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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  July 25, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ >> flashes of lightning, howling winds and torrential downpours
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as a line of storms sweep across the area tonight. now we are dealing with downed trees, power outages and a threat of flooding in some places. it's a busy night on the weather front. jim is off, the big story is weather causing havoc at this hour. anyone caught outside probably regretted not having an umbrella. flash flooding quickly became the big concern. the action cam found cars on the street. in new castle county, police blocked the roadway there. a driver was able to trudge through the water to escape without injury. >> storms are not clear to be a part of a missing person in the
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brandywine area. the victim reportedly fell in about 5:30. few other details have been released. >> peco is reporting 5,000 outages, most of them in montgomery county. we have live team action tonight. dann cuellar is live in montgomery county. first to cecily tynan with the action alert. >> double scan showing the storms rolling through on schedule. they are focused on delaware and south jersey. there is a severe thunderstorm warning for parts of new castle, salem, cumberland and atlantic county. some storms pack wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. that can cause damage. the line of storms i'm tracking over the delaware bay right now
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moving east at 30 miles per hour. this view alone, we have had close to 170 lightning strikes. sea breeze all in the path of the storm as it pushes east. it will start to weaken once it encounters the coast with cooler air. part of the problem with flash flooding, this is the third stormy night in a row. we have a flash-flood warning in effect until 1:45. do not drive into flooded roads, turn around and don't drown. it's hard to tell how deep the water is. lehigh university reporting a funnel cloud at the same time a radar that showed rotation. flooding, close to two inches of rain and trees damaged across the region.
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we talk about cool changes behind the system in the seven-day forecast. >> we'll check back in later. thank you. dann cuellar is in norristown where the storm sparked a fire. what is the latest there, dan? >> rick, the intersection of arch and basin remains cornered off as they make repairs. the elect call wires are a mess in the aftermath of the storm that came in with a punch. >> an "action news" viewer sent us this video of arch and basin street 23 in norristown. >> we are thankful that none of the kids were in the building. it's a daycare too. all of the kids were done for the day. they usually play out there during the day. we are thankful none of the kids were out there during the time. >> the roadway was shut down but no injuries. the storm pummeled main street
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in norristown as a woman struggled with an umbrella. shortly after reports of the storm's impact. in chester and delaware county, a man was rescued at tillman due to a storm with flooding and little warning. flash flooding route 611 and county line road. winds brought down tree limbs causing minor damage to an suv. in east falls, high winds brought down trees and power lines shutting down the roadway. >> so as you can see, a classic summer storm blew through the area. we are not getting reports of injuries as teams monitor storm related events. channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you.
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the morning team will track fallout from the storm from the morning commute. they'll be on the air tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. in other news tonight, authorities in atlantic county released dash cam video of a police chase ending in a shootout with a suspect three years ago. >> the high speed pursuit started in presentville march 2014 following the report of a man with a gun leaving the bar. watson was upset about his credit cards being declined. the chase went through four towns before a collision near the walk outlet. he gets out ignoring police commands to put his hands up.
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we are pausing the video before watson drops to the ground in a hail of bullets. police continue firing for 23 seconds. officers were worried watson had body armor on. an autopsy showed he had pcp in his system and was shot 45 times. no officers were charged. no civilians were injured during the incident. the woman convicted of kidnapping a baby from the king of prussia mall was sentenced to seven years in prison after being found guilty on all counts. she wanted to convince her family the baby was hers. the seven weekold boy was not
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armed during the insid the inci. >> a vigil was held for a woman murdered by her boyfriend. chantelle was honored outside her home. family and friends placed candles and flowers on the spot she died. the killer took hits own life following a standoff. >> the schuylkill river trail is back in the spotlight after two robbery in two days. >> i'm surprised. it's a really great public open space. >> the schuylkill river space breeds crime. police say two strong armed robberies occurred on the trail. last week a group of teens muscled a bike away from someone. over the weekend, two teens jumped a jogger and darted away
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with his i-phone. councilmembers worry this will deter people from using the trail. >> they should find something positive to do opposed to robbing individuals. >> it's troublesome. i see the police on bike all the time here. i feel shocked by it. >> you feel safe on the trail? >> i always feel safe. >> how are you doing, young lady. >> would you say the trail watch is working? >> even though they have had these incidents, if you look at the period of time and number of incidents here compared to any neighborhood community, there are far fewer incidents, so i think it's working. >> officials remind trail users to do their part. >> make sure you don't get robbed.
