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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 24, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, president trump is warning republicans about the consequences of not repealing and replacing obamacare. this comes as the president's son-in-law heads to capitol hill today to answer questions about russian election meddling. another busy week is getting under way and we're live in washington. also developing, the human trafficking tragedy in san antonio. authorities detailing the nationalities of those found in that scorching hot truck and mourners gathering overnight to honor the victims. new this morning the shocking street signs that have started appearing in minneapolis following the police shooting death of a woman from australia. vacation dangers, new warnings about holidays gone wrong south of the border.
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a good good morning to you all and begin with the first member of president trump's family set to answer questions about russia. >> jared kushner will face investigators this morning behind closed doors. his appearance gives mixed messages in the meantime on the use of presidential pardons. >> and the president is looking to focus on his agenda delivering remarks today on health care. emily rau has the latest from washington. good morning. >> good morning, diane and kendis. two of the summer's biggest stories, russia and health care do see big developments in the next few days. all of this while democrats seize the opportunity to start a story line of their own. president trump's son-in-law jared kushner heads to capitol hill today for a closed door interview with the senate intelligence committee investigating russian meddling. >> i'm confident that tomorrow when jared kushner speaks and i'll keep my fingers in saying this it'll probably be the last
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time he has to talk about russia. >> reporter: over the weekend he revised his financial disclosures after he inadvertently omitted 77 assets and team trump trying to steer the conversation away from talk of presidential pardons. >> the issue of pardons is not on the table. there's nothing to pardon from. >> reporter: this after the president tweeted over the weekend all agree the u.s. president has the complete power to pardon. but by sunday night his tweets turned to health care with the senate votes slated for tuesday a warning. if republicans don't repeal and replace the disastrous obamacare, the repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand. meanwhile, democrats preparing for a big reveal of their economic agenda that does not address health care but promises a three-pronged economic booster for working families. >> a better deal for working families, higher wages, less costs, tools for the 21st
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century. >> reporter: democrats are looking ahead to the 018 midterm elections trying to present a united front and appeal to working class families who supported president trump in november. diane and kendis. >> that's abc's emily rau from washington. thanks. and there are some conflicting responses from the white house to a bipartisan bill that would require president trump to get permission from congress before lifting or easing sanctions against russia. new press secretary sarah sanders told "this week" the president supports the bill but her new boss, communications director anthony scaramucci says the president has not made a decision yet. >> we're learning new details about the deadly human trafficking tragedy in san antonio. at least nine people are dead, 17 critical condition after a tractor trailer was discovered with its human cargo, people crammed together as the temperatures hit triple digits. overnight these scene, vigils in the city. >> the victims include several
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mexicans and two guatemalans. the alleged driver is due in federal court. abc's kenneth moton has more. >> reporter: what happened in this big rig truck is now considered a crime. >> we're looking at a human trafficking crime. >> reporter: just after midnight sunday morning a store employee called san antonio police. he told officers a disoriented man approached him asking for water. when police arrived they opened the back of the tractor trailer and found dozens of people inside including children. >> the air-conditioning was not working so everyone was removed. >> reporter: first responders say the 30 survivors were hot to the touch showing signs of heatstroke and dehigh craig and became a race against time. >> we utilized helicopters and seven area hospitals to transport these people out. >> reporter: officials looked at the store surveillance video which showed vehicles arriving and picking up people from the truck. it is not an uncommon crime in
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texas. earlier a police officer found 12 people stuck in the back of an unair conditioned box truck. one of the deadliest cases on record happened in victoria, texas, in 2003 when 19 people locked in a stifling hot big rig died and this most recent case authorities have taken the driver into custody and the u.s. attorney says he will be charged. >> the south texas heat is punishing this time of year. these people were helpless in the hands of their transporters. >> reporter: immigration and customs along with homeland security are involved in the investigation. >> and there are flash flood watches and warnings in effect for the mid-atlantic region overnight. you can see on the weather radar it is moving across pennsylvania. many roads south of philadelphia are closed from flooding, some drivers have even had to be rescued from their vehicles. about a fourth of flights into and out of mid-atlantic airports yesterday were delayed. and the search resumes for an elderly man swept away in
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flab flooding. his home one of two that washed away by the swollen creek right where it flows into the ohio river. cars were also damaged and left in a creek. the mayor of maysville, kentucky, has never seen flooding like this before. a group of hikers remain stuck in an arizona park overnight cut off by flash flooding. half the group rescued by helicopter. the water is too high and too fast to attempt a rescue of the other nine. rescue volunteers have joined them, though and the group hopes to walk out at some point overnight when the water level goes down. we take a look now at what's ahead for your weather this monday. >> good morning, thunderstorms will expand in the desert southwest from monday to wednesday. wildfire relief throughout the four corners region and a little further to the north. in the southeast we're expecting widespread thunderstorms as well from little rock down towards the gulf coast covering all of
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florida into actually south carolina and then as we go into the midweek we're expecting widespread scattered showers to re-establish itself throughout the midpart of the country and the southeast stays wet. i'm accuweather's paul williams. a suicide bomber is being blamed for a deadly blast in the afghan capital of kabul. at least 24 people were killed this morning what i car packed with explosives rammed a bus filled with government employees heading to work. dozens of people were injured including children. the taliban has claimed responsibility. staying overseas at least two people are dead after a shooting at the israeli embassy in jordan. an israeli security officer opened fire after one of two jordanian men attacked him with a screwdriver. the two men were supposedly coming to the building to do carpentry work. another jordanian man struck by a stray bullet was killed. israeli authorities are calling
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it a terror attack. we're seeing new images of until senator mccain since he was diagnosed with brain cancer. >> meghan mccain tweeted herself with dad taking a break with dad over the weekend. he tweeted an image showing himself relaxing with a friend dipping their feet in a creek. still ahead what's expected today in the final hearing for baby charlie guard. the warning from authorities on the east coast as they conduct a massive manhunt. the man on the run considered armed and dangerous. new reaction from o.j. simpson as he begins preparing for parole. his attorney is talking about how simpson is now doing behind bars.
