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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  July 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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is preparing for parole. the big story on "action news" is the big ruling by the nevada parole board and his pending release from prison. >> is in prison stemming from an incidents at a hotel when he and two other men broke into a hotel room and attempted to take memorabilia they claimed was stolen. he was sentenced to minimum of nine years in prison. after a series of failed motions for a new trial. o.j. simpson put major efforts into preparing for today's parole hearing and described himself as a giving person who feels remorse for what happened. >> i am not a guy that lived a criminal life, i'm a pretty straight shooter. >> i didn't know how we were going to do this by apologizing to the people of nevada, because i wish this never would have
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happened. >> o.j. simpson now 70 years old could be released from prison as early as october 1st. >> christie aleto spoke to people in our area to get their take on the decision. >> reporter: well, rick and monica simpson served the minimum nine years of his prison sentence and people said that was long enough and others are stunned that his early release was too soon. >> it spread fast. >> thank you. thank you. >> he should have only gotten one year but he got 33 years. so they should have let him out long ago. >> what do you think of that? >> i really don't care, he did nine years in prison for a robbery. so it's time for him to go home. >> really? >> yes, i think it's time.
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>> the running back turned kidnapper and armed robber appears via video conference asking for early release and simpson's attorney and daughter and one victim of the incidents spoke to the four person parole board. >> barbara was glued to the tv. >> sounded like he did some good things since he was in prison. he was active in the prison and taking anger management court. >> i would have voted yes too. >> i am shocked. i don't understand why they would let him out. >> it was less intense than when he was on trial for his wife nick old and ron dold man. he was found not guilty. >> i never expected he would get paroled. that is disturbing and i think he is a terrible person that got away with something he shouldn't have. we watched the whole trial and he definitely got away with
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murders. >> it's hard to forget that part of his life. >> for the 2007 incident do you feel he deserves a second chance? >> everybody does. yes. everybody does. >> now, the board chairman warned simpson they don't look kindly on parole violations and he could be released as early as october 1st. >> thank you also developing now tributes from around the country are pouring in after the apparent suicide of lincoln park singer, he helped to sell 70 million albums world wide and pennington struggles with alcohol and drugs throughout his life and he was found dead at his los angeles area home from an apparent suicide. >> now to an accuweather alert.
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now an excessive heat warning is in effect for our viewing area. and officials are warning nefrn to take it easy as the temperatures soar. >> ali gorman will have more on the dangers of the heat and who is most at risk. but lets begin with meteorologist adam joseph, in for cecily. >> heat wave number five is now underway it began early it morning at 11:00 a.m. when we hit the 90 degrees, so far today 95 and yesterday 96 degrees, tuesday it was 91 degrees our normal 87 degrees which typically feels warm but at this point we would take the 87. excessive heat warnings are in effect those county as long 95 the highly urbanized areas and wet of the pennsylvania turnpike
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and southern delaware will expire at 7:30 and could be reissued tomorrow. right now around 100 or a couple of degrees above that. from millville to wilmington and 95 in the city of philadelphia and 99 in reading. there are storms to the north here and we watch these as they continue to work to the south and east and i see a box popping up. philadelphia to the north a severe thunderstorm watch is just issues for parts of our viewing area and i don't know the time since it just lit up and i'll get it to you in the full accuweather forecast. we'll watch the storms that could bring heavy rain and gusty winds, reaching the city possibly between 9:00 and 11:00. we'll look at the severe thunderstorm watch and when the heat wave breaks. >> the parents of a former drexel student is taking action years after their son was injured in a fight. now two fraternities and local
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students are facing serious charges. jeff is live with the details. >> reporter: this case seems awfully familiar this 14 count lawsuit alleges negligence with five students and two fraternities and a bar where the student was drinking earlier in the night. one student was injured in a fight his fraternity brothers did nothing to help. >> at a news conference, they tearfully detailed their son ian's recovering from a devastating brain injury in 2014. >> before the accident ian was full of fun and a good kid. >> during an altercation the then drexel business major was punched and hit his head on cement and was knocked unconscious they carried him to
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the frat house and he was placed in the care a 21-year-old risk manager that chose not to call 911 for four hours. >> he laid abandoned until his family came to the fraternity found him covered with vomit. >> it has similarities to the criminal case against 16 members of a penn state fraternity. the teen died of traumatic injuries after brothered failed to call 911 for 12 hours. >> how to prevent this from happening again. drexel university that is not named in the suit, they are given amnesty when someone reports. >> he gets fatigues easily and cannot move his arm.
