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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  July 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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a profanity laced tirade against staffers. "eyewitness news" will bring you details of the ousting as they come in and be sure to watch world news tonight with david muir at 6:30 right after "action news" at 6:00. >> turning now to the search for a murderer wanted for a killing in haverford township delaware county. police say the man caught on surveillance video randomly targeted the victim, john le as they were at a pizza shop. "action news" reporter john rawlins talked to le's friends and joins us now live from near the murder scene. hi, john. >> reporter: there is a new image of the suspect that was released by authorities earlier today. the hope is that a reward that's being offered will also persuade people to take a closer look at all of the images of the gunman who is out there and still at large. authorities released an enhanced image of the suspect plus a new image that shows the man they are seeking without a hood over his head. there's also now a reward.
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>> delaware county district attorney's office in conjunction with the haverford township police offering a $5,000 reward for the arrest aren't conviction of the shooter of john le. >> reporter: john le was at this pizza shop picking up an order. he was expected to walk to a friend's haverford apartment but along the way he crossed paths with the man in red who had a gun. >> we don't know what transpired but it's very short and the sidewalk leading up to the apartment is not very long. there was some sort of confrontation. was eight robbery? we don't know that yet. >> reporter: detectives later learned prior to the deadly haverford shooting someone matching the description of the shooter had been confronted by neighbors in the overbrook section of philadelphia. they had questioned him about loitering around the house. he responded with gunfire. >> the shooter then takes out a gun and starts shooting multiple times at them. >> reporter: 17 times. >> 17 times is what i'm told yes. >> reporter: remarkably no one was injured in that earlier incident. john leigh's family says the 29-year-old temple grad had recently landed a job as an
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accountant. afterward le could be found at sedgley disk golf course. those who know him says he loved the fresh hair and the competition. >> john was just one of the people that you were always happy to get to play with. just so friendly, so full of life. just easy to talk to. >> reporter: well, so two shooting incidents on saturday, one deadly here in haverford township, one not in philadelphia. authorities are still waiting on ballistics tests to see if all the shots were fired by the same weapon. they're also hoping though this reward will prompt people to take a closer look at that video or excuse me those still frames of the video that we've seen. if you have an anonymous tip about this case, you're urged to call the citizens crime commission. you can call them at 215-546-tips, that's 215-546-tips. live in haverford township, john rawlins channel6 "action news." rick. >> all right, john, thank you. bensalem police are looking for a mother who left her baby in a hotel room.
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employees found the seven month old in the knight's inn hotel yesterday afternoon. a cleaning crew found the baby after the mom, 34-year-old erica avila lopez did not check out of the room. investigators say she left around 4 o'clock saturday afternoon and never came back. they found narcotics and drug paraphernalia inside the hotel room. philadelphia dhs is now caring for the child. a judge has just found a man guilty of a cold case murder in bucks county. 56-year-old george shaw has been convicted of third degree murder and other charges. he now faces a maximum of 27 years behind bars for killing 14-year-old barbara rowan back in 1984. a sentencing date has not yet been set. >> philadelphia officials and conrail have started the massive project of cleaning up a notorious open air heroin market. drone6 flew over the area in kensington as work got under way. "action news" first told you about this haven for drug
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addicts back in april investigative reporter wendy saltzman has details on the cleanup. wendy. >> reporter: sharrie, right here is where that work began at 7:30 this morning cleaning up trees and debris along this stretch that has been dunned dunned -- dubbed ground zero for philadelphia's heroin epidemic. the work will span about a mile and a half until they get to the worst part of the track. aings news first got a behind the scenes look at the tracks in april. the ground covered in an estimated 500,000 used syringes. addicts come here in some cases they call it home where they buy and sell drugs and shooter up in areas like the lounge. >> a mirror over here where they cut their drugs. >> reporter: it's impossible to know how many users have died here. officers say it's hard to respond among the brush and debris. >> when you're down in the tracks we don't find them.
