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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  July 20, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. the hot sun is burning up everything outside and another day in the 90s and the impressive conditions are dangerous. and tips on how to stay safe coming up and less than an hour away from the hear that determines in o.j. simpson become a free man. and protesters upset about a deadly police shooting in philadelphia take over an event hosted by the mayor. >> now the details on the heat and humidity it continues for another day of this stretch of uncomfortable conditions. we are under an excessive heat warning today and tomorrow. live from sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge we could see temperatures today above 95 and feeling even worse. we have team coverage on the heat today. health reporter and registered nurse, ali gorman, is live in sent steer with tips on how to stay safe and first we go to karen rogers in the weather center with the details from
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accuweather. the steamy details -- >> they are steamy rick, we need a cold front, we are looking at the satellite 6 along with action radar and we see a couple of storms out to the west they will fall apart as they reach our area. we are in the heat and staying in the heat. 92 degrees already in philadelphia and the mercury is still climbing, 90 in reading and 91 in allentown and 89 in beach haven and 91 in atlantic city airport. and 91 in dover, delaware. feels hotter than that. it's hot and humid and today is the day that we excessive heat and that warning is in effect today and tomorrow. 97 for your high temperature. 2:00, 94 and 4:00, 96 and 6:00 we come down from the high of 97 with sunshine mixed in with clouds and maybe an isolated shower in one or two spots and most of us stay dry. and you have to wait until 10:00 to get below the 90s and even then staying warm and muggy in
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the overnight hours. the dew points are a big part of the story. 71 in philadelphia. 5-in wilmington and 77 in millville. the dew point 79 in cape may. one you hit 70 that is when it feels oppressive. and we feel oppressive for days. that is the problem the extended heat and humidity. i want to show you this. look at the expected heat index values what it feels like during the day. mt. pocono 90 to 95, and allentown reading and lancaster, 95 to 100, this is the area of purple the area of the access he heat warning where it feels like between 100 and 105, in the core of the area if philadelphia and the i-95 corridor. this is dangerous heat rick, we'll tell you how long it lasts and how long you have to wait to get relief. the seven-day forecast is coming up. >> we'll check back in later to get the details from you karen, thank you. >> we are under an excessive heat warning, the most vulnerable like infants and the
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elderly need to be protected in the hot and humid conditions, ali gorman is live at the senior center where they are helping the people in need today. >> reporter: that is right. when we talk about the extreme heat it really is dangerous for everyone all age groups but we know that senior citizens are at a greater risk and many here today are doing the right thing taking the right precautions to stay safe. 85-year-old constance white is busy greeting members at the philadelphia senior center many are here to escape the heat. >> my air conditioning feels great. >> the elderly are more susceptible to problems from the heat and their bodies don't adjust as well. and many like lavon walker take medication that could effect body temperature. >> i have a blood pressure problem and cannot take the
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heat. i used to be on the beach years ago and now i can't do it. i cannot do it. >> reporter: so they are staying safe in the cool air and everyone does need to know the signs of trouble starting with heat exhaustion that starts with fatigue and nausea and vomiting and have a headache and cold sweaty skin. those are signs that you need to cool off, if you don't it could progress to a life-threatening heat stroke where the sweating will stop and your skin becomes dry, and flush and rapid heart rate and confusion. heat stroke is a medical emergency, if you see someone with these symptoms you need to call 911. that is the latest here reporting live from center city, ali gorman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the city of philadelphia is helping residents stay cool during the excessive heat. all public pools are holding an
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open swim. and classes and other activities are canceled it started at 7:00 this morning and runs until 7:00 tonight. as the extreme continues use the mobile app to stay informed for tips to staying cool. the 6 abc app is a free download for your mobile device. turning to other news a 48-year-old woman is killed and her 28-year-old daughter is injured in the double stabbing overnight. and police say they know the suspect. . the daughters ex-boyfriend attacked them and real time crime cameras in the area captured video in the area with the suspects running way and the two injured women lying on the ground. witnesses called 911 and they have the suspect's address and are searching for him at this hour. investigators tonight to piece together the deaths of two men found in a lake in vineland. chopper 6 hd was over the scene here after the discovery was
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made last night in crystal lake. there is no word on their identities or how they died. a 65-year-old woman is accused of stealing a cab and pretrending to be a driver and picking up a fare. she caught the cab in kensington and asked to stop at the store, when the cabby got out to help her out she jumped in the drivers says and took off. a few blocks away she picked up a woman andp her babe and then officers spotted the cab outside of the 125th district headquarters they pulled over the woman and took her into custody. o.j. simpson learns his fate today. a parole board will decide if he gets out of prison or remains behind bars to serve his sentence for robbery. there is speculation that the football star will be set free. marcy gonzales is live now.