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>> a fundraiser is a out to place cameras along the trail with emergency phone boxes to be installed by the end of the year. christie ileto, "action news." >> a 17-year-old is facing charges after an altercation near a delaware county high school that spiraled out of control. police say there was a fight between ridley high school students and a rival school. a teenager ran over a 15-year-old who suffered scrapes and bruises. the driver turned himself in and is charged as a juvenile. >> kelly hodge will spend five and a half months as interim d. a. hodge was elected by a board of common core police judges. she becames the first african-american female district
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attorney. voters choose the next permanent d.a. in september. the so sons of robert democracy want the man charged who killed their mother. he says he shot 42-year-old democracy and her boyfriend in the head along the 47 block of james street and fran frankfordn they climb his fence in an argument. police are staked outside of his home over fear of retaliation against him. >> healthcare vote tomorrow, and we hear about a texas tragedy as a dozen illegals died. >> and an effort to save a tiger at the zoo. >> storms are bringing us cooler
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air dropping into the 60s tonight. i'll let you know how long and when more storms return in the seven-day forecast. >> ducis rogers with excitement from eagle training camp day one. that and more when "action news" continues
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citizens bank student loans, >> a death after a case of human smuggling in san antonio. as many as 100 undocumented immigrants were in a sweltering tractor trailer. one person onboard says there was a hole in the trailer wall to provide ventilation. they took turns breathing from it. >> i woke up and wanted to have run. i felt faint and fell.
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i was very week. the driver, 60-year-old james bradley was in federal court. he said he didn't know anyone was in the trailer until he opened it and heard bangingftere person was dead, he didn't call 911. he could face life in prison or the death penalty. >> jared kushner will return to capitol hill tomorrow afterd a s there today meeting with senate intelligence committee concerning the russia investigation. following the closed door meeting he addressed reporters at the white house and diing an. >> let me be clear. i did not ca lude with russia. i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian bu.
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>> kushner will meet with lawmakers on the house intelligence committee tomorrow. >> the showdown of america will come down to a vote in the senate. that happens tomorrow. if morewo republican senators vote no, the effort to overhaul obama care cannot move forward. if it first hurdle, it opens 20 hours of debate through wednesday. majority leader mitch mcconnell may offer a repeal only verse or repeal and replace. neither billenough republicans to pass at last count but we won't know for sure until later this week. senator johne will return to washington tomorrow to vote on healthcare. it's his first time back since .
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>> back here, the desperate church continues for a ssing chester county woman that vanished three months ago. anna is a native of poland. loved ones continue to hope she will be found alive but each passing day brings more concern and annie mccormick has the latest tonight. >> friends of anna opened their home to her family visiting from poland. >> so many people try to help anna and us, and i'm very thankful. >> mascieska was reported missing in april, her blue audi found a few miles from her home. a search warrant was served on
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her home she shared with her husband and son. >> we are frustrated, sad and it is difficult to find her. >> the missing woman's brother came in may. he returned with her sister yesterday. so far they have had little information to go on. we have limited contact with police exchanging e-mails mostly. we do talk a lot to our private investigator who is working on the case. being so remote and not knowing what is happening everyday and feeling hopeless. >> the missing woman's husband allowed investigators into the home in april but since then has not allowed them in voluntary. he has hired an attorney. the family hands out flyers and maintains a website about her. >> to see the community come
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together, she has a family here. we consider ourselves family now. >> for the first time the missing woman's family saw her son and spoke to her husband who said he is not able to speak about the case. annie mccormick, "action news." >> researchers celebrate promising news that may lead to a breakthrough. scientists announced a nine-year-old south african girl has remained in remission eight years after stopping medication. doctors hope to figure out what makes her special and development a treatment. a risky plan to save this siberian tiger cub in place
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tonight. the cub has been taken in by her adopted family. the baby siberian tiger has a better shot at survival being with the substitute mother who gave birth to three cubs of her own. his name means life in russian. >> cecily is back with a closer look at the stormy weather. did you get caught in it? >> i wasn't here. i was monitoring radar. >> i had to put the windows up in the car. >> we have storms rolling through. double scan live showing hitting south jersey and delaware right now. severe thunderstorm warnings there. they have left pennsylvania, but they certainly left remarkable photos. thomas posted on my facebook
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page. he was working in the fmc building working north in center city. you see blue skies and dark clouds. the cold front is the battle ground between air masses. ahead of it, we had the air mass, temperatures in the upper 80s, very humid. once the front sweeps through, you get a shift in the wind. it will be cooler tomorrow, nosably less humid. a great day to get outdoors. temperatures in the 6 0s. it will take much of the day to get through the 70s, hitting 80s in the afternoon. taking you to show you what is happening as far as the national weather service warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings for parts of south jersey, cumberland, salem, atlantic county and kent county delaware.
