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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  July 31, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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6:00 a.m., monday, july 31. matt o'donnell is off, alicia vitarelli is joining us. >> we're following breaking news for you. a 17-year-old is rushed to the hospital after being shot in her own living room. police say she is an innocent victim. >> homeowners in margate have like said views they never wanted. the controversial project they are blame fogger creating that situation. >> more sunshine for the start of the week. look at this gorgeous shot welcoming you to your monday morning if you're just waking up with us, thank you for doing that. it will heat up as the week goes on. >> what a beautiful picture after a beautiful weekend. we want to hear from david
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murphy how it's going to feel. matt pellman is in for karen rogers taking a look at traffic good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, we're off to a beautiful start low humidity and nice cool comfortable conditions, as you mentioned, the sun is on its way up. satellite shows a little bit cloud cover out to the west of us that's breaking a part. generally speaking bright conditions. 65 degrees in philadelphia. trenton, allentown and reading, upper 50s, mid 50s in millville. it's a morning when you go outside it's just beautiful. dewpoints on the low side most of us in the 50s that means low humidity and no sign of any stickiness. 65 degrees by 7:00 a.m. noon, 83. 3:00 p.m., 88. it's going to be warm this afternoon. information i expect a high of 89 at 4:00 p.m. it's sunny and not very humid. cool drinks a-okay.
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tomorrow, a tad more humid. wednesday, thursday, friday it might be stickier and spotty thunderstorms, i'll go over that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. what you got on the schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: i don't know what kind of road surface you like to drive on. we have a road surface for everybody along the schuylkill expressway. we have old pavement and we have pavement freshly milled and fresh pavement on the eastbound side, each lane is a little bit different because of the overnight work they have been doing. the problem with this is means the lanes are different heights. as you go to change lanes you're hitting the bump. you have to be careful as you travel along the schuylkill expressway. eastbound left lane paved here. westbound left lane milled overnight. the good news at this point all the overnight construction crews have cleared out. we're not seeing any delays on the schuylkill expressway. we are, however seeing a crash in upper darby township by the cvs along landsdown avenue at
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state road. we're seeing that construction in queen village along columbus boulevard southbound queen street one lane getting by like last week, expect delays coming off i-95. speaking of i-95. cottman avenue southbound no delays 13 minute travel time is right on time. good news in the lehigh valley heading toward allentown along 222, sounds like the crash is clearing out and the lanes are reopening on this monday morning. tam. >> thank you matt. breaking news, the random shooting of a teenager the victim of a stray bullet that found her as a target as she was standing in her living room. jeanette reyes is live on the scene in the city's feltonville neighborhood. >> reporter: good morning, tam, the manhunt is underway this morning police searching for two hispanic males. that's the only description they have released right now. take a look at the home that somewhat teams surrounded. they believed the suspects were
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inside. the 17-year-old girl is in the hospital shot once in the chest by a stray bullet. this happened before midnight along the 4900 block of b street in the feltonville section of the city. the victim was standing in her living room when the bullet came through the front window of the front door and struck her. she is in stable condition this morning. as for the suspects in this case an off duty officer who was near the scene saw the suspect run into a home down the block where we are right now. somewhat teams were called to the -- somewhat -- s.w.a.t teams were called to the property and it was cleared after the shooters were not inside the home. we talked to a man who moments before founded car was struck by another stray bullet. >> somebody hit the car with bullets. they are new ones, every place
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you go, that's the same problem. >> that was the gentleman on the phone with his wife telling her her car was hit by a stray bullet. just a few months ago his car was hit in a separate incident. the manhunt continues this morning for the two suspects and investigation is underway. reporting live in feltonville, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. it's been a violent night in wilmington. two people were injured in two separate shootings. 25-year-old man was shot multiple times in his back on the 400 block of townsend street. the gunfire erupted arounde vico christiana hospital in critical condition. two hours earlier a woman was shot bynd bauer street. the bullet hit her alarm. she was taken to christiana hospital in serious condition.
