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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  July 24, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> good morning it is 5:00 a.m., monday, july 24. here's what we're following. >> strong storms are moving across the region right now, some areas are under a flash flood warning. a fire damages an apartment building forcing the residents into the street. >> the eagles are ready to fly as players report for the first day of training camp. >> let's find out about accuweather, i don't think it's going to cooperate with training today, david. matt pellman has traffic, good morning. >> reporter: we like to ease into the workweek this morning, we're not getting to do that. >> reporter: no, it was like -- we have weather affecting parts of the region, it was up half-hour ago, southeastern western delaware county and swath across the heart of south
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jersey there's flooding out there. up until maybe 7:00 a.m. there's a flood watch because of heavy rain that came through overnight. we'll look at storm tracker 6 live double scan in a second and you will see how things are improving a little bit in terms of active rain. satellite and radar showing you it is damp out there, here's radar, we did get anywhere from two to four inches of rain overnight. you can see the heavy cells highlighted in yellow and orange are fast moving toward the east and getting to the other side of trenton, still light rain there. keep in mind when you have the volume of rain you had overnight it takes a while to drain off the roadway also that's why we have the flood warnings in effect and flood watch. there's additional rain by harrisburg that will swing through later on. temperatures are warm, 72 in philadelphia. 71 in wilmington and in trenton. 72 in millville. 75 in cape may. new jersey. westbound through the day, look for clouds eventually giving way to some sunny breaks, it will be
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warm and humid, 84 degrees by noon, 85 degrees by 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. another chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm. we have dewpoints in the 70s. later today we'll get in the 60s, still humid enough to support spotty thunderstorms later on. i'll take another closer look at the rain departing the region and what's ahead in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> we're glad to see it go, by rain, but it's leaving in its wake a mess on the roadway. one of our biggest inter states i-95 is shut down in the southbound direction under the ben franklin bridge. there's still a lot of standing water on the roads this morning, as david said. vehicles are hitting the puddles and ponds in some cases losing control. this truck jackknifed, the cab and the trailer are facing different directions. all southbound lanes of i-95 blocked off by the ben franklin bridge of we have a delay coming southbound. stay on columbus boulevard,
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delaware avenue or use one of the number streets. i-95 southbound is blocked. use the schuylkill expressway eastbound as the alternate. westbound we had problems, let's look live, both lanes are reopened under 30th street station. we have a backlog coming away from south street and there's activity on the shoulder, as well. both lanes are getting bye-bye the vine street expressway. lots of flooding in lots of spots. brooklawn circle, a lane out there. we have a downed tree on the ac expressway eastbound. they got that pushed out of the way. cherry hill this is route 70 flooding there, as well. right now it's passable at route 41. sky6 live hd looking live at philadelphia international airport which is soggy right now. the storm system drenched some communities as it is loaded with moisture that has led to flooding, as you've seen.
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worst, katherine scott is live in mobile 6 in blackwood, new jersey, where a down power line caught fire katherine. that's right, matt, we have issues out here, you want to use caution as you head out the door this morning. let me show you what we're looking at right now black horse pike under route 42 in blackwood. downed power lines ignited a fire here, pse&g was on the scene they were they were tryino address this. the utility pole caught fire. we can't go any farther. you can't see the fire, but you can smell it and see the emergency vehicles on the scene. let's go to video from camden, about a half-hour ago they are dealing with high water there, over tulip and master. a car was stuck in the high water, a tow truck was called,
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we saw them come and leave. police are positioned in front of the water to stop any drivers from coming through. there are other issues in new jersey. pooling on admiral wilson boulevard in camden a known flood zone. cherry hill, police are out route 70 at 41 directing people around flooding. long people township police have seen heavy flooding there. route 72 off and on lbi is impassable. there was heavy rain and thunder and lightning. you want to look out for the ponding and pooling on the roadways. debris and branches down it did get gusty at times in certain areas. delmarva is reporting 9,954 outages. peco has a few hundred scattered outages reported, as well. back here live as you look at
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the scene in blackwood, you see emergency vehicles here they are trying to get the issue resolved with the down power lines that caught fire. there are a lot of issues throughout the area this morning, you want to be careful as you head out the door and take it slow. live in blackwood, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." tam. >> thank you for that, katherine. route 141 in greenwood, delaware has reopened as the water receded. one worker had to get out in the driving rain to unclog the drains along road. he is waiting in knee high water. police were on the scene keeping the worker save and slowing down surrounding traffic. three people in greeneville had to be rescued from rising water near the hoops reservoir. firefighters had to pull them to safety, the vehicle appears to be a total loss, nobody was hurt. dozens of people had to be
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evacuated following a fire in the parkside section on the bus 1600 block of north 52nd street at 11:30 p.m. firefighters got the fire under control, containing it to a mechanical room on the 4th floor. nobody was injured. firefighters worked through the weekend to get control of the fire burning in the wharton state forest. this fire burned 3500 acres in burlington county. the spokesman for the new jersey fire service says the fire is not threatening any structures, but is having other impact, saying people are smelling smoke as far as away as long beach island, 30 miles away. police are investigating a homicide in hatfield township. officers were called to east orvilla road when they got a call about a shooting. the person who shot the man did remain at the scene.
