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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  July 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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decision and not meant to be anything more than that. and simply about -- obviously a difficult decision and not a simple one but the president feels it's the best one for the military. >> the white house says there is no decision made how to implement the ban after james mattis said he needed more time to look at the sensitive issue. president trump's initiative overrides the one announced by the pentagon. police in pemberton township are investigating an attempted abduction that a man in a pickup truck tries to lure a 14-year-old girl. gray hall is live outside of browns mills with the full story today. >> what a frightening situation for the 14-year-old girl here is
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the good news, tonight she is at home safe with her family and police are aggressively trying to track down the person responsible. tuesday night the 14-year-old girl came face-to-face with danger along new york road in the presidential lakes of browns mills, new jersey, police say a man attempted to abduct her. a male in a brown ford ranger pickup truck and pulled up to her and the male was wearing some sort of mask. and demanding that she get into the vehicle and when she turned and ran away the vehicle drove off. >> it happened 6:00 p.m. tuesday jason waters says he advised anyone to do the same thing. >> do not get into vehicles that may pull up to you. and definitely if there is an incident the best thing to do is what this little girl did and that is run and get away. if there are people you trust in the area go to them but walk in pairs is what we are asking
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people to do. >> understandably the young victim was running for her life and unable to get a license plate number. they hope that someone saw something and get a helpful tip to get that person off the street. the community is alarmed by the news and will be on high alert. >> everybody knows everything there is no way they could be from this area. and i believe i would see the car and i have seen a brown ford ranger i'm calling the cops now. >> people are on watch especially for the truck. i feel bad for whoever finds that truck first because it will probably be something pretty serious. >> reporter: back out live again, no good identifying information on the brown ford truck and not a good description of the suspect in this case. the police tell us no tip is too small if you have information they want to hear from you. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you.
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we have an update now to a story "action news" is following all day out of chester county. it turns out that a hostage situation in ukland township was made up by a man having mental issues. the police got a 911 call from a man inside of that home claiming he and his wife were being held by two armed intruders and the man said he was armed and s.w.a.t. and law enforcement responded to the scene and a short time later, the wife walked out unharmed and the man threw out his gun and found no one else inside of the home. it's not clear if the man will face criminal charges. after a four year investigation the mayor of allentown and the former mayor of reading pennsylvania were indicted today on federal corruption charges for engaging in a series of pay to play schemes. allentown mayor, edwin pawlowski
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and vaughn mayer is accused of shaking down individuals for campaign contributions, both men are charged with bribery conspiracy and fraud. prosecutors say that for three years, 2012 to 2015 pawlowski tried to steer a number of city contracts to those that gave campaign contributions and did fundraising on his behalf. and that he tried to cover his tracks by deleting emails between himself and the donors he quote, squeezed and even had his office swept for listening devices he believed were installed by law enforcement and called his actions nothing short of enormous levels of corruption with far reach. >> it reaches other pay to play schemes involving all different kinds of contracts for allentown including streetlights, cyber security, and city pools.
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pawlowski a democrat is running for a fourth naral term. he sent "action news" a text saying i will not be stepping down or dropping out of the campaign and named three others including the former reading school board president. mayor pawlowski is holding a press conference at 4:30 and john rawlins will have the latest coming up on "action news" at 5:00. >> reducing the number of shootings in philadelphia is the goal of a new task force. today at the 17th police district officials introduced the members of the gun violence prevention committee, the group includes government and law enforcement officials, they will come up with a plan to reduce gun violence in the city and the city has seen an increase in the number of homicide victims this year. >> it was a terrifying moment for a couple in west philadelphia when their home suddenly collapsed. half of the building crumbled to the ground and that couple had to watch as this happened.
