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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  July 21, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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of heat wave number five in philadelphia. it started out on tuesday with a high temperature of 91. wednesday's high 96. yesterday in philadelphia we had a high of 95 and so far in the city coming in at 93 degrees. the big problem is not just the heat it's also that humidity. when you look at the humidity, the dewpoint numbers and that moisture coming in from the south, heat indices are in the upper 90's and triple digits in some locations. it feels like 107 in dover, feeling like 96 for trenton and philadelphia. feeling like 94 in allentown, 98 in reading. current heat index number in lancaster coming in at 99. we've got that excessive heat warning that stays up for the i-95 metro area until 8 o'clock tonight as heat indices once again above the triple digits. but we will be tracking strong showers and storms as we head into the weekend so future tracker6 showing you that we have this cluster of activity on storm tracker6 live double scan radar 3-d over minnesota and wisconsin. this will be working its way eastward as we get into the
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start of our weekend. so, what to expect. the hot and the humidity, that continues. thunderstorms bubble up as we get into tomorrow afternoon. the main complex moves in as we get into the evening and into tonight with damaging wind gusts. more details alicia with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> melissa thank you. if you're not careful the heat is just uncomfortable, it can be dangerous. "action news" reporter bob brooks continues our live coverage now for us this afternoon in olde city and bob, we saw a lot of people trying their best to find relief. >> reporter: alicia, it is scorching out and we went all over the city today and guess what? it's hot all over the city. really to beat the heat, you got to have a game plan. you got to be smart. you have to be careful. it's the wrong day for a line like this at the liberty bell. for couple christie and ray barner from southern california this isn't what they had in mind. are you looking for a day of sight seeing then. >> we were until we saw this line. >> reporter: just down the street, the temperatures even
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worse. >> oh, my god. >> channel6 news. >> toot -- too hot. >> reporter: her trick. temperatures well into 200 degrees. at hahnemann hospital we spoke with dr. lieber. >> most people feeling lightheaded and dizzy. >> reporter: he said people with preexisting conditions really need to keep an eye out. >> heart problems, asthma, congestive heart failure. those on certain medications. >> reporter: that's why the philadelphia corporation for aging has their heat line open until 11:00 p.m. we spoke with chris gallagher. he said in weather like this senior citizens might not know they're in trouble. >> seniors' body may not be telling them they're not doing well with the heat or they might have a medical condition that doesn't allow their body to deal well with the heat. >> reporter: here are some tips to stay cool. >> take a cool bath or shower in the middle of the day or every few hours to keep your
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body temperature low, wear light clonesy clothes, light activity. especially that it is time of the day you missed your opportunity to work out in the morning. >> reporter: the main thing, avoid going outside if you feel you're at risk do into the try and push yourself too far. reporting live in olde city, bob brooks channel6 "action news." rick, back to you. >> all right, bob, brian i'll take it. while the excessive heat drags on philadelphia is under a heat health emergency. the heat line is opened ready to help those in need. here's the number (215)765-9040. mobile health teams are also being dispatched today and of course be sure to check on anyone you know who might not have air conditioning. as the extreme heat continues use our mobile app to stay informed. you'll find tips to stay cool. the 6abc app is a free download. >> the increased humidity is helping firefighters get a handle on those flames in burlington county.
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a 1,000-acre forest if i were continues to burn in the wharton state forest. it's about two and a half miles north of the batsto visitor's center. firefighters worked through the night containing 60 percent of the flames. if you live nearby or in ocean or atlantic counties you may smell smoke. but know populated areas are in danger. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is on scene. he'll have the latest on the fire fight live at 4:30. >> ♪ >> some developing news out of washington today. and major shakeup afoot inside the white house right now. press secretary sean spicer has resigned. spicer is' six month... quit after the hiring of anthony scaramucci. on twitter, spicer said this. it's been an honor and privilege to serve president donald trump and this amazing country. meanwhile scaramucci spoke to
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reporters today and was asked about reported friction. >> i would love to have sean here. sean decided that he thought it would be better to go and for me as it relates to sean it speaks volumes as to who he is as a human being who he is as a team player. his attitude is anthony is coming in let me clear the slate for anthony. >> scaramucci a new york hedge fund manager who was once very critical of president trump announced sara huckabee sanders will become the new press secretary. chief of staff reince priebus who tried to block scaramucci who says he supports him 100 percent. >> police are investigating the death of a montgomery county woman as a homicide. 54-year-old annette house was stabbed to death. house was found dead inside her home on abbey lane this morning. investigators say they have a person of interest but they aren't releasing information about just what led to the murder.
