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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  July 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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moving storm causes lots of damage throughout the area action news is next. ♪ action news delaware valleys leading news program with metrologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. ♪ this omnious sky was the beginning of storms that slammed into our area the rain wasn't far behind making it difficult
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to drive and leaving bike riders soaked then came the wind tearing down tree limbs and power lines and causing widespread damage and sunday night and big story is the aftermath of severe storms that swept through our area later tonight leaving behind a lot of damage this is the scene in wood land new jersey a tree split in half and landed right on top of that car. it also clipped the side of a home on its way down tearing down the gutter and taking a chunk out of the porch roof. the action cam was in camden where a tree branch fell on the roof of a trailer around 7:00 and luckily no one was inside at the time but you can see the roof just caved right in. and in chester county some massive trees came down in this neighborhood here in axton and they went to the street and missed the homes or cars and metrologist melissa magee with a closer look at the storm and what we can expect through the rest of the night melissa. >> sarah just a few left over showers as we go throughout the
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rest of tonight and during the overnight hours but things will refire once again as we get into sunday afternoon. your storm tracker six live double scan radar 3d you can see the showers and thunderstorms pressing into our area and moving off the coast to the south and east a lot of the heavy showers and storms and the severe weather skirted our region to the south down to the south and south jersey and into baltimore and into washington d.c. a closer look on street level storm tracker six still had residual moisture in trenton and mercer and same in wright and sea side heights getting hit with level over rain and millville and also down into cape may. as far as the storm reports we had today west goshen and chester county trees were knocked down same in wayne philadelphia a tree was knocked down at ridge avenue and wood land you saw the video of a tree on a trailer and burlington reports of trees and wires knocked down and have a coastal flood advisory until midnight
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from sea side heights to cape may and westward to delaware beaches and bay front anywhere from 1-2 feet high ocean waves 2-3 foot high for the overnight hours and repeat the pattern and shift the severe weather theft to the south and placed our region in the slight risk of finding scattered showers and storms with reading philadelphia atlantic city points to the south and west and big concern tomorrow will be damaging winds and a possibility of hail and some flooding rain but coming up, we will take a closer look at the forecast sarah because the heat wave will likely come to an end tomorrow details with the accuweather seven day. >> looking forward to that thanks melissa tens of millions of americans are also feeling the brunt of severe weather here in the midwest powerful winds sent trees and sent debris flying and fox river near chicago is above flood stage and they have to wade through water and stacking sand bags to save their home. fire crews in new jersey
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continue to battle a fire in wharton state forest in burlington county and say it's completely contained but not under control as of this evening the fire is still burning on 3500 acres today crews held the containment lines mopped up and patrolled the area and crews expected to hold those lines through the overnight hours. update now to a story we first brought you at 6:00 police have taken a person into custody for the murder of a woman in ocean city new jersey. officers were called to the wesley inn on 900 wesley avenue and discovered 54 denise weber in the room and arrested her boyfriend 49-year-old paul kline an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. tensions are running high in frankfort after a man shot and killed another man and his girlfriend. it happened last weekend and as of yet the shooter has not been charged with any crime his neighbors want to know why and action news annie mccormick is
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live from philadelphia police headquarters with more on what happened in the neighborhood tonight annie. >> reporter: and sarah it was during that emotional vigil that family and friends also circulated a petition urging the district attorneys office to file murder charges against that next door neighbor who claims he shot and killed the couple in self-defense. >> he killed them, he murdered them period. >> reporter: tonight family and friends of bob de-paul and august dempsey want answers why no charges have been filed against the couple's next door neighbor and he shot them in the head and killed him and took him in custody after the shootings and released him and not identifying him since he has not been charged follow agree argument with the couple they scaled the fence in frankfort avenue and shot them in self-defense on july 16 and tonight dempsey's son defended her and her boyfriend. >> my mom would never climb a
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fence and never talk down to anybody or provoke any violence because she knows she would have to make it home to me and my brother and i don't understand why he is still here in his house. >> reporter: at a vigil held outside the couple's home and also the shooter's friends put up this sign above the growing memorial of flowers, candles and pictures and began chanting lock him up and his sons asked for prayers. they also asked the crowd to sign a petition urging the district attorneys office to file murder charges. >> i would ask them why isn't this being sped up, why is he released and not in jail, why did this happen, i would like to know the full truth and the full story. >> reporter: and no response from the shooter's house tonight. the district attorney office when we reached out to them did
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not respond whether or not they will file charges in this case. the family members of dempsey have secured an attorney, reporting live outside of police headquarters annie mccormick channel six action news and sarah back to you. >> police in chester investigating a homicide tonight happened around 5:00 p.m. at tomorrow thomas and terill and dead at the scene and no arrests made. family and friends said a final farewell to dean finocchiaro this afternoon in levit town the 19-year-old was one of the four young men brutally murdered and buried in bucks county earlier this month. action news reporter bob brooks has the story. >> reporter: the line was dozens deep before the doors to the funeral home opened at noon and family and friends gathered to pay final respects to 19-year-old dean finocchiaro. >> he is going to be missed dearly very dearly. i miss him already.
