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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 25, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, a health care showdown on capitol hill. republicans facing new pressure from the president to repeal obamacare. the vote now just hours away. so critical. senator john mccain makes a return to the capitol. we are live in d.c. and trouble deepens for attorney general jeff sessions as the white house raises questions about his future. this as trump reconsiders support for a bill sanctioning russia. and new this morning, changes at the vatican. why pope francis has ordered all the famous fountains to go dry. and a wild ride caught on camera. it's about to get really uncomfortable in that camper. and we do say good morning
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on this tuesday, quite a day ahead. we start with john mccain set to make a return to washington just days after surgery for a brain tumor. >> senator mccain is flying in from arizona to cast what could be a deciding vote on repealing and replacing obamacare and president trump is turning up the pressure on republican hold-outs. abc's emily rau has the latest from washington. emily, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kendis. all ice on the senate floor today. so many well wishers are anticipating senator mccain's appearance and it seems no one knows what will happen in this latest chapter on the health care saga. today senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's moment of truth, a much anticipated vote on health care that is still too close to call. with a very narrow margin, only two votes to lose if republicans hope to move the bill forward and actually begin debate on repealing obamacare, there is confusion on capitol hill about what measure will actually come up for a vote. >> we didn't even get to see the bill. even the republicans haven't seen the bill.
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so they're going to have it thrown on them tomorrow. >> reporter: hour to be an emotional moment until senator mccain's return to washington. monday night the senator's staff announcing he'll fly back from arizona where he's been recovering from brain cancer surgery to take part in the debate. republican leadership hoping it will be the shot in the arm they need to encourage hold-outs or perhaps the added pressure from president trump will turn the tide. >> we need virtually every single vote from the republicans, not easy to do. >> reporter: the president addressing health care twice on monday. >> you know, after seven years of saying repeal and replace obamacare, we have a chance to now do it. they better do it. hopefully they'll do it. >> reporter: as persistent protesters gathered at the capitol. >> we need to kill this bill. >> reporter: with encouragement from democrats like senator dianne feinstein tweeting we must make sure they don't succeed. keep making calls. there are many ways this could go today, even with mccain's
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return it's not a sure thing the republican also have the votes they need to move this forward. diane and kendis. >> it will be a very long day ahead. emlay rah in washington, d.c., thank you. president trump's son-in-law meanwhile, is heading back to capitol hill after taking questions from senate investigators for more than two hours. jared kushner delivered a rare public statement following that closed door session in which he detailed four meetings with russians including the one with a russian lawyer set up by donald trump jr. he insists he did not collude with russia and has nothing to hide. >> i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds for my businesses. and i have been fully transparent in providing all requested information. >> kushner defended his father-in-law saying the president won because he had a better message and ran a smarter campaign. today he's speaking with investigators and lawmakers from the house intelligence committee. the white house is
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backtracking after signaling that the president would sign a new sanctions bill to punish russia for med ling in the election. the house is expected to vote to approve the measure that would require the president to first get permission from congress before easing any sanctions on moscow. on sunday the press secretary sarah sanders suggested the president was supportive of the bill but now she says he has to study it first. and mr. trump has reportedly spoken with advisers about firing attorney general jeff sessions. the president has been seething over sessions' decision to recuse himself from the russia investigation several months ago. well now there's speculation that replacing sessions may lead to firing the special counsel robert mueller. the president ignored a question about whether sessions should step down but in an earlier tweet he referred to hip as our beleaguered attorney general. >> the parents of a terminally ill british baby have reached an emotional decision, charlie gard's parents have ended the legal fight to keep him alive. they made that decision after an american doctor offering an experimental treatment said it
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was too late. charlie is now expected to die within days just shy of his first birthday. israel is dismantling metal deckers at a site considered sacred to both jews and muslims. that started early this morning. they were placed there earlier this month after an arab gunman killed two israeli police officers. the move led to accusations that israel was trying to increase its control over the site. they will instead place cameras there. back in the u.s. we're learning new details about the human trafficking tragedy in san antonio. that tractor trailer found crammed with people. at least ten people have died and dozens more are clinging to life this morning. survivors like this man speaking about the ordeal telling the associated press he was charged $5500 for the trip. survivors took turns breathing from the only hole in the truck. in the meantime, the florida man who was driving the 18-wheeler made his first court appearance saying he had no idea people were in the big rig.
