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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  July 27, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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septa police officer is now in custody. and tragedy at the ohio state fair. something went terribly wrong in one ride and people were sent flying through the area. a 69-year-old man was killed when part of his home went up in flames. firefighters said they had a difficult time once they were inside. "action news" reporter, katherine scott, has more from abington. >> the man lived alone and was unconscious when firefighters found him. >> the five was covering the house completely. charred debris is all that is left if a fire that claimed the life of a 69-year-old man. the viewer photo sends the fierce flames. when a neighbor called 911. residents heard the truck and saw heavy smoke and fire.
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>> i ran back out. i saw smoke tons of smoke and i ran up here and saw over there was like lots of fire. oh my god, there is a huge fire. when i got here they were hosing down the roof. >> the fire broke out on the 600 block of garfield avenue. when police and firefighters arrived. there was heavy flames that ripped through the roof. the doors were locked and they forced their way inside. as quickly as possible a fire rescue team equipped with thermal equipment entered the home and found the man lying on the floor. >> he was taken out the back door and evaluated and termination was made that he had passed. >> posing a challenge for firefighters a hoarding situation making it difficult to move through and distinguishing all hot spots. there is a problem with the mainance and property owner.
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>> there are always issues with the police. >> hoarding conditions always add a significant amount of danger and it's certainly difficult for the firefighters to negotiate. at this point it all remains under investigation. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> two suspects car thieves were arrested, during a chase. it started in fairless hills when a car was stolen and two men pulled up in the vehicle in northeast philadelphia. they held up a security guard and took his phone and cash and keys. and one suspect drove off in the guards car and they spotted both stolen vehicles when a suspect pointed the gun at police and then fired at them. the suspect was not hit and took off after a foot chase. the second suspect was found hiding nearby. we are getting a fis look at the mugshot of a man -- for
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attacking a police sergeant. groves turned himself in last night. sergeant lynn perone's body camera was rolling and she is now recovering at home. groves is a career criminal with arrests dating back to 1997. turning now to the forecast we have clouds out there and humidity is starting to creep back up again. accuweather says there is a chance for storms and not everybody will see the rain. lets look live outside. sky 6 hd from the temple university camera, cloudy and not bad out there right now. meteorologist, david murphy outside on the terrace with the details. it's muggier and with the cloud cover thick and no blazing sun it's not too bad. we'll show you the clouds and it looks like a thinning of the clouds down in south jersey and cumberland and salem county you see that showing up on the satellite map and cloudy in
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philadelphia and unless we break out with sun we may have trouble reaching the mid-80s high and it will be a warm afternoon. 78 degrees in philadelphia. we'll definitely get over 80 in the next couple of hours. 73 in allentown and 73 in reading and 78 in wilmington and 76 in trenton and 77 in cape may. here are the dew points, we were down around 60 across the region this morning. now philadelphia popped up to 68, when you start to approach 70 on the dew point scale, we are already there, definitely in dover inching in that direction millville and cape may. more humid this afternoon when we started out this morning. 84 degrees by 4:00 and 86 is within our sights for a high. and 82 by 6:00 and 80 by 8:00 and mid-70s by 10:00. i am posting the possibility of a pop-up thunderstorm any time real
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really. we are shifting everything to the south and this time yesterday the area was covered under yellow which was a higher level of a warning and now green which is the lowest level an isolated chance of a storm popping up and creating problem with damaging wind gusts. if you hear thunder head indoors, allentown is out of the picture for this and most of what you see tonight is concentrated to the south, when i step inside sara we'll take the latest look at future tracker 6 plotting the storms today and more coming for tomorrow. >> david, thank you. >> six people were arrested connected with the drug investigation in gloucester county new jersey, the police squad and special investigation unit on the 600 block of station avenue in glen dora they found prescription pills and marijuana and syringes and more at the
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property. the house was deemed unsafe. the suspects now face charges. a 18-year-old man from columbus was killed when a thrill ride broke apart at the ohio state fair. seven owners were hurt when the fire ball ride malfunctioned and riders were sent flying into the air. >> people went flying off the ride called the fire ball. >> a trip to the state fair goes horribly wrong. >> riders on the fire ball were spinning in the air when an entire car spins off. >> her leg -- she wasn't breathing. >> seven people were injured and three in critical condition and an 18-year-old man killed. >> organizers say that the ride