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wish he was here. >> reporter: he worked with dean finocchiaro at richmond's ice cream company in levittown. >> when he walked in the door he made me laugh and made the work environment awesome. >> reporter: we saw t-shirts to honor the teen and many hugs we saw shared and a lot of support is there for his family moving forward and dean finocchiaro is the last of the four men who were found buried in the dinardo family farm in solebury township after an exhaustive search the attorney for 20-year-old cosmo dinardo says dinardo confessed to authorities to shooting and killing all four men after drug deals went wrong and his cousin 20-year-old sean-kratz has been arrested and can't imagine what they are going through and said he went to high school with dean finocchiaro's family. >> lose agree son 19-year-old kid with his whole life ahead of him. >> reporter: want them to know the community will always be here for them. >> if there is anything i can do i will gladly do it but i can't imagine the pain they are going
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through. >> reporter: again dean finocchiaro just 19 years old as for cosmo dinardo and sean are in court september 7 bob brooks channel six action news. patrons at a hunting park burger king were shocked this afternoon when they looked up and saw a driver slamming in cars in the parking lot and believe he was high on drugs when he barrelled through damaging at least nine cars. >> he was sweating in the car, had the windows locked up, the door was locked, all i was thinking about was the little kids. >> reporter: the driver's trail of destruction did not end there we will have much more on that part of the story with action news reporter annie mccormick at 11:30 more to come the latest on a family's experience and a family in mexico held their newborn son hostage over medical bills and the fight of his life but senator mccain took time for a hike with his daughter and
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sharp warming pictures she shared and eagles training camp about to get underway and jeff skversky has sports when action news comes right back. congress has reach add deal to
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impose sanctions on russia to find the white house and punishment for russia meddling in the u.s. election and puts up a show down with president trump, the trump administration is opposed part of the legislation which requires the congressional review if the president seeks to ease the
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sanctions. if the president vetoes the legislation he risks having his decision overturned by congress. meantime earlier today president trump took part in the commissionering ceremony for a new aircraft carrier the uss gerald ford. >> this ship also assures that if a fight does come it will always end the same way, we will win, win, win. >> reporter: the president began this morning with a tweet storm including one aimed at the washington post for its report saying the u.s. intelligence intercepted phone calls proving that attorney general jeff sessions discussed the trump campaign with a russian official. we will have much more on this story ahead in our next half hour. days after being diagnosed with brain cancer senator john mccain took some time today to enjoy the outdoors with his daughter megan and she tweeted this sweet image of her and her father today saying amazing hike with dad this morning and thanks
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supporters for their well wishe announced earlier this week mccain had surgery on july 14 to remove a blood clot above his left eye and testing revealed he has a brain tumor known as glioblastoma and reviewing his treatment heard best known for playing the dad in home alone movies died the 72-year-old was found at palo-alta hotel recovering from back surgery and he had roles in big, pelican brief and beaches and earned an emmy for sopranos and in "modern family" and married and divorced three times including a six day marriage to actress margo kidder and death comes seven months after his son max died in his sleep. an american couple claims a mexican hospital held their newborn son hostage in a battle over medical bills, the baby was not due until october and was
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born prematurely while they were on vacation. they say they tried to take the baby home but the hospital refused. abc's gonzales has the latest. tonight beckham ralph is in indiana after the fight for the preemie's life and get him released from the mexican hospital he was born. >> he was held in hospital hostage. >> reporter: parents on vacation on tuesday when mom went in labor nearly 1 two weeks before due date and claims the hospital there refused to take her until they paid 3,000 up front and the family says the expenses kept piling up. >> we want 4,000, we want 7,000 we want 8:00 charges for nicu care for little beckham and unexplainable fees including one for 4,000 just for the parents to see their son. >> we realized the gouging that
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was being done. >> reporter: the hospital refused to take health insurance and threatened to stop treating beckham unless the bills 30,000 were paid out-of-pocket in full. >> they were threatening literally to put him on the streets a baby that is in an intubator, complete strong arm tactics. >> reporter: hospital denying the claim and said they never delayed his release and we didn't care about the money we provided them with everything. the family says they scraped together the 30 grand plus another 18,000 for an medivac flight to a hospital in indiana where beckham is being cared for close to home marcy gonzales abc news los angeles. a delaware community comes together to honor a beloved teach whore died after a battle with cancer, honored his life when action news comes right back. ♪ end of throat surgery. guided you through recovery. joe tastes just as sweet to us, as it does to you. we join you.
