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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  July 23, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ll the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so now that you know all that, what do you think? that it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. few punches from mother nature, some storms leaving damage in parts of the area and more rain in the forecast tonight. congress agrees to slap russia with new sanctions, president trump caught in the middle of showdown. back in the nest we look ahead as eagles get ready for training camp. a pleasant good morning to you, sky6 live hd overlooking the ben franklin bridge.
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clouds out there, but the good news is the heat is out of here. meteorologist chris sowers joins us with the weekend forecast, so happy to be out of the heat wave chris. >> reporter: we're hoping today we don't hit 90 degrees, we're forecasting a high of 85 with all the clouds we're not expecting to reach 90. the heat wave will come to an end if that happens. we have high humidity levels, even though we top out in the 80s. the humidity will make it feel like the upper 80s or 90s. millville, 74. dover, 73. 72 in trenton. on the boards in atlantic city, 76. here's storm tracker 6 live we set it in motion for you, all that's left from yesterday's downpours or yesterday evening's downpours across burlington an ocean county. let's go to street level, route
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70 and 206. south of the circle you see specks popping up near chads worth and tabernacle. all in all it's light and rapidly pushing to the east and out to sea. forecast today, clouds limited sun, sunny breaks it will be humid out here with a high of 85 degrees. generally it's a quiet day, but things ramp up again later this evening, and overnight tonight storm prediction center has most of the area under the gun for severe weather with strong gusty winds and possibility of hail. when i come back in just a few minutes i'll talk about that and time it out for you with future tracker 6. >> folks be sure to use our mobile app to stay informed. there are tips on staying cool. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device.
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an 11-year-old child is the latest victim of a stray bullet that pierced through the wall of the home. one bullet entered the home and hit the boy in the chest. medics took him to crozer-chester medical center where he was listed in stable condition. police are looking for the shooter they are asking anyone with information to call them. developing this morning new information is coming in about a fatal hit-and-run on the schuylkill expressway. the 30-year-old male victim was struck on the eastbound side at the montgomery drive off ramp at 10:30 p.m. the driver left the scene and they say the striking vehicle is a late model dark colored damage on the passenger side side. a son is pleading for justice after a double shooting
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left his mother dead. he and others gathered in frankford where his mom and boyfriend were killed a week ago. >> he killed them, he murdered them, period. >> reporter: family and friends of bob depaul and august dempsey police took the neighbor into custody shortly after the shootings, but later released him, we are not identifying him since he has not been charged. he claims following an actor with the couple they scaled his fence in their neighborhood and he shot them in the early morning hours of july 16. >> my mom would never climb a fence, she would never talk down to anybody, she would very few provoke any violence, because she knows she would have to make it home to me and my brother. beyond why he is still here in
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his house. >> at a vigil held outside the home and shooter friends put up the sign above the growing memorial, candles and pictures. the emotional crowd chanted lock him up. dempsey's son asked for prayers. they signed a petition urging the district attorney to file murder charges. >> why is this not being sped up, why is he not in jail. why did this happen? >> reporter: we reached out to the district attorney's office they did not say whether or not they would file charges in the case. the family members of dempsey have secured an attorney. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> 6:05 a.m., today was supposed to be a work day for the pennsylvania house, but
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lawmakers have gone home leaving the state without a plan to pay for the $32 billion. house members rejected borrowing $100 million all in an effort to avoid raising taxes. republican members are talking about a tax on marcellus shale natural gas program. republican are expected to return to session this week and work on their own bill. a new bipartisan bill sanctions russia for the interference in the 2016 elections. the bill stiffens sanctions against north korea and iran. he supports those sanctions abbey opposes the one on russia.
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heat is turned up on jeff sessions amid reports of what he may have discussed with the russian ambassador. >> reporter: president trump at the u.s.s. gerald ford, the most advance aircraft carrier ever built. >> this ship insures if a fight does come it will always end the same way, we will win, win, win. >> reporter: but it is the president fighting his corner now blasting out tweets what he he calls the fake news media. this one aimed at the washington post and it's bombshell scoop on jeff sessions, despite sessions' denial that he ever met with the russia during the campaign. >> i never meet with meetings.
