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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  July 28, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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news," the senate's latest healthcare repeal bill fails in a dramatic early morning vote. >> new this morning, a cancer paper said she was reduced to tears over her drivers license photo, now she is suing the new jersey motor vehicle commission. >> accuweather is tracking heavy downpours and the threat of flash floods. >> good morning, july 28, 530, i'm brought the umbrella into the makeup room. david murphy, good morning.
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>> reporter: you may not need the umbrella until this afternoon, definitely later tonight and overnight, it does not look great. flood watch is in effect, it will kick in this afternoon it will continue until saturday afternoon, because the system passing us on the south is close enough and slow enough to give us long term exposure to the potential of heavy rain. the flood watch is not through the entire region, but up to the pennsylvania turnpike and points south to wildwood, new jersey. we have clouds out there, and a blip off shower south of dover, delaware and more rain to the west. that's what we're looking for this afternoon and overnight tonight. 79 at the airport in atlantic city. 74 in cape may. 72 wilmington. warm and muggy to start out. as we go through the afternoon, it stays warm, 81 by noon, sunny breaks in the morning and perhaps in the early afternoon. the high 84 rat -- at3:00 p.m.
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if you get the heavy pockets of rain later today and tonight and overnight into saturday it could produce flash flooding on roadways. it does not take time to get into problems as the water levels rise. 6 inches will stall your car. turn around don't drown whether you're behind the wheel or on foot. we have storms and isolated gusty winds and we'll track better conditions in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> reporter: thank you very much. we're having trouble on the dry roads this morning, i can only imagine how well things go later today. i-95 southbound side, a dangerous situation here, luckily it's a little bit since
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the vehicles are off to the shoulder. they have the flares set up blocking the right shoulder on i-95 southbound. no longer blocked on the vine street expressway. the crews are gone now and they don't return until monday night. the schuylkill expressway more work on the eastbound side overnight, but crews have cleared out, still, you have uneven lanes, some paved, some milled, watch for that conshohocken into gladwyn. a crash on the northeast extension northbound side approaching lehigh valley. left lane out of commission. we have downed wires blocking route 29 garyville pike or 663 lay field roads are alternates on this friday morning. breaking overnight, gop has been dealt another major blow at its attempt at healthcare reform. an early morning vote defeated a
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scale back measure to repeal parts of the affordable care act. jeanette reyes is live in the satellite center with more him. >> reporter: the suspense ended with a devastating blow to president trump's agenda. three senate republicans crossed party lines to vote no. john mccain who was diagnosed with brain cancer was among the three returning to cast the vote. the senate voted to 51 to reject a so-called skin yes repeal that would have killed parts of obama care. this latest set back leaves the trump administration without a legislative win 6 months into the presidency. the nonpartisan congressional budget office estimated that if the skinny bill became law are 15 fewer americans would be insured in 2018.
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mcconnell was visibly disappointed moments after the legislative defeat. >> i regret that our efforts were simply not enough at this time. >> we are relieved that millions of people who would have been so dramatically hurt by the three proposals put forward will at least retain their healthcare. >> overnight president trump tweeted about the vote going down, he said three republicans and 48 democrats left the american people down. as i said from the beginning let obama care implode then deal, watch. democrats and some republicans said the bill fairly could be an opportunity for both sides to come together and try to come up with something better and improve on the problematic areas of obama care. in the meantime, mcconnell and others say they are ready to move forward on to other legislation including tax reform. reporting live in the sat center, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." tam. >> thank you,.
