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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  July 21, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. >> hello again sara is off, here are the the stories we are following for you now on "action news" at 12:30 we are dealing with the heat and humidity yet again whether are you in philadelphia or in the suburbs it's unbearable to be outside and the latest from accuweather coming up and attorney general, jeff sessions was in philadelphia and told a roomful of federal prosecutors and officials that cities like ours are giving sanctuary to criminals and the 65-year-old woman who stole a taxi has been identified. and investigators are on the scene of a suspicious death in perkiomen township. on abby lane.
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police found the body of a woman inside of the home and at this point they are not saying how she died except to say they are trying to determine what happened here. officials say there does not appear to be danger to the public and we'll monitor the breaking news story and bring you new developments from perkiomen township. >> turning to the forecast the excessive heat warning remains in effect once again today. and as we head into the weekend it remains hot and we have the possibility of pop-up storms as well. as we look live from sky 6 hd showing you a nice scene at the jersey shore, a lot of folk there's keeping cool why not the ocean temperature is warm but still cool enough to get some relief. meteorologist, david murphy outside on the terrace braving the heat and humidity and you have the details from accuweather. it's ac if you are out here for a short period and the longer you stay outside if you are toiling away, the more you need the cool drinks lets look at the
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excessive heat warning in effect until 8:00 this evening in all the central counties and some places like delaware county where it slipped into the upper 60s it's still humid as you start to walk around a bit. you'll definitely feel it and dew points are higher in neighborhoods especially moving south into south jersey and delaware. and an issue with air quality. an ozone action day today. that means unhealthy air for groups, like elderly young and sensitive groups like asthmatic. it's not a great idea to be outside during the afternoon hours. >> right now we have hot conditions, 95 in philadelphia and same in wilmington getting warm in places like allentown, trenton and dover and it feels worse than the numbers would otherwise suggest because of the high humidity. anything over 70 is oppressive
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humidity. and wilmington is close, and trenton and reading and lancaster and especially through south jersey and dover. how about 82. those are all impressive numbers as you get into the darker shades of green and down by the shore and into the higher number. a little relief on the beach but it's not as hot but extremely sticky and you'll want to head rate. we were at 80 at 7:00 this morning. now we are at 90 along with the forecast. and by 3:00 be expect 94 and a high of 95 at 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. hydrate and if you got to be outside. but the best guys is to try to limit your outdoor activity. a lot of us could be affected by the poor air quality and the high heat and humidity. it's still sticky over the weekend and not as intense but the potential for thunderstorms every now and then and i'll track them with future tracker 6 when i step inside.
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>> thank you. the city of philadelphia meantime has declared a heat, health emergency and continues through 11:00 tonight and the heat line can be activated and that number is on your screen. 215-765-9040. you can call to get healthy safety tips and talk to the health department nurses and request a home visit if it's deemed appropriate. >> as the extreme heat continues use the mobile app to stay informed. the 6 abc app is a free download. in other news police continue to search for two suspects in the home invasion that left a man in the wheelchair dead. officials say that the caretaker was helping a man into his home, on north brad street when two armed men forced them into the home. the 36-year-old man.wheelchair was shot and killed. the caretaker was also shot and
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expected to survive. attorney general jeff sessions spoke in philadelphia and asked law enforcement to reconsider their sanctuary status. john rawlins is live now where his speech wrapped up about an hour ago with protests? >> reporter: that is correct. the invited audience to the speech was u.s. attorney staffers and local police leaders we saw the commissioner of philadelphia, richard ross was here and representatives from allentown police and bensalem. the sanctuary city issue came up and was a low key portion of the speech. no fire and brim stone, no change your leglations or else you'll lose the federal grants. rather, lets sit down and talk about this and maybe the city of philadelphia will change its thinking. >> the a.g. told the crowd that the feds stood ready to help
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philadelphia and other cities to deal with issues of violent crime and cited the example of an illegal immigrant child molester was released back into the community in philadelphia rather than being detained and turned over for deportation and urged philadelphia to rethink the policy. >> i urge the city of philadelphia and every sanctuary city reconsider the harm they are doing to their residents by refusing to cooperate with federal law enforcement. rethink the policies and get on the same path, we have good meetings with a number of cities in that regard. if we are going to stop the rise of violent crime let work together. the people want a lawful system of immigration that keeps us safe. >> well, the speech lasted about 20 to 30 minutes low keyed and
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no talk of cutting grant money but a let us sit down and reason together approach framed in the idea that it would be good for public safety and there were protesters here maybe two dozen at most at one point and they did at one point block chestnut street and protesting mr. sessions and the trump administrati administration. >> and now a developing story out of washington. abc news confirmed that white house press secretary, sean spicer has resigned according to white house sources president trump did not ask for the resignation, after reports surfaced that a new white house communications director was named. a wall street finance year, we are waiting to learn more about sean spicer's resignation and look for updates online at and of course a full report on "action news" today at 4:00. in the wake of the russian investigation, donald trump has
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shaken up his legal team. abc news learned that the president has chosen a new lawyer to lead his extenal team managing the russian probe and megan hughes has the latest now. >> reporter: attorney general, jeff sessions back to work this morning as president trump dodges questions about his new york time rant against the attorney general. >> does jeff sessions have your full support? >> thank you everyone. >> his leading attorney, mark kasowitz steps aside and john dowd taking his place. according to media reports the legal team is investigating the investigationers looking for collusion between the trump campaign and russia, and looking for conflict of interest in robert mueller's team many are democratic donors. >> it's relevant that people know the motivations.
