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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  July 28, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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5:00 a.m., friday, july 28. developing this morning. >> any version of repeal and replace is a no go, the republican effort to end the aca failed in a midnight vote. >> new this morning, police police take a person into custody after a stabbing in center city.
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>> we're tracking heavy downpours on the way, some areas are under flood watches, we're timing out when the rain will get here for you. >> once again, good morning, everyone, let's turn to david murphy and matt pellman for weather and traffic. >> reporter: good morning didn't have to use the umbrella for a day or two, i guess it's back later today. >> reporter: especially this afternoon and overnight tonight it will be heavy in parts of the region. we have a flood watch in effect not the entire region, but areas up to the pennsylvania turnpike and points south. it kicks in this afternoon and ends saturday afternoon. we'll be in an extended period of on and off heavy rain. we have cloudy skies and blips of precipitation down in delaware and more rain to the west. we'll be watching that over the next several hours. 72 in philadelphia. muggy. 66 in allentown. 73 in beach haven, 74 degrees in cape may.
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81 degrees by noon, might get sunny breaks early in the day, by 3:00 p.m., the high is 84. i'm posting the chance of pop-up showers and thunderstorms beginning to fill in more as we go into the evening and overnight hours. of course we have a couple of issues with us, the first would be flooding. there's definitely the chance of flood flood flooding that could put water on the roads pretty quick, turn around don't drown that's good advice. in addition there's a chance of an isolated strong thunderstorm. this is areas below allentown down to the shore. if you hear thunder you want to be taking cover from that. matt pellman we'll track the rain on future tracker 6 and talk about more when things get better over the weekend. >> reporter: david did you hear me go -- a few minutes ago, an accident on i-95 southbound, a semi truck a few minutes ago,
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didn't see the accident and came upon the van quickly and swerved at the last minute, almost lost control, luckily we didn't, we have not had a secondary accident yet, this is a dangerous situation, i-95 southbound heading toward the walt whitman bridge. no emergency crews on the scene, several vehicles trying to to go between the two vehicles involved in the crash, something to be aware of, i-95 southbound south of penns landing heading toward the walt whitman bridge dangerous situation we'll keep watching. wean -- meanwhile, we're watching construction in center city, no lanes open in either direction along the vine. they were supposed to be open at 5:00 a.m., we'll keep you posted on this as well. the schuylkill expressway again last night it was a long eastbound stretch between gulph mills and belmont they are in the process of reopening the left lane by the blue route, looks like they have done that.
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garyville pike or 663, alternates. skinny repeal was a last ditch effort of the overhaul of the affordable care act. the effort for repeal and replace failed in the overnight hours. jeanette reyes has details of how the vote went down good morning, jennette. >> reporter: good morning, tam this is another serious blow to the president trump agenda. the so-called skinny repeal was voted down 51 to 49 derailing a seven year campaign by the gop to dismantles obama care. john mccain provide provided the critical vote to defeat the proposal. he returned to the senate last
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week after a diagnosis with brain cancer. wait for the show before entering the senate chairman and voted no. mitch mcconnell spoke about democrats who voted down the measure. >> i would say to my dear friend the majority we are not celebrating we're relieved. >> many colleagues on the other side, are celebrating, probably pretty happy about all this. but the american people are hurting. >> and 6 senators from the tri state voted. toomey, yes to repeal. bob casey, bob menendez and chris kunes and tom carper voted
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no. moving forward, mcconnell said he was open to hear what kind of ideas the democrats had. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> thank you jennette. there seems to be infighting between members of the presidential inner circle. scaramucci is backtracking vulgar language he used to describe reince priebus, he dismissed steve bannon the chief strategy gist as purely self interested. scaramucci said his only mistake was trust ago reporter. it is 5:06 a.m., new this morning, a man is recovering after a stabbing in center city. it happened after a fight around 3:00 a.m. in the 1200 block of race street in center city. police say the fight was between two people.