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there's no word on whether or not any charges have been filed. happening today, kelly hodge will be sworn in as philadelphia's interim district attorney. hodge takes the oath at city hall at noon. she will be the city's first african-american woman to serve as d.a. hodge was assistant d.a. under lynn abraham in 2004. the court of common pleas elected her to finish the term of seth williams after his guilty plea and corruption conviction. voters will elect a permanent d.a. in november. turning to accuweather, seriesous flooding issues you tell -- serious flooding issue 0 out there. >> reporter: it has been, we have flooding on roads and the creeks and screens. storm tracker 6 live double scan, obviously all the yellow toward the east right now. in philadelphia we're drying out behind the overnight rain. we did get 2 to 4 inches of rain across the region.
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we did have additional flooding that was lingering. in trenton things are getting better, as well. looks like you have to go toward jackson mills and lakewood to see the heavier downpours, the wide view shows you everything is departing, at least the main stuff including a batch of thunderstorms, you will hear thunder coming off the ocean. additional showers popping in through harrisburg, these will swing through later this morning. as we look outside, we have the commodore barry bridge. you can almost see some maybe a little bit of holes in the clouds every now and then. we can't rule out seeing sunshine this morning, and probably more as we go through the day. for now, basically cloudy skies and the rain moving toward the east. 71 in wilmington, 7 in allentown and reading. 72 at the airport in ac. cape may, 75 degrees. future tracker 6 showing you the current batch of rain continues to push on out of here. maybe the stuff out by
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harrisburg swings through later in the rush hour and the model has leftover stuff in the poconos and northern suburbs around the end of the rush. later in the afternoon we're looking at the redevelopment of more spotty showers it will be somewhat humid and somewhat unstable and some of this stuff co-exist until 8:00 a.m. maybe even up until 11 or 11:30 p.m. it will be spotty stuff this afternoon and evening. something you want to keep your eyes out for especially if there's any thunder involved. in the lehigh valley, high of 79 degrees, chance of thunderstorms there. down the shore we're in the mid 80s across the beach communities low risk of rip currents today. warmer in rehoboth beach. in philadelphia, sun and spotty afternoon thunderstorm, 87 degrees, and later tonight the phillies and houston astros in town. there's a chance of spotty showers or thunderstorms maybe bring along arena gear just in case there's a delay or passing
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shower. 87 the high, humid today. flooding should be less of an issue over the next few hours. afternoon spotty thunderstorm. tomorrow, clouds and sun, 81 degrees. tomorrow's issue will be in the morning where there could patchy fog and related drizzle. a shower can't be ruled out. wednesday looks beautiful, low humidity and nice there. humid on thursday and friday, spotty storms for the weekend, 85 on saturday, perhaps a shower here or there, and dry on sunday. no 90s. >> >> reporter: no. >> the eagles are getting ready for training camp. 100 people may have been in the back of a sweltering tractor-trailer. nine people died, details on what the survivors telling police. >> the son of princess diana is opening up about her death as they prepare for the 20th anniversary of her car crash. >> reporter: the vine expressway everybody is forced on to the
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vine. if you are there, there's an accident there. we'll show you the jackknifed tracker that is causing this particular closure when "action news" continues on this monday morning.
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look here, this is the view from the action cam there in long beach, this is 72 and barnegot, you can see the vehicles making their way through significant flooding and a reminder if you don't know how deep that water is, you could be in for not a nice surprise and
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some car trouble this morning. they are dealing with flooding around the region. >> along those lines let's turn to matt pellman, go to -- good . >> reporter: our cup over flowth. it's kind of a mess as you head out this morning, matt and tam. i-95 there's a jackknifed truck southbound, the truck jackknifed under the ben franklin bridge. no traffic is getting by, all lanes block on i-95 southbound you want to use delaware avenue or columbus boulevard or head to the schuylkill expressway eastbound, but 95 southbound blocked off right now. when you get on the vine westbound we had a crash here, as well approaching 76 that just cleared. everything is open along the vine. there was no overnight construction, so you're good to go as you detour around the i-95
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closure. let's get to the burbs, a down tree perkiomenville road at penny road route 63 sum -- sumneytown pike. creek road is blocked because of flooding, barely mill alternate there. flooding close to apple bee road stay on 273 as you head to 213 to get to the new castle airport. we had a crash earlier on the schuylkill expressway westbound under beneath 30th street station, that luckily cleared. the schuylkill expressway is open, vine is open, i-95 southbound is closed we'll update you in a few minutes. we're learning information about the people found in the hot trailer of a semi truck in texas. two survivors from quad --
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guatemala say they are heading to houston. nine people died and dozens of others were rushed to the hospital for heat related injuries. officials think there were a total of 100 people in the trailer. police arrested the driver from florida who is expected in federal court today. a legal e -- legally blind world war ii veteran is bruised, but he is okay at his homes. people were trying to pull down his flag. >> they could see me i couldn't see them. i turned and looked in the other direction and wham they knocked me down. the bad guys got away but without his flag, this is the second time someone try to take down the stars and stripes, asthma recents do, he shook off his -- as marines do he shook of it over and went back to living.
