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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  July 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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announcing his cancer diagnosis. >> reporter: rick and monica, good evening. this vote was expected to be close and it was. the result a small victory for president trump and a morale boost for republicans. >> arizona senator, john mccain, getting a bipartisan hero's welcome from the senate. a week after revealing he is fighting brain cancer. casting his vote determining the fate of obama care. the senate ultimately deciding to move forward. vice president mike pence casting the tie breaking vote and they move on to debate the repeal and the replacement of president obama's law. they prefer obama care to a gop replacement 2-1. >> it made popular a policy that wasn't popular when we started to try to get rid of it.
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>> voices were heard around the capital and on the senate floor. >> a vote in favor of the motion to proceed will mean deep cuts to medicaid. maybe even deeper than in the house bill. it will mean people with preexisting conditions will be left high and dry. president trump meeting with lebanese prime minister today. >> we move forward to truly great health care for the american people. we look forward to that, this was a big step. >> there is still a lot of questions of what the final measure will look like. senator mcconnell is open to ideas and amems, so expect several significant votes in the coming days. channel 6 "action news." >> while many eyes were on the senate the russian investigation also took center stage on
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capitol hill. president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, jared kushner was on the hill for a second day of talks with top lawmakers, kushner faces questions for three hours about contact with the trump campaign and russian nationals. yesterday kushner said he did not collude with russia in any way. >> and a shakeup in the white house after anthony was named the chief mune cases officer. he reportedly told him of his decision to fire short after walking back his comments after he promises to target leakers in the white house. david muir has more on the russia investigation and the latest from the white house coming up tonight at 6:30. in other news a septa police sergeant is home recovering after being attacked on the job without warning.
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sergeant lynn perone had her body camera rolling when she went -- and within seconds he ran up to her and knocked her to the ground and the body camera captured an aimth of the man's face and police want to hear from you if you know who he is. >> i'm sure someone out here knows him. we are not asking you to endanger your safety or anything like that. but contact the philadelphia police. or contact the transit police. >> sergeant perone was one of several police officers called to the track area. she was attacked within minutes of arriving on the scene. a woman is shot twice in olney and the search goes on for the shooter. she was wounded in the chest and hip on the 1300 block of chu avenue. police have not told us if they know the motive.
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>> now to an update on the traffic headache in philadelphia's fishtown section, the water is back on after a water main break caused stressful road closures, we told you about it on "action news" the 8 inch pipe broke on thompson street and frank ford. getting around the area is a tough go tonight. annie mccormick is live with more in fishtown. >> reporter: crews are still working out here because this portion of the street remains closed and the street department will come out and assess the situation and deem how long it will take to philadelphia the roadway. the philadelphia water department spend the day fixing an 8 inch water main that broke in two places from thompson to girard. and 12 properties were effected including businesses. she watched the water rise with
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her grandson. >> it looks like the ocean. it looks like the delaware river. but it never came up to my gate thank god. >> one of the main pipes broke and kept going until someone came and stopped it. >> the break happened just after midnight. my husband called me at 4:45 this morning and said there are all of these police outside. there is water everywhere and the road is closed. the owner of cake life bake shop woke up to a call about the break and luckily her business did not lose water and remained open today. >> it looks awful and all day there are police here and the streets are closed. we certainly noticed less foot traffic. >> the water department replaced six feet of the broken main turning the water back on by 3:30 this afternoon. there are about 12 properties