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two men responsible for a deadly double shooting are still on the run. police say they forced their way into a home and then they shot a 36-year-old man in a wheelchair killing him. his 51-year-old caretaker was also shot in the leg and rushed to the hospital. the two were attacked just after they returned home on the 3300 block of north gratz street in tioga-nicetown. the motive remains under investigation. >> ♪ >> now to an "action news" exclusive today. philadelphia police k-9s are being credited with leading investigators to the bodies of three of the four missing men in bucks county. and today we got chance to see the dogs in action. and to talk to their handlers about the search that captivated this country. >> he knows when he's got that vest on. >> reporter: meet hank and storm. they are philadelphia cadaver dogs helping to solve cases. they're training is extensive and can last up to six months.
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>> just for scent training it's 10 weeks. 10 weeks spent every day whether it's hot cold or anything else outside with your dog. >> reporter: most recently both hank and storm worked major case. they were instrumental in locating the bodies of the missing men buried on a solebury township farm. >> based on what hank did, he gave a trained indication and based on that, there was an outcome where the investigators were able to recover the missing men. >> reporter: the dogs handlers officers albert outlaw who works with storm and officer richard preston paired with hank says it was the weeks of training and guidance that prepared them for the heavily wooded conditions they endured in bucks county. hank sniffed out the grave first and storm followed up with the same results. >> i've been training with the dogs for four years but every time that there's a find or -- it still amazes me to this day the way that they can find the effectiveness of their sense
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of smell. >> reporter: when hank makes a find he scratches and barks and when storm makes an discovery she scratches away at the location alerting her partners. when dogs are not given treats but as a reward they're given their favorite toy tennis ball for storm and a tugging toy for hank. the officers and the dog work hand in hand as a team. the human partners say the k-9 success is their success. >> made me feel very confident and proud of hank. the bonding is very important with the police k-9s. we take our k-9s home. they will live at home with us. they're part of the family. >> reporter: the work and training for hank and storm will continue until they retire and their human partners say when duty calls, they will be ready to respond. reporting in northeast philadelphia, gray hall, channel6 "action news". >> meanwhile another of those four young bucks county murder victims was laid to rest. mourners gathered for jimi patrick's funeral today in newtown. the mass was held at the
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church of saint andrew. the 19-year-old patrick graduated from holy ghost prep school and was heading into his sophomore year at loyola university in maryland. >> philadelphia police commissioner challenging attorney general jeff sessions for blaming immigrants for much of the nation's violent crime. sessions was in olde city this morning and addressed law enforcement. he asked them to reconsider the city's sanctuary status. he cited the example of an illegal immigrant who served time for sexually assaulting a child and was released back into our community rather than being detained and turned over for deportation. >> i urge this city of philadelphia and every sanctuary city to reconsider carefully the harm they are doing to their residents by refuseing to cooperate with federal law enforcement. >> first of all, i don't think local law enforcement belongs in the immigration business. we have an obligation to provide safety for the
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residents of the city, folks who visit and would, here. >> philadelphia police commissioner richard ross says it's tough enough for police to build bonds with local residents without having them worry about their immigration status. >> it is time now for a first check on the "action news" traffic report on a friday. >> people trying to get home get their weekend started. matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. hey matt. >> what do you say we wrap this up. that's not going to be the easiest feat. volume is naturally heavy. you add in a few accidents like this one and things are just down right unpleasant. this is the blue route 476 northbound side north of 76, the schuylkill expressway. crash was in the left lane. now it's off to the side on the bridge here over the schuylkill river but damage is done. northbound is locked up from villanova up to that accident scene and the delays from it spill back onto the schuylkill expressway so westbound side you're looking at speeds like 8 miles per hour the whole way from the roosevelt boulevard
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on out to 476, the blue route. speaking of that boulevard really serious accident involving a pedestrian is in the southbound lanes near harbison. outer drive is blocked. everyone is forced into the inner drive there creating a log jam as you come southbound on the boulevard. had a crash already this afternoon on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound approaching fort washington. gone now but delays are spilling the whole way on back to valley forge. that's, what, about 13 miles already on the eastbound turnpike. chester county downed wires along west chest pike and there's a crash in new castle county along 141 at commons boulevard. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this finally friday afternoon. we've got shore traffic if you use the white horse pike route 30 to get down, watch out for a crash there as well. just past the split with tansboro road. we'll check it again, plenty to check brian and alicia in the next half hour. >> busy, busy. thank you. still ahead what's next or o.j. simpson. his friends weigh in on possible future plans. >> plus, a crazy scene on a crowded florida beach as a driver leads police on a chase
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while streaming the ordeal on facebook live. hear from beachgoers who narrowly missed getting hit. >> and riding along by giving back. see how philadelphia eagle rodney mccleod helps out a team of young athletes in a big way. >> ♪ pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once. super pro-tip: buy your veggies pre-chopped. uber pro-tip: buy delicious produce you don't need to chop at all.