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>> afterwards the. >> reporter: the city and conrail began moving full stream ahead bringing in equipment to clean up this blighted area. >> we aren't going to solve every challenge overnight but we're here for the long haul and we're committed to this neighborhood. >> reporter: whose responsibility it was to clean up the dangerous waste. >> hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: conrail will foot the bill for most of the cleanup as seen from drone6. the city will provide police support help with rate waste re... waste removal and build more fences. the efforts also include bringing in services to help with homelessness and much needed recovery services for addicts who call the tracks their home. >> this is about the folks who come here who think it is okay to come to kensington to buy drugs. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of findings by the dea that drug related deaths in pennsylvania hit record highs with more than 4600
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lethal overdoses in 2016 up 47 percent from just one year before. >> people under the bridge, they need our help. they're fighting a disease and an illness. they're just somebody's child, somebody's family member and we have to treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve. >> reporter: conrail says they've been involved in numerous cleanups most recently in 2013 and 2015 but they say those fixes never stuck. the message today is that this area is not hopeless and the hope is with this comprehensive and strategic plan that there will be a long term solution. i'm wendy saltzman channel6 "action news." >> all right, wendy thank you. and right now on our 6abc app you can learn more about the plan to clean up the notorious drug camp. you can also watch our previous reports including wendy's eye opening look at what life was like along those tracks. >> rescue teams have recovered the body of a swimmer who went
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swimming in ocean county. off duty lifeguards found the body of susan is a oravcova. she disappeared while swimming with a friend off point pleasant beach. both were visiting from slovakia and they were both struggling in the rough surf. at the time there was a warning in place about dangerous rip currents. >> all right, time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist adam joseph is back. >> yes, he is and he's outside. hi, adam how is the forecast. >> really nice. the sunshine is back and we have low humidity so it's a win-win situation. as we take a look at the numbers they're climbing as well. it was cool weekend. saturday with the clouds, 79 degrees, 83 yesterday with that sunshine below the normal of 87 but today we're cracking back above normal so far today hitting 88 degrees. as we look at dewpoints, it is dry out there. any time it's 60 or below you can say it is very comfortable out. you see a littleup tick
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towards dover and cape may into the mid and upper 60's down there slightly humid but with a little bit of a breeze off the water it still feels pretty good. satellite and radar high pressure in control just a few cumulus clouds, some cirrus clouds at times here this afternoon but that that sunshine really ruling the sky today and for this evening temperatures going to remain very pleasant. 85 degrees at 7 o'clock, 83 at 8 o'clock and then finally dropping into the upper 70's between 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock with a low going down to around 70 under a clear sky tonight. in that accuweather forecast we talk about several days going back into the 90's. the humidity does stay below oppressive despite it turns a little humid and then a cooler change comes in in time for the weekend. we'll have a all of those numbers and i'll let you know if rain follows those cooler temperatures for the weekend coming up in just a little bit in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right adam we'll check back in later. a former reality store is getting involved in a bail reform fight in new jersey. the lawsuit claims the state's new bail rules allow a criminal to go free and commit
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murder. nora muchanic is live in the new jersey news room to explain this legal battle. nora. >> reporter: hi there, rick. you may remember dog the bounty hunter he's the guy with the long blond hair and the tough talk. well, he's joining a bail bond industry's fight against reform here. he's backing a south jersey family's lawsuit they feel like their son's murderer should never have been out on the streets. wayne chapman known as tv's dog the bounty hunter arrived at the federal courthouse in trenton to support the wrongful death lawsuit. the aspiring rapper was shot 22 times in vineland on april 9th. the alleged shoot is 30-year-old jewels black. >> that guy would have never made bail in the bail system without his mother signing his aunt his uncle, you know what i mean, we would have kept tabs on himmism the lawsuit names the state governor
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christie and the creator of a risk assessment system now being used to determine if a suspect should be released until their case goes to court. >> we've got a construct when that when you run people through it will tell you whether or not they are dangerous. this product failed. >> reporter: a company that rents ankle monitors is paying for the lawsuit. >> you can't have program that is based on risk assessment assessing people at no risk that everyone knows is violent. >> reporter: christian rogers parents believe their son might be alive under the old cash bail system and say the release of criminals like jules black is terrifying to communities. >> there's bullets flying everywhere. why? and who thinks that this is right? >> fix it please before any other new jersey family has to go through anything that we've been going through. >> reporter: supporters of bail reform say there's no guarantee the same thing wouldn't have happened under the old cash bail system. >> if the monster who killed june rogers son had been out on money bail the result would
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have been the same because you're not -- they're not trailing him around 24 hours a day. >> reporter: now the rules on release have been tightened since rogers murder. the reforms were enacted so those people accused of minor crimes wouldn't be stuck behind bars for months or 18 years because they couldn't afford bail. the attorney general's office says it has no comment on the lawsuit. live in our new jersey news room, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." rick. >> nora, thank you. thousands of new jersey state workers will be compensated for the days they were furloughed during the recent government shutdown. lawmakers approved the measure today and it now heads to governor christie's desk. the assembly also passed two bills in response to christie's use of a state park that was closed during the budget crisis. one measure would prevent the governor's beach house from being used during a shutdown. the other would keep state parks opened during a shutdown. those bills still need to be debated in the senate. >> next on "action news" at 4:00 a renewed battle over airline seats. why a judge is ordering the
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faa to take a look at the dimensions and the leg room and it's not just to keep fliers more comfortable. >> an incredible rescue caught on camera. with their lad area stretched over rushing flood waters firefighters grab a diver and his dog just before their suv system completely submerged. >> and a live look now here to the white house where the daily press briefing is under way. we're waiting for saran sanders to come to the podium and take questions on a day there's been another shakeup. more on "action news" when we come back. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year.