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passed inspection just hours before the accident. they were there with state specters checking equipment before the fair opens. >> they are doing this stuff all their lives and they know the rides better than we do. >> other fairs are cautioning against the fire ball. and they announced a moratorium across the state and the orange county fair immediately shut down a similar ride. >> and the state governor ordered all rides at the fair closed until all investigations are complete. >> the best things in life and with this accident it becomes a terrible tragedy. abc news new york. to breaking news now out of wilmington, delaware, this is video just coming in from the scene of an accident on the 500 block of south market street south of a street. the vehicles involved was an suv and box truck, there was at least one person trapped in the
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crash and multiple injuries. we have been told that one person, you see the chopper there was flown to christiana hospital. rows around the accident scene remain closed for an investigation watch for updates on >> hospice providers in montgomery county will now be able to safely dispose of narcotic prescription drugs. they were there today to announce an initiative to distribute drug disposal pouchs to hospice centers across the state and they deactivate the pills when warm water is added and they can be safely thrown away. >> in the united states we represent 5% of the world's population and we consume 80% of the world's opioids. >> hundreds of pharmacies will be receiving those pouchs. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, justin
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bieber hits a group of photographers that surrounded the vehicle and police say it was an accident. and the man made snow was the perfect way to cool off from polar bears when it gets too hot.
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ranging wild fires are racing across southern france chasing up and down the french riviera they had to be evacuated near the popular resort. people are sheltering in schools and buildings at least 4,000 firefighters are battling the wild fires fuelled in part by a long drought. and muslim leaders said they can return to pray at a holy site. they removed security devices installed following a deadly palestinian attack at the compound. molly hunter has more.
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>> palestinian worshippers continue praying at the mosque in two weeks. clashes erupted on one of the holiest sites in the whole world. the palestinian crowds cheered wildly. for 13 days and 13 nights muslim worshippers prayed outside the compound in old city. settling up rows of prayer rugs and kneeling on the hard asphalt five times a day. a newly found unity, 40% of this city. here praying at the same spot three palestinians killed police officers two weeks ago and the attackers with shot dead inside of the compound. they canceled services for the first time in decades. israel installed metal
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detectives and later on security cameras. for palestinians that was unacceptable. the sign to expand control over the site. the cost was bloody on both sides. three palestinians killed in clashes last friday and last week a palestinian attacked and killed three last week. >> the biggest prayer day of the week is friday and that will be the real test. abc news london. when your job is to save lives you can't let anyone get in your way. four new york city firefighters saw a small car blocking the road on the way to an emergency so they move tropical disturbance. it showed them using their combined strength to move it out of the way. the person that recorded the video captioned it just another day for new york firefighters. and conservationists are warning that sea turtles are
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impacted by plastics littering and indian ocean. they are monitoring and helping them hatch but they found that 90% of green turtles have plastic in their gastro intestinal track. they eat them and pass the plastic down the food chain. a group of bears in finland found a fun way to stay cool this summer. tow trucks full of snow, were delivered to the annual wildlife park for the polar bears to play in. they seemed to enjoy rolling and sliding and going through the snow. it was 5 degrees today in finland. still to come another check of your accuweather forecast. stepping live outside sky 6 hd showing umbrellas are up on the beach in cape may. doesn't look like a whole lot of sun. david murphy with the update
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from accuweather when "action news" comes right back.
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topping the people scene, justin bieber accidentally hit a photographer with his vehicle. here is the story from los angeles. >> reporter: overnight a chaotic scene in beverly hills. justin beiber hitting a paparazzi with his truck on the way out of a church service. bieber first spotted getting into the drivers side of his black pickup truck. as he slowly turns out of the parking lot. he collides with a photographer. who falls on the ground clutching his leg, he immediately leaves the vehicle rushing to his side.