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that driver james bradley now facing the death penalty. firefighters from 34 states are now in montana to help fight a massive wildfire. the fire has consumed more than 300,000 acres and about a dozen homes. many ranchers have been burned out losing their herds. it's the nation's largest wildfire and is actually a combination of several fires. the shifting winds have made fighting it very difficult and gusty winds are expected again today. also the thunderstorms in the forecast could spark new fires. speaking of which let's take a closer look at your tuesday weather. several severe storms will move across the northern plains and midwest today. some of those storms will have strong winds, large hail, possibly brief tornadoes. temperatures and humidity will also rise but a cold front moving southward increases the risk of severe storms. the phoenix area could see a repeat of this, the flash floods
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from yesterday because there's a thunderstorm in this morning's forecast. apache junction got two inches of rain just about an hour. what a scene. well, the vatican is doing its part during the severe water shortage in italy. >> it's shutting off all 100 fountains including those in st. peter's square. water rationing may be imposed on rome as italy suffers its worst drought in 60 years. this is the first time on record that the vatican has shut off its fountain. >> hopefully we can till -- well, is there a point in tossing your coin if you can still collect them? >> maybe your wish still comes true? >> hopefully. well, still ahead a billion dollar business deal just announced bringing together some of the biggest names in fashion. also, the passengers on a united air lines flight who took action coming to the rescue when a woman on board allegedly charged the cockpit. and the nfl linebacker who
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and now get 25% more loads then cascade® platinum™ the choice is clear, switch to finish® quantum. roller coaster riders in hot spring, arkansas, got a little more adventure than they bargained for. they were stranded for an hour on the x coaster stuck about halfway up the 150-foot-tall ride. luckily, everyone was okay. the jury will not hear from the man known as pharma bro in some circles. martin shkreli says he will not testify. that by the way is a change from just last week when his attorney said shkreli insisted on testifying. he faces eight counts of wire and securities fraud connected to two hedge funds and a pharmaceutical company. prosecutors may rest their case
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later on today. and another high-profile lawsuit is now taking a particularly nasty turn. >> yeah, johnny depp is accusing his former business managers of trying to publicly shame him. he says their claims of alleged psychological issues and compulsive spending disorder should be stricken from the proceedings. depp is suing his ex-managers for more than $25 million. they by the way are countersuing him blaming his financial problems on his extravagant lifestyle. here in new york, a bombshell about-face in court resulted in the stunning guilty plea of a woman accused of murdering her fiance why kayaking. angelika graswald broke down in court after pleading to a lesser charge enand avoiding life in prison. vincent viafore vanished. graswald insists she did not infence tally kill him. she is set to be released after serving 27 months since her arrest at the end of the year. breaking news in the world of high fashion.
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>> michael kors has agreed to buy british luxury shoemaker jimmy choo for $1.2 billion in cash. >> that's amazing. those are some expensive shoes. jimmy choo is known for its stiletto heels made famous by celebrity fans. it will recommend to its shareholders to vote in favor of that deal. >> he could buy maybe one or two pairs with them. >> just about that. the makers of the roomba robotic vacuum cleaners are shifting focus. instead of collecting dirt they are focusing on users' homes for years. the company wants to sell that information to google, amazon and apple all makers of smarthome devices. that's drawing some privacy concerns but roomba says it won't sell the data without permission. >> the robots are taking over, people. it's happening? >> they know everything about our homes. when we come back a car overturned at a railroad crossing. the dramatic race to save a woman as a train bears down. and play time in the panda pen.
