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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  July 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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corruption, bribery, extortion and fraud. tonight the big news is the culmination of a four year investigation, five people are charged including allentown mayor, ed pawlowski accused of auctioning off contracts to the highest bidder. the mayor just spoke in the past half hour. john rawlins is live now. >> reporter: he made a statement and talked to reporters and didn't take questions but his attorney did. actually today's indictment affect two pennsylvania cities 35 miles apart and in both cases those that were at the top of the food chain were also in the middle of two different conspiracies. >> pawlowski and spencer essentially put a for sale sign up at city hall in allentown and reading. >> allegations leveled at vaughn spencer and ed pawlowski. among the reading allegations one dubbed ironic.
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>> vaughn spencer was bribing the president of city council francisco acosta to draft legislation to repeal an anti-corruption statute. >> in allentown city hall a larger scheme, six people close to the mayor pleaded guilty k u including mike fleck. how did they work? in one incidence they said she moved a woman from her job because she did not favor a company because she did not pay to play. >> and they destroyed her score sheet and changed the numbers so the preferred company won the bid. an entirely rigged process. >> the popular mayor not stepping down and saying he is continuing his campaign for a fourth term in office. late this afternoon he said this. >> i have done nothing wrong.
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nor have i ever personally accepted a dime beyond my salary as mayor and not accepted anything but legal cam pennsylvania contributions and no way shape or form was city hall ever up for sale. >> so, the mayor will stay the course. and run for re-election here despite that some one time close associates may testify against him. he did not take questions, his well known attorney, jack mcmahon did talk to reporters today his contention is based on the testimony of two individuals including mr. fleck the political consultant and what they did they did it without the mayor's knowledge that he had no idea that these sorts of crimes may have been going on. john rawlins, channel 6 "action
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news." >> all right thank you. now, to developing news in washington. in the past hour, the senate rejected a gop proposal to repeal the affordable care act and give congress two years to figure out a replacement. failed after the so-called repail and replace bill was also shut down, now senate republicans are expected to launch into a voting frenzy dismantling parts of president obama's health care law. and now the fallout to major change to military policy. trump says that transgender people will no longer be allowed to serve in the military and lawmaker are responding to the sudden notice. we are tracking reaction and are joined with more from washington.
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>> reporter: this is a major reversal from president obama's policy that caught capitol hill and the pentagon off guard. the president' twitter feed overshadowing senate republicans efforts to overhaul obama care. announcing 140 characters at a time that the u.s. government will not allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military citing tremendous medical costs and disruptions. >> i want a strong vibrant military and to be fair and the best way is to have a hearing not a tweet. >> the white house insists this was a military decision and not the an easy one to make. >> it's an expensive and disruptive policy. >> some are welcoming the change. >> we can't afford $1.5 billion over the years to go to sex reassignment surgery. >> i think it's shameful to
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divide americans in the face of their service and sacrifice for his political gain. >> the change is a huge blow to president obama's legacy of reversing sexual discrimination in the arms forces and 69 years after harry trueman deseg rated the military. >> doing it on the 69th anniversary of president truthan's integration of the military say particular slap in the face. choosing those that serve on other grounds, is social policy and has no place in our military. channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you. a 14-year-old girl says she
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narrowly escape aid masked man that tried to take her in browns mills, burlington county. it happened at 6:00 p.m. at new york road in the presidential lakes area and the teen drove up in a brown ford ranger pick up and demanded she get in the truck and at that point she turned and ran and the truck took off. the police say that the teen did the right thin. >> do not get into vehicles that may pull up to you, definitely it there is an incident the best thing to do is what this little girl did last night, run and get away, and people you trust in the area go to them but definitely walk in pairs that is what we are asking people to do. police hope that somebody saw something and will provide a helpful tip to get the person responsible off the street. new at 5:00 tonight. the man from doylestown turned himself in after being charged with possession of child pornography. they traced files of child pornography shared online to