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scott blumstein takes home a jackpot worth 8.$1 million. he walked away with a 14 karat gold bracelet featuring each deck -- each suit in in the dec. eagles report for training camp this morning for the first workout. the full team begins practices on thursday, the first public practice is saturday at lincoln financial field. phillies won two straight series for the purpose of the first time since april. rookie nick williams won over the struggling brewers. phillies begin a home series against houston astros one of
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baseball's best teams.
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>> we are following a lot of storm damage this morning, here's some of it, a power line fell down in blackwood, new jersey, you it caught fire. you can see firefighters are dousing it with water to make sure it doesn't spread anywhere along the black horse pike at route 42 where mobile 6 is stationed. >> reporter: did you hear it coming down last night? >> yeah. >> reporter: it was pouring. >> reporter: we're left with damage and all the roads are wet. people are left slipping and sliding especially when you hit the puddles. a truck jackknifed on i-95 southbound which is closed because of the jackknifed truck ahead. in green lane getting word of a crash along 29 gravel pike near washington lane. at least the trains are on time for the most part this morning
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except the airport line train, 403 david. >> reporter: matt, the big board shows you the volume of rain that we had overnight, the heavy stuff highlighted in yellow is leaving the region, behind it though, residual flooding possible for pedestrians and drivers be careful of that. additional showers out near harrisburg and pottstown may swing through. warm and muggy, 75 degrees by 7:00. noon, 84. we're expecting clouds and sunny breaks. 87 is the high at 3:00 p.m. there's the chance of a another spotty pop-up shower arm thunderstorm late in the day or in the evening tonight. on the big board at the airport we've got all green aircraft no major delays, atlanta, dallas fort worth up in jfk obviously there's rain this morning. going on to "healthcheck," doctors have completed a rare brain surgery to help repair a man's neurological disorder. during the surgery the patient was awake and playing his guitar
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to correct muscles spasmses in spasms in his hand that made playing difficult. the surgery was the success, this is the 8th time this surgery has ever been done. >> medicine these days. >> 5:23. prince william shares how he keeps his mother's memory alive for his children. aggressive squirrel has people on alert in new york city, it attack five people including a child. here's "g.m.a.'s" first look. >> reporter: after two hours in mexico, 20-year-old abbey connor ended up unconscious in the resort pool and died days later. her family questions whether tainted alcohol contributed to the tragedy. now others are coming forward. >> reporter: jamie and rick stayed at another resort and
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blacked out after drinks. mexico vacation awareness. on it she highlights potential risks at the resort after her 22-year-old son was found unconscious in the resort pool and later died. the resort medical staff would not help her son saying he was just drunk, something she denies. coming up at 7:00 a.m., the families are searching for answers so it doesn't happen again. "g.m.a." first look nabs new york. joey here is a chihuahua.
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camming is live in surf city where there's a lot of flooding and route 72 is closed as a result. you can see the traffic backed up over there. heavy rain moving through off the coast right now. but pushed up the back bays in be surf city leading to the street flooding there. we are monitoring several areas across the region that has seen too much rain and too fast. thanks matt. a reminder it's hard to believe how long princess diana has been gone. but her sons are talking about their mother nearly 20 years after a violent crash took her life. the two released pictures and
5:28 am
prince william talked about keeping his mother's memory alive. >> i want them to know there are two grandmothers in their lives. it's important they know who she was. >> the interview is diana our mother her life and legacy. it includes family friends and sir elton john. heavy rain are moving off the coast and caused flash flooding in the region. plus president trump's son is heading to capitol hill today 0 to answer questions will russia. >> now on "action news," an
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accuweather alert, overnight rain floods parts of the region and there are still more storms moving through. >> struck by a stray bullet, a burst of gunfire aimed at a home in the city of chester injuries an 11-year-old girl inside. >> president trump's son-in-law heads to capitol hill for questioning about his contact with russia. good morning, 5:30 a.m., monday, july 24. karen is off, here david and matt, good morning.


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