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the victim was rushed to the hospital in serious, but stable condition, the suspect was taken into custody nearby. police are looking for a thief who broke into a mosque and stole cash from a donation box. detectives say he tried to do again five days later, but failed because authorities moved the money into the safe. officials worry that the suspect maybe a member who prays alongside them. philadelphia police released this vandalism, that wrote kill a cop, save a life. police believe the video shows two spray painters and one lookout, the police is looking for a are 5 thoughted reward to catch the suspect. new jersey state officials will hold a statewide gun buy
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back hoping to rules the number of firearms in the garden state today and tomorrow from 8578 to 8:00 p.m. new jersey residents can turn in any firearm in camden and newark, up to $200 per weapon will be offered. many beaches on the jersey shore that were closed are back open due to elevated bacteria levels are reopened to visits, all were in atlantic city, ventnor and toms river. the dangerous conditions were likely due to storm drain run off from the recent heavy rains that could happen again with the heavy rains due to arrive today. >> let's talk about the heavy rain due to arrive later today with this >> reporter: spotty stuff may arrive overnight tonight and may not stop until tomorrow
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afternoon. is storm tracker 6 live double scan shows mainly dry conditions and showers down south of dover, delaware and extending west to g cloud cover across the region. might have a there, mof us -- most of us have to until we see the pop-up showers. 72 philadelphia 66 in in allentown. humid as you step out there. yes this morning there could be a pop-up shower, but by noon we're probably holding on to dry conditions and sunny breaks. the clouds fill in and by 3:00 p.m., or 4:00 p.m. we'll look at the rain beginning to build in. notice it's not everywhere at once during the afternoon and evening hours. phillies may have a delay, but they will get that rain in. by 11:00 we're looking at the building to the south. most of us will be suppressed to the southern half of the region. by 11:00, this will be pushing
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north than the model is indicating. obviously there's heavy rain involved. in the lehigh valley cloudy and late day pop-up showers and thunderstorms not out of the question. high of 82. you'll get more rain the farther south you go. down the shore mostly cloudy rain arriving in the afternoon and evening. a ahead of the rain, a low risk of rip currents today. that will change big time tomorrow. in rehoboth beach 80 on theahowt be rule out especially the later and later we go through the afternoon and evening. 84 your muggy high. for the phillies bring along rain gear or by seats in the overhang area, like i did. i'm thinking. mostly cloudy there's possibility of rain during the game with the braves. 76 in the pitch, 79 in the 9th inning. heavy rain overnight extending into saturday morning. as we take a look at the aa pre. several issues because of this, one to two inches of rain
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po to the north, two to four inches to the south. coastal winds it will get gusty, a lot to think about as this comes in. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, thunderstorms possible later with pockets of heavy rain. periods of rain overnight tonight into saturday morning, some which could heavy breezy on saturday, 73 the high. sunday, bounce back, 81. a pay back. a good kind of pay back. mondayd tuesday, 89. and back to the 90s the way things look right now. thousands of the outer banks has been ordered off the island. a police officer is killed responding to a car accident he was shot by the people he was trying to save.
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pped into the country failed inspection, details about what was hidden. ♪ which was worth millions -- hidden inside which wasnsf doll. we have an accident southbound on i-95, here comeseh live, it's a mess, we'll talk about this and new crash on the northeast extension when "action news" continues at this friday morning.
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>> welcome back taking a live look at the commodore barry bridge, look at the clouds, rain this way comes, as we go into the day, 5:14 a.m., 72 degrees. >> matt you have a problem on a busy highway. >> reporter: drama on i-95 already this morning southbound direction i close to tasker treat as you head toward the walt whitman bridge. an accident happened involving what i think was three vehicles, one here and one vehicle and vehicles coming upon it quickly trying to squeeze in between the two vehicles there. there was a guy out there trying to keep other cars from doing that, he was waving his arms emphatically, he almost got hit a couple of times we speed up quickly and dodge it at the last second and lost control. there was a secondary accident, as well. you have two right lanes coming southbound from penns landing, but you want to drop your speeds, please as you can down
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to columbus boulevard to the walt whitman bridge toward i-95. the waze app we have a crash on the northeast extension northbound side lower it is out there, according to pennsylvania turnpike commission, northbound in the left lane approaching the lehigh valley interchange. nex, overnight construction has cleared including the southbound soab -- southbound zone between lehigh valley and quakertown. down policy blocking 29 and 8th street. garyville pike or 663. 29 is not where you want to be this morning. if you're heading toward 29 toward 202 the scene in exton where the 30 bypass on-ramp comes in. overnight construction is gone. you can see it's foggy and soupyny part of chester county this morning. matt and tam. >> thank you matt, the investigation continues int acco state fair as similar fair rides across the country have been
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shut down across the condition.d being thrown from the fireball ride. three victims are in critical condition. record show the fireball pasted 35 point morning with four inspectors signing off on it. the ride manufacturer told officials everywhere cease ridel further notice. a police officer in the suburb of indianapolis was shot and killed responding to a car crash. lieutenant aaron allan was the first on the scene and was shot when the car was flipped over. he was a 6 year veteran with the department and 20 years of law enforcement experience. a power outage forced ten thousand tourists to evacuate two islands on the outer banks at the height of the summer
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beach season. leaving tourists stranded without air-conditioning or places to eat. a construction crew had accidently driven a steel casing into an electric mmtion -- transmission on cable on a bridge. it could be weeks before it's repaired. federal agents ceased 77 pounds of marijuana a shipme. they found it marijuana in woodhaven michigan. the drugs are worth more than $2 million. no arrests. the eagles are back at it again with practice this the first full team practice. the first public practice is tomorrow morning at lincoln field,season opens august 10 at green bay.