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wait a minute. whole wheat waffles? . >> ♪ >> nfl hall of famer o.j. simpson is one step closer to being a free man. he's being held in a separate part of a nevada prison away from the general population. this is a precautionary measure for protection as simpson prepares to go home. >> i do vote to grant parole. >> thank you. >> the parole board made the unanimous decision to grant simpson parole nine years into his 33 year sentence for a memorabilia robbery in a las vegas casino.
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he says he plans to move back to florida where he lived for about a decade leading up to his arrest. those close to him shared conflicting plans with abc news. >> i think he's going come to the tampa area. a lot of his friends are in tampa, i'm in tampa, his kids are here. >> he wants to visit all the people died while some prison. he wants to visit his daughter's grave, nicole's grave. >> the 1994 murders of simpson's ex-wife nicole brown and her friend ron goldman. the 70-year-old simpson could be released as soon as october 1st. he will then be subject to drug and alcohol tests as well as random searches. any parole violations would land simpson back behind bars. brian. >> alicia, nearly 500 people were injured, two died when a powerful earthquake rattled beach resorts in greece and turkey. the shaking sent vacationers
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and residents alike scrambling. two men from turkey and sweden were killed when a building collapsed on top of them in the greek island of kos. the quake damaged old buildings including a 14th century castle. >> the navy is being blamed for the deadly collision between the "u.s.s. fitzgerald" and a cargo ship. the accident happened a month ago off the coast of japan killing seven sailors. two defense officials say preliminary information suggests the crew failed to acknowledge the approaching ship and did not take any action to avoid the collision. this is just the first stage of a long complex investigation. >> well, the mastermind behind a shoplifting ring that targeted stores all over south jersey was sentenced today. a judge, march. she must pay restitution all the stores. the theft ring stole from nine
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stores tj max wal-mart. pender drove them to locations where they made off with more than $20,000 in items. >> it's video you have to see to believe. a man put dozens of beachgoers in danger in clearwater florida. 27-year-old ryan styles ahead police on a chase across on the sand running over chairs and umbrellas, nearly hitting several families. he was not only drinking straight from a bottle he have whiskey behind the wheel, styles was also driving while using his cell phone to broadcast the entire chase on facebook live. >> and a black suv jeep came by, at least 45, 50 miles an hour fishtailing. >> it was nuts. we had a couple little girls with us and they were scared half to death. >> who wouldn't be. that chase started when styles reportedly threatened to "take out a clearwater police cruiser." the drive ended 10 minutes later with his arrest and fortunately no injuries. >> well, date night for the
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movie theater is costing more than ever. the average price of a ticket is going up just as people get excited about the summer blockbusters. national association of theater owners says tickets now cost an average of $8.95 a piece. they note that premium formats like 3-d are driving sales and in turn adding to the increase in price. >> well, it is hot and humid and it's getting a little dangerous out there. >> yeah. >> meteorologist melissa magee with a check of that accuweather forecast. >> yeah, guys, it's the heat, and the humidity and by tomorrow night we'll be tracking strong showers and storms. we'll walk over to the weather center and show you sky6 live in hd as we're looking at the commodore barry bridge on this friday afternoon. it is hazy, it is hot, it is humid across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys as our heat wave continues. in fact, as you look at the heat indices across the region we're still in the upper 90's and the triple digits. it feels like 100 in dover, feeling like 96 for philadelphia and trenton. the upper and 90's for that reading and lancaster, 94 in
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allentown, the lehigh valley. if you're stepping out on the town on this friday night 7:00 p.m. still a temperature of 92. we have a partly sunny skies at 8:00 p.m. at 91 degrees. nine, 10, 11 o'clock tonight temperatures will be in the 80's but throughout the majority of the night heat indices, that's what you have to focus on will be anywhere from 90 to 95 degrees across the region. now, we'll go in tighter on storm tracker6 live double scan radar. you can see we are tracking some quiet conditions across our region but we'll go in a little tighter with street level with storm tracker6 and we are picking up some particles in the air from that fire currently burning in southern burlington county so if you're traveling along the garden state parkway into west creek and also into tuckerton and brighton beach we are tracking a couple of pop-up and some particles in the area because of the smoke and the fire burning to our south and east. here is satellite6 along with action radar t a lot of activity off to our north and west. there's a cluster of activity moving across minnesota and
