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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  July 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee jeff skversky and walter perez. saturday night walter's off i'm sarah bloomquist. congress reach ace deal to impose sanctions on russia. plus out of control driver slams in the row of cars in hunting park. witnesses say he was high on drugs. but the big story on "action news" is threat of severe weather this evening.
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taking a live look at center city from our sky six temple university camera a little hazy out there from this view but we have been watching ominous cloud moving in around the region. some places already seeing the rain. meteorologist melissa magee is tracking the storms and joins with us our first check of the accu weather forecast melissa >> sarah this complex was coming from the lower great lakes just last night and you can see on storm tracker six live double scan radar 3-d that moisture is pulling in the mid-atlantic region and closer to home those showers and storms are turning severe. severe hunt are thunderstorm warning until 6:45 this evening. we will find wind in excess of 60 miles per hour. the towns included in that off to the west west chester king of prussia ardmore fail, drexel hill, chester even on east down in areas of south jersey runnemede and just to the north of mullica. the showers and storms are moving to the east at 35 miles an hour, and storm tracker six live double scan radar street level showing awe lot
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of lightening, within the past 15 minutes, 59 lightening strikes as this moisture continues to pull east. you can see heavy rain pressing out of malvern, moving into norristown and knocking on the doorsteps here in philadelphia. now that is why storm prediction center has placed our region in the slight risk of finding scattered showers and storms the biggest concern tonight will be damaging wind, and the possibility of hail and flooding downpours also a big concern. the reason why we have showers and storms, it is building heat and humidity. this is day five of the heat wave number five and started out on tuesday with highs in the 90's and today we will max out at 93 degrees in philadelphia we will talk about what we can expect throughout the rest of tonight drenching showers and storms on the way for the rest of this evening. heaviest looks to be right now right through about eight or 9:00 o'clock tonight. again major concern will be damaging wind gusts and possibility of some flash flooding. we will take a closer look at the forecast and let you know could end our possible heat wave as we get into sunday with those details in a little
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bit. >> good news for everyone. thanks melissa. one of the best ways to cool off was to find some cool water and jump in. neighbors in north philadelphia opened up this hydrant, and had a little bit of fun but this is not legal and can be dangerous. they also increase the risk of water main break and puts home in danger should a fire break out. if you could not be in the water next best thing is to be close to the water. action cam was in wildwood today where lots of people were out enjoying a stroll or a bike ride on the boardwalk, with the ocean breeze, kept things on the cooler side, today. and in other news tonight, an out of control driver with a one man wrecking crew in hunting park today. he struck at least nine cars. bystanders and the cars owners tried to stop him but he kept on going. "action news" reporter annie mccormack is live at the scene with the full details annie. >> reporter: and sarah witnesses say that driver came in like a man yak damaging nine cars in two different
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locations and surprisingly luckily no bystanders were hurt. >> i'm worried about the car and little kid getting hit because this guy was crazy. >> reporter: berg are king diners looked up as an out of control driver hit multiple vehicles this afternoon in the front and erie parking lot. >> he came this way, smacked the car, boom, and ran the curb. >> reporter: driver hit quarter of the restaurant leaving front bumper behind. while he jumped curves and hit vehicles head on and in reverse owners of the damage vehicles tried to stop him. >> he ran out this way and went straight down front street. we were chasing him to get his license plate. he had another, four more cars >> he was sweating in the car windows locked up. i tried to drag him out of the car but the door was locked, i was all i was thinking about is little kid. >> reporter: this is video from front and tioga where destruction continues, and out of control driver allegedly hit even more cars. a witness snapped this photo of first responders, tend to go a man, identified by
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witnesses, as the driver. also damaged cars including that white minivan that police say that the driver was behind the wheel of, they have all been towed at this time. the only supervision damage on this burger king so it does remain open. we are awaiting an up kate about that driver and what charges he could face. reporting live from hunting park annie mccormack for channel six "action news", back to you. from our new jersey news room now police in ocean city are on the scene of is what called a death investigation. details are still coming in. we know that officers were called to the 900 block of wesley avenue this morning. officials tell "action news" that there is no threat to the public but we still don't know how the victim died. we will bring you more information, as we get it. philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that left a man injured early this morning. it was just after midnight, when someone fired shots, at a 21 year-old one bringhers street just off germantown avenue.