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three people are in custody after an exchange of gunfire and police and the suspect in delaware. the confrontation happened on westover road in wilmington, last night. new castle county police responded to a robbery at a home. a suspect fired at an officer getting out of his patrol car. the officer returned fire and chased down the suspect a few blocks away. nobody was injured in the shootout. wilmington police located two other suspects believed to be involved in the robbery. a deadly crash in gloucester county, new jersey, remains under investigation this morning, chopper 6 hd was over the 3100 block of delsea drive in franklin township last night. a minivan and a car collided killing a person and injuring another, no charges have been filed. new on "action news," a yardley borough police have released this sketch of a child-luring suspect. two boys fishing say the man approached him on july 17 and
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had another child with him. the suspect asked the boys to get into his car so they could fish someplace else, the man and the child with them got back in the car and drove away. anyone with information can make an anonymous tip to yardley police on their website. a bankrupt bridal change opened to make good on some of its order. the bankruptcy court judge granted permission for the business to reopen. customer's dresses were under lock and key when the store shut down two weeks ago. >> i'm relieved, my cousin was super relieworried the last couf weeks. >> while many picked up their dresses, some were not fortunate. their losses will be worked out in bankruptcy court. >> it's time for the rain. it's kind of pay back time. it will be later this afternoon
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when we start to see the spotty stuff. heavier rain coming in later tonight and overnight. the morning commute is mainly dry, we have showers down south of dover. as we look outside, we have sky6 live hd and so far so good on the commodore barry bridge, looking kind of cloudy to start out. although some sunny breaks are possible through the first part of the day. 72 degrees currently, warm and also muggy with the dewpoint up at 70. so it will be a sticky one today. winds at 5 miles per hour, ocean temperature, 76. future tracker 6 shows you while there's the chance of something happening during the morning most of us stay dry, we get into the afternoon, the model run is not too aggressive. i think this may push up closer to philadelphia this afternoon. as we get into 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., the heavier stuff to the south and widespread rain down to the south again, i think by 8:00 p.m. this could closer to philadelphia and spotty heavd
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11:00 p.m. it's the same idea, some stuff up here, the heavier stuff down here, this riding closer to philadelphia by 11:00 p.m. today's forecast, warm and muggy, 73 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 78 by 10:00 a.m. 81 by noon, sunny breaks, we cloud up in the afternoon. 84 is t 3:00 p.m. 77 by 6:00 p.m. with the rain building in the aftermore inten. high temperatures low to mid 80s everywhere, that includes the shore where you will be in the low 80s along the boardwalk with a currents today. that will change tomorrow. for the braves and phillies tonight cloudy there's a possibility of rain, if we're lucky we'll miss it. 76 for the first pitch and 73 in the 9th inning. bring rain gear if you're not under the overhang.
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expect rainfall this afternoon through saturday afternoon. one to two inches possible in the northern portion of the region. the farther south you go, the better chance you have of getting as much as four. roads creeks and streams could be affected. we'll be breezy, tomorrow, overnight tonight and tomorrow, at the shore it could be gusty with winds gusting into the 30s and 40s, of flooded areas. in the poconos we have racing this weekend, today a shower possible. could be cool and wet although not as wet as areas to the south. sunday is fine for today at the shore, warm ocean conditions, but cloudy with late rain and tomorrow, a high risk of rip currents, rainy and windy, 79 degrees, better on sunday. the seven day from accuweather shows a high today of 84 in philadelphia. humid conditions and thunderstorms spotty in the afternoon and evening, but getting more filled in with that rain later tonight and overnight.
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the rain continues on saturday, it's breezy, 73. probably tapering off a bit in the afternoon, sunday looks great, 81 and sunny, we're climbing back toward the 90s by the middle to end of next week. 5:41 a.m., we're following breaking news, a train crash in spain has injured dozens of people. >> police release new video taken moments after venus williams was involved in the crash. hear what they told the tennis star. a woman is suing dmv in new jersey because of what they asked her to do before she got her picture taken. >> reporter: frankford avenue is blocked off this morning, we're hearing it's going to open this afternoon for this morning's commute you're without frankford avenue. we'll talk about the crash on the northeast extension and talk about fog in chester county when "action news" continues on this friday morning. >> good morning everyone, it is
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5:44 a.m., friday, philadelphia international airport doing good right now, could see delays later today when the storms move in. it will bring heavy flooding to the region. might see rain later this afternoon getting up to a high of 84 today. we can see cloud cover on the roads, looking at matt's shot you kind of see the traffic, but it disappearance into the
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clouds. >> reporter: kind of for sure, hopefully everybody is caffeinated this morning with the boost of energy to get through the last work day of the workweek. we have extra attention on the roads this morning for a number of different reasons, one being the fog 202 chester county. you can't see the flyover ramble that gets you from 30 to -- ramp that let's you from 30 to 202. watch out for the soupy conditions along 202 and 30. we're watching for a problem in pottstown, a crash hanover street north of the river. broken down vehicle lower salford close to mainland golf course, avoid morris road. montgomery county we have wires blocking main street, route 29.