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also wisconsin. this will be our weather maker as we get into the start of our weekend. in fact, future tracker6 showing you 9 o'clock tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy, a couple of showers and storms bubbling up even across areas in wilmington with some renegade showers but the main batch of activity moves in as we get into tomorrow night. so 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon still a couple of showers and storms around with the building heat and also the humidity but things really get going as we get into 10:30 tomorrow night. you can see a wall of water approaching our region. the big concern tomorrow will be damaging winds and the possibility of hail and also some drenching downpours as well. so, because of that the storm prediction center has placed our region in a slight risk of finding some scattered showers and storms across our region. the biggest concern once again will be the wind and also the hail. the shore, the city, the poconos tomorrow partly sunny and isolated thunderstorm at 87. 93 tomorrow in the city. and 83 up in the poconos. the four day at 4:00 showing you strong storms tomorrow.
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on sunday we'll break the heat with a temperature of 85 but we're back up to 90 on monday and finally that relief arrives as we get into tuesday with a high temperature of 83 alicia. we'll send it back over your way. >> melissa, thank you. of course it's hard to stay cool out there but we want to see how you're beating the heat. these are some of the pictures and videos our viewers have already sent in. some of you tracking just how hot it is where you are, others doing some splashing around. love the pool pictures. post them on facebook or twitter. be sure to use the #6abcaction.
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>> ♪ >> hundreds of children in bucks county were treated to a picnic. 650 kids from 10 different out of school time programs came together for the day. they spent the day at neshaminy picnic park swimming having fun. this is the seventh year catholic social services has hosted the event. all of these kids attend a summer program that provides them with academic
4:26 pm
reinforcement programs. all about the learning. ambitious group of grads may have a future in law enforcement. they just completed two weeks of training with the wilmington police department's youth academy. these children and teens went through physical, conditioning. they learned everything an officer does during a typical day's work. police honored the graduates today at wilmington's public safety building. >> very cool. so is this. local youth football players robbed of their game gear are ready to get back on the field. that's because the chester township cougars just got new helmets shoulder pads and practice jerseys all thanks to modell's and rodney mccleod. the sporting goods store and the eagles defensive back replaced the team's equipment which was stolen when vandals broke into their shed. while police still don't know who did this the donation will allow the cougars to move forward with a new season. >> i feel good now. they feel like, you know, they know that a lot of folks care for this organization down in chester township and they're extremely happy and excited
4:27 pm
about looking forward to getting the season started. >> well, on top of the excitement over their new gear the players were thrilled to get a chance to talk to a real football star today. >> love this so much. >> yeah. >> and there is still much more ahead in the next 30 minutes of "action news" at 4:00 including and we promise the best parody video we've seen in awhile. you don't want to miss two desperate moms cover. >> firefighters are trying to get the upper hand on this fire while struggling to deal with another.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with a question. what do school supplies coffee cheese dip and kickboxing have in common? you can get all of them for free if you stick around. >> okay. i was wondering. and if you get sterilized you get out of prison early. that's the unbelievable deal a tennessee judge is offering the inmates. why he wants prisoners to stop having children. >> plus, polly want a confession. a michigan woman facing serious prison time after her pet parrot testified against her in a murder case. what the bird repeat that'd led to her conviction. >> we begin with a serious accuweather alert impacting the entire delaware valley. >> that's right. right now we are under an excessive heat warning that will last for the next three
4:30 pm
hours. >> but the end of that warning does not mean the end of our heat wave. let's get right over to meteorologist melissa magee in for adam joseph. for more on this miserable muggy forecast and when we're going to get a break from it. >> yeah, doesn't look like it's coming even as we get into the weekend because that heat will continue and so does our heat wave guys. in fact we'll show you the numbers right now as you look at the heat indices how hot it feels. feels like 96 in philadelphia, 94 in allentown, 99 the current heat index number in wilmington. feels like 91 degrees in atlantic city at the airport. so, that's why that excessive heat warning as we take a look it stays up until 8 o'clock tonight. heat indices along the i-95 metro area and some locations in the upper 90's to near 100 degrees. it continues for the start of our weekend on saturday. the heat index tracker along the i-95 area, 8 o'clock in the morning it feels like 86 already. feeling like 95 by lunchtime tomorrow. more heat and we're also tracking some late day showers and storms. here's storm tracker6 live double scan radar 3-d.