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>> reporter: intelligence community intercepted phone calls sessions is in trouble with trump. president expressed his frustration with sessions not having recused himself from the russian investigation. >> he is not afraid to throw loyalist under the bus. >> the president fires the attorney general and tries to replace him that's a position that is confirmed by the u.s. senate. >> reporter: press secretary sean spicer is out. businessman anthony scaramucci is in. >> he was not always a trump fan. >> full transparency, i'm
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deleting old tweets past views evolved and should not be a distraction, purging his account of all past snipes at his new boss. today on this week, george stephanopoulos speaks with president trump's lawyer and newly promoted white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. happening today, carson wentz and the eagles begin arriving for training camp. the first full team workout is thursday, but camp officially starts tomorrow. fans is are invited to the linc for a free practice saturday morning at 10:00. the preseason schedule begins august 10 in green bay. jeff skeverski will have more coming up in sports in 15 minutes. a 25-year-old from brigantine new jersey has been crowned the new world series poker champion. scott bloomsteen won the title
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in las vegas and jackpot of $25 million. he limited man from pennsylvania. bloom teen after beating 7200 other participants. >> congratulations. over $8 million. >> at the age of 25. >> i'm in the wrong profession. no, i love it. still to come on "action news" sunday morning, a brushfire rages near homes in southern california. this guy is the morning buzz and then some, he is 92 years old and cutting hair most of his life. >> looks good for 92. a hug along the highway is a is an emotional meeting 30 years in the making. you'll hear about it coming up.
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>> reporter: the heat wave will officially come to an end today. highs top out in the 80s. showers and thunderstorms again later this evening, some of them strong to severe coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast
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>> a brushfire is burning close to homes in southern california. so far it has scorched 20 acres. it is not contained yet.
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firefighters are gaining the upper hand on the when when it whitier fire. firefighters have forced evacuations in garfield county. the wildfires have grown to 125,000 acres so far firefighters have not contained any portion of those fires. 6:14 a.m., time for accuweather, it's a little better out there, but you said they will save the celebration for later. >> reporter: the heat wave comes to an end it's terribly humid. here's a nice shot down to cape may we go. we have cloudy skies, it's extremely humid with dewpoints in the 70s. the winds shift off the ocean him we'll have an easterly wind direction today it will keep the clouds locked in from start to finish. we'll see sunny breaks overall
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it's a mostly cloudy day that's what will keep the temperatures down. satellite and radar behind me here, not much going on in our neck of the woods. maybe a couple of leftover showers across the pine barrens, lots of activities to the west that will stroll in overnight tonight possibly in the form of severe weather. the headlines look like, heat wave comes to an ends today provided we stay under 90 degrees we're forecasting 85. stays humid, though, dewpoints in the 70s this afternoon. severe weather likely overnight tonight. powerful winds and heavy drenching downpours, once again the main culprit with strong storms we see. trenton be -- 72, allentown, 72. the numbers are not too warm, but the humidity is so high it's uncomfortable. millville, 74. dover are 73.