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police have not said if she was the intended target. >> almost 6:06 a.m., happening today a bucks county judge is set to announce a verdict in a cold case murder trial. george shaw is accused of raping and killing barbara rowan of bensalem back in the 1980s when she was 14-years-old. he maintains his innocence. cleanup is at the set to bt a notorious drug market in the kensington section. it's believed up to a million syringes have been dumped here. conrail is moving in heavy equipment to start the process of removing they say syringes. turning to business this monday morning, the courts are attempted to stop shrinking seat space on airlines. maribel aber is live at the cnn
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center in new york, great news for frequent flyers maribel. >> no matter how tall or small you are, we want the room. faa will review the size of seats on airlines. small seats can put passengers' health for blood clots. airlines say adding extra seats offer about her fares for travelers. any new faa regulation would bypass the need for action from congress. 89 dow was up on friday, futures are pointing to a higher open. this week consumer spending and factory and jobs report due out. it's a sad day for the jc penny
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stores at king of prussia and willow grove. they need been trying to liquidate merchandise. back over to you. >> time to turn to david murphy. it was a glorious weekend. >> reporter: it wasn't it beautiful? you'll get more of that today. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we're dry, looking outside, we have sky6 live hd, there's the commodore barry bridge. lots of sunshine coming up. the humidity is down, temperatures are not all that bad, too, kind of cool and comfortable to start out. allentown, 59 degrees. 60 in reading. 68 in trenton. i love these kinds of early start ups in the summer. 55 in philadelphia. 56 in millville. low humidity everywhere. satellite shows you lack of of cloud cover around, shades on the highways and byways this morning and this afternoon, as well. we're expecting mostly sunny skies today.
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could be pop up cloud cover here and there, but with low humidity not much. down the shore the only issue is rip currents. we had them over the weekend and moderate risk of them today. swim near the lifeguards and don't go too deep. high temperatures on the beach, 80 degrees, 73 in the water. 81 in rehoboth beach this afternoon. again, lots of sun, so sunscreen is important. in philadelphia, mostly sunny skies, low humidity, 89 degrees, light winds, a nice day sizing up as we close out the month of july. we're closing out a four game set with the braves at citizens bank ballpark. the phillies looking at a 12:35 p.m. start. 89 is the high, as long as you have yourself prepared you should be in good shape for a nice day in baseball. low humidity overnight, some of
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the suburbs getting into the low 60s. tomorrow, high pressure in control, we expect sunshine, it may feel a bit more humid, but it won't be all that balanced. you have to wait until wednesday, thursday, friday for the humidity to pick up a bit more. 89 is the high, sunny and not humid. tomorrow, hot and humid 91 degrees, not bad. hot and sticky on wednesday, high of 92. while there's a chance of a brief pop-up shower somewhere in the northern and western suburbs on tuesday there's a better chance of that in a couple of spots on wednesday. thursday, warm and 89. friday, warm and humid, 87. both days could feature a scattered thunderstorm. most of you don't see that. we get into saturday that's when a cold front arrives. there's a better chance of showers and thunderstorms on saturday. right now the timing is the late morning and afternoon. if that were to hold you would be fine for the union game tonight. sunday partly sunny, nice low
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humidity in the mid 80s. 6:10 a.m., chaos in california, a driver jumps the curb and heads for a crowd standing outside a restaurant. it's time to pay attention or payup. we'll tell you where you do not want to be caught texting crossing a street. >> reporter: we're paying attention in fishtown. the good news is frankford avenue is open after the water main break. we'll be checking on 42, 202 and issues in delaware when "action news" continues on this monday morning. ♪ having a baby. caring for your parents. learning you have a condition. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us.
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>> it is 6:14 a.m., monday morning, if you're just waking up with us, a live look from our temple university camera, clear skies and shot of city hall this morning, if you loved yesterday you're in for a treat because we have a repeat. >> if you're stuck in traffic, matt pellman you can roll down the window and say it's a nice day. >> reporter: it's pretty bearable, so far so good along 42. by the new jersey turnpike we expect extra traffic as we expect most monday morning in the summertime, ac expressway, garden state parkway and 42 northbound as people make their trek back from the beach as people make the shift for monday morning work.
