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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 1, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. president trump and the white house admission today. we now know the president was involved in the crafting of his son, don junior's explanation of the meeting with the russian lawyer. president trump's lawyer saying repeatedly the president had nothing to do with don junior's initial statement. what we have learned now. also breaking at this hour. the manhunt. after two deputies are both shot, one repeatedly, the air lift at the scene. the search this hour. the veed released. it appears the officer does not realize his bodycam was rolling. the discovery on the beach. the woman's body buried in the sand. how long was she there, and did she fall into a hole dug in the sand? and record heat on tap.
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tonight, news coming in of lightning strike this is evening. at least three people hit. good evening, and it's great to have you with us here on about tuesday night, and we begin with that white house admission today that president trump did, in fact, help his son, don junior, write that response, that explanation as to why don junior and several others met with that russian lawyer in trump tower. we learned the president worked on don junior's statement while on air force one while he and the first lady were traveling back from the g20, but the president's personal attorney repeatedly said the president had nothing to do with don junior's statement. why the changing story? abc's chief white house correspondent, cecilia vega, leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, an admission from the white house -- president trump himself helped craft his son's first statement about that infamous trump tower meeting with the russians, a statement that ultimately proved to be misleading. don junior initially claimed he and the russian lawyer
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"primarily discussed a program about the adoption of russian children" and that "it was not a campaign issue." but the story did not hold up. days later, e-mails revealed don junior agreed to meet the russians because he had been promised dirt on hillary clinton by the russian government. the president's legal team went on the offensive, saying he had nothing to do with don junior's original statement. >> the president was not -- did not draft the response. i do want to be clear that the president was not involved in the drafting of the statement and did not issue the statement. it came from donald trump jr. the statement that was released on saturday was released by donald trump jr., and i'm sure in consultation with his lawyers. the president doesn't involved. >> reporter: today we learn that's not true. sources tell abc news the president in fact crafted his son's statement himself, dictating it from airforce one on the way back from the g20 summit in germany.
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according to t"the washington pos post", he blatantly ignored some in his circle who wanted that initial response to be truthful, more forthcoming -- today, press secretary sarah sanders admitted the president was indeed involved. >> the president weighed in as any father would based on the limited information that he had. he certainly didn't dictate, but you know, he, like i said, he weighed in, offered suggestion, like any father would do. >> reporter: after that initial statement, the story kept changing. don junior said he hadn't met with any other russians. >> so as far as you as far as this incident is concerned, this is all of it? >> this is everything. this is everything. >> reporter: but it wasn't. we soon learned it wasn't just don junior, jared kushner and paul manafort in that meeting with the russian lawyer. the meeting, first described as just a five person meeting, ultimately had eight people, including a russian lobbyist and a businessman. president trump now facing tough questions about whether he intentionally misled the american public. >> so let's get to cecilia vega live at the white house tine, and of course, cecilia, all of this expected to be look at by
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the special counsel. in the meantime, a major development tonight as we came on about the fbi. >> reporter: the senate voted nearly williamsly to approve the president's pick. fbi. he replaces james comey who was fired by president trump amid the agency's investigation into russian election interference. now wray testified during his confirmation hearing that he would resign if he was ever asked by president trump to do any unethical or illegal. >> cecilia, thank you. we're following breaking developments on another front. a mant under way at this hour after two sheriff's deputies were shot. they were air lifted from the scene, and are in surgery right now. authorities are now searching for the gunman outside sacramento. here's abc's kenneth moton. >> reporter: tonight, the urgent manhunt for the suspect who shot two sheriff's deputies. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> copy. shots fired. >> officer down. officer down. >> reporter: the gun battle breaking out in the california hills just north of sacramento. deputies from yuba county
