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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  July 26, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ >> what prompted a father to shoot his own son tonight in his
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home? police aren't saying, but neighbors believe it's because the son attacked first with a sword. >> tuesday night. jim's off. the big story on "action news" is a major altercation tonight. annie mccormick with pottstown police and the details. >> police say it's under investigation, but it appears a father shot his son multiple time in the upper torso and right arm. the son is now fighting for his life. >> pottstown police say joseph lee shot his son andrew lee multiple times. during the argument the father was cut on his hands with a sword. >> the dad was sitting out here. when the dad was going into the
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ambulance, we heard him say, i'm just trying to see if my son is all right. i shot him twice. >> neighbors say there was a heavy police response. >> when the officers arrived, guns were drawn. >> my kids were running around. i'm concerned. >> according to residents, police pulled multiple rifles out of the home along with two dogs. >> the father was crying hysterically. >> i was trying to see what was going on, talk to the people. it's a sad situation. >> the mayor saw police cars blocking the neighborhood. residents say police have been called to the home several times. the father's injuries were not considered life threatening. annie mccormick, channel6
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"action news." >> the search is on tonight for this man that attacked a septa policewoman in philadelphia. the incident last night was caught on the transit sergeant's body camera as the man runs up the steps and viciously shoves her to the ground. the officer falls on her back. the assault sent sergeant lynn per roan to hospital. the suspect was originally wanted for trespassing on the tracks but now faces charges of assaulting an officer. >> an ongoing corruption probe in the lehigh valley has reached the top tonight. the mayor of allentown will face federal charges. christie ileto is live with those details. >> we don't know specifically what prosecutors are alleging because the indictment is sealed but the mayor told me via text
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message, he has no intention of stepping down. >> running for his fourth term as mayor, ed pawlowski was indicted this afternoon. his attorney confirmed it stems from an investigation as to whether the mayor was trading favors for kick backs. >> his party allies rallied behind him. several people including contractors and city officials pled guilty in a play to pay scheme that started when the fed raided city hall. the indictment comes months before the november mayoral election. peter is a former prosecutor. >> will the timing of the indictment tilt the election? >> the prosecutors will go when they are ready to go. they won't hold off to favor
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somebody. >> pawlowski told me in a text, i won't drop out of the campaign or step down despite repeated requests from city councilors. >> do you think the mayor should step down or drop out of the race? >> i don't think he should step down, no. >> allentown is no longer able to move forward as long as he is head of the city. >> he believes he's innocent and we believe he's innocent. the indictment will be unveiled tomorrow. the mayor will comment on whatever prosecutors are alleging. christie ileto channel6, "action news." >> healthcare is up for debate in washington d.c. tonight, literally. republican senators cleared the procedural hurdle to overthrow obama care. there are many more roadblocks ahead, president trump is taking a victory lap this morning.
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megan hughes has more. >> president trump going back to his roots with a make america great generally in ohio. his attempt to repeal care got a step closer to reality. >> we are a step closer to liberating our citizens from this obama care nightmare. >> mike pence breaking the tie on capitol hill. >> lending his support, john mccain. he was welcomed back with a standing ovation. >> senator mccain speaking his mind, expressing reservations on what comes next. >> it's a shell of a bill right now. we all know that. i have changes urged by my state's governor that have to be included to earn my support for
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any bill. >> protesters around the capitol even the senate floor. republicans trying to hash out a bill that they can pass without democratic support. >> there are a lot of things we have done and will continue to do on a bi-partisan basis. regretfully, the issue of healthcare has not fallen into that category on either side. >> senate republicans will be rolling up their sleeves. senator mcconnell is open to all ideas and amendments. this will play out on the senate floor. megan hughes, abc news, capitol hill. >> back here, 45 homes in northeast philadelphia will be without water until at least late tomorrow morning. chopper 6 over the scene where the eight inch main burst and flooded the road here.