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>> give us a little space. >> backup. >> the 23-year-old stays at scene for about 10 minutes trying to tend to the photographer. >> and talking to police finally bieber is allowed to leave the scene without being cited. the photog eventually taking away on the stretcher raising his arms in the air. earlier this week. the pop super star canceled the remainder of his world tour. citing unforeseen circumstances. >> bieber can be seen brushing his teeth and leaning on hi pastor carl wentz. >> i love carl more. >> and seen here at a -- in australia. and has become an out spoken member of the church and causing those close to the star that he ended the tour early to dedicate
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himself to his religion. actress angelina jolie is opening up about resenhealth problems. the actress and director says she developed high blood pressure and bells palsy caused by nervous damage and caused a side of her face to droop. she credited acupuncture for the -- and says she and brad pitt care for each other and their family. an estate for michael jackson says they owe quincy jones 9 million there's. less than the $30 million he sought in the lawsuit four years ago. david murphy is back with the accuweather forecast. and once begun we have the umbrellas nearby. >> it looks to be a good idea
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later today and more so in parts of the region tomorrow. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan they have them up north the poconos but not here jut yet. we have the action cam next to the battle of german town at fairmount park i love the history around here and that is one of the many sites you can go to learn about it. dew point has climbed since this morning, upper 60s and you hit 70 and we are get tting there. and ensuring that that number goes up instead of down. and ocean temperature 75 off atlantic city. if we see showers and thunderstorms they will be fairly spotty and nonetheless anything that pops producing a strong gusty wind. by 7:00, just a couple of and later tonight a little more the model wants to concentration this north and east of philadelphia and i would not vouch for that. we should all keep our eyes out
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for this. everybody is warm. 82 in allentown and 83 in reading and 86 in philadelphia. and at the shore upper 70s and a low risk are of rip currents but swim near the lifeguard s as usual. and 84 by 5:00 if we break out sunshine. but you get the idea it's humid and warm. 82 by 6:00 and 80 by 8:00 and mid-70s by 10:00 and allowing for afternoon pop-up shower or thunderstorm in spots. tomorrow 81 and humid and the low pressure center is still on its way and changes in the models though have it farther to the south, that could take most of the rain and storminess to the southern half of region but still a day where we have to keep aware. looking at future tracker 6 something in the morning or noon and the bigger issue is at night. it starts out south of
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philadelphia with the storm track farther to the south and at times that some of this rain pushes up closer to philadelphia and 11:30 tomorrow night is not where it ens. strong storms and drenching downpours are possible. for tomorrow we have a shift in the most likely area. down to southern delaware and maybe southern cape may county. just an isolate chance of a strong gusty thunderstorm. but we are all looking for heavy drenching cells here and there that could produce rain heavy in the week. and some are aggressive with the amounts of rain. 3.5 on the nam and not so much on the rpm. today 86 degrees and more humid. we get breaks of sun and the spotty late storm is possible. i am keeping the accuweather alert up for friday and half of
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the region is under threat of strong gusty thunderstorms at times and the drenching downpours and the 82 is your high there. and then a change if the forecast. it looks to be largely cloudy for the day and wet with rain at times and drizzle and there may be lighter rain and drizzle extended into the afternoon sort of downgrading the storm for saturday. a mix of clouds and sun and back to the 80s next week, and the next chance is wednesdayish. >> thank you. >> up to 7 inches of rain fell in kansas city, causing serious flash flooding. water covered entire roads and businesses and firefighters were called out on water rescues in the area. and a section of the interstate had to be closed because part of it was under water in kansas city. eligible for medicare?
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delivery rooms in chicago have been pretty busy this month and it's being dubbed the cubs world series, baby boom and it's 9 months since they won the world series. and some have names like wrigley and clark and addison and some got to pose with their knew borns next to the trophy. >> the future world series maybe in those photos. >> it's warm and getting humid out there and staying that way a spotty storm cannot be ruled out. low 80s in the northern and western suburbs and down the shore upper 70s and everybody is under the threat of a spotty strong storm and most of you don't see it today. there will be more of it around tomorrow though. >> thank you. a look at stories coming up on
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"action news" at 4:00. a massive fight breaks out at the popular weekly happy hour in philadelphia. it has people saying that center city has gotten out of control. we talk to a bystander that watched it unfold. and an act of kindness is going viral on social media, here from the clerk that said he had to help her out. now, for david murphy, rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon. i have spent years taking over-the-counter products
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