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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  July 25, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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john rawlins is live with the investigation. >> reporter: hi rick, these are the steps that lead up to the westbound flat form and the suspect was on the steps coming up here as the sergeant stopping her car here was getting out and saying stop, and pulls into her and goes down hard and one witness said she hit her head and was dazed for sometime. tonight septa officers showing people this picture, the suspect in the assault of one of their own. 7:13 last night angora station the reports of someone trespassing on or near the tracks. sergeant lynn perone goes up the steps and is assaulted. >> immediately. >> immediately -- >> sergeant michael wright
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reviewing the officer's body camera. the camera was pointed at the sky and the bad guy's image fills the screen. police are hoping that someone will speak up and identify the guy. >> i'm sure someone out here knows him. we are not asking to you stop him or anything like that. if you know him or someone that clearly resembles him contact philadelphia police at 911 or can't the transit police. >> sergeant perone is released from the hospital and recovering from her injuries, the person caught on tape faced a summary charge of trespass and now assaulting a police officer. why did he react that way. >> a person that reacts that way for a minor offense leads me to believe there was more going on. >> so you see the peck tour and
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video. you can see it again at if you recognize that individual on that tape the septa police would love to hear from you. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. now to developing fuse from allentown where mayor ed polanski is served notice of federal indictment. according to his attorney, jack mcmahon but he does not know the details but the indictment will be unsealed tomorrow. the fbi is investigating a pay to play scheme involving allentown city hall. since last july. the assistant finance director and former city controller plead guilty to federal crimes. a crucial move on the health care in the u.s. senate this afternoon as senators voted to start debating republican legislation to start repealing
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barack obama's affordable care act. mike pence voted to break the tie. and senator john mccain, returned to washington to cast his vote. the first time since being diagnosed with brain cancer last week. david muir will have more on the vote and senator mccain. coming up at 6:30 after "action news." dramatic moments on the ben franklin bridge overnight when it was temporarily closed due to police activity. two people climbed up the tall towers and turns out they were photographers and tonight they are facing charges. sara bloomquist is live near the ben franklin bridge with the full story. >> reporter: rick, those two daredevil photographers, walked up the cable on this side of the bridge to the first tower, they did not get a chance to snap a single photo before they were
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debted and officers were on the way to apprehend them. the sky high arrest happened overnight and hundreds of feet above the delaware river, you can make out the high level members connected to the cake at the west tower 280 feet up where two daredevil photographers were waiting for them. >> we were alerted that two individuals were climbing the cables to the tower. >> they triggered the system when they began their ascend. and they put on floodlights and went up and awaited their arrival. they were wearing all black and carried cameras and without any safety equipment. >> it was foggy and wet, and you are way up there. and even for our highly trained officers like ours, the dangerous work.
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>> this is the training exercise in 2013 and sergeant john was on the team for 19 years, they v harnessed on with tethers and clipped in one way or another. and we make certain of that. the bridge in patco shut down for 103 minutes that had people shaking their heads this morning. >> crazy i'm scared of heights and i condition imagine crossing it let alone climbing up there. >> they were identified, from ohio and brooklyn. social media shows the two make it a hobby to climb buildings and bridges. >> they put the commuters and themselves and rescuers in grave danger we'll prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. >> the authorities said they had no idea what these two were up
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to and the two are charge wade list of felonies and processed in camden and appeared in court there and were released and will be back for future court dates. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a worker was rushed to the hospital after falling 20 feet at a construction site. in edgemoor delaware this morning. the accident happened at a building under construction at the merchant square shopping center on governor prince boulevard. the 19-year-old victim was flown to christiana hospital and officials have not released the extend of his injuries into repairs are made to the broken water main that affected homes and businesses in fishtown today. the 8 inch pipe burst at frankford avenue and thompson street and drivers face detours as repairs are made along the roadways. annie mccormick is live in fishtown with more on that. >> reporter: rick, the good news is the water is back on and
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relief for residents and businesses in this block. but work remains to be done, the streets department will be back out here tomorrow to assess the damage and see how long the portion of it's roadway will remain closed. >> the philadelphia water department spent the day fixing an 8 inch water main that broke in two places from thompson to girard. and two properties were affected including mary's house, she watched the water rise with her grandson. >> it looks like the ocean. it looks like the delaware river. but never came up to my gate thank god. >> i didn't know one of the main pipes broke and it kept going until someone came and stopped it. >> my husband called me at 5:45 this morning and said there are all these police outside and water everywhere and the road is closed. >> the owner of cake life bake
