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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  July 31, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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bloomquist is off, president trump's new chief of staff is sworn in this morning. there's a five thousand dollars reward for a suspect in delaware county. search for person damaging cars in feltonville, a 17-year-old girl was wounded in her home after bullets went flying. an intense manhunt for the suspects involved in the shooting continues this afternoon. in fact it prompted a response by s.w.a.t teams early this morning, but that turned up nothing, by all accounts the shootout sent gunshots flying everywhere way. we found another shell casing on the ground from the broadcast, we know the violent shooting was not without a victim. >> you're just finding you --
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this now? one bay one he -- one by one neighbors woke up to find bullet holes in their cars. it's the second time after overnight gunfire happens outside their home. >> it wasn't just property that was damaged. philadelphia police say a 17-year-old girl in the front bedroom of the home was hit in the chest by a stray bullet on sunday. she was rushed to st. christopher's hospital in stable condition meanwhile, back on the scene an off-duty police officer said he saw a black male and two hispanic male before the shooting. they were exchanging words with a few other men a few yards away, several males walked into a home and came out with guns before firing multiple times. s.w.a.t teams surrounded the property and declared a
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barricade. hours later none of the suspects were inside and the scene was cleared. >> this never happen. >> reporter: just a few houses down from the shooting victim's home, a young mother a stray bullet nearly missed madison found asleep in a second floor bedroom. her husband walked across the window seconds before he grabbed a cup of water. she was emotional as she thought of the tragedy that could have been. >> it's terrible. and just hours ago, the 17-year-old boy was released from the hospital. she is extendinged to be okay -- expected to be okay. anyone with information is asked to contact police, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> we have chopper 6 hd from
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the city's north wood section over the results of a house fire route you can see the damage in the middle of the screen. apparently before 11:30 a.m. flames and smoke were escaping from the home in the north wood section of philadelphia. three homes were involved. no injuries were reported. all the families got out safely. fire crews on the scene, as you can tell on the left-hand side of the screen. everybody being able to skip safely from the house fire. the investigation is underway to see what started. again, fire crews in the in order wood section of philadelphia. -- north wood section of philadelphia. we'll bring you information as it becomes available to us. the search is on for a
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local mother who abandoned her baby in a hotel in bucks county, pennsylvania. erica avila-lopez left her child alone on saturday afternoon. she found drugs in the room. after having at baby examined at the hospital. police turned the child over to department of human services. erica avila-lopez is wanted on charges including child endangerment. there's five thousand dollars reward leading to the arrest and conviction of a man in connection with the murder of a man in haverford township. john lee was killed, his phone was stolen on the 2300 block of haverford road. police are working to determine if his attacker was involved in the shooting in the overbrook park section of philadelphia. john rawlins will have the
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latest information coming up in the next half-hour. in the nation's capitol president trump's new chief of staff is reporting for duty. general kelly is taking over after reince priebus resign last week. abc's megan hughes has more from washington. >> reporter: president trump hoping to set the reset button, swearing in a new chief of staff. >> what he has done in terms of homeland security is record shattering. john kelly replacing reens -- reince priebus reens -- white house shakeup. kelly diving into the discipline strayings turmoil front at center with jeff sessions who trump called embattled and weak in twitter attacks. the president saying no white
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house chaos. >> we were discussing a little while ago before the meeting how well we're doing, however, we have the highest stark market in history. in addition to leaks, public infighting and major legislative healthcare defeat, the white house faces foreign policy challenges with north korea and vladimir putin saying that diplomats be cut in half after the congressional sanctions bill. >> it is as if the congress decided the president is a child and put the things on the shelves. >> americans in the latest washington post poll gave the president at his 6 month mark a low approval rating.