4:31 pm
you could see the cluster that we are tracking. it's currently across minnesota, also into wisconsin into the great lakes. this will be working its way to the south and east as we get into the start of our weekend. so, saturday we're tracking some severe showers and storms. the storm prediction center has placed our area in a scattered risk of find something severe weather. the biggest concern tomorrow will be damaging winds, the possibility of hail and some very heavy and hard downpours. but this doesn't look like it's going to break the heat any time soon. we've got more details coming up in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast, alicia. >> melissa thank you. in response to the dangerous conditions the city of philadelphia has declared a heat health emergency that means you can call the number on your screen (215)765-9040 to speak with a nurse about problems related to the heat. you can also request a home visit from a mobile health team. that heat line is staffed until 11 o'clock tonight. >> and with temperatures like these, one of the last places on earth you would want to be
4:32 pm
today is in the middle of something like this a forest fire but that's exactly where dozens of south jersey firefighters are right now. they've been battling a huge blaze burning through the wharton state forest since last night. "action news" reporter chad pradelli live on the ground now in washington township with an update on the conditions there and the progress firefighters are making. chad. >> reporter: yeah, brian it appears firefighters have a pretty good handle on this fire. at last check, 3,000 acres had that burned but the fire was 70 percent contained and behind me is just some of the equipment used to battle the smoke and flames. firefighters have been letting back fires and hosing down perimeter positions as they try to control the fire in wharton state forest. conditions have been brutal. >> extremely difficult. the heat is as you know the heat indices are over a hundred. so we're trying to keep our folks rested and hydrated and get relief.
4:33 pm
>> it's been extremely hot. yesterday when we were doing the back fires, we were doing the fire in operations, the temperature indicator on the truck said 107 degrees. >> reporter: smoke can be seen for miles while it may look ominous, firefighters say they have the upper hand. this is the largest state forest east of the mississippi and the remote fire is not a threat to homes or businesses. 50 firefighters and 10 engines have been attacking the blaze since yesterday evening. if conditions stay favorable, full containment is expected sometime tonight. >> the smoke is probably going to be persistent for at least a day. it could be more. so, down wind if the wind changes direction anywhere down wind it's going to be a nuisance to folks. >> this fire is going to be monitored and going to be watched and mopped up until we get significant rainfall because it is summertime, it's very dry conditions.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: and the trails and campgrounds here in the bats so village are closed. live in and washington township, chad pradelli channel6 "action news." alicia. >> chad thank you. we're following a developing story out of northeast philadelphia this afternoon. right now a portion of the roosevelt boulevard is shut down following a deadly pedestrian accident. chopper6 was over the intersection of the boulevard and harbison avenue. that's where a car hit a man trying to cross the road just before 3:00 this afternoon. the victim was rushed to the hospital where he died. the car stayed at the scene. police are telling drivers to avoid the southbound outer lanes of the boulevard at tyson avenue where they continue to investigate. >> philadelphia police are asking for your help today in finding two burglars who raided a hunting park pharmacy. this is surveillance video from inside the business on the 3800 block of north fifth street wednesday morning.