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as crews demolished the rest of that building. sara bloomquist is live at the scene on the unit block of south ruby street and incredibly this couple was not injured today. >> brian that is right, they were not hurt and their home is now entirely leveled brought down in its entirety for fear the rest would collapse and lni is investigating and the couple that lived here lost absolutely everything. >> through the day contractors brought down what remained of the home on the unit block of ruby street and market in west philadelphia. this woman identified herself of the mother of the man that lived here. neighbors heard a cracking sound and the entire wall fell to the ground leaving the interior exposed. >> i heard like a mild earthquake, i was sitting on the porch like a creaking sound. >> the man that lived here was
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lying on a sofa downstairs and the cat started to act strangely and the woman came to the top of the stairs and the wall gave way leaving her dangling from the stairway. >> we heard the noise and saw the woman dangling on the steps and we pulled her out together. >> i climbed up the ball and helped her down and her husband down. >> later the couple's cat, baxter was rescued from an upstairs bedroom. the mural was part of a popular mural arts collection called a letter for you. some wonder if the construction next door contributed to the collapse. >> they probably dig too close messing up the structure of the house. >> i got off the phone from lni saying this house was not in great shape to begin with and part a row of homes, long ago
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the houses on either side were demolished compromising that one. and the couple could not even get it insured. >> live in west philadelphia, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. very comfortable wednesday afternoon underway weather wise as we get a check of the accuweather forecast, meteorologist, cecily tynan, is outside and in for adam. >> hi i think i want to stay outside for a while. gorgeous afternoon more sunshine than yesterday and gentle breeze. temperatures made to the low 80s. right now in philadelphia 81 degrees, and that is still 6 degrees below normal and if you look at areas to the north, new york city stuck in the 70s right now but with the breaks of sunshine pretty comfortable out there. and the evening planner showing another great evening. a good night, like last night,
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to open up the windows and turn off the air conditioning. by 9:00, 73 and 11:00, 71 degrees with nothing more than partly cloudy skies. how, things will be changing as we head toward the end of the week. double scan live radar showing a storm system over kansas and this is really pulling up a lot of moisture than will be moving our way by the end of the week. and the timing has changed since yesterday. it looks like most of the activity will be friday afternoon and friday night. and the severe storm prediction center put most of our viewing area under the risk of isolated severe weather and areas to the south could see more activity in the form of darthing winds and more details on that and what it means for your weekend coming up. >> thank you. a dump truck driver found himself in an odd and dangerous situation. the bed of the truck hit the wires as it pulled out of a construction site in voorhees camden counties.
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it dragged the whole power pole into the middle of the street and stayed upright. wires were rest aring on the truck and nobody was injured here. we have breaking news chopper 6 hd is live over a protest in winfield heights that is causing a bit of a problem during the rush hour. a group that advocates for people with disabilities is blocking the intersection at conshohocken and belmont avenues. this group is protesting what they call unsatisfily living conditions at a nearby residential facility for people with disabilities. we noticed dangerous activity by drivers in this area, people are driving around the protesters and down the sidewalk, many of them are in their disability chair out here for this demonstration. and at one point a car nearly hit a protester, that activity stopped once police arrived and now police are here as well. stay with and "action
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news" for any updates on this breaking story. >> obviously a situation. as the evening commute gets underway, on that note a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pellman is live now for us. >> lets not do what some of those drivers were doing. come visit us along monument road outside of channel 6. avoid monument instead. we like the numbers on the thermometer, numbers on the speedometer not as much. 5 miles per hour on the westbound side of the schuylkill by south street 12 on the eastbound side past montgomery drive. a crash on the platt bridge and that has cleared out and construction on the walt whitman bridge heading into south philadelphia. and also late running construction here in bucks county once again this afternoon. 95 northbound approaching the scutter falls bridge where the right lane is brocked and not a big delay at this point.
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as is the case most wednesday nights, in media state street is closed. traveling in delaware county. the state of delaware a crash on the southbound lanes of 95 the same spot we had one yesterday morning, just past mlk boulevard and speeds there in the single digits, i would use 495 southbound inside. lets grab the ipad and do the the commuter report. a crash in warminster close to norristown road near the rosemore shopping center and that may be clearing out of the way. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, a change in policy for the minneapolis police department in the wake of the shooting that killed a bride to be. plus, amazon is ready to hire thousands of new employees and a lost of those jobs are in our
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the senate was discussing what was called a skinny repeal package essentially getting rid of the the most unpopular parts of obama care, one of those elements would have been the individual mandate that requires people to be insured. the doctors and blue cross blue shield says that would only make insurance more expensive. within the last several seconds the senate voted not to repeal
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obama care without replacing it, that latest effort dead in the senate today. >> six weeks after he was shot and wounded during a congressional baseball practice. house majority whip steve scalise is released from the hospital. the republican was discharged and moved to inpatient rehab, a bullet went through his hip on june 14th when a man opened fire at a virginia baseball field and scalise is in good spirits and looking forward to going back to work. >> minneapolis police now must have their body cameras turned on when responding to all calls instead of certain situations. this comes in the wake of a deadly shooting that kill aid bride to be. justine damon called police to report a possible sexual assault happening behind her home and that led to the resignation of the police chief.