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>> this police traffic stop got unexpected danger from an out-of-control hub cap. it shows the deputy talking to the driver, the hub cap came loose and rolled down the highway which hit his ankle which smarted. the deputy was evaluated and only had painful bruising. >> reporter: we're always thankfully for had your police, we're glad to see them this morning along i-95 alerting people to what's going on. the police officers just hope to get this southbound accidents pushed off to the right shoulder. we are not doing so well when it was on the left side of the roadway. several in here misses and one secondary accident. the lanes are open, but the southbound traffic is slow traveling south of penns landing toward the walt whitman bridge. on the the mass transit front so
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far so good this morning no major delays. >> reporter: most of us are dry this morning. that will change later today matt, 73 degrees by 7:00 a.m. muggy, 81 degrees by noon. 3:00 p.m., that's the high, by 3:00 p.m. there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms popping up in parts of the region especially areas south. 79 degrees by 5:00 p.m. 76 by 7:00 p.m. as we get into the afternoon evening and later night hours more and more of that rain activity will probably start to build in. it will be heavy at times and we have the flood watch across the region. all green at the airports in case you're trying to escape all this. no signs of rain at our big travel cities. sweet tooth can be detriment. sugar from sweet drinks and snacks men can be 23% more
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likely to cause depression. the average american man eats triple the recommended amount. video shows moments after tennis star venus williams after a car crash. what officers told her. here's "g.m.a." first look, exclusive interview with lee anne erickson and her boyfriend who saved her life. >> i started to paddle for the wave, lee anne screams behind me. >> i felt it grab me and pull me down. >> drown the prey and eat. >> reporter: i remember thinking about him and trying to push the shark off me, i started digging, i i felt i was digging out a cup of jell-o.
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>> reporter: that was the shark's eye. who do you think he let you go. coming up at 7:00 a.m., much more detail on the near death attack, with the "g.m.a." first look, i'm nick was watt abc new, san diego. hey! this is lloyd.
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live look from our temple university camera. 5:26 a.m. file for the morning buzz, a heartfelt send off for a dog who served three tours in afghanistan with the u.s. marines. the owner wanted cena to have one final ride. 100 people came out in michigan to help the marine to say goodbye. he was dressed in custom blues, the dog was given a final salute. >> it's going to be tough, because the whole time i'm going to realize all good things are coming to an end, some of the best parts of my life will be
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ending. >> young and cena was paired up in 2009 in afghanistan. he adopted cena and became the service dog to help him with post traumatic stress disorder. >> seeing him cry makes you cry. a cancer patient is suing the new jersey dmv is how she said she was humiliated. if you're looking for a place to eat this weekend, we have a spot inside king of prussia. we have that and more when "action news" is right back.
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news," the senate's latest healthcare repeal bill fails in a dramatic early morning vote. >> new this morning, a cancer paper said she was reduced to tears over her drivers license photo, now she is suing the new jersey motor vehicle commission. >> accuweather is tracking heavy downpours and the threat of flash floods. >> good morning, july 28, 530, i'm brought the umbrella into the makeup room.


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