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cape may, 74. millville, 74. 73 this dover, philadelphia, 78. we'll catch a break but it comes tomorrow night. tomorrow sticky day, but forecasting a 84. tuesday arena wednesday a pair of nice days we're looking at a combination of sun and clouds, both days highs in the low to mid 80s. as you just saw not much in the way of humidity. storm tracker 6 live, we view, showers and thunderstorms across northwestern pennsylvania. a complex heading east and pushing into our neck of the wounds overnights tonight. thunderstorm for some of us later this afternoon. probably after 4:00 p.m., we're not anticipating too much even though this model shows spotty showers and storms across the delaware bay region. accuweather feels most of the day should be dry. as we get into the evening hours, 1:30 a.m. you can see the
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bright reds and maroons that travels east into the heart of the viewing area by 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., monday looks similar to today, combination of sun and clouds, and one or two pop-up showers throughout the day. scale high u will see that tonight, not necessarily today, tonight. downpours, high probability, strong gusty winds in excess of 55, 60 miles per hour. for today, h a stray thunderstorm about 20% chance. mid 80s for everybody. dover, 86, millville, 85. philadelphia, 85. jersey shore, combination of sun and clouds, humid, 84 degrees is the forecasted high. ocean water temperature up to76. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, note we have no 90s on this seven day. so 85 humid, sunny breaks today,
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showers and thunderstorms overnight tonight, monday is humid, clouds limited sun, 86. tuesday, less humid pleasant 83. wednesday looks beautiful, as well. thursday, friday, saturday we start to warm up a little bit, highs in the mid to upper 80s, guys? >> looks better, chris thank you. a high school community paid tribute to one of its long time teachers, a. i. dupont high school remembered history teacher tom hogan who passed away from cancer. coached for ys and member of school class of 1988. may mr. hogan rest in peace. we'll be right back. so glad you're waking up
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with us, it is 6:22 a.m., for almost 80 years, martin desanto has been on the cutting edge. he has been a barber since 1938 and learned the skill from a barber in scranton. he is 92 years old and the go to go for a cut for a nice clean cut and shave. bill has been a customer for 30 years. >> more like coming and visiting a friend and i kind of
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get a haircut on the side. >> when he was 17 he joined the marines and provided haircuts for the men in uniform. after that he went into business with a man who brought european hair cutting to the u.s. using a straight razor. an encounter was a reunion 30 years in the making. retired sergeant charlie black spent three decades paroling the highways a lot of time and a lot of memories. >> i said if you put the gun down on the seat i'll come you mean and talk face-to-face. i ran up and got the gun, and i
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told the troopers i got the gun, you get the baby. >> reporter: that baby was 19 yrt john who grew up wandering about the trooper who saved his life. >> it was a our owe eurica moment. >> reporter: he located charlie and want wanted to thank him in person. on the drive from chicago to iowa. his car broke down he called charlie and asked him to save him again, right there on i-80 the same stretch of highway he met 0 years ago, the two came face-to-face. >> reporter: it was the most genuine hug i've ever given a man i shook his hand, he said
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celebrating 101 years of life. james washington is a world war ii veteran. he said if you want to live a long happy life, there's one person in particular you should take advice from. >> you know listen to your grandma, the greatest thing i can tell them, listen to
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handy we're tracking rain moving into the area. it should arrive by tonight. that's rain from the west moving into the area. strong storms caused major damage that will approve expensive for some people in the area. a tree fell hitting the house and tearing out a porch roof. trees came down in exton and amazingly they fell toward the street and missed hitting homes or cars. meteorologist chris sowers has what you need to know to plan your sunday. >> reporter: hopefully we don't see pictures like that tomorrow morning. we're expecting another round of heavy weather overnight tonight. the possibility of danieling winds and small hail. let's flip it over to the numbers. it's a warm and sticky morning, 76 degrees in philadelphia. trenton, 72.
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millville, 755. on the boards in atlantic city, 76 degrees. very oppressive, very thick the air mass, very tropical once again. when you step outside, even though we're not forecasting high of 90 degrees, it will feel very, very humid, don't expect to walk outside and say, ah, nice little break here. it will happen tomorrow when the humidity levels drop off. storm tracker 6 live we set it in street-level mode. you can see showers popping up. western camden county, the intersection of 38 and 73. a couple of heavy downpours starting to develop indicated by the yellows and oranges, traveling off to the east. thrrs -- there are showers in the pine barrens and southeastern burlington county. most of today will be dry, as well. peeks of sunshine.
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lots of clouds today maybe a stray shower or thunderstorm for some, but it's only a 20 or 30% chance. otherwise it's humid highs in the mid 80s. 84 degrees by 2:00. 85 degrees by 4:00 p.m. let's take a look at storm tracker 6 live this time we set it in motion for you, you see the complex of showers and storms out to the west followed by another cluster of storms up across northwestern pennsylvania both of the areas of moisture heading in our direction, both bring the potential of strong to severe storms overnight tonig. w minutes we'll focus on that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll show you cooler numbers in the exclusive accuweather seven-day bleecast. shooting in north philadelphia has killed a man and left another man critically injured. the action cam was at the scene, the 700 block of west russell street. shots rang out at 2:00 a.m. both victims were taken to the hospital by car. one man wasthe hospital.