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>> a man who risked his life to save 10 of his comrades in the vietnam war received the highest military honor. president trump presented the army medal of honor to army medic james mccloughan.
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he was only 23 when he found himself in the battle of the raging battle back in 1969. the military says he repeatedly entered the kill zone to rescue wounded soldiers even after he was pelted with shrapnel from a grenade. after leaving the army in 1970 he became a high school teacher in michigan. >> jurors are deliberating charges against martin shkreli the so-called farmer bro'. the former biotech ceo caused outrage when he hiked up the price of a life saving drug and insisted he did nothing wrong. shkreli is facing unrelated fraud charges. his victims say the 34-year-old lied to them once he lost millions of dollars they invested into one of his startups. shkreli maintains he did not con them into anything and that many made profits once stock prices took off. >> much of florida is that under a state of emergency as tropical storm emily moves ashore. so far the west coast has seen the most flooding and that
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some damage. the storm which only just formed this morning is coming in off the gulf. a number of communities are setting up areas where residents can pick up sand bags. right now there are no evacuation orders in effect. the florida national guard is on stand by ready to help as needed. >> all right, we want to go now to the white house where the briefing is under way. the breaking news because it's another shakeup happening today. anthony scaramucci is out. let's listen in to sara sanders. >> he does not have a role at this time in the trump administration and we put out a statement earlier announcing that and i don't have much else to add. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> not at this time. >> can you say was he asked to leave, did the president ask him to leave, did he volunteer his resignation. >> i'm not going to get into the process tick tock. as we've said several times before what matters month evident to us who is not employed in the white house but who's employed in the rest
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of the country and we're focused on the president 's agenda of growing the economy creating jobs and that's were we're going to do and that's what we're going to be focused on. john. >> was it the chain of command issue because scaramucci said that he had a direct line of communication the president. there's been some speculation that general kelly may try to tighten up the number of inputs that the president has so was it something about the chain of command or did it have anything to do with that interview scaramucci did. >> look, the president certainly felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. and he didn't want to burden general kelly also with that line of succession as i think we've made clear a few times over the course of the last couple days to several individually but general kelly has the full authority to operate within the white house and all staff will report to him. >> when you say didn't want to burden him. >> we have been listening in to sara sanders the the white
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house on the daily white house press briefing. she is now -- she has now been taking questions with regard to anthony scaramucci who offered his resignation is no longer with the white house after only 11 days on the job. she's skirting around the questions not explaining how it came about saying she's going to move on beyond what's in the future of the white house. if you want to hear more of this press house briefing go to our web site at it's streaming live now. >> in the meantime meteorologist adam joseph who is back from vacation has a check of the accuweather forecast. last day of july and not a bad way to end the month. >> that's good news. we've got sunshine through this week, humidity goes up a little bit and if you like the 90's, they're coming back as well. >> all right. >> take a look right now live on sky6 over the benjamin frank bridge at dry heat. it's not a humid heat but that is going to change as we go into the middle of the week.