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construction getting underway by the lindenwald patco station that will block off berlin road all this week. avoid it and use gibbsboro road or white horse pike. one crash in upper darby delco by the cvs landsdown avenue and state road. use route 3 and garrett road. camera time in exton, chester county, 202 northbound lanes by the ramp 30 bypass eastbound. this ramp is closing during the overnights this weekend 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. it's open right now and ready for you. farther north with the commuter report we have an object on the road northbound heading thwart the schuylkill expressway. a couple of flooding locations
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leftover from last week in delaware, piles ford road and ways road blocked. owls nest road is the way around them. >> in response to the north korea's latest missile test, u.s. sent two supersonic bombers over the korean peninsula. the mission was in response to the icbm tests by north korea in the past week. a broader part of the u.s. is now in range of north korean weapons. extra security measures are in place at airports across australia. authorities thwarted a plot to bring down an airplane. it involved an improvised device that could emitted a toxic gas killing or immobilizing
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everybody on the plane. two men are in custody but have not been charged. a plane crashed on a california freeway, the people inside survived and they are recovering a month later. video from the john wayne airport shows the moment the plane crashed on the 405. moments later the plane burst into flames. it narrowly avoided hitting dozens of cars when it crashed on june 0th. >> a van plowed into a crowd in la. the driver jumped the curb and drove through a fence. the driver was arrested for hit-and-run. as the driver tried to flee the scene. witnesses caught up with him a block away and held him until officers arrived. >> up next, today's health tip. >> it's not a bad paint job,
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we'll tell you why strange red splotches are showing up on cars in california at 6:30. >> reporter: all right, guys we're looking at a beautiful day today with wonder conditions out there, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, getting up to 89 degrees later with low humidity and lots of sun. really nice. what about the seven-day forecast? we'll talk about that in a little bit. >> reporter: in tech bytes, paying for twitter, social media giant is testing a premium subscription plan for $99 a month. they will promote subscribers tweets on to the timeline of people who don't follow them. honolulu is the is the first major city to ban texting while walking across the street. it takes effect in october. >> reporter: if you're caught strolling through an intersection while texting, you could face a fine up to $99 a
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everyday. focus on your breath or do a guided mediation with an online app helps you. it will take practice to block out the distractions and reap the benefits of mediation. >> there's just too much in there, some i don't want to know about. [laughter]. >> reporter: altogether now, [humming]. >> reporter: feeling better already, let's head outside, we're feeling great, we have a 12:35 p.m., phillies game. we're not used to that, you won't hit a ton of traffic on the way. i think come home in the heart of the afternoon rush hour, things could get dicey as they often do when we have early games with the phils. on the mass transit front, keep in mind because of the accident with the truck in pennsauken on
6:23 am
friday, the ac rail line is not running probably for the next two weeks. >> reporter: we go to the phillies today we hope for no pitching changes and convicting convicting -- quick game and you get out of the game before all that mess. we have lots of sun in play today. temperature cool and comfortable. 65 degrees in philadelphia. there you see 59 in allentown. 58 in trenton. 67 degrees in cape may. 61 in wilmington and we're looking at low humidity today. as we roll through the day, 65 degrees by 7:00. noon, 83 degrees, good morning to get fido out to the park, fido being the dog over there. 88 degrees by 3:00 p.m. 88 by 5:00 p.m. the high 89 we'll hit that at 4:00 p.m. 86 with plenty of sunshine. glad you enjoyed that. over in --, plenty of sunshine this afternoon with low humidity, if you're traveling with -- all green aircraft in
6:24 am
our our big destinations. >> this week's storm left a new jersey beach town like a lake. sanding water is on the beach in margate where the army corps of engineers is digging their controversial dunes project. residents plan to address the issue at the board of commissioners meeting on thursday. "feeling alright" plays ] with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee.
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cambodian children in her latest film were treated poorly. directors put money in front of poor children and took it away to get a reaction. jolie said the children were aware they were involved in an improve exercise based on on a scene in the film. despite resistance from royal family, a british television show is going to broadcast a new documentary on princess diana using controversial video tape. she talks about her marital problems and her trouble relationship with the royal family. the recordings are from the 1990s speaking to her voice coach. some of it was seen in the u.s. back in 2004 and never aired in britain. >> harry and william having their own documentary wanting to
6:28 am
keep the focus here not there. david murphy has the call from accuweather next. >> a big black bear finds an unusual spot to hibernate right in front of someone's house. that story at 6:30.