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>> reporter: o.j. simpson again fighting for his freedom after serving 9 of his 33 year sentence in nevada. the parole board set to decide in the nfl hall-of-famer and former actor will go free. >> thought i was confronting friends and retrieving my property. i am sorry, sorry for all of it. >> one man he is convicted of robbing in what simpson testified of getting back his memorabilia is expected to testify on his behalf. saying that simpson served his time. taking that into consideration along with his age and perfect prison record. >> he is still an inmate but he was not a problem child like some of the others were. >> the board weighing the potential risk he could pose to society. they are suppose to ignore the murder of his ex-wife nicole
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brown and her friend, ronald goldman. goldman saying this today in their exclusive interests view on "good morning america." >> think his whole history of violence ignoring the law, no respect for the law, no remorse for anything he has ever done is an indication of who he is as a person. i don't think there is any reason to think he will be edecent human being into society. >> it will take a majority vote for him to be released. this reminder, abc news will carry a special report when simpson's parole hearing begins it is expected to get underway at 1:00 this afternoon right after this newscast. we'll bring it live on the air and stream is live online at
12:39 pm back here demonstrators interrupted a press conference being held by mayor jim kenney to call for justice in a deadly police shooting last month. the protesters from black lives matters wants transparent in the death of david jones. mayor kenney held them back. >> i don't need protection from citizens that are expressing their first amendment views. we need to hear them and make sure the family and friends know what happened and if there is appropriate action to be taken against the officer for what he did or didn't do that is appropriate. >> james was stopped for riding a dirt bike and he video was videoing an office shooting him in the back running from the scene. and city officials cutting the ribbon for the new
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shakespear if the park. an impersonator was on hand to help unveil the new public spaces. septa commuters received a lesson on how to save lives in center city. they set up a brief training event at jefferson station, and in just five minutes people could take part in the hands only cpr training and received education to learn more. in philadelphia alone, more that be 1200 people died from sudden cardiac arrest in 2015. and there is much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. a massive sinkhole in florida is growing giving more residents fear of losing their homes and he did it before -- he is doing it again. ryan seacrest is named the host of the new american idol. those stories and more when we come right back.
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hitting the mid-morning wall? with up to 24 grams of hearty protein jimmy dean bowls help you avoid it. shine on. we have some breaking news to report from northeast philadelphia now, chopper 6 hd
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is over the scene of a has matt situation at the pepsi coal accompany on roosevelt boulevard. money officials are on the the scene and a number of employees from that building are evacuated and in fact we are told that the building is evacuated but nearby residents, nearby homes in this area have not been evacuated. but this is a hazmat situation and the call went out after 11:30 this morning. crews are on the scene for some type of chemical leak. the building is evacuated but not surrounding residents. well, that massive sinkhole in florida that swallowed up two homes growing and expanded so feet wider than several days ago, because of that residents in two additional homes are told to get ready to evacuate and five homes are cleared out
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already. the edges are caving in because there is no support for the sandy soil as it drys out. engineers hope to start bringing in dirt and removing debris over the weekend or perhaps early next week. there is more reaction pouring in to the announcement that senator, john mccain, is now battling brain cancer and he built a career as a fighter and prisoner of war on capitol hill. even in past battles with skin cancer, maggie ruly has the latest now with mccain's new fight. >> an outpouring of support and love from both sides of the aisle for senator john mccain. the political icon and military hero announced he is battling brain cancer. >> i cannot overstate the impact he has in the senate. >> he was a prisoner in vietnam for five and a half year and then turned to politics, and running for president twice.
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>> this is addis graceful. if we stay here to work lets get work done. >> the very next day he flew hem for surgery to remove a blood clot above his eye and further tests revealed a brain tumor, a common yet extremely aggressive form of cancer. >> the tumor appears to be fairly small and superficially locates and not in a functional part of the brain. >> the senator and his family are currently reviewing options including radiation and chemotherapy. his daughter megan posting an emotional tribute online calling him the toughest person i know. cancer will not make him surrender nothing ever has. >> i do know this this disease has never had a more worthy opponent. >> senator graham says that when he spoke to his friend mccain
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told him he wants to get back to washington as soon as possible as long as he is able to participate. abc news new york. topping our people scene now, ryan seacrest is returning to "american idol" he hosted the show when it debuts in 2002 and went on to run for 15 seasons on fox going off the air last year. earl your this year abc announced plans to bring back american idol and seacrest made it official live on kelly and ryan. >> don't know if you have ever been in a 15 year relationship, and then for a reason you don't know you break up. and all of a sudden the show is gone, we thought wow and then all of a sudden we broke up and i thought it would be great to get back together at some point. >> seacrest joins judge katy perry on the idol reboot. nationwide auditions for the show begin next month.
