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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  July 28, 2017 12:30pm-12:58pm EDT

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"action news" at 12:30 continues. >> hello between sara is off and here are the we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30, the beaches are open after some were closed for bacteri coming in to ruin the fun in the sun. we are live in atlantic city ahead of the storms. bucks county release the sketch of a man that tried to lure two boys at a lake. and a shark going afte a wo pulls her under. hear how the mother of three was able to get away. >> we are expected rain later this evening and soon be under a flash flood watch. we are reminding everyone to be safe and don't drive through floodwaters as we look live at sky 6 hd showing you the shia i
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airport. it's a mix of sun and clouds at this hour. but the rain is moving closer. lets get the latest from meteorologist, david murphy. an stormtracker 6 live double scan the closest number storm activity is on the other side of baltimore way down 95 closely or creeping toward the east and ge. and southern delaware will get it on stormtracker 6 live double scan there is way more rain to the west. and it looks like yes early in the afternoon or mid to late after noop we'll see spotty showers or he stuff back by chad roanoke and that comes in later overnight and gives us the biggest problem. a flash flood watch kicks in at
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afternoon. and areas from the pennsylvania turnpike south, that is because ther most is attached to the southern half of the region, model is different oe'll get, this is the rpm it doesn't to the l it a third inch in south. we expect them to develop higher aggressive. this one 1.71 in philadelphia and 2.1 i wilmington and up of 3 in wildwood and dover. if this pans out it will exacerbate the problem. severe storms are possible but the storm predict center is pushing this farther and farther south. the best chance is delaware and south jersey and just a spotty strong storm. when i step back we'll look at future tracker 6 and check out the arrivele and a much better second half the weekend ahead. as david mentioned the beaches are sot with a lot of re
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flooding is nothing new at the shore this could be worse than usual. trish hartman is live if atlantic city. some folks are staying and others decided to go? >> referee: that is right. the beaches here in atlantic city are open and that was not the case earlier this week, some of them were closed because of high bacteria levels in the water, county officials say it's large amount of rain earlier in the week was the culprit and now they are b for another round of rain this evening into tomorrow. the robersons from maryland are soaking up the sun before the storm rolls>> building sand cas digging holes to china. >> we hear it's going to be fasty, we time tropical disturbance right. >> with 2 to 4 inches expected and wind gusts of 35 miles per hour some are making it the 15
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closed due to high bacteria levels. some could not enjoy >> it smelled like rotten eggs the other day. >> some plan to stay the weeken. >> we booked this a couple of months ahead of time. we couldn't cancer weather will hold up today. >> okay for today, but tonight is when things could get dicey atlantic county says that this around in the fall when fewer people are here. people are encouraged in flood prone areas to move to higher grounds. and of course pay attention to the forecast. live if atlantic city, trish hartman, channel 6 "action news." >> with heavy rain coming and the potential for storms, check the 6 abc updates, it gives you real time views from storm tracker 6 live.
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well, more than 10 days after a deadly shooting with neighbors in the frankford section murder charges are officially filed. robert depaul and his girlfriend august killed on july 16th outside of depaul's home on james street. their 69-year-old neighbor admiouple in the head saying it was an act of self-defense. he was put in police custody and then released and today the da charges against ho l who is now back in custodies. the suspect reportedly asked the boys to get if his car to fish someplace else and the boys refused. anyone with more information could make an anonymous tip call to the yardley police or the
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yardley police website. on ann overnight vote shot down the gop's last ditch effor act. the skinny bill was rejected this all democrats and three republicans, including senator john mccain voted know. the measure would have repealed a mandate that all americans have insurance.xt, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell put the bill on hold and move on to other legislation next week. and president trump responded to the defeat calling for obama care implode he tweeted rather than make a deal. there is turmoil inside of the white house meanwhile, the ons director is slamming key members of the trump administration and threatening to fire the entire communication staff over leaks. elizabeth has the details.
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>> reporter: the west wing at war. >> this is a level of chaos that we have just not modern white house and can't imagine being in the path. defending his chief of staff, reince preibus as his new communications director called him a bleeping paranoid schizophrenic. in an interview with "new york" magazine he targeted his chief strategist steven bannon and then the entire white house ere saying they will all be fired by me. people i'll uy the other day fire tomorrow. earlier scaramucci said it was preibus leaking information to the press and later deleted it. and talking to reporters on cnn he issued this challenge to preibus. >> they are all making the
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assumption that it is him because journalists know who the leakers are if explain he is not a leaker let him do that. >> and tweeted this. i sometimes use colorful language i will remain in this arena but not passionate fight for donald trump's agenda. >> so far the presithe internalt healthy competition and conversation. abc news new york. well, the state of new jersey is holding a program today and tomorrowment no questions asked. all morning long people are att church one of three buy back sites. turning in rifles shotguns andn $200 per weapon. >> this is an old shotgun left by my father
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away and i don't have a use for it and i don't want to see it end up in the wrong hands. >> we have t the guns off the s they are not stolen and usioned in crimes. >> there are drop-off sites in . this are open until 8:00 tonight and tomorrow 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. checking sports, the eagles today and tomorrow fans get think of first chance to see their team in action if the weather doesn't get in the way of course. training camp at 8:15 this morning in south philadelphia. and the drills will be done at the linc and open to fans. practice begins at 10:00 how we season the eagles may change plans for tomorrow. if we hear about it we'll bring that information to you. and there is more ahead on "action news" at aancer patient
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humiliating and discriminatory treatment. that an employee at the eaton town office repeatedly demand she remove her head scarf for a license photo and another employee eventually intervened and produced a license with the old photo. >> i don't think i need special treatment because i have cancer.