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comcast business. built for business. >> breaking right now on "action news" a 17-year-old girl is hit by a stray bullet that flew through the front window of her home. a murder mystery deepens in delaware county. police believe the same suspect is behind the second shooting on the same night. >> playing hardball with a heckler. you want some of this big guy. governor chris christie went back and faced off with a vocal fan at a baseball game. it is quite the scene. >> matt o'donnell is off,
6:31 am
alicia vitarelli joins us. >> let's go over to matt pellman and david murphy outside on this beautiful july day. >> reporter: we have sun up over the horizon. i'll start you with cloud cover. very little cloud cover close to the region, so lots of sun early. here the numbers, 59 degrees in allentown and reading, 58 in trenton, 56 in millville. even in philadelphia, 65 that's one of the warmer spots. cool, comfortable low humidity this morning, i'll show you that with the dewpoints. everybody down in the 50s, isn't that nice, up in the 60s and 70s the last couple of weeks. everything below 60 is not humid at all. we shoot up to 88 degrees by 3:00 p.m. the high of 89 hits around 3:30 p.m. humidity on the low side, lots of sun. tomorrow is hotter, but not bad. the humidity creeps back in, i'll cover that in the seven-day
6:32 am
forecast. matt that doesn't look as good as half-hour ago. >> reporter: travel time starting to creep up, as well. speeds starting to creep on down. this is the spot where you go bump on the schuylkill expressway, they milled the left lane on the westbound side of 76 overnight. things are not as nice as the drive friday morning. it's rougher and bumpier and dustier. one lane milled and one lane not. there's a height difference between the two lanes. schuylkill expressway they did work, as well on the eastbound side overnight. we're watching a crash in upper darby township cvs landsdown avenue and state road. route 3 and garrett road would be the alternates. walt whitman bridge jersey bound speeds in the 20s. in the 20s on i-95. southbound side jamming from the
6:33 am
betsy ross bridge on down to the girard avenue in the work zone. heavy on 42, some people coming back from the shorepoints. 41 to 295 the delay is starting to kick in on this monday morning. tam. >> thank you, matt. this is breaking right now there's a dramatic search underway for a gunman who fired into a home. his random bullet injured and wounded a 17-year-old girl. at one point the s.w.a.t team was involved. let's go over to jeanette reyes live on the scene on the 4900 block of b street in feltonville. >> reporter: good morning, tam, we keep finding people whose homes or cars were hit by stray bullets. we'll get to the latest victim in a second. the dramatic manhunt is underway. s.w.a.t teams responded and surrounded the home thinking the suspects were here. the 17-year-old girl who was shot is in the hospital at this
6:34 am
hour. this is the scene before midnight along the 4900 block of b street in the feltonville section of the city. the teenager was standing in the living room when the bullet came through the front window of the front door and struck her in the chest. she was rushed to st. christopher's hospital and is in cable condition. an off-duty officer was near the scene at the time and saw the suspects run into the home. s.w.a.t teams surrounded the home, but it was cleared after they learned the suspects were not in the home. we talked to a young mother not too long ago who said her four-year-old daughter was feet away from where a stray bullet hit the home and hit a wall. she was very emotional. how did he tell you, did he run in did he hear something?
6:35 am
we heard everything, when we saw all the -- >> glass? >> everything what happened? >> reporter: it was her husband who told the young mother said a bullet came flying into the window and barely missed him. you're looking at the window near where the other window was hit. another gentleman said his car was hit by a stray bullet. the manhunt continues for the suspects, we'll let you know when we get additional information this morning. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> breaking overnight, a man was shot and left for dead on a sidewalk in north philadelphia. neighbors were about to take the victim to the hospital when the police got to the scene. the shooting happened at north 4th and indiana avenue before 2:00 a.m. the victim had no i.d. on him, he died at the hospital a short
6:36 am