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so far today 88 degrees in philadelphia, 87 in trenton. on the verge of 90 degrees up in the lehigh valley. 79 beautiful degrees in beach haven and not much of a sea breeze in cape may, 83 and just to the west there in dover, 85 degrees. your day planner as we go into your tuesday, pretty similar to today. lots of sunshine. a few high clouds as well as cumulus clouds. tad more humid tomorrow. temperatures heading into the upper 80's to low 90's for some of us tomorrow afternoon. satellite and radar high pressure is in control right now and you can see it avoids the area of any really thick cloud cover or clouds overtaking the sky and this is the image you're growing to see day after day -- you're going to say day after day for the rest of the week. tonight clear and pleasant 65 to 70 degrees for an overnight low. not as cool as the last couple nights but pretty typical for this time of year. temperatures tomorrow heading into the 90's for philadelphia, 91 degrees, 90 in trenton, 88 degrees for millville as you head into reading and lancaster,
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89 degrees there. again, slightly humid with that sunshine in control. we talked about tropical storm emily in the newscast and here it is. you can see the thunderstorms blossoming near tampa. did make landfall early this morning. really not that well organized at this point and as we look at emily winds sustained 40 miles an hour moving to the east at 10 miles an hour, it is about 30 miles southeast of tampa. it will merge off the east coast of florida and then continue to strengthen again as it heads over the gulf stream waters tuesday, wednesday into thursday. by thursday it is moving out to sea, well off of our coast so no direct effect. the only thing it will bring wednesday, that yours if you're down the shore this week is a moderate risk maybe a high risk for rip currents. we'll have to watch that in the middle of the week. your four day at 4:00 forecast the sky is pretty quiet. sunshine, high clouds a few cumulus clouds tuesday through friday, every day pretty similar. the edges in philly in the low 90's so another heat wave on the way and again turns more
4:22 pm
humid wednesday, thursday and hot and humid on friday but changes do come over the weekend. we'll have that seven-day forecast coming up for you guys in the next half hour. >> okay, thank you adam. >> time now for the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with the latest on the commute home tonight. how we looking matt. >> things have been really hot this afternoon, rick and sharrie, on the vine street expressway. you missed the vehicle fire here in the eastbound lanes approaching eighth street. they have the fire extinguished now and the suv that was in flames a bit ago attached to the tow truck. getting ready to tow it away but damage is done its a parking lot on the eastbound side of the vine coming off the schuylkill at that point at eighth street and the exit for the ben franklin bridge. these delays are spilling back onto the schuylkill itself with speeds in the teens at best at the moment. also watching a crash in bala cynwyd along monument road at presidential boulevard. have one on the roosevelt boulevard northbound side at grant by miller's ale house. there's a water main break in center city at juniper and
4:23 pm
erving. starting the afternoon with a crash along 42 southbound side by 130 taking out a lane. jam spills back across the walt whitman bridge into south philadelphia which is extra complicated because the phils game just ended so everybody is leaving the bank and trying to get home. on the northeast extension southbound past quakertown watching a crash there as well. one lane blocked so you're seeing delays as you head toward lansdale. we'll check it again, rick and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> will do. thanks matt. we'll take a quick break. more news right after this. stay with us. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> new video shows an amazing swift water rescue in colorado the fremont county sheriff's office started reporting. rescues carefully pulled a dog and its owner from an suv just before it was completely submerged. the man says he was parked in a dry creek bed when the flash flood came rushing off of a nearby roadway. >> the faa is being ordered to take a closer look at the size
4:27 pm
of airline seats. a federal judge says the amount of space passengers have could cause a safety concern. a fliers rights group says it could take people too long to escape the packed planes during an emergency. their statistics show the average seat is 17-inches wide. losing an inch and a half since the early 2000's. there's also concern over the shrinking leg room. >> there's a great difference between people who are trying get off an aircraft in a test and what happens in a real accident when people see fire smoke flames people react very differently. >> while the seats are really designed for the way people were in the 1950's, and obviously people have gotten larger, they've gotten older and they've gotten taller. >> the faa does not regulate the airline industry based on comfort so in order for there to be any changes they'd have to find a concrete safety issue. ♪
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from fertility services to pre-natal education, we've helped the two of you get this far.