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man was taken to the hospital by police and is in stable condition. no arrests have been made. from our delaware news room wilmington police are investigating a double shooting that left a 15 year-old girl injured. it happened just before 12:30 this morning when someone opened fire on east 27th street. a 30 year-old man was also injured. both victims are hospitalized in stable condition and no arrests have been made. a teenager who was among four young men brutally murdered in bucks county earlier this month was laid to rest today. family and friends said a final farewell to dean finocchiaro this afternoon in levittown. "action news" reporter bob brooks was at the funeral home with the full story. >> reporter: the line dozen deep before the doors opened up at noon family and friend gathered in levittown to pay their final respects to 19 year-old dean finocchiaro. >> he will be missed, dearly. very dearly. i miss him already. wish he was here. >> reporter: that is gus who works with finocchiaro at
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richmond's ice cream company in levittown. >> he was an awesome young kid every time he walk necessity made me laugh. he always made the work environment awesome. >> reporter: we saw some wore t-shirts to honor the teen, many hugs we saw shared and a lot of support is there for his family, moving forward. finocchiaro is last of the four men who were found buried in the dinardo family farm in solebury township after an exhaustive search. the attorney for 20 year-old cosmo dinardo says that the dinardo confessed to shooting and killing all four men after drug deals went wrong. dinardo's cousin 20 year-old sean kratz has also been arrested. those we spoke with here today said they cannot imagine what the finocchiaro family is going through. tom said he went to high school with finocchiaro's family. >> losing a son a 19 year-old kid who had his whole life ahead of him. >> reporter: they want to know that the community will always be there for them. >> anything i can do, you know i'd gladly do it but i can't imagine the pain that they are going through right now. >> reporter: again, dean finocchiaro just 19 years old
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as for cosmo dinardo and sean kratz they are due back in court september 7th. reporting from levittown, bob brooks, channel six, "action news". members of the enan tabernacle baptist church took part in an annual tradition today, all of the help to raise money for seniors and people suffering from diabetes the annual fit for eternity walk/run kicked off in germantown today. the congregation walk 5 miles from enan west to enan east some ran the route this all commemorates the baptist tradition of marching from the site of the old church building, to the new one and this is the 12th year for this event. is there much more to come here on "action news", developing news, congress reaches a deal, to impose sanctions on russia, setting up a showdown with president trump. plus the day's heat could not stop hard work of the volunteers, working to keep philadelphia clean. plus we will hear from the eagles top receiver as training camp is about to get underway, jeff skversky is with sports when "action news" comes right back.
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developing news tonight, from washington where congress has reached a deal time pose sanctions on russia, defying the white house. the sanctions are a punishment for russia's meddling in the u.s. election and decisions sets up a showdown with president trump. trump administration has opposed part of the legislation which requires a congressional review. if the president seeks to ease the sanctions if the president vetoes the legislation he risks his decision overturn by congress. meantime earl ter day, president trump took part in the commissions ceremony, for a new aircraft carrier the u.s.s. gerald ford. >> this ship also ensures that if a fight does come, it will always end the same way, we will win, win win. >> the president began this morning with the tweet storm including one aimed at the washington post, for its report saying u.s. intelligence intercepted phone
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calls, proving that attorney general jeff sessions discussed the trump campaign with a russian official. world news saturday will have latest from washington coming up after "action news", starting at 6:30. a group of philadelphians dedicated to keeping the city clean got their work again today. philadelphia more beautiful committee spent the morning with neighbors here in the area of moore and fifth street they pick up trash swept the sidewalks the committee is targeting a total of 342 city blocks for this years clean up efforts. in the lawncrest section it was christmas in july santa and his elves at saint williams church hosted this outdoor event, there was music a moon bounce and ice cream, but it is surely an opportunity to give, rather then to receive, they collected non-perishable food at toms donate to a local pant try. neighbors spent the afternoon together on huntington street in northeast philadelphia. they enjoyed a cook out, dance performances and other
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activities, as part of the community day, hosted by the hope partnership for education the organization operates a middle school and a adult education programs. it was a celebration of latin culture today in phoenixville festival goers in reids park were treated to many sights, sound and smells that make latin culture so rich. organizers also provided information about opportunities to get involved with the local latino and hispanic communities.