time later. no arrests have been made. philadelphia police joined the manhunt for a murderer wanted in delaware county. john le was shot and killed outside his friend's apartment haverford road in haverford township saturday night. the man was scene walking near the victim and running from the scene following the deadly shooting. investigators believe the same man opened fire at two men in a vehicle in overbrook park a few hours earlier. nobody was hurt, but neighbors were left rattled. >> i heard about 15 shots at least, i immediately got on my shoes and come out and see if anybody was laying out hear. >> investigators believe the suspect is driving a charcoal gray four door volvo. the coast guard called off the search for a woman who went missing off point pleasant beach new jersey, the 25-year-old
6:37 am
woman from slow -- went missing when she and a male friend went missing in heavy surf. there were warnings of rip currents along the jersey shore this weekend. president trump's new chief of staff reports for duty today. john kelly is taking over for reince priebus, he moves into a new role as the administration faces several chances. president trump is threatening ending subsidies for health insurance companies. president trump will sign a new bill issuing sanctions against russia. the president will sign them. new jersey governor chris christie had another bad day at
6:38 am
the ballpark. the governor seen in the viral video walking to his seat at the brewers cubs game in milwaukee, when he turned back and gets in the face of a heckler. [laughter] >> when he was initially going up the stairs, i yelled his name. he was past me and 30 feet away, i called him a hypocrite because i thought it needed to be said. he then turned around and walked towards me and got up in my face for what seemed like a long time. it was probably 30 seconds or a minute. >> he called him a big shot. there's no comment from christy's office. the governor's son works in the brewers front office. just two weeks ago, fans booed christy when he caught a foul ball at the mets game. >> maybe it's a better idea in the comfort of the governor's
6:39 am
mansion to watch the game if it's going to be tense like that. what about this weather this weekend? >> reporter: more of the same today as yesterday. sky6 live hd showing we're dry, there's the ben franklin bridge, sunshine up over the horizon not a cloud in sight. cool and current temperature in philadelphia, 65. a lot of suburbs in the 60s and 50s. the dewpoints are in the 50s that's where you want to be below the 60-degree threshhold for humid air. winds are light, ocean temperature, 73. be careful in the water today because we have a moderate risk of rip currents down the shore. satellite and radar shows you a lack of cloud cover. looks like most of the day would be bright with clouds popping up later today. mostly sunny skies overall today and not all that humid. 67 degrees by 8:00 a.m. comfortable there. 77 by 10:00. it's going to be warm enough for cool drinks if you're outside working or playing today. 83 degrees by noon.
6:40 am
88 by 3:00 p.m. high of 89 around 4:00 p.m. sunscreen a good idea obviously. we take a look at high temperatures across the region. not much a range between allentown and trenton and philadelphia and millville. down the shore, highs of 80, again the rip currents are an issue today. braves and the phillies kicking themselves out of town soon, but today they have a getaway game at 12:35 p.m. nice day for baseball, 88 in the 9th inning. sunscreen if you're not sitting in the stage and cool drinks. tomorrow, it will be hotter high of 91. a tad more humid, not too bad, lots of sun. slight chance of a pop up thundershower in the northern and western suburbs. as the front guess closer over the next couple of days we'll feel the humidity build a little bit. tomorrow a change, but wednesday, thursday, friday, more of a change. 89 degrees, lots of sun,
6:41 am
beautiful. tomorrow, 91 degrees, hotter and a little bit more humid, but not too bad. wednesday, hot and sticky, high of 92 degrees, thunderstorm possible here and there in the northern and western suburbs. thursday, friday, warm highs in the upper 80s. chance of a spotty thunderstorm, as well. saturday that's when the next cold front finally pushes through, it could be more potent, i would expect a portion of saturday not only to be humid with highs in the mid 80s, but a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. maybe a few of them. right now the timing appears to be late morning and early afternoon. that could change many days out. sunday is beautiful. >> 6:41 a.m., a dozen inmates manage to break free from the same jail. we have an update on the search for them. plus, a messy mystery solved in california, why so many cars were stained with red splatter that fell from the sky. >> reporter: we have cars lighting up red brake lights on
6:42 am
the 30 bypass 340 to 113. it's sun glare. once you reach this point you're moving okay toward exton. we'll check on 42 and check the crash in delco when "action news" continues on this monday morning.