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>> he should be out getting his career started and instead he has mom and dad helping him to put his shoes on. >> drexel officials have not said if they will sanction the fraternities in this case. reporting live in university city, channel 6 "action news." >> jeff, thank you. philadelphia police are searching for the man that stabbed his ex-girlfriend overnight. the mother died and the 21-year-old daughter is in critical condition, the 21-year-old ex-girlfriend was apparently enrained over their recent breakup and an altercation began inside of a home on daily terrace and spilled out into the street. neighbors ran to help and called 911. >> there is the young man brave enough to help her. they were saying help help, she
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is dying. police say they know who the suspect is and where he lives. now they just have to find him. >> investigators returned to the salisbury township owned by bucks county quadruple murder suspect cosmo dinardo. the investigators needed to be sure they didn't miss any evidence in the four men that were murdered there last week. he and his cousin are facing charges in the death. arizona senator, john mccain, is vowing to return to washington after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. he was diagnosed after a blood clot was removed from above his left eye. the 80-year-old has the same cancer that took former delaware attorney general, beau biden. the senator and his family are looking at all options including radiation and chemotherapy.
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mccain took to twitter telling his colleagues he will be back soon and thanking everyone for their support. matt pellman in the traffic center with the latest on the commute home. >> on this thursday evening rick and monica it's way too hot here at the pennsylvania delaware state line, a box truck was on fire until a minute or two ago behind the tree, you see the fire crews on the scene northbound lanes of 95 at the delaware pennsylvania state line. delays are spilling back toward wilmington and back to 495, expect that slowing you can get back in the two left lanes in marcus hook and chester. elsewhere on 95 normal slowing with speeds in the 20s and single digits on the schuylkill by south street and we are watching the jeep on its side along home avenue westbound at revere street. and eastbound side of 87 a crash
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stay on 22 to get around that and malvern a bad one along 29 at great valley parkway. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you sir. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. a new bombshell from president trump that is creating shock waves on capitol hill. why the president says his pick for the country's top prosecutor may not have been the best choice. and the major blow to the so-called dark web, the crack down that stops thousands of illegal transactions per day. this summer
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looking live outside at the ben franklin bring on a steamy thursday night. we are under an accuweather alert. an acceexcessive heat warning i effect right now. >> being outside for extended periods of time is dangerous season even deadly. registered nurse, ali gorman is outside of city hall with what you need to know. >> reporter: hi guys, in is definitely drinkous heat especially as this heat wave continues. i'll tell you the kids behind me at the splash park they have the right idea staying cool in the water because everyone needs to
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take precautions to stay safe. it was a busy day i side of the philadelphia senior center, nancy comes in to paint and like many seniors to escape the heat. >> walking the block was horrible but i knew it would be nice and cool and they are open all day. it's perfect. >> seniors and young kids are at a greater risk for heat related problems and people with chronic medical conditions. >> i have a blood pressure problem, cannot take the heat. i used to be on the beach years ago and i can't do it now, blood pressure is too high. i cannot do it. >> they are seeing more raet related issues and everyone should limit their time in the heat and drink more water and parents monitor children closely. kids themselves may not recognize they need to be removed from a hot environment or they may not be able to
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communicate that to a parent. signs of trouble include fatigue and nausea and vomiting and cold sweaty skin, that is heat exhaustion, if it progresses it could turn into a potentially heat stroke. >> seizures and dizziness and nausea and vomiting and you need to seek medical attention immediately. >> and i want to mention one more sign and heat stroke is someone actually stops sweating their skin is hot and dry, call 911 right away and as this heat wave continues check on friends and family and neighbors and make sure everyone is staying cool. reporting live ali gorman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you ali. u.s. government has dealt a major blow to an online market place where illegal guns and drugs could easily be purchased. the justice announced that they shut down the dark website alpha bay. the largest crack down on the
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dark web, part of the internet accessible through certain software. it was credited one of the biggest market online for drugs with daily transactions totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> we'll find you and dismantle your organization and network and we will prosecute you. >> another place was shut down with the help of the officials in the netherlands. >> still to come the big announcement with american idols return to television here on abc. >> and tips from young pros on video gaming.
