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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  July 26, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> now on "action news" a father shoots his own son in montgomery county after neighbors say the son went after his father with a sword. >> the continue in the senate. republicans face a new defeat just hours after opening uweather is tracking another cool comfortable day before the heat
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return. the run yesterday was a delight. >> 5:30 on this wednesday july 26. karen is off we have our gentleman of this morning, matt pelman and dave murphy. good morning. >> sounds like a winning weather wednesday. >> i think mostly. we're off to kind of a cloudy start. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you there are an couple of showers out there and there you see that in the weather center. one of them is down by dover. just kind of dancing around and not really wanting to move and the other one up in the northern and western suburbs up from allentown, down to reading. most of this activity is light but it's just kind of sitting in place, so if you get stuck with some of that light to moderate precipitation it might be with you for awhile. most of us dry this morning and under the clouds too. we expect of expect clouds to give way to some sunny breaks. how about all these numbers in the 60's. 68 degrees in philadelphia. 68 in wilmington. and allentown 65. trenton 65. same thing in reading and down in cape may 70 degrees. warm this afternoon but not too bad. by noon, a mix of clouds with
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some sun, 75. by 3 o'clock, 80. that's your high. and then 79 degrees by 5 o'clock and by 7 o'clock, 76 and with humidity behaving itself across most of the region it's a great day to take fido out to the park and the kids, too, and maybe have a little run around. dewpoints this morning aren't all that bad. i want to point this out to you because in the recent past we've had so many days when we've been talking about numbers up in the 70's. not today. dewpoint of 62 in philadelphia, just barely above that 60-degree threshold for what we consider humid. mid 60's aren't bad either. down in dover a little higher number but in general today is going to be comfortable. matt, that changes tomorrow and tomorrow night there could be some flooding downpours. we'll have details coming up from accuweather. >> again. allallall right, good morning d, good morning, everybody. today is looking not a whole lot like yesterday in some ways in that we're not dealing with as much storm damage this morning but it is looking like yesterday on the schuylkill expressway eastbound. left lane paved. right lane still milled and not paved here by conshohocken. so you've got sort of
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different ride even a difference in the grade of the roadway and eastbound by conshohocken. but overnight crews cleared out so both lanes are opened as you head in toward the curve. all crews gone on the vine street expressway. all lanes have reopened in both directions. they'll be back though tonight at 11 o'clock to shut it down once again. on the big picture we were watching a gas main break on the main line along lancaster avenue route 30 by anderson avenue where you turn to go into suburban square. we're hearing that's been patched and lancaster avenue is now reopened but to take its place now we're getting reports of a water main break along route one right where it turns from city avenue into township line road at rolling road by the ross. reports of that are just coming in. they're still working on the water main break from yesterday in fishtown so frankford avenue remains blocked there. also still have some flood damage in delaware from yesterday. pyles ford road is still closed. way road the way to go instead t tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. an argument between a father and son took a terrible
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turn in montgomery county. the son came after the father with a sword and the father stopped that attack by putting two bullets in his own son. the father was loaded into the ambulance in tears asking about his son. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in the satellite center with the full story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, police say an argument between father and son turned violent. both were armed. the father was armed with a gun. the son a sword. both were injured. but the son is now in critical condition. >> the police first arrived, their guns were drawn. >> reporter: chopper6 hd was over the 400 block of lincoln avenue in pottstown where police say joseph lee shot his son, andrew lee multiple times. during their argument the father was also hurt, cut to his hand after neighbors say the son slashed his father with a sword. >> the son apparently cut his dad with a sword. the guy was sitting out here and then when the dad was going into the ambulance, we heard him say, i'm just trying