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responding to reports of an armed and agitated man pulling up plants in the garden of what investigators are calling a rastafarian church. >> two officers shot. >> reporter: the deputies hit one taking multiple bullets. >> what's your condition? >> shot in the leg. shot in the shoulder. >> copy. shot in the leg. shot in the shoulder. medical is en route. >> reporter: the suspect, taking off on foot, a massive search underway roads closed, a tactical team on the ground and residents on high alert. david, both deputies were airlifted to the hospital for surgery and both are in serious condition tonight. david. >> kenneth moton, our thanks to you tonight. and to baltimore this evening. major questions about police tampering. a newly released bodycam video. this appears to show a cop planting evidence in a car. he didn't realize perhaps his bodycam was rolling. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: this newly discovered video was uncovered by someone in baltimore's public defenders office, and it's so
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concerning tonight that prosecutors have dropped all charges against the driver who was arrested here. take a look again -- >> this is when you see one of the officers appear to put something in the car. it appears what critics say these officers forgot is that when they start recording on their bodycameras, the system has already saved the previous 30 seconds of video -- this is when you see one of the officers placing something in the car. then they all step back. the audio starts, the recording officially begins, and they find drugs. >> oh my god, i knew it. that's why they were freaking out. that's the weed smell right there. >> reporter: same thing happened here, that 30 second preview struck again, in video from another drug bust that led to the suspension of a police officer last month. prosecutors have dropped more than 30 cases connected to the officers in this case, and more than 120 cases are under review. >> we are dismissing those cases which rely exclusively on the credibility of these officers. >> reporter: baltimore's police commisioner is reminding officers tonight that body cameras must be turned on at the beginning of a call, and need to stay on.
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>> steve osunsami with us tonight. thank you, steve. we turn next here to north korea's dangerous new launch, and what we did not know at the time. the commercial airliner filled with passengers flying in the same region, that intercontin intercontinental ballistic missile flying longer and higher than ever before, landing just minutes before an airliner with 300 people on board passed that area. here's abc's martha raddatz tonight. >> reporter: while this could some day hit most of the u.s., it was sending shock waves around the world. the more immediate danger we are just learning tonight was right in the area from where the missile was recklessly launched, in busy commercial air space. as the missile was descending, flight data shows an air france-777 with 323 people on board traveling from tokyo to paris, less than ten minutes after the plane passed northwest
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of this island, landing in the water near the spot the air france plane had just flown. >> the crew of the plane had no idea they were in danger. it was coming in from out er space. >> reporter: they say they constantly analyze dangerous flyover zones and they say the flight was operated without incident, but the pentagon has said north korea's missile launches into busy air space and heavily traveled seas are done with no coordination. >> martha is with us, and they have their own missile test planned in california. but unlike the north koreans, the defense department will put out an announcement to warn those in the region? >> reporter: that's right, david. we always put out those advisories and never launch near flight paths or sea lanes, david. >> martha raddatz in washington. thank you. tonight, that new russia
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sanctions bill passed after bipartisan support in congress, sitting on the president's desk waiting for a signature. vice president pence in georgia today where the u.s. is holding joint military exercises, saying the president will likely sign the new law this week. but then secretary of state rex tillerson also weighing in today saying he and the president are not happy about the sanctions saying they are an impediment to improving relations. links between the white house and a false story about a democratic staffer and leaked e-mails. did the president know the story was coming on fonx? it outraged the family and was retracted by fox news. here's abc's tom llamas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a new lawsuit with a bombshell accusation, the white house worked with fox news to spread a false story about a democratic staffer who was murdered. seth rich worked for the democratic national committee. rich was killed in washington last year, his unsolved death
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sparking a right wing conspiracy theory that it was rich who leaked tens of thousands of dnc e-mails to wikileaks. not the russians. and some claim he was murdered because of it. in may, fox reported they had proof the conspiracy theory about seth rich giving to e-mails to wikileaks was real. >> if this is true, and seth rich gave wikileaks the dnc e-mails, this blows the whole russia collusion narrative completely out of the water. >> reporter: but it was not true, and seth rich's parents were outraged amid mounting pressure. fox retracted the story. the fox news story was largely based on quotes from rod wheeler, a former homicide detective investigating the case. but now wheeler is suing fox claiming his quotes were fabricated. he says he got involved after being contacted by a well connected republican donor and trump supporter. the investigator says they went to the white house in april to discuss the seth rich story fox news was working on.