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the other is in critical condition. philadelphia police haveitn anther shooting are that left a man hospitalized. the action cam was on the scene in the frankford section. a man was shot several times at 10:00. officers rushed him to the hospital, no word on his condition. 6:33 a.m. happening today an autopsy is planned for a woman killed in ocean city new jersey. police arrested and charge her boyfriend 49-year-old paul kline with first degree murder. denise weber's body was found inside the park at the wesley in on the 900 block of wesley avenue. they have not said how she died, but they lived together. and cay prosecutor is handling the case which is still active. the community gathered for dean finocchiaro's funeral
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yesterday. bob brooks was there as friends and family said farewell. >> reporter: the line was dozens deep family and friends gathered in levittown to pay their respects to 19-year-old dean finocchiaro. >> he will be missed dearly, dearly, i miss him already. >> reporter: that's gus he said he worked with him in levittown. >> he was an he made the work environment awesome. >> reporter: we saw t-shirts to honor the teen, many hugs we saw a lot of support for his family moving forward. dean finocchiaro was the last of the four men who were found buried on the cosmo dinardo family farm in solbury township. after an exhaustive search, the attorney for 20-year-old cosmo dinardo confessed that he shot and killed all four men after drug deals went wrong. sean kratz arrested. those we spoke with here, said
6:35 am
they can't imagine what the family is going through. >> losing a son,is whole life d of him. >> reporter: they want them to know the community will be here 's anything i can do, i will gladly do it. >> reporter: dean finocchiaro 19 years old, as for cosmo dinardo and sean kratz they are due back in september 7. bob brooks channel 6 "action news." >> 6:35 a.m., the wharton state forest fire is burning this morning, but it is now contained. as of last evening the fire in burlington county was raging on 3500 acres. a spokesman for the new jersey forest fire service is not threatening structures, but having an impact. people have been smelling smoke as far away as long beach island, 30 miles per hour away. president trump has fired off a tweet to the washington
6:36 am
post for reporting the russian ambassador discussed politics s. sessions stands by his previous assertion that he never hadt du. the president spent part of yesterday aboard the u.s.s. gerald ford, the world's most advanced aircraft carrier. >> this ship insures that if a fight does come, it will end the same way, we will win, win, win. vice president mike pence was in ohio talking aboutre >> president trump and i will keep fighting every single day until this congress puts on his desk a bill to repeal and replace bomb -- obama care. despite repeated efforts, the republican-contro healthcare
6:37 am
bill. days after being diagnosed with brain cancer senator mccain took time to enjoy the outdoors with his daughter meghan. meghan tweeted this image of meghan and her dad saying an amazing hike with dad. mccain had surgery on july 14 to remove a blood clot above his right eye. he is now reviewing his treatment options. >> an out-of-control driver is behind a big mess outside a burger king in hunting park. they saw a driver slamming into vehicles in the parking lot. some witnesses believe the man was high on drugs when he >> reporter: he was sweating in the car, the windows was locked up, the doors was locked, all i was thinking about was twiheessr went on to crash into more cars at front and tioga before the
6:38 am
rampage ended. >> if you're just waking up with us, there's an important reminder from the philadelphia streets redepartment, do not recycle greasy pizza boxes i want videol media campaign. contamination of paper and cardboard are less valuable for reuse. clean boxes are okayo put at the curb. we have a link on what you can recycle and what you can not put in the recycle bin. >> i did not know that. knowing is half the battle. more to come up on "action news" sunday. >> reporter: how camden county is renewable energy. >> a woman's transformation and a message of accepting her new look is going viral. we'll share her story. sky6 live hd taking a live
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look, meteorologist chris sowers is back next with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. the heat wave is over, but it won't feel really good until tomorrow, we'll be right back. >> an atlantic city casino is
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launching an online fantasy sports game by resorts casino hotel, it will let customers go head to head. the casino's president hopes to