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you can kind of see this accident coming. the camper swerving left and right, slowly at first andmo qu on the garden state parkway in the heart of new jersey. now, the driver who caught this on camera debated trying to pass the camper and thought better of it. understandably. and no one was injured in that. as for drivers in the southwest, it is flooding. roads will be wet extending alt the way northward and drivers should expect some wet roads in most of the south and the northeast near the canadian border. >> if you're flying airport delays are most likely in atlanta and phoenix. an 18-year-old california woman is facing manslaughter charges for a bizarre car accident live streamed. >> get this. police say this woman was live
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streaming the joyride when she ran off the road. her 14-year-old sister was ejected and killed. another teen was also seriously injured. sanchez continued her live stream even after the crash and she pleads with her sister to wake up. >> the video is very disturbing. both to us, you know, as people who do this for a living, it's very disturbing to us because the callous nature of her actions both leading up to this tragedy and in the immediate aftermath. >> her parents have seen the video but have not yet spoken to their older daughter. they say their daughter had a difficult childhood and had been in the custody of child protective services for the past two years before getting behind the wheel there. and some passengers on a united airlines flight came to the rescue after a woman on board allegedly made a run toward the cockpit. it happened during a flight from houston to new orleans. witnesses said the woman started hitting the walls of the cabin and then ran toward the front of the plane. she was tackled by five men and then restrained.
4:17 am
the flight turned back tolo calr a woman in oklahoma. the whole thing captured on video. watch as a train barrels down o. paramedics and firefighters then rescued the woman from the car and amazingly she was not hurt. and check out this coast guard video of a 71-year-old hiker being rescued from olympic national park in washington state. the woman and her dog had been missing for six days. she told rescuers she survived by drinking water happened to find. other than some fatigue and dehydration, she's okay. let's turn our focus to the sports world. >> baseball highlights from espn. he's stan. i'm neil. this stanton guy can swing the bat. >> you think so? you've been paying attention. >> bhar lynns taking on the rangers. stanton, in a.619
4:18 am
batting average. crushed that off perez. 31st. wait. there was more. stanton waited for his pitch later on against jeremy jeffers, 11 in july, 32 for the season and the marlins win it, 4-0. >> tied with aaron judge who will make it as rookie of the year of the american league and i got it in the national league right here. cody bellinger. hello. dodgers down 4-3. bottom eighth. two on, bellinger, yard. dave roberts partying in the dugout. this on the day they learned clayton kershaw will be gone four to six weeks. that's the way to make that better. win, 6-4. beller's 28th. >> dodgers, 69 wins. >> 69-31, best record since the mariners in '01. is that right, swing injure
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nailed it. >> back to you. >> thanks, fellas. the dodgers are doing great since the all-star break. some pandas in china are offering a new take on basketball. >> that's right. there they are in the new pen and apparently very much enjoying the hoop. the question is will his hips fit through. >> oh. >> nothing but net. okay, maybe not. the panda apparently not aware that you're supposed to throw a ball through the net and not the entire bear. but when it came for her sister's turn to go through, she was not quite as successful. >> ah. >> pandas are just fun to watch. up next in "the pulse," a young football player who big time college coaches say is bound for greatness. plus an nfl linebacker who has already made a very great play and he hasn't even arrived at training camp yet. on our facebook page see how
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♪ it is your tuesday "pulse at and an nfl linebacker is being called a hero after helping a airline passenger. >> he used the heimlich maneuver to taif a man. freeman says he saw marcus ryan choking and another customer tried to help but couldn't. that's when freeman stepped in. >> i asked him was he okay? and he was like, i think something is still in there but he said in a raspy voice. he was like, oh, my god, you just saved my life. like he was like, oh, my god. he said he thought i broke my
4:23 am