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christopher mullen's computer. they found the computer with more than 200 files of child porn on it. he was released on $75,000 bail. right now city officials are trying to figure out how a house suddenly collapsed with people still in it. it hatched at 4:45 a.m. at ruby street in west philadelphia. the homeowner is lying on a downstairs sofa when his cat began to act strangely and his girlfriend heard creaking and rushed to the top of the stairs and the wall and ceiling gave way. >> we heard a scream and there was a lady dangling from the steps on the second floor and we crawled up the side of the wall and both of us pulled her out together. >> neighbors describe the sound of the collapse as an earthquake, amazingly nobody was hurt and the house was once an attached row home but the houses on either side were torn down
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years ago leaving the building structurally compromised. right now three occasion county beaches are closed because of elevated bacteria. recent storms are to blame. nora muchanic has more on what this means. >> in beachwood, ocean county swimling is off limits to becamers because of high bacteria levels in the water, this beach along the toms river will not be open until it doesn't have a threat to make people sick. >> we know the water has concentrations this high would be a threat to public health. >> one of three currently closed in ocean county. another 31 beaches in ocean and cape may counties are under advisory because the bacteria counts exceeded the limits and the recent rains are likely to blame and the runoff flushes out storm water systems dumping chemicals and bird droppings
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into the water. on pine beach road the levels are ten times the acceptable limit they found just two people on the beach. >> definitely not good, it doesn't sound safe. i had no idea they said it's alarming and should have a sign up to warn people. >> i don't want to go in there and i don't want to get in. >> water quality is testifying every week at 200 ocean and bay beach as long the coast and tourism is big business if new jersey and having clean safe swimming water is a must if the ocean county health department does some sampling for the state. the beach is closed if two consecutive samples exceeds the state standards. >> we take it in two places to give us a bigger sample size good i hope they keep testing and they know and have a choice. officials say the spike in beach
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closings is unusual and beaches will be reopen as soon as they get the all clear. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> all right time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report. wednesday night. >> lets take it live no matt pellman in the traffic center. >> hi monica and rich no day on the beach. we have a motorcycle crash on the roosevelt boulevard extension approaching wissahickon, it's not here anymore all three lanes are open but extra heavy off the schuylkill to the earlier scene with speeds on the schuylkill itself slowing down because of the boulevard delays, just 8 miles per hour on the westbound side of 76 and 13 on the eastbound side those delays should start to ease soon and it will take a few more minutes to work themselves out. philadelphia downed wires at oregon avenue at 20th street by the cvs to watch out for and a crash along 422 westbound near stowe. single digit speeds in the wake
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of that crash. stay on 724 or ben franklin highway as an alternate but the wreck in wilmington has careered but speeds clear from the concord pike. we'll check it again in the next half hour. next up, a florida police officer take a beast of a problem in his own hands and it's all caught on camera. the new tactic that doctors using to make sure sleep apnea sufferers are using the life saving cpac machines. and jeff skversky is at eagles training camp. >> hey guys the eagles cutting ties with two veteran players and why carson wentz was not on the field for practice and we'll hear from wentz that and much more in sports . >> i'm tracking the run of humidity and the next chance of
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storms when "action news" returns.
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outside of the front door there. when the officer called for backup he was told that a professional trapper was a half hour away and would probably kill the gator. he learned how to handle the gator and took matters into his own hands to rescue the gator and wrestled it down and taped the mouth shot and brought it to a body of water for safe relief. how about that. >> wow. health check tonight zika virus is making headlines, the texas may have the first days of the virus spread by a local mosquito. ali gorman is at big board with the details. >> they say this was just a matter of time and last year there were 200 locally spread cases in the u.s. and most in florida and texas. the recent patient appears to be the first local case this year but we are just getting into the peak season for mosquitos, the main concern is for pregnant
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women and if mosquitos here are carrying the virus and they are infected and the baby could be born with severe birth defects and the patient is no longer at risk to trang trance foreing it back to other mosquitos. they stepped up to test mosquitos in south texas. half of the people with sleep apnea given a cpac device don't use it. doctors at national jewish health in denver are change that by showing them video of their own struggle total breathe, taken in the hospital sleep lab. >> it it made me cry, watching it still seeing vivid in my mind what my body was going through at night. >> we create a critical sense of urgency in the patient to change the behavior. >> it didn't work as well