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and we're proud to now join all three of you, as you continue the greatest journey you'll ever embark on. aetna. you don't join us, we join you. >> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> it's 4:30. brian is off and rick williams joins us. "action news" continues with the role your birth month plays in your life according to science. >> that's right. and college dreams crushed. a california university yanks hundreds of admission offers just weeks from the start of the semester. even worse, officials are blaming some of the reversals on the students. >> and it's more popular than
4:30 pm
instagram. youtube and snapchat. and that's exactly what has some parents so concerned. why summer's hottest app is being called a breeding ground for high tech bullying. >> we begin in philadelphia's feltonville seconds where residents are cleaning up and counting their blessings following a wild night of gunfire. this after several men opened fire on their neighborhood shooting into cars and homes with reckless abandon. only one person was hit and she's out of the hospital. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes has the full story. >> reporter: one by one neighbors along the 4900 block of d street woke up to bullet holes in their car. enrique gonzalez called his wife to tell her the news. >> somebody hit the car with a bullet. the new one. >> reporter: it's the second time a car of theirs has bore the evidence of the overnight gun violence often happening just outside of their home. >> the other car got the bullet, too, not too long ago. >> reporter: but it wasn't just property that was damaged. philadelphia police say a
4:31 pm
17-year-old girl sitting in a front bedroom of this home was hit in the chest by a stray bullet close to midnight on sunday. she was rushed to saint christopherhospital in stable condition. an off duty officer said he saw five hispanic males and a black male standing outside of a home. they were exchanging words with several men other miles away. they declared a.m. barricade. hours later none of the suspects were found inside and the scene was cleared. >> never happen. first time happen. >> reporter: just a few houses down from the shooting victim's home a young mother says a stray bullet narrowly missed her four-year-old daughter madison who was that sound asleep in a second floor bedroom. her husband had just walked past the window seconds before as he left the room to grab a cup of water.
4:32 pm
>> our window, broke the window and stuck into the wall. >> reporter: cindy was emotional as she thought of the tragedy that could have been. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: and that 17-year-old girl was released from the hospital early this morning. she's expected to be okay. as for this ongoing investigation anyone with information is asked to contact police. reporting in feltonville, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> one lane of the atlantic city expressway is still closed at this hour following a terrible accident that claimed the life of at least one person. this was the scene from chopper6 hd around 1:30 today. well, it happened in the eastbound lanes near mile marker 15.2 in hamilton township. police have not yet said what led up to the crash but they do say one person died and two others were hurt. drivers should expect delays as police continue to investigate. well, fire tore through three homes in philadelphia's
4:33 pm
north woods section this morning leaving extensive damage behind. chopper6 hd was over the scene on the 5300 block of horrocks street just before 11:00 a.m. officials say the fire started in a two-story home and then quickly spread to two more. it took more than 60 firefighters more than 45 minutes just to get the flames under control. thankfully no one was hurt. the cause, however, still under investigation. >> a children's event in franklin square was disrupted by a protest over the deadly police-involved shooting of david jones. >> say his name. >> david jones. >> go home, go home, go home, go home. >> members of black lives matter began shouting at former pennsylvania governor ed rendell as he spoke at a celebration of franklin square's 11th birthday. they vow to disrupt public events until a grand jury looks at jones' case.
4:34 pm
>> and we're saying now that no politician will be safe, no event, no press conference. we don't care what we have to do. we're saying as far as that's concerned, we want justice for david jones immediately. >> and they have every right to say what they want to say. i wouldn't have disrupted a ceremony that was basically for children but that's their call and look, if they want to disrupt ceremonies as long as they're in public places, they have the right to do that. >> after today's tense confrontation, the parents and children attending the franklin square party were moved inside to a different location. >> all right, time now to get back to that forecast as we start a new work week. a lot of sunshine out there today. >> that's right. adam how we looking today and tomorrow first day of august. >> yeah, temperatures heating up. we're going to go back to the 90's. you can say the dog days of august moving in right on time and you know today a beautiful day, sunshine and that humidity remaining on the low side. right now allentown
4:35 pm