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we are looking at video of a dramatic rescue at sea. five people, you can see there, stranded after their boat capsized off the north carolina coast sunday morning after a mayday call. the coast guard manages to respond with a spotter airplane and two boats. got everyone out safely. tourists are being told to stay away from part of a national forest this morning because of a manhunt taking place. the suspect wanted for kidnapping, a break-in and thefts was chased abandoned a vehicle there and stole a mountain bike and rode off. this is what drivers are seeing on the streets of minneapolis, fake street signs that say, warning, twin cities police easily startled. it comes as tensions mount over the fatal police shooting of an australian woman, a bride-to-be who called 911. the officer who pulled the trigger reportedly said she had
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startled him. the mayor forced the police chief out of her job amid calls for the mayor to resign. charlie gard's parents are back in court. it's the final hearing in the ongoing legal battle for the terminally ill british baby. gard's parents want to bring him to the u.s. for experimental treatment but british doctors say that's pointless. the judge is expected to review findings by an american doctor who examined gard. a california man in a multimillion dollar fight with the state's lottery christmas. >> he says he has a winning $5 million scratch-off ticket but the state won't give him the cash because thomas' 16-year-old son bought the ticket for him. thomas has now filed a lawsuit. he says the vendor never told his son he was too young to buy that ticket. >> i see there. when we come off one company's innovative way for employees to buy a snack. a couple of winners claiming some of the biggest prizes in sports. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me,
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firefighters are struggling to battle roughly three dozen active large wildfires in 11 western states this morning. and many more smaller ones. just those large ones have now burned more than 1 million acres. one of the largest is the detwiler fire in california's central valley. it's now destroyed more than 76,000 acres and 63 homes. morning road conditions now, and flooding is possible in the southwest as well as other parts of the west. roads will be wet for nearly the entire south. the southeast and the northeast. if you're flying airport delays are most likely in new york, philadelphia, washington, atlanta, dallas, charles and phoenix. busy day there. >> yeah. a wisconsin couple says they may have involved the mystery of their daughter's death on a family vacation in mexico. >> pointing to the possibility of tainted alcohol served at an
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upscale resort. and other families are making similar claims. after just two hours in playa del carmen. abby conner died just days after found unconscious in the pool. they question whether tainted alcohol contributed to the tragedy. now other american families are coming forward. >> i thought i was dying. >> reporter: jamie and rick valerie stayed at another resort and tell "the milwaukee journey sentinel" they blacked out after a few drinks and a website was created. it is highlighted potential risks after her 22-year-old son was found unconscious in a resort pool and later died. webster claims the medical staff wouldn't help her son saying he was just drunk. something webster denies. and a recent report found 43% of alcohol con supered in mexico is illegal. a lot of it is bootleg liquor
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that includes grain alcohol or dangerous levels of methanol. >> o.j. simpson's attorney says he's very happy after being granted parole last week. the former football star won't leave prison until sometime this fall but we're told already he is on cloud nine. the attorney tells fox news simpson plays to lead a quiet life after he gets out probably in florida and california and has no plans for reality tv. a man in new jersey who lives outside atlantic city is the best poker player on the planet. scott bluminstein took home $8 million, the first time in the main event for him. after the win he says he's pretty tired of poker right now. >> and he won it with a pair of 2s. >> hard to blame him. pro cyclist chris froome says his fourth tour de france win was the toughest yet in the winner's yellow jersey and
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teammates a little champagne as well enjoyed it riding through the streets of paris. now, the guy in his team car celebrated with those in a different car. the tour was 2200 miles long, froome's final margin of victory was just 54 seconds. >> i like that move sharing the champagne across the road but not with the driver. the end of the tour wasn't the only big sporting event in europe. >> it was actually a remarkable end to golf's british open. here now highlights from espn. good morning, america. welcome in to "sportscenter." that's john buccigross, i'm lisa kerney how about jordan spieth, turns 24 thursday, got the party started on sunday. >> the young american, youngest ever to win the open championship. matt kuchar, jordan spieth and here he is for eagle on 16. he had a weird day, lots of bogeys, while 13th hole but bouncing back with that eagle. there's his caddie helping him through a very strange sunday for jordan spieth but in the