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>> what good is a camera if it is not being used when it may be needed the most. from this day forward in the minneapolis police department we want to add strength to our expectations, body worn cameras must be on. >> well, the new rule will take effect on sunday and police are quipping squad cars with technology to automatically turn the cameras on when money lights are being used. and amazon is gearing up for a major hiring event to fill 50,000 their jobs at 10 fulfillment centers. managers will hire people on the spot during amazon's jobs day and most full-time offering health insurance and retirement plans and other benefits. we have posted more information now on well, the college application process could be a grueling one making getting the
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acceptance letters more exciting but few are quite as unique as this. a school in china used a drone to deliver the good news to this student. the letter was hanging from the string and the delivery man was standing by with a big bouquet of flowers. >> i love that. good news in the sky. >> if it's a thin, small envelope that is bad news -- >> bad news, yes. in 20 years probably all mail will come that wayment an email straight to your brain. >> great day to fly a drone in our area. >> lets talk about baseball. a great night for a baseball game and phillies taking on the astros, first pitch 7:05, and the weather will cooperate. partly cloudy skies and comfortably cool at 7:00, 76 degrees and by 10:00, dropping down to 72. should be dry and low humidity
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and enjoy the evening, we can't keep this weather much longer. temperature-wise slightly warmer than yesterday. yesterday's high is 79 and made it up to 81 so far and allentown 78 and cape may 75 and reading 78 degrees, this summer so far is just slightly above normal as far as number of 90 degree days, to date the 30-year average is 18 days, so far this year we have had 20 days and do you remember back in 2010, seven years ago. that was the record the whole year 55 days in the 90s and to date they have 35 days, so it's been a little bit on the warm side and it hasn't been that brutal. satellite and radar showing now we are dry and as we look out to the west we have low pressure right now just to the south of omaha, what that will do it slide to the south as we head through the day on friday. than will bring us a lot of rain
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and the chance of severe storms. so tonight partly cloudy and another great night, good night for sleeping and let the breeze blow in. 68 in allentown and cape may 67 and wilmington also 67. tomorrow you'll notice a difference in the air mass, the humidity will be up a tic dew points in the 60s. and 9:00, 75 degrees and 1:00, 85 degrees and we have the risk of a few pop-up thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. future tracker 6 showing it's not that widespread. by 4:00 could get scattered storm as head of the low pressure and that moves in friday afternoon. the latest models are holding back the rain by eight hours, so it looks like friday morning just some clouds however, the afternoon is when things really begin to get intense with numerous showers and thunderstorms and the evening commute we could be dealing with localized flooding and strong gust we winds.
4:22 pm
tomorrow warm and muggy. 86 degrees and clouding up and a few pop-up thunderstorms and friday is the accuweather alert day and the potential for localized flooding and severe weather and 83 degrees, with the onset of the rain slower, slower to leave as well. some of that lingering into saturday morning. clearing and 79 degrees, friday is beautiful and 82 degrees and low humidity and let you know if that sticks around for next week for the accuweather forecast. >> thank you. >> students enrolled in summer programs at walnut street elementary school got a fun way to beat the heat today. the darby fire company visited the students to give them a fire safety lesson. the students took turns to use the fire hose and when they were done the firefighters gave the students a chance to cool down and play under the water. >> more than 140 children from west philadelphia are getting the summer camp experience of a lifetime. the students ages 7 to 12 headed
4:23 pm
off today for a day of nature study and swimming and arts and crafts, at camp lador in the poconos, the camp was made possible with the help of the salvation army:
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say hello to the newest americans, 50 people became u.s. citizens today during a naturalization ceremony at pennsbury manor. the manor is the historic home of william penn and the manor is happy to carry on the tradition because it shows diversity and the melting pot of america. an effort is underway to rename a street in north philadelphia after the legendry boxing champ joe frazier, a petition was launched by his daughter to rename glenwood aven avenue joe frazier boulevard. the philadelphia native is a hall-of-fame boxer who won
4:27 pm
olympic gold in 1964 and was awarded with a statue in 2015 and died of liver cancer in 2011. a fund raiser by two young girl will benefit the childrens hospital of philadelphia. former chop patients sophia and bronwyn are collecting toys for patients as they undergo treatment. all the toys will be delivered to chop at the end of the summer. >> great idea. >> still ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at 4:00. what we know about a campaign scheme that may involve congressman bob brady. and no more baby blankets from coffee. if you attend a baby shower we have a guide for things that moms to be really need.