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because those people don't think their problem is that bad. the study of the video got people using their cpac and for longer periods. more positive use about the mediterranean diet. they found it and another version of it the mind diet is best when protecting the brain from age related thinking problems, the mediterranean diet including fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts and fish and olive oil. what is limited with the diets are the not so healthy foods on the right side, red meat, butter and stick margarine and cheese and pastries and fried and fast foods, those are to be eaten in moderation. >> thanks ali. a major pay cut that a fortune 500 ceo has him do as they try to recoup from a sales crisis and a new prescription from local doctors to improve the health and wellness of local
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for special offers now. the ceo of nike is taking a huge pay cut as the company tries to recover interest weak sales and sinking stock prices,
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mark parker's pay is being slashed 71% down to $14 million. that sounds like a big paycheck but he took home $47 million last year. other top executives at nike are seeing pay cuts, they announced last month they will layoff more than 1,000 workers as they deal with slumping sales. >> coca cola is giving their coke zero a makeover. the new coca cola sugar has a new look it tweaked the recipe a bit and is calorie and sugar free and most closely resembles coca cola classic. and doctors are spending more time out with a program called nature phl. doctors in cobb's creek and roxborough use the program to help them discover parks near them they hope that nature phl will help individuals improve
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their health and wellness by spending time at local parks. >> there is a huge indication that not moving enough affect the the brains and hearts and muscle in our sleep. >> they predict that 100,000 children will participate in the program over the next three years. >> great idea. still to come "check of the forecast for you. looking live outside sky 6 hd showing auto pretty picture from cape may, new jersey. cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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sounds like we'll like the accuweather forecast. cecily tynan at the weather center. he said yesterday take the dog for a walk. which i did. >> wow. >> but it was comfortable enough that even i enjoyed it. >> i'm impressed i have been here 22 years and that is the first time you followed my advice. she was watching tv -- >> today is a great night to walk the dog or head over to talon energy center. an hour ago i gave the phillies fans love and now the union fans getting love at 7:30 tonight. the union will be taking on columbus crew and the weather is looking fantastic.
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if you head there 7:00 partly cloudy and winds on the light side 76 degrees and 10:00 as you leave the stadium pretty comfortable. partly cloudy and 72 degrees with the low humidity. enjoy the evening. right now philadelphia holding at 81 degrees, but all of our other locations not climbing out of the 70s. cape may 74 and allentown 78 and wilmington 79 and the poconos 68 degrees, comfortably cool out there. and this summer as far as 90 degrees days we are running slightly above normal. the average is 18 days and this year 20 days. you remember seven years ago that was a record. the entire year 55 days of temperatures in the 90s and to date 35 days and some of those days we had a heat index above 110. pretty brutal. satellite 6 along with action radar showing us a different scene here now. comfortably cool and cloud cover
5:27 pm
spilling over a ridge of high pressure but if you look the west you see the conveyer belt of most your that is with low pressure heading to the south on friday and what that will do it bring us clouds and bring us some rain and perhaps severe weather. tonight a quiet night partly cloudy and comfortable again. 68 in philadelphia and allentown 64 and cape may 67 and wilmington the same. and tomorrow we begin to heat up and we bring back the muggies. a warm front moving through and cloud cover and it gets humid and temperatures rising up into the mid-80s by 3:00, 86 degrees and pop-up shower or thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. by 3:30 scattered activity and friday morning looks dry and lots of clouds and that low pressure moving to the south brings us a chance of gusty thunderstorms friday afternoon. the best chance of severe weather will be south of philadelphia. 86 degrees and more muggy and a
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pop of a thunderstorm and friday is the accuweather alert day. thunderstorms potential for localized flooding and severe weather and 83 degrees, saturday transition and rain in the morning. 79 degrees beautiful and 82, and mostly sunny and 86 and the dry trend continues into the middle of next we're, we'll talk about that the next half hour. i work overtime when i can get it. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i need to cut my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® works like my body's insulin. releases slow and steady.