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that is not an attack on the team but what is fair is fair. >> doubling down that he would cross a red line if it included trump family finances not tied to russia. >> that the special council so not move out of the scope of the investigation. >> jared kushner is expected to answer questions on monday on capitol hill and donald trump jury and paul manafort face a deadline tonight to testify. >> i'm not concerned because if they don't they will be subpoenaed. and a shakeup a new communications director, choosing wall street director. channel 6 "action news." back here fmd police have identified the woman arrested for stealing a taxi cab in a bizarre move stopping to pick up a fare during the crime. identified at 65-year-old betty
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thomas and police released video of the the incident. it started at midnight in hunting park and according to investigators the woman ask her cab driverer to stop at the gas station to get the drink and she some how made it past him and jumped in the cab and took off. and picked up a customer during her get away and now facing a slew of charges. more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, he took a bet that kept him in the gym for 10 hours a day hear how much money he won for changing his body and his life. >> and we head to a jeweler in south jersey that help you fine the perfect ring if you get engaged and special jewels for your wedding day at a reasonable price.
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los angeles when an on coming car swerved in front of them and crashed and the bicyclist was not hurt. shark fanatics are celebrating shark week at the adventure aquarium. they put on shark hats and made the trek across shark bridge and swimming inches below them were 30 different types of sharks and guests are encouraged to wear the shark themed gear. pretty cool. >> one professional poker player is making the bet of his life and the million dollar wager is paying off in more ways than one. jessie palmer has his story. 36-year-old professional poker player walter fisher is an ace at the gym. i was in the gym for six hours. sporting a chisled beach body now but he looked like this tipping the scaled at 245
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pounds. >> i felt like the casino they have all the amazing wonderful rich restaurants and i started to order by the truck load. veal parmesan -- and he found himself half a million in debt. >> the weight piled on and the losses piled on and i didn't know who this person was. >> and last december some of his luck changed some gambling buddy challenged him to put it where his mouth was. a million dollar bet that he could not get his body down to 10% body fat. >> six months no problem. >> he went all in hitting the gym up to 10 hours every day and eating clean and dropping cheesecake for fish and green veggies and hired a trainer. >> he was a guy down on his luck and he had the light behind his eyes and began betting on himself.
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after only 5.5 months the incredible transforming a now down to 175 pounds and walking away with $600,000 and no surprise, people say that with financial motivation are five times more likely to meet the goals without a cash incentive but in the end he was motivated by something bigger than money, family. >> i want to be around my nieces and nephews and giv uncle they can look up to. if you value yourself make yourself the best you can be.