89 degrees, 88 in philadelphia, same for wilmington. atlantic city 87 degrees and if we put on how it feels, you're going to notice really not much of a difference. that's because of that low humidity, those low dewpoints but that is going to change as we start to creep that humidity back up over the next several days. but as we look at satellite and radar, high pressure in control and that high pressure voiding the area of a lot of cloud cover and that high will remain in control as we go into the rest of the week. so, as we take a look at your dewpoint scale here again tomorrow, staying on the comfy side, in the 50's but wednesday, thursday, friday you see it going back into the low mid and even at times upper 60's so that's when it starts to feel a little more humid and with the 90's it's definitely going to kind of put a sweat on so to speak. so future tracker temperatures tomorrow just after lunchtime 1:00 p.m. tuesday 89 philadelphia, 85 allentown, 86 millville and low 80's at the shore with a little bit of sea breeze trying to kick in. we'll talk about those temperatures for the rest of the week and the changes for
4:36 pm
the weekend with that seven day rick in just a little bit. >> adam thank you. this reminder stay on top of the weather for the week ahead with our 6abc 57 with the hourly and seven-day forecast just a tap away and be sure to use storm tracker6 radar to keep tabs on the weather where you live. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. >> there has been concern about people who are overweight having successful knee surgery. now a new report says that concern may be unfounded. "action news" anchor monica malpass live now in the news room with more on this story today. hi, monica. >> hi there, that's right, sharrie, some insurance thought a patient being overweight could lower their chance of having a successful procedure but coming up to and night in health check we'll explain new research that shows that is far from the case. actually why overweight people may benefit the most from that surgery. also new at 5:00 uber has a new business venture. how the ride sharing giant is trying to get into your wallet in hopes of building moral company loyalty. those stories and more
4:37 pm
coming your way on "action news" at 5:00 rick see you then. >> thank you monica. state police running a summer camp in philadelphia. for the first time camp cadet is being held in philadelphia right here at girard college. state police are showing boys and girls ages 11 to 14 how they work crime scenes. the children are living at the college for the week and like military boot camp they'll get an early wakeup. in addition to classes there is physical training. the cadets graduate on friday after this eye opening week of bonding with the state police. >> one philadelphia's favorites was honored for her longstanding commitment to the delaware valley. she's also a beloved member of the "action news" family. lisa thomas lurie was celebrated during a special luncheon today at the green valley country club. the former 6abc anchor was praised for her groundbreaking work in journalism and her efforts to empower girls. the event was part of gerald henderson jr.'s charity golf invitational which raised funds for the community partnership school in north philadelphia.
4:38 pm
and i was honored to serve as emcee for today's luncheon and program and of course it was great to see lisa once again. >> of course. >> she looks wonderful as always. >> a great time. >> all right. >> thank you sharrie. still ahead, coming up scientists say when it comes to your life the sign you were born under doesn't really matter but the season you were born in does. >> plus, a warning for parents. one of summer's hottest apps may be breeding bullies. >> and if you have trouble figuring out if a stranger is hitting on you, you're in luck this weird wearable promises to help you flirt as long as you don't care what you look like. details in big talkers when we come back. >> ♪
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>> people visiting say they were shocked by what they saw this weekend. instead of clean clearwater at niagara falls, tourists were treated to a large pool of smelly blackwater. the ink key blob bubbled up
4:41 pm
near the maid of the mist on saturday and just kept growing. though the stinky water caught both tourists and business owners off guard turns out it was legal discharge from the local wastewater treatment plant. officials say the sewage is flushed out periodically and poses no threat top people or the environment. >> ♪ >> all right health check at 4:00 recent studies are boosting the evidence that your birth month or season affects your personality and your health. they found that spring babies are more likely to be optimistic, seeing the best in a situation but they also have more clinical depression. and a big study in the uk babies born in may had the highest while those born in november had the lowest. summer babies tend toward higher birthweights and are taller while winter ones had higher rates of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. babies born during seasons of extreme heat or cold have more heart disease and diabetes. and if you want to make name for yourself more celebrities
4:42 pm
have january and february birthdays than any other month. i'm february. what month are you. >> i'm april. hope that means something great. >> sorry about that. >> all right, rick, over here to big board today. beginning with a warning about a new app that's more popular than instagram, snapchat and youtube in the free app store right now. it's called sarahah. it allows people to post and receive feedback anonymously. the developer says it was intended to give reviews in the workplace but critics say it's a dangerous breeding ground for bullying. 16-year-old donell clark says he was flooded with negative messages almost immediately after downloading the app. >> in about like a minute or two i started getting like these hateful comments. it says nobody would care if you killed yourself. go kill yourself. i hate you because you are too
4:43 pm