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dizziness or confusion. ask your health care provider if you're tresiba® ready. covered by most insurance and medicare plans. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. the late afternoon vote on another health care bill this one repeals major parts of the affordable care act without providing a replacement. details coming up and he died in the line of duty nearly three years ago and now the fallen nypd officer is a new father after his widow gave birth to a baby girl. and what supers trying to do
5:31 pm
to make joe frazier boulevard a reality. the late et on investigation of corruption allegations in the 2012 congressional race in philadelphia. an aide to a judge running against long time congressman bob brady says her boss was paid to drop out. vernon odom is live outside of the courthouse with the story for us tonight. >> reporter: good evening monica, in many political circles he known as the boss. the durable 10 term congressman robert p. brady the question is he caught in the fbi's headlights? >> the office does not comment on ongoing investigations. >> the question was about veteran congressman, bob brady, he is under investigation by the fbi in the wake a guilty plea by this woman. reverend carolyn. she admitted to her role and
5:32 pm
trying to conceal it. she was an aide of jimmy moore challenging brady in the primary but eventually $90,000 was transferred from accounts -- >> and falsifying the reports and reports related to the fact that one individual who was running for congress, paid off the campaign expenses of his opponent in order to get his opponent to exit the race. >> today congressman brady's lawyer issued this statement saying he did nothing wrong and is cooperating. that his campaign committee purchased a former poll and hired his campaign manager to assist in the general election. legal expers say if there was wrong doing by brady they need her or other aides to cooperate. >> it appears to be that before the government could make a case
5:33 pm
against the congressman, it would be necessary for people working for the congressman, either these campaign consultants or other people in the congressman's campaign to roll over and cooperate with the government. >> reporter: brady's potential problems shocked other powerful democrats. >> i know him and he is a great guy and did great things for the city and has been a great congressman. >> rick, congressman bob brady was in washington all day deferring all questions to his lawyer, jim eisenhower. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news" at the federal course in center city. >> thank you. developing news from washington tonight. as the senate has just voted on yet another health care proposal. a short time ago senators rejected a bill to repeal major
5:34 pm
parts of obama care without a replace. it was 45-55, the second major piece of health care to fail in as many days meaning the two major plans are now dead. >> sure we should replace obama care i am advocating that from the beginning but we have to figure out what the replacement is, and the only way to be forced is if we repeal it. if we do not repeal is today. there is no imtuesday for either side to work on replacing it. they are launch a vote-arama. voting on an up limited number of replacements. and a skinny repeal including to remove the independent mandate and device makers. >> and protesters showed up outside of blue cross blue
5:35 pm
shield headquarters to urge the company to stay in the affordable care's exchange. saying that with all the uncertainty he is not sure it can happen. >> health care say human right! >> blue cross blue shield is on the exchange in philadelphia. it's their hope that the government leaders commit to stabilizing the market and find a workable and bipartisan solution. house majority whip, steve scalise critically wounded last month is discharged from the hospital. the six term louisiana republican will begin rehabilitation at another facility. he and four others were wounded on june 14th when a gunman opened fire at a congressional baseball practice. and scalise was struck in the hip but it tore into several organs. the capital opened fire killing
5:36 pm
the gunman. the critically ill patient in britain under a legal battle. if he don't they will move him to hospice tomorrow. charlie guard's parents were in court looking to bring him home for the final moments and now he will be transferred to a hospice unless an agreement is made for alternate arrangements by noon tomorrow. earlier this week they gave up the fight to bring him to the u.s. for treatment after a new scan revealed that nothing more can be done. >> new policy changes are coming to the minneapolis police department body camera laws after the recent shooting death of a bride to be. the acting police chief announced that body cameras must be activated when police respond to a call. the camera worn by the officer
5:37 pm
who shot justine demon. she reported a possible sexual assault, two officers respond and and when she approached the police car she was shot. >> it's a tough 10 days tough 10 days for the city and particularly for justine's family. >> from this day forward in the minneapolis police department we want to add strength to our expectations. body worn cameras but me on. >> the officers will still have to manually turn on their body cams but they are investing in new technology that would automatically activate the cameras. a rehoboth man is arrested for his fifth dui after crashing a may bed with his 2-year-old son on his lap. police say that 48-year-old was riding the moped around the sierra mobile home park when he lost control boney and the
5:38 pm