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>> but a state law allows them to use old photo licenses. a woman in california is telling her incredible story of surviving an attack by a great white shark. she and her boyfriend who helped to save her are speaking out for the first time. >> that is all that was left. >> that is what a 10 foot great white will do to a wet suit. >> when i saw my leg o board that is the image my mine gave me a cartoon. >> the shark was hunting the seal. it was an attack bite to kill. >>. >> is he still in the water? >> mom of three leanne erickson survived and with her boyfriend, dusty they are telling their story for the first time. >> a beautiful day and the sun was shining and dolphins were
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jumping out of the water. >> they were i less than a football field from shore. >> i'm about to paddle and scr >> it started to drag me down and i thought about my kids and him and trying to push the shark off of me. i dig, a cup of jello. >> the shark's eye. >> why do you think the shark ultimately let you go. >> it could have be me hurting it or my leg getting way. her thigh and backside bitten down to the bone -- >> a completely gray color that looked like she was already dead. they made it nearly to shore on dusty's board. nine weeks in the icu and eight
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operations later leanne is defying the odds. >> how much does it cost to be bitten by a shark? >> millions my antibiotics alone were $36,000. >> that would not cover the funds we raised. >> her mom set up a go fun me page, she has insurance but is still deep in the hole. >> he saved my life. >> that is a lot of points in the bank. >> i would have done it for you too buddy. >> dusty is back in the water surfing and leanne has a way to go before she is ready physically and mentally. a camp inner city youth came to and end. the dream camp at temple university allowed 180 kids to take classes in p arts and health and nutrition all of it for ship
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back to the accuweather forecast alert, we are expecting rain prompting a flash flood watch. david murphy is here now with the latest. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan right now shows you that the closest rain is on the other side of baltimore. it's very slow as it pushes in our direction. and areas of central and southern delaware will see it and we are waiting for the firs. pretty picture near the wissahickon creek, the old stone bridge and gray skies givinging
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way to blue above. and sunshine is glinting off the bush in the foreground. and the clouds thicken up and for now not too bad and dew point up at 69. close to what we consider oppressively humid and some of are you there already. humid if you are trying to get stuff done ahead of the rain. we are mainly dry and by 4:00 there is that chance that this stuff to the south and west is starting to barrel up in our direction and something could pop close toward philadelphia before then. by 7:00 or 7:30 tonight. the model has more beginning to push in but it's later tonight in the overnight hours when we expect the bulk of the heavy rain to arrive and it's centered down south because it's a southern storm and it makes sense that the heaviest banding would be down that way. and some of that heavy rain is coming up to the i-95 copart a t
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and the heaviest rain dies down a bit and the problem is that if we get a rise in the creeks and streams and in the roadways it's a long time from the runoff for all of that to go back down. highs today ahead of the problems, low to mid-80s and ln chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm is possible. 83 by 2:00. and 84 is your high and 83 by 4:00 and 77 by 6:00 and i'm po thunderstorm straight up to 10:00 and areas south and west we may get that filling inoon a. phillies hosting the braves for the first of three. cloudy skies for the most part and the possible of rain and decent chance they at least get th f they need. and 76 the first pitch and 73 in the ninth inning and warm and muggy. in terms of rainfall 1 to 2 inches is possible on most
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models from philadelphia up to the north with the higher amounts being around the i-95 corridor and the same story goes for the 2 to 4 inches down ther south in south jersey and delaware. all of this with the saturated ground is enough to cause potential for flash flooding. it's likely and one thing to look for later tonight and overnight in particular. but even this afternoon where an isolate the storm hits. roads creeks and streams could be affecis, gusty on author winds that could exacerbate coastal flooding issues there and avoid flooded wear areas. the position will try to race and maybe a shower and tomorrow cool and wet and sunday 75 degrees and we'll get racing in then. and a high of 84 tomorrow. and spotty storms this afternoon and this evening and the heavy rain tonight and overnight and an accuweather alert for the
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flood watch the next couple of days and the second half of the weekend we get a nice little gift from mother natu sun and lower humidity and warm on tuesday and not all that humid. hot and humid conditions returning for wednesday and thursday. >> all right sunday looking nice. thank you. >> lets talk food. hummus lovers rejoice the middle eastern dip is having the moment in philadelphia. there are spots serving up the spread in true israeli style. alicia vitarelli has the special fyi. i just want to know if there is samples. >> they do deliver. isn't this gorgeous. for centuries mum mus h dip. in israel it's more like an entire meal. and there are two brand new spots that open the here in center city that will take your taste buds of a tour of middle east.
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on locust street in midtown, hummusology. >> and for francis it's a science. eem like fast food but -- >> he soaks his chick peas and mixes it with a mix of spices from israel. >> the end result should be gelato almost. >> the taste of his childhood. >> this is the food you grew up on? >> exactly. his dad is from israel and he taught him to cook. >> it's fresh every day. >> it's baked pita and a salad. >> this is not just a side dish but a full meal. topics like th or go home. >> it's slow cooked beans and from morocco and an israeli
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favorite forch and the sandwich with philo dough and hummus and every bite is a taste of israeli food and culture. >> make sure to get a nice evening coating olavors. >> on the west side of broad israeli native opened mum mus including toppings with the chicken sharma. and we lightly fried it. >> it's a f oration with son gabriel managing the restaurant. it's a taste of home. i feel like i'm in israel with my > delicious, watch f i philly this and every saturday at 7:00 on 6 abc.
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closing in on 1:00 let get a final check of theith david mur >> a chance to talk about the shore, today clouds late rain arriving and a lot of it later on ihours. 81. and tomorrow rainy and windy and unday looks looding here and great with breaks of sun and the big issue is the southern half of the region a flash flood watch knks and doesn't expire until tomorrow afternoon. do not walk or drive through flooded areas. >> don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon.
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