4:35 pm
you can see two men rifling through cabinets there stealing dozens of bottles of narcotics. investigator its say they got away in a four door f-150 pickup truck. you see it there. if you have any information on this crime you're asked to contact philadelphia police. meanwhile police have identified the woman arrested for stealing a cab and then stopping to pick up a fare. 65-year-old betty thomas is now facing a slew of charges in connection with yesterday's rather bizarre incident. surveillance video shows the driver helping thomas into a gas station in hunting park but moments later she turned on the kind cabbie and jumped into his car and took off. thomas was arrested a short time later with a customer she picked up still inside that taxi. >> a paroled sex offender has been arrested again after police caught him violating his social media ban. tipsters said mike wank but under a different name. having a facebook profile is a violation of his probation so
4:36 pm
he was taken into custody at his little egg harbor home. he spent five years in prison for sexually assaulting a child. >> new research shows one in every three cases of dementia are preventable. there is evidence you can take steps to guard yourself against that that disorder. "action news" anchor monica malpass live in the news room this afternoon with information everybody is going to want to hear monica. >> hi, brian, that's right. it has to do with leading a healthier lifestyle with our choices we make every day. scientists say small changes could cut the case of dementia worldwide by a third. health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman will explain fully the study coming up in health check. plus a big change for smokers in the garden state. we'll have those stories and more coming your way on "action news" at 5:00 and we'll see you then alicia. >> monica thank you. the philadelphia police department hosted a party for kids in west philadelphia. they gathered at the parking lot at 56th and pine street for hours of fun. the children enjoyed face painting which transformed them into their favorite super heroes like spider-man there.
4:37 pm
there was also a giant bounce house which had kids jumping up and down with excitement. also plenty of water on hand to make sure that everyone stayed hydrated in this heat. 300 campers with disabilities, intellectual disabilities spent the day at camp from ages five to 85 the campers got a real treat at camp sun in the fun today in gloucester county new jersey. check it out. there was even a christmas in july celebration with santa claus arriving by fire truck. organizers have held this camp for 50 years. >> very cool. >> and still to come here on a friday afternoon it's a parody every parent can relate to. you won't want to miss the way two desperate moms remixed the hit song "despacito" for their slow moving children. >> sacrifice your future children for your freedom. that's the astonishing dill a tennessee judge is offering prison inmates.
4:38 pm
why he's offering to reduce their sentences if they get a vasectomy. >> if you need proof the friendly skies aren't so friendly look at this. we'll hear from the jetblue passenger who wound up sharing an empty seat way stranger's feet. >> before we go to break you're looking at some of the hot weather photos our viewers are sending us. show us how you're beating the heat by sending them to 6abc action. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> we've got some breaking news right now out of camden county. chopper6 flying live over the white horse pike near marshall avenue in berlin and you can see this is an active scene. several multi vehicle car crash. we're told right now police and firefighters responded here after a crash involving three vehicles. there are reports of injuries. we do not yet know how many people were injured here or the extent of their injuries but obviously a very severe
4:41 pm
crash here involving that one suv on the left of your screen. it's significant damage to the front end and it appears those two cars, one of which was likely parked at the time, the other one straddling the sidewalk there. again, there are injuries here and there are traffic implications along the white horse pike near marshall avenue. we'll follow this and bring you any details and updates as we get them. meanwhile extremely disturbing video posted on social media shows a florida man drowning while several teenagers stand there laughing and doing nothing to help. >> shouldn't have got in. >> drown what the heck. >> police don't know why 31-year-old jamel dawn went into that retention pond on july 9th but when he did those five boys simply stood there and mocked him and recorded his demise with their cell phone laughing. as they did it. dunn's fiancee was there five days later when his body was finally recovered. >> could nothing in your heart
4:42 pm
tell you not to do anything when someone is crying out for help and you're telling them that you're not going help them. >> the local police department there is now recommending charges against the teens hoop recorded that video but the final decision will have to come from the county prosecutor's officially. >> a judge is now convicted a michigan woman of killing her husband in a crime witnessed by the man's pet parrot. the judge found her guilty of fatally shooting martin durham in may of 2015. martin's ex-wife says that after the killing the parrot repeated "don't shoot" in martin's voice saying what are believed to be his last words. prosecutors are calling that a failed suicide attempt. she is set to be sentenced now next month. >> big talkers now. we start in tennessee where inmates in one county jail are getting a pretty unique offer. stop having kids and get out of jail early. prisoners in white county can get 30 days credit for their