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meteorologist, karen rogers is back now with a closer look at the forecast, that is dangerous in many ways. >> it's a good time to check on your friends and elderly and make sure the kids are okay. lets look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we are dry through the region right now, lets go on outside and show you what it looks like and this is the action cam taking beautiful shots of that sunshine, it would look good if that is all we have onto see, and we feel the intensity of it. that is why we have the access he heat warning until tomorrow night at 8:00. that is for the core of our region. the i-95 square, where it feels like it's over 100. 92 degrees already now in philadelphia. most of the region now 90. everywhere but the poconos and beach haven and the boardwalk sitting in the 90s at this point. feels like 99 in philadelphia and trenton and 103 in millville
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and 105 in cape may and the heat and heat index is dangerous today and add to that we have an ozone action day. not a lot of mixing in the atmosphere and the air is unhealthy for kids and people with heart and lung conditions, you need to be careful. here are the satellite images storms to the west and they fall apart as they hit us. if you are in the poconos you want to watch for that an isolate chance for a shower or thunderstorm. most of us stay dry and we stay hot. look at the numbers, at 4:00, 96 and the high of 97. we'll be coming down from that at 6:00 and still in the 90s and even 8:00 at night, 90 degrees and 8:00, 96 and sunshine and clouds and isolated shower or thunderstorm. at the shore get some relief and still muggy and the sand is hot. you at least get the shore breeze helping you, it's ocean breeze 87 and 88 for highs and atlantic city and beach haven, the ocean water temperatures are
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warm and a moderate risk of rip currents to be careful down the shore. here is the exclusive accuweather forecast. the heat index today over 100 and 97 degrees with sunshine and clouds, tomorrow staying oppressive and 93 for the high. saturday clouds and sun and 91, with a late day shower or thunderstorm possible. it looks like sunday it the more active day with downpours and showers and the second half of the day, 90 degrees, and monday it's still sticky and 90 and some modelled suggest dipping down the heat wave continues and tuesday the best we can offer seasonably warm and better at 87. and on wednesday staying warm 87 degrees, and we'll break that heat wave. it's day three and counting. >> counting is right. thank you karen. >> the eastern state penitentiary is known for a lot of things, the prison where al
12:52 pm
capone was incarcerated and offers terror behinded walls at halloween and you can also get married there. alicia vitarelli is here with that and other unique places to tie the knot across the region. >> you can say i do at a prison and celebrate your wedding with real sharks. we checked out event places in and around philadelphia. >> some trends are happening now people want to get married in uncons conventional spaces. >> eastern penitentiary meets that criteria. >> they want to come and be in the museum and see the world renowned architecture. >> it was build in the 1829 as one of the most expensive
12:53 pm
prisons in the world. and now they get married in the rotunda. >> it's beautiful in the midst of the crumbling cell block. people are happy that we can make their special moment come to life. >> and adventure aquarium in camden the water provides the backdrop. >> we have fish and stingrays and we have built in decor. >> you can have the ceremony in the ballroom or ocean room. >> they come in and see sharks it's really cool and different for a wetting. cocktail hour can be spent in the shark tunnel where you can touch a shark. the venue is one of a kind and make your wedding more special. for a wedding it's a home run and sports fan can marry at the hope of the phillies. citizens bank park. >> you get married at home plate, it's exciting for folks and whether you are a long time
12:54 pm
fan or not. the penn museum you can wed and dine against ancient artifacts. the actual event spaces are gallery spaces and host your ceremony outside or in. and come near the -- the you can't beat it. >> can you get married on the water and it has great views of the waterfront and skyline. the decks offer an open air experience and we are told that the cuisine is delicious. and watch our special this saturday night here on 6 abc at 7:30.
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before we go one final check
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of the accuweather forecast with karen rogers, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing a storm starting to brew near lancaster in the past few minutes, we are watching for that and expected heat index of 100 and 105, especially if philadelphia and areas to the south it's a hot one be careful today. >> that will do it for "action news" at noon. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for the entire "action news" team. i'm rick williams stay cool out there. be safe and we'll see you later right here. remember our special night?
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. >> this is an abc news special report. the o.j. simpson parole hearing. now reporting george stephanopoulos. >> hello we're coming on the air now because it is yet another decision for o.j. simpson. that is nevada nevada board of parole armed robbery in las vegas. we're showing the screen of lovelock prison. that's about 100 miles away from carson city where o.j. simpson will speak by up link. i believe the


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