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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  July 27, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news this noon. a terrifying scene at a state fair when a ride break as part in midair. and the latest from nation's capital where there is growing
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controversy over the ban on transgender people on the military. and the big story is the investigation into two overnight carjackings that appeared to be related. the second happened outside of a northeast philadelphia bank. we know that two men are in custody and one police officer is under review for firing his gun during the arrest. we are live now in rhawnhurst where the gunman opened fire near a residential neighborhood. >> reporter: at this hour. as we speak police are questioning the two suspects arrested in the two carjackings it started at midnight and ended with one shot fired by the police officer and the two suspects found hiding in the park. >> this neighborhood is surprisingly eventful. >> residents process the news, this afternoon police are still trying to piece together the details of two overnight carjackings that led to a gunshot fired by a philadelphia
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police officer outside of this park in rhawnhurst. >> let me make this clear we are not sure if the people that committed the carjacking were in the car we suspect that but need to nail that down. >> police say that a tuscon was stolen. >> the occupants got out of that car and carjacked a security guard working the evening hours outside of the bank they took items from him and his keys and his car. >> and the carjackers took off with the cars. and both the officer and the suspect got out of their vehicle. >> the male in the camry exited the camry and pointed a firearm at the officer. a brief chase ensued and ended when the officer lost the suspect. responding officers are now canvassing the park happened
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upon the male in the park and they arrest him without incident. >> and a second suspect was found hiding from the police. >> on the perimeter of the park. >> even hours after the arrests were made police were seen still searching for the suspect's weapon. the first one that is not yet been recovered. moving forward the two police departments in fairless hills and philadelphia police will be working together to try to piece together what happened if if these two incidents. reporting live channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a large fire tore through this house killing one man inside. the flames broke out after 2:00 a.m. on the 600 block of garfield avenue in abington. firefighters found the 69-year-old man on the floor. katherine scott will have more
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from the scene in the next half hour. allentown's mayor is due to court at 1:30 this afternoon. the democrat is accused of bribery and fraud and a pay to play scheme. he says welcomes his day in court to prove he is innocent and a separate and similar alligation the feds charged former reading mayor, vaughn spenc spencer. accuweather is tracking changes and it will get more humid outside as we look live outside from sky 6 hd at the commodore barry bridge and a rick of a storm or two popping up in the region. david murphy has a first check of the forecast. >> as you take a look at satellite, cloud cover is filling in and we expect sunny breaks at times and eventually we'll watch the rain to the northern and west and the same instability will transfer in our direction. temperatures right now are on the warm side, 76 in trenton and 76 in beach haven, and cape may.
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and philadelphia 78 as in wilmington. in the morn areas not quite as warm and 74 in reading. as we go through the rest of the afternoon we'll continue to warm. 84 by 2:00 and by 4:00, 86 degrees, that is your high, holding the 80s into 80s tonight. also, notice there are clouds and sunny breaks and the addition of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. this looks like it is constantly raining and the only reason i designed this way there could be a storm and most of the time there will not be, we are looking at the potential of severe weather and this is isolated. yesterday the storm prediction center had us under the yellow a higher level of warning. this is the lowest we get and if storms do populater today and tonight we could wind up with an isolated strong thunderstorm or two. even more action tomorrow in the forecast, a change for saturday. those of you without door plans,
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you might not like. coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you. in the nation's capital, questions are swirling over what happens next after the president's abrupt decision to pan transgender people from serving in the military. it's been 24 hours and the white house has not revealed how they plan to enforce the ban. we are following this, the latest developments live in washington. >> reporter: well sara, that announcement surprised even the president's top advisers and it's unclear what comes next. >> at bankrupt reversal leading to immediate out rain. >> not just an attack on transgender americans and military members and an attack on the military all together. >> president trump announced sweeping military policy changes for transgender military member.