4:43 pm
jail time if they voluntarily agree to vasectomy. here's why the judge signed off on it. >> i hope to encourage them to some point finally take personal responsibility and to give them a chance if when they do get out not to be burdened again with, you know, additional children. >> the aclu is calling the program unconstitutional and ethically challenging. >> the soundtrack of my morning goes something like this let's go, okay, hurry up where are your shoes repeat about 30 times and maybe we get out the door. in solidarity of slow moving kids everywhere i present these 2:00 a.m. mazingly talented mommas. >> ♪ >> yup. been there over and over. alicia and eden are two texas
4:44 pm
moms with great voices who run a pretty funny raw and honest progress called laughing moms. the toddler mom song featuring daddy yankee and bieber? "despacito." translated it means slowly. >> ♪ "despacito" >> oh, yes, they get the spanish lyrics in there as well. love the line what now? are you crying about. our plans are slowly dying and you have to go to the bathroom again. you just went. so, "despacito" hashtag can i get a holy mole. >> my kids are in the phase where they put one thing on, one thing comes off. it's the age. thank you alicia. >> let's get another check on the roads right now. matt pelman standing by in the
4:45 pm
"action news" traffic center with an update. matt, it's friday. >> i'm here. it's friday and anything having to do with slowness is the perfect segue into me, brian. check out this map. a ton of red across the big picture this afternoon. we are moving moy, moy "despacito" on most of these highways and single digit speeds on the schuylkill westbound by south street just 4 miles per hour and you're really crawling on the schuylkill the whole way from approaching the boulevard on out to the blue route crash on the blue route northbound gave us early delays. it's off to the side now but still heavy in that area. on the roosevelt boulevard itself we showed you the chopper footage of that crash involving the pedestrian. on the southbound side between tyson and harbison the outer drive is blocked so everybody is being forced into the inner drive which isn't going so well. it's really slow there. let's come down the boulevard check the schuylkill expressway. check out this situation right here. a broken down vehicle on the westbound side of 76 right by the boulevard. police and penndot are here now but a lane is out.
4:46 pm
so coming westbound 55 minutes. should be about 15 minutes. change that five to a one and that's where we should be sitting this afternoon on 76. that's certainly not the case. have some downed wires to watch out for in west goshen near the applebee's along west chester pike. paoli pike or westtown road would be some alternates t have a ramp closed in gloucester county because of a broken down vehicle. it's the one from 295 northbound to 653. berlin still have the white horse pike blocked because of that serious wreck. want to use the black horse pike. not too bad this afternoon. we'll check it again brian and alicia in the next half hour. >> it's going "despacito". >> meteorologist melissa magee standing by with the full and exclusive seven-day forecast next.
4:47 pm
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>> ♪ >> meteorologist melissa magee joining us with the accuweather forecast. i've been inside this building. my body temperature i'm sweating still. it's hot. >> shall we check you for heat exhaustion or heat stroke. >> check my pulse. >> it's going to be a hot one tonight. yeah, it's hot today and it's going to be hot tomorrow. strong showers and storms tomorrow night. we'll talk about it. we'll go over and show you sky6 live in hd as we're looking at the ben franklin bridge here on this friday afternoon. it's hazy, it's hot like brian said and it's humid, too. and these numbers certainly are not cooperating. it's really uncomfortable because we're looking at the current numbers right now in philadelphia we're coming in at 93. 91 in trenton. 90 for allentown and reading. at the coast in beach haven 84. atlantic city at the airport 85. but heat indices right now are in the upper 90's to close to triple digits. check check out our friend. we're walking the dog again. 7:00 p.m. at 91, 8 o'clock in at 91 degrees and we're also in the lower 80's. if you want to find out more
4:50 pm
about peanut he's cute he's seven years old you can check him out as this is our shelter me dog at 9:00 a.m. on "action news" tomorrow morning and on fyi philly at 7 o'clock. check out peanut as he stays cool and we do too in this heat and humidity. here's satellite6. you can see we're dry right now but we're tracking a cluster of activity moving across portions of the ohio valley. this will move to the south of us but it could clip our region with a few more clouds for the rest of tonight. we'll widen out the picture and we have a lot of activity moving across areas of minnesota also into wisconsin. there is an enhanced risk today of find something severe weather across this region and this will work its way into our area as early as tomorrow so future tracker6 showing you 8 o'clock tomorrow morning it's mostly cloudy. in advances of that cluster that i just showed you off to the west a couple renegade showers tomorrow in trenton lakehurst and also into lancaster. by 1:30 tomorrow afternoon with that heat bubbling and building you have those