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the line of storms has potential for wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. newport, dividing creek and rich land in the path of the storm. past 15 minutes, 150 lightning strikes. that's the last of it. once it rolls offshore 1:00 in the morning, things quiet down. right now, philadelphia down to 70. millville, 68. cape may, 74. ocean temperature 75. satellite and radar showing once the front moves thro lingering clouds and a lot of low level moisture. tomorrow morning, you wake up with clouds and fog possible by the afternoon, 81-degrees, breaks of sunshine keeping the comfortable air mass through wednesday. after a stormy night, the payoff
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tomorrow, sunshine by the afternoon. 81-degrees. wednesday, 82. low humidity. air mass heating up by thursday, 87-degrees. chance of evening thunderstorms as another front rolls through, storms friday morning. clearing things out by friday afternoon. setting the stage for a beautiful weekend. seasonably warm, low humidity, 85-degrees. we warm up to 88-degrees on monday. tonight and then clearing out tomorrow. >> that was your mic -- >> getting better tomorrow. >> never sounded better. thank you. meanwhile a lightning strike is to blame for the burlington county forest fire. an investigation found several trees struck by lightning. the first flame struck by one
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>> ducis hoar tonigh here tonigr football. people got here. they were 79 a year ago. despite that, eagles opened with a ton of excitement and optimism for offseason change has a lot to do with that. all eyes on doug pederson and carson wentz because they came in together last year, they'll forever be tied at the hip. eagle fans are looking to take a step forward this season. pederson has noticed a change in his quarterback. it takes leadership from the top. egos have to be put aside. we have to come out and work hard. i was on the teams in the 1990s went to two superbowls with the packers. i have seen what it takes.
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i have to make sure we do the same things here. >> now until thursday, it's quarterbacks and rookies and veterans out there. that gives the young players a chance to get more work in. >> felt good, the best night here. i start getting a better feel. i'm excited to be back. >> it feels like it hasn't mitt he. i think it's like we have been practicing and working hard. all i'm worried about is making plays and getting us wins. >> the eagles made an interesting signing today. they signed a 26-year-old canadian rugby player. adam impressed the coaching staff in a recent tryout. 6'
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>> the phillies have been feeling good lately for good reason. they won five of the last seven games but tonight was a real test. brian mccan and alex bregman back to back, a 2-0 lead. phillies get one back. phillies down 2-1. after a two hour rain delay, houston breaks the game wide open. jose drives in two.
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phillies trail 10-1 in the seventh inning. venus williams was in town tonight part of world team tennis. the washington castles beat the 2012015 wim wimbledon runner up. >> congratulations to the plymouth little league softball team. they won the state championship over the weekend. they were welcomed home with a police escorted parade. the team now heads to the eastern regionals where they face other champions. congratulations to them. "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30 a.m. now for meteorologist cecily tynan, ducis rogers, jim gardner and the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a nice evening, and we'll
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see you here tomorrow. goodnight. ♪ ♪


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