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back. >> and officials in montgomery county say that this guy was not bringing flowers when visiting a hospital he was bringing heroin and even worse that patient is now dead. >> we begin with the investigation into corruption allegations involving a congressional primary race in philadelphia from 2012 after an aide to a judge running against bob brady claimed her boss was paid to drop out. what that can mean for the veteran congressman is vernon odom live outside of the federal courthouse what is the latest? >> reporter: this is a very complicated case and it remains unclear if veteran congressman bob brady is actually ensnared in a corruption scandal. >> this office does not comment on ongoing investigations. >> the question was about veteran congressman bob brady. he is under investigation by the fbi in the wake of a guilty plea
4:31 pm
by this woman. reverend carolyn cafnice. in 2012 she was a campaign aide for city judge jimmy moore who was challenging brady in the democratic primary but eventually $90,000 was transferred from brady's campaign to moore's when he dropped out of the race. >> she is guilty of falsifying reports and those reports related to the fact that one individual who was running for congress paid off the campaign expenses of his opponent in order to get his opponent to exit the race. >> today congressman brady's lawyer issued it statement saying he did nothing wrong and is cooperating and he purchased an extensive poll from candidate moore and hired his campaign manager to assist in the general election. if there was any wrong doing, by
4:32 pm
brady they need her and other aides to cooperate. >> it appears before the government could make a case against the congressman it would be necessary for people working for the congressman either these campaign cult ans or other people in the congressman's campaign to roll over and cooperate with the government. >> brady's potential problems have shocked other powerful democrats in the city. >> you don't know what the real story is. so prematurely commenting on things like that could blow up later down the road when you don't know all the facts. >> brian, congressman brady was in washington all day today and all reporter calls to his office referred questions about this story to his lawyer, jim eisenhower. live at the federal courthouse in center city.
4:33 pm
i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you vernon. a man is behind bars today accused of selling drugs to a montgomery county hospital patient who overdosed and died inside of the hospital room. 29-year-old travis suita was arraigned for a drug delivery resulting in death. on five different oceans surveillance video shows him arriving at einstein medical center where he sold pills and fentanyl to patient, sierra frederick. >> instead of coming home she was found dead of an overdose in a bathroom floor of her hospital room by a nurse that heard water running in her room. >> investigators say that einstein medical center has cooperated through the entire investigation that they arranged the drug sales through text messages.
4:34 pm
part of route 22 was shut down through the morning because of a mess of metal. the tractor trailer overturned at the route 30 bypass before 11:00 a.m. crew his to bring in a backhoe to right the truck and clean up the scrap metal. it was opened at 1:30 this afternoon and nobody was hurt and the accident is under investigation. it's on the cloudy side earlier today and turned out to be a nice afternoon. really nice. >> pretty comfortable. lets see if more is on the way cecily tynan joining us with the forecast. >> it stays comfortable tonight and then things change. that is all i can promise now if you plan your evening it's a great night to get outdoors, the next six hours we start at 5:00 holding at 80 degrees and temperatures gradually drop into the low 70s by 10:00, we have dew points in the low 70s and it's comfortable out there. like yesterday we had a few
4:35 pm
pop-up showers around tonight it's dry, let go to stormtracker 6 live double scan and show that you we are getting a nice break. on double scan however even when rain is not falling from the sky you get the runoff so we have a flood warning until 5:45 for northern cumberland county and southeast salem county this is for the morris river, including vineland and millville. and this is response to all the rain that has fallen since sunday especially sunday and monday night. and ta river is near flood stage can look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we have more rain on the way and i'll have details on that in the seven-day forecast. we want to bring you breaking news now earthier in the newscast we talked about allentown mayor, ed pawlowski and what is happening with him. he is holding a news conference now to address charges with him. >> i regret putting my trust in
4:36 pm
a manipulative man mike fleck many i trust the judicial system to sort out the facts and fiction and prove me to be the man i am to be. as the mayor of allentown and former candidate for the united states senate. i hope the presumption of innocence in this country holds true, i simply ask the same. to the people of allentown i know this is a frustrating time for all of us. to allentown city council and others in the political arena i am trusted by the voters to continue the renaissance of this great city. i believe that a mayor cho has shown historically he is right for the job and has the courage and backbone and not cave in to a false narrative for standing up for what is right and true is what leadership is all about. and i intend to demonstrate that
4:37 pm