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shop says her business did not lose water and remained open. >> it's looking awful and all day the police are here and the streets are closed and less foot traffic. >> the water department replaced six feet of the broken main turning the water back on by 3:30 this afternoon. >> and the water department says that this portion of the roadway will remain closed indefinitely even though the water main is fixed because the streets department have to see how much work is ahead of them and foot traffic is open. reporting live annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> philadelphia police want to track down those that left behind threatening messages in the grays ferry section. they were alerted to graffiti on pillars on 35th and tasker streets and the anti-police message is kill a cop, save a life and the mayor is angry by
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the speech and will take all steps to find the suspects and pursue charges again them. the flooding left behind damage in the region. heavy downpours flooded main street in mays landing a section in front of the atlantic county library had to be closed for repairs. and an historic tree fell victim. a large branch broke off the elm street on chestnut street and arborist inspected the tree and says it could be saved. the tree sits on the historic property that was once the new church of jerusalem. fishermen from the trenton area have quite a fish tale to tell after what is believed to be the largest shark captured off the new jersey coast. but why it won't go into the
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record books. ducis rogers is live fow. >> hey there rick, how important is chemistry on a football team and what has carson wentz done to improve that with his teammates we'll talk about that if sports. cecily it feels nice out here. >> yesterday ducis was complaining about the heat and humidity. what a difference a day makes, 79 degrees today i'll legal you know how long the cool weather sticks around and a renewed threat of strong to severe storms in the accuweather forecast.
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it sounds like something from the movie jaws but this fish tale is real and they are calling it a monster catch and a fisherman reeled in a mako shark weighing almost 1,000 pounds. nora muchanic reports. >> at a whopping 926 pounds this mako shark reeled in 100 miles off the coast is briefed to be the biggest shark ever caught in new jersey. >> saw it and looked at dave and did the whole cliche we'll need a bigger boat. >> out on the jenny lee, the family and friend snagged the 12 foot long giant but reeling it in was a fight. >> it wants to rip the rod out of your hand, someone had to take the rod i couldn't hold it. >> i go scuba diving and swam with sharks but never seen nothing that big.
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>> we saw the fish in about an hour and took another hour to two hours to get the fish on the the boat. >> when you saw the thing? >> just jaw dropping it took everyone on board to haul this montanaster on the boat and a look at teeth it cop firm the the catch. >> we knew it was a shark and and it was unbelievable. in order to qualify for an official state record only one person is permitted to reel the first in and can't be the product of team work but that is okay with steve. >> i am not interested in having my name in the book. >> we know we caught the biggest shark in history and broke state record. and the giant shark is filet into almost 400 pounds of meat. >> we are giving it away to whoever wants to try it. the anglers have a giant fish
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tale to tell. they caught the biggest shark ever at their first try at deep sea fishing. >> quite a cash -- part of a 7-month-old globeal competition. mayor kenney announce that philadelphia is afounding along with dallas and los angeles. in each city participants receive an app they try in the next year. the creator of the app that sees the best results wins $3 million. the city of philadelphia is also teaming up with ibm to create a new mentoring and stem skills mentoring program for middle school and high school girls and they will teach them coding through classroom and practical exercises. it will be coed by the fall.
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time for sports, eagles training camp is underway. day two and ducis rogers at the nova care complex with more on the action. >> reporter: hi there rick. two practices in the books and 12 more to go before the preseason game on the road against the green bay packers, things are moving quickly out here. this training camp is an accumulation of all the ota's and mini camp. carson wentz knows they can make or break a football team. >> building the chemistry we have a couple new pieces we are working together in the offseason, ota's and the whole nine yards and billing the the chemistry and finding the little things, the details for me is
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the biggest thing i want to continually refine and you are never a finished product that is for sure. >> to help in the chemistry department wentz invited teammates to join him in north dakota. camp went was held earlier this month they enjoyed themselves mostly. >> we went to the lake and golfing and it was kind of a disaster. with eight guys took us four and a half hours to play best ball scramble but we had fun and good to get the bonding time on and off the field. >> it was a great opportunity to go out see where carson was from and the college he when to as well. and it was good overall and you take pride in those things. >> we are waiting for video of to surface of that epic golf round in north dak.