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cancer at just 12 years old. event attracts thousands of participants each year. and jeff's here with sports. not something that the necessarily think about when it is 100 degrees out but about time to talk football. >> guys's ready. every single eagles player are excited for training camp. you don't normally hear. that guys want to get to work this team is ready to go. carson wentz will report to training camp tomorrow with other quarterbacks, rookies and selected veterans. eagles first practice is monday, and then their first practice open to the public is a week from today at the link. one of the big story lines in training camp will be how wentz and his number one target alshon jeffery will play together. jeffery hosting a camp for his kid in south carolina new eagles receiver just can't wait to catch passes from wentz in camp. yes, he is expecting a very big year. >> i'm excited for our team. overall, owe even if, special teams defense, we will do something special this year.
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we will put the ball in the air and make plays and have fun witt. it your our job to catch the ball have fun with it. sky's limit. we have to go out there and put the work in. >> eagles running back when dell small woodies putting in the work on his own wilmington native tells six abc he thinks they can go from worst to first this season with this new look owe even if >> you look at this owe even if with the additions how explosive can you guys be. >> i see weapons we have, man we can run the ball, we will be able to pass the ball, we will get deep strikes alshon on the outside nelson getting better every day receivers working hard. we're all trying arch each other and want to do better for each other. i definitely think this owe even if will be different then last year. >> let's hope. like weather phillies are heating up. they are playing their best baseball in six weeks. thank goodness. tonight they can win four in a row facing the milwaukee brew ers. jeff write hellickson gets the start. phillies have been on point over last month. three teams in the league have
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had a better earned run average in the month of july and aaron nola is a big reason why. he has been leading the way with a 1.70 era in his last six starts. >> real happy about the way he has come along and especially after, the elbow issues and you know, he just looks like he is, got complete confidence and, you know, i think he will continue that, for the rest of the season. >> it feels good, but i think, you know, team it just feels better. it is, learning these ballgames, and, you know, pennsylvania couple of series, you know we played pretty good baseball. >> yes they have. how about a round of applause after this round today at the british open, brendon grace has the best round of golf, ever, at a major today. remember they have been playing these championships for more than 100 years, brandon grace does something not even jack, arnold or tiger has done in the span of 442
6:19 pm
majors he shoots a 62 during the third round of the british opened today south african with eight birdies, no bogeys, he was in the zone shooting an eight under par grace is tied for fifth place but barring a major melt down, jordan spieth will be celebrating tomorrow. spieth has a three shot lead after three, and as far as grace, he could not believe his ears when he was told he made history today. >> you know, top finisher, two footer, three footer, and, you know, in the history books what are you talking about? but, you know, yeah, obviously now, it makes it even sweeter. >> me history, no. what they did with dario saric and others sixers will stash another draft pick overseas, 36th pick jonah bolden played three years to play in israel, their out clause in that contract for both to come back to the 76ers union on the tonight, looking to avoid two straight, mls matches for first time since early june. big match tonight.