2-year-old flew off the vehicle. he was treated and booked for his fifth dui and is behind bars on $17,000 cash bond. police spent the morning dealing with a frightening situation and a resident told him armed intruders were holding him hostage inside of the home that he was having amen tal health episode. on welsh way as it was unfolding it started before 8:30 this morning. you see the man hanging out the upstairs window talking to police. officers say he was armed with a handgun, during the negotiations the man's wife walked out of of the front door of the home unharmed and a short time later the man surrenders, and it turns out there was no intruders. >> a major road in chester county had to be shut down after a tractor trailer with scrap metal overturned on route 322 by the route 30 bypass and edges
5:39 pm
mill road. crew his to bring in heavy equipment to right the vehicle and the road finally reopened at 1:30 this afternoon. >> a north philadelphia street could bear the name of a legendry philadelphia boxing champ. a petition is underway to rename glenwood avenue no joe frazer boulevard. his daughter launched the petition. the philadelphia native is an olympic bomb erwining gold in 1964 and he was awarded a statyou by the city at 2015. and died in 2011. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report midweek. >> we are fighting big delays chester via the blue route 7 miles per hour heading to the phils game 18 miles per hour on the eastbound side of the
5:40 pm
schuylkill expressway. in south philadelphia downed wires in oregon avenue near 20th at the ritas. and good spot to avoid. and check this red mess the vine street expressway jammed solid in both directions by the schuylkill expressway and the vine closed tonight at 11:00 for overfight construction. and construction crews ran late this afternoon in bucks county on bucks county 95, right up there picking up their cones now back up. you'll find slowing as you come northbound passing newtown to this point at new hope and the scutter falls bridge. and jammed on the westbound side of 422 it looks like the crash near stowe is off to the side and 11 miles per hour as you travel westbound near the pottstown area. dining under the stars and state street is closed throughout the evening and baltimore avenue one possible alternate. back over to you. still to come on "action news" tonight. the widow of an nypd officer
5:41 pm
actually gives birth to the baby girl three years after the death after the amazing event became possible. and words of wisdom from a woman that thoughs the secret to a long and happy life. and cecily tynan has the latest from the accuweather center. >> it was a comfortable day, yesterday's high 79 and today 82 degrees, i'm tracking the return of warmer and more humid air and storms i'll have details on the timing in the accuweather forecast. >> and day three of eagles training camp and jeff skversky will join us live from the nova care complex with all the day's sports.
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the widow of a fallen police debt gave birth to his child two years after he died. lui was gunned down in 2013 and became a dad when his wife delivered their daughter, angelina. sammy got pregnant through in vitro fertilization. two south jersey families
5:45 pm
endured several months of uncertainty after a massive fire got a wonderful surprise from the member of the harlem globetrotters. ace jackson came in and both lost their homes in a blaze in wildwood and are still displaced today. they gave them vip tickets to their upcoming game at the wildwoods convention center and show them a few tricks. >> that was sweet. time for a check of sports, day three of the eagles training camp. jeff skversky is joining us live with more. >> reporter: hi guys, the day before the eagles first full squad workout they are making a couple roster moves cutting ties with marcus smith, he will be forever labored a bust. and trading alan barber to denver for a late round pick in
5:46 pm
2019 and named isaac the starting left guard. and eagles quarterback, carson wentz getting a rare day off. they are managing went . he wants to get your two running in the right direct. and frank wright gave him sound advice. >> don't try to do too much. this thing say marathon. not just a marathon season but a marathon career and you got to have a stead why eye and focus on the daily process and staying commitmented to that. and not getting too carry add way with everything else. >> this year not just the offseason but 16 games under my belt going through the whole season and knowing what to expect and getting the experience and coming through the offseason as the number one guy and getting the opportunities mentally like i said, it's a whole different
5:47 pm
pla place. >> one of wentz's big target is matt hollands. with a ton of depth sever hollands a fourth round pick is doing everything he can to get playing time. >> you have to compete. no matter who is out there. that is my job to compete and not be a rookie or vet, i'm here to compete and makes plays. >> he say better receiver than most people give him credit for and i think he'll help the team in a lot of ways. >> baseball now. phillies have activated alter. he is starting against the astros, not herrera. he is benched tonight and the phillies are upset because guess what? he flipped tis bat again in the
5:48 pm
first inning and did not run out a play later in the game and pulled in the sixth and growing frustration with herrera in the phillies clubhouse and best wishes to former star, darren dalton, they are wishing dutch the best of luck we are told that darren dalton. once again suffering from brain cancer. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." lets go back to the studio. >> thank you. quick break and accuweather when we come right become. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year.
