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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  July 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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♪ ♪ action news delaware valley's leading news program. with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. ♪ . saturday night, walter is off, i'm sarah bloomquist. in the news, police are investigating a deadly stabbing inside a local homeless shelter.
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a philadelphia man is struck and killed by lightening while vacationing in florida. but the big story is on action news is clearing skies, following overnight storms that brought heavy rains and flooding to parts of south jersey. we're taking a live look at penns landing for our sky 6 camera. peaks of sunshine through the clouds late today and tomorrow looking better. meteorologist cecily tynan in for melissa magee, she's live at the action news big board with the full details. >> it's noise to see peaks of sunshine out there after a very gloomy cool windy and damn saturday. the actual storm system is offshore. we're getting winds a shifting out of the north pulling down drier airs and helping clouds break, there's one thin line of showers starting to break up and stretches across route across middletown, sinking to the south, this is dying as it does,
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but like i've been say, this was a storm that you all about location. areas north of philadelphia, barely got a drop of rain, but look at this egg harbor new jersey, about seven and a half inches of rain overnight. atlantic city close to six inches, wildwood crest, about five inches, vineland four inches and smyrna delaware, more than three inches of rain and i got lot of photos like on my facebook page, this is from ocean city. this is better than driving through flooded waters, i do want to point out. hopefully she didn't fall in because those waters can be very dirty. and you do want to stay out of them when you get the flooding. due points tell the story, they're dropping. due points in the 50's, philadelphia and areas up to the north, i've got a seven-day forecast, i think you will like coming up in a few minutes. sarah? >> stay tuned for that. thanks. cecily just mentioned parts of the jersey shore were slammed with well over a half of foot of
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rain overnight. bob brooks spent the early morning hours with residents in wildwood, had to ride out the storm. >> reporter: heavy rain, high winds, overnight, it was a downpour, the storm brought enough rain to submerge streets in several car, in wildwood the rains were of her heavy, we were able to speak with one family trying to get out of town they're weren't having luck. >> it is horrible. stay off the road. it is flooded all the way up to my drivers middle of the door. stay off the road if you can. >> reporter: that was around 5:00 a.m. this morning, since then, the rain stopped, now we're seeing the results. park avenue near 26th in wildwood was severely flooded. we spoke with sarah fullerton from north wildwood who tied to get to work but installed. >> this morning, i thought i was going to have a nice drive to work and then all of a sudden, i noticed that the flooding was about four feet right past the door of my car. so i tried to drive out to work.
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didn't happen. >> reporter: she did walk in. but she said this morning, activity was limited. >> no one is coming to work today. i'm kind of just standing here looking for stuff to do. >> but the flooding wasn't an inconvenience to everyone. >> it's fun. watching so many knuckleheads go through and get stuck. >> reporter: if you're someone like greg who has a ford excursion, the water was no match. but he was still being careful, others in cars, not so much. >> they're blasting through it. getting through the engine and they're just installing the little cars. >> reporter: one more thing brought to my attention if you're driving through the streets flooded that you go slow. that you don't great big waves that might go up into people's homes or properties or businesses and cause further damage. reporting in wildwood, bob brooks, channel 6, action news. it was a very similar scene this morning here in longport atlantic county. act news surveyed some of the is it street flooding.
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drivers were able to get through without too much headache. a driver in the wynnfield seconds apparently thought he could make it through the small creek that had flooded with heavy rain in the middle of the golf club. turns out he was wrong, he became stuck and called 911 to be rescued. he wasn't hurt but he was charged because as we can see, he drove out on to the golf course. remember, you can get the latest forecast including detailed updates and storm tracker 6 live radar any time on your phone or be tablet. 6 abc is free. a young child is dead, nearly a dozen homeless following a fast moving fire that destroyed the camden home. anthony mccore mac is live at cooper medical center. where some of the injured are recovering from overnight. annie. >> reporter: that four-year-old girl was killed in the fire, many of her relatives were taken here to cooper hospital, including two adults and four
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children ranging in age from ten months to 12 years old. after midnight, flames engulfed this camden row home in the 1200 block of morton, four children two adults transported to the ho witnesses say some children were talked to neighbors, four-year-old did not make it out alive. her grandmother shared her picture with us tonight >> she was just the sweet est lovable little girl. so sweet. she would say, hey, mom mom, i love you, and i'd say i love you too. >> reporter: her family is still trying to comprehend she's gone. >> it's a young age and a vibrant, so much life out of her, it's hard on all of us. >> the fire started in 1282 and caused damage to 1284. >> reporter: when firefighters responded to the two alarm blaze after midnight, the home was fully engulfed. crews needed backup from
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collingswood. the flames were so intense several other homes on the block were affected. red cross is assisting victims tonight >> we'll be housing at least six members of the family located in the home on morton street, we have managers to hospital with some family members and others locally here on site with our volunteers. >> reporter: fire marshal is still working to determine a cause. firefighters on the scene say that smoke detectors inside on the home were working. for now, reporting live in camden, anthony mccormick. channel 6 action news. a man murdered inside the sunday breakfast mission shelter at philadelphia's spring garden section this morning. it happened inside the facility alo along. the victim was stabbed several times died at the shelter, no one else was hurt. a philadelphia man was struck and killed by lightening
