believes was aggravated by an mri she got as she was seeking treatment for some chronic migraines. and this is what it's caused her to do. >> the signals in the brain aren't working properly. and also the muscles in the tongue aren't moving correctly. >> she says on any given day she would wake up and it might sound she has a foreign accent. >> gosh, that's what's up with you, dude. >> finally we can put it all to bed. >> this is a documented thing. this is a real case. sometimes people think she sounds italian, french, chinese. and she says because of that, she's suffered some incidental racism because of that. so she posted some other video of her waking up where her tongue isn't working the way she
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wants. >> i don't reckon i sound french or belgian. >> sounds european. >> all of this side is swollen up. >> there are physical issues that relate. sometimes her arm won't work. whatever doctors diagnosed it as, it's foreign accent syndrome. >> so it's an mri that caused this? >> she's claiming that. but there is documented proof that there is foreign accent syndrome. >> you see the guy that dyes in and woke up and could wake up and play the piano. >> so much about our brain we don't know. >> it'll be interesting to see how this case changes if at all. if she's stuck with this or they find a way to treat whatever it is that caused this to happen 3. we all been there.
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late night you head out to the refrigerator or freezer. but usually that is your own. this family was in the house sleeping when his new camera picked up motion out in the garage. you'll notice there's a flash light moving around, few shots of the cars. when suddenly -- >> who is that? >> well, not quite sure who it is. as cameron is not sure who it is, but he did post it to his facebook page because he's like this woman just came and made herself at home. >> didn't know this was going to happen? only after they got the new camera and realized food was missing. >> turned the footage over to the police. he kind of feels bad for her because you never know what this person could have been going through to make them come on someone else's property and take food like that. now to a flower shop. the shop's owner is outside. there she is out watering something out on the sidewalk when this fella just comes wandering in. heads straight to the back. you know what she's after.
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she heads to the back as she confronted them. blocks him in and he pushes past her. she's using his body to block him. that's when this happens. he pushes her down and takes off. she is an older woman. he only got away with about $35 in coins because most of their customers pay with their atm or debit card. the situation is still under investigation, but the shop owners did post this video to facebook. it looks like some people may be able to identify him. hopefully that assists police in capturing him. as for the shop owner, the older woman, she didn't want to go to the hospital but she did offer some bruising and a stiff neck. >> if that guy got caught, i'd totally send flowers to him in jail. it's always kind of neat to see airplanes flying low making those low passes. but when they fly low, you hope to hear at least an engine running. not the case in this situation. >> whoa.
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>> oh! >> dude, that was hard. >> is the pilot okay? >> that thing just whacked. you hear it belly flop right into the lake in russia. one of the largest lakes in the world also the deepest. this is trouble now. several videos captured this plane going in the drink. immediately boats nearby rushing up to help the four people that were inside that cessna 172. looks like the first boat to arrive was one of those small zodiac style boats. other larger boats also begin to motor up to try and help out. you see movement in and around that plane in this video. you can see people climbing out of the water and getting into that boat. that is the good news. differing reports say all four were injured. some say that just three of the four passengers were injured and that the pilot was not injured. one of the people inside that plane included a teenage boy as
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well. >> any explanation as to the loss of power? >> no reports yet. it's under investigation on what caused this plane to lose power. not only were they able to recover the people inside the plane, they were able to recover the plane. now, the next video, as you look at it you may realize this helicopter is about to fall out of the sky. but no. you know what's going on? >> of course. it's a frame of the video matches with the rotors. >> it's just a trickery of the frequency of the rotors spinning matching the frame rate of the camera giving the illusion the blades aren't even turning. she's doing her favorite exercise -- >> heck no. >> heck yes. this is next level right here. >> see the workout you must see to believe. >> that is wild. and a bizarre incident caught on cctv cameras. >> you see the passenger walking over to the woman, punches her in the face. >> but watch the tables turn quickly. >> they're kicking him. oh, man.