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>> i don't know why he did it the way he did but the right way is to have a hearing and hear from both sides. >> he called the move backward and harmful to american values and also bad for national security. >> the president has not spoken a word about the decision or why he made it but the white house insisting. >> this is a very expensive and disruptive policy. but a study shows no effect. while spending on active duty service member, increased one tenth of 1%. calling it another broken policy by president trump. >> i will do ever in my power to protect our lgbt citizens. >> and abc news got a hold of a
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memo from a top commander showing there are no modifications to current policy at this point and continue to treat all personnel with respect. channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you. the nation's top prosecutor is traveling out of the country as his future remains in doubt. attorney general, jeff sessions left or el salvador to address gang violence after a week of public scorn from president trump. the president called him weak and criticized him from recusing himself from the russian investigation. well, after two back to back failures, senate republicans will try again to pass the health care bill this time they will try the skinny repeal. that leaves much of the affordable care act in place and undo most of it's unpopular elements. the legislation is in the works
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but would likely repeal the individual and employer mandates but experts say it would leave millions of uninsured and cause a rise in premiums. >> in the race governor kim guadagno announces her running meat. and eagles training camp kicks in high gear, they hold their first practice this afternoon and fans have a chance to see the action this saturday morning, when they hold a practice open to the public at lincoln financial field they are getting ready for their first preseason game against the packers in green bay. still to come tragedy in oef ohio. where a man died after being
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thrown from a broken ride at the state fair. and more on the pop star justice bieber hitting a paparazzi with his car.
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investigators are trying to figure out how a ride at the ohio state fair broke apart in midair and left one person dead and seven others injured. one victim was found 50 feet away from the ride. three are in critical condition and the fair reopened but all the rides are shut down. >> the fair is about the best thick things in life and with this accident it becomes a terrible, terrible tragedy. >> they say that this particular ride passed inspection. they are checked several times when they are set up. >> a suspect in fbi custody now after a death on a cruise ship. that a 39-year-old woman from utah died after a domestic dispute on the emerald princess. witnesses say they heard a woman scream from balcony and a man
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threatening to jump overboard. all 4500 passengers were interviewed before being allowed off the ship. >> justin bieber was caught on video accidentally striking a paparazzi last night. as the 23-year-old left the parking lot he collided with the photographer and did stay on the scene for 10 minutes and the injuries were not life tl life-threatening of this after he canceled the rest of his tour due to unforeseen circumstances. new video of a helicopter crew lifting a 12-year-old boy and his father to safety after being trapped by flash flooding in arizona. among eight hikers that got stuck on a cliff. most of the group was rescued on sunday and they had to wait for the next day to safely reach father and son. >> coming up a new study says
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in pennsylvania your utilities will go up if approved to close the hole in the $2 billion state bunt and includes higher taxes on consumers utility bills and a tax on shale natural gas drilling. it faces an uncertain future in the house. one of philadelphia's best known restaurants settled a class action lawsuit filed by a former server angry about sharing her tips. the hob agreed to pay $32,000 to current and former employees. the worker was fighting a suit that she believed was unfair. health check this noon, a new study about antibiotics they say is wrong.
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a report in the british medical journal says that opinions should stop taking the drugs once they feel better. and bodies can build up resistance when taking medications longer than necessary. in today's art of aging not everybody's career follow a straight line. here is the forry of one entrepreneur whose journey later in life brought him worldwide recognition. >> in the basement of a quaint country church in pa. >> this knocks me out. gregory learned about preserves from his neighbors on staten island. >> they asked if i would help in the summer and by the end of the summer i made my first batch of spiced peach. >> after spending most of his life in retail he returned to marmalades and preserves. and he entered his into
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britain's most prestigious contest. >> and low and behold i won. >> they make jar and label and ship the fruits of their labor. >> it's ready. >> and coming soon craft cocktail marmalades and salad dressings many the awards keep pouring in for gregory benjamin products but the prize for the creator is more personal sfwli wake up every day and i can't wait to put my feet on the grown, i am one of the luckiest people i know. >> the best story is people that go i don't like marmalade and you say try mine and what happens. >> they take two jars. >> you can find them throughout the area. >> "action news" is working on news stories tonight at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is live with a
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look ahead. >> coming up at 4:00, a story that effects women who have babies later in life and look into freezing something else instead of eggs. and from slips to slips, a wildly popular happy hour tradition resolves in kicks and punches in center city. and if you need incentive to exercise there is an app for that, a company getting people to workout one reward at a time. >> thank you. we'll check accuweather when "action news" comes right back.