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affected and foot traffic is back on and the road closures remain indefinitely. and live in fishtown, channel 6 "action news." >> back to you. >> thank you. the cleanup continues after storms swept through yesterday. the 1200 block of old wilmington road in hockessin is closed until further notice because a tree was knocked down and the tree brought down a utility pole and wires on to the road below. and willow grove a downed tree is causing problems on hillside road still blocked off at route 52 and dupont high school. it's day two of training camp for the philadelphia eagles that meant another day of rookies to get their footing in south philadelphia. before the full team shows up later this week. ducis rogers is live outside of the nova care complex with more on today's drills. >> reporter: hi guys, not just the rookies but selected veterans and quarterbacks out
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here. the rest of the team will be on the field on thursday, thee guys were on the field at 8:50 this morning and everything revolves around carson wentz as it should be. the franchise qb that the eagles believe can take the team to the promised land. last year 7-9 and there were growing pains and head coach, doug peterson notices he is more relaxed entering his second year. >> mentally the way i approach it, it's not so much of a whirlwind, this summer i was chomp as the bit to get back here and last year it was a whirlwind. i come in and kind of know what to expect and know the routine and everything so for me mentally it's a lot better. >> reporter: what a difference a year can make. coming up the next half hour in sports we'll talk about the
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budding bromance between wentz and nick foles. i'm ducis rogers, channel 6 "action news." back over to you. >> thank you. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman in the traffic center on a tuesday night. any field goals as far as traffic is concerned. >> the goal is to get home quickly and this evenings it's not being realize. we feel blue you because of a southbound accident at baltimore pike at the swarthmore interchange. it happens 15 minutes and and emergency crews are on the scene and all the traffic is funneling down to the right lane down to 95 that means extra slow coming down through villanova from this point at media blue route this afternoon. just off the blue route a crash north of the mall at atrium way. and on the big picture a crash
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along 95 northbound at penn's landing is gone and one along the shoulder at academy, speeds in the teens there north of cotman. and west philadelphia a crash at 53rd and woodland involving the 11 trolley than means delays on the septa route 11 trolley. and crash at route 1 off to the side. and 13 and memorial drive by new york fried chicken is gone. we'll check it again in the next half hour. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. new results from the landmark effects of playing football what experts found studying the brain tissue of 200 athletes. and how one new jersey doctor is helping folks lose weight and who may have struggled because of issues. temperatures only in the 70s today and we keep the cool weather tomorrow and i'll explain if the accuweather forecast. when "action news" returns.
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at least 12 people are dead and a dozen others are injured after a building came crashing down in india. it happened local time in mumbai at the capital. rescuers are digging through the
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rubble trying to rescue everyone rescued at the capital. still unclear how many were home after it collapsed. the cause of the collapse is still unknown. >> a new study found cte a degenerative brain disease in a lara percentage of former football players, they found it in 87% of men that played an average of 15 years, high school, college and professional. that includes nearly every sample from former nfl players, often found in people with a history. brain trauma causing memory loss, aggression and anxiety. many americans are overweight and have health problems and that can make losing weight tricky and now a doctor in south jersey is helping. ali gorman is here with the
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details. >> reporter: if you are diabetic or have heart problems or other conditions losing weight will improve your health but the medical conditions should be closely monitored during the process. >> blood pressure fantastic. rick has lost 65 pounds in six months. this is him before and now he is off one blood pressure medication and the dose for another is cut down. >> i feel great. i really do. he followed a program at medical research. he closely monitors all patients. >> rick came in with high cholesterol and high blood pressure and had heart disease, his focus was i want to be healthier not just lose weight. >> he spoke with his cardiologist and kept a watchful eye on his condition.
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he is a real estate agent and wanted a weight loss plan convenient to follow. and decided on meal replacements. >> found what i liked six times a day i would have a shake or one of the bars, that is all i had for the first almost four weeks. >> and took a prescription medication to curb his appetite. there are several approves by the fda. but dr. pin toe cautions they are not for everyone and patients must be closely monitored he substitutes in real healthy food. and now he feels add didn'ts to living healthy and has a lot to live for including four grandchildren. >> want to see them grow up and be here for all four of them. and now i feel like i will be.