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>> the whoas coast of florida is under a tropical storm warning. tropical storm emily is located of the coast of tampa, expected to track over the florida peninsula in the next couple of hours. the forecast here, what a wonder way to end the month of july. we enjoyed sunshine and low humidity and penns landing from sky6 live hd a pretty picture there. david murphy at the weather center with a first check of the forecast. go outside for lunch. >> reporter: a nice river crews going on for lunch time, stew. we have clouds off to the north and west, and generally speaking we're looking at plenty of sunshine. it's getting to be a warm one. with low humidity, you can take this no problem. 82 in philadelphia. trenton, 84. dover, 79. cape may, 77 degrees. looks like a good afternoon to
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get out there to the park with the pooch. 87 degrees by 2:00 p.m. high -r8 -- 89 degrees at 4:00 p.m. there's lots of sun and low humidity. this will be a pattern that continues tomorrow. it might be more humid another good one and repeat of sunday. you mentioned, rick, down in florida we have an issue with tropical storm emily that just popped up. if you look in florida on the globe you can see the southern half of the state covered in cloud cover. the current numbers on the storm. it's a tropical storm, the winds are blustery, but not as bad as a hurricane. it will come inland and cut south of orlando and north of miami and get the southern portion of florida very wet. if you have plans to get to florida tonight it will be wet, but by tomorrow it will be better. we have changes in the exclusive
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accuweather seven-day forecast and i'll run down those and we'll have more on the storm coming up later in the broadcast. >> stay on top of the weather for the week ahead when the 6abc app the hourly and seven-day forecast a tap away. use tracker to keep tabs on the weather where you live. it's a free download for your mobile device. from our new jersey newsroom, police recovered the body of a swimmer who disappeared near point pleasant beach. the coast guard was searching for a 24-year-old woman who was swept away during a swim. her 23-year-old friend returned to shore on his own and reported the woman missing. a notorious outdoor drug market is being cleaned up in kensington. a million drug syringes have been dumped on the property own by conrail. crews are moving in heavy
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equipment to start the cleaning process there will be temple social services hub where an addict can find help if they need it. no comment from chris christie after his caught on video confrontation at a ballpark. he was walking to his seat during the brewers cubs game yesterday when he turned around to have words with a cubs fan. that man reportedly called the governor a hypocrite that's when he got into his face. >> initially he was going up the stairs, i yelled his name, away quite a bit past me and 30 feet away, i called him a hypocrite, because it needed to be said. he turned around and walked toward me and got up in my face, what seemed like a long time, it was probably 30 seconds or a minute. >> christy was in milwaukee this weekend to watch the brewers cub series his son
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andrew works in the brewers front office. a dozen inmates escape during a jailbreak in alabama. we have details on the manhunt up. college students are scrambling after their college acceptance was revoked. meteorologist david murphy has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" continues in a moment.
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alabama after an escape in walker county. police caught 11, but 20-year-old brady kilpatrick is on the run. authorities have not explained how they broke out. security has been heightened in and around australia after four suspected terrorists were arrested over the weekend. they were planning to bring down the airline using a deadly toxic gas. sources say u.s. intelligence officials are closely monitoring the case because of alleged ties to isis. during the the raid they found a homemade bomb to emit poisonous
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gas. for the second time an american was shot and robbed in turks and caicos. jons and his family were -- jones and his family were returning to their private villa when the intruders overpowered the security guard and forced their way inside. >> the security guard was bound. >> reporter: jones was shot when he confronted the intruders they got away with a lab top. police do not believe it is sected to last month's incident when a tourist was shot near his resort. five hundred college students are scrambling after their college acceptance was
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revoked. university of california said some of the students did not submit their high school trits on time. -- transcripts on time. so far more than 06 students have regained their admission spot. we're coming up on "action news" at noon. the academy award winning music la la land is coming to the man center for the performing arts. we'll have a preview in the next half-hour. protecting your space on the plane. find out why changes could be coming to the cramped seats in coach. "action news" continues in a moment.