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to see if my son's all right. i shot him twice. >> i hear gunshots and violence. my kids out here running around. i'm concerned. >> reporter: the mayor of pottstown came out to the scene after seeing helicopters and police blocking the street. officers were called shortly after 5 o'clock last night. residents say police pulled multiple rifles from the home and removed two dogs adding the father kept asking how his son was doing. >> the father was crying. that's -- he was crying hysterically. >> reporter: neighbors say police have been called to the home several times recently. this all remains under investigation. we're live from the satellite center katherine scott, channel6 "action news. matt. >> thank you, katherine. happening today a federal indictment targeting allentown mayor ed pawlowski will be unsealed. the fbi has been investigating a pay to play scheme in which city contracts were exchanged for campaign contributions. nine people have already pleaded guilty to federal crimes since the investigation began in 2013. pawlowski's attorney jack
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mcmann says he doesn't know the details of the indictment. pawlowski him sent sent "action news" a text saying i will not step down or drop out of the campaign. the democrat is running for a fourth term in november. senate republicans are having a rollercoaster session in washington. just hours after claiming victory over a successful procedural vote to start debate on healthcare reform, gop leaders hit a stumbling block. late last night the senate rejected the bill's first amendment to erase and replace much of the affordable care act. nine republicans were among those who voted no. the senate is expected to take up a separate bill today that would largely repeal the aca with a two year expiration date to give lawmakers time to craft a replacement. >> a cold case murder in bucks county is now in the hands of a judge. closing arguments wrapped up in the bench trial of george shaw yesterday. the 57-year-old is accused of raping and killing barbara rowan of bensalem back in the 1980's when rowan was 14 years
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old. shaw maintains his innocence. the judge has said he plans to announce his verdict on monday afternoon. philadelphia police are still searching for the suspect in a stabbing attack. chopper6 was over the scene on the 6100 block of north marshall street in olney. a man in his 20's was stabbed multiple times in the chest and back last night. he's in critical condition. >> 5:37 now. drilling operations for a controversial natural gas pipeline project that runs straight across pennsylvania will stop temporarily. an environmental judge ordered work to come to a halt on the mariner east two pipeline yesterday. a hearing is scheduled next month to decide whether sunoco violated a 2015 settlement agreement with west goshen township chester county. >> they have to sees horizontal drilling. they can't resume until they give assurances to the environmental hearing board now and the public utility commission that they're going to get it right.
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>> sunoco denies any wrongdoing. >> time now to turn to dave murphy talk about your accuweather. what a beautiful day ahead. >> yeah, a little cloudy out there right now. storm tracker6 live double scan shows i was couple of corners of the neighborhood with some showers, one of those would be up in the northern and western suburbs and if you're from allentown, down toward reading and maybe areas just to the west of honey brook chester county, there are a couple of those showers around and they really aren't moving very fast, either, so you get caught under some of this mainly light nuisance rain and it kind of sticks with you for awhile. the overall picture across the region is for light stuff. then there's a second cluster of shower activity down near dover. this appears to be kind of sliding down to the south and maybe a bit to the southwest toward canterbury and dover air force base. about a half hour ago about half that base was covered. you can see that it's still about halfway covered so again, these showers very sparse but not moving very quickly this morning. taking a look outside, we have the action cam in the delaware county seat of media, pennsylvania, where tonight
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like they do every wednesday night through the summer, they've got dining under the stars and tonight is going to be a gorgeous night for that. 68 degrees is your current temperature, dewpoint 62, nice and low. just barely what we consider humid. so very comfortable as you step outside in most neighborhoods. winds out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour. ocean temperature running at 75. future tracker6 shows you those morning sprinkles and showers may still carry into the afternoon in a couple of spots. generally speaking we're looking at clouds to start out and then some sunny breaks during the afternoon. this model stubbornly all the way to 6:30 still has a couple of light sprinkles and showers. if you're headed out to media to dine under the stars check your "action news" forecast here on 6abc in the evening with adam and cecily or bring along that accuweather app on your smartphone just in case but generally speaking it doesn't look like there's going to be a lot of rain around tonight and if there's something it's pretty light. 67 degrees by 8 o'clock, 73 by 10 o'clock. still very comfortable in through here. and even as late as noon we're still only in the mid 70's. then by 3 o'clock a high