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union only two points out of the final playoff spot, and the columbus crew,
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as accu weather predict we're tracking severe storms tonight. this is root from our camera position at philadelphia international airport looking
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west at this hour, you can see that rain coming down out there, and those dark cloud, overhead. meteorologist melissa magee is here now and has been tracking it all. >> we're still tracking severe showers, storms, we have severe thunderstorm warning until 6:45. we will show you what is going on. storm tracker six double scan radar you can see for portions of south jersey it is still dry with you for burlington, ocean counties we've got spotty showers and also, a lot of precipitation where we had that severe thunderstorm warning. we will go in tighter on street level with storm track er six and if you are in doyletown, down to lansdale and willow grove, and jenkintown it is also into philadelphia, thinks where we have that severe thunderstorm warning until 6:45 this evening. we will track it, for you somerton right now, also press nothing to feasterville, normandy arrives by 6:24. the showers and storms are moving to thee at about 35 miles an hour, and by 6:25 it is in west torresdale and it will continue to travel to thee as we go throughout the
6:24 pm
rest of will early evening hours. is there also a flood advisory up until:00 o'clock tonight for the green shaded areas so for upper dublin abington, into philadelphia, gloucester city deptford on east ward into south jersey, some locations could pick up an inch, inch and a half of rain in a very short amount of time. big concern tonight will be damaging wind gusts and also possibility of some flash flooding. the reason why we're dealing with this severe showers and storms all of this building heat and humidity today. this was day five of the heat wave number five, we had a high today in philadelphia of 93. right new we're coming in at 95 in the city. rain cooled air off to the north and west, 74 for reading eighty-four allentown. seventy-six in the poconos. at the coast in cape may 76. still 95 there in millville. so this is the complex of showers and storms that we're tracking just last night satellite six with action radar showing you all that moisture that was coming out of the great lakes last night. working its way eastward into
6:25 pm
your region. we have showers across portions of new england down across mid-atlantic area as well. call from accu weather for rest of tonight we're tracking thstorms. it stays humid, and unsettled. we will drop down to 68 in the suburbs. 72 degrees in the philadelphia for the overnight low. future tracker six takes you throughout the evening hours and still by tonight we're still tracking, for allentown all into reading and press nothing to lakehurst and down into atlantic city and wildwood. by 10:00 o'clock tonight still not completely out of the wood as we are's still track ago this moisturecern, once again, will be damaging wind and possibility of isolated hail and drenching downpours. ernight tonight, we will still have those showers that will b up and so we're more than likely going to repeat the pattern as we get into sunday afternoon with severe thunderstorm risk shifting further south. storm prediction center once again for tomorrow has placed portions of our region really from berks county on south eastward of philadelphia, points to the south and in a scatter risk of finding some showers and storms and
6:26 pm
then again tomorrow win and hail the big concern. so if you are traveling down the tomorrow,t is still humid still tracking those thunderstorms. high temperature in at 84. ocean temperature in at 79 and up in the poconos tomorrow it is not going to be as humid and we will still have an afternoon shower likely with a high coming in at 73 degrees. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, showing you by tomorrow it will break th heat wave, with high up to 85 and still unsettled, with those thunderstorms possible and it remains humid. on monday mostly cloud which a pop up shower or storms, in at 88 for a high. by tuesday finally, refreshing high up to 83 degrees. wednesday mostly sunny high temperature of 85. eighty-eight on thursday. it will be more humid way thunderstorm coming back in at 88. friday cloud and some sun high up to 8 next saturday partly sunny and a high of 88 degrees. we will track the storms throughout the night. >> eighty sounding refreshing. >> i know right after 90's. >> thanks melissa.
6:27 pm
>> as storms move across our area tonight use our mobile app to stay informed from tips to staying cool to storm track er six live to six abc app which is a free down load for your mobile device. finally tonight a jersey shore icon celebrated abig birthday today, lucy the elephant turned 136 years old, and it was a carnival complete with ride, games for prizes big bash also offered a raffle for a trip to new york city. proceed for the raffle will be used to keep lucy around for many years to come. world news saturday is next here on channel six. don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17 tonight. then we're right back here again on six abc at 11:00 o'clock. for walter perez melissa magee jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪♪
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president trump on the offensive, launching a tirade against leaks and the russia investigation. plus, one of the newest members of the administration is deleting old tweets and the new report concerning attorney general jeff sessions, russia and the campaign. summer slam. powerful winds and downing trees, flash floods racing through the midwest. the alerts tonight as we come on the air. mystery in the fire. the wife of a fire chief found dead in their burning home. the medical examiner revealing it wasn't the fire that killed her. medical hostage? the mother going into early labor on vacation. the new parents claiming the hospital wouldn't let them take their premature baby home until the bills were paid. and hot money. the heat


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