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with then press secretary sean spicer. >> he really listened. he didn't say a whole lot. he said if i wanted to, he could put me in touch with the white house general counsel. >> reporter: not long after, spicer denied any knowledge of the seth rich story on fox. >> i'm not aware of generally, i don't get updates on dnc, former dnc staffers. i'm not aware of that. >> reporter: but today spicer admitted he did have that meeting at the white house with that investigator and donor, calling the donor "a longtime supporter of the president's agenda" and the investigator now claims -- there was more from the white house. two days before fox aired the story, the investigator claims the donor left him this voicemail saying the white house was on board with the story. >> i got a note that we have the full attention of the white house on this. and tomorrow, let's close this deal. >> reporter: then, this follow up text about the fox news article before it was even
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published, "not to add any more pressure but the president just read the article. he wants the article out immediately." today, in a donor, the man in the middle -- telling abc news he's never even spoken to the president before. >> i didn't speak to anybody at the white house. i was being sloppy with my words. >> reporter: and late today, the white house was pressed about that story that later outraged seth rich's own family. >> the president had no knowledge of the story and it's completely untrue that he or the white house had any involvement in this story. >> tom llamas was live outside fox news in manhattan, and fox news is pushing back against the claims made by this investigators. >> reporter: yeah, david, and we should also note that this investigator is a fox news contributor. fox news telling us tonight that they see no evidence that they misquoted that investigator. as for the allegation that they first published that story to help detract from the russian collusion issue, they call that completely erroneous. david? >> thanks to you as always.
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in the meantime, next tonight to the new controversy over video tapes of princess diana, recorded by her voice coach, and about to be soeen across the uk. here's abc's deborah roberts. >> reporter: they are deeply personal, explosive moments with a vulnerable princess moments some of diana's friends say the public has no right to see. >> i knew that something profound was coming my way. >> reporter: recordings made in 1992 during sessions with diana's voice coach, peter settelen. >> if you feel strong about a point, make it. strongly. >> reporter: meant for her to practice public speaking, the clips seen in this new documentary comes from footage likely never thought would air publicly. revealing intimate detail of her troubled marriage. >> we met 13 times and then we married. >> reporter: how the queen refused to help when she confided in her. even reliving this cringe inducing moment from her engagement announcement to
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prince charles. >> i'm amazed that she's been brave enough to take me on. and i suppose in love? >> of course. >> and whatever "in love" means. >> yes. >> reporter: calling it traumatizing, diana longing for love. >> i was brought up in a sense that when you got engaged to someone you loved them. >> reporter: after years of legal disputes with diana's family, settelen is now free to release the tapes. they're being aired just as princes william and harry try to remember their mother in a different way in a separate documentary released just last week. >> all i can hear is her laugh in my head, it was that love that -- that even if she was on the other side of a room that you, as a son, you could feel it. >> and deborah roberts is here with us now. both prince william and prince harry were candid, and neither of them are talking about this documentary that would come out? >> they made it clear that was the last time they would speak publicly about their mother's death. this is airing this sunday in
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grabbe. they are calling this a historical source. should diana's private moments remain private or do they belong to the public? >> deborah, thank you. we turn to the economy and stock market. the dow setting an all-time high. getting cles to 21,963, shy ott 22,000 mark. that's a record close since the election. the 31st since the inauguration. at the white house, the president claiming that, quote, no one talks about it, and promising better results ahead. more ahead this night, and the woman on the beach. buried in sand. she was found on the american coastline. how long was she there, and did she simply pal into a hole that had been dug in the sand? record breaking heat on the way, and word of a lightning strike. at least three people hit tonight, we'll tell you where. and then the desperate search tonight. at a famous national park, two young hikers missing now for