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have the game up and running for people to play in person by the start of football season all right. time for accuweather, we're getting out of the heat wave today, but not hitting the jackpot just yet. >> reporter: we're still in the humid wave, but we're out of the heat wave. it's another sticky morning, temperatures in the # 70s. dewpoints are in the 70s. even though we top out in the mid 80s, we break the heat wave, but it will be uncomfortable at times. there's a shot of our city hall cameras, as we flip it over to the radars, a batch of renegade showers route 73 and 38, there, just a couple of cells most of it on the lighter side. every now and then we see the yellows pop up. there's another shower popping up near western berks county
6:43 am
near plowville near 222. on the the lighter side we pick up something a little bit steadier. 77 degrees, dewpoints uncomfortable at 70. wind out of the west at # miles per hour. the pressure 29.74 inches holding steady. ocean temperature, 76 degrees. lots of 70s out there. poconos, 65. trenton, 72. dover, 73. 75 in wilmington, 74 in cape may. atlantic city checking in at 76. we'll pan out and go wider, storm tracker 6 live once again this time we set it in motion for you, what we're noticing we have complexes of showers and thunderstorms, this first one here east of bradford in northwestern pennsylvania. we have this mess crossing ohio river moving into charleston, west virginia. both of them making a beeline toward the delaware valley in the late afternoon and evening hours this could spawn another
6:44 am
round of severe weather. there could be a shower or thunderstorm that pops up during the day. overnight tonight, showers and thunderstorms erupting once again, the heaviest weather from the city points south and east. damaging wind gusts and flash flooding a good bet with this round of showers and thunderstorms. future tracker 61:00 p.m. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies, that will keep the temperatures down that will save us from 90 degrees or the heat wave would continue. 6:00 a.m., cloudy skies, peeks of sun, one or two strays showers south of the city. eget the into the evening hours, next round, western suburbs gets blasted by 1:00 a.m. that plarchs -- marchs east into the philadelphia area at 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m. monday, a cloudy day, a pop-up shower or two early, the humidity levels begin to decline in the afternoon, it will feel
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better and the clouds thin out and the skies brighten up a bit. sort of a transition day tomorrow. call from accuweather, clouds and sun, stray thunderstorm, 85 degrees is the forecasted high. winds are light out of the southeast at 5 to 15 miles per hour. the general idea for today is a dry day, one or two showers popping up. 1:00 p.m., 84. 4:00 p.m., 85. by 7:00 p.m. this evening, mostly cloudy an sticky out there with temperatures hovering around 80 degrees. after 7:00 that's whether we get into it with the showers and thunderstorms. down the the jersey shore, partly sunny, but sticky, moderate risk for rip currents as the winds shift off the water. atlantic city, 82. ocean city, 82. cape may, 82, bethif he beach
6:46 am
86. monday, humid stray hour early, become be less humid during the day or the afternoon hours, sunshine, 86 degrees, tuesday, 83, wednesday, 83, both days will feel delightful out there, very comfortable as we round out the 7 day forecast we get into the beginning of next weekend it starts to warm up again, highs in the upper 80s and it turns more humid, no 90s in the seven-day forecast. it's been a while. >> it has. a camden county landfill has been transformed and now it's powering hundreds of homes. nora muchanic shows us how. >> reporter: the power of the sun is being captured by ten thousand solar panels on river road. it's a partnership between camden county and energy power partners. the plan is to install 8,000 more panels which combined with the originals produced
6:47 am
3.5 million-kilowatt hours of electricity per year powering up to 300 homes. >> looking to power energy here and across the united states. >> reporter: it's the same as burning 2.7 million pounds of coal. this would be unusable land, but the county is using it to create energy and income. >> we're also reducing our carbon footprint this is our own paris climate accord right here on top of a landfill. >> reporter: the project harnesses the methane gas produced by decomposing organic matter buried in the landfill. >> it is burned. and produces electricity. >> reporter: it's sold to aluminum shape one of the
6:48 am
biggest employers in the county. the landfill has been transformed. >> it was piles of trash and trucks and stench. it's turned from an eye sore to a beautiful solar panel field. >> reporter: the 8,000 new solar panels should be installed by the end of the year, in pennsauken nora muchanic channel 6 "action news."