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around 80 and by 6 o'clock, 79 degrees. clouds mixing with some sunny breaks today. and maybe a little sprinkle or shower in a couple of corners of the neighborhood t highs overall today in the 70's in most spots. 79 in wilmington. 78 in allentown. similar number in reading. 76 in trenton. 76 in millville and it looks like mid 70's down the shore where there is a low risk of rip currents. phillies going to try to take at least one from houston tonight. aaron nola is on the mound. 71 in the ninth inning. keep your eyes on "action news" before you head down to the ballpark in case there's a couple spotty showers but i think you're generally okay. warm front comes through that's going get us more humid and by thursday night look out, there is an area of low pressure that's going to come in bringing us some thunderstorms that could produce yes, more drenching downpours and there's a chance once again of scattered strong storms that could have damaging winds. hearing thunder tomorrow night into friday morning is another one of those time periods
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where you've got to head indoors, lower floors. 80 degrees is the high today. clouds mixing with some sun, a spotty shower but mostly dry. more humid tomorrow with that late night storm, 86 degrees and some of those storms carry overnight into friday morning so we've got the accuweather alert for friday. 83 is the high. hoping for some drying later in the day. for the weekend, clouds giving way to sun on saturday. might start out humid but nicer in the afternoon, a high of 79. and then on sunday, lots of sunshine and a high picking up to 84 degrees with lower humidity. monday and tuesday in the 80's, also looking good. still no 90's. >> yeah, it's like midsummer, you know. >> yes. >> usually you get that around here. >> we wasted all of our 90's for the last two months. >> we ran out. thank you david. 5:41 now. gym attack. police arrest a man who they say punched a woman nearly 40 times outside the exercise center and investigators say the motive was revenge. >> it may be a huge catch but this catch will the no be
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making it into any record books. we'll tell you why. matt. >> and not catching any delays here just yet on 95 in delco. northbound headlights zipping along towards the blue route and the airport. overnight construction here is gone. we'll check our work zone in chester county along 202 and talk about a water main break on route one when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here. here's the view on sky6 philadelphia international airport starting off your wednesday morning and it's going to be a great day out there today. it is 68 degrees right now, getting up to a nice temperate 80. >> matt pelman how are you doing this morning? >> you know, i'm great. >> yes. >> no, not going to get into me. we've got to talk about the traffic this morning but i am feeling good because the traffic for the most part is looking good as one goes so goes the other, matt and tam. we're live here in chester county in exton along 202 the ongoing work zone by the 30 bypass. during the overnights this week they're closing the ramp from 30 eastbound to get onto northbound 202. but those crews have cleared so the ramp's opened and ready for you now. they'll close it again later on tonight. early morning crash on 202 northbound around 401 but that has cleared.
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bottom line is you're good to go along 202 in chester county. in birmingham township we've got construction coming today to birmingham road. they're going to shut it down one day special from 9:00 until 3:00 as they do some emergency pipe replacement. so i would just stay down on britton's bridge road to get around the birmingham road closure from 9:00 until 3:00 today. i think we might need some pipe replacement along city avenue route one where it turns into township line road near overbrook at rolling road. there was a water main break there so one lane is blocked. it is passable but i would expect delays there as you travel by the ross dress for less. better news though on the main line where 30 lancaster avenue has reopened. that gas main break from the overnight has been patched. meanwhile sounds like this isn't going to be opened for awhile. yesterday they closed the valley green road bridge because of some emergency structural deficiencies there. mill road is the way to go instead. closed yesterday. we don't know when it's going to reopen. let's quickly check our turnpike construction zones,
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the ones eastbound approaching valley forge cleared but the one eastbound approaching bensalem is still out there taking out one lane. matt. >> got it matt. police arrested a man they say beat a gym employee in new hampshire. surveillance video shows 18-year-old erin mccarthy walking to her car outside a rochester planet fitness. that is when the man sneaks up behind and attacks. police say 22-year-old jordan lamond punched mccarthy 39 times and threw her to the ground. investigators say lamond waited outside the gym for most of the victim's eight hour shift. >> he kind of came up and hit me in the back of the head and wouldn't stop and he was so silent. he didn't say a word. >> mccarthy believes the attack was revenge for a dispute lamond had with her ex-boyfriend. she was not seriously injured. >> the most senior vatican official ever charged in the catholic church sex abuse
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scandal t his lawyer told the court in melbourne pell plans to plead not guilty. the 76-year-old who is pope francis' top financial adviser has maintained his innocence. pell was charged last month with sexually abusing multiple people years ago in australia. and a policeman hurled a heavy plastic barrier at a knife wielding man to stop what could have been a much more serious attack in spain. the armed plan believed to be moroccan approached the officers and shouted allah allahu akbar. one officer was cut on the hand during the incident. >> it may have looked like a prank but what popped out of can in an airport was real and potentially deadly. >> a viral video has people aghast showing fisher men dragging a shark behind their speedboat and now investigators are getting involved. >> ♪ blank