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>> in the philadelphia fish town section, a broken water caused a roadway to be closed. some businesses reopened tonight. the street department will be on the scene tomorrow to determine how long road repairs take. >> a resident woke to a sinking feeling, a woman ringing the doorbell to tell her, her car was falling into a sing hole. a water main burst causing the street to fall in. a tow truck was able to get the car out but repairing the sinkhole will take more time. >> an environmental judged urged stopping of a natural gas
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refinery. dan has more. >> this is a victory for environmental groups that were seeking the order. this is temporary until a full hearing can be held in two weeks. >> it's exciting. it gives us a chance to pause and regroup and gain momentum. >> this after a state environmental hearing ordered all drilling be halted at 55 locations across soarn pennsylvania. >> this first two weeks is a blessing. we should be thankful and grateful for it. this is not the end for keeping the community safe. the ruling is aimed at blocking senoco's construction of the pipeline. yesterday another judge blocked construction in west goshen township. the order comes after a spilling
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of water and bent nite clay. >> they can resume until they give assurances to the hearing board and public utility commission they'll get it right. senoco says that the hearing before the environmental hearing board will demonstrate we have extended every effort to meet the ca conditions of our permit. >> the lawyer for west goshen plan to hold those accountable that are to be over seeing construction. >> in the meantime, senoco will be allowed to continue other types of work on the pipeline until three days of hearings in harrisburg beginning august 7th.
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i'm dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." >> rick? >> the philadelphia police union is offering a $5,000 reward to catch the vandal or vandals that wrote anti-cop graffiti." kill a cop, save a life." >> mayor jim kenney says he's angered by the hate speech and they'll use every tool to pursue criminal charges against the suspect. >> tonight good fellowship ambulance and ems training held a graduation ceremony. >> 14 paramedics received certification. they were greeted by applause . >> a health check study on whether dog owners have a leg up
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on those without pets. and charges against two out ofmp of the ben franklin bridge and why the stunt was a waste of time. >> what killed sea world's last whale born in captivity. today's high, eight degrees below normal. we are tracking a chance of severe storms. we have details on when in the accuweather forecast. >> carson's comfort, ducis rogers hoa here for the qb on hw this sea
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citizens bank student loans, >> we are rooking live at the ben franklin bridge the scene of
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a high wire rescue overnight. two dare devil photographerers were arrested after they tripped security measures, sending an emergency response team after them. the climbers surrendered 400 feet up in the west tower. they have no safety gear. >> it's foggy, wet and you are way up there. for highly trained people like our officers, it's dangerous work. they put themselves and others in danger. i'm angry and we'll prosecutor them to the fullest extend of the law. >> the ben franklin bridge was shut down close to two hours. the suspect's efforts were for naught. police arrested them before they could snap a single photo. a ring of car battery
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thieves are on the loose in philadelphia. the thief is seen making quick work of the jeep wrangler on lom bard last month. the hood of if suv is easily opened. it's not the only one targeted in the recent spree. battery thefts are up 41%. >> now a developing story from washington tonight. the justice department is upping its battle with so called sanction rare wisanctuary citie. the popular federal for everything from vests to body cameras. philadelphia has received 10s of millions of dollars over the ye.