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david back with the accuweather forecast. it's gray out there this morning. >> may see sunny breaks and not
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raining yet and stormtracker 6 live double scan right now shows most of our rain well up to the north above the poconos as we take a look out on the action cam beautiful pictures coming in along the wissahickon creek you see the gray sky mainly overcast today reflected in the water. and 78 is your current temperature and we are starting to see that rise. the dew point has really climbed. we were down around 60, on the air on our morning show. getting up close to the 70 degree threshold. winds south-southwest at 15 miles per hour. and numbers across the region, 73 and 74 in reading and upper 70s in the i 95 corridor and upper 70s in cape may and atlantic city. in terms of rain, cloud cover occasionally giving way to sunny
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breaks. we'll start to see the possibility of a spotty shower and perhaps an isolated thunderstorm. all the way up to 7:00 there is more on the model run as late as 11:00, 11:30, i do want you to take cover from any storms. because some of them could be strong. 82 and a spotty storm around in the lehigh valley. you hear thunder and head into lower floors. be on the beach as long as it's not raining and you hear the thunder and get clear pretty quick. and most of our ocean front area more like 80 and low current risk today. 86 in philadelphia and much more humid than it was this morning and continuing that pattern. clouds and sunny breaking cannot be ruled out. a spotty storm is not out of the package tonight. 72 overnight and evening storms, that should die down a bit overnight and tomorrow we are
12:26 pm
warm and humid again and 81 is the high and the low pressure center off to the the west is still traveling more or less in our direction, it looks to be slowing down and staying farther to the south. take a look at future tracker 6 with tomorrow's rain and you get that idea. we go through the early afternoon and you are basically dry. you start to see the thunderstorms pop tomorrow and mainly in the southern half of the region, as you can see they fill in more. a better chance of more of us seeing this activity. by 11:30, there may still be some of this lingering and tomorrow in the area. there are isolated strong storms. a bigger risk in southern delaware and around cape may, new jersey, that again is tomorrow. other issue with the storms the next few days, rainfall and models saying we could get quite a bit of it and with all the recent rainfall, anything that breaks out into a heavy down
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fall. it could produce flash flooding tomorrow night. more humid and late spotty storm today. humid and the accuweather alert for more numerous storms especially in the southern half of the region and some could be strong and the drenching downpour problem does exist. on saturday, here is a change. new model runs coming in today and even saw a little bit of this earlier this morning. it's suggesting that saturday will stay cloudier and wetter because of the slow departure of that area of low pressure. and i think the steadiest is in the morning but still the afternoon gloomy. >> thank you david. there is more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at noon. firefighters found a car in their way when heading to a call and they had no choice but to
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"action news" continues. >> rick will be along later tonight. here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. the battle to put out the flames was more difficult than usual for firefighters, the man scene on the body camera attacking a
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septa police officer is now in custody. and tragedy at the ohio state fair. something went terribly wrong in one ride and people were sent flying through the area. a 69-year-old man was killed when part of his home went up in flames. firefighters said they had a difficult time once they were inside. "action news" reporter, katherine scott, has more from abington. >> the man lived alone and was unconscious when firefighters found him. >> the five was covering the house completely. charred debris is all that is left if a fire that claimed the life of a 69-year-old man. the viewer photo sends the fierce flames. when a neighbor called 911. residents heard the truck and saw heavy smoke and fi


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