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here is one bay to deal with a parked car in your way. firefighters were trying to get down the street but didn't have enough room to get by the smart car and they used plain old muscle to get it out of the way and got in their fire truck and went back to work. tomorrow is actually going to change. >> thought one more good night. >> it will get warm and humid but tonight is good. the action cam is out and about in northern liberties looking up at the piazza, and more sunshine after clouds this morning.
5:52 pm
despite the fact that the day is dry, it's a flood warning extended until 5:45 thursday for parts of cumberland and salem county, this is the morris river. the problem is that there is so much rain since sunday night, even though it's dry, you get the runoff and they are expecting minor flooding because of all the runoff and we have more rain on the way. lets take you over and show you what is going on now on stormtracker 6 live double scan dry for now and getting the flooding thanks to the rain that is already fallen. friday is really the day i'm watching for the potential of more wet weather, right now it's really nice out there. philadelphia 81 down from the high of 82 degrees, 5 degrees below normal. allentown and reading and lancaster, cape may a comfortably cool 73 and trenton 76, satellite and radar showing lots of cloud cover earlier today and the cloud cover is
5:53 pm
lifting to the northern and partly cloudy tonight and the storm system waiting in the wings. the storm itself is over kansas right now and you see the spin and it slides to the south of us on friday. and that will bring potential for wet and stormy weather. tonight great night and partly cloudy and comfortable and 64 to 68 degrees, another nice night tore sleeping and you feel the difference in the air mass it gets more humid with dew points rising near 70 and warmer and 86 if philadelphia and allentown 82 and cape may 80 and wilmington 84 degrees. clouding up in the afternoon and could get a few pop-ups and the main activity waits until friday. future tracker 6 showing at 3:00 a lot of showers and thunderstorms erupting especially south of philadelphia. and then that will continue into late friday night and even saturday morning could have lingering showers. this is what to expect on friday, the potential for heavy rain, 1 to 3 inches and the ground is is the rated and we
5:54 pm
could see flash flooding and scattered severe weather especially south of philadelphia closer to the low pressure and severe weather means we could have potential for damaging wind gusts and it all clears out on saturday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow it's warmer and muggy and a couple pop-up in the afternoon and not widespread, 86. friday the morning looks dry and the potential for severe weather and localized flooding in the evening and afternoon hours and some rain could last into early saturday morning and late breaks of sunshine a cool 79 and sunday should be spectacular and dew points in the 60s. lots of sunshine and 82 degree, if you like today you'll like sunday 86 and tuesday and wednesday it warms up and gets more humid and it looks like we'll be rain free for the first half of next week. that is the good news. the weekend is looking nice and rain on saturday. quick break and more to come when "action news" continues
5:55 pm
tonight. >> we'll be back. i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls... to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business. comcast business.
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he gets things done stevfor south jersey.o tell you don't believe him. because steve sweeney gets things done for himself, for the special interests who pay for his campaigns, and definitely for chris christie. but steve sweeney doesn't get things done for you. unless you count cutting education funding, raising the gas tax, and sending more of your tax dollars off to trenton instead of south jersey. if you're tired of typical politics, stop electing typical politicians like steve sweeney.
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>> a big birthday party if bucks county for sara worth she is 100 years old today. friends and family helped her celebrate at the senior center and she got gifts including a towel, that read i'm not old i'm vintage. we asked her the key to living a long life. >> behave yourself and live a good clean life. the center celebrated with the pink and yellow decorate the cake and chocolate chip cookies. >> i heard her monica, live a good clean life. >> i'll live to 100. >> we'll see. i'm rick williams have a good night.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. the big story on "action news" tonight is the indictment of two mayors on federal corruption charges. allentown mayor, ed pawlowski and former reading mayor, vaughn spencer are charged with multiple counts of bribery and fraud. john rawlins is live in
6:00 pm
allentown where pawlowski just spoke and he insisted he has done nothing wrong. >> he vehemently denies it, that a one time friend is lying and the government says no the mayor was at the center of a conspiracy. >> by steering contracts and other work to companies and entities for. change for political contributions. >> in separate but similar allegations, the feds charged vaughn spencer the former current of reading and ed pawlowski. six have plead guilty including his one time consultant mike fleck. they claimed that he removed an honest bid evaluator from her job when she did not favor the company the mayor wants because it was willing to pay to play. >> they destroyed her score


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