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closed captioning provided by -- and irritation. and get fast acting relief that lasts 10 full hours. that's the power of 10. cortizone 10®. this video starts with two people wearing helmets in a physical confrontation here. at first the person recording this video thought it was a case of road rage. but when they fall to the ground, you see other people start rushing to try to break up the fight. that's when the guy dressed in black is able to get back up and runs back to the scooter that was on the ground. do you hear that? that's my bike. it turns out that man is trying to steal that man's scooter. that's what the fuss was about. people aren't having it here, fortunately. other people grab it and take it
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away from him. he is now forced to walk away and jump on the motorcycle waiting for him and they take off. leaving the poor man on the side of the road with a broken foot. >> oh, wow. >> the video was shared online. it's getting a lot of attention. the person that reported the video also said there's a crowd funding campaign set up for him to help with expenses. over to russia where do you see this? >> ooh. >> are pedestrians beating each other up or is that related to the taxi sitting there? >> that person was hit by the pattern that was in that taxi. watch this. the pedestrians were on the pedestrian crosswalk, an area that's clearly marked. but the male pedestrian sees that the taxi is driving pretty fast toward them. so he decides to stop right in front of the taxi forcing it to slow down, come to a stop. well, that is what the passenger did not like one bit. you see the passenger walking over to the woman, punches her in the face, and walks over to
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the guy that was walking with her and punches him as well. but tables turn real quick for this guy. because look at this pedestrian over here that rushes over. >> hey, buddy. >> he's a mountain, that guy. >> he punches the passenger. >> they're kicking him. ooh, man. >> they think the guy with the white t-shirt is the driver also getting involved. >> this is crazy. barely anybody else out on the street and the people out there are all involved in this fight. >> went on for a long time. waiting for the cops to show up. >> didn't seem the cops ended up getting involved. the guy i think is a taxi driver and sprayed something on the good samaritan's face, probably mace. that forces him to back off. but that also turns out to be the end of this altercation and they all end up either walking away or driving away. that good samaritan is being called a hero for somethinhavin involved and teaching that fool a lesson. i was in australia. while i was there, i decided to
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make a pilgrimage through the zoo to see some australian native animals. and they connected me first with my spirit animal. >> this is the closest i've been to one. >> it looks like a giant rat. they only live on one little island in the wild off the coast of perth. the one animal everybody is familiar with, kangaroo. had alone time with them. check this out. this is ariel and she has been raised by hand. she is comfortable with humans. so when i walked over the fence, she didn't move. >> until she saw the tree. she was like, okay, you get my attention now. >> this is an adult male akidna. >> australia is an island of all of these animals you don't see anywhere else. >> it's got a long snout. it looks like an about ent eatea porcupine had a baby. she explained about their
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spines. >> porcupine's spines they can inject them as a defense mechanism. these are a defense mechanism, but they're made of keratin and they're like hairs. >> then they showed off their baby elephant. and then the mere cats. they were fun. and you will not believe who has the best view in the zoo. >> the giraffes. >> because they got the high penthouse view. >> i want to thank the zoo for showing us around. i really loved meeting them. i brought you guys some presents from the zoo. >> these are cool. >> cheers. there are those that say that mums are superheroes. you'll hear no argument from me. in case anyone out there needs evidence of the fact, check this out. >> heck no. >> heck yes. >> oh, heck no. >> heck yes. this is next level right here. >> yeah. >> she's like, come on, baby. let's go for a spin.
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>> she's a mother of two. her latest is three months old. this is the first time she's back doing her favorite exercise. all that stabilization of her core muscles is to thank for the 20-minute birth she had of the young one right here. >> yep. in and out. and i see mommy and me pole dancing classes coming to a pole dancing deal near you. >> so she is doing something that none of us can do and she's doing it phenomenally. >> in my best fitness days, i would not be able to do that. >> it's amazing! >> that's wild. >> yeah. think about it. you no longer need those rockers when mom can swing you like this. class with phil is where it's at. >> they've choreographed a really beautiful dance with a number of couples. >> but there's one couple that really stand out. >> he is a smooth operator, boy, i tell you. plus, science can be so
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promotional considerations provided by -- new icyhot lidocaine patch. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine patch. can get rough and dry fast, but not anymore. new gold bond pedi smooth, keep feet sandal ready up to 2 weeks. gold bond. there's a beautiful dance coming from l.a.'s millennium dance complex. the video starts off with phil and his girlfriend ashley. they're dancing to john legend's "you and i." throughout the video you see that some of the other dancers
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from the complex put on their own little performance. it's a beautiful song. >> the dancers that show up in their viral videos are really talented. >> you'd have to be if you're going to even step foot in this studio, you better know what you're doing. >> i'm going to get back to phil and ashley over here. look at the way he looks at her. you can see he loves her. >> these people, they don't even look like they're dancing. they're just so good and so fluid. they're floating. they're just going with it. it's so cool. >> this is my favorite part of their choreography. keep an eye on his left hand. he smoothly reaches into his back pocket as she's over there. when he starts going down on one knee, she notices something's up. >> oh. >> i was going to say the next bit of choreography should be this. >> he pulls that ring out and got down in one knee in one swift move. she of course says yes and they embrace in a lovely hug. the video has gotten thousands of views and also getting a lot
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of attention because john legend himself tweeted out the link to the video. loved it. you guys want to see something cool? >> sure. >> excellent. because the guys at warped perception had a cool request from viewers. >> that i burn a model rocket engine under water. >> cool. let's do that. >> going to be a little challenging though. >> no, these guys know what they're doing. we've seen their videos before they make up a similar rig to hold this motor inside this tank. they fill the tank with water, put it inside. and they burn that. >> oh! >> yeah, right? watch it again though. it is just absolutely mesmerizing in 4k slow mo. when it initially goes, you can see the pressures are working
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out and out. and then that kicks in. >> cool. >> wow. >> then they fast forward to the end part and it's awesome. >> wow. >> i backed that up two or three times when it happened. that underwater explosion is fascinating. then the pressure just immediately streaks it back down. just absolutely awesome. he's climbing the tallest mountain in the uk in style. >> just felt like walking up a mountain in heels? >> because he can and he does. >> find out if he
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won't start a fire. >> it will not. that's why i'm going to order one of these. tallest mountain in the uk. >> christian, five inch stile o stilettos mean anything to you? >> love. >> inick, how would you like to put on the stilettos and head up the mountain. that's what this guy did. >> it could be possible. a >> i love -- iea


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