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close at the end of business today located in the king of prussia mall even willow grove mall and philadelphia mills. jc penny announced the stores were on the chopping block three months ago. the closures are affecting five thousand jobs nationwide. a federal court ordered a review on the amount of space given on commercial americans. faa will set minimum standards for seat size and leg room. it's a victory for advocacy groups that put small airline seats that put the public at health risk for blood cuts. the average seat has been cut an
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inch and a half over the last ten years. new york senator charles schumer has asked an investigation into a plastic that makes them flexible. people can be exposed with them if they eat or drink foods that come in contact with the chemicals that are linked to health issues. "action news" team is working on stories tonight beginning at 4:00 p.m. scientists are saying your bitter month may have an impact on your health. it's more popular than youtube and snap chat. why summer's hottest app is a breedings grounds for hitech bully. this will help you flirt if you
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is back, we are ending july on a nice note. >> reporter: august will roll in nicely, too. pretty much what we have on sunday. storm tracker 6 live not a hint of precipitation, in fact sky6 live hd showing you very little cloud cover, as well. look at the blue water on the oceanfront in cape may. that's a reflection of the
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bright blue sky and feeling nice, as well. 82 degrees, the dewpoint is in the upper 50s. not humid, warm enough for cool drinks if you're outside exerting yourself. winds out of south at 6 miles per hour. the ocean temperature, 74. i will caution there's a moderate risk of rip currents at the shore, be sure to stay near the lifeguards. 83 degrees in ac. 77 in cape may, comfortable there. 28 in philadelphia. 85 in wilmington, 82 in trenton low to mid 80s in the northern and western suburbs. there's the satellite showing you a lack of significant cloud cover out there. you might see a scattered cirrus cloud cover out there, but generally speaking it stays dry and bright. lehigh valley forecast mostly sunny today, low humidity, high of 87 degrees not too shabby. down the shore, temperatures are fine, 79 in beach haven. 08 in atlantic city, a little bit warmer south through cape
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may and rehoboth beach beach, the moderate risk of rip currents. be cautious in the water, swim near the guys whose job it is to keep you safe. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast in philadelphia, high of 89 degrees, winds not all that strong. for the phillies, 12:35 p.m. getaway game. the phillies are 3-0. it would be nice if they got a 4-game sweep. 88 in the first pitch 89 in the 9th inning. 70 degrees is the overnight low. a lot of suburbs in the mid 60s, comfortable with the humidity on the low side. tomorrow a little bit of an adjustment we'll get a little bit hot with a 91-degree high. it might get a little bit humid, but tomorrow is a nice day. chance of a pop-up shower or thundershower in the peculiars approximation and susquehanna valley. all things considered not a bad
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today. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 89 degrees, sunny not all that humid. tomorrow, humid a tad hotter, but a high of 91 and not a bad summer afternoon. wednesday we turn up the humidity a little bit and we get to 92 for the high. could be a pop-up thunderstorm especially in the northern and western suburbs. thursday, humid, pretty close to the 90s, 89 degrees, if we manage to hit 90 it could be heat wave number 6. another thunderstorm here or there, more of the same on friday, warm and humid, 87. spotty thunderstorms. the cold front that scoots this out of here comes in on saturday. the storms that will accompany the front will be late morning midday up to lay late afternoon. we're hoping to dry things out in time for a good evening saturday night with the union. sunday looks fantastic. >> much more ahead in the next half-hour of "action news" at 12:30. la la landslide danced its way into the heart of moviegoers nationwide.
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now you can enjoy the film with the chairman about -- chamber orchestra of philadelphia. a barber offers free hair consults for the homeless, find out why he stepped out of his shop. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once.
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super pro-tip: buy your veggies pre-chopped. uber pro-tip: buy delicious produce you don't need to chop at all. boom. summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant. >> hello, again, sarah is off. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news" at
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12:30. police in delaware county are hoping surveillance photos of a murder suspect will lead to the gunman who killed a man at random. shooting in paradise an american lawyer is shot staying at a private villa on vacation. president trump's former homeland security secretary is now his chief of staff. there's a five thousand dollars reward to catch a man suspected of murder in delaware county. police believe the shooting was done at random. they hope surveillance camera picture will lead to an arrest. john rawlins is live outside in haverford township with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: police are asking for the public's help in this looking for a name or other information leading to the gunman who killed john le of narberth on saturday. he just landed a new job as an accountant. >>


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