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>> jared kushner returned to capitol hill in the russia probe. he spent three hours behind closed doors with the house intelligence committee. the top republican on the house probe found kushner straightforward and forthcoming. he denied knowing anything about conclusion between the trump campaign and meanwhile paul malt with the committee between closed doors. the senate judiciary committee dropped a subpoena requiring her to testify tomorrow. in a rare bi-partisan moment
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on capitol hill, lawmakers voted to slap sanctions on russia and limit the president's ability to undo them. the white house is pushing for a better relationship with russia and needs the ability to veto or change the bill if needed, he >> warning shot fired. the u.s. navy says an iranian patrol boat came close today and didn't respond to other warnings. the thunder bolt tried calls and horn blasts before firing machine guns into the air. the vessels did not collide. iran is blaming americans for
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provoking the confrontation. >> the last whale in captivity has died of the it could take weeks to determine the cause of death. sea world announced they would no longer breed whales. >> brain injuries in the nfl may be more common than we thought. research found 90% of them suf chronic, traumatic encephalty. >> tonight on health check at 11:00, man's best friend may benefit people's hearts in a physical way. dogs hope their owners live a
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healthier life. happier than those that didn'tre walk their dogs. people that are more active are more inclined to get a dog in the first place. like me and cecily. you have three dogs. >> two are seniors. they don't like to do a lot of walking. a lot this summer i have been saying, don't take the dogs out much. the asphalt is hot. not tomorrow. take the dog for a walk. perfect dog walking weather. >> taking a look at the center city skyline, we have a lot of clouds upstairs. we have been seeing spotty showers. this is a high altitude drone shot over montgomeryville
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pennsylvania this evening. it shows the spotty nature of showers to the. we have blue skies and dark clouds and downpours, quick bursts of rain. that brings shower activity tonight. the accuweather highlights, comfortably cool. a great night to turn off the air conditioner, open up the windows. tomorrow on the cool side. thursday, this is when the air mass changes, warmer, more humid. thursday night into friday morning, i'm tracking the possibility of strong storms, perhaps another round of severe weather. we have spotty showers around taking you to double scan showing not active as last night but we have areas of showers right now. we have a cluster of showers moving through arden, delaware
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crossing over the arright now. we have more showers over philadelphia, approaching the lehigh valley. lehigh valley has strong, severe storms. we have a band of showers, instability through the atmosphere right now. temperatures, 69 in philadelphia. wilmington 71. cape may currently 70. lots of showers and rain today. a lot of this is dissipating. the atmosphere is trying to dry out. tomorrow, transitions. lots of clouds in the morning. we'll see afternoon sunshine. temperatures are on the cool side, 80 in philadelphia, same in wilmington. cape may, the boardwalk, 77. allentown, 78, reading 79. future tracker showing thursday, humidity with a warm front, clouding up by 2:00.
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thursday night into friday morning, drenching thunderstorms. models back and forth. wee hours of the morning friday or is it rush hour? either way, we have a risk that some of the storms are isolated with the threat of damaging wind gusts. the accuweather forecast, storm free, 86 thursday. more humid late thunderstorms friday. accuweather alert day, downpours, heavy thunderstorms in the morning hours. we clear the air for the weekend. lower humidity saturday, 85. sunday, 86. mostly sunny, 86 with an increase of 88-degrees. right now, keep you posted as we get closer. tomorrow looking nice. >> take your dog for a walk. >> i will. thank you, cecily. quick break, more news when we
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come back. stay with us.
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>> ducis here, eagle's training camp. we heard from the qb. >> carson wentz speaking to the media. two down, 12 to go before the eagles face the packers in the first preseason game. carson wentz determined to be better year two. the quarterback went through growing pains during his rooky season. that was to be expected coach pederson said he noticed wentz is more relaxed. wentz, agrees. >> it's not so much a whirlwind. i was chomping at the bit to get back here. last year, i was just trying to breathe. mentally, i'm in a better place, i know what to expect and know the routine. for me mentally, it's been
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better. >> chemistry is huge in football. to help the birds, wentz hosted teammates in his hometown in fargo, north dakota. they bonded and enjoyed themselves. >> we had fun. we went to the lake, went golf golfing. aieight guys playing scramble. we had bonding time on and off the field. >> it was a great opportunity to see where carson is from. the college he went to as well. it was good over all. you take pride in those things. >> the birds are back at 8:50 in the morning. still ahead, the phlooking for k
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>> the phillies were taken to the woodshed by the astros, lost 13-4. tonight, nick pavelle hoping for a better result. later in the inning, marlin gonzales brings redick in. two run score, phillies fall behind 5-0. astro starter charlie morten, striking out nine in seven
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innings, managing four hit the 5-0 loss. >> we couldn't get offense going, four doubles. we couldn't put many hit together. morten pitched well. he mixed it up against us, not much offense. >> well put there. try again tomorrow. >> that's a good team. >> thank you, ducis. finally tonight, the philadelphia orchestra embarked on an out of world adventure. ♪ ♪ tonight, concert goers, with a space odyssey. it's a tribute to colonel guy blueford. he was the first african-american in space, aboard the challenger.
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"jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." "action news" tomorrow at 4:30. now for cecily, ducis, jim, i'm rim williams. have a nice evening. see you back here tomorrow. goodnight. ♪ ♪


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