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> all right time to go over to matt pellman take a look at your traffic, how is it going? >> reporter: we're saying goodbye to july this morning, but being smacked in the face with sun glare. you need the shades ands
6:45 am
the sun glare hits you in the face. we'll have construction on 422 between oaks and 202. watch out for restrictions. close the vine express way in both directions between the schuylkill expressway and broad street at 11:00 p.m. on the vine not too badly westbound toward the schuylkill expressway where it slows in the morning it's not to a slow. as we check the big picture, it's slow on the schuylkill expressway itself. ten miles per hour near city avenue. we lost our crash in delco state road by the cvs that's cleared out of the way. let's zoom into francisville, if you were off, portions of girard avenue will be closed for all week by the 15 trolley traction. stay on broad street. flood damage in delaware, portions of way road and piles
6:46 am
ford road are blocked. owls nest get you around that. new castle road is blocked by the sheraton, commons boulevard is the way to go around there. >> a jailbreak in alabama has the community on lockdown. 12 prisoners escaped from the walker county jail. all but one man has been recaptured. it's not clear how they were able to break free. knew overnight a car bombing targeted the iraqi embassy in afghanistan. three gunman tried to storm the building. all iraqi diplomats are accounted for and there were no reports of cawcialghts. -- casualties. a washington lawyer who was shot in turks and caicos was shot in a luxury villa. when police got to the scene they found the security guard
6:47 am
with his own shoo -- shoe laces. u.s. state department has not issued any travel advisories for people heading to the islands. >> new at 6:30 a florida family got the scare when they found a black bear on their front doorstep. the surprise guest sprawled out and took a snooze on the top outside the front door. homeowner, thinks the bear was looking for shelter from a storm that blew through. >> i think the bear got caught up in it, he saw a nice dry place, i guess it's the doorway, he would have gone into the house. >> arena maybe stay inside if that's what you see when you look out the front door. >> reporter: he called 911, when the police arrived, the bear woke up an jumped up and took off. ♪
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>> 6:50 a.m., time for a preview of "good morning america." >> let's go over to amy robach with a list of what's coming up on the show. >> reporter: coming up next a diplomatic test for president trump as tensions escalate with north korea.
6:51 am
russia is retaliateing against sanctions. faa is forced to look at the space given to passengers on airlines in the case of incredibly shrinking seat. we have molly shannon and matthew mcconaughey coming up in just a few minutes. >> reporter: we wish the delays were shrinking as well. this is when they increase. we expect them to increase along columbus boulevard southbound. no, no changes over the weekend, one lane getting by the work on the sinkhole that's been there a while. i drove it friday night got through it, no big delays, saturday, ten minute delay, if you can avoid coming off i-95 crude be better off. trenton line train ten
6:52 am
minute behind. ac rail line not running between philadelphia and cherry hill. you're on the buses instead. >> reporter: tons of sun up over the horizon. there's cloud cover out to the west of us more by chicago. we're not looking at much today. it's cool and comfortable to start out. 56 degrees at the airport in atlantic city. 66 in beach haven. over here in allentown, 59. 58 in trenton. 65 in philadelphia. 61 in wilmington. again, low humidity. as we roll through the afternoon. 65 degrees by 7:00. noon, 83. great lunchtime to be outside on the park bench or bring fido to the park. 88 degrees by 3:00 p.m. 89 by 4:00 p.m. 86 by 7:00 p.m. if you're heading out to the playground or anywhere else, make sure because of lots of sun situation bring the sunscreen and keep the cool drinks handy. alicia. >> good tips, thank you. it looked like an art
6:53 am
project b awe firefighting aircraft dropped flame retardant over california. looks very jackson polokish. the flame retardant is nontoxic, it will come off in the car wash. we'll be reek the. using artificial tears often and still have dry eye symptoms? ready for some relief? xiidra is the first and only eye drop approved for both the signs and symptoms of dry eye.
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>> welcome back here the top stories, a stray bullet hit and wounded a 17-year-old girl standing inside the home. the bullet came through the front window of the house on 4900 block of b street in feltonville. police are searching for two suspects. chris christie was caught on camera confronting a heckler at the cubs game in milwaukee. no comment from chris christie's office. >> reporter: we're watching westbound volume on the schuylkill expressway jammed pretty much every morning. >> reporter: lots of sunshine and sun glare on the windshield this morning, satellite looks broken, there's a little bit of cloud cover to the west. 89 degrees, above average, low humidity, tomorrow, hotter, not
6:57 am
bad, humidity comes back later in the week. >> we're soaring after the weekend, what a beautiful couple of days. we'll be back with the latest updates in traffic and breaking news, for matt o'donnell, karen rogers, matt pellman, alicia vitarelli, david murphy, i think i'm tamala edwards. i've got a lot of names here. [laughter] we'll see you in 30. getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult.
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stick around for "good morning america," have a great monday. president trump facing overseas tests as russia tall yretaliate u.s. sanctions. and overnight, u.s. bombers warn north korea as president trump tries to rally key allies after that missile launch. all this as the new chief of staff starts this morning to reboot the white house after the latest shakeup. terror takedown. authorities arresting four suspects accused of trying to bring down an australian airliner, reportedly planning to build a toxic bomb filled with deadly poison gas. what it means for security here at home. airport outrage, intense confrontation caught on camera. a flight attendant throws a punch at a passenger with a baby in his arms. what started the brawl. the investigation now under


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