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the annual lady bug festival kicked off a short time celebrating women in music. gable ventures saw an opportunity and it includes artists. a big video gaming event is coming to philadelphia today. philadelphia mayor jim kenney and dr. william hite got a few pointers from pros and these
5:21 pm
kids and hundreds of others will gather for the largest mine craft event for children. it raises funds for improvements for philadelphia schools. ryan seacrest is returning to american idol. he hosted the show for 15 seasons on fox and abc announced they would be bringing back idol and he made it official on his new show live with kelly and ryan. >> i don't know if you have been in a 15 year relationship and then for a reason that you really don't know you break up. all of a sudden, the show is gone and we thought wow and then we broke up and i thought it would be great to get back together. >> nationwide auditions for the show begin next month with stops in pittsburgh and annapolis in september. still ahead on "action news" at 5:00, a check of the accuweather forecast. looking live outside at the jersey shore, sky 6 hd showing you cape may and there are a few people on the beach.
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time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> adam joseph is here with more. >> we have a thunderstorm watch for parts of our area.
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it's until 10:00 tonight basically for the northern counties from philadelphia basically reading and lehigh valley and poconos and the city itself is in the severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 and trenton and then parts of camden county and burlington county and ocean county. the problem is they contain gusty winds near 60 miles per hour and could be moderate to large size hail. temperatures are fueling the storms as they come in from the north and the heat index is well into the 90s to near 100 and temperatures in the mid-90s from philadelphia to the northwest. 89 in millville ain break there and still uncomfortable with the humidity and at the shore cape may sitting at 80 degrees. you factor in the humidity and even though 89 in millville, it feels like 102, 100 at the atlantic city airport. 101 in wilmington and lehigh valley right now 97 degrees. all is quiet and there are the storms coming in from the north
5:26 pm
and poconos expecting to reach the poconos lehigh valley at 7:00 this evening. we push in north of philadelphia as we get into the middle part of the evening. the watch box is popping up and there are the storms producing powerful winds in western new york state and uprooting a lot of trees and we watch these coming through allentown poconos to the north and trenton and they start to fall apart and it just clips parts of our viewing area here and striking across burlington and ocean county at 9:30 tonight and then off the coast. >> heat index into the day tomorrow. no relief even with the boundary. 10:00 tomorrow morning in the 90s across much of the area and once again upper 90s tomorrow afternoon as the excessive heat warning continues. warm and muggy tomorrow with evening storms into saturday, this is saturday city 95 degrees with late storms and in the poconos 81 and sunny and storms
5:27 pm
are popping notice afternoon to begin your weekend. in fact, as we look at the five-day at 5:00 forecast, excessive heat feeling like 100 and 95 again on saturday and the human comes down a bit and storms come in in the evening and on and off storms all day sunday and it's an unsettled day and hot and humid at 92 and still 90 as the heat wave continues and a break coming in on tuesday with lower human at 85 degrees. one person who is chilling out in margate is meteorologist, melissa magee, she is getting some lessons and how to serve some ice-cream. doing okay? >> i'm trying to help mia out. i think i'm messing her up. orange sherbert on a wafflele cone and we'll fill it up with sprinkles? this is something we are doing to stay cool from all the excessive heat and humidity on national ice-cream month, to
5:28 pm
celebrate that, we'll have more on the ice-cream month and all the sweet treats you get here at the dairy barning burger and the accuweather when we come back. rick and monica what is your flavor? >> i'll take that. rain bro sprinkles.
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"action news" continues. >> hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" thursday night. president trump's saysments of the top cop is drawing criticism from both sides of washington. and a bus carrying a dozen more children crashes in delaware sending several little ones to the hospital. and a city ribbon cutting is stopped in its track by protesters demanding justice. >> first, we continue to follow a developing story the unanimous decision by a nevada prison board to grant o.j. simpson parole. october 1st this year. the soonest he can walk out of
5:31 pm
prison a free man. he argued portions of the armed robbery trial and told the prison board he had no intention of stealing from them. but only wanted to recover his personal items, but admitted he was sorry that things turned out the way they did. >> i could do something about the whole thing in the beginning if i would have made a better judgment, back then, none of this would have happened. i take full responsibility. >> simpson's eldest daughter and one victim of the armed robbery testified on behalf of simpson. we'll have reaction coming up at 6:00. >> shock concern and outrage on capitol hill. that is the reaction to the bombshell interview that president trump gave to "the new york times," the president lashed out at his attorney general and the special prosecutor charged with leading the investigation.