happy with your life. >> pretty extreme right. donell says he still uses the app but only to spread positivity. the teenager plans to send compliments to people to combat the hatred. experts say because kids can only receive feedback through saharah by downloading it it's important for parents to know what apps children have on their phones. to this one here. imagine being accepted to the school of your dreams and then just weeks before class is set to begin you get a letter saying your admission has been revoked. that's exactly what happened to that as many as 499 students who thought that they would be attending the university of california irvine. officials say they reversed their decisions for the fall based on transcripts or grade issues and not because they overenrolled as some allege online. the chancellor says the offers were conditional pending final checks of records and some students didn't get their
4:44 pm
paperwork in on time. well, they also say anyone who feels the decision is unfair can appeal. so far more than 60 students have been readmitted for the fall semester. to this one, it just looks neat by itself. if you need help figuring out if someone is interested in you and have no shame, well, we have just the invention. you are looking at the ripple. the sparkling 10 tackle is the brainchild of four students from london's college of art. the glitter regadget which slides over the shoulders uses to cameras to sense who is eyeing on you. the gaze is then analyzed to determine if the person is interested based on how they looked at you. now, if the ripple finds the glance flirtatious it sends a sensation up your back. once you turn and face the person, it taps you on the chest so you know for sure who was looking. now if there's a mutual attraction the whole device
4:45 pm
shimmies and shakes. so, we're still waiting to hear when you can actually buy this wearable wing man and how much it will be so we'll stand it by for that part rick. >> keep us posted. thank you sharrie. let's get another check on the highways and byways for your monday. matt pelman back in the "action news" traffic center with an update. >> rick, several earlier issues on the traffic front kind of having a ripple effect on our evening commute leaving us with a not so sensational ride. as we look live at the vine street expressway, you're not shimmying or shaking very quickly on the eastbound side off the schuylkill on out to eighth street. you remember, that's where we had that suv in flames. now almost an hour ago. the fire's long out, the car has been towed away but it's still an extra slow go eastbound on the vine and westbound is also slow with a dv on the shoulder by the ben franklin parkway on-ramp. the phils game is over in south philadelphia. people are leaving the bank so northbound 95 is a little heavy, little extra heavy as you head up towards penn's landing and eventually the work zone at girard and we have extra southbound traffic here waiting to get on the walt whitman bridge. it's several reasons.
4:46 pm
we've got people heading home from the phils game but also an earlier crash along 42, southbound by 130 that's now gone. had one as well on 295 southbound approaching 42. that, too, has cleared. as has our wreck on the roosevelt boulevard northbound at grant avenue by miller's ale house now pushed out of the way. the crash i told you about on the northeast extension southbound between quakertown and lansdale is gone so everything is reopened there but all this week over by the lindenwold patco station i would avoid berlin road. a lot of milling and paving going on this week so the white horse pike or gibbsboro road would be alternates throughout the entire week. we'll check it again, sharrie and rick coming up in the 5 o'clock hour. >> thanks again matt. >> meteorologist adam joseph coming up with that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when we come back. >> okay. >> ♪
4:47 pm
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>> meteorologist adam joseph is back now. nice way to start the work week, end the month of july and trying to keep that streak going. >> crazy that august is tomorrow. >> where did summer go. >> yeah, we're going start losing daylight hours in the evening -- >> don't go there. >> welcome back. >> take a look at the action cam which was down in parts of center city earlier today in olde city in fact right around independence mall and you can see the impatience. they're looking a little vesseled up -- shriveled up. it's going to be very isis lated -- isolated. these folks have the right idea. planting their feet in the sand in cape may. you can see all of that sunshine out there and it's a little bit of a breeze trying to come in off of the water and as you can see the seas are calm right now but those see seas could start to crank
4:50 pm
up because of tropical storm emily that may throw some large swells our way. right now 88 degrees philadelphia, 89 allentown. 87 in trenton. really gorgeous cape may, 81 degrees. upper 70's in long beach island and as we take a look at the evening planner here you can see temperatures stepping down from the upper 80's going into the mid 80's by 8 o'clock in the evening and then as we get closer towards midnight and thereafter, temperatures slowly going into the middle and upper 70's so we're not going to have as much of a drop-off in those temperatures tonight compared to the last couple of nights. satellite and radar, you can see most of the eastern half of the country pretty quiet as we can see from saint louis, cincinnati right to the east coast. there is some unsettled weather in the nation's heartland. that is all due to low pressure and a trough and a cold front that eventually will come through here but not until the beginning of the weekend and there you can see those thunderstorms and heavy downpours in central parts of florida and that is all because of tropical storm emily. but for us locally here 70 for
4:51 pm