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end, again, the youngest american ever to win the open joining an impressive list of golfing figures. we havery major win he wins the open by three. to baseball, the dodgers had won 14 street, clayton kershaw starts. the lefty hit a snag facing the braves. kershaw starting to experience tightness in his back. he was pulled from the game after two innings. a trip to the dl is likely for the dodgers' ac cody bellinger, party of one, dodgers win it in up negligence in "the pulse" the highly anticipated race between michael phelps and a great white shark. plus, a new implanted way to pay at the office vending machine. who needs a credit cardanyway? and check out our facebook page.
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i tabut with my back paines, i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. ♪ time now for a monday "pulse" starting with the legendary sports match-up for the ages. >> the most decorated olympian in history up against one of mother nature's fiercest animals. kicking off shark week on the discovery channel. >> 23-time gold medalist michael phelps raced against a great white shark and lost. but only by two seconds. >> i don't like taking silver medals but i'll take one to a
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great white. >> yeah. >> maybe next time we can have a better race. >> yeah. >> some are saying maybe next time it can be a real face-off. sorry to disappoint. it won't actually swimming right next to a great white. he swam against the shark's time. that shark that you see there was digitally superimposed next to phelps on the screen. >> overnight phelps tweeted rematch in warmer weather. it was really cold in south africa where this took place. we hope he doesn't end up like that image in the rematch. a wisconsin company has planned to allow workers to pay for snacks with the wave of a hand. >> three square market is the first business to offer employees microchip implants. the chips are the size of a grain of rice and go in the employees' hands. they will take an item, scan it and pay by just holding up the hand. >> so but get this, the technology can be used for computer log-ins and to enter their building. the company insists, though,
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>> good morning i'm tamala edwards,ed monday, july 24. we're dealing with serious storms. storm tracker 6 live is scanning the skies, look at all the green, yellow and the red. we had tornadoes and severe thunderstorms overnight. david murphy has more from accuweather. there was flooding in several communities and the threat remains throngs. police in chester are searching for a gunman who unleashed a hail of bullets one of which injured an 11-year-old boy. all those stories up next on "action news."
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they've never told before. >> among them the details of what turned out to be their final phone call with their mom. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: william and harry's intimate portrait of princess diana. speaking for the first time about the mother only they knew. on the 20th anniversary of her death, the sons cherishing her memory in this new documentary. >> this is the first one that the two of us have ever spoken about her as a mother. arguably a little too raw up until this point. it's still raw. >> reporter: william saying he thinks of his mom every day. harry recalling her playful nature. >> all i can hear is her laugh in my head and that's sort of crazy laugh of whether it was just pure happiness shown on her face. one of her mottos to me was you can be as naughty as you want, just don't get caught. >> harry can still feel the hugs his mom used to give.
4:29 am
both sons still agonizing over their last phone call with her the night she died in paris. harry speaking of the deep regret over rushing off the phone. if i had known that was the last time i'd speak to my mother, the things i would have have said to her. looking back on it now it is incredibly hard. >> there's not many days that don't go by that i don't think of her. 20th anniversary year feels like a good time to remember, you know, all the good things about her and hopefully provide maybe a different side that others haven't seen before. >> reporter: william adding he thinks diana would have loved being a grandmother and thinks she would have been the type of grandmother who showed up right before bedtime riling his children up. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> you got to love that. wise words from princess diana. you can be as naughty as you want, just just don't get morning it is
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4:30 a.m., monday july 24. >> we're tracking severe weather this morning. this is a live look at storm tracker 6 live radar, the storms have dropped a lot of rain this morning. >> i-95 jackknifed tractor-trailer in the southbound lanes by the ben franklin bridge. streets are flood you had creating a mess for the morning commute. karen rogers is off, let's go over to david murphy and matt pellman with weather and traffic, good


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