rib. i said either it was your rib or your life. >> it was either your rib or your life. >> i could spare the rib. freeman said he had never given the heimlich before. but he knew how to do it because his mom is a nurse and after the save both men sat together and finished their meals. >> all right. at least they got their brisket on still. most middle school athletes are not making college visits. then again most aren't the size of an nfl lineman. take a look at jaheem otis. he's from columbia, mississippi. he going into eighth grade. >> yep, but this eighth grader is listed at 6'4", 286 pounds and not just is he big, he's also fast. jaheim ran a 4.740-yard dash at their camp this weekend. >> he says he has a full scholarship offer from mississippi, mississippi state and alabama, as well. >> oh, not bad. so getting to the church on time is probably tops on a groom's
4:24 am
wedding list. >> that's right but it's usually important to have your tux with you, as well. well, this guy went without his tux after delta air lines lost his luggage. >> he and his bride were getting married in iceland. his bags with the tuxedo inside wound up 1500 miles away in frankfurt, germany, no less. >> so he improvised with a white t-shirt and some sharpie scrawled on with the message this wedding suit courtesy of delta air lines. next time he'll pack carry-on. >> that would be the smartest thing. >> more news after this. but why go back there, when you can stay home... ...with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. neulasta helps reduce infection risk by boosting your white blood cell count, which strengthens your immune system. neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1%... ...a 94% decrease. applied the day of chemo, neululasta is for certain cancer patients receiving strong chemotherapy.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards a it is tuesday, july 25th "action news," policee right now investigating two new attacks on the schuylkill river trail. tnding concern about the trail. we will give you the new developments and tell you some changes that could be coming. police in delaware county have an atm warning. they say this man who youright g device on one of the atm's. after all of these days of intense heat final some relief. tracking cooler we've got those stories and a lot more, that's all ahead on "action news." >> ♪ the south. it'll be cooler than usual in the northeast. well, finally from us some whiskey distillers in california say music makes their spirit taste better.
4:28 am
>> here's jonathan bloom from our station in san francisco. >> reporter: through the spirit whiskey being born, sometimes you'll hear lauren patz adding yeast but next door in the barrel room the sound is much different. you don't often see a barrel of whiskey rocking out to a dance mix but that's exactly what' puo a few very select barrels for a few years now. it's been an interesting experiment for us. >> reporter: there's one listening to michael jackson. >> this one is just pure led zeppelin. >> played on repeat for three years. >> listening to the same play list for three years in a row you'll either go crazy or become like a genius, right. so let's hope for a little bit of both. >> reporter: there is some crazy genius here. whiskey derives much flavor in its oak barrels moving in and out of the w expands and contracts with changing weather. >> how can we get the interaction between the liquid and wood itself to behave in a different way and we thought we
4:29 am
could excite that by using sound vibrations. >> reporter: the exact effects are up for debate. one thing is clear, there is a difference between these and it's one you can taste. >> just going to pour myself one. >> reporter: in a blind taste test i found the most flavorful notes in the bluegrass barrel. >> because i picked it it's secretly a little competition internally soecretly am very pleased. >> he admits the most popular picked by his wife, a barrel that spent three years hearing the nutcracker. >> classical music is very, very varied. >> reporter: need for proof. >> every time we produce one batch we produce bun barrel. this is listening to music and this is the control. >> reporter: that's part of the blind test too but the music barrels keep winning. in sebastopol, jonathan bloom, abc news. ♪ >> "the nutcracker" makes everything better except the end to this show.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it is 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday july 25th. >> we're following some breaking news. an overnight water main break causes problems for traffic and properties in philadelphia's fishtown section. >> recent robberies along the schuylkill river trail lead to a new push for more security. >> arizona senator john mccain is expected to make a dramatic return to the senate isn't the wake of his brain cancer diagnosis for today's vote on the gop healthcare and legislation. >> first up weather and traffic. matt pelman in for karen rogers dave murphy here as well. good morning. >> looks like a little bit of a better start than yesterday


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