5:32 pm
>> megan hughes is live in washington with more. >> rick, good evening, a white house spokesperson late today telling us that the president does still have confidence in the attorney general this even after the blistering interview with the "new york times." >> attorney general you will not resign? >> questions swirling if jeff sessions will step down after this vent to the "new york times." >> how do you take a job and then recuse yourself. if he would have recused himself before the job i would say thanks jeff but i'm not going to take you. >> shaking off questions for know. >> we love this job and this department and i plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate. >> in addition to sessions, president trump slamming deputy attorney general, rob rosenstein, former director james comey and acting director
5:33 pm
mccabe and rob certificate mueller. >> saying that mueller's office is rife with conflicts of interest. >> no one was looking at your finances, unrelated to russia is that a red line. >> the president can't start drawing red lines, mueller has a right to investigate this and reports to the justice department and not to the president of the united states. >> we see obstruction of justice and criminal intent almost a textbook case before our eyes. >> and they will interests view his son-in-law jared kushner in private on monday and donald trump jury and paul manafort are asked to testify next wednesday. >> if they don't voluntarily come they will be subpoenaed.
5:34 pm
any move to fire mueller will create a firestorm on capitol hill. megan hughes, channel 6 "action news." it's department of homeland security has lifted laptop bands on bans on flights to the new york. that they complied with the first phase of the restrictions and it's no longer in effect for airports u.s. bound flights with a ban on devices, a quick action demonstrated the shared commitment to raising the bar on global aviation security. and david muir as more on top stories, including the fallout with president trump's fallout with the "new york times" and o.j. simpson's parole hearing watch that after "action news" at 6:00. a body was pulled from chester creek and chopper 6 hd was overhead as authorities
5:35 pm
recovered a person at second and dock streets in chester. they don't know if it's a man or woman or their age. investigate ofs in cumberland count say two men that drown in a lake were brothers and it appears they died when one tried to save the other, it happened at crystal lake, they say that the vargass of bridgeton were fishing when they decided to go for a swim and one got into trouble if the water and both ended up going under. a day care bus carrying a dozen young children was hit by a pickup truck in delaware. this is the scene along wrangle hill road in delaware city. we are told that the children were from the passion academy day care and 17 were riding on it's bus when a truck hit it. a hazmat situation caused
5:36 pm
evacuations at the pepsi coal a plan in northeast philadelphia. chopper 6 hd over head as employees filed out of the building on roosevelt boulevard. they were able to quickly contain some leaking ammonia. nobody was injured. demonstrators interrupted a press conference being held by jim kenney to call for justice in a deadly police shooting. >> the protesters from black lives matter want transparency in the shooting of david jones, he was shot in the back by police and after the demonstration they continued with their planned event cutting the ribbon on the new shakespeare and pennypack parks in conference of the free library. our entire region is in the grips of a brutal heat wave and folks are seeking relief down at the shore. why not? melissa magee is down at the
5:37 pm
shore in margate. >> reporter: hi there rick and monica. we decided to take the fun inside today because we are dealing with the excessive heat and humidity across the region and we are inside celebrating national ice-cream month, i have tim behind me at the margate dairy barn and burger. and we are topping this off with a pink straw to make it look pretty. thank you. >> if if you are not in margate there is more to do to beat the heat and the oppressive humidity. take a scoop -- >> it's one of the highlights of the summer season in ocean city and the annual tradition continues this weekend. the 63rd annual night in venice boat parade and contest is back this saturday. thousands of spectators lined the parade route from the
5:38 pm
longport bridge. it's rocking through the decade a celebration of fashion and music and culture. it takes place this saturday at 6:00 p.m. >> it's a girl. make that two. two new residents of new jersey are calling cape may county zoo their new home. two female snow leopard cubs were born in may and now old enough to be seen in their new habitat. the fifth litter of snow leopards for the zoo and they are doing their part in breeding this endangered cat. >> it's never too late to think about the winter holidays, but jolly old saint nick is coming earl why in north wide wood. santa claus takes his sleigh on the beach and has candy canes for all of his friends. at the second avenue inlet and continues to 26th avenue.