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>> the doctor says anyone looking to lose weight, recognize where you are and calculate your body mass index online and keep a food journal to see how many calories you are eating versus how many you need to cut out. we have links at check. >> great ideas thank you. still to come on "action news" at 5:00, an online revolt what is next for one of microsoft's oldest programs the company was planning to get rid of for good. and a big honor for a -- from space history. ♪
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microsoft paint is here to stay. there are reports that microsoft was going to ditch their drawing program but after plenty of online outrage that is not the case now. the application will be offered for free in the windows store and the program was released in 1985 and installed by every windows computer since. microsoft was surprised by the outpouring of support in
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a -- and 27% of computer science jobs are held by women according to forbes. lgbt youth is getting a chance to explore advocacy and entrepreneurship this summer. the work ready summer program is underway, it's a six week work experience for lgbt young to develop their own solutions for problems facing communities across the world. it's strive, thrive and survive. the first african-american in space also a philadelphia native was honored in center city. corn blueford was honored at city hall by mayor kenney. he saw an art exhibit a tribute to his life. it's called phillies native son
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in space. >> we look at entertainers and athletes and people we see all the time. this is what you inspire to be and what he has been able to accomplish in the breaking the barriers you all can do this. >> it will remain on display through august 4th. >> still to come on "action news" at 5:00 a chesk tcheck of the forecast. the ben franklin bridge on a tuesday night. cecily tynan has your accuweather forecast.
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the predictions are right. it's a bad year for tics. not just for people but for pets. our own meteorologist, cecily tynan, shared word on facebook that sandy the youngest of her three dogs is being treated for lyme disease. they saw a tic boom in february and the tics are not responding well to medications apparently. >> sometimes we have to use multiple products in order to try to decrease the possibility of tics on the pets this year. >> the doctor says that after pets are in high grass or on the edge of woods or bushes, go
5:25 pm
through their coats with a fine tooth comb. >> when you run through the hair anything bigger than that will be caught in the comb and you'll be able to pull them out. >> some animals don't show signs of lyme disease but if you notice lethargy or fever or limping. check with your vet right away. you can find out more about lyme disease with pets with this story on >> how is your dog feeling ever being that is my dog kissing me she is on her third day of antibiotics and doing much better. over the weekend she had one paw limping and then she couldn't use either front paws, we knew something was wrong. >> this is an active young dog. >> she is usually crazy and when to another vet for a second vet and put her on 30 days of
5:26 pm
antibiotics and after two days she will be better and she is. everybody usually asks about weather but today they asked by my dog. thank you. lets go over "action news" weather center a nice night to take your dog for a walk swren spotty showers, this time last night i was tracking severe weather moving in and this is not the case tonight. double scan live radar showing that we have a few downpours right now near langhorne and crossing route one sinking down to the south and east and florence you get one in a few minutes and south jersey a little bit of activity there as well. nothing all that severe if you are driving along the atlantic city expressway toward egg harbor you encounter a few showers, lots of clouds as well and fortunately a little bit of a break in the active downpours because we don't need anymore rain, july is a soaker running
5:27 pm
an inch and a half, and close to 5 inches and allentown close to 7.5 inches of rain closing in on the 10th wettest july on record and wilmington above normal. 6.3 and atlantic city reporting 4 inches of rain in july and it's wet and cool. 75 in philadelphia and temperatures run 10 degrees above normal. and cape may 4-and lancaster 76. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we are dealing with a lot of clouds and spotty showers and upper level disturbance up to the north than begins to lift out as we head through the overnight hours and tomorrow. not much activity as far as rain mostly cloudy and comfortable night. 66 in philadelphia and allentown 62 and plan your day tomorrow again on the cool side. temperatures struggle to hit the low 80s at 5:00 and more clouds than sunshine but a few peeks of sunshine.