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we turn now to the mystery death in ocean city, maryland. the woman on vacation with her family. her body found buried in the sand. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: tonight, authorities trying to figure out how 30-year-old ashley o'connor died. her body found by beachgoers in ocean city on monday. >> my beach operator is telling me all they can see is an arm sticking out of the sand. they think they have a deceased body. >> reporter: forensic investigators waist deep where she was discovered, digging for clues. her parents last heard from her around 2:30 a.m. monday. >> we have a policy about holes in the sand because of the danger of collapse. so a hole cannot be deeper than knee deep to the smallest person. >> reporter: accidents like this are rare. researchers say in the past ten years worldwide, there have been
6:49 pm
31 incidents of people dying when recreational holes of sand collapse in on them. the medical examiner's office telling us o'connor's death was accidental. the cause, asphyxiation and suffer occasion. >> thank you. when we come back here tonight, the headline about how much sleep to actually lose weight. also the severe weather at this hour. we're following lightning strikes reported. at least three people hit. we'll be right back. ll swing. it's gonna work, i promise you, we can figure this out. babe... little help. -hold on, mom. no, wifi. wifi. it's not a question, it's a thing. take on summer right with ford, america's best-selling brand. now with summer's hottest offer. get zero percent for seventy-two months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in. during the ford summer sales event get zero percent for seventy-two months plus an additional thousand on top of your trade-in. offer ends soon. we rbut we are not victims.ack.
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6:53 pm
parts of the pacific northwest tomorrow. the desperate search for a young couple in california tonight. rachel wen and gorge while hiking in joshua tree national park. authorities are concerned about them trying to survive in triple digit heat. rescuers battling hot temperatures and rugged terrain. they recovered their vehicle near a park entrance. your sleep and your weight tonight. people who sleep six hours of sleep a night tend to be heavier. their waist size also more than an inch larger on average. the research also indicates shorter sleep is linked to high blood pressure. wouldn't we all like to get a little more sleep? when we come back tonight, america strong. here comes the bride and talk about wedding crashers. we have never seen this before.
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finally tonight here, america stlorong. the bride on her big day, determined to share it. >> reporter: marielle slager and mike keller were married in june in indianapolis. marielle teaches a kindergarten first grade class at the butler lab school in indianapolis. so attached to her students, she couldn't imagine them not being there for her big day, so when she married her long time love, it seemed only natural to this devoted teacher to have her kids there. the whole class ready for the wetding too. >> you live with them every day. they're the kids that mean the most to me so i couldn't imagine having anyone else. >> reporter: there they are, peering into the chapel about to walk in wbefore the bride. >> that image is just of them excitedly awaiting the guest arrival and watching guests come into the church before they came down. >> reporter: then it was their
6:58 pm
time. 20 little flower girls and the boys to, to carry ring. all walking to "the feather song" from the movie, "forrest gump." >> there wasn't a dry eye in there, and it wasn't for me. >> reporter: after the ceremony, the cupcake reception was a big hit! the boys and girls from her class -- >> i think that's my favorite picture of all. so that picture is of them jumping up as soon as they saw me coming through the door right before we all ran to give each other hugs. they were just so sweet. and a couple of them were crying and the hug just kind of went on and on and on, which i loved. >> we loved it too. one devoted teacher and her extended wedding party. i'm david muir. thanks for joining us. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night. ♪
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this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament. please welcome today's contestants -- a senior from sayreville, new jersey... a sophomore from la jolla, california... and a junior from elm grove, wisconsin... and now from dar constitution hall, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. and thank you again, ladies and gentlemen. it's good to be back with you. in addition to bragging rights, there's a certain amount of cash involved in this teen tournament. $5,000 to the players who are eliminated from further competition this week in the quarter-finals. in the semi-finals, if you lose, you get $10,000. and then, of course, $25,000 for third place on --


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