the overnight low tonight 65 allentown, 67 wilmington. near 70 at the shore. so, still fairly comfortable out there with low humidity under a clear sky. as we go into the day tomorrow, it's hot and it's a tad more humid than today. temperatures going from the 60's at 7 o'clock in the morning jumping to the 80's by late morning. upper 80's to around 90 in the afternoon tomorrow and again, you can see that sunshine in control. so, over this week the heat will be building and it's all because of the jet stream carving its way just to our west sending those southwesterly winds so it's hazy, hot and humid but thankfully that trough taking away tropical storm emily. first day back. emily heading out to sea but it will throw some swells our way and over the weekend that cooldown will be pushing in. so, down the shore tomorrow low risk for rip currents, temperatures in the mid 80's, slightly humid out there, ocean temperature of 75 degrees and pretty similar for cape may county down to the beaches in delaware, a really nice day to round out
4:52 pm
the beginning of august. as we look at the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, heat wave comes in this week. it's a moderate heat wave with temperatures in the low 90's. the humidity stays slightly humid. it doesn't go to the oppressive level and you'll see high clouds. wednesday, thursday, friday there could be an isolated thunderstorm up closer towards the lehigh valley and poconos but most of us stay dry. front comes through early on saturday with some showers, maybe returning sun in the afternoon and then it brings cooler more pleasant air in on sunday and monday, sun and clouds and highs below average in the low 80's. so, a hot week ahead. >> yeah. >> and a little bit humid as well. >> okay. thanks adam. >> okay. >> all right, stay with us because we're talking about how to get a high profile high paying job with a two-year degree. it's coming up in what's the deal. >> in meteorology maybe?
4:53 pm
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>> if you don't have the time or money to get a four-year degree that doesn't mean you can't get a high paying highly respected job. >> that's right. alicia vitarelli gets some tips from the experts on how to land a great gig with a two year degree. >> there's just so much talk about student loans for so long and it's a huge bubble i think it's something like $1.4 trillion collectiblely students owe across the u.s. >> because of those staggering numbers our friends at the penny hoarder tell us today's students are getting more practical opting for two year degrees that land them well paying solid jobs. >> the benefit of not having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a college degree finishing it in two years so you can get your career started quicker and pay off those student loans if you have them and yeah provide a service and really help someone in need. >> like occupational therapy assistant where salaries are roughly $59,000 a year. >> it's basically helps people either recover from injuries or help them develop skills that they need to live their every day lives. >> also in the medical field
4:56 pm
you can earn the same roughly 60 grand a year salary as a respiratory therapist helping people breathe. >> you'll find these positions mostly in hospitals. but again another program that you go through forego years -- two years. careers in tech are really having a moment now. on the list web developer where the median salary is about 66 grand. >> this is great too because you don't really need an associate's degree. it's flexible if you're someone who can teach yourself these skills. >> most of the jobs on this list are in the medical field and some of them pay up top $80,000 a year. we'll have the full list for your right now on alicia vitarelli channel6 "action news." >> okay. >> meteorologist not on that list. >> not yet. >> not yet. >> all right. >> that's going to do it for "action news" at 4:00 for rick williams brian taff, adam joseph,.
4:57 pm
>> first "action news" continues next at 5 o'clock with another bombshell out of the white house. communications director anthony scaramucci out after less than two weeks on the job. what the trump administration is saying about the move tonight. also a violent weekend in wilmington. the multiple investigations under way in delaware after more than half a dozen people were sent to the hospital. >> and a power crisis in one of the country's busiest summer hot spots. the tens of thousands of people who had to put their vacation on hold because of a construction mistake. those stories on more coming up next at 5:00. >> okay. ♪
4:58 pm
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and keep on running all day long. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> the big story on "action news" is developing news out of washington right now. yet another shakeup in the white house. the communications director anthony scaramucci has found himself on the out resigning from his new post today. scaramucci had been heading up the communications office for less than two weeks. his ouster comes hours after president trump insisted there was "no chaos going on in the white house."
5:00 pm
scaramucci's resignation comes as general john kelly takes over the role of white house chief of staff. kelly replaces reince preibus who reportedly clashed with scaramucci behind closed doors. scaramucci unleashed on priebus in an expletive rant last week raising a red flag at the white house. >> the president certainly felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. and he didn't want to burden general kelly also with that line of succession. >> the white house also says scaramucci left to give kell a clean slate so he can form his own team. >> in the meantime vice president mike pence continues his tour through eastern europe. earlier today pence was that in the ballot tuck country of estonia. the vice president said he was


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