5:28 pm
thursday we cloud back up and humidity return as head of the system and this brings us a soaking rain friday morning and future tracker 6 showing us severe weather in time for your morning commute and more stormy weather on the way. the five-day at 5:00, more clouds than sun and a few breaks of sun and high of 80 and thursday 86 degrees and more humid and storms moving in late thursday night and friday this is the accuweather alert day. downpours and thunderstorms the first half of the day. 83 and this clears the air for the weekend. on saturday, lowering humidity 85 and sun partly sunny and 86. we'll let you know if the comfortable air sticks around in the accuweather forecast. >> sounds great, thank you cecily. we'll be right back.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tuesday night. a warning for anyone in center city that own a jeep wrangler, a brazen thief is going after your car for a specific reason and expanding his territory. and a place to cool down and is
5:31 pm
the center for the search forever a missing swimmer and an incident in international waters, what prompted a navy ship to shoot warning shots at an iranian vessel. and a warning for batteries is upping his game in philadelphia. tonight police have new surveillance video of the suspect at work. vernon odom is live with the details. >> reporter: good evening. this has become a large scale crime wave especially here in center city. police are doing all they can to crack down, here is surveillance video of a man they believe is at least one of the main culprits. this is a crime in progressm last month in center city. the 2000 block of lombard the thief of battery thefts calmly
5:32 pm
scoping a jeep wrangler, and easily raises the hood and takes the battery probably sell i a junk yard. >> the one is this particular year, is the jeep wranalmer, th suv or the truck targeted. >> because -- >> it's easy accessi and not that hard to steal it out of the jeep wrangler. the overall increase in battery thler,ts this year is a jaw dropping staggering 41% much of it in the city's 6th and 9th district. the g in and more for trucks. >> a 41% increase in car and trlark battery thefts in the city. >> and randy fitzgerald her wrangler was stolen and cost over $300 to resslace it and thy believe this thief is
5:33 pm
responsible for many of these crimes and part of of a theft ring that operates mostly after midnight. a big number, a 40% increase. >> you thinum it's the same rin or group of people? >> we think it's the same group of people that are d in we honestly do. >> monica, a police tip for wranglers owners tonight get an after market product to tighten up your hoods on your vehicle. if you recognip w that person contact police right away. >> we have new surveillance images as well of this bank robber that held up a citizens banum in under ris town, they have identified him but need your help tracking him down. . ou see the man's face here as he appears to pass a demand note to a teller at 9:ald, last cacarying a stolen bag of cash out of the branch on west main
5:34 pm
street. and the new sketch of a man wanted for robbing a bank in south jersey, on 73 in west berlin tow$3hip on july 6th, he passed a note as well to the teller demanding cash and the woancer handed over mon sk and e suspect ran from the scene. a bucks county man is facing chaanaes including dui and assault after ressortedly runnig over his wife in falls township. police say that andrew rsesn swerved over lincoln highway knowing the passenger door was not closed and his wife robin was thrown from the the truck and ryan took off while good samaritans helped his wife and stse iped a short time later admitting to letting robin fall out. th sk aryait they were fighting tzer finances and thought she wanted to get out of the truck. he is facing de. and assault. his wife remai$3 in critical
5:35 pm
condition. search teams are looking for a missing swihe ceer in wilming the young man who friends and family identified as 20-year-old miguel devout. jumped into the brandywine creek and did not resurface. authorities have not said if they rectzered any cthe ses today's search. at least one driver was hurt in this collision between a tractor trailer and a car on the blue route this morning. emeanaency crews got the car on the tow truck near the on ramp to 76 east. authorities are piecing together ptow it happened but traffic wa backed up as they cleared the scene. a woman was punched and roe hed trying to use the cente city atm. the woman in this video is one of the tcke suspects inwholved. the victim tried to use the machine at the td bank at broad and sansuhe ceon july 15th.
5:36 pm
they went back when she tho the suspect ran away and the second suspect purged her and tonge her bank card. a collision forced one into the building in south philadelphia. at passyunk avenue and lambert street. it's actual unclear what caused the drive toward lose control. the driver oward lose control. prescription medication is that the message from trenton where statel. vilowihes were invited bring their unused or expired medicine to put in the drop boxes and they created project medicine drop. the boxes are set up across the state in participating police departments. all drop-offs are anonymous. >> 8 of 10 addicts that walk the streets in nsh rtmrs sk, becam adidn'ted through prescription medicine. >> they are making sure doctors
5:37 pm