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>> the phillies have to take on the astro ez tonight. and phillies are looking for better results. this time yesterday the astros beat up the phillies they won 13-4 and valesquez took the loss on the chin. and the game was over early and the astros lead the phillies in batting average and the phillies foe that firsthand. >> they go up to do dang and look ready to hit. if you make a mistake over the plate they go to hurt you and try to do damage. everyone in the lineup. >> the astros lead the majors with a .293 batting average that is almost unheard it. live in south philadelphia with the birds, ducis rogers, channel 6 "action news" back over to you. >> thank you. we'll take a quick break and come back with the accuweather forecast and meteorologist
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cecily tynan when we come right back.
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last night we were dealing with stormy weather. >> we were stable and a few sprinkled out there. with the cool weather nothing severe than returns thursday night and friday morning. we are getting a break from the stormy weather. the action cam taking a look at valley forge national historical park under the cloudy cool day, a busy place tomorrow celebrating the 100th anniversary of the national memorial arch there and sky 6 hd taking a look at the center city
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skyline. the view from temple university and we see a lot of clouds up there and temperatures on the cool side and that is the trend tonight. tonight is a great night for sleeping and open the windows and let the the breeze blow in. allentown 68 and cape may 68 and isolated shower possible and tomorrow again on the cool side. start the day at 8:00. lots of clouds and as we head through the day the atmosphere tries out and sees peeks of sunshine and temperatures only up into the low 80s, 7 degrees below formal. definitely a cool day. no severe weather and double scan live radar shows we have scattered showers out there: primarily across new jersey, trenton right now, having a few showers near there, generally moving to the southeast. south jersey as well dealing with a few areas of spotty showers and nothing with any
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rumbles of thunder and buena showers and mays landing as well. a level of disturbance to the north and tossing clouds and moisture our way. 76 in philadelphia and allentown 74 and trenton 73. satellite 6 along with action radar showing again not a lot of sunshine today. clouds definitely dominating the skies and you can see the showers drifting down from the north and high pressure is drifting to the east and what this means a battle between the marine layer with wins off the ocean and drier air with high pressure and brightening of skies and high of 80 degrees and low humidity tomorrow and that changes on thursday though. this warm front will bring us a return of more humid air 86 degrees and low pressure is moving in thursday night and friday with bring you a chance of strong to severe storms. down the shore clouds early and brighter in the afternoon and
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ocean temperature is 76 and air temperature close to that and rehoboth beach is 79. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast if you like today you'll like tomorrow. another cool day with a high of 80 degrees and lots of clouds with sunshine. and i think we'll see more sunshine than today. on thursday, it gets humid again and storms develop thursday night and friday this is the accuweather alert day, highlighting friday with downpours and thunderstorms, future tracker showing this could come during the heart of the friday morning commute with the risk of localized flooding and gusty winds and the high friday afternoon 83 degrees and that system really clears the air for the weekend. and saturday lowering humidity and should be beautiful. partly sunny and 86 and monday mostly sunny and 86 and tuesday warm and human with the threat of a late day shower and high of 88 degrees. i'll have an update on the timing of the storms on "action news" tonight at 11:00.
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finally tonight summer is winding down and kids are heading back to school. citizens bank wants to make sure ever child has the supplies they need. it's organization hopes to distribute 30,000 backpacks, volunteers spend the morning packing up some of them at the west conshohocken facility. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17. and join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. and for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams, have a nice evening we hope to see you tonight at 11:00.
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tonight, president trump on the attack. going after his own attorney general. this evening the president now saying, quote, time will tell whether sessions survives. our team right here with new reporting. how close is the president to firing his attorney general? the emotional return. senator john mccain back on capitol hill after revealing the brain tumor. his pivotal vote on whether to move forward on a repeal of obamacare. the family tragedy. tonight, the family speaking out. the 5-year-old boy droughns. the new report tonight after a deadly train crash. a mother of three killed when she stops on the tracks. several passengers on the train killed too, and now what we have learned. a dad with his family, when they notice an alleged drunk driver


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