5:39 pm
a perfect time for a photo-op with the entire family. see you down at the shore. >> reporter: okay so if you are not familiar with the margate dairy bar and burger, check this out they brand their own burgers and they are around for 65 seasons and they have lines outside and around the corner. and people are so familiar with this place, they give directions by saying give a left or right at the dairy barn. that is how popular it is. we have water ice. >> salted caramel sunday. >> captain crunch and strawberry and waffle fries, we have orders and we are taking names. have fun. the hot accuweather forecast we'll let you know when the relief is on the way. we have strawberry four. >> dinner. >> is there a treadmill around there? >> they are not worried about that right now.
5:40 pm
>> thank you melissa. >> time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. lets go live to matt pellman. >> we want to hit the bar, dairy of course. we have a bunch of issues and down the shore now a crash brought down a pole and wires on route 9 in dennis township by the ocean view veterinary hospital. stay on the parkway or route 47. and big problems this afternoon coming out of delaware into pennsylvania, a box truck fire on the northbound side of 95 near the state line, that is still taking out the right lane, causing huge delays out of wilmington on 95 and 495, if you come from say newcastle take the bridge to the commodore barry bridge and you'll miss this mess from the state line from delaware to pennsylvania. >> here in westchester it looks like the accident at high street at 202, is in the process of
5:41 pm
clearing and mack laquer west town road is a better bet. ain crash in malvern on 29 southbound, that say nasty one. and out and about in the lehigh valley issues this afternoon along 78 eastbound by bethlehem. slow speed there's stay on 22. you may be a little better off. back over to you. >> thank you. still to come on "action news" tonight. a local woman decided to take up a new profession overnight and now she is facing criminal charges, you'll hear about her wild tale coming up. and it can spread quickly and destroy in an instant. plus, jeff skversky with a preview of eagles training camp and back to margate and melissa magee with the all important weekend forecast. when "action news" continues tonight.
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a dram ati aatic demonstrat took part in king of prussia to
5:45 pm
show how fires spread. they shows two identical scenes in a trailer side by side and showed how sprinkles put out a fire and the second side with no sprinklers you can see the fire destroys the entire room. >> jeff skversky is here with sports and we have high hopes for the eagles. can the team go from worst to first. get past the dallas cowboys, that is the burning question for the football team. getting antsy you are not alone. even carson wentz is chomping at the bit and he will be among the quarterbacks and rookies on the field come monday. they have high expectations after finishing 7-9 and that did not sit well with anyone. in year two what do we expect. we caught up with nfl analyst adam kaplan will this team make it into the playoffs? >> i think they are a 9-7 team.
5:46 pm
>> good enough for playoffs? >> no but this team will improve. i think they will flip it and be competitive but not make the playoffs. >> hopefully he is wrong. we'll hear more from adam kaplan coming up at 5:00. nolan patrick was recovering from sports surgery is held back from skating for the second straight day and what the flyers call infection in his face there is no word on it's severity on the infection and he was drafted 7th overall and has a shot to make the team come training camp. >> imagine working outside the phillies don't have to worry about that. they are back home against milwaukee and miguel franco looks to stay hot as well. he was beyond hot since the all-star break. the lowest batting average at
5:47 pm
his position in the league. has 7 rbis in his last three games. >> i am doing nothing different just same mentality when i go to the ball. be aggressive and like i said be ready every single at bat and game. and come in and do everything i can do to get better and help my team and be ready every single day. >> opening round of the british open today and jordan spieth is off to his best start in a majors tournament in a year when he won the masters. but he has major competition. look at this shot. bruce -- watch out rick nice shot for eagle. he finishes 5 under and matt cooper for birdie on 6 get in the hole! he finishes 5 under as does jordan spieth. tap it in on 17.