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meteorologist, david murphy, is back now with a closer look at the forecast. can't say it enough. dangerous conditions out there if you don't take precautions. >> high heat and humidity and bad combination but it gets better but not by a whole lot you see we are dry and taking a
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further look outside to the action cam. yes, we were down there at bill worth park and right next to city hall the fountains are popping up and not a lot of people taking advantage of it. temperature in philadelphia is 90 and the dew point in the city is down to 67 and many parts of the region and most neighborhoods have dew points up above 70 than is the can cutoff when we talk about oppressive humidity you are there in philadelphia and a lot of suburbs. ocean temperature is 71 and it feels like 93 in philadelphia even though the temperature is 90 and down in cape may only 87 but the heat index 97. the farther south the higher the humidity levels and dew points. dover it feels like 106 and we may get up of 100 in
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philadelphia by this afternoon. and cloud cover out there, we'll call it owe partly sunny and hot and sticky and 92 is the high in allentown and 92 in reading and 95 in philadelphia. and similar number in wilmington and down the shore relief from the high temperatures with highs of 89 but still muggy and moderate risk of rip currents. 95 is your high at 4:00, by 8:00 the chance especially if the suburbs we are getting down to the mid-80s and philadelphia may hold 90 and by 10:00 down to 80, if you head to the phillies and the brewers starting a three game set at citizens bank park and plan on drinking the cool drinks it's humid. and water and sports drinks is the best. 80 in the ninth inning it's muggy tonight. and saturday during the morning and early afternoon a chance of an odd shower or thunderstorm popping up but the big issue is
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later in the evening at night as we get a line of strong thunderstorms coming down and some could be severe and the prediction center in norman oklahoma has the line at night and giving us strong storms anything that forms later saturday and saturday night has a chance of damaging wind gusts and not high on the hail if you hear a rumble of thunder later in the day and evening. humid day and 85 and it's chance of a saturday and sunday thunderstorm around and some could be strong. the shore more of the same and on the warm side in dover and delaware beaches we'll get into the low 90s and upper 80s if jersey and saturday and sunday the chance of thunderstorms saturday evening and perhaps on sunday. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows excessive heat in philadelphia with a high of 95. i have the red bar up because of the heat warning. and for the weekend hot and
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humid. 93 saturday and 90 on sunday, and both days could feature a shower or thunderstorm at times and saturday afternoon and evening prepared would be particularly one to watch. and it's muggy this weekend. and then on monday we are looking at 90, and it will still be humid and still a lingering thunderstorm around and rick things get better starting tuesday we are back into the 80s. >> all right that will be nice. thank you. and by the way we want to see how you are beating the heat, send us your photos and videos on facebook and twitter, and use the #6abcaction we'll show them later today on "action news" beginning at 4:00. this weekend on a brand new fyi philly it's all about weddings from finding the perfect dress to the best venue and the unique way to reuse your wedding flowers we have it all and finding the perfect jewels. alicia vitarelli is here with the latest trends from the top
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jewellers. >> rick i found one i like. the ring is probably one. the most important pieces of jewelry one will ever buy or wear. and if you are in the market, we talked to the latest trends in wedding rings at jewelers in cherry hill. >> when you walk into the diamond lounge you get an education. >> jewelry talks to you it's a piece of art. >> they have been in business since 1982. >> a six table ring. >> you can see it six tables away. >> his son josh is traveling to shows we him since he was 6. >> come as a guest and leave as part of our family. >> jewelry is in the business for 25 years. >> i have a lot of best friends now, i could see a few gifts that might mend a relationship.
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the collection is highlighted by the bellagio line, gary and josh custom create pieces of their own. >> everything we do is unique and in house. >> gary does the drawing and josh makes the 3-d image and work to create a finished product. >> we sit down with that piece of jewelry, that say wearable piece of art. >> and pair shaped diamonds are making a come back. >> and round is timeless. >> and halo is a big seller. >> it make its look bigger. >> and stackable bans are trop trends for those looking to tie the knot. >> and it moves. and they can help shores. >> some come with a checklist. >> and others need attention. >> they are nervous and lots of things to see and we help to guide them. >> either way you'll have fun trying to find the most important jewelry purchase of
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your life. >> the piece you don't take off. >> there is a meaning behind it, a family heirloom. >> they are a great family and a lot of fun. nice stuff in those cases too. catch the fyi philly wedding special tomorrow at 7:30 on 6 abc. >> do they have lay away? quick break. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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ask your doctor about anoro. ♪go your own way get your first prescription free at closing in at 1:00 and final forecast with david murphy. >> closing in on 90 and heat indexes close to 100 in spots and that is a much easier ride in the north central region
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where you'll see heat indexes to 100 and down the shore some relief. nice the water and watch out for rip currents think low 80s for highs. and muggy at the shore. >> coming up on "action news" at 4:00, we continue to follow the breaking news from the white house where press secretary, sean spicer resigned in the past hour. we'll look at the fallout and what is next at 4:00. >> and a crazy scene at the beach in florida. that will do it for "action news" at foon. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon. stay cool and we'll see you tonight. noo
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