4:51 pm
showers and storms for philadelphia and areas to the south and east but the main act gets going as we get into 10 o'clock tomorrow night. you can see that heavy rain, showers and storms from allentown down to lancaster. also into philadelphia and points to the south and east. as we get into sunday morning, 10:30 it's mostly cloudy, a couple of showers left over but i think the atmosphere will be quite exhausted by sunday morning as we will be dealing with some severe weather as early as tomorrow night. so, what to expect tomorrow afternoon into the evening. lightning, a high concern with that. high concern for downpours and strong winds. a moderate concern of finding some large hail tomorrow. low risk of an isolated tornado across our region but we'll keep a watchful eye to the sky. down the shore tomorrow it's warm and humid. the majority of the day at the shore tomorrow should be dry because that cluster moves in tomorrow night and at 87. 84 on sunday, clouds and showers a temperature of 76. up in the poconos tomorrow it stays humid with scattered thunderstorms around and at 83, mostly cloudy on sunday with a temperature of 77. here's the exclusive
4:52 pm
accuweather 7-day forecast. on saturday, we're tracking those strong showers and storms with our accuweather alert, a high temperature in at 93. we'll break that heat on sunday and at 85 for the high, cloudy with still showers and storms overhead. humid on monday. we're back up to 90 but finally by tuesday, that relief arrives with a temperature of 83. we're staying comfortable on wednesday with a high of 85. seasonably warm on thursday at 88. and 88 next friday. we get through the storms tomorrow. relief is coming next week. >> relief. >> yes. >> sounds good. >> all right. >> thanks so much. >> freebie friday coming up next. >> ♪
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wireless zone verizon stores from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. the child must be present to claim their free backpack. all details on >> brian. >> all good stuff alicia. finally at 4 o'clock if you need proof that the friendly skies are getting a bit less friendly look no farther than jessie char. the traveler tweeted out her excitement earlier this week when she got hadn't her jetblue flight and found out she was seated in an empty row. char's joy was short lived. within a few moments well this happened. >> no. >> a pair of bare feet emerged from the aisle behind her 1 foot on each armrest and guess what? it didn't end there. the passenger described only as a woman in her 40's got even more let's call it foot loose. >> her left foot kind of reached over and pulled up the window shade and then pulled it back down. >> it is gross. char says she did note fly a flight attendant but it was too late. the bear wiggling toes were already back under their own
4:57 pm
seat. >> "eeeewwww." before or after the foot opened and closed the window. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli adam joseph i'm brian taff. >> first "action news" continues next at 5:w with a murder mystery out of montgomery county. police there are trying to figure out how a woman ended up stabbed to death in her own home. we're live on the scene. >> plus, more on that major upheaval in the white house today. who's in, who's out and what that might mean for the russia investigation. those stories and of course another check on this very hot forecast coming up next at 5:00. >> ♪
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♪ (shrieks in terror) (heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money aleia saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> we're still under an accuweather alert with oppressive heat gripping the delaware and lehigh valleys. even with a slight reprieve on the way officials say there are still major concerns about the dangerous heat hanging over our region. friday night, rick is off, brian taff joins us. the big story on "action news"
5:00 pm
is that excessive heat warning still in effect for our area. >> let's get right to meteorologist melissa magee in for cecily tynan tonight live at the big board with the details. melissa. >> yeah, brian and monica, the reason why we have that accuweather alert right now is because of that excessive heat and humidity. as we get into the weekend it's going to be about these strong showers and storms that we are tracking. for day four and counting a of heat wave number five here in philadelphia, it started out on tuesday with a high of 91. wednesday's high 96. yesterday in at 95 and so far right now in philadelphia we're coming in at 93 degrees. so, you look at the heat indices across the region. it feels like 97 in philadelphia, triple digits to the south feeling like 100 in millville 102 in dover, 98 in reading and 99 degrees out to the west in lancaster. so that excessive heat warning stays up until 8 o'clock tonight on the i-95 metro area as we mentioned heat indices anywhere from the upper 90's to 100 degrees. but changes are coming as we get into the weekend. here's storm tracker6 live double scan radar 3-d


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