5:48 pm
a three way tie with the others in the first round and spieth says he could not play much better and a long time coming since he won a major. we'll see if he can get it done this weekend. a 65-year-old woman is accused of stealing a cab pretending to be the driver and even picking up a fare. the woman caught a cab on mayfield street in kensington and asked the cabby to stop at a store, when the driver got out of the vehicle to help her out of the backseat she jumped in and took off and then picked up another woman and her baby. >> right around the corner she picked up the female as a fare and not only stole the cab but acting as a cab driver. >> shortly after ward an officer spotted the cab right outside of the 25 and district headquarters and pulled over the wok and took her into custody. fiber optic network.
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so hot outside a trip to the shore is a good idea. meteorologist, melissa magee, is live in margate with what folks are doing to keep cool other than eating ice-cream and water ice melissa? >> yes, a lot more than that. folks are enjoying time at the beach on the shore on the sand. a nice breeze it's not as hot
5:52 pm
and oppressive as inland locations. we'll check out what is going on. we have the severe thunderstorm watch in until 10:00 for the yellow counties there. we are tracking a complex area of showers and storms just north of the poconos and pushing to the south and east. headed for the poconos and it's lehigh valley as we go through the early evening hours, wins excessive 60 miles per hour and isolated hail. and this stays up until 10:00 tonight. the reason why is the showers and storms being fueled by that oppressive heat and by the humidity. so we have got heat indexes across the region, right now in philadelphia it feels like 99 degrees, same thing in reading and millville the current heat index number 102, wilmington feeling like 101 in the area, satellite 6 along with action radar showing that complex of showers and storms over buffalo, it's knocking on the doorstep in
5:53 pm
the poconos as we go through the rest of the early afternoon and evening hours. we'll be track that and future tracker 6 showing you 6:30, 7:00 tonight we have the showers pressing into the poconos and by about 10:00 tonight you'll notice the moisture moving to the south and east pressing into ocean county. but it doesn't do much to cool us off from the heat and from this humidity. remember we have that excessive heat warn that stays up until friday. across the i 95 metro area and this immediate suburbs to the southwest and north and east as well. we have the heat index tracker into the day tomorrow. 8:00 tomorrow morning, it's going be feeling like 87 degrees in philadelphia. 10:00 in the morning in at 92 and as we go throughout the afternoon hours, it will feel like temperatures will be in the upper 90s near 100 degrees once again across the region.
5:54 pm
so someplace to get relief is down the shore. we have you covered with the forecast on friday, 89 tomorrow and hot and dry. on saturday, 87 some sun to start and evening showers and storms move on in and saturday into sun we track unsettled weather. it's not a washout over the weekend but one of those days where you need to keep a watchful eye to the sky. sunday 87 and ocean water 79 degrees. here is the seven-day forecast, on friday we have got heat and indexes near hundred and friday late evening showers possible with a high temperature of 95. and sunday scattered heavy thunderstorms likely with a high of 92 and the heat wave continues and monday stays hot and humid with a high of 90 and finally we get relief, and a
5:55 pm
thunderstorm is possible but temperatures cool back off down into the middle 80s and seasonably warm on wednesday with high of 87 and thursday 88 degrees. we have the excessive heat warning for the i-95 metro area until tomorrow night and also the locations to the south and east and also to the north and west. it looks like this heat and humidity is sticking around as we get into the weekend and one place to beat that it feels good with the southerly breeze is at the shore here in margate. back inside to you. >> thank you melissa. >> quick break and more news when we come right back.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. thursday night and jim is off and i'm monica malpass. authorities serve a search warrant at a home of a woman missing since april. and a nevada parole board grants o.j. simpson parole. and excessive heat warning and thunderstorm watch. today was about beating the heat whether you find water fountains seeking shade or indulging in ice-cream. folks did what they could. adam joseph is in for cecily tynan and adam we could spark
6:00 pm
storms because of the severe thunderstorm watch that was just issued within the last hour in effect until 10:00 p.m. in a line from reading and philadelphia and chads worth and points to the north and any storms that blast through here could have winds of 60 miles per hour and even the possibility of small to moderate size hail. they are in the lehigh valley sparking warnings here south of scranton but there is a cylinder south of scranton so they have produced powerful winds and that cylinder is near extra and ton and they push north to south as they try to spin up pretty nasty storms. the storms mainly north and west of philadelphia and it's biggest impact is the poconos and the lehigh valley. and could brush the city if they hold together between 9:00 and


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