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and keep on running all day long. of the accuweather forecast and boy some of those storms earlier tonight were heavy hitters. >> severe showers and storms and have expired but tracking a couple showers here and there sarah and will show you what is going on outside. sky six live in hd looking at the commodore berry bridge on saturday night it's cloudy to partly cloudy across the region. we are dry in philadelphia but still some spotty showers across the region. here is sky six live in hd from our temple university camera looking at the center city skyline it's quiet if you are out on the town right now look
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at the weather headlines the heat wave will likely break in sunday with highs tomorrow in the middle 80s and still humid tomorrow and likely bring us another thunderstorm threat across the region but relief comes as we get into early next week. right now in fill it's 82 after a high today of 93 so this is day five heat wave five in philadelphia 71 allentown and same in reading at the coast and beach haven 80 cape may coming in at 75 degrees and tracking a let's little moisture outside and this is live double scan radar and do have the showers in trenton and showers across south jersey and tighter on storm level six and showers south of buna and morristown and dealing with showers and moderate pop-ups of rain even to the rest of tucca dew point numbers still oppressive and dew points in the
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upper 60s and lower 70s we have a lot of humidity overhead and that will remain the case even as we get into sunday so even though we will likely break the heat wave tomorrow still pretty unsettled. satellite six with action radar showing showers and storms earlier and moving to the south and east and a lot of heavy rain moved across areas in maryland and also into washington d.c. future tracker six timing out the patty pan as we go throughout the overnight hours 2:00 in the morning still some left over showers in the poke nose and trenton and south jersey you wake up tomorrow 8:00 in the morning clouds and pockets of sunshine overhead and a few spotty showers there in south jersey but as the humidity builds throughout the day and into the early evening hours this model is showing you by 8:00 tomorrow night we have those showers firing up once again for our northwest suburbs and also down into south jersey and the severe weather threat tomorrow looks to be in philadelphia and points to the
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south and the south and east. so if you are do u.n. the shore tomorrow clouds and some sun still a humid day high temperature at 84 and still have to allow for a thundershower overhead and up in the poke nose tomorrow still a little on the unsettled side with an afternoon thundershower coming on in and a high in at 73. exclusive accuweather seven day tore cast it's humid tomorrow at 85 and the heat wave comes to an end on monday mostly cloudy with pop up storm at 88, refreshing by tuesday in at 83. wednesday mostly sunny and nice in at 85. and the upper 80s return as we get into thursday, friday and saturday and the pop-ups come back as well sarah but tomorrow we get a break from our heat wave. >> that sounds great thank you melissa. we have some breaking news now from chester delaware county where police are investigating a report of a child shot by a stray bullet. officers were dispatched to 3400 block of township line road shortly before 10:00 p.m. police are also focused on a home at the intersection of ren
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shaw road the child's condition is unknown at this time. a high school community remembered one of its long time teachers tonight ai dupont high school paid tribute to history teacher tom hogan and passed away monday after a long battle with cancer, hogan taught and coached at the school for 18 years, he was also a member of the school's class of 1988. ♪ forced and later a north philadelphia man celebrates an amazing milestone. he is turning 101 years old and he has a lot of wisdom to share and hear his advice when action news comes right back. ♪
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in a few days and pete mackanin says he talked with every team in baseball but helickson may have talked his way out of a contender and bills and fans could use a hug the way they have been playing and not quite picture perfect for jem my and allowed six runs and ryan beating him up and two in the fifth and four rbis and hits and scores three times in the 7th and the phils have them and tommy joseph throws it to left and the ball goes under kendrick and brawn scores to the first and phils fall behind 8-1 and getting booed badly it's that kind of a night. gets letter and the phillies come all the way back and scoring four files in the seven and phils get within three and in the 8th cameron three runs game tying homer and they love it going nuts but in the ninth
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hector gives up three hits and the game and santana and the phillies lose 9-8. >> that was a tough one to take down by seven runs 8-1 and thought we had momentum in our favor and couldn't get it done. >> reporter: always tomorrow, carson wentz will be among the eagles quarterback rookies and vets checking in for training camp and not the only one for high expectations and jeffrey says they are going to do something special one of the big stories in training camp is how jeffrey and wentz will gel today and today he has a camp of his own for kids in south carolina and jeffrey can't wait to kickoff camp and catch lots of touchdowns from carson wentz. >> the defense and we will do something special this year, carson we are going to crush and
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put the ball in his hand and make plays and have fun with it it's our job to catch the ball and have if fun with it and the sky is the limit and put the work in. >> reporter: they believe they have talent to go from worst to first and time for us to go and kick it to break and another bad break for the union tonight highlights next.
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