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>> his
6:50 am
>> this morning a young father of four is dead. his mother is working to keep the case alive, she said it's time to bring her son's killer to justice. rick williams has more in this morning's crime fighters report. >> he was strong willed, but a very loving guy, very respected in the neighborhood. his death has affected us like no one can believe. >> reporter: joe and gate wood said her son's death kyle watson
6:51 am
was senseless. >> someone shot him in the back of the head and threw him out on the street. >> reporter: in the early hours the 28-year-old was at 6th an magnolia in delaware county. he was found shot in the head and pronounced at the scene. gatewood believes her son's death was connected to acquaintances he made. guyedwood said she last talked to watson a few hours before his death. >> around 1:00 a.m., i got a call from my son, he said mom are you all right, i'm just checking on you. >> reporter: the city of chester and the delaware county district attorney's office is offering up to $15,000 in reward money that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. all you have to do is call 215-546-tips. all calls will be remain
6:52 am
anonymous. for gatewood she wants to put this behind her. >> there's a why i will never have a restful spirit until i find out what happened to my son because nobody has right to take anybody's life. >> reporter: rick williams channel 6 "action news." >> a 10-year-old boy faces a serious health fight and taking on the fight to help not only himself, but others. every saturday morning, is an drew sets up a soda shop to raise money for a genetic disorder that runs in the family. andrew has it so does his mom an brother and grandfather. despite facing potentially serious health problems, he stays determined. soda stand raises $100 a week. his father is inspired by his son. >> all the good that has come out of a little boy raising extra amoeba and donating it to
6:53 am
charity. to say that we're so proud of him is an understatement. >> andrew is raising money for the children's tiewrm found -- tumor foundation. renewal and remembrance day is a tradition at the hallowed property. the family travels from sussex county new jersey. we've been coming down here for 14 years as a family. it started when we were little kids we loved giving back and loved this event. >> many volunteers who take part in the renewal and remembrance day are veterans.
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>> 6:55 a.m., storm tracker 6 live is showing you rain right there. what you're looking at there is the berks county borderline there. that system is expected to move into parts of the area tonight. meteorologist chris sowers will be along in four minutes to update you on the anticipated rain. a young woman turned to facebook to send a message about body shaming. >> after years of body building she admits letting herself go. robin roberts has her astonishing change and her message of acceptance. body builder. the first photo from 2015 as a competitive body builder, giving up her grueling gym regiment. >> i needed to love myself a little more and i wanted to
6:57 am
encourage others to love themselves also. >> her body acceptance message went viral and received thousands of comments many applauding her beauty an bravery. she started body building five years ago after piers -- pierce pierce -- peers told her she had too much cellulite. she gained 25 pounds and her coach said she had to lose 30 pounds to compete again. >> that's when i realized i didn't enjoy it any more. i wasn't pushing it anywhere she was doingshe loves her body insf hating it. >> i let myself go from being
6:58 am
controlled to something that's not tangible it's all in my head. start thanking your body. when i started to thank mine it made the d story, there's nothing more beautiful than true confidence. >> russia may soon face sancti may put president trump against the republican-led congress. medics rush a child to the hospital after being shot by a stray bullet in delaware county. >> a hit-and-run killed a man on the schuylkill expressway. we have learned new information overnight. >> chris sowers is tracking rain. >> reporter: a temp grad cashes in -- temple grad cashes in big time he is the winner of the world series of poker.
6:59 am
>>jason: my dad taught me to play the piano when i was three. ever since, it's been my passion. going somewhere like the juilliard school seemed impossible. now, i am able to dream bigger. >>joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including jason. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >>jason: start saving to dream bigger today.
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>> our heat wave is coming to an end today, but only after a few punches from mother nature. some storms leaving behind major damage in parts of the area and more rain in the forecast tonight. congress agrees to slap russia with new sanctions. president trump caught in the middle of the showdown. back in the nest, we'll look ahead as eagles get ready for training camp. a pleasant good morning to you on sunday morning, 7:00 a.m., sky6 live hd overlooking the commodore barry bridge, my apologies, l


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