mind set as i fight for the people of the city and as we move forward as a community. i have a job to do and will continue to do it. and that includes my candidacy for re-election. to my family and friends, i want it thank you all for standing with me. for supporting me through the difficult time and praying with me through this ordeal. i am forever grateful to all of your help and support. to my friends in the press i will only answer questions about our great city as we move forward. now there is no doubt going to be difficult days ahead and god willing i look forward to my day in court. the truth being told and the saga being over. thank you all for coming out. >> that is allentown mayor, ed pawlowski giving a news conference including an indictment unsealed against him alleging a pay to play scheme
4:38 pm
and the mayor says he did nothing wrong and he has a job to do and will continue to do it. and will not resign as the charges move forward against him. we'll continue to stream this at and we'll have more on this as "action news" continues this evening live at 5:00. well, a local nonprofit is making a difference in the lives of young people for decades and today we had the pleasure of hosting this very special group. girls inc. of philadelphia and southern new jersey spend the day at 6 abc studios empowering all girls to be strong, smart and bold. the 11 to 15-year-olds spent time with professionals like monica malpass, programming and art, and social media media team and managers, i was glad to take part in the event and meet the young ladies and thank you to maxine crooks for pulling off this day of mentoring here at 6
4:39 pm
abc. great group of girls. manna moner aid volunteer for one of his tireless efforts through the year. the organization honored steven coreman with the third annual day of caring. his closest friends and coworkers and family joined him at the manna kitchen in honor of his dedication and leadership over the last decade. a florida police officer put his life on the line to save the life of a misplaced reptile. monica malpass is live now with the details. >> this officer this previous training in handling and wrestling alligators literally it came if handy when he was called to help out with this gator on a doorstep he wanted to make sure the rep tail made it back to water. and how he took matters into his own hand and the tactic that doctors are using to make sure
4:40 pm
that those that suffer with sleep apnea are putting their cpac machines to good use. coming up on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. we'll see you then. >> thank you monica. a bucks county woman celebrated her 100th birthday and shared her secret to a long life with "action news." >> behave yourself and leave a good, clean life. >> all right behave yourself everyone. many sara worth was the guest of honor at the falls township senior center and wore a party hat and birthday sash and made a wish and blew out her candles, one birthday gift came from the nation's capital, look at this a letter from the white house and received a dish towel embroidered with the slogan, i'm not old i'm vintage. >> live a good clean life. look at that. we need more like her in the
4:41 pm
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damage but not as significantly as the damage to their ego, several will have to be replaced. they need to work out some more. >> a 3-year-old boy in minneapolis county battling eye cancer has a new best friend thanks to the make a wish foundation, this was the moment zachary met his new puppy for the first time. the cocker spaniel puppy arrived from atlanta today and donated by puppy spot. helps to match puppies with caring families and the family decided on the puppy's name and we'll call him or her, buttons. big talkers and the next time you take an uber you better look twice and check the seats and floor before you exit. because if you forget something and you want it back you'll pay a price. keys, phones and wallets and the like are the most common items left behind and now the uber
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item can return any of them to you for a charge. $15, many drivers would bring things back on their own time and decided to reward them for reuniting forgetful people and their stuff. the feature is rolling out in boston and chicago and a nation why thing by the enof the august. >> dimples a facial feature many adore, the natural darling incidented -- and the smile that plastic surgeons are creating for a price. designer dimples. they are all the rage with millennials and want to look like the favorite celebrities and having a pro create holes in your cheeks sets you back $800 to 28$2800. here are before and after shots from doctors that offer the dimpling.
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you should know that dimple placety and only requires local an tisha, they create it by creating scar tissue around it. >> i checked around the studio i have one dimple and brian has one but that is about it. maybe i'll go get the other one. >> that is it. classy. alicia thanks. lets get a check of of the roads today. everyone is looking for the dimple, i see t matt is here with the update. >> we are lacking in dimples an here and sometimes on the roosevelt boulevard a nasty accident seen here we are watching brian and sharrie involving a motorcycle. this is the northbound lanes of the boulevard extension approaching wissahickon avenue and ambulance is on the scene as is the fire truck and the two right lanes are blocked. this is a spot normally busy in the afternoon any way. and now jammed solid off the
4:47 pm
schuylkill with the delays from the crash spilling back on to 76 itself. and hunting park an alternate and lincoln another. over in winfield heights the police activity because of the protests going on along belmont avenue at conshohocken. take monument to get to belmont from city avenue. and restrictions in fishtown because of the big water main break and frankford avenue remains blocked off. front is a possible alternate. and a crash at franconia. and 30 lancaster avenue, i would stick with king road or 202 or sweedesford road as an alternate there. a crash in delaware 95 past mlk and one lane blocked and 495 southbound is a better bet in that location. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour.