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stay on garyville pike or 666. northeast extension northbound side where the left lane is out of commission, slowing toward allentown this morning. live look in cherry hill, still overnight construction wrapping up in the eastbound lanes of 70 by 41, by the whole foods over there. westbound the lanes are open, eastbound they are picking up their cones along 70 in south jersey. in salem county work along 295 southbound heading toward the delaware memorial bridge, restrictions there for the next 15 minutes. breaking overseas, 50 people were injured when a commuter train crashed in barcelona, spain. dozens of the passengers were treated on the grounds of the station. the crash happened at the height of the morning rush. body camera footage from the crash involving venus williams has been released by police in florida.
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>> are you injured miss williams? you're okay? >> i'm okay. >> officers spoke at length with the tennis legend moments after the crash. williams has been cleared of any wrong doing. an elderly man in the other car died from his injuries after the collision, the man's widow filed a wrongful death lawsuit against williams. a cancer patient in north jersey is suing the motor vehicle commission for humiliating and discriminatory treatment. an employee required that jennifer remove her head scarf for a license photo. she said another employee intervened and produced a new license with the old photo. >> i'm not saying i deserve special treatment because i have
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cancer. there was not one ounce of compassion at all. new jersey state law allows people undergoing medical treatment to use old photographs for new licenses.
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get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to something to do this weekend? "fyi philly" shows you great stops for food and drink including a brand new cafe in king of prussia. ducis rogers has a preview. >> reporter: for a brew of a different sort, salvo's has cold coffee on tap. >> you'll get more of a big kick. >> reporter: it's it offers an
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all day cafe experience. >> it opens at 7:00 and close the menu includes house made baked goods and sandwiches and salads, living up to the davio's something sweet. there's a rotating menu of authentic italian recipes. >> who comes up with these flavors. >> living in italy my life. >> this is breakfast in italy? >> reporter: breakfast, basically. sign me up. >> that does look good. >> reporter: i want to swim in that. >> you will never go back to ice cream, matt. >> reporter: it is amazing. i have treats for us later. outside we go construction not so much of a treat in queen village columbus boulevard
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southbound this has been here most of the week, one lane gets by, during the rush hour delaware avenue southbound it's a slow go as you come off i-95. luckily on mass transit, nothing major. special weekend schedules on the median elwin and west trenton regional rail lines. no issues on patco or njt. >> reporter: most of us have to wait for the rain until later today. 73 degrees, muggy. the high i at 3:00 p.m. back in the 70s at 5:00 p.m. there's a chance of spotty drenching downpour producing showers and thunderstorms beginning to build in the afternoon and evening and heavier in the overnight hours into saturday morning. a reminder we have a flood watch that kicks in this afternoon and ends saturday afternoon from areas close to the pennsylvania turnpi s tam. thank you, david. an oklahoma family made an
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surprising discovery on their property. freddie green said the son was making changes to the dirt bike trail when the tractor hit something 6 feet under of they dug up the remains of a brand new chevy blairdz -- blazer wrapped in tarp. who ever buried it left the license plate in tact. kite -- coyotes are on the prowl chasing people's pets. neighbors ran out and scared off the coyotes, before the dogs were hurt or killed.
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>> this throw down in center city philadelphia is making the rounds on social media. cell phone video captured the brawl among 6 people among the popular center city sips hour. event organizers say the brawl is an unfortunate black eye of the success of the long running event a new number shows the
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opioid crisis is getting worse in pennsylvania. the report shows 4600 controversy dose deaths in pennsylvania last year up 37% from 2015. the often lethal opioid fentanyl is up 130%. heroin was found in 45% of od'd, as well. rural areas have surpassed philadelphia when it comes to the overdose rate. u.s. attorney's office in harrisburg said the vendors will not be prosecuted. the state ethics investigation ended the gift giving in 2012. he has earn the subjective title of the sexy his man alive,
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>> good morning everyone, 6:00 a.m., friday, july 28. developing this morning. >> any version of repeal and replace is a no go, the republican effort to end the affordable care act fails in a final vote after midnight. the senator nicknamed maverick proves why. some areas are under flood watches, we're timing this out for you. >> ma


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