are following guidelines that restrict the opioid pain killers for patients with first time pain. >> and nuisance flooding events down at the shore to better deal with the rising water. mayors of avalon and longport are using a sensor that reading water temperature and pressure. and being installed in the shore towns and every time imidns emeanaed in water they will get the data to help make better decisions for future project. and a frightening time in south rtmrs sk after a trailer overcorrected on the garden state paancway. another reasiver's dash-cam recorded it and it landed on its side nobody was hurt but traencc was backed up for several hours. a u.s. navy ship fired warning shots at an iranian
5:38 pm
patrol boat and it came within 150 yards of the uss bolt. it did not respond to calls and guares and five sharp blasts from the whistle and they fired shots over concerns over a possible collision and then the irande n ship linger in the are for hours. >> iranian president will continue to suspend crecordinatn with israel until it returns the security situation at the s kine tien jerusalem to how it was before a shooting nearly two weeks ago. since that time a series is of metal detecters are set up outside. they removed devices after talks with jordan and called on the
5:39 pm
t tithful to continue praying outside of the site in protest. lets take it live to matt pellman in the traencic center. >> pedal to the metal is not something you can do. the slow from villanova to point at media swarthmore baltimore pike. they were blocking for a ti hat th lanes, 76 minutes, an ho and 16 minutes should be 16 minutes, so anl.xtra hour on the southhat und side of the blue route 476 with speeds like 10 miles per hour. use 3ast or 252 or 352 you are better off. on the schuylkill beyond the blue route they did paving and things are smoother but still jammed and the crews run at 9:00 to do more work on thel.astbound side of tra. crash at 53rd and woodland giving us issues on the 11
5:40 pm
trolley has cleared. trolescranumford avenue remai$3d off and a nasty crash in chester county involving a car and a bsg truck. someone is trapped in the wreckage. i would use 82 or 401 to get around that mess on this tuesday afternoon. >> all right matt thank you. thel.agles back at it on this day tcke of training camp. still to come on "action news," ducis rogers is live in south philadelsdade with more from quarterback, carson wentz. and a broadway production rolled in center city as crews start to build the stage for the hit broadway smash, wicked. hit broaer y smash, wicked. tynan, who is also very pop is in for adam joseph tonight. is in foer dam joseph tonight. >> that is tonight at 11:00. >> what a difference a day makes . esterday warm and humid and 8 degrees and today temperatures stuck in theal i0s and crecol a din
5:41 pm
tomocarow and is ar tracking th run of the threat of strong storms. we'll have detaiute in the accuweather forecast.
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5:43 pm
day to of eagles training
5:44 pm
camp and team leader, carson wentz is talking. ducis rogers is live now with more on that. >> reporter: hey there rick and monica, day two of eagles training camp is in the books and many story lines out here at camp and we focus on one from yesterday. the budding bromance between the quarterbacks. carson wentz and nick foles are inseparable out here not just next to each other on the depth chart but next to each other in everything they do. nick foles told us he is willinging to impart whatever knowledge he has to carson wentz and wentz told us that knowledge is invaluable. we bonded so quickly and it's cool, he is around it and know what's it takes here. he has been in the business for equipment sometime and helpful for me on and off the field. it's a great relationship that
5:45 pm
is really just starting. >> it should continue to grow. another key relationship that is worth watching is that between wentz and his head coach doug peterson. the success of one will definitely impact the other and that goes both ways but espn says that there is pressure mounting for one guy in particular. >> forget carson went z. there is no pressure, he is the starting quart back of that team for three, four, five, six years, but quite a bit of pressure on doug peterson, he needs to take this talent and get it to the next level. this is playoff contention talent enough to win a division. he said this team has better talent that the green bay packer teams that he was on that when to super bowls that means the pressure is on you doug. >> sal makes a good point there,
5:46 pm
doug peterson put the target on his back for the 2017 season and eagles will be back on the field here. >> and right down the road at citizens bank park the phillies take on the houston astros, and the phillies are looking for better results than last night against this team. everything went wrong mainly the pitching, the vince valesquez was roughed up before the rain came. and it was kind of a buzz kill considering how good the phillies were playing since the all-star break. >> we have been playing pretty well recently, and these kind of games happen unfortunately. and it was one of those games. >> the astros are the best hitting team in all of baseball. and back here at the nova care complex at 8:50 in the morning. with the birds i'm ducis rogers,
5:47 pm
channel 6 "action news" rick are and monica back over to you. >> meantime two well known boxers are back in the ring and score out of the ring as well. he will fight in las vegas on november 24th, they were at a press conference today in center city and the fight will be live streamed for $10 a portion of the proceeds are go to advocates for victims of human trafficking. they clashed in a fight as well back in 2006. a unique performance in front of city hall by an iraqi artists. they pair artists with veterans of the wars. today they shared their radio broadcast that portrayed the difficulties of the war and how great our freedom of speech is in the u.s.