4:48 pm
>> thank you my friend. cecily tynan is standing by with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up next. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once.
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it was a bit cloudy this morning and turned into a comfortable afternoon. >> seize it you say? >> yes, seize it because things change and you'll feel the difference in the air mass tomorrow. sky 6 hd looking at pens landing we have a few clouds out there but they are breaking for behinds of blue and some sunshine and very comfortable temperatures again. yesterday we had a lot more cloud cover and a few scattered showers and temperatures are stuck in the 70s. now, with just a few peeks of sunshine made it up to 81 if
4:51 pm
philadelphia and allentown 78 and cape may 74 degrees, it's a great night to go out for a jog. did you get your run in today? you guys go running? >> on a treadmill. >> no go outside! by 10:00 it drops down to 75. and we are dealing with a few clouds here and there and the thickest cloud cover here right now is east of philadelphia. we are still under the influence of high pressure but there is low pressure waiting in the wings and this storm system will cause problems on friday. just to the west of kansas city and as it moves to the east it will track just to the south. what that will do it bring us a lot of rain for the second half of the day. dry night and partly cloudy and 64 in the suburbs and 68 for center city and low humidity
4:52 pm
enjoy it. tomorrow more clouds and sunshine and you will feel the difference in the air mass. dew points rising up into the upper 60s and it is going to be on the humid side. 86 in philadelphia and allentown 82 and cape may 81 and atlantic city 80. and trenton 84 degrees could get a pop-up thunderstorm in the afternoon but the main event waits until friday. future tracker 6 showing friday morning will be dry with just clouds but as we head into the afternoon we'll see showers and thunderstorms popping up especially south of philadelphia continuing into friday evening. saturday morning early morning around midnight severe storms around the shore and a few lingering showers into saturday morning and skies clear by the afternoon. this is the take away for friday, friday afternoon and friday night. we are looking at heavy rain, 1 to 3 inches and scattered severe weather especially south closer to the low pressure and any
4:53 pm
severe storms could have damaging wind gusts the exclusive accuweather forecast seasonably warm and 86 degrees and a pop-up thunderstorm possible friday afternoon and friday night. 83 degrees and saturday early rain giving way to late breaks of sunshine and 79. and sunday should be fantastic, plenty of sunshine and low humidity and comfortableably cool and 82 degrees and next week looks like the first half of the week should be dry and we deserve it. temperatures begin to rise into the upper 80s and the time to watch will be friday afternoon. friday evening and i think the friday evening commute is a pretty big mess. >> you say we deserve it, adam tells us all the time we don't deserve it. >> you said we deserve the nice stretch of weather. >> next week yes. not the storms. >> practical baby shower gifts next in what's the deal.
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baby shower is the way to celebrate a mom to be and get the family set up for a new edition. and what to get as a guest and register for as an expectant mom and dad and one toddler mom is breaking it down and getting real. tony a mother in her 30s and the mom of two toddlers wrote a viral blog telling us in her opinion what she thinks we need. it's on scary mommy, no more baby blankets, a real life baby shower guide. they may not seem exciting they are practical. big box of all different kinds from triple a to and toys and swings you can never have enough in stock. get them a box of screw drivers
4:57 pm
and diapers in all sizes. and how is this for practical. three months of a cleaning service. why not give them a break. a spa gift certificate. love this one. to give the parents relaxation. and forget the newborn onesies, hammer says think bigger consider 3 t close when a little baby becomes a big kid and nobody is buying them a new wardrobe it's not that relaxing as we can all tell you, coffee beer and booze she says motherhood and fatherhood. >> there it is. >> i like the last one. now for brian taff, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. "action news" at 5:00 is next. i no longer live with
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which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv or any other medical conditions and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. it's the alleging pay for play scheme that rocked the lehigh valley. two federal officials face corruption, bribery, extortion
5:00 pm
and fraud. tonight the big news is the culmination of a four year investigation, five people are charged including allentown mayor, ed pawlowski accused of auctioning off contracts to the highest bidder. the mayor just spoke in the past half hour. john rawlins is live now. >> reporter: he made a statement and talked to reporters and didn't take questions but his attorney did. actually today's indictment affect two pennsylvania cities 35 miles apart and in both cases those that were at the top of the food chain were also in the middle of two different conspiracies. >> pawlowski and spencer essentially put a for sale sign up at city hall in allentown and reading. >> allegations leveled at vaughn spencer and ed pawlowski. among the reading allegations on


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