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while vacationing in florida yesterday. authorities say 35-year-old lamar ray field was walking with a group of friends on the sand in satellite beach when he and another person were hit. ray field was rushed to the hospital for treatment but died a few hours later. the second victim is listed in stable condition. rayfield is the fifth person to die from a lightening strike in florida this year. take a look at this crash in a parking lot near a duncan donuts in horsham. a tractor-trailer jumped the curb. official says the rig of turned and ended up up right on the grass. the driver was not seriously injured. it's not yet clear what led up to this crash. dozens of young protesters gathered in camden this afternoon. >> if we don't get it. >> the students were protesting plans to demolish camden high school, they say thor voices
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have not been heard. it's scheduled to be torn down in october's replaced with four buildings. reservation groups filed a lawsuit to try to stop the demolition. much more to come. the fall-out continues on senate failure to pass new healthcare legislation, a message that at that spent to lawmakers today. >> plus in sports, jeff skversky has reaction following two phillies trades and nick foles is sitting out of training camp. why? the answer when action news comes right back.
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schedule your eye exam at president trump is fuming over this week's failure to repeal obamacare. he took to twitter calling for a change to the way business is conducted in the senate. yesterday, the president replaced chief of staff reince priebus with general john kelly. but some senior white house aids
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are calling for more shake-ups, some say consider the source of those requests >> it is not republican. these are not people who have been in the party, have been working in the vine yards for year, helped elect the people who were in congress. >> world news tonight will have much more on the big changes at the white house and what may lie ahead. you can watch that following this broadcast. veterans of world war ii and the korean war were celebrated today with a concert in the park. ♪ . ♪ . the veterans were applauded as they entered the park in roxboro. this is the 9th year the concert honored those vets. many of whom are receiving treatment at the coatville medical center. it's the summer of love at the pennsylvania spca. the organization held the summer love and adoption event in
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covered by most insurance and medicare plans. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ the vote boats returned to pennsauken new jersey, about 50 teams competed ranging from 200 meters to 2000 meters throughout the day. dragon boats are the largest flat water racing canoes in the world and this sport is gains in popular tea. all proceeds will benefit local nonprofit organizations. jeff is here with sports. a bit of a scare at eagles training camp. >> alshon jeffrey landing hard on his shoulder getting looked a
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the by the trainer, a close call in training camp. leading referral shouldn't jeffrey goes down and briefly leaves drills with a shoulder injury. jeffrey said he's not worried about it and it's nothing to worry about. backup quarterback nick foles is not practicing because of a sore blow. carson wentz doesn't miss a single pass today. once was a good day, ask his coach. >> today was a very good day for the whole offense. i mean, we had a few snaps here and there but it was a good day, i thought in the past game in particular, we executed well. probably you know, only one practice, i'm not getting too excited. that's probably as well as we've executed in past since i've been here. >> carson did a great job, they all did a good job. he had one play and pretty good runs.
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>> the biggest concerning camp the eagles inexperienced corners gel lend mills and patrick robinson have been getting first team rep so far and helping them get better the fact that they're going in day in and out against alshon jeffrey and tory smith. >> in a collectively how you know, few veteran players and career players and what everybody when it comes to, even better, it's really the quality of reps that he gets >> right tackle lane johnson returning to practice with the blond wig he bought on amazon. i wonder if he will whip that out. it's hard to tell the difference between lane and sarah bloomqui bloomquist. phillies made three trades over the last three days. sue kim acquired late last night from baltimore in the german me
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hellickson trade for the expected to report to the phillies until stormy. they sent how we kendricks, pete mackanin is in good spirits because they have scored 19 you runs last two games. >> myself in a good mood lately and it's nice to win games, part of developing a team is winning games. it's not always learning from your mistakes but it's also winning, they feel like they're going to win now, i feel like the players are going out, knowing they have a good chance to win rather than hoping they're going to win >> eickhoff is on the mound tonight. 11 sip in last three matches, andre blake, because of a nasty cut on his hand. playing the final road game of the season in baltimore against the very team and the only team that has beaten them all year and still gets revenge betting them by 49 points, 70-21, the regular season is over next
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saturday. they have clinched home field throughout the playoffs. nascar in the poconos the truck series race kyle busch dominating early, but bush knocked out by justin latelily who won last night with bush done his under study win, christopher bell goes on and takes the checker flag. joel embiid is having quite the off season. he's done everything from in the all stair game to fight with lavar ball. now he's picking on a kid. posting this on instagram. swatting this away from the kid at the sixers practice facility. one more look. not up in here. embiid just joking around. hopefully he can do that when the season rolls around. >> right. thanks, jeff. a north philadelphia today, members of the community took
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steps to fight childhood obesity. this was called the walk a mile way child. when the walk was over, there were three health screenings and times for healthy living. the event was organized by the national medical association. dozens of girls and boys with philadelphia's police athletic league laced up sneakers and got down to business on the court in fairmount. they took part in a full court press, basketball and life skills clinic. kids not only learned about the game, they learned how to work as a team. all tools, they can use. in the future. up next, here on action news, meteorologist cecily tonight in an with the exclusive accu-weather seven-day forecast. that's next. but first, here's a look what's coming up on world news saturday. >> sarah good evening, coming up on world news tonight, who's next at the white house after president trump ousted chief of staff? the mysterious package on the doorstep exploding and critically injuring the men who opened it. and the urgent warning about using medicine to make children sleepy after action news.