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>> it's national bagel fest day. >> when you can't just have a bagel you have to have like a festival in your mouth. >> of course. a festival is worthy. as we head outside this morning no festivals here but we're looking pretty good along the schuylkill expressway. that won't be the case later on today. we're expecting eastbound construction from 9:00 until 3:00 between the vine street expressway and university avenue. yesterday was westbound. today it's eastbound but right now you're good to go in both directions here at south street. on the mass transit front just a couple delays so far this morning on the regional rails, a paoli thorndale line train is about 10 minutes behind. detours on septa bus routes five and 25 through fishtown because of that big water main break from yesterday. david. >> fair amount of clouds around this morning, matt aren't and the big board shows
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i was couple of showers some of these in the northern and western suburbs light and sues nance stuff kind of nuisance stuff holding their position. in dover staying in place down there with those showers. looks like a cool comfortable morning across moisture of the region. 77 degrees by 7 o'clock. we'll go for a high of 80 degrees at 3 o'clock. close to that at 5 o'clock. slight chance of a pop-up sprinkle or shower. at the airport hoping for all green aircraft. that's what we have. no major delays and no sign of rain in any of our big travel destinations. matt. >> thanks, david. new morning, florida's fish and wildlife commission investigating a disturbing video. a hooked fish a dragged through the water as the fisher men are seen laughing in its agony. >> you're just going to take off and go full throttle knowing you have that fish on the line, that's ridiculous.
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>> all of the men on board have hired attorneys. so far no charges have been filed. when a snake popped out of a potato chip can, this time it was not a prank. federal agents discovered three live king cobras that were being smuggled into the country through the canisters. the reptiles have been mailed from hong kong and were addressed to man's house in california. agents later searched the home and found more exotic animals there. the homeowner is facing charges of illegally importing merchandise into the united states. >> ♪ ♪when you've got...♪
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♪...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
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>> ♪ >> breaking news here. chopper6 is live over the scene of a partial building collapse. this happened at about 4:45 so about an hour ago along the unit block of south ruby street. this structure is next to an empty lot which looks like it may have been under construction right now and over the side i'm trying to read what that says. lover friends, might have had some kind of mural over the side of that building but now you see all the bricks fell down onto the nearby plot. you can see some of the items that were inside the home and that roof kind of looks like it's leaning in, too. they have it roped off right now. so far no reports of any serious injuries. >> okay, we'll keep an eye on that. and a ring of car battery thieves are on the loose in center city. this is newly released
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surveillance video of one of the suspects. the thief is seen making quick work of a job wrangler between 20th and 21st on lombard last month. the hood that of model suv is easily opened but this is not the only make targeted in the recent spree. since the spring police say battery thefts are up by 41 percent. >> a group of anglers reeled in the biggest shark ever caught during a new jersey based fishing trip and it was on their first try at deep sea fishing. it took six fishermen to reel in the 926-pound maaco shark 100 miles off shore on saturday. the fishing rod snapped during the hours long battle to hall the 12-foot long monster on board. the catch though will not be recognized as an official state record because more than one angler helped catch it. the giant shark has since been filleted into almost 400 pounds of meat. >> wow. it's 5:57. happening now, a water main break knocks out service to dozens of people in northeast philadelphia. it's going to be hours before the repairs can even get started.
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>> and later drive through orders with a twist. we'll tell you about the new partnership between lyft and taco bell. >>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday july 26th. >> and we're following several stories this morning including the attempted abduction of a child in burlington county. >> and breaking right now, chopper6 is live over the scene of a house collapse in that west philadelphia. you can see all the items spilling out of the side of that home. >> the mayor of pennsylvania's third largest city is now facing federal charges. details about the indictment just handed down. >> and dirty beaches. advisories are going up along the jersey shore because of high bacteria levels.


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