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5:51 pm
position. and we add the orchestra and cast and hair and makeup and we begin tomorrow night at 7:30. >> it's similar to putting up a building in two days. wicked the untold story of the witches of oz runs through sunday august 27th at the academy of music and it's a wonderful production. >> rick, had a great line off cameras. ooh's and ah's. the weather will give you that too. >> nothing wicked about the weather right now. cool and lots of clouds and the action cam taking a look at valley forge national historical park a lot of people out there enjoying the break from the heat and humidity. i used to live around there it's a great place to run and sky 6 hd looking at the ben franklin bridge a lot of cloud cover and a theme for the week.
5:52 pm
but temperatures running close to 10 degrees below normal. so the accuweather highlights showing you that it's comfortably cool tonight and temperatures in the 60s and good night to open up the windows and the breeze blowing in on the cool side. and the humidity returning on thursday and i am looking at the risk of strong storms and the potential for severe weather. we do have a few showers breaking out across south jersey. an upper level disturbance to the north tossinging moisture our way. egg harbor driving along the atlantic city expressway are you encountering light shower activity sinking to the south and east. but generally quiet weather today and temperatures running again close to 10 degrees below normal. normal high for this time of year is 87 and philadelphia 85
5:53 pm
degrees and allentown 74 and wilmington 78 and cape may 73. people are enjoying the break from the heat and humidity. satellite 6 along with action radar showing plenty of clouds and that will be holding tonight through most of the day tomorrow. mostly cloudy and an isolated shower tonight mainly across south jersey. 66 for center city. and high pressure is over us tomorrow. and that brings us a cool day the high only 80 degrees and lots of sunshine, more bright than today. 7 degrees below average and thursday things begin to change a warm front moves through and that ushers in more humidity and 86 degrees and that low pressure will bring us a chance of storms beginning thursday night and lasting into the day on friday. if you are down the shore tomorrow. clouds early and brighter afternoon a risk of rip currents and wind off the ocean close to the ocean temperature of 76 and
5:54 pm
atlantic city 77 and rehoboth and bethany 79. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast you like it cool you got it tomorrow. highs and sunshine on thursday. on thursday it's warmer and more humid and 86 degrees, and chance of storms and friday looking to be stormy with downpours and thunderstorms 83 degrees the good news for the weekend we clear the air in time for saturday. lowering humidity and good amount of sunshine and 85 degrees and sunday 86 and partly sunny and monday 86 degrees and tuesday getting a little bit warmer and more humid with a high of 88 degrees, we have a big concern for friday morning the risk of flash flooding and the ground is so saturated we don't need more rain i'll keep you posted. >> thank you cecily.
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5:57 pm
a restaurant in gloucester county was the setting for law enforcement appreciation luncheon. seniors thanked the officers that serve and sacrifice every day. >> absolutely. right now the "action news" team is standing by with these stories. caught on camera. the search is on for the man that attacked a septa officer, his image was captured by the sergeant's own body camera. >> fishermen real in what is believed to be the biggest shark ever caught off the coast of new jersey. i'm nora muchanic coming up you'll hear their fish tale. now for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams join me next for "action news" at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. tuesday night and jim is off and i'm rick williams, allentown's mayor faces federal indictment after scaling the ben manufacture bridge to take pictures. the big story is the search for a suspect in a violent confrontation with a septa transit police sergeant in south philadelphia. this is video from the sergeant's body camera showing the time the attack happened. the female officer was responding to a call by a man that remains at large.
6:00 pm
john rawlins is live with the investigation. >> reporter: hi rick, these are the steps that lead up to the westbound flat form and the suspect was on the steps coming up here as the sergeant stopping her car here was getting out and saying stop, and pulls into her and goes down hard and one witness said she hit her head and was dazed for sometime. tonight septa officers showing people this picture, the suspect in the assault of one of their own. 7:13 last night angora station the reports of someone trespassing on or near the tracks. sergeant lynn perone goes up the steps and is assaulted. >> immediately. >> immediately -- >> sergeant michael


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