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so is the sunshine. >> yes, finally. i think everyone will like this forecast. we're sick of the rainy july and things are improving. let's go live sky tracker 6 taking a look. dilworth park and this is a good sign. some kids are starting to play in the fountains. it was a cloudy damp and cool day but i think the splash park is going to be a lot more busy tomorrow. sky 6 taking a look over the can commodore barry bridge. drier air begins to move n highs
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today, about ten degrees below normal, 77 was the high. that's the current temperature. normal high for this time of year is 87. notice the due point is beginning to drop. 57 degrees. so that indicates drier air is moving in. winds out of the the northeast at 16 miles an hour and the pressure 29.80. you're dayplanner tomorrow, what a difference a day makes, we're looking at sunshine through the day already 75 degrees by 11:00, by 2:00, 80, by 5:00 reaching the low 80's and it will be a great day to get out, because the humidity will be very low. satellite and radar showing we still have the storm system spinning to the south and east and one band of shower, i pointed this out and you can see how this is really beginning to break apart across route 55 south jersey, we're drying out tonight. we're clearing out the clouds. right now, 77 in philadelphia. wilmington, the same, allentown 78 degrees, reading, 78. they saw more sunshine there, cape may still stuck in the
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clouds, currently 71. tonight, clearing skies, it will be a cool night comfortably cool. 56 in the cooler suburbs lehigh valley, 63 degrees for center city. and future tracker showing clouds are out of here by midnight. tomorrow morning, 8:00. no clouds, this time tomorrow night, no clouds, monday morning, no clouds. what a boring forecast. this is fantastic. high pressure is building in tomorrow about 82. monday, we bump it up to a seasonal high of 87. but we keep it low humidity. so if you are down the shore today was a wash-out. tomorrow it will be sunny and breezy. nice day to be on the beach, but do be careful. getting into the water. the surf will be rough and there is a high risk of rip current, the best idea stay out of the water to stay on the beach. that ocean temperature 75 degrees, and it is race weekend in the poconos, and it couldn't be much nicer for the main event tomorrow. bright sunshine, low humidity, comfortable with a high of 75
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degrees. so enjoy the second half of the weekend. definitely better than the first. the exclusive accu-weather seven-day forecast, due points in the 50's, feeling nice, 83. on monday, seasonally warm, humidity still in check with a high of 87. and then the heat begins to return. tuesday, lots of sunshine, it's hot, it's a little bit more muggy, 90. on wednesday, we bump it up to 91. a slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, we have a better chance of pop-up afternoon thunderstorms as we head toward end of week thursday, 90, if we hit three days in the 90's, this would be our sixth heat wave of the year. it looks to be minimal by friday, scattered storms, high of 87 and saturday plenty of sunshine with a thunderstorm possible 86. all in all, a nice looking forecast as we head towards august. >> august? the summer is going too fast. >> thanks, cecily.
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finally it was all about one love today in wilmington. ♪ . ♪ . >> artists musicians and the public came out to honor the life of work of bob marley for the 23rd annual people's festival outside the queen theater. those who attended could see some traditional jamaican fair as well as joy great music and art. don't miss action news at 10:00 on phl 17 tonight and then we're back at 11:00. now, for melissa magee, cecily tynan, jeff skversky and the entire action news team, i'm sarah bloomquist. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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tonight, who's next? the shake-up at the white house. president trump ousts his chief of staff. replacing him with a retired four-star general. can the new faces in the west wing rescue the president's agenda? breaking news. the massive fire at an outdoor music festival. more than 20,000 people forced to evacuate. also breaking tonight, the major terror bust. front door bomb. tonight, the new video. the mysterious package the doorstep, exploding and critically injuring the man who